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“I’ve been working with sound for quite a long time now. Two decades as a professional recording engineer, and almost three decades of loudspeaker development at SEAS. I play music as a hobby and have been involved in all aspects of the sound reproduction chain. Designing loudspeakers has definitely been both the most challenging, and the most rewarding work I’ve done.” Tore Tambs-Lyche.

IT STARTED WITH PASSION The quiet passion of Norwegian engineers. Passion for music, for sound itself. Passion for listening. Transformed into the basic building blocks of loudspeaker design. From the beginning in 1950. Continuing to this very day. Custom-designed drivers. Artisan-crafted and produced. Offered with pride. Passion fueled our pursuit of the best in sound quality when the hi-fi era redefined the marketplace. Discerning listeners pursued realism, accuracy, and depth. The qualities of an unforgettable sound experience…. Speaker system designers responded. So did we. Now, in the midst of a changing world, we still pursue the best. Because it has always been, and always will be, about the sound…the listening…the music. Timeless quality. Enduring value. SEAS.


The art of sound perfection  

Seas The art of sound perfection

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