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KAISER idell™ KAISER idell™ 6722-W (wall) Height: 185 mm Weight: 1,7 kg Light source: max. 60W

KAISER idell™ 6722-T (table) Height: 255 mm Weight: 1,7 kg Light source: max. 60W

KAISER idell™ 6631-P (pendant) Height: 135 mm, Ø: 285 mm Weight: 4,2 kg Light source: max. 60W

6631 Luxus









KAISER idell™ 6556-F (floor) Height: 1250 mm Weight: 4,2 kg Light source: max. 60W


KAISER idell™ 6580-F (floor) Height: 1250 mm + 100 mm Weight: 6,2 kg Light source: max. 60W


KAISER idell™ 6631 Luxus Height: 425 mm Weight: 4,2 kg Light source: max. 60W

KAISER idell™

HISTORY OF A DESIGN ICON Christian Dell was a German silversmith and designer. From ­1922-25 he worked as a foreman of the metal workshop at the Bauhaus in Weimar where he was the man behind a highly ­innovative and pioneering style of design. The Bauhaus occupies a place of its own in the history of the 20th century culture; architecture, design, art and new media. As one of the first colleges of design, it brought together a number of the most outstanding contemporary architects and artists. Beginning in 1926 Dell sketched lights, often for the lamp factory Gebr. Kaiser & Co. The first catalogue was launched in 1936 in which the table lamp model 6631 Luxus appeared for the first time. This lamp soon became the undisputed top model of the­ KAISER idell™-serie – then, as well as today, the symbol of ­noble Germanic design, exquisite choice of materials and precise ­engineering. The term “idell” is a reference to the word idea and his lastname, Dell. “Kaiser” is a reference to the original manufacturer – KAISER idell. Christian Dell, 1893-1974

The asymmetrical design of the lampshade is a charac­teristic ­feature of the 6631 Luxus and is hand-painted. The harmonious shape of the arm is a visual extension of the lampshades silhouette. The brass arm has been carefully polished and has silver-soldered swivel joints at both ends. Like the brass arm, all the other components of this lamp have a crome-plated finish. BAUHAUS, Weimar

Gerb. KAISER & Co.

Each lamp comes with a certificate of authenticity as well as a unique ID number. Originally, the swivel joint that links the lampshade to the arm was a special feature of KAISER idell series. A revolutionary feature at the time, the swivel joint enabled the lamp to be positioned in countless ways – a mark of ­KAISER idell’s true authenticity. The dome mounted above the reflector is embossed with the words ”ORIGINAL KAISER-idell“. Simple yet beautifully designed, the ­pivot joint fixes the arm in place by means of a powerful and ­elegant wing nut. The heavy, round base of the lamp is a ­decorative ­element in itself with a polished, cromeplated brass ring around its circumference.

Kaiser Idell Lamper  

Kaiser Idell Lamper

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