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Exercise. You really wanted to work out today, but you did not have enough time. You woke up and went to school. You got home and got started on chores or went to work. Before you knew it, it was dark out, and you had homework to do. Your circadian rhythm finally told you to go to bed, and you did, waking up the next morning and starting the whole cycle again. You did not have enough time. Excuses, excuses. You did have multiple exercise opportunities. You simply failed to take advantage of them. Let’s review your day: You woke up and went to school. Right after getting out of bed, you had a chance to do jumping jacks. To wake yourself up and increase your blood flow to your brain and muscles, do 50 jumping jacks (or 50 seconds worth). Not only will you be more alert in the morning, but your metabolism is given a little boost. You got home and got started on chores or went to work. Depending on your job, doing exercises may be difficult. Doing chores often promote body movement and are mini exercises in disguise. If you are at the computer, however, you have a few opportunities to increase arm strength and blood flow. If you are reading a long piece of text, place a book, in each hand, of equal weight. Slowly lift your arms up and down, holding the books like pizzas. You’ll find that your arms will tire after about a minute. Rest for 10-15 seconds, and start again. Also, every 15 minutes, stop whatever you’re doing on the computer, and do four planks in oneminute intervals on the floor (or four sets of 15-20 pushups). Before you knew it, it was dark out, and you had homework to do. Whether you’re reading a book or studying, you can do so while doing wall-sits. Square your back and shoulders against the wall in your room, and bend your knees at a 90 degree angle. Hold the sit for one-minute intervals as often as you can. This exercise can help to tone your core, thighs and glutes. Your circadian rhythm finally told you to go to bed, and you did, waking up the next morning and starting the whole cycle again. When brushing your teeth before bed, do as many toe raises as you can at a steady pace. Then before climbing into bed, do two-way lunges, switching legs every 10 seconds, and mountain-climbers. End with deep breaths and stretches before lying down. This will help to relax your body and increase bloodflow to the brain, helping it to better recharge as you sleep. See? That wasn’t too bad. These exercises are spread out, making them less difficult. Some you may find to be harder to perform, but the more often you do them, the better you get at them. Slowly but surely, you will be increasing your health potential. Be well.

MARCH 30, 2012


Poway prodigies pursue fame

The journey to stardom: Sleepless Pacific members (from left) Esteban Cervantes, Logan Nelson, James Bishop, Robin Morris and Taylor Eldreth are shown here at their Whiskey A-Go-Go concert in Hollywood last Friday. ~Courtesy of Jordan Fernandez ROSLYN AKEL Sports Editor

We have all heard of bands like Green Day and Simple Plan, but there was a time when not very many people knew those names; back when they were just local bands playing shows in their garages instead of in sold out venues. Poway High has been home to many local bands, some that have made it big and some that have not. Regardless of what the future may hold, one thing unites all of these aspiring musicians: an undeniable passion for music.

Sleepless Pacific: One of the more well-known current local bands is Sleepless Pacific, composed of Taylor Eldreth, James Bishop, Esteban Cervantes, Logan Nelson and Robin Morris. Taylor Eldreth, who plays drums, explains the band’s name, “Well, the ‘sleepless’ part comes from our first original song

titled ‘Sleepless’ and the ‘pacific’ part was to relate us back to our home town.” Sleepless Pacific has been together for a little over a year, having formed in December of 2010, and their biggest accomplishment to date has been getting to record their own album at Studio City Sound in Los Angeles. The album was compiled and recorded by lead vocalist and guitarist, James Bishop. The band is influenced by popular alternative bands such as Switchfoot, U2, 30 Seconds to Mars, Coldplay and even some blues artists. The band members plan on staying together after graduation and have even decided to go to college locally for the sake of the band. Sleepless Pacific recently performed at Poway’s Got Talent, and had another show on March 23 at Whiskey A-Go-Go on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Sleepless Pacific even has their own band Tshirts, so be sure to support the band by ordering your very own Sleepless Pacific T-shirt! The shirts are sold by Cervantes for $10.

Senior traditions boost Titan Pride MADISON CHAPMAN Bussiness Manager

“A tradition of excellence” captures the spirit of Poway High. From the first awkward days of freshman year to the last moments of graduation, students at Poway know that they are a part of much more than a campus— they are a part of a history. Of all the traditions Poway has to offer, however, few are nearer and dearer than the senior traditions. Long awaited by underclassmen, senior traditions are a sort of “rite of passage” for outgoing students. From white chairs on the first day of school to senior shirts to Titan Times, the senior traditions at Poway are an unforgettable part of the Poway experience. White chairs were started in the early 2000’s as a part of a senior project, and became the sacred seats of new seniors on the first day of school. According to senior Katie Reed, “I looked forward to white chairs every year since a senior my freshman year was telling me about the chairs' awesome power!” Seniors like Katie know that countless graduates have sat in the same chairs, and that with their first day of senior year, they too are becoming part of a legacy. These chairs are a custom— not only do seniors enter their final school year in them, but they also graduate in them. “‘Why? Because I'm a senior’ shirts give you an opportunity to reflect on your experiences at PHS and decide which nicknames, inside jokes, or experiences to share with the world,” senior Charlene Sheehan shared. Like Sheehan, many appreciate senior shirts, which go back to the early 2000’s. Senior shirts are a unifying privilege for incoming seniors. “Senior shirts are something unique that only our school has,” said student services coordinator Traci Barker- Ball. Senior shirts are also one senior tradition that under classmen especially look forward to—according to junior Julie Barlam, “Senior shirts are funny, and it seems like everyone has a really good time making them.” School spirit is one Poway tradition that can be found in every class, but seniors have a special way of showing it through Titan Times. Established by science teacher Alan Torretto, the pep rally was originally scripted to focus on Mount Carmel, who was Poway’s rival for the Kiwanis cup until Rancho Bernardo entered the district in 1990. When RB entered in 1990 as the third school in the district, the focus of Titan Times shifted to the Titan-Bronco rivalry.

Scarlett Avenue: Poway’s eclectic variety of bands also includes a pop punk band called Scarlett Avenue. Their members include Josh DuBois, Christian Johnston, Gavin Crary and Austin Halterman. Their music is influenced by many bands, including A Day to Remember, Blink-182, All Time Low and Fall Out Boy. Although Scarlett Avenue has only been together for a year, they have already accomplished a lot. They note that some of their biggest accomplishments have been winning Poway’s Battle of the Bands, and recieveing $250, as well as getting seven hours of studio time. Scarlett Avenue recently released an EP, titled “Cardboard Boxes” that is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Rhapsody. Scarlett Avenue also has a band T-shirt in the works. As for what the future holds for Scarlett Avenue, drummer Christian Johnson says, “We hope to bring the pop punk scene to San Diego and make everyone fall in love with the genre.”

Concert to fundraise for Chelsea’s Light CASSANDRA VICK Associate Editor

Poway Titans still feel the pain of the tragedy that happened to Chelsea King two years ago, and many are also familiar with the fiery urge to take part in the movement to keep it from happening again. Senior Josh Miranda is taking action and giving back on April 21, as he hosts a benefit concert for the Chelsea’s Light Foundation at the Poway Community Center. “I have always liked music, and it’s a really big interest of mine. I thought it would be cool if I could use music to help someone. I felt like this would connect the most to kids at home,” Miranda said. Josh is one of many students that the Chelsea’s Light Foundation targets to make a difference in the community. “Chelsea’s Light was created to get people engaged and promote Changemakers. Josh is an example of a Changemaker; he’s taking what he loves and sharing it with the world. It’s fantastic when we see kids like Josh take part,” Chelsea’s Light Representative and Miranda’s mentor, Robin Liszewski said. Throughout the night of the event, local bands including Burnout Kids, Revoltage, and Poway High sophomore Roxy King will perform. Lead vocalist for Burnout Kids, Shaker Kattoula, and the rest of his band mates are familiar with playing for charity events. They have raised money for many benefits, especially cancer patients. “[Playing for a big crowd] feels ecstatic, we just feed off the energy of the people. Seeing people have a good time is the happiest feeling for us. It’s especially rewarding knowing that it is for a good cause,” Kattoula said. Tickets cost $5 and any money raised from admissions, raffles, etc. will be given to the Chelsea’s Light Foundation. “I hope to have a fun night where everyone can come and have a good time and listen to good music, and to bring in a lot of money to help the foundation and tell people more of what they’re about,” Miranda said.

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