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MARCH 9, 2012


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informative,” Ozenbaugh said. Highly anticipated is the “Check it Out!” feature of the Special Reports and Productions team. This segment is hosted by The new semester is here, and with it a new Poway newscast. Chase Pado and Ben Levinson, who so far have featured muDubbed Titan 411 by this semester’s group, the newscast will sic from artists such as Bon Iver and The Shins. “Right now maintain a tradition of delivering relevant information to stu- we’re just recommending some lesser-known music, but later dents, but will differ in style. we plan on bringing in some local bands and exploring local New to this semester is the cast. While some of last semes- music events,” Levinson said. ter’s cast remains (including While Vic Porter and Geoff Foster weathermen Jacob Nuenswanare no longer members of the weather We’re planning on der and Sam Neher), most of crew, Jacob Nuenswander and Sam Nemaking it very enthe cast is new anchor and her remain, and this year they are joined tertaining, but just newscast head Amanda Letteri, by newcomers KC Fox and Liv Kingsas informative.” ton. “I love being part of the weather, who was described by a peer as //SAM OZENBAUGH even though it is harder than people “relaxed and well organized,” is think. It’s a lot more difficult than I focused on both of her roles. She anchors the news along side ASB president Sam Ozen- imagined to convey the temperatures in 30 seconds to a minute baugh. “Me and Sam are working on bringing more character in a funny way. But all in all, it’s super fun and I’ve learned a to the anchors and having consistency that students can see lot,” Fox said. The pressure on this new group is no surprise, as preceding every week in the segments,” Letteri said. “We’re planning on making it very entertaining, but just as teams have set the bar high.


Sarnoff& Morin ON

awkward moments Tori Morin It’s 2012, which means that every man, woman and child now has a Facebook. Well everyone but grandma…Which means that most know the term “Status.” Just the other day, when making a solid effort to be funny, I put “If life gives you melons, you probably have dyslexia.” Per-

sonally laughing out loud for a solid minute after reading this, I would assume that someone else would like it or find it the least bit intriguing… so excited to see the comments, I click Refresh. I wait patiently for the page to finish loading -oh… it was done 30 seconds ago. The question starts coming in your mind “should I log onto my fake profile to get myself a like?” then thinking back to last week and people might start to wonder who John Smith is. I hope that another refresh might save myself. Nope. Nothing. It officially says a few minutes ago. Coming up with some excuses like “there just aren’t a lot of people online right now” going to News Feed I see someone whose status just reached the 79th like. Wow. How can such a ordinary status

“got into San Diego State” get 79—wait now it’s 80—likes. I guess the only thing I can do at this point is make some melonade. Leah Sarnoff As faithful readers know from the last column, I am an awkward person. Knowing this truth I tend to try a bit harder when put into standard social situations. Last week, Tuesday to be specific, I was walking my usual route to Human Bio when I bumped into an acquaintance of mine. We had been in the same math class freshman year but have since then lost most contact. She is a very nice girl, so when we figured out we were both going in the same general direction, we decided to walk together. Soon into our walk I quickly regretted that decision because I realized we have absolutely nothing to talk about. In a frenzy I

go with the cliché but acceptable, “I’m sooo tired right now, it’s ridiculous” she responds as one would expect by stating her similar feelings. We walk a few more steps in silence, and now this is getting unbearable, so I bid my farewell and veer off in the direction of my classroom thinking she would go her separate way. She did not. I glance to my right casually, and she is still walking the same way. We catch each other’s glance and then quickly look away in shame. I was mortified. I wondered how I could save myself; do I talk to her again? Do I make a dash for the classroom? I went with the second choice to save further embarrassment. Needless to say, I have not engaged in any hallway trips since. That’s my life. I merely reside in one awkward moment at a time.

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Sarnoff& Morin ON looking for more? awkward moments We’re planning on making it very en- tertaining, but just as info...

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