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MAY 25, 2012



Young ON Fashion

I am not a fashion expert or a trendsetting guru, I am just a girl that stays up at night flipping through Vogues and watching clips from fashion week on my computer. I have always had an interest in this majestic industry, and it has had a big impact on my life. One important thing that I have learned over the years is fashion is always changing, but it never goes out of style. Summer has arrived, the air is warm, and the skies are sunny. Time for brights and whites galore. Bright clothes are a definite staple this summer. My only concern is the amount of clothing people are planning to wear. Since mid-December girls were wearing muscle crop tops with bandeau bras, I can’t imagine how much more clothing you can cut out when the temperature raises 30 degrees. It could be considered indecent exposure. Ombré hair (making the tips of your hair lighter) is definitely a summery look. However, the trick with ombré is to make it gradual. Going from straight black to platinum blonde isn’t very subtle. Dark brown to a slightly lighter golden-brown is hue. Blondes especially have more leeway with this trend and can do a whole bunch of different variations. If you are going to do highlights, be careful with how you do it. Make sure you have a couple variations of the color you are doing and that it doesn’t stray too far from your natural color. For example if you have hair that is an almost blackbrown, don’t do blonde. Try lighter shades of brown; that way, it gives a natural summery look to your hair. Going to the beach or to pool parties, there’s always that awkward moment when you’re not sure whether or not you should wear make-up or do your hair. Because you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, but then again you don’t want to look like you rolled out of bed. So I suggest a compromise. Put on half the amount of makeup you normally would, and don’t do your hair so much, you’d be mad if it got messed up. For my last column, I am signing out. Stay fabulous Poway.

Assistant Principal McKee Take a look at the man behind the glasses in the discipline office ROSLYN AKEL Sports Editor

Just Chillin’: Peter McKee is one of three Assistant Principals at Poway High. Although he has many administrative duties, he is known to most students as one who takes strict disciplinary action. Before coming to Poway, McKee taught math, science and physical education, as well as coaching baseball. ROSLYN AKEL // The Iliad

He’s notorious. He’s the man behind the Prada glasses. He’s Mr. McKee. Assistant Principal Peter McKee, is in charge of discipline and has subsequently earned himself a not so popular reputation on campus amongst Poway High students. What many do not realize is that McKee is actually a very kind person but that it is “just a part of the job” to discipline students. McKee spoke out about his reputation, saying “I don’t judge the kids. I mean we have all made mistakes. I certainly have.” Most do not realize that there is much more to McKee than the man they see on campus. Before he arrived to Poway High School, McKee graduated from Carlsbad High School and later from San Diego State University. He went back and taught at Carlsbad, then at Rancho Buena Vista, then spent two years at a school in Anaheim before finally settling down at Poway High School for the last four years. McKee has done a variety of things at these schools, ranging from teaching math and science, to coaching baseball, and even P.E. A graduate of SDSU and former Sigma Pi fraternity member, McKee remains loyal to his alma mater and frequently goes to Aztec games. McKee is also a fan of the San Diego Padres and frequently goes to their games with Coach Gene Morris. Morris commented on their close relationship stating, “We do a lot of fun stuff outside of work. Pete used to coach baseball, so we have that athletic connection. It gives us a lot in common.” When asked about McKee’s bad guy reputation, Morris noted that McKee “doesn’t enjoy busting kids. Sometimes we’ll be hanging out, and he will be telling me about his day and say how bad he felt about getting a kid in trouble.” In addition to spending his free time at sporting events, McKee also enjoys hiking, biking, taking his Jeep out to the desert and many other outdoor activities. Some quick facts about McKee are that he is also a big fan of music and says his favorite band is The Cult, an English rock band. McKee often listens to the radio stations 91X and 94.9. McKee’s favorite movies are Caddy Shack and The Avengers. If McKee could have any other job, he would go into the medical field and attend medical school. In regards to the infamous sunglasses, senior Kristin Cooper says, “I really do like his Prada glasses.”

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Young Young Take a look at the man behind the glasses in the discipline office ON Fashion M AY 25, 2012 Just Chillin’: Peter McKee is one of...

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