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FEB. 10, 2012


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Poway’s Mr. Titan makes its


Senior Nicole Foster brings her own male pageant to campus for her Senior project

a teenage girl, and now she is going to see what it takes to plan the event… I think it’s a really fun idea,” Gruber said. While Foster is working towards a successful project, she needs Past pageant winner, senior Nicole Foster, is working in conjunction strong Titan support as well, especially from the senior boys. “We need guys that are outgoing, love their school and have a lot with ASB to organize Poway High’s first ever “Mr. Titan,” a talent and spirit competition among the greatest personalities of the male of spirit. And that want be the first ever Mr. Titan,” Foster said. Candidates seeking the title of “Mr. Titan” must fill out an senior class. “I won Ms. Teen Poway in 2010, and I felt that because that application that requires signatures from various staff members experience was so great for me, that I wanted to give that opportunity around campus, their GPA and answers to a few questions pertaining to why they believe they deserve to be the first ever “Mr. Titan.” to the senior boys,” Foster said. One thing that Foster emphasizes to contestants is conduct. “The Poway community already gives so many opportunities to In order for “Mr. Titan” to succeed and evolve into a “legacy that girls, and I feel like the guys don’t get that same shot to represent with last a lifetime,” it is important themselves.” that all participants treat the The competition will The Poway community already include contests such as talent, gives so many opportunities to girls, competition as a “respectable and responsible event.” formal wear and the ever-soand I feel like the guys don’t get that “Think of Mr. Titan as the famous question round. same shot to represent themselves.” opportunity for a positive male role Whichever senior boy //NICOLE FOSTER model on campus to show their proves himself unique and talents and represent the variety of charismatic enough to be crowned “Mr. Titan” will receive a crown, a triton and free prom student that are at school,” Petterson said. The event will be held on March 16 from 6:30- 8:30 in the Poway tickets. “It’s another venue to showcase student talent, as well as provide an Performing Arts Center. Interested senior boys who did not attend the informational opportunity for students to share and experience an event together,” meeting on Feb. 9 should contact Nicole Foster at nikkimfl51@ ASB Director Emily Petterson said. In addition to her personal pageant experience and ASB’s crafty “The most important thing is to have fun, to create a memory, and organization, Foster is receiving guidance from Ms. Teen Poway create a story, a story that will be people will tell. Life is all about the coordinator Sharon Gruber. “It’s going to be very interesting for her. She’s only participated as story,” Gruber said. CASSANDRA VICK Associate Editor

sarnoff& Morin



awkward moments We are two people on a mission to depict the lives of teens who lead embarrassing, uncomfortable and sometimes funny lives by way of awkward stories. Awkward moment #1: While sitting in a classroom filled with your peers it is crucial for your sanity and social standing to refrain from taking part in acts that lead to you being the victim of the classrooms laughter and ridicule. I sure wish I could have learned this prior to yesterday in math class when on an act of impulse I uttered the one noun that sealed my fate: Mom. Yes, I called my teacher mom. I was horrified by my awkwardness as my face turned red and the class began to have hysterics over my blunder. It gets worse. It was not just that I referred to my math teacher as the woman that gave birth to me the most awful part was my math teacher is a man. Am I ashamed to show my face in that classroom? Yes, but that’s my life. I merely reside one awkward moment at a time. Awkward moment #2: The time is 7:08. School is yet to start. I’m standing alone, questioning “I have friends don’t I?” Debating on if I should stand in the hallway until I see someone, or to retreat to the bathroom seeking for shelter in a secluded stall. Upon deciding to stand my ground, I whip my phone out in order to create the facade that someone has actually contacted me…they have not. It is times like these when I regret leaving the house too soon. Now I am left the awkward agony of not knowing what to do with myself for the next 15 minutes. I have decided. I will stroll around campus as if I am walking with a destination in mind. If you do not already know me I should inform you that I am an awkward person, and do not exactly handle myself with ease. On the fourth lap around the main building, I picked up that people were starting to notice. Oh no. Caught in the act. Are they laughing at me? Do they realize that I do not actually have a place to go? These are just a few of the questions racing through my suddenly frantic mind. 7:23, thank God. If I wasn’t religious before, I certainly am now.

The current students of 2012’s Senior Project topics revealed


makes its F EATURE Senior Nicole Foster brings her own male pageant to campus for her Senior project sarnoff& Morin F EB . 10, 2012 ON a...