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Dec. 16, 2011

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Tommy Titan at his finest: BREA YOUNG // The Iliad


heir to the costume left with a big helmet to fill

that will get handed down as one senior exits. It is the mascot’s responsibility to find a junior or senior with enough character Senior Vincent Beltran has never loved and personality to continue the mascot anything more than being Poway’s mascot, position in a way that inspires school spirit,” Tommy Titan. Over the past two years Wienzten said. He feels Beltran’s project will he has led the student section at sporting have an impact that will unite Titans with a events, pep rallies and other various school sense of pride. functions with his vibrant school pride, loud Spanish teacher Dean Cortez has helped cheering voice and overall spirited attitude. to connect Beltran with San Diego State “It has been an honor being the mascot, University’s previous mascot in order for and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The Beltran to have the opportunity to talk past two years with someone that went by so fast It has been an honor has more mascot and have been experience. being the mascot the greatest years “I think Vince’s and I wouldn’t trade of my life so far. personality shines it for the world.” This is a job that through a lot when //Vincent Beltran does not pay with he is out there, it is money but with something much better, an fun to see his personality grow in front of awesome experience,” Beltran said. the crowd,” Cortez said. Since Beltran will graduate with the class Beltran plans to hold tryouts for hopeful of 2012, he has taken it upon himself to find students in the spring. With his project he the next mascot to pass the position down will not only be picking a Tommy Titan but to. He will do so through his senior project also a female student to be Tina Titan in entitled, “Handing Down the Legacy,” by leading our school’s spirit. organizing the way the school chooses the “I will be choosing them on their character new mascot and showing what it is like to be and see if they get the crowd going,” Beltran a mascot, behind the costume. said. Beltran’s mentor is English teacher, Luke Students interested in the challenge of Wienzten. “I helped him create the idea getting the school together should look to of turning the school mascot into a legacy Beltran next semester for updates on tryouts. LAUREN KOLLER Editorial Editor

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Yes, Poway does have

a hockey team

Girls’ basketball shoots


Dominating the rink: The Titan hockey team is showing potential for a promising season. Junior Ian Busch and freshman Eric Wright attack the goal during a preseason game at Kit Carson Park. ~Courtesy of Kyle Ingram RYAN SULLIVAN Sports Editor

Many may not know this, but Poway High actually has a hockey team. What may shock them even more is that the Titan Roller Hockey squad is the clear favorite to bring home a CIF title. Flying under the radar last year, the foundation for this year’s strong team was in place with a variety of contributors including captain Reed Kinsey, who has earned AllAmerican honors among others throughout the last three years. However, a couple major additions over the last two seasons have put Titan Hockey in a position to dominate. Freshman standout Eric Wright, brother of shutdown defenseman, junior AJ Wright, joined the team this year, and has established himself as a major contributor alongside last year’s key addition of senior from Colorado, Mac Pitts. Lead by Pitts, Kinsey, and the Wright brothers, along with solid goaltending by Senior Chris Silva and additional contributors including two year varsity player Spencer Oliver, chances to end Westview’s streak of three consecutive titles are looking good. First year coaches Kevin Ingram and

Stephen Lockwood, former Titan hockey players themselves that have played in and won a CIF championship themselves, bring important knowledge and experience to the team. Ingram is also the brother of recent graduate Kyle Ingram, who attends games when possible. When it comes to coaching, the pieces are definitely in place to dethrone rival Westview, and win a championship. Due to a lack of popularity in “sunny southern California,” hockey is a sport most lack general knowledge of, yet Pitts emphasized that “especially when playoffs begin, an energetic crowd really gets the team fired up and excited.” All games are held at Kit Karson Park in Escondido on Monday and Wednesday nights, and though some loyal fans attend regularly, the need for a bigger student section is evident. In response to the overwhelming number of people who do not know Poway has a hockey team, captain Reed Kinsey simply stated, “get to know the fact that we have a hockey team, come to games, and you’ll wanna come to more.” Poway Titan Hockey is indeed a big part of the juggernaut Poway sports have become, and deserves some big time support.

An intense game took place on Dec. 9 in the Poway High gym where the varsity girls’ basketball team played against the Cathedral Dons. The team played hard with a 56-50 win for Poway. Poway started the game by taking possession of the ball. Cathedral stole the ball and tried to score, but ended up rebounding. Poway dribbled the ball away and soon followed by Alexa Brunansky scoring the first basket of the game. The girls dribbled and passed to each other showing a lot of cooperation. Mandy Castro was the second to score in the game, putting Poway in a 6-0 lead. “I thought we played pretty well,” said Brunansky. “We decided to fight for the win.” Though the team had the lead at the start of the game, Cathedral soon caught up ending the quarter in a score of 13-12 then ending the second quarter at half time with 2429. “They came to win,” Brunansky said. “They gave us a run for our money.”

Fouls were called on numerous occasions on many players of both teams. “We need to stay out of foul trouble,” Mandy Castro said. The fouls did help both teams score with free throws when fouls were called on the opposite team. After half time, Cathedral put up an even stronger game as they maneuvered their way around players scoring a 3 point arc and were awarded a few more free throws. Cathedral was in the lead with a score of 34 points to 29 in the first half of the second quarter. “Cathedral is a very good and outstanding team,” Varsity girls’ coach Jay Trousdale said. Tension started to run high, but in a burst of energy Poway started to pull through against Cathedral. The girls immediately quickened their pace to get

the ball on their side. Poway ended the third quarter with 40-37. “I thought our defense really picked up the pace during the second half,” Trousdale said. Cathedral and Poway went head to head for the ball, but it was Poway who took the lead for the rest of the game. Scoring a two point shot in the last ten seconds of the game led to a close finish wth a final score of of 52-50. Poway was awarded with four more free shots that were scored by Brunansky. The official scored total to be 56-50, allowing the Varsity team to be undefeated 5-0 record this season so far. “We played together, and we fought to the very end,” Castro said. The team’s next game is against Granada Hills High School on Dec. 27 in the Southern California Tournament.


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