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th Students imagine the school's future future involves great technological advancements that will not only influence what people wear, but what the Poway High campus will look like. Reddy foresees a campus with buildPoway High is celebrating 50 years of oper- ings of “weird shapes in chrome, metallic, and ating as a school that has provided students glass. There will be escalators instead of stairs, the opportunity to thrive. It is a school that and everything would be hovering.” harbors students who are diverse individuals. Junior Charles Collins added that in the With 50 years under its belt, there is no doubt future, “buildings will probably be painted that Poway High School and its students have new colors and maybe more buildings will be changed over the years. But what will the added. Everything could become skyscrapschool and student body be like after another ers!” half-century has passed? Some Poway High Students view the future especially promisstudents offer their predictions of what radical ing with the influence of new technologies on changes could take place to shape the future the development of school programs. Senior Poway High of 2061. Jasmine Myles envisions numerous new clubs With new times come new trends, and fresh- springing to existence in years to come. man Duc Nguyen imagines PHS students of “I think that there will be tons of differthe future wearing a get-up, “sleek and simple, ent clubs for crazy things that people never like an astronaut suit without the gadgets and thought of and that are out of the norm, like buttons attached, and without the helmet too.” underwater basket weaving.... I feel like the Sophomore Patty Reddy also took on the students will be more into trying things that notion that the future fashion statement will aren’t the ‘usual’ and that Poway High will see gear towards the unconventional. “We will some pretty creative and interesting clubs pop probably have those glowing body suits from up in the next 50 years,” Myles said. the movie, Tron, and be all futuristic and From metallic suits to hovering buildings high-tech, or we will all dress like Lady Gaga,” to unique clubs, students' foresight of Poway Reddy mused. High 2061 call for a technologically advanced Influenced by the 2004 Disney television future. Stick around for another 50 years to see series, Phil of the Future, Reddy’s idea of the if the student predictions come true. RACHEL PHAM News Editor

Poway alumni take their talent to the big league

1961 - 2011

“ “ Poway’s my home, I couldn’t teach any other place.”



BREA YOUNG Staff Writer

Fifty years have gone by and tens of thousands of students have graduated, many leaving their impact and going on to lead successful lives. Out of those successful people, some have even achieved fame. One of the many things Poway is known for is outstanding athletics. We have produced famous athletes like Charlie Hoffman, a professional golfer who graduated in 1995 and who is a part of the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA). Bill Lunde, who graduated from Poway in 1993 also turned professional, and is a part of PGA as well. Poway has gained the most notoriety for the legendary band Blink-182. Tom DeLonge attended Poway High in the early 1990s. “Tom DeLonge was a student of mine the first year I taught at Poway High School,” said science teacher Tony Manly. “[He was] not as goofy as he claims, he was actually a pretty good kid. What Tom DeLonge had was a very good sense of humor; he was funny." "The year after Tom graduated I had been telling him I would go to one of his shows and he was playing at The Spirit, downtown. So I went to one of his concerts at the Spirit with [my friend] John and we weren’t out in

Teachers remember cowboys and horses BRIGID MCCARTHY Staff Writer

People rode their horses to school and wore cowboy hats –that’s not an exaggeration.”


Established in September of 1961, Poway High is the oldest high school in PUSD and has seen many changes since its foundation. Starting his career at Poway in 1971, Alan Torretto has taught at Poway longer than any other teacher on campus. Torretto started teaching physical education and health, then moved to biology, which is what he teaches now. When Torretto started at Poway it was quite a different place. “When I started teaching here it was much more rural. People rode their horses to school and wore cowboy hats –that’s not an exaggeration,” Torretto said. In 1976, Mark Embry began teaching at Poway High. He started as a behind-the-wheel driving instructor, health teacher and P.E. coach. Today, he still teaches physical education at Poway High. “When I first came to Poway High we had modular scheduling which means that students had varying schedules. So, not everyone came to school at the same time and not everyone was in class at the same time,” Embry said. “Other than that, the size of the school is quite a bit larger. When I started there were about 1600 students as opposed to about 2800 now.

front of the stage where they were moshing, we were in the middle. . . and they turned on the house lights after intermission and I told John, ‘Let’s wave and see if we catch him on stage.’ The two of us, right in the middle of the auditorium there waving, and Tom was on the stage and he goes ‘Hey! That looks like my science teacher, Mr.Manly. Hi, Mr.Manly!” Blink-182 has achieved much success in their years since being a small band from Poway. They have been on the cover of Rolling Stones, and in 1999 the album Enema of the State reached the top 200 on the Billboard charts and their songs “What’s My Age Again” and “All the Small Things” put them at #9 on the top 100 Billboard charts. They’ve won many MTV awards, and got to be incredibly famous in Europe. “I think it’s really cool, and it really adds to PHS’s history,” said junior Roslyn Akel. Also, most recently famous is the Disney band Allstar Weekend. Zach Porter, Nathan Darmondy, Cameron Quieseng, and former member Tom Norris are all former Titans. They have performed and made appearances on Good Morning America, Lopez Tonight, Rachel Ray, Sonny with a Chance,and Disney’s Annual Christmas Parade. On February 26, 2011 they were on MTV’s 10 on Top, and labeled “One To Watch.” Their album, Suddenly, debuted at 62 on Billboard 20.

Templar Hall opened and was used for community activities, including a temporary Poway High School until 1897.


A new school was built across Community Road and remodeled from a two story building into one.


The First Staff "cottage" was added to Poway Highschool.


Poway used its first school bus.

There are more opportunities to get involved –sports, activities and clubs. Also, the expectations are higher, but kids are still kids,” Embry added. Raymond Hall, AP test coordinator and former Poway High teacher, came to Poway High in 1977 from teaching in Alaska from 1965 to 1975. “Before Poway High was like coming to a country club; there weren’t any homes around here, there were horses, avocado groves and orange groves,” Hall said. “Now, it’s become more caring, the students are more caring. The community service and senior projects help students look beyond themselves and be better prepared for like after high school,” Hall added. Beverly Clark, one of Poway’s math teachers, has also been here since 1983. Clark recalls a different layout of the school, with buildings in the senior parking lot, chalk boards and a particularly horrible smoking section. “My favorite memory of Poway High has got to be the kids; the students are just the best. They’ve always been the best; the kids here are just great,” Clark said, “I think Poway today is more tech-driven, but student-wise, I think they’re pretty much the same. Some kids are involved, [and] some aren’t, but the students aren’t as congregated. They used to all hang out in just one place, but now they’re all kind of strewn about.” Poway High has seen many changes throughout the years and will see more in the future, but the Titan spirit will always remain strong.


“ “ It's become more caring, the students are more caring. //RAYMOND HALL

My favorite memory of Poway High has got to be the kids..." //BEVERLY CLARK

The school location was moved to its current position on Espola Road, marking the official beginning of Poway High.

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