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Iliad SPORTS 11 Titan track team tops the charts MARCH 30, 2012

PHS track stars are setting records and putting their names in the ranks to be remembered

ten records. “It’s great to work with this great of a team. I always have so much fun with everybody,” Tate Track is not only a team sport, it is a group said. of individuals working together to produce one The list goes on, with stars like senior Ryan great outcome. Galloway on hurdles. He is top 15 in the county, “The 2012 Poway Track and Field team is off and is very helpful in leading the group of to a great start. We opened league competition hurdlers. with a home meet vs Torrey Pines,” head coach Last but not least, senior Emily Mendoza is Phil Burian said. the second best poll vaulter in PHS history with Sprints are a one sure strong point for the a personal record of 11 ft. and 9 in. Titans this year, as Thanks to the athletes in the senior students of 2012 It’s great to work with class have been and past alumni, high this great of a team. I standards have been changing the record always have so much set for next year’s books. fun with everybody.” senior class. It will Senior Cecily //Tiffany Tate Gilson, who is in the be tough to beat the top ten for 100, 200, records being made, 400 meter, ran at extraordinary speeds of 12.57 set or broken by this year’s graduating seniors. and 25.83 seconds at the Mt. Carmel invitational. Due to all of the hard work from the track Also, senior Evan Grey holds the PHS record and field team at the meet on March 28, Poway for both the 100 and 200 sprints. came out on top and some personal records Distance runner Eric Hayen is currently were reached. number four in the all time PHS 800 meter In pole vaulting especially, many athletes history. “He is very versatile athlete,” Burian went above and beyond. Senior Emily Mendoza said. placed first for the girls. Junior Sean Poole hit a Jumpers Tiffany Tate and Dillion McMahon personal record at 13 ft. 6 in., Charlie Bush hit are both PHS’ frogs, holding places in the top his at 13 ft. and Erich Mourey at 12 ft. 6 in. TORI MORIN Sports Editor

Dashing: The Poway Titan track team has a strong roster this season. One contributer, Senior Eric Hayen, is currently ranked fourth in PHS TORI MORIN // The Iliad history for the 800 meter race.

Upcoming track events:

Arcadia Invitational

Jaguar Invitational

Mt. Carmel

april 14 @ Kit carson park, TBA

April 18 @ Mt. Carmel, 3:15


Mt. SAC Relays

Mustang Relays

April 4 @ Arcadia, 9:30 AM

april 11 @ Westview, 3:15 Pm

Rugby on the rise PHS students take up an uncommon sport MADISON CHAPMAN Business Manager

Letterman jackets around campus serve as emblems of a varsity athlete’s athletic successes. Around campus, jackets represent football, soccer, lacrosse, swim, and many other sports included in Poway’s varsity club. But what about those who never don a jacket, yet still engage in rigorous training and intense team competitions? These are the little-known members of the Poway Youth Rugby Club, many of whom attend Poway High. A sport with a rich history, rugby began gaining popularity in Europe in the 1800’s, and came to America only slightly after. With many similarities to football and lacrosse, rugby is a fast-paced game with a generally high scoring rate. Players coordinate with each other to make plays, and, with an “everyone is a running back” mentality, all athletes on the field are involved in each play. Additionally, rugby may be considered

one of the more dangerous sports; players put themselves at great risk by not wearing pads in a quickly-moving game where there are no play breaks, a running clock, and ruthless tackles. Collin Jung is among the Poway students who participates in this unique sport. In his second season, Jung has competed with the club against teams like Torrey Pines, Oceanside, San Pasqual, and Fallbrook. “Rugby is a gentleman’s sport,” Jung stated. “It is about hardhitting endurance and toughness, but also about brotherhood and respect. You get really close to the people on your team.” However, for students interested in playing rugby yet who also want to letter in a varsity sport, it is possible to have the best of both worlds. Digger Vineyard is amongst these students. Vineyard took his rugby talents to play for Del Norte’s club, which is run through the school, after playing for the Poway club. “Rugby is a fun contact sport that requires a lot of athleticism,” said Vineyard. “I really just wanted to try something different.”

gray & all the way

april 14 @ SAn Antonio College, 9:00 AM

April 21 @ Otay Ranch, 8:30


Titan athletes represent PHS outside of San Diego

girls’ lacrosse

destination: San Fransisco, Calif. The girls’ lacrosse team will be flying into San Francisco on Tues., April 3 to play against St. Ignatius high school and on Wed., April 4 against Menlo High school. Traveling to San Francisco has been a tradition for the team which has developed into rivalry over the years with the Northern California teams. “It is something that we look forward to every year,” varsity coach Sarah Spillet said. “It’s great team bonding and always helps us

without team chemistry.” This year the team is looking forward to their rematch against St. Ignatius after they fell in overtime at the last year’s game. Spillet is hoping for improvement and for the team to get stronger. The team is in good odds so far with a season record of 5-1. “I’m stoked; it’s a great opportunity and my team is hilarious. I know we’ll have a good time,” sophomore Claire Amabile said.

boys’ volleyball

destination: Waikiki, Hawaii Varsity boys’ volleyball visited Waikiki, Hawaii on March 22 to participate in Iolani High School’s Hawaii Boys’ invitational. The team alternates hosting and visting the invitational every other year. The trip to the invitational was intended to bring the team closer together. “We had a lot of fun and had a strong team intensity,” varsity coach Charlie Jackson said. Two key players in the tournament were four-year varsity letterman, Josh Lake, and UCLA commit, Jack Hughson.

Together the team bonded, and although they didn’t do as well as they hoped for, they grew stronger as a team. “It was to have a shared experience and it brings the closer together,” Jackson said. The team has one of the hardest schedules in San Diego, playing the toughest teams in the beginning of their season, according to Jackson, with a 7 to 9 record so far in the season. He hopes that the schedule will prepare the team for when league comes around.

~ Compiled by Brenda Martinez-Gonzalez


PHS students take up an uncommon sport Titan athletes represent PHS outside of San Diego PHS track stars are setting records and putting the...

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