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POWzine is a magazine designed to showcase Wilkes University Integrative Media and Art student work, as well as other designers in the same demographic, and create a community of designers and readers. FROM TOP: EDITORS//DEISGNERS//MAKERS of ART (mostly): Mandy Petrosky (masterCOPYmod), Jahmitza Perez (OL paisano), Ryan Bracey (Bracey). FACULTY ADVISOR//CONSULTING EDITOR: Nicole DePolo. SUPREME ADVISOR//THE ESSENCE (not pictured): Eric Ruggiero.

The POWteam would like to thank EVERYONE who contributed materials for this issue. Unless otherwise noted all artists featured in POWzine retain copyright to their work. We appreciate all help, advice and love received. Special thanks to Independent Graphics. We love you Lou!



we’s the

we’s the people



Alyssa Benner

So this is my awesome friend Alyssa. She lives in UBE if you don’t know it then it ain’t for you. Alyssa’s got some great in sight on life and Tostitos. I know what you’re thinking, yes she loves animals. A-bag is just a 20-yr-old student trying to get by with a bunch of 40’s and occasional cigarette smoking. If you see her around say “yo” she likes to make new friends. She may not be a test tube baby but she’s my friend: Alyssa A-bag Benner.

POW: Alright so, how’s your salad? Alyssa: My salad? It’s good. It’s got a lot of um a lot of different kind of cheeses in it. POW: What do you have to say to all those skinny ho’s out there? Alyssa: To all you skinny ass ho’s I’ll tell you something-an ass can be fat. POW: Why are you saying that to the skinny ah…? Alyssa: Ho’s? POW: Yeah. Alyssa: Well, there wasn’t much logic behind that one, haha, however asses can be fat. POW: Ok moving on, you were a model for POW studios. You did a spread, a full spread, for the months of JAN/FEB would you ever pose nude, please? Alyssa: Only if Jahmitza is taking the photographs. POW: Do you feel comfortable in your

body? What do you have that skinny models don’t have? Alyssa: You mean, what do they have that I don’t have, well I have a little bit of excess fat around my belly. I have a bit of a spare tire. I have some stretch marks on my lower thighs slash upper thighs. But other than that, hahahah, it’s a real body. I don’t work at it. I mean occasionally I workout at the gym. I am eating a salad. But um no, what I have over them is just your average woman’s body. POW: You have some lettuce on your teeth. Alyssa: Thanks. POW: What was the worst death one of your pets experienced? Alyssa: Oh God, my bunny Chica! My mother thought it was a good idea to put her in her wire cage out in our

woods and ah it was summer and we only had her for about 3 or 4 weeks but I was in the process of getting attached, and she fried to death via the sun. My mom didn’t feel the need to give her water so her teeth peeled back. Her teeth like, by the time I got home from school her mouth peeled back and you could see how long her teeth were. POW: Were you sad? I mean how’d you feel when you saw Chica? Alyssa: I was pissed at my mom. So I made her go get me a new one. And I named him Hombre. POW: What’s your mom’s name? Alyssa: Donna POW: What would you name your first baby girl? Alyssa: My first baby girl? First baby girl, haha. Seriously, ah, I don’t really know I’m more prone to having boys,

they can support more of a workload for the farm. So I would probably name my first boy Jon. But um, haha, I never thought of having girls. I’d probably name her Jayda. If I had a girl I think the name Emily is pretty or Mohegan…Sun is a really pretty one, haha. Or Molly’s a pretty name or Mom. I’d just call my kid Mom so that she’d have to find another name for me. POW: Here’s a serious question: ah

would you ever audition for Rock of Love 5 and what would your name be? Alyssa: Oh my God! As a real woman I would audition for Rock of Love 5 and I would be the most fucked up bitch they had there and they would call me Dirty Love. HAHA! I would make sure my room had no running water. I would make it a standpoint that I had no bar soap, no soap of any kind. Brett Michaels would get up in that shit.

POW: What are your shower habits? Alyssa: I like to follow my roommates’ shower habits which are bi-weekly um haha, no I shower daily, maybe… every other. If I sweat I shower how’s that? But I like to use ‘clean-on-mesoap’. POW: Um, do you like your Tostitos con queso or without con queso? Alyssa: Tons of con queso! I can never put enough con queso on my Tostitos.

we’s the people

POW: Haha, alright thanks Alyssa this has been real deep. What do you have to say to your fans out there? Alyssa: You mean my fans at the studio or in reality? POW: Both. Alyssa: Um, I just want to say don’t be afraid of your dimples anywhere. How’s that?




: Stefano Pennisi Stefano and I met when we were studying abroad in Italy. We were out at a discoteca and he bought everyone Jägerbombs. ‘Nuff said.

we’s the people

POW: So recently, Stefano and I spent nearly an entire day watching the National Geographic Channel. (So much learning!) Had you encountered the grizzly-polar, how would you have reacted? Stefano: Luckily, I carry honey with me everywhere. So, that being said, I would probably eat all the honey then run. or play dead. or start asking the bear a lot of questions in hopes I would annoy it and it would run away. POW: What is something really cool you’ve learned as of late? Stefano: I sleep call people. POW: As in call people while you sleep? Stefano: It’s more like prank call. I like to do a lot of things when I sleep. I sleep and I make soup. Or make soup and then sleep. I also go

to school and study film and media production. POW: Is there ever any overlap? As in, film/media/soup production? Stefano: Well I have filmed myself cooking soup so... I’m actually starting an underground cooking’s very controversial. and groundbreaking. POW: That’s cool. I love underground shit. I watched a TV show about people who live in tunnels under LA. The only drawback is that occasionally their homes get totally flooded. Stefano: Aw man, can they get flood insurance for that? But show, 8 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays public access channel. POW: What brought you to Italy? Stefano: ...a plane? I always wanted


to study abroad but I was never sure if I wanted to go to Europe or Australia. I decided Europe because I would have the chance to travel and visit other countries. I chose Italy because of my name...But don’t let it fool you, even after a year of living in Florence, I still can’t speak a word of Italian. POW: Your name didn’t fool me, not for a second. Did you end up being able to travel? Stefano: Yeah I got to go to a lot of really amazing places. Like this one time I went to go visit my friend, Ryan*, in Copenhagen and most of his family lives in this community inside of the city called Christiania. It’s actually really cool because it’s just a bunch of hippies that converted an abandoned navel base

into apartments, grocery stores, hash bodegas… But yeah, so they only have three laws: no photos, no hard drugs, and no running (because it means you’re running from the cops.) So there’s a ton on police brutality there, so you just have to be really careful going there. Ryan and I left there the one afternoon and when we were on the metro these two cops grabbed us and took us into a small back room and so they start screaming at me in Danish and I am so nervous and scared (among other things). My friend is talking to them, telling them this story so we can leave, but I have no idea what either of them is saying because it’s in Danish. So then the officer is asking me questions and I’m trying to tell him things that would not get me

arrested, but Ryan was telling him a different story so our stories didn’t match. POW: Were you able to get out of it? Stefano: Yeah. Aw man, so many hours of recovery after that. POW: Okay, so after Italy, you returned to school in Connecticut, you like it there? Stefano: I actually hate the state of CT; I hate it so much. My roommates are insane and the cops are assholes. But, not as bad as Wilkes-Barre though. I came down one weekend and saw a cop beat up a college kid with a night stick. They cracked his head open and he had to be carried away. I don’t think he even did anything. POW: This is how we do it! What about your roommates makes them

insane? Stefano: So one night I get back from the bars and I’m playing beer pong with my friends. My roommate Justin* texts me and tells me to go downstairs cause is Lou* is “going fire crazy.” When I go downstairs, Lou had been lighting everything in my room on fire. Including notebooks, white out, garbage and Purell bottles. So the fire was so big he burned a hole in my desk and the flames burned the ceiling. The fire alarm didn’t even go off. So he ran up to his room and locked himself in and I ran after him because I was yelling at him trying to get him to clean my room. Finally he opens the door and pulls a knife out on me. I pushed him against the wall and told him if he didn’t clean my room I’d pee on his

we’s the people

hamsters. Finally he went downstairs and tried to clean the white out off my desk with the knife he was going to stab me with. He slipped and sliced his thumb open so bad; there was blood squirting out like Kill Bill. It got everywhere, on my walls, on my floor. He had to go to the ER and get stitches. The best part is that he is actually an EMT. That was a Tuesday night...Another time my roommate, Jordan* stole Justin’s* money at a bar, so Justin popped his air mattress with a screw driver… It was actually really hilarious; he sleeps on the floor now. POW: So wait, your roommate has hamsters? Stefano: Haha yeah I thought you knew that, He’s the only person in college to own hamsters.

*Names have been changed



Michael John Gentle: So this guy has two first names. I don’t get it but it happens. MJ is a student at Wilkes University he is an Integrative Media major. While he enjoys the Irish riverdance, MJ prefers making art that fits whatever form he can give it. If that doesn’t make sense then read the rest of the article because I don’t feel like explaining.

POW: What is it that you do? MJ: I like to make shit…in ah Photoshop. Especially when I’m angry and or intoxicated. Mostly intoxicated. But other than that I do what I like. POW: OK well what do you make in Photoshop? What kind of 2-D projects do you work on? Are we talking posters, flyers, or random imagery? MJ: I use to make stuff for my fridge at home like magnets and photos, naturally I moved onto much larger work. Certain pieces stemmed from class projects or even ideas popping into my head randomly while working

on something else. I’d like to think that whatever I create is just because I can and the dimensions are just there to showcase my work. So be it a poster, flyer, business card, etc. it’s still whatever I wanted to create. It’s still my artwork. POW: Does it all mean something or just intoxicated fun? MJ: Some of the time yeah but most of the time no. So when I’m angry I might try to extend those emotions into an 8.5 by 11 page but honestly I make things because its fun and it keeps me focused. POW: Outside of the computer, do

you work with other media? MJ: It started with bead looms um at first I wanted to go to school to be a jewelry maker, it’s a little bit gay but that didn’t work out. I make a lot of dream catchers especially for people I want to have relations with. POW: That’s beautiful. It’s like courting all over again. Where are you from exactly? MJ: Drums, PA. POW: Where is that? MJ: 20 mins outside of Wilkes-Barre. POW: Never heard of it. MJ: No one has. It’s a backward ass

town in the middle of nowhere with a lot of old people. And a lot of trees and a lot of nursing homes. And… POW: How do you pass the time mostly? MJ: Bonfires. Sometimes I skateboard…but not since the accident. POW: Woah, time out. Accident? MJ: There was a luging incident on my hill. My little brother and I would go to the top, lay on our skateboards and luge all the way down the hill

until we got to the nursing home where the ground levels out. One time we did it and my trucks weren’t tight enough, the board started to swerve… POW: Are you tearing up? MJ: …a little bit, yes. I’m getting a little emotional. POW: Really? MJ: Well I mean I wrecked. I had really bad road burn on me. I never wanted to go on my skateboard again so I took up graphic design.

POW: What would you say is your craziest fun? MJ: I go to conventions out of state where people enjoy dressing as animal characters and make anthropomorphically drawn pictures. I mean I don’t partake only cause its too much work however I do enjoy a weekend of hanging out, sketching, and drinking. POW: Where do you see yourself after Wilkes? You know, you were just handed your diploma, you’re making

michael john gentle

your way off stage, your family just paid the bill for lunch at Applebee’s, pretty much where do you go after all of that? MJ: I’d like to go get some more schooling. I just want to learn more stuff. Then maybe a lot of time wasted, in a city, NYC close to my friend Jahm somewhere far away from here. Just because I need to branch out and reach that full potential. Whatever that is.




POWzine is a nonprofit arts magazine created and constructed by three Wilkes University students and their faculty advisor. We posted only t...

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