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sounding manner. I turned to take my leave after nodding my head to him and strode off with a confident stride toward the library, not once looking back. In the library I head for the nonfiction section and begin searching for anything to do with urban street cool. I found some wonderful literature on local history but nothing of use to this. I looked up and standing to my right by the audiobooks was he, the silent Morris dancer that I had picked up from the

street. Sighing, I realised that there must be some reasoning to what was going on and how I must somehow help this spirit, I ran out as fast as I could and into the warm sanctuary of the Tesco Express. Knowing better I stayed clear of the meat section as I cannot resist buying black pudding if I see it, I instead hid by the crisps. He found me sure enough, his head emerging from amongst the dry roasted peanuts and chilli peanuts. I love chilli peanuts, I grabbed some and in a flash I was in the slow moving queue

of 6 people before realising the expresspay-yourself-let’s-play-shop-keepers-till was free. I paid, but my pound coin was rejected twice. Curses and what with the folk Dancing spectre hovering nearby. I decided to get a bus, not for myself to keep, but rather I boarded one as it came by. I say this but I did have to wait an hour, during which time I realised that my spook was no conversationalist. After paying a ridiculous fee to board I made my way to the back of the bus and sat and faced the window. Not comfy was I, as sitting facing the window involves seating one’s self in an awkward manner on the seat, when it would be easier to sit facing the front as normal. Ten minutes later and after pins and needles had set in I sat normally. With my spook sat beside me. Once in the town centre I made my way past such familiar scenes: the group of herberts ready to prove their worth in a troublesome manner, the hairy faced woman on day release, the street cleaner who hates everyone. The usual types. Heading down the 1960’s built atrocity, which is one of the high street’s more attractive ends I wound my way round and round staring into shop windows as my follower kept pace. The bell sound was very annoying and typically any dogs we passed heard it and would react either by whining or barking hysterically. People must have thought I had a funny atmosphere to me or that I had some way of teasing and insulting dogs in a telepathic way. Anyway as it turns out, I wasn’t alone, I saw another man hurriedly walking through the street with dogs acting up in his wake. Either that or he was just another strange character, free to roam the streets of a coastal town. So I decided to leave him be, he eventually got bored of me, either that or the sight of me in the throws of my morning routine made him sick to his phantom stomach. Maybe it forced his passing to the “other side” after realising that my morning face was far worse than un-settled earthly matters. What of the street theme I hear you ask? Well it goes to show that you never know what you might find and pick up off the street, especially if you start spinning.

Morris rs JANUARY 2012


PoV Magazine issue 1  
PoV Magazine issue 1  

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