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26 Business Applications Never underestimate the importance of a healthy gut!

Press Release

Alltech E-CO2 launches Feeds EA™ model January 21, 2021 [DUNBOYNE, Ireland] – As the agriculture industry is moving towards more

for the whole supply

sustainable solutions and

chain,” said Ben Braou,

ingredients, Alltech E-CO2

business general

has developed the Feeds

manager for Alltech E-

EA™ model to help feed manufacturers and producers globally measure and lower the carbon footprint of their feed. Feeds EA™ measures the environmental impact of feed production at the feed mill level by assessing the impact of existing compounds or blends. This

is determined by calculating greenhouse gas emissions from production, cultivation, processing, energy utilisation and transportation in the manufacturing of the feed. Feeds EA™ can calculate emissions from a database of more than 300 ingredients, including raw materials, soya products, byproducts and additives. “Optimising the sustainability of feed production provides a huge opportunity

CO2. “By utilising Feeds EA™, feed manufacturers are provided with the means to further enhance their product range and sustainability credentials through supplying feed with a lower environmental impact.”

Novus partners with biotech innovator Agrivida SAINT CHARLES, MO

help them produce

(January 13, 2021) – In 2020,

wholesome, affordable food in

Novus International, Inc., a

an efficient and sustainable

global leader in nutrition

way.” Agrivida, a privately held

and health solutions for the

biotechnology company based

animal agriculture industry,

in Massachusetts, was founded

announced plans to redefine

said Novus CEO and President

in 2003 by scientists from MIT

its business through an

Dan Meagher. “Agrivida’s novel

who discovered a way to

enhanced focus on gut

and innovative technology allows

incorporate feed additives

health and innovation. The

for the delivery of feed additives in a

directly into corn grown for

Missouri-based company is

completely unique and very

production animals. By having

making good on its strategy

sustainable way – directly inside

the additive inside of the grain,

with a new partnership.“Novus

of the grain. It is technology like this

the molecules are more

and its Board of Directors are

that will further show Novus’s

efficiently absorbed, and

very excited to announce the

commitment to our customers: to

producers can improve both

partnership with Agrivida,”

animal performance and their bottom line.

Poultry Reporter February 2021


Stan Reid interim president of Cobb-Vantress Inc.

Chris Grammens is the new Global Innovations Manager at Roxell Jan. 4, 2021

In November, Chris Grammens joined Roxell as the Global Innovations Manager, which means he will lead the Innovation and Quality departments. One of his responsibilities is translating Roxell’s longterm strategy to specific product developments. He will also ensure that Roxell’s end products remain innovative and highquality. Chris is a member of Roxell’s Management Team. As an Industrial Electromechanical Engineer, Chris worked in various technological environments. He specialized in industrial heating systems and ventilation products. He has 24 years’ experience as an R&D Manager and also worked a couple of years as a Business Unit Manager for an international subsidiary.

Poultry Reporter February 2021

Senior Leadership Announcement Cobb-Vantress, Inc. / Siloam Springs, Arkansas, USA: An experienced leader in the poultry breeding industry has been appointed to the role of interim President of Cobb. Stan Reid, current Vice President of North and South America, is assuming the leadership position vacated by Joel Sappenfield, who recently left the company. Reid has almost 40 years’ experience in the industry and has been at Cobb for 20 years in a variety of roles. He served as a U.S. sales manager (2001-2002), director of sales and service (20022003), general manager of North American business (2003-2005), and Vice President of Asia and North American business units (2005-2007), before eventually overseeing all global business units in 2007. Reid has been in his current role since 2015, which also included overseeing global marketing for Cobb. Before joining the Cobb team in 2001, Stan worked in sales at Merial Inc. (now Boehringer Ingelheim) and Agri-Bio. Prior to serving in these roles, he worked at Foster Farms in California where he was responsible for contract grower broiler production, as well as the hatchery and live production divisions. Stan was raised on a poultry and cattle farm in Alabama and spent his early career at Spring Valley Farms/Lane Poultry (now owned by Tyson Foods) as a broiler service technician and then at Gold Kist Farms (now owned by Pilgrim’s Pride/JBS USA) as a broiler technician.“We’re grateful for Joel’s many contributions to the company and have great confidence in Stan’s ability to continue executing our global strategy, developed by the Cobb leadership team,” said Donnie King, President of Poultry for Tyson Foods, which owns CobbVantress, Inc.


Bühler and DIL join forces to accelerate sustainable food production Appointment of Dr. Silke Birlenbach Jan. 4, 2021

Trouw Nutrition welcomes Dr. Silke Birlenbach as Director of Global Innovation, effective January 4th, 2021. She succeeds in this role to Saskia Korink, Trouw Nutrition CEO and joins Trouw Nutrition Leadership Team, based in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Silke holds degrees in cell biology and veterinary physiology from Harvard University & Kansas State University, respectively, and a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Justus-Liebig University. She brings with her a wealth of experience from the Animal Health and Pharma industries as well as consulting with McKinsey&Co. Having worked internationally, Silke has built a track record in transforming & growing businesses and driving strategic marketing & innovation.

"I am honored to join the Nutreco family and to contribute to our purpose "Feeding the Future"! Offering solutions to our customers that are highly innovative and protect our planet is an inspiring mission that I fully embrace."Dr. Silke BirlenbachGlobal Innovation Director

Poultry Reporter February 2021

Uzwil (Switzerland), Quakenbrück (Germany), January 11, 2021 – Bühler AG announces strategic partnership with the DIL Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e. V. to work together on the next generation of extruded meat substitutes. Swiss technology group Bühler AG and the DIL Deutsches Institut for Lebensmitteltechnik e. V., a research institute focusing on food technology and food science, have teamed up to develop new production technologies for healthy and sustainable food products, focusing on alternative proteinbased products with a lower environmental impact than the CO2-heavy meat value chain. Living within our planetary boundaries. By 2050, in order to meet the needs of the world’s growing population, we will have to produce more food from 35% less agricultural land. With an additional 250 million metric tons of protein required per year, the pressure on alternatives to animal-based proteins is mounting. Given the environmental impact of the current system, there is growing consensus that the food industry must change course immediately. The change is already underway in many parts of the food value chain, but to drive it faster, partnerships are essential. Announcing a new strategic partnership between Bühler AG and DIL, Ian Roberts, Chief Technology Officer, Bühler, said: “If we are to feed 10 billion people in 2050 and if we are to be able to do this and mitigate the climate change increase that we currently see, we need to build strong partnerships with purpose and we need to build those in areas where we can drive major impact.”

Business Application


Jan 29, 2021

"When choosing a probiotic, it is no longer a surprise that the preference lies with stable spore-formers, based on a proven and researched mode of action..."


to the host. The mode of action for each ut health, including the relationship between

probiotic can differ, but they all relate back to

a healthy gut, the animal's microbiota and

supporting the general gut health of the animal -

optimal performance, is undeniably essential

including its immunity, microbiota and feed

for optimal production. This already starts


from a young age: the early microbiota influences not only the morphology and

Bacillus licheniformis DSM 28710

physiology of the gastrointestinal tract, but also impacts the development of the animal's

When choosing a probiotic, it is no longer a

immunity. As such, a good start is essential for

surprise that the preference lies with stable

the animal to achieve its full potential.

spore-formers, based on a proven and researched mode of action. Especially in terms of

The early microbiota Due to the high levels

product stability, spore-forming bacteria have

of hygiene security in modern commercial

distinct advantages as spores are robust and able

production, the natural process of partial

to withstand environmental influences. This

maternal microbiota transmission to the

includes, but is not limited to, high temperatures

newly hatched chicks does not occur. As a

during feed processing, different pH values

result, the initial composition of that early

within the animal itself as well as fluctuating

microbiota is mainly driven by contact with

storage conditions.

microorganisms coming from the rearing environment, as well as those present in the

A good example of an effective spore-forming

available feed and water. There are distinct

probiotic is B-ActÂŽ, which contains viable spores

differences between the early microbiota and

of Bacillus licheniformis (DSM 28710). As its

the maturated composition, which can take

mode of action is diverse, this probiotic strain

up to three weeks to form: however, keep in

supports the birds' gut microflora both

mind that this maturation time and the exact

directly and indirectly. First, the unique strain is

final composition can differ greatly, even

part of the wider Bacillus genus, and as such is a

between animals on the same farm. Genetics,

good scavenger. This means it is a strong

farm management and individual responses

contender for nutrients and space versus

to influencing factors

unwanted bacteria, fitting in the wider concept

all play a role. To positively steer the early

of competitive exclusion. The proliferation of

microbiota and its development, probiotics

Clostridium perfringens in particular, the key

are a good management tool for producers to

pathogen in production diseases such as

use from an early age. These beneficial micro-

necrotic enteritis (NE) and dysbacteriosis, is

organisms are incorporated into the feed or

actively and efficiently inhibited by B-ActÂŽ.

drinking water, with the intention to deliver a health benefit Poultry Reporter February 2021

Trialed, tested and effective As with any

Business Application

“To support the idea of influencing the microbiota early on, the first question that needs to be answered is how a probiotic can be applied in these early stages.." decision, the choice of which probiotic to apply

CFU results at both time points showed that the

should be supported with as much relevant

animals ingested considerable amounts of B-Act® via

information as possible. For B-Act®, there is

the gel, thus confirming that the probiotic can be used

plenty of research available, with the probiotic

via gel spraying to supplement animals from an early

strain being extensively trialed and tested. For

age (Figures 1 and 2).

example, a recent study once more confirmed B. licheniformis DSM 28710 to exert a strong inhibitory effect on nine C. perfringens strains, isolated from NE outbreaks on commercial farms. Linking this back to applying probiotics in young animals, the importance of the early microbiota cannot be underestimated in mitigating such NE outbreaks - even though these outbreaks occur at a later stage. Ensuring a healthy microbiota from the start, and maintaining it, decreases the opportunity for C.

Figure 1. B-Act® spore recovery in faecal matter 5 hours after spraying (log CFU/g faeces sample per four pens)

perfringens to take hold and proliferate in the next stages of production. This also justifies the continuous application of B-Act® from as early as possible. It is also essential to keep in mind that general gut health and the related microbiota drive performance. Laying the proper groundwork as early as possible results in a good start for the animal, setting it up for an overall high-yielding production period. Early probiotic supplementation

Figure 2. B-Act® spore recovery in faecal matter 10 hours after spraying (log CFU/g faeces sample per four pens)

To support the idea of influencing the microbiota early on, the first question that needs to be answered is how a probiotic can be applied in these early stages. To put this to the test, B-Act® was applied in newly hatched

The study confirmed that by applying B-Act® via a

chicks via gel spraying, and subsequent faecal

hatchery gel, probiotic supplementation is possible

spore content analysis. The trial used 160 day-

even before the first feed is introduced. This also opens

old Ross broilers which were sprayed with a

the door for simultaneous probiotic application with

coloured gel-solution containing the probiotic.

hatchery vaccinations, by adding B-Act® to the

Faecal samples were collected at two time

vaccination gel. Doing so ensures an early support

periods (5 and 10 hours after spraying) and

during the immunity build-up, aiding transition to the

analysed for the presence of the probiotic B.

following growth stages. As such, B-Act® helps

licheniformis DSM 28710. All faecal samples had

producers to support their animals as early as possible,

a blue-green colour due to the colouring agent

setting them up for a successful production period

in the gel, indicating that the gel was ingested

from start to finish.

Poultry Reporter February 2021 properly.



JANUARY 21, 2021| Zoetis has expanded its line of recombinant vector vaccines with the launch of Poulvac Procerta HVT-IBD, which provides early protection against the contemporary infectious bursal disease (IBD) viruses confronting U.S. broilers. “Poulvac Procerta HVT-IBD is a valuable tool for managing IBD due to the level of protection it

provides and because of its early protection against IBD viruses, including the predominant AL2 variant,” said Angela Hartman, PhD, senior principal scientist at Zoetis and project team leader for development of the vaccine. Kalen Cookson, DVM, director of clinical research, Zoetis, explained that early protection

is essential because IBD, which remains a leading disease challenge for the poultry industry, tends to affect younger birds and is highly immunosuppressive. Closes gap in protection “The younger the bird, the more severe the immunosuppression. Immunosuppression may predispose birds to costly secondary infections — a greater concern now that nearly 60% of U.S. flocks are raised without antibiotics,” Cookson explained. By providing early immunity, the veterinarian added, Poulvac Procerta HVT-IBD closes a gap in immunity. “Maternal antibodies passed from immunized broiler breeders to broilers start to wane at about 14 days of age. Using Poulvac Procerta HVT-IBD closes the gap between passive immunity provided by hens and active immunity initiated by vaccination,” he said.


Mexitube Alemania, S.A. de C.V., subsidiary of Minitube International in Mexico, has recently inaugurated a remodeled office building in Querétaro. Under difficult conditions due to the Covid19 crisis, the construction work was carried out over several more months than initially projected. The extension and reconstruction finally led to a multiplication of the office workstations previously available for technical sales, administration and management. A spacious meeting room was also created to enable

Poultry Reporter February 2021

customer training. Due to the pandemic, only a few friends and guests were invited to the inauguration on December 15, 2020, including Dr. Joaquín Beceril, who performed the inauguration ceremony together with Mexitube's director Dr. Hector Tellez.


Kemin Industries Launches E-Commerce Platform for Animal Nutrition and Health Business in China

Cobb Continues Commitment to Progress and Quality in the Middle East, Completing First Shipment to Jordan

DES MOINES, Iowa, Jan. 8, 2021 -Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer that strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with its products and services, has partnered with Zhuyi Mall to launch its e-commerce business for millions

Jan 14, 2021 | Cobb-Vantress, Inc. / Siloam

of pig farmers in China.Introducing an online

Springs, Arkansas, USA: After building a strong

business platform is a critical part of Kemin's overall

relationship with Saudi distributor Al-Watania

digital transformation for its animal nutrition and

Poultry, Cobb made history by completing its

health operations in China. Joining with Zhuyi Mall

first shipment to Jordan last month. The

is the first step for the global ingredient

companies worked together to successfully

manufacturer's business unit in China to begin

navigate new logistical challenges and deliver

cooperating with third-party e-commerce

the first Cobb500™ shipment to the country.

platforms."Launching our e-commerce business in

“This is a significant step as we continue to bring

China has come with much excitement, as well as

quality products and expertise to this emerging

some challenges – some of which are quite unique

market,” said Pelayo Casanovas, vice president of

to our local market.

Cobb-Vantress EMEA and Asia-Pacific. “Supporting the Middle East is a priority for

We look forward to working with our partners on a

Cobb, and we expect this shipment will be the

platform that brings success to China's pig farmers,

first of many from Cobb and Al-Watania Poultry

as well as Kemin," said Dr. Zhilin Gan, President,

into Jordan.” Al-Watania Poultry, one of the

Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – China.Kemin's

leading poultry producers in the Middle East,

new e-store will sell its flagship products used

signed a distributor agreement with Cobb in

widely at hog farms in China, including:

2018 for the territories of Saudi Arabia and the surrounding Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

Detoxins®, an excellent mycotoxin absorbent

member countries. Since then, the companies

that helps improve sow fertility

have focused on expanding the daily production

CLOSTAT® 360 Extra, the industry-leading

of broilers to support the Kingdom of Saudi

probiotic product targeted at reducing

Arabia’s initiative to increase local chicken meat

intestinal health problems

production. Al-Watania Poultry is reaching new

Orsential™ 360, which includes natural plant

heights with the wide-ranging technical support

extracts from oregano to improve animal

from Cobb. The world-leading experts at Cobb

growth and performance

advise on all aspects of production to help Al-

Poultry Reporter February 2021

Watania Poultry optimize flock performances.





Honorable Central Minister Shri come across as the pioneer leaders of Giriraj Singh, minister of


Fisheries, Animal Husbandry

today’s Aatma Nirbhar

inaugurated a poultry feed plant in

and Dairying and distinguished

Bharat and are setting


guest Shrimati Renu Devi,

examples for a better

2021. This feed plant is equipped

Deputy Chief Minister, BIHAR

future for the

with the capacity of 1200 metric

State. The Founder and

industrialists of Bihar

ton per day (MTD) and is situated

Chairman Mr. Sultan Ali,

and India as a whole.


Founder and Managing Director The plant covers a total of 5 acres of land and Mr.Bahadur Ali and Director

The inauguration was carried forth

Mr.Gulrez Alam of the ABIS

aims towards building a


state of art

onceptualizing the vision of an

in the benign presence of the

Poultry Reporter February 2021

News infrastructure of poultry feed plant. The company is looking forward to provide livestock feed and fish feed in the near future. The proposal for the said plant was forwarded to BIADA’s in November and the allotment letter was provided on 30th NOVEMBER, 2019, in the words of Mr. Santosh Kumar Sinha “the proposal took up the shape of a building in a much less time.” He further says this is present for the industrialists of Bihar by the ABIS firm at the beginning of the year 2021. The

to Odisha where subsidies and per capita

Founder and the Managing Director of the

investment are provided to the farmers. He

firm while addressing the press said that

goes on to mention that an exponential rise

he met Shri. Giriraj Singh in the year 2018,

was seen in the poultry industry in Telangana

during the latter’s India Tour, in

and Odisha and if the government will look

Chhattisgarh’s district Rajnandgaon,

after the farmers of Bihar, then within five

where during the conversation latter

years down the line, Bihar would lead the

proposed that instead of a long chain of

charts with respect to poultry feed

buying maize from Bihar but exporting

production.The Chief Guest of Honor Shri

chicken to Bihar, Mr.Bahadur should think

Giriraj Singh congratulated ABIS EXPORTS

of establishing a feed plant in Bihar itself.

and said that it is highly important to look

Mr Bahadur Ali says that he was highly

after the development of the country and poultry industry can play a major role in doing the same.The event saw the gracious presence of Shri Ram Surat Yadav, Minister Revenue, Law and Land Reforms, Ex-Minister Shri Suresh Kumar Sharma, Shri Ajay Nishad, MP, Muzaffarpur, Shri Bijendra Chaudhary, MLA, Muzaffarpur and the members of the District Administration. The thanksgiving of the event was done under the able guidance of Mr. Mohan Dhalla whereas the event was concluded by Mr. Junaid Qazi, COO & Project

inspired and as a result contacted the

Head, Muzaffarpur Plant, Mr.Subhradeep Dey,

state government of Bihar with the said

Poultry Integration Head, IB Group and Mr. OP

proposal and since then it has been a

Singh, MD, ABTL Pune.

smooth roller coaster ride. The support extended by BIADA is above par and their will to deliver the work exceeded expectations. He further says that quality protein is what everyone needs in today’s day to day life and ABIS EXPORTS as a quintessential poultry feed is looking forward to fulfill the said needs. He has further requested Shrimati Renu to collaborate with the farmers, extend them a helping hand and set up a model similar Poultry Reporter February 2021


“Solika Energy Pvt Ltd Inaugurates the Telangana State’s first-ever Compressed Biogas Project Based on Poultry Litter”

The unique process removes and reduces all impurities like feathers, stones, sand, and also reduces high ammonical nitrogen with a help of biological culture and at the same time providing an unique solution to the January 5, 2021 | Shri RSS Rao, Executive Director of IOCL,

poultry community. Solika is also

TAPSO, along with Mr. Suresh Chitturi, IEC Chairman &

currently in the process of setting up

Managing Director, Srinivasa Farms Group inaugurated a

the second CBG project in Telangana.

2.4 Tonnes per day capacity Compressed Biogas (CBG)

This project is expected to have a CBG

Project at Udityal Village, near Balanagar, Telangana. This

production capacity of 3.0 Tonnes per

project exclusively uses poultry litter as the raw material

day. About Solika. Solika Energy Pvt Ltd

and is located next to a large commercial poultry farm

is a Compressed Biogas company

with over 4.5 Lakh birds. All the raw material is collected

backed by Srinivasa Hatcheries, one of

from the poultry sheds. This is the first poultry litter-based

the leading poultry companies in India

CBG project in Telangana and Solika has built this project

and XEMX Projects. XEMX Projects is

under the Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable

promoted by Himadeep Nallavadla.

Transportation (SATAT) scheme by the Ministry of

Solika believes that CBG will play an

Petroleum and Natural Gas (MoPNG).

important role in India’s energy future as it is able to help reduce fuel imports,

The CBG produced in this project will be supplied to an

provide a viable cleaner alternate fuel

IOCL outlet in Attapur, Hyderabad. Commercial sale at

to vehicles, and provide additional

this outlet is expected to start from next month. In

sources of revenue to India’s

addition to CBG, this plant will also generate around 15

agricultural sector.

Tonnes of good quality organic manure as a byproduct on a daily basis. Suresh Chitturi explained the importance of sustainable energy and how Solika plans to provide this to the local farming communities for their benefit to Shri RSS Rao, Executive Director – IOCL. As per Mr. Suresh Chitturi, Solika has developed a unique process of ammonia reduction which results in sustained reuse of water making the biogas plant zero liquid discharge

Poultry Reporter February 2021


AB VISTA SUPPORTS CUSTOMERS’ SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAMMES WITH LAUNCH OF NEW EMISSIONS REPORTING SERVICE WE HAVE PARTNERED WITH OUR SISTER COMPANY INTELLYNC TO OFFER A NEW REPORTING SERVICE THAT ALLOWS OUR CUSTOMERS TO GAIN A QUICK AND THOROUGH INSIGHT REGARDING THEIR CARBON EMISSIONS, HELPING THEM TO MAKE DECISIONS TO REDUCE THEIR IMPACT. January 20, 2021 | Using independent reporting, and employing recognised methodologies, the new emissions reporting service focuses on supporting agricultural companies’ sustainability programmes by identifying areas within the feed production process with a high emissions rate and providing tailored strategies to reduce this environmental impact. “The food and agriculture sectors are responsible for up to 30 per cent of global driven greenhouse gas emissions. Meat and dairy consumption is particularly in the spotlight due to these environmental concerns,” said Paul Steen, our Head of Services. “The data we have shows that small changes in the animal’s diet can have big impacts on emissions without affecting its performance. It is important that animal nutritionists are aware of this and have the confidence to test new approaches. “Our emissions reporting service is quick, simple and provides nutritionists with the tools to Poultry Reporter February 2021

accurately measure outputs. It supports our feed manufacturers’ sustainability programmes by detecting areas within the feed production process with a high emissions rate and providing tailored strategies to reduce this environmental impact,” explained Paul. The service offers a reliable process using internationally recognised data associated with feed materials and conforms to PAS2050 standards.Feed and protein producers can use the service as a routine management tool to monitor the environmental impact of day-to-day decisions at their production sites.



Cobb-Vantress, Inc. / Siloam Springs, Arkansas, USA: The new Cobb Broiler Breeder Management Guide includes expanded, updated, and newly added technical expertise in broiler breeder production management to help customers succeed. The company’s latest recommendations in the influential handbook are

intended to help support more yield, better feed conversion, and healthy flocks for customers.“As part of the Cobb commitment to quality, we work hard every day to make sure customers have access to the latest expertise that will help products reach maximum performance,” said Cody Polley, director of world tech support. “This broiler

breeder handbook is important to customers and helps make quality protein accessible, healthy, and affordable worldwide.”The guide covers topics such as feed management, chick management, water management, egg handling, and biosecurity best practices alongside extensive new information and important updates. New information includes: An easy-to-use checklist to determine if flocks are on target for rearing and production goals. Detailed information on the importance of nutrition. Explanation of feed management broken down into phases of rearing and production. Extensive water management guidelines including a reference table to evaluate water quality. Step-by-step instructions for cleaning and sanitizing breeder housing units. Flock depletion: when and how.Comprehensive ventilation information specific to breeder housing units. Light trap installation and management.


SPRINGDALE, Ark., January 25, 2021 – The team at Tyson® brand is making the season of love extra scrumptious this year, encouraging people to show their love with nuggets with the return of the fan-loved “CHICKEN NUGGET BOUQUET CONTEST.”This year the contest is even sweeter – chicken nugget lovers have the exclusive opportunity to win a package of new Tyson Nuggets of Love, limited-edition heart-shaped nuggets, only available through the contest. Be Mine: Say it with Nuggets TM Valentine’s Day is a moment to celebrate friendship and love between anyone, with many exchanging gifts, even with pets. No matter who you love and are celebrating with on the special day, the Tyson® brand team is giving people the opportunity to express their love in a memorable way. Poultry Reporter February 2021

how people will share and show their love with nuggets,” said Lauren Talbert, senior brand manager, Tyson® Brand. “We’re all in need for another reason to smile right now, so whether you’re looking to up the everyday or share Starting February 1st, sweethearts can spice some joy with someone you enter the contest by creating their love, there’s no better way to best chicken nugget bouquet, then do that than by saying it with sharing a photo and tagging nuggets, especially our heart@TysonBrand on INSTAGRAM or shaped nuggets.” At the TWITTER with the hashtags conclusion of the contest, a #NuggetBouquetContest and panel of judges -- including the #TysonNuggetsofLove through CHICKEN NUGGET February 17th*. One lucky grand prize FAMED BRIDE Blair and her maid of winner will receive $5,000 for a honor Jenna -- will evaluate staycation, in addition to a year’s bouquet arrangements supply of Tyson chicken. nuggets, with the based on creativity, an additional 150 winners each expression of receiving one bag of the limited-edition presentation, chicken nugget love, originality Tyson Nuggets of Love. “Nugget and overall tie to a Valentine’s bouquets are back in a big way this Day theme. year, and we can’t wait to see

Event Calendar Poultry India Hyderabad, India International Poultry & Livestock Expo 5-7 August, 2021 BIEC, Bangalore, India VIV Asia 22-24 September, 2021 Bangkok, Thailand ILDEX Vietnam 21-23 July 2021 SECC, HCM, Vietnam Meat & Poultry Industry 25-27 May 2021 Moscow VIV Turkey 10-12 June 2021 Instanbul, Turkey Poultry Africa 1-2 September 2021 Kigali, Rwanda ILDEX Indonesia 24-26 November 2021 Jakarta, Indonesia VIV MEA 2021 22-24 November 2021 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Poultry Reporter February 2021

VICTAM and Animal Heath and Nutrition Asia 2022 18-20 January 2022 Bitec, Bangkok, Thailand Canadian Poultry XPO 3-4 November, 2021 Stratford, Ontario VIV Europe 31 May-2 June 2022 Netherlands Avesui 13-15 April 2021 America Latina Agro & Poultry East Africa 9-11 April 2021 Sarit Expo Center, Nairobi, Kenya PIX/AMC 15-17 May 2022 Australia

Global News

Boehringer Ingelheim partners with PetMedix

Boehringer Ingelheim has entered into a partnership with PetMedix, a UK based research and development stage biopharmaceutical company. Strengthening partnerships to accelerate innovation and growth is now one of the key elements of Boehringer Ingelheim’s refocused strategy. Ingelheim, Germany, January 12, 2021 – Boehringer Ingelheim is pleased to announce a multi-year partnership with PetMedix to develop novel and transformative companion animal antibody therapeutics using PetMedix’s proprietary Ky9™ platform. As part of the collaboration, PetMedix will undertake discovery activities against a number of key targets, and Boehringer Ingelheim will work to develop and bring these therapies to market.While there are many technologies that have been used to develop human therapeutic antibodies, PetMedix’s breakthrough approach is equivalent to one that has resulted in a number of successful, novel therapies for humans. PetMedix is the only company in the world that has brought this innovative approach to veterinary medicine, with its Ky9™ platform able to rapidly and efficiently generate fully canine therapeutic antibodies. This approach saves time and money in drug development, and reduces the risk of certain key adverse events relative to other antibody technologies.“We are excited to be working with Boehringer Ingelheim on this project as we feel we bring complementary experience and expertise to this partnership. PetMedix has developed the leading pet antibody discovery engine, and it will be through Boehringer Ingelheim’s global scale and industry leadership that these novel therapies will best be able to succeed and ultimately benefit the animals,” said Dr Tom Weaver, CEO of PetMedix. “Boehringer Ingelheim is pleased to be working with PetMedix on this cutting edge technology as a means to bring innovative new therapies to improve the health of animals globally. PetMedix has a unique expertise and its focus on innovation aligns well with our own,” shared James Allan, Global Head of Transaction, Business Development & Licensing, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health. Poultry Reporter February 2021

Team 4ForFarmers wins Sustainable Business Challenge 2020

The inventors of the most innovative idea: Irene Koopman, Maaike van Woerden, Naomi Peters en Max Dekker (left to right). Jan.13, 2021 | Team 4ForFarmers, one of the teams that devised a solution to ForFarmers’ sustainable business problem, was awarded the most points by the jury and won the title of ‘the most promising idea’ of the Sustainable Business Challenge 2020 (SBC).The winning team was announced in midDecember. In total, fifteen teams of students worked to find innovative solutions to sustainable business problems at the companies Alliander, Engie, Grolsch, Waternet and ForFarmers. Coronavirus added an extra layer of difficulty to the Challenge because everything had to be done online. The quality of the ideas was nevertheless high. It was a thrilling final, during which the jury praised the ForFarmers team for their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. BrainteaserThe assignment for the ForFarmers teams was to brainstorm how ForFarmers could utilise the energy generated by farmers on their farms in the ForFarmers production process. This was a real brainteaser because the process of manufacturing a pellet is much more complex than it seems. The winning ideaNow the hectic holiday period is over, Max Dekker, captain of the winning team looks back on the challenge: “We invented a mobile pellet press. The final step in the production of pellets is not carried out in the plant, but on the farmer's land, where we use the renewable energy that is generated on site. Although the ForFarmers jury had doubts about the feasibility, they were very enthusiastic about our original approach to the problem. We thought long and hard about all the shortcomings of our idea. During the final, we were therefore able to respond to all the questions with solid arguments.” PassionMax found participating in the Challenge an enlightening experience. “It's interesting to immerse yourself in something you are really passionate about. It would be great to wake up tomorrow morning to a Netherlands in which every company uses only renewable energy, but that's unrealistic. The insight that you can take a small step forward by really thinking out of the box was my greatest takeaway from the Challenge.”

Global News

1 ADM CARE PROJECT TO BENEFIT VIETNAMESE FARMERS Jan 25, 2021 | ADM Animal Nutrition Vietnam and World Vision Vietnam join hands in an ADM Cares project to provide Sustainable livelihood support for smallholder farmers in Lac Son District, Hoa Binh province. This 10-month project aims to improve the economic well-being of 50 farming households in Vu Binh, Quyet Thang and Mien Doi commune, Lac Son district, Hoa Binh province. Therefore, the quality of their children’s lives will also be improved. The project promotes sustainable agricultural development by equipping disadvantaged households with knowledge and skills in poultry breeding using biological padding method and increasing their productivity and profit through an improved financial literacy and better market engagement. Each participating farmer in this project will be provided with a support package which includes 100 fully vaccinated one-day-old chicks, coop and equipment, feed, and participation in a training section for chicken breeding techniques as well as traders/ collectors engagement events. ADM Cares is a corporate social responsibility program that aligns ADM’s corporate giving with our business strategies and sustainability objectives. The spirit of ADM Cares is to sustain and strengthen our commitment to communities where ADM colleagues work, live and operate by directly funding to initiatives and organizations that drive meaningful social, economic and environmental progress.


2 KEMIN INDUSTRIES LAUNCHES DAILYZZ™ FOR BETTER SLEEP AND FUNCTION Jan. 19, 2021 /-- Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer that strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with its products and services, has launched its newest product for human health and nutrition, DailyZz™, an ingredient containing a propriety blend rich in naturally occurring polyphenols for safe and natural nightly sleep. A recent human clinical trial has shown that in as early as one week, DailyZz promotes better quality sleep and improves next-day functioning in healthy adults who have occasional sleep complaints. In the 100-person study, sleep quality and daytime functioning benefits showed improvement in both objective and subjective measures. The study used multiple rigorous testing methods, including computerized performance testing and validated sleep diary surveys – the gold standard for assessing the subjective sleep experience – to evaluate the effects of supplementation of DailyZz on sleep and next-day performance. Participants in the 30-day study received either 485 milligrams of DailyZz to take 30 minutes before bed or a placebo. Those taking DailyZz nightly showed significant improvement in their quality of sleep, as well as better concentration, reaction time and visual recall and processing. Poultry Reporter February 2021


Japfa celebrates 50 years of growth

EW Nutrition acquires Feed Quality and Pigment business from Novus International

Singapore, January 18, 2021 | 2021 marks Japfa’s 50th anniversary and we could not be more excited to celebrate all that we have achieved with employees, customers, business partners, and shareholders. While a lot has changed since Japfa was founded in 1971, our goal has always been the same: Feeding Emerging Asia with essential proteins. From a single poultry feed mill in Indonesia, we have effectively grown to become a leading industrialised agri-food company in Asia. We have progressively expanded our business to include feeding and breeding, commercial farming and food processing and distribution, and we have effectively diversified our activities across multiple proteins and markets.

VISBEK (Feb. 1, 2021) – EW Nutrition has completed the acquisition of the Feed Quality and Pigments business from Novus International, Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, EW

Nutrition becomes the owner of world-renowned brands such as Santoquin® feed preservative, SURF

ACE®, a feed mill

processing aid, and feed ingredient Agrado®. The acquisition also gives EW Nutrition ownership of a state-of-the-art production facility in Constantí, Spain.

More challenges? More solutions. “This transaction will bring additional value to our customers, further reinforcing EW Nutrition’s global market position, and

Today we are one the largest integrated poultry producers in Indonesia and one of the leading producers of premium raw milk in China. In just a few years, we were able to set up a profitable swine business in Vietnam. This would not have been possible without the commitment of our people, the trust of our customer, the collaboration of our business partners and suppliers, the relationships with the local communities and, last but not least, the confidence of our

increasing its product portfolio and geographical reach,” says Michael Gerrits, Managing Director of EW Nutrition. “The products acquired will further support EW Nutrition’s mission to mitigate the impact of antimicrobial resistance by providing comprehensive animal nutrition solutions.”Dan Meagher, President and CEO of Novus International, Inc., explained that the sale is part of Novus’s Project Destiny, a multi-year plan to focus the company’s resources on core platforms and emerging technologies, with a focus on gut health.

shareholders. By working together and nurturing sustainable, growth-orientated relationships based on trust and integrity, we stay true to our vision of Growing Towards Mutual Prosperity. As we celebrate our 50 years in business, our vision will continue to drive Japfa. As one of the major industrialised agri-food companies in Asia, we can tap the potential for protein consumption and grow our business further. More importantly, we can play our part in improving the

“We are pleased to have found a committed owner for these platforms so that they may continue bringing value to the industry,” said Meagher. “This event is a significant milestone in our Project Destiny journey. Now that our Feed Quality and Pigments platforms are in good hands with EW Nutrition, we are excited to focus our energies on developing new, innovative technologies into meaningful nutrition solutions for our customers.”

nutrition of millions of people. To mark our golden Jubilee, we have designed a commemorative logo and planned a range of events and activities for 2021.

A robust services agreement between the companies is governing critical activities to ensure customers are supported through the transition.The range of products is immediately

Celebrating our achievements, Embracing our future.

available to our customers. You can find out more details on our Products page or by going directly to the relevant web page.

Poultry Reporter February 2021



Jan. 28, 2021 | Multinational feed additives manufacturer Adisseo, leader in species specific aquaculture solutions for health and nutrition, continues to increase its footprint in aquaculture as it announced a number of appointments in its Business Unit Aquaculture. Adisseo is fully committed to grow in the dynamic aqua markets across the world and therefore consistently hires top professionals that bring value to their customers. “Feed additives are playing an increasingly important role in aquaculture feed formulations and profitability of fish and shrimp farmers. Health promotors in functional feeds have proven to be an essential component of prevention strategies to reduce the impact of diseases and parasites. Digestive and metabolic enhancers improve the efficiency for carnivorous species of new types of formulations based on less marine proteins and fats and maximize feed cost efficiency in omnivorous species. Palatability solutions offer support to compensate feed attractiveness and protein quality for feed formulations based on novel ingredients. These wide range of additives require a species-specific optimization for different aquaculture species and regions. This increases the need for specialize customer support at local and global level.” says Dr. Peter Coutteau, Business Unit Director Aquaculture for Adisseo. Ms. Guiping Zhao joins us from Feb 1 as Regional Technical Manager Aquaculture for China. Guiping has obtained a bachelor degree in Aquaculture from the Dalian Ocean University and an MSc in Aquatic Animal Nutrition and Feed from the Ocean University of China. She has an extensive experience in the Chinese Aquafeed industry during 10 years at Alpha Feed, one of the leading domestic aqua feedmills in China, where she has been in different positions related to QC management, feed formulation, feed evaluation and technical services. In Dec 2018, Guiping took up a new job challenge as Technical Service Manager Aquaculture in a large feed additive company in China. Guiping has ample experience in the feed formulation for a variety of Chinese aquatic species, feed ingredients, feed processing, quality control and certification, applied research and developing feeds for special customer needs. Mr. Huynh van Lanh joins the BU aqua from Feb 1 as Aquaculture Sales Manager – Vietnam. Lanh graduated from the Can Tho University as Aquaculture Engineer with a degree in Business Administration. Lanh has over 15 years of technical sales experience in different sectors of the Vietnamese aquaculture industry including feed, farm care products and feed mill additives. He has been in sale manager and key account manager positions for leading regional and international companies in Vietnam. Lanh has gained a broad understanding of the market structure and route-tomarket in Vietnamese aquaculture.

Poultry Reporter February 2021

Technical Article




n recent years, concern about food safety has increased globally. Several zoonosis control measures have been implemented in slaughterhouses and food processing plants. Despite this, foodborne diseases still are a problem of great impact for the global population.Traditionally, different types of bacteria, such as Salmonella, have concerned both consumers and administrations. However, there are many other bacteria capable of causing zoonosis, so it is essential to apply control measures from their origin, that is, the animal itself. An example is the case of Campylobacter. This agent is the main causative microorganism of gastroenteritis worldwide, producing from 5% to 14% of diarrhoea cases in humans. Therefore, it is very important to control this microorganism from its origin, the animal itself, and apply measures to avoid cross contaminations. There are different strains of Campylobacter capable of causing zoonosis, and most of them come from the intestine of birds, both broilers and layers, as well as pigs and ruminants. Therefore, a reduction of the intestinal concentration of this microorganism is key to reduce the chance of zoonosis. This way, the natural technology based on the cimenol ring, developed and patented by Biovet, S.A., has been proven to

Poultry Reporter February 2021

be very effective in reducing intestinal pathogen load, including Campylobacter. Reducing the concentration of Campylobacter by using cimenol ring-based solutions. As previously described, the different strains of Campylobacter are found naturally in the gut of animals, most of them are harmless to the animal itself, except for Campylobacter hepaticus, which could be involved in specific bacterial hepatitis. Since Campylobacter strains are excreted in the faeces, they can contaminate the feed, further increasing the intestinal load of Campylobacter. Therefore, it is essential to control this microorganism in the intestine itself and the feed by reducing its concentration. Biovet S.A. has developed a natural technology based on the synergy of cimenol ring with citric acid that has antimicrobial capacity to reduce the microbiological load, both in intestine and feed. Cimenol ring breaks the membrane of microorganisms destabilizing the lipid bilayer, while citric acid creates pores in the microbial membranes and facilitates the entry of the cimenol ring inside the pathogens. Both compounds are part of Alquermold Natural, a natural antimicrobial patented by Biovet S.A. Alquermold Natural’s antimicrobial capacity has been tested following the scientific method in several trials, both in

vivo and in vitro, against many microorganisms. Recently, the ability of Alquermold Natural to reduce the concentration of Campylobacter in laying hens has been evaluated in comparison with certain organic acids and formaldehyde, compounds commonly used in poultry industry for the same purpose.

Graph 1: Results of a test carried out in hens during the laying phase, where colony-forming units (CFU) can be observed with the use of different antimicrobials

In graph 1, the microbiological results of the trial can be observed. Campylobacter colony-forming units (CFU) in hens fed Alquermold Natural are markedly lower compared to the other batches. Alquermold Natural achieves a 99.6% Campylobacter CFU reduction in jejunum compared to the control, while organic acids only achieve a 38.27% reduction and formaldehyde a 40.74% reduction. This demonstrates the high efficacy of this patented technology of Biovet S.A. in the intestinal reduction of this bacteria.

Graph 2: Results from the same trial that show the dirty egg % in the different treatments and the differences in the dirty egg reduction compared to Alquermold Natural batch

Poultry Reporter February 2021

Technical Article

Alquermold Natural not only reduces Campylobacter intestinal load, but also reduces the concentration of other microorganisms such as E. coli or Clostridium, among many others. This is related to a reduction in dirty eggs, since it can be observed that Alquermold Natural obtains the lowest percentage, which means a reduction of 65.51% compared to the control. Organic acids reduce the dirty egg percentage less effectively, and formaldehyde even increases dirty egg percentage compared to the control, maybe due to the damage that this irritating compound produces on the digestive tract. Both aspects, the reduction of the intestinal load of microorganisms such as Campylobacter, and the dirty egg reduction, have a positive impact on public health, and reduce the chances of food zoonosis caused by Campylobacter.

Decrease the intestinal microbial load and reduce the percentage of dirty eggs, key to guarantee food safety Consumers and administrations’ concern for food safety is constantly increasing because of the high prevalence of many food zoonoses. Campylobacter is one of the main bacteria causing gastroenteritis worldwide, and it mainly comes from the intestine of birds. Alquermold Natural, a plant-based technology developed and patented by Biovet S.A. has been shown to be highly effective in the intestinal reduction of Campylobacter, of up to 99.6%. This efficacy has also proved to be greater than that of other products used for the same purpose, such as organic acids or formaldehyde, which only achieve a 38.27% and 40.74% reduction, respectively.A decrease in the intestinal microbial load is related to a reduction in the percentage of dirty eggs, which only represents 2.29% with the use of Alquermold Natural, while organic acids and formaldehyde obtain 5.18 and 12.15% respectively.The decrease of the intestinal load of Campylobacter and the percentage of dirty eggs thanks to Alquermold Natural allows to increase food safety, because there is a greater control of zoonosis caused by these bacteria.

Business Aplications

Kurt Van de Mierop, MSc – Nutrex nv

Never underestimate the importance of a healthy gut! What are the functions of the gut? Digesting feed and absorbing nutrients

"A healthy and well-balanced microbiota is key for a healthy animal as the gut microbiota contributes to the intestinal integrity, the digestion of nutrients and supports the immune system..."

Poultry Reporter February 2021

Digestion of feed can be divided in two distinctive processes: (1) the mechanical digestion by chewing, grinding, churning and mixing in upper gastrointestinal tract (mouth/crop and stomach) and (2) chemical digestion using enzymes and bile acids to break down feed material into its constituent components in the small intestine. Nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine which has a large inner surface area due to folds of the epithelial layer (villi) and presence of microvilli on the enterocytes within the epithelial layer.

Providing protection against pathogens and toxins Intestinal integrity Intestinal integrity is the ability of the GIT to act as a physical barrier, preventing the translocation of pathogens and potentially harmful molecules such as mycotoxins and endotoxins. Intestinal integrity is considered to be mainly maintained through (A) the mucus layer, covering the epithelial cells, and (B) tight junction proteins, connecting the epithelial cells. Impairment of the intestinal integrity may lead to microbial translocation (pathogens and toxins such as endotoxins), possibly causing inammation.

Business Aplications

Gut associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) The GIT is considered to be the largest organ of the immune system as more than 70% of the cells of the immune system are located there. The GALT comprises of set of cells such as mesenchymal cells, dendritic cells, lymphocytes and macrophages located beneath the mucus layer and the single layer of epithelial cells. The main function of the GALT is to recognize and respond to pathogenic stimuli, without mounting an inflammatory response when it processes antigens from food or the commensal microbiota. Harbouring a balanced microbial population The gut microbiota is a vast group of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses and fungi residing predominantly in the hindgut, and that lives in symbiosis with the host. A healthy and well-balanced microbiota is key for a healthy animal as the gut microbiota contributes to the intestinal integrity, the digestion of nutrients and supports the immune system. Various stress factors can affect the gut microbiota and cause an imbalance or dysbiosis in the bacterial population by decreasing the beneficial bacterial population Poultry Reporter February 2021

and increasing the unfavourable bacterial population. What is optimal gut health? Optimal gut health depends on the intestinal integrity, the mucosal immune system and the microbial population, and their interactions. Under ideal conditions, these components are in balance and most dietary nutrients are directed towards growth and production. However, modern production systems expose animals to various stress factors throughout their life cycle. These stress factors, such as pathogens, toxins, heat stress, vaccinations, feed quality and feed transitions, can lead to an imbalance between the intestinal integrity, the microbiota and the immune system. As a result, digestion and absorption of nutrients become ineffective and more nutrients are used by the immune system, at the expense of the zootechnical performance. Promoting gut health with feed additives The increasing genetic potential of our livestock and intensive production systems together with the

clear and inevitable need to move away from antimicrobial growth promoters requires alternative strategies to support and maintain an optimal gut health for improved animal welfare and performance. Nowadays, feed additives have a crucial role to play in strengthening intestinal health and reducing antibiotic use by: · Improving feed digestion (feed enzymes) Reducing the presence of toxins, such as mycotoxins and endotoxins (binders) Supporting gut integrity (Immunomodulators, Phytogenic products, Acidifiers) · Supporting gut development (Immunomodulators) · Stimulating a beneficial microbiota (Immunomodulators, Acidifiers) AuthorKurt Van de Mierop ,M.Sc. – Nutrex nv ,Belgium

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February 10, 2021


iosecurity is elementary for food production, especially when it comes to meat and meat products. Food security, which is high on the agenda in the UAE, is highly dependent on this.The panel discussion during this webinar focuses on the various elements that make up a safety network for the poultry industry.Keynote addressBy the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority, and H.E. the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Lody Embrechts Keynote speechby Dr Suheel Ahmed, CEO ARABIAN FARMS Investments LLCPanel discussion on Biosecurity with:AVINED, coordinating the safety control network within the total production chain of poultry meat and eggs in The Netherlands, DPC Dutch Poultry Centre, representing the Dutch (private) poultry sector, and MOCCAE, the Ministry of Climate Control and Environment.

Poultry Reporter February 2021

Industry news

1 EVONIK BEGINS MARKETING OF NATURAL REFRIGERANTS January 11, 2021 | With immediate effect, Evonik's customers can now purchase three new natural refrigerants: throughout Europe and delivered using a means of transport particularly suitable for this purpose. This was made possible by the further shift of Evonik's existing C4 Verbund in Marl toward petrochemical specialties, primarily by adapting production processes. The most recent result of these adaptations are three hydrocarbon-based gases: n-butane (DRIVOSOL® R600), isobutane (DRIVOSOL® R600a), and propane (DRIVOSOL® R290). These three products, all of which also occur naturally, can be used as environmentally friendly and energy-efficient refrigerants in various appliances. This gives manufacturers of refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and heat pumps a new alternative to existing products. Against the background of the climate debate, this constitutes a valuable contribution to greater sustainability in the field of refrigeration technology. Over the last few years, the use of highquality hydrocarbons has proven its worth due to their good compatibility and miscibility with the most common cooling lubricants. In this case, quality makes all the difference. "We have many years of experience in the production of odorless liquefied gas mixtures, which we offer under the brand name DRIVOSOL®," says Sarah Kranz, marketing manager at Evonik Performance Intermediates.


Poultry Reporter February 2021

Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in nutrition, health and sustainable living, has launched its sustainability platform, Reducing emissions from livestock, as part of its recent strategic initiative We Make It Possible. The sustainability platform is a commitment from DSM to reducing emissions from livestock in direct support of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 13, Climate Action. To realize a reduction in carbon emissions, animal farming has to reduce the emissions it produces, cutting the levels of methane and nitrous oxide produced, both directly and indirectly, and reduce ammonia emissions, which lead to eutrophication on land and subsequent biodiversity loss. DSM has developed innovative solutions that make every stage in the value chain more emission friendly. “For too long, sustainability has been someone else’s problem, a problem for tomorrow. Amidst global climate change, the need to reduce carbon emissions from animal livestock is increasingly important. It is not a question of whether we need to shift to a more sustainable business model, it is more a question of how fast and with what impact. We need to shift to a model where farmers are getting a fair price for the animal proteins produced, where people across the world have access to affordable proteins, and last but not least, where animal farming reduces its impact on the environment (emissions, water quality through manure measurement, biodiversity) significantly,” said Ivo Lansbergen, President, DSM Animal Nutrition & Health.









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