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New books online at a great read The mind of a child is like soap, which soaks in knowledge. When children are young, their ability to absorb whatever they observe is very high. Books help children to learn things quickly. The books available in the market and online in a variety of forms, there is a great opportunity for children to sharpen their decision making skills at a young age through books. Normally, story books are fixed to a single spot, and they read for enjoyment. Now there are also e-books, where the stories can be altered as per the decision of the child. This is somewhat a combination of video games with stories, so that children feel the enjoyment and easy for them and children also take some interest in it.

For example, if in a story where some elder boys encourages the younger boy to smoke or drink. Then the story could give the reader a choice of what action he or she wants to take. Based on that decision, the child will find out that this could help him or her to similarly make real life decisions relating to similar issues. The important thing is that books are fun, otherwise children would not be interested in reading them. Child reads a lot of regular books, still sometimes reading the interactive books could be a change for them. The advantages of interactive books are not learning new words and sentences, but also know how to pronounce them correctly. Even if they do make mistakes, the children can also track it again and start again, until they have got the correct answers.

Books also lay down the foundation knowledge for their future school subjects such as maths, science and geography. Giving children good books at an early age will encourage them to be well read and to develop smart individuals. Even as kids go through their teen years, the books they read as they go from children’s books to more adult books will continue to help them develop in the same way as that of children’s books do.

Book reading teaches children how to do new things, how to handle life situations, how to develop morals, and how to be curious about the world. Parents that are reading to kids are giving their children a important educational gift since a lifelong love of reading can make the child's life more successful, happy. While it is true that the Internet is becoming a learning resource for children, it is equally true that a good reading ability is needed for the educational offerings on the Internet. Thus, book reading should come first, and then Internet and technology should come second.


New books online at a great read  

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