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Off Page SEO Techniques of 2014

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Introduction ✦ There are many different types of off page techniques available in seo. ✦ SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO techniques can help you to boost your traffic and get good ranks in the search engine. ✦ Some of the off page techniques are as follows:

Blog Posting âœŚ In this we write blogs which is related to our site and give links in that. âœŚ You may create your own blog and design it as per your need.

Social Media Optimization(SMO) âœŚ It is the process of sharing your website content over the social networking sites. âœŚ There are many social networking sites available nowadays, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Social Bookmarking ✦ It is also an effective technique to build traffic for your site. ✦ In this we can submit our own links in social bookmarking sites like Diigo, Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc.

Blog Commenting âœŚ In blog comment we comment on some other blogs and we can leave backlinks of our website on their blog. âœŚ This will help us to get some good backlinks and increase our site's traffic.

Forum Posting âœŚ It is an off page techniques that is used to create backlinks for your website. âœŚ Forum posting site give the facility of signature. In signature we can add links or 5-6 keywords depending on the website.

Photo Sharing ✦ If you have used any pictures in your site then you may share it on image sharing website such as Picasa, Dropshots, Pinterest etc. ✦ This will help other people to see and comment on them and hopefully following a link to your site. ✦ There are many seo companies who support with these services.

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Off page seo techniques of 2014  

Some valuable off page SEO techniques have been highlighted here in this presentation.To know more, you may visit the link:http://www.indian...

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