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PLANNCSNEWS July/August 2010

Dear All I don’t know about you, but for me June has been a blur. Centenary events, AGMs, camps, promoting the Pinewood Derby and the endless round of meetings have meant Kate and I have been like ships passing in the night. The panel, first seen at the Hike to Morven event, has been aired at the Potters Bar Carnival, District AGM and 1st Little Heath & Potters Bar’s celebration of a hundred years of Scouting in the District on 26th June. Despite it being seen by a large number of people, I have only managed to find the scarf colour for one of the four Groups where colours are not known. Thank you Joan Slow for informing us that 6th Potters Bar had a sky blue coloured scarf. Due to the frenetic happenings this month, I have been unable to spend as much time at Section meetings as I would have liked. In fact, I have a number of potential Leaders I would like to meet, but have been unable. If you have asked me to do something or you are awaiting a reply to an email, then I will endeavour to do so during July. Preparations for the Pinewood Derby continue; the wheels have arrived, the wood delivered and the axles are on order, but requests for kits are painfully slow in coming forward. I have sent each Group a CD of photographs to assist in promoting the event. Paul Scott and I have either jointly or individually visited Section meetings to encourage young people and Leaders to participate, but despite all I think the tally has not yet reached double figures.

Please, please, please let Paul or myself know of numbers as soon as possible in order for us to get the kits prepared and distributed before the start of the summer holidays. The event is booked for October 2nd, so let’s make it a memorable occasion by having lots of colourful, imaginative cars taking part. As I have already mentioned, June has been a busy month, but not just on the Scouting front. I have found employment and Kate has announced we are moving; don’t worry it will not be outside of the District. However, this has placed extra pressures on the Dace family. I don’t want you to think I am creating excuses, but there are some people within the District I should have thanked personally for their services to Scouting. On my return from holiday, I will make it my priority to visit these people and make my peace. Part of my talk at the District Annual General Meeting announced my wish to fill two District roles; that of Chairperson and President. I am pleased to announce that both positions are now filled; the Chairperson is Katherine Dace and the President is Councillor Peter Knell, Hertsmere’s Deputy Mayor. Thank you to both for volunteering to fill important District roles. By the time you read this article, I will be sailing down the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. I hope to come back fully recharged and raring to go. Of late, Scouting has taken more and more of my time, so this break is much needed. Yours in Scouting



Alan Hunt ASL 5th Potters Bar

In May, on a damp Saturday morning, six Scouts from the 5th Potters Bar Group set off on a 25-mile cycle ride as part of their badge work. The destination was Wymondley Wood Scout and Guide Centre, Willian, near Hitchin. As this camp was to be the venue for our forthcoming Whitsun camp, it was a good opportunity to check it out. We left HQ at 9-30am, joined cycle route 12 (The Great North Way), and set off towards Hatfield. After a few mechanical problems, we arrived at the cycle shop in Hatfield, where a pit stop was required. (It must be said that the staff were very helpful). The cycle shop was near a baker’s, where we stocked up on cakes and savouries, in anticipation of lunch. 2

Then we continued, through Welwyn Garden City, Sherrardspark Wood along leafy lanes, through Ayot St Peter and on to Codicote where we stopped for lunch. Now refreshed and relaxed, we cycled past the grand houses of Rabley Heath and Old Knebworth, towards the sprawling metropolis of Stevenage. Back in the countryside, we followed the path through Graveley and on to Willian. Here we left cycle route 12 and followed the road a short distance to the campsite. Made it! We collapsed in a heap with sore backsides and wobbly legs. Luckily there were Brownies in residence and the Leaders very kindly provided us with tea and squash. We looked at the small, immaculate site, and planned in our minds the things we would like to do when we come back on camp. It was time to go home. Just another 30 minutes and we reached Hitchin railway station. We let the train take the strain of the journey back home. After a long day in the saddle, we arrived at Potters Bar at 5.30pm. A good day was had by all.

5th Potters Bar and 3rd Potters Bar Whitsun Camp 3rd to 6th June 2010 Wymondley Wood, Willian, Letchworth On the evening of 3rd June 2010, 27 Scouts and 7 Leaders from 5th  Potters Bar and 3rd Potters Bar set off to Wymondley Guide and Scout Centre for their Whitsun camp adventure. As well as the normal camp duties, the busy schedule included such activities as kite building, backwoods cooking, bivouacking, hiking, swimming and ‘camp olympics’. The weather was very hot, which made the jobs a little more difficult, but we all pulled through and a good time was had by all. CUB SCOUTS Sarah Munn CSL 4th Potters Bar It has been a busy summer so far for the 4th Potters Bar Cubs. May 2010 saw them take another 26mile cycle challenge around Rutland Water after learning how to fix a puncture and maintain their bikes - which earned them all their Cyclist Badge. Campers Badge camp was next on the calendar. A warm weekend spent teaching older cubs that you need more than 5 sticks to keep a fire going long enough to cook your dinner on!! 3

Our Leaders BBQ in June saw a fond farewell to Brian Hamshere (Rama) after nearly 40 years with the group; we presented him with a Paella Pan, which proved a handy acquisition for cooking sausages at camp!!! The Highlight of our year has to be our Group camp held over one of the hottest weekends of the year so far. 22 cubs, 28 scouts and 5 explorers arrived Friday for a traditional evening of site walks and wide games. On Saturday, 22 Beavers joined us for the day with 8 staying for a sleepover. We had a World cup theme for the day with 8 teams of mixed Sections. Proceedings started with a World Cup draw. The countries drawn then had 7 tasks to complete including, making flags, hats, songs and T-shirts. They then represented their country in our World Cup Team Games in the afternoon, with the overall winners being Japan. It was lovely to see all the teamwork and collaboration between the Sections. Our menu even took on a World Cup theme with lunches of frankfurters and dinner of curry and chilli con carne, with a few hamburgers thrown in to keep the Americans happy! A campfire ended our World Cup day with everyone joining in with the singing and our World Cup groups performing sketches. Finally we had the presentation of our winner’s medals and a World Cup. On Sunday the Scouts left us for some orienteering, leaving the Beavers and Cubs learning how to set and light a fire, set a tracking trail for the leaders to follow and making some leaf men bookmarks. It really was a great team effort and a memorable weekend.


Dave Sparrow ADC Cubs

As part of the Centenary celebrations the annual District Cub Camp was held at Well End Activity Centre in Borehamwood. 59 cubs from 5 groups with their Leaders and some parent helpers arrived on a slightly damp Friday evening to set up camp. As England were playing in the World Cup, arrangements were made so those who wanted to could watch the match.


However the room soon emptied out and the Cubs had their own games going on whilst others played cricket or played in the woods. The Cubs were divided into the mixed groups for the weekend activities. On Saturday these were a mixture of craft bases; woggle making, decoration of a beer glass (Fathers day gift), designing a Centenary T- shirt and whittling a stick. These provided many mementos of camp. They also had team building bases: removing radioactive rods from an area, picking them up on a hook attached to 4 ropes; moving a tennis ball along various drain pipes held by the Cubs, which tested their skills of communication and leadership and also their ability to stand still long enough for the ball to pass through their pipe. Other bases included fire lighting, cooking camp doughnuts and water rockets which are always popular with Cubs especially when there is food involved. After a fantastic evening meal of a roast dinner, the Cubs prepared their beds before the traditional campfire sing song. But soon it was time for some hot chocolate and bed for some very weary Cubs. Sunday morning was team games which consisted of javelin throw, skittles, go-karts racing, welly throwing, Dutch rounders, throwing balls into buckets, football dribbling, water carrying and an assault course where scores were taken forward to find a winning team. At the end of camp the members of that team received a Well End cup. This camp allows Cubs from different Packs in the District to come together to make new friends, and for the Leaders to share ideas and tips in Scouting, which has been very successful.


Toni Marsh Acting GSL

The Beavers have been to Tolmers on the Rock with 1st Cuffley and Benjamin Bear was up the wall like lightning. We also went to Cheshunt Fire Station with 1st Cuffley, all the Beavers and Benjamin had a climb on the fire engine and squirted the hose, it was a lovely hot evening so as you can imagine the water was fun. We are having a picnic in the park next week.


The Cubs have been cycling around Lea Valley Park, they have visited the Oshwall Centre; the people there are very welcoming and the play ground is open to all. We are having a Sausage Sizzle next week. Our Scout Section is on hold at the moment. YOUNG LEADER TRAINING

Toni & Caroline

YL training takes place at Northaw HQ at 8pm Contact Toni 01707 642780 Next Modules are as follows: Wednesday July 21st Modules G & H Wednesday Sept 22nd Module J Any Leaders who have Young Leaders that cannot attend please let us know as soon as possible and we can arrange an alternative meeting.

EMERGENCY LIFE SUPPORT If your child, husband, wife or your friend collapsed WOULD YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO? Courses for Adult and Baby & Child are held at St John House, The Walk Adult courses are Saturdays 10am – 1pm and Wednesdays 7pm – 10pm on: Weds Sept 15, Sat October 23, Weds November 10 2010 Baby and Child Courses are Wednesdays 7 – 10pm, Saturdays 10 am – 1pm on: Sat Sept 25, Weds October 13, Sat November 20 2020 Contact Val Preedy for details and bookings 01707 850 672


Peter Weaver

One of the things that new Leaders should be aware of that there is a District Directory, updated every six months, where all contact details can be found e.g County Supplies contact, Dolphin contact and all District Leaders’ contact details. All Leaders and Group Officials are sent a copy of this and the next one will be out soon. 6

I know some existing Leaders don’t seem to be aware of it; I have phone calls asking for another Leader’s details and I have to point out that they are in the Directory to which I get the answer "I do not know where it is". Please look in your e-mail inbox!

ARE YOU A JM YET? YOU’LL MISS A LOT IF YOU’RE NOT! If you don’t know what a JM is, ask Gordon, ADC Scouts

AN URGENT REMINDER With no apologies for mentioning this again, and as our DC mentioned before, the District will be holding a Pinewood Derby competition during the final Centenary event at Well End, on Saturday October 2nd. We have at last secured sponsorship from Wood Green Timer and so it is all systems go for the event. We need more entries and fast. ‘DYB DYB’ everyone! The competition will have races for entries from all four Sections, and if Leaders would like to enter, we will run a special Leaders race. Paul Scott and Charles Dace have volunteered to attend any Section meeting to explain what the competition entails, how young people can enter and what they get for the £3 entry fee. The kits will be handed out before the summer holidays so that entries can be fashioned over the Summer Holidays If you would like Paul or Charles to come to your Section meeting please get in touch with Charles on 01707 657338 or 07776 408311. However, if you do not want a visit, but have young people who would like to enter the competition please also let Charles know numbers as soon as possible.


Andrew Holwerda AESL Tartan Phoenix

“………We did help the Home at Temple Court though with some gardening. I didn't tell the Explorers that we were going to help with gardening but when they got there they all got stuck in and helped to clear a flowerbed of old plants, rose bushes and well rooted shrubs.


It was great actually and the Scouts of Tartan Phoenix were excellent for helping.”

THEM BEARS and their mileage We thought it might be a thrill to learn how travelled our bears have been so far, and this would help folk to make a better-informed guess in the current competition. There’s a good prize, £100, for the nearest to the total mileage the four bears do this year, ending at the Finale Weekend, October 2nd 2010 at Well End. So, since the start in February: BEAVER BEAR, BENJAMIN, has been on 4th PB camp, a visit to PB bus garage and ride on bus, Hatfield park, 2nd LH for Morris Men visit, a local ramble with 3rd PB plus a couple more…. but that’s a rough idea, so far. CUB BEAR, LORD BADEN GROWL, has been to County Cub Leaders meeting, District Executive meeting, a couple of hikes and a couple of camps, St George’s Day, District Swimming Gala and Football, County Swimming Gala. He won't do much over summer as all Cub Packs close down. But he has just had the honour of attending an historic meeting – the final special AGM/BBQ of the District Fellowship, where he had a burger land on his head. Lord BG unharmed. SCOUT BEAR, MELVILLE BEARSILLIE (after the founder of Lochearnhead Scout Station), to date has covered in the region of 1200 miles. He is booked to go to Brownsea Island with Cuffley in July and is returning to Lochearnhead in August with the District. I have no other bookings at present but I have reminded all Troops to “bear” him in mind! EXPLORER BEAR,NOT BEAR GRYLLS, has travelled 1345.5 miles so far. He’s been to Skipton, Lochearnhead and to the carnival + more. He’s probably going to District Summer Camp too. So Section Leaders, please get as many signatures and guesses on to paper and into the competition. Remember the prize is £100 – a useful sum. Anyone got a form to sign up on? AND FINALLY. . .



“Thank you Nigel for taking me to the great occasion; you all put on a splendid show and it was an honour to be there….” “….many thanks and congratulations to all those involved; especially the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts on stage. Here is to the next 100 years!” (Rikki - County Commissioner) Well, after what seemed like years of planning (in fact only 9 months or so) the 26th dawned to some beautiful weather and few in the queue for bread at Tesco. It ended over 14 hours later putting the rubbish out (and finishing the beer) at the Scout Hut. During the intervening period some 90 people, most former Cubs, Scouts, Venture Scouts and their partners and children, passed through the doors of the hut, looked at the various exhibitions and displays, munched sandwiches; listened to speeches; watched the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts perform, watched funny men erect tents (or was it the tents that were funny); enjoyed an excellent BBQ or simply talked to each other. And the latter, for me, beat everything else; to hear scouts of 1937 reminisce; to hear arguments (friendly of course) about how the hut and Potters Bar had changed and whether Scouting was better or worse now than in the 50s! Thanks for the day go to the excellent Leader team, to several parents, to Frank Brittain, the County Archivist (no Centenary would be the same without his expertise and help); to the County Commissioner, to Charles Dace (giving up more valuable time) and to the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Peter Knell and his good wife. But most of all thanks go to you who came along and made the day special. And so to the future; another 100 years, who knows? But a Centenary, if it teaches us anything does show both the importance of Groups and of Scouting to the lives of so many people.

Nigel Hickson GSL


KNOWN DIARY DATES ……………….obviously Please send new dates in at ANY time, for the next issue (September). August 21-28

District Scouts and Explorers camp at Lochearnhead

September 18/9 September 25

County Cubs Night Hike Jamboree team’s Quiz Night @ Mount Grace School

October 1/3 October 9 October 10 October 16

District Centenary Finale @ Well end +Pinewood Derby 4PB’s Jumble sale @ St John’s Baker St. 10 – 12am County Cubs Cyclocross - @ Well End I think 5PB’s Barn Dance @ Elm Court 7.30pm 652836

Editor: Barbara Charlish 01707 654 956 A break next month; anything urgent that comes along will be sent out, but next deadline is August 30 for September please. With all the varied summer activities, let’s hear it from you all! …………Oh, dream on, editor. Have a great summer. Charity number 302557