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Dear All In my Scouting roles, District Commissioner and Beaver Leader, I have the pleasure of meeting people from all walks of life. During the last month, I enjoyed visiting Oakmere Library where Maxine introduced the Beavers of 2nd Little Heath to the joy of reading and unravelling the ins and outs, quite literally, of the library workings. Maxine has very kindly offered to repeat this event for any Beaver Colony or Cub Pack. To make arrangements to visit the library, please call Maxine on 01923 338452. The Beavers at 2nd Little Heath also had special visitors earlier in the month from the St Albans Morris Men. During the course of the evening, the Beavers learnt a few basic steps, before putting them all together, with music, to perform a simple dance. Mike Ruff of the troop said they have run courses with a Brownie pack in Berkhamsted, but are hoping to encourage more young people to take up the tradition. If anyone would like to invite Mike and his troop of Dancers to a Colony, Pack or Troop night, then please contact me for his details. He also does Barn Dances. St George’s day is coming up on the rails very quickly and I am struggling to find a suitable reading for a Cub and a Scout on the theme of “doing a good turn”. As I am off to Lochearnhead on Friday 9th April, I would like to get the ceremony sheet completed before I go. So please pass on to me any ideas for readings as soon as possible.

The District has cause to celebrate on two counts this month; on 13th March, the Cubs retained the County Swimming Gala Trophy winning the final event to squeeze into the lead over St Albans District. A week later, the District Scout Fellowship used their cerebral powers to beat Fellowship teams from around the County in a County Quiz competition. As a result of both wins, the District will be organizing the swimming gala in 2011 and hosting the Fellowship quiz night. Well done to the competitors, in both events, and a big thank you to all who made the Cub swimming gala a big success. A subject that has vexed the appointments committee over the past few weeks is the subject of Warrant reviews. It is my responsibility to talk with leaders when their Warrants come up for renewal and upgrade the Scout Associations details accordingly. Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to pluck such information from TSA website. Therefore, if you are due a review or should have had one during the past year then please let me know and I will arrange to speak to you to rectify the situation. We shall be missing Tom at our St. George’s Day this year! A first? The whole District will surely wish to join me in congratulating Tom on his St. George’s Day Award of Bar to the Silver Acorn. We wish him a grand day at the Windsor ceremonies. And thank you, Tom. Yours in Scouting

Charles YOUNG LEADERS : Training at Northaw Young Leaders train at 8-9pm at Northaw HQ, which is behind 47 Northaw Rd West, where Module F took place on March 31. As usual all modules are open to any young person helping in a Scouting Section. Dates are published here, in PLANNCSNEWS and also available from Caroline or Toni. “We are in need of more young people to train and are organising Module A again soon. Please let us have some names so we can continue training the Leaders of the future”.

Caroline Langley and Toni Marsh, YL Trainers


CUBS : 5th Potters Bar at Pack Holiday, 19th- 21st March We arrived at Lees Wood Scout campsite on Friday night, and found our accommodation for the weekend; The Beaches complex which we found has a very good suitable layout for a Pack Holiday accommodation. We particularly found the outdoor canopy area very useful especial for the DIY project. The weather was a bit wet on arrival but during the course of the weekend it cleared up and was very nice on Sunday. The theme for our Pack Holiday was DIY. We decided that the Cubs could construct bird boxes. In order to be environmentally friendly the off-cut of wood from each constructed bird box became a sanding block and afterwards we made key racks out of them which we finished off last Wednesday. On Saturday night the Cubs had supper then got ready for bed. They all settled down afterwards for a game of Traditional Pack Holiday Saturday night bingo. On Sunday morning the Cubs all had a go at the assault course. After the Cubs had completed their bird houses they received their DIY badge and their relevant Nights Away badge at the presentation and Grand Howl and dismissal ceremony. I enjoyed the challenge of organising Pack Holiday as it was my last task to achieve my Nights Away permit and I am already looking forward to organising my next. With thanks to 4th Potters Bar for the bird box plans

Peter Lannen, ACSL 5th Potters Bar

PASSPORT PHOTOS: where to find I was asked the other day where to get these photos done, now that our main Post Office is full of empty space - and the Camera Shop has just closed too. We have Wheeler’s Newsagent in Darkes Lane and also Sainsbury supermarket. If you know of any other please tell Editor.

Editor: Barbara Charlish 01707 654 956 Next: NM Beavers, Cuffley Cubs, 4th Scouts and any Explorer Unit always Deadline end of March…. PLEASE …. remember WHTimes too Charity number 302557


CUBS: 6 a side football, spirits not dampened by the Weather Despite the weather on Saturday 20th March, ten teams of six Cubs apiece, representing Scout Groups from across Potters Bar Scout District, did battle in the annual District Cubs 6-a-side football competition. The weather was damp to say the least, but many parents and Grandparents came along to cheer the teams throughout the 5 minute each way games. After the initial league stage, four teams made it through to the semi finals. Four teams became two, with last year’s Cup winners, North Mymms Cubs up against 4th Potters Bar Cubs. After an eventful first half the score was nil nil and looked as though the game would go into extra time, as both teams were equally matched. However, part way through the second half 4th Potters Bar scored and quickly followed the goal with a second, to seal the win.

CUBS: County Cub Swimming Gala Scout Leaders and Cubs had a busy night at this annual Cub event, held at Westminster Lodge Swimming Pool, St Albans. Due to the winning antics of the District’s Cubs in 2009, the District’s leaders and Scout Fellowship were tasked with organizing and running the event for the rest of the Scout County. With expert advice from Ian Bays and Andy Gardner, from the Potters Bar Swimming Club, the event ran smoothly with no hitches. 9 Scout Districts competed, which meant two heats for each event. Cubs competed in two categories; under 9.5 and over 9.5 at breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle and a freestyle relay open to all ages. The six fastest qualifiers from the heats contested the final for each stroke. After a close fought contest, Potters Bar won the event, closely followed by St Albans and East Herts in 3rd. The winning team from Potters Bar received the County Swimming Trophy from Robert Cooper, Assistant County Commissioner for 6-14 Sections and were supported all the way by the District Cub Bear mascot, “Lord Baden Growl”.


SCOUTS : Sailing the Dream by Mike Perham - a book review I bought a copy of Mike’s book, have nearly finished it and thought I’d write this for the April PLANNCSNEWS. It really is a good adventure book, for adults, Scouts or Explorers to read, recommend it to the youngsters. What a well written book, starting off with family background, then Mike’s adventure across the Atlantic, before the main story, his epic voyage around the world on TotallyMoney, “a fifty foot surfboard”. The book is fast moving and full of Mike’s positive attitude, a real inspiration on how to solve one problem after another from raising money to raising sails. To start with the autopilot (AP) played up all the way to South Africa. Mike says “ The AP continued to reset itself about 3 times a day. Each time I had just seconds to get to the helm”. Later on he writes: “I was just thinking ‘So where’s the wind then?’ when it shot from 23 knots to 46! ‘Yeee-haaaa!’ The boat responded immediately. She sat up in the water as if to say, ‘What’s this? You want me to fly, do you?’ She took off at 16, 17 then 18 knots….” Then there were the quiet times: “The sun popped out from behind the clouds. The seal and I watched each other in the warm light….” In the Southern Ocean I still cannot get my head around the size of wave needed to nearly turn his boat upside down but not submerge the top of his 70 foot mast! I’ll leave you to read that part. Mike loved the journey “every wave, every cloud, every sunset, every storm and every moonbow…. I had sailed over enormous waves, waves that most sailors never get to experience in their own lifetimes…. I’d loved each and every moment.”

John Rowley ASL 5th Potters Bar, Mike’s Troop


SCOUTS: North Mymms Scouts, Beasts, Bugs & Bowling

As the nights become brighter and the weather gets better (we hoped!) North Mymms Scouts ended the term with a set of exciting activities. The three weeks before the break were packed full with every evening running in a most successful and enjoyable manner. The group travelled by train to a bowling evening in Stevenage. A huge challenge to get a big group all on the right train, changing in the right places, and on time too! For some of the Scouts this was their first time bowling, and for others a great chance to challenge the Leaders and show off their hidden talents! This was followed in the next week by a hunt for a beast. There were rumours of a beast lurking in Brookmans Park, and it was the job of North Mymms Scouts to gather the evidence and work out the mystery. We’re not quite sure this mystery will ever be solved, but it was a good bit of exercise and each team of detectives got a bag of chips from the local chippy, not bad for a Troop night! Following on from the hunt for this great beast and a feast of chips there was more food on offer before half term. An evening entitled ‘Bush Tucker’ brought a great mixture of food which most of us had never seen before. The first challenge was for each Scout to cook their own fish, including the skinning, gutting and other grisly bits! This was followed by a card game to win tasty ‘treats’ consisting of ants, beetles, mealworms & Cadbury Crème Eggs! Next term North Mymms look forward to more exciting activities, taking most of our Scouting outside of the hut; with plenty of cooking, water, puzzle challenges, more chips and a sports evening with a difference!

Adam Pallister SL North Mymms Troop