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Dear All Much of what I have to say this month has already been said, but warrants repeating. A lot of time and effort went into planning and setting up the end of Centenary event at Well End, by the Assistant District Commissioners for all three sections and the Explorer Units, for that I would like to thank them profusely. However, there were others who went beyond the call of duty and helped make the event a success. Without the Potters Bar Active (Fellowship) Support Unit, logistics of parking and the flow of people would have been a nightmare. In addition, they provided drinks and ran the Bear Mileage competition, so thank you to Barbara, Tom, Ray, Matt, Mike and Berwyn. The pioneering project was given a boost by Gordon Marshall taking the reins, but Dick Waterhouse, Colin Smale and David Agnew along with the Scouts of 4th Potters Bar and Silver/Tartan Phoenix Explorers certainly contributed greatly in producing two well attended activities in the shape of the zip wire and monkey bridge. Thank you. The Pine Wood Derby (PWD) competition was the great unknown. Through much hard work 210 PWD kits were made and distributed. We cannot ignore the great contribution made by Malcolm and Vaughn from Petersfield in loaning their 6 lane track, but it was Paul and the Explorers who made the event run with such relative ease. Considering this was our first attempt at the competition, I think the Explorers did a fantastic job. Thank you Paul, Ralph, Malcolm and Vaughn.


Tom Malby and John Bevil were the stars of the day regarding meals. They provided an excellent lunch for all involved in the setting up of the activities. The campfire was excellent due to the leadership qualities of Gordon Marshall and Dave Sparrow. I hope Gordon’s voice has recovered. Thank you Tom, John, Gordon and Dave. The magician of the day must go to Linda Hedison for organizing such an excellent firework display. I was expecting a short display, but I was positively surprised. That you Linda for taking on this task. As a result of this event, I need to ask one question; would you like to continue with the Pine Wood Derby competition next year? Judging by the enthusiasm shown by the young people who attended, they would certainly like to see the event return next year. I would like to hear from you in the near future with comments about this event. As announced during the campfire entertainment, the four District Bears covered a total mileage of 10,891 miles during the period from 22nd February to 2nd October. I have received all the recording sheets and the nearest three guesses were Will Adams (10,400) -491, Roger Moore (11500) +309, but the nearest guess was by Gill Englefield (10649) -242. Gill will be presented this week with a cheque for £100. Since the demise of the Scout Noticeboard, there has not been a means of recognizing the achievements of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers in gaining their Chief Scouts Awards. This is about to change with the introduction of Celebrating Achievement Cards. For this recognition system to work, each District needs a co-ordinator, known as a District Programme Award Contact (DPAC). The deadline for nominating to County, the name of the DPAC, is November 15th after which the nominated person will get more details about the scheme. All is not lost with the Welwyn Hatfield Times. I spoke to the Editor, Mr Mitchinson, on 2nd October and he said “He would be sorry to see the Scouting articles come to an end”. Please help me to keep the pages in the Welwyn Hatfield Times, by submitting stories of Scouting activities and achievements that indicate what Scouting can do for young people. Yours in Scouting



PINEWOOD DERBY DAY OCTOBER 2 2010 The winning cars belonged to: Tomas Litherland - 1st Little Heath & Potters Bar Iain Martin - 1st Little Heath & Potters Bar Charlie Chinnock - 2nd Little Heath Ben Cotterell - 1st Little Heath & Potters Bar Ashley Price - 5th Potters Bar Well Done!

And some thoughts of the day itself: “Good day, shame about the weather but it did not seem to worry the children.” “ All the Cubs enjoyed it and are hoping the PWD is going to happen again next year. Paul & the Explorers did a great job with the races & seemed very organised. Thanks to all those who made the PWD happen.” “ Despite a few light showers the day was a great success. Everyone from the youngest Beaver to Peter Knell, the Deputy Mayor of Hertsmere, had a smile on their faces and engaged in the activities.” “Pinewood Derby and racing cars were rather male orientated, if it is run next year how about a best non-vehicle category, same rules apply and they must go down the track but why not carved cakes, sweets (racing Mars bar?), animals, house, tent, campsite etc. etc” “ I was telling my granddaughter (11) about this particular idea and her face lit up as she said ‘and handbags!’ Bring it on, I say!” “ It was hard to keep track of the Beavers. I feel there should have been an adult in charge of bikes all the time as I was finding and bringing back dropped helmets and bikes from all over the woods.” “ It was great to see such a diverse group from all across the District with everyone enjoying each other's company and the activities provided. The firework finale was a fitting way to bring the fun day and Centenary 3

celebrations to a close. And even the muddy children and their parents went home with smiles and stories to tell. “ “Thought the day went very well and I have had great feedback from parents who came for the campfire/fireworks.” “My Cubs really enjoyed watching their cars go down the track at the pinewood derby event. There was a lot of cheering and laughing as the races progressed.” “ My thoughts about The Centenary Finale Day are that our 16 Beavers had a marvellous time and what particularly struck me was the interaction between the older and younger members of the Scout family. Some of our young ones are quite vunerable and were treated thoughtfully and helpfully by the Scouts and Explorer Scouts. A big thank you to them.” “ We were on tea duties - made pots of it all afternoon. Good chat time.” “ The fireworks and campfire went down well with the kids. A good day was had by all despite the weather.” “The Beavers and Cubs enjoyed the freedom to roam and play” And finally… It is not often that the District Treasurer turns out for camps, but to celebrate 100 years of Scouting in Potters Bar is something special so Pam and I arrived at Well End not knowing what to expect. The day did not look promising weather wise, with fine rain in the air, but as we turned into the campsite everything became bright with youngsters of all ages darting here and there with smiles on their faces. There were queues to climb on the walkway and others just revelling in the conditions. The Pinewood Derby had just finished but there was still a buzz of the excitement the event had brought. Looking at the entries and winners you immediately saw that much time, effort and thought had been put into making the vehicles, both by young people and Dads/Mums. Then it was on to the campfire and here we saw the enthusiasm of all participants sitting and standing around the fire to join in the singing so ably led by Gordon Marshall and others. If only AGMs could get so much parent 4

participation. Lastly it was on to the firework display. What a magnificent display of colours and variety of fireworks were put on for us; the biggest cheers being for those rockets which whistled and soared overhead before exploding into a multitude of colours. And not forgetting the set piece depicting what the event was all about, 100 years of Scouting in Potters Bar. Soon it was time to depart, with many parents having tired faces and bodies to sort out and drag to waiting cars. But everybody will have had wonderful memories of the fun and enjoyment of the day and how Scouting is as relevant today as it was in 1910. And as if to show the day was finished down came the rain again but happy memories can never be washed away.

Roger Moore, District Treasurer



The previous two Troop meetings were devoted to making pinewood derby cars for those who had not done so at home while others in the Troop made cakes and clay models. On Saturday morning 8 boys plus Chris and John walked over to Well End carrying our hike tents and food. Tents were pitched just before the start, and we were joined by other members of our Group. The boys enjoyed the day. The hikers had a filling, easy evening meal of Wayfarer boil-in-the-bag first course and Sainsbury's microwaveable steamed puddings for sweet (floating the puddings in boiling water works just as well) followed by the campfire and fireworks. Then it started raining so they retired to their tents, nice and early. Did you here the bangs after the display? The fireworks team burned the spent fireworks on the campfire, some had not completely fired!! I joined the Scouters in the Warren, a second filling meal, roast turkey, great cooking (thanks cooks) and a convivial evening before Chris and I retired to our hike tent. Sunday morning, the rain had stopped and after breakfast it was time to walk back to Potters Bar. A great weekend.

ASL John Rowley


The Young Leaders scheme is, as ever, very successful but don’t take my word for it - listen to the feedback we had from the recent YL meeting. What do you think you have got out of YL? “Gave me confidence when I went back to my Group. A sense of achievement as I’ve done it all !” Jenna “Fun and games always a laugh” James (We use plenty of games that the YL can use back in the Sections-lots of jokes too.) “ Learnt about badges and what the different colours mean, I also learnt how to make a programme” Philip. ( We cover theory and badge work- which encourages YL to take more of an active part.) “I’ve only been once but I’ll come back!” Emma “Drinks, biscuits and haribo” (It’s true YL are rewarded for giving up their time!) “ Experience to become a Leader. We can use the YL stuff in our Adult Training” James. (Lucky, as James will be an Adult Leader soon.) The modules cover lots of the Adult Training so we really are training the Leaders of the future. Our next Module A training which is compulsory for any young person helping at in any Section is Monday 18th October 8-9pm at Northaw Scout HQ. We have 6 just starting and 6 close to finishing their training. And there’s always space for more. Just come along on the night.




The Beavers of 2nd Little Heath enjoyed a summer out and about earning their Explore and Adventure badges. We were lucky with the weather especially on the bat night nature walk at Hatfield House where there were as many parents as Beavers attending. Another very popular night was the bus night when the Beavers went through a bus wash and then an open top bus took them to Barnet.


We went to a farm to see the cows and to learn how they were milked, but the Beavers were more excited when the vet brought out the cow leg bones! Also on the programme; a football and laser party, a mystery hike and scavenger hunt, a tag rugby evening at Lochinver House School and a visit to Tolmers camp site. The autumn term started with a visit from All About Animals (Vikki Cartwright). The Beavers loved the naughty tortoise, which will wee on someone every outing! The Beavers took part in the big tidy up and visited Cabair to see planes and helicopters. This term Beavers are working towards their Faith and Promise badges and are going to visit St Albans Cathedral and Bhaktivedanta Manor. In addition to this we are also having visitors from Guide Dogs for the Blind, Thames Water and a magician. Fund raising will be me at the Little Heath School fireworks display with a candyfloss machine.  Hope to see you there!

Diane (AKA Meerkat)

ROTARY / LITTLE HEATH SCHOOL FIREWORKS Saturday 6th November at Little Heath School Gates open at 6pm, Bonfire lit 6.45pm, Fireworks 7.30pm Tickets: If bought before the event £5.50 adults, children under 16 £2.50, under-5s free. Tickets on the date: £6.00 and £3.00 respectively. Ticket hotline/ further questions: David 01707 660550 Licensed bar, hot food, toffee apples, candy floss + “glow in the dark” items. 2nd Little Heath Scouts will be running the candy floss stall. No parking please in Thornton, Frampton or School Roads. Explorers will be acting as marshals. DISTRICT DIRECTORY A new Directory has just been sent out and doubtless there will be some alterations within days – it will be a first if not! But if you make a printed copy may we ask you to dispose of the old one ‘responsibly’, please, taking care with all those addresses…..


On a sunny Saturday in September, over 70 Beavers and parents had a great day out at Knebworth Park. Mums and dads had a day off from driving as we went by coach and minibus. On arrival we explored the gardens with many paths leading off over a wide area. Included in the gardens was a woodland walk, the dinosaur trail and a maze. No-one got lost in the maze so we were able to carry on to see the dinosaurs. There were plenty of oohs and aahs from the Beavers when they realized just how big they were. The woodland walk took us back to the start where the children decided it was lunch time! We sat in the courtyard for our picnics then took a long walk down the hill to Fort Knebworth and the Adventure Playgound. This was the bit the Beavers had been waiting for! There were plenty of things to climb on, in and over, the zip wire to hang on to and plenty of space to generally let off steam. The 3 slides were very popular although some had to pluck up courage to go on the one that drops vertically and disappears underground. Everybody went on the miniature train for a short ride round the grounds. On the way back to the coach we saw the resident herd of deer in the field near the car park. A fitting end to a lovely day.

Margaret Roper ADC Beavers

SKILLS BOOSTER DAYS are becoming part of the County 6-14 Calendar now. Designed and planned for all Sections, Young Leaders, new Leaders, rusty Leaders, returning Leaders – everyone who needs updating or ‘shaking up’ on a subject. And that’s all of us at one time or another, as rules change and skills widen. I went to the first one as an observer and saw much to keep me there all day: all around were skills bases and discussion rooms, where experienced Leaders were sharing knowledge, teaching, listening, sharing views and ideas and CHATTING. What tips and help we learn from Chatting!!! I spent some time with a fairly new Leader, learning on the job and he told me what a great day he had had, how much he had discovered and his plans to put it into action back at base. That’s what it’s about.


So do try make the date – November 28 – get to Hemel and have a really valuable day. See what’s on at It’s FREE – all they ask is that you let them know you’re coming! Barbara

DIARY DATES e&oe - taken from lists, maybe changes will happen… See for SKILLS BOOSTER DAYS and County events and your ADC for local stuff. Also, other events on an e-mail ‘Pro-Action Hertfordshire’ which Charles sent to you on Oct 5… yes he did. 2010 Nov 25 Nov 28 Nov 28

District BSLs meeting @ URC 8pm District Chess tbc LEADERS SKILLS BOOSTER day @ Hemel

Dec 11 Dec 26 – Jan 2

District Beavers Christmas Walk & Campfire @ Well End Advanced Mountaineering @Lochearnhead

2011 Jan 28

District Cubs Indoor Games & Shepherd Cup comp

Feb 11 Feb 12 Feb 12/13 Feb 20

District Beavers @ Kids Zone District Swim Gala 8+ County Beaver Sleepover County Scout Cooking

Mar 19 Mar 27

County Scout Triathlon & Go Karting LEADERS Skills booster day @ Hitchin tbc

Apr 2 Apr 8–16 + 15-23 Lochearnhead Apr 9/10 Apr 29-May 2 Apr 29-May 2

County Cub/Scout Swim Gala 8+ Intermediate Mountaineering @

May 8 May 8 May 22 May 28-Jun 4

DISTRICT ST GEORGE’S DAY County Cub Football LEADERS Skills booster day @ Mid/East Herts tbc County Scouts East Mersea Sailing weekend

LEADERS Skills booster Day @ Harmergreen tbc County Scout PAW weekend Introduction to the hills @ Orchard Farm


Jun 12 Jun 12 Jun 17-19 Sept 17/18 Sept 24

County Beavers 25th Birthday County Cub Water Activities District Cub Camp @ Well End County Cubs Night Hike County Beavers to Paradise Park

Oct 1-3 Oct 9 Oct 14-16 Nov 18-20 Nov 27

County Scout Born2B Challenge County Beavers/Cubs Cyclocross Peak Assault County Scout Green Beret LEADERS Skills booster day @ Hemel H tbc

Dec 26- Jan 2

Advanced Mountaineering @ Lochearnhead tbc

EDITOR Because my computer problem made this issue so late, the next deadline is moved to November 15. It might be the last before Christmas, ‘depending’, but I will always publish anything that needs to be out, between times. Rota: BS: 5 + 1LH&PB / CS: 2LH + 5PB / S: 1LH&PB + Cuf ( This will catch up and not omit anyone’s turn.) Explorers, Network - anything at any time. Editor: Barbara Charlish e- 01707 654 956 Charity Number 302557


PNews OCT 2010  

PNews OCT 2010

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