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PLANNCSNEWS June 2014 Potters Bar Leaders and Northaw, North Mymms, Cuffley Scouts Communicating news from around the District

CUB SCOUTS 1st Cuffley Cubs Last term the 1st Cuffley Cubs tackled their road safety and home help badges. The road safety badge involved a trip to identify the road signs in the village as well as learning the safe way to cross the road. This is an eye opener to discover how few of the Cubs actually seem to have walked around their village, or if they have how much they noticed. As for the home help badge, trying to teach the Cubs to sew, iron, clean and tidy is always challenging. The Pack has never looked so clean and tidy as they did on the evening they ironed their scarves, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to last for very long. Making sock puppets developed their sewing skill and they then rather over enthusiastically cleaned everything they could find in the hut. This term, possibly rather optimistically, we have planned to be out and about as much as possible. This will involve a walk in Broxbourne woods, a wide game, climbing at Tolmers and a try at orienteering in Waltham Cross. We are hoping to undertake the new Backwoods Cooking Activity Badge which looks really fun. These kinds of activities are the ones the kids really enjoy and are what Scouting is about. We have decided for the first time to work on their outdoor plus challenge badge as so many of the older Cubs have already completed their Silver Challenge. This will hopefully give them a further challenge and prepare them for their transition to Scouts. Jean Holt CSL 1st Cuffley

YOUNG LEADER TRAINING We asked the Young Leaders what they thought a good Leader should be. They drew an outline of a person and decided on lots of different attributes a Leader should have, such as a watch for good time keeping, big ears to listen. We then asked the Young Leaders what they thought of the training. They said “ Not too formal but we learn” “I can apply what we’ve learnt in different situations” Our next training dates are: 19th June Mod G and H th 10 July Mod J

Caroline Langley, Young Leader Training

CUB BADGES I am sure you are aware of the new Cub Badges but it does not hurt to have a reminder. I found out about a new stage badge at the weekend called On The Water where an hour canoeing or rafting gets a badge in stages of 1, 2 5 and 10 - like the nights away badges. This one has had little publicity and has been out since April. Dave Sparrow, ADC Cub Scouts NORTH MYMMS CUBS After a varied programme of meetings at the Hut last term we managed to organise two meetings outdoors before Easter, including a Village Quiz in the dark; slightly difficult but the chips at the end of the evening compensated. This term so far we have been able to hold all our meetings outdoors. These have been at Gobions Open Space and have included lighting fires & cooking Sausages, Wide Games, building shelters and a walk to view Folly Arch and the infamous Gobions Bluebells. We are looking forward to more outdoor meetings including various team games and a visit hopefully to the “Mosquito” museum. Our Summer Camp will be at Tolmers where we will be building rafts and doing many other camp activities. Thank you to all the parents who have assisted in running the programme. Ian Lewington, GSL North Mymms

SCOUTS 1st CUFFLEY SCOUTS We have been quite busy since Christmas, meeting every Friday (including Good Friday for an egg hunt) and with a few notable highlights. A team of six Scouts took part in the Mid Herts Night Hike, an annual event run by the Mid Herts Distrct Scouts. You can read more about their endeavours in the report below. During the Easter holidays, 10 Scouts were privileged to be invited to spend a day at the Dorchester Hotel in London. They were given a guided tour of the premises including viewing some of the exclusive guest suites, then made their way to the kitchens to make pancakes and decorate chocolate Easter eggs before enjoying a gourmet lunch. All in all a very satisfying experience – and the Leaders quite enjoyed it, too! At the beginning of May, eighteen Scouts in three Patrols from 1 st Cuffley Scouts attended the PACE (Patrol Activity Challenge Experience) at Tolmers. The camp was organised by Hertfordshire Scouts and attended by Groups from all over the County. For some of our Scouts, this was their first experience of camping as Patrols and, apart from the learning to work more closely as a team, preparing and cooking all their own meals and maintaining their campsite, they had to be organised to attend the large range of activities provided over three days. The weather was great for the weekend (if a little chilly at night) and the range of activities certainly kept the Scouts very busy. The crowning glory was Stag Patrol winning the Patrol Challenges Competition on Sunday evening after completing more than 20 team-based challenges. Two of our Scouts have given their views below. The Troop also had a very successful wide game - an all-evening ‘Operation’ teaming up with the Cuffley ESU and several willing assistants who were followed across fields, kidnapped and held at Scout HQ whilst a water fight ensued on the outskirts of Northaw. All in the name of Scouting! PACE is a memorable camp which was filled with exciting activities and fun things to do. The activities were in zones: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Each zone had a challenge which we had to do to beat the zone. My favourite zone was Earth. For that challenge we had to make woggles. There were different type of woggles you could make : a wooden woggle, a rope woggle and a leather woggle.

For each of the zones you could also do an activity which wasn’t a challenge. My favourite one was the Bungee run because it was really fun trying to beat your opponent. Also I liked the “The Rock” because I like rock climbing and I didn’t fall off! One of the good things about the camp is the way my patrol acted because we acted as a team on the challenges, for example the bike race when we had to go in a figure of eight. We decided who would go fast around it because if one person does five laps the whole thing finishes and who would go slowly and try not to fall off because you lose points if you fall off, hit an obstacle and if you crash. Overall PACE was a brilliant camp to go to and always had things to do. It was probably one of my favourite camps! George Payne

I enjoyed the entire PACE camp so it is hard to pinpoint some of my favourite moments. I did a lot of different activities and enjoyed most of them but especially the archery and the water wars. Both were extremely fun. I enjoyed the archery because it was fun to have a go as you won’t do a lot of archery in your life; with water wars it was fun to just get your friend soaking wet. Overall, all the activities were a lot of fun. All my patrol worked well in a group, we all organised different jobs and were strategic about activities e.g. backwoods cooking. I also liked the camp for how everyone got to make friends, and how at night time there was a fire so we could all go and talk and make friends. I believe all my patrol had a great time and enjoyed it, all of them made friends with different groups and will remember it. How the Leaders organised it all was really good. Overall I think it was a really fun, well organised camp. Matthew Kaye “ FROM CUFFLEY WITH LOVE “ On March 22 2014, 1st Cuffley Scouts attended the annual Mid Herts Night Hike. As you can guess from the headline, the theme was James Bond. We entered one team of six members, ourselves Connor M cGuigan and Daniel Harris, who are both Patrol Leaders, George Payne and Aiden Hilton, who are our assistant Patrol Leaders (in that order) and Eyshan Carpenter and Johnny Palmer, two very experienced Scouts who will be heavy contenders for future Patrol Leaders. We set off at near enough nineteen hundred hours. Air Rifle Shooting was our first mission, in which we were outshot by six year olds (they had shooting ranges at their Scout hut and there were twice as many of them).

Connor took the main map and Daniel made sure we were going in the correct direction. We then headed along a newly crafted footpath making our way up to the second base: Thunderball! This happened to be submerged in 2 feet of water, so its location was changed to the side of the pond. We had to use a band and four pieces of string, remove the detonator and not step in the contamination zone, whilst abiding with the five minute time limit. Using methods which were used in previous hikes, we managed to remove the detonator before the whole world was blown up. We then wasted an additional ten minutes untying knots, expertly made by Daniel. The orienteering base was next: find what letter matched each number and gain as many points as you can. Thirty minutes, 20 letters. Immediately we dashed to the far side, splitting into two groups, one scanned the top and the other took to the bottom of the field. We then moved to the middle of the field doing the same again, dividing into two groups when the time drew near, we sprinted around the field finding the last few, missing but one of them and not exceeding the time limit. We only lost one point. We then proceeded to the next base: From Russia with Love. You might have guessed that we would have been good at this one because of the name but you were really wrong. We had to break 5 codes. Daniel made quick work of the maths; unfortunately the other Scouts were useless at the second part. Let’s just say translating numbers to letters is not our forte. After leaving the fourth base we walked through many fields. Daniel spotted a group of stray Scouts, evidently lost. There happened to be a sixth form girl who had recently had heart surgery to help to prevent her heart beating too fast. Unfortunately, this surgery had worked, but the physical exertion had taken its toll. We helped their group to the nearest check point which thankfully was only a quarter of a kilometre away. She was quickly whisked home after receiving first aid. We then proceeded with the other Scout group, 7 th Letchworth. We took them to the next base, Octopussy, where we had to make sure that an egg would drop from 8 feet, using two straws, tape, scissors, a plastic bag and two lengths of string as well as a small square of bubble wrap. We took the obvious approach of a parachute, whilst 7th Letchworth, just threw everything around the egg; neither worked. We then navigated through woods. We took a wrong turning, some began to worry, but luckily we realised our mistakes and we were back on course. We exited the woods and followed the country road back to ‘MI6’ aka Sandridge Primary School. The results were announced within the week, we ended up coming sixth and had a great time. If you discount the 4 Explorers teams, we came fourth out of 28 Scout and three guide teams.


Through a Beaver’s eyes A parent helper is lying on the floor acting unconscious. Jackie from St John Ambulance, asks “ what do you think is wrong with this lady?” “ she’s drunk” shouts a Beaver ( the helper’s son ) “ I don’t think so” says Jackie “Yes she is” Beaver “ I’m not drunk” helper “You look like it!” Beaver Beaver meetings can make me laugh so much; what the children say and do can change my perspective of the whole evening. What I thought may be a bit boring is actually amazing in their eyes. Counting how many times a rat can pooh in 5 minutes is apparently brilliant, as are lizards and snakes and escapee Guinea pigs. Scratching pigs’ ears and holding lambs is also up there. Being handcuffed to a police man, or helping a fireman, climbing a castle wall, being thrown around a mat at Judo by a black belt instructor. Children see the best in things, even camping!! So, on my third toilet run of the evening and losing the will to live, when a Beaver says to me “we are like a big noisy family, aren’t we?”.... yes, we are. Those words from a 6 year old changed my whole evening. I am extremely proud of my Northaw family and how they have made me a better Leader. 17 Beavers, 8 going up to Cubs at the end of this term, 3 of whom have achieved the Chief Scout Bronze Award. Meerkat, BSL 1st Northaw AH YES, CHIEF SCOUT AWARDS....... I hadn’t seen anything about these for such a long while, I wondered if there were any achievements in this District. So I asked Brian. And got, as follows: 1st Cuffley BRONZE Loius Cheesman; Dylon Hilton; Samuel Gudgeon; Thomas Liddamore; Ryan Thompson; Jake Hunter; Aimee Walsh; Robin Gilbert; Thomas Cresci; Adam Hockett; Alex Gudgeon and Darcy Cheesman.

1st Cuffley SILVER Chloe Wheeler; Harry Payne; Matthew Parker; Thomas Luke; Alex Curran; Nikita Mistry; Jack Potter; Liam Selwyn; Holly Fisher; William Fuller; Max Cheesman; Jaden Rudd; Jake Tyler; Ishan Mistry and Harry Liddamore. 4th Potters Bar SILVER Adam Davidson; Borghi Alessanaro; James Turner; Tommy Edwards; Jos RossBrown; George Fosh; Luke Esdaile; Joshua McManus; Ben Street; Sebastian Bennett and Kai Shah.

I am sure other Groups are working towards these Awards; I cannot believe these are the only ones. Please send your names in to Brian Stewart our District coordinator, who will then tell me and your little twiddlers’ names will be up in lights. Well, printed in here, which will please them no doubt. And if you are thinking that one Group seems to have dominated this issue.....then you know what to do about it, don’t you?! The next issue covers the July/August break, with the deadline of June 30. The following one will be September’s, deadline August 30. So if there is anything that needs saying before the new Scouting year ( whatever that means)please get it in to me by end of June. Thankyou . Editor

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KNOWN DATES Please give me more, for next term too District Executive meeting @ St John’s Hall Baker Street Young Leader Training Mod G and Mod H @ Northaw Young Leader Training Mod J @ Northaw County Beaver Fun Day @ Tolmers District Beaver sports afternoon and sleepover @ Morven

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