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PLANNCSNEWS February 2012

Dear All We are now well and truly into what looks like being another amazing year for Scouting in Potters Bar and District. The District Swimming gala is almost upon us; our first District event of the year. The planning for this year’s St George’sDay parade is starting, admittedly with fewer volunteers to help with the planning than I had hoped for, but hopefully we will have a good day planned for 29th April. Over the last month the District has had people away over every weekend, with Winter Camp, Fire and Ice camp, The Leaders winter hike weekend and North Mymms Beavers having their sleepover. A very busy start to the year. The stories from the Leaders trip away are of a weekend of strong winds, hail, rain, sleeping on the floor of a Scout hut in Skipton and recovering from the elements in a warm bar or two!! Two Peakswere conquered and another trip is already being talked about for next year. I hope to seeas many of you as possible at the swimming gala on February 4th.


CHIEF SCOUT AWARDS Well done to these young Scouts! Mathew Debnam, Beaver @ 2LH Bronze awarded 7th December 2011. Jasmine Summer Beaver @ 2LH Bronze awarded 22nd December 2011.

ABOUT “DIARY = NOT A PNEWS” Just before Christmas I e-mailed out a diary of dates to GSLsand others. It was intended to be just for the early months of 2012,so Section plans could be made. But the ADCshad most of the year’s dates already fixed up, so all were included. Pleasemake sure YOU have a copy – ask me or your GSLif you missed out – and then keep it handy. If you let me know other dates that come along and I will add them to PNEWSeach month, unless there are no changes. Editor

DIARY DETAILS TO ADD OR ALTER Feb 21 YL Training @ Northaw Module C TONI CAROLINE March 14 LEADERSSafeguarding training MARGARETCESCA March 24 5PBQuiz CHRIS March 24 County Swimming Gala @ ST ALBANSDAVE GORDON May 14 – 20 Community Support Week CESCA Sept 24 District AGM ALL

YOUNG LEADER training dates The next session is at Northaw, February 21, Module C. Contact Caroline or Toni

BEAVERS The 4th Potters Bar Beavers have been enjoying a fun packed programme throughout January. They had a very successful gamesevening a few weeks ago which included many of their favourite board and puzzle games.Mid January the Beavers got creative and spent an evening learning about birds. They took part in a fun quiz and made tasty treats to take home and hang in their gardens to seewhat birds came to feed. Someof the Beavers have been working towards their I.C.T badge with somepositive and creative results. The badge has been teaching them basic computer skills. They now out shine the Leaders!

Chris Sullivan ( Beech) ABSL

CUBS North Mymms Cubs have had a varied and exciting time since reconvening in September with lots of badgesearned to boot. We took a team of five Cubs and two Leaders to Hemel for the County Night Hike. This was a brilliantly organised event which the Cubs loved. We followed that up with our own Pack Night Hike in Gobions Wood Brookmans Park so all the Cubs could participate. The Cubs also had a trip to Watford to demonstrate their Ten-Pin Bowling Skills. We worked on several badges during the term, including Cyclist, First Aid and Scientist. Then just before Christmas the Hut became the home of Master Chef as the Cubs cooked a superb Curry and Fruit Salad (all from scratch!) to earn their Chef’s Badge. The Pack also completed their Global Challenge Badge ( with help from one of our Young Leaders, Chris, who was at the World Jamboree) and several Cubs earned their Community Challenge which included bag-packing at Sainsbury's in the lead up to Christmas. ‘Emergency Night’ was a real highlight when parents and friends who work for the Emergency Services visited the hut to answer the Cubs’ questions and talk about their exciting careers. Since the New Year we have had another night time hike/map work evening in Essendon (completing the Outdoor Challenge for many ), had a Pack outing to Aquasplash in Hemel Hempstead and we are preparing to undertake the Road Safety badge.

Stephen Mann ACSLNorth Mymms

COUNTY ARCHIVE HELP REQUIRED The County History & Heritage Support Team has a vacancy for adult help with cataloguing a  large amount of Barnet, Potters Bar and District Scouting archive material.  This is held in the  Archive Cabin at Well End Campsite, attached to the County Scout Museum. The material covers the 100 + years that the Districts have been in existence and includes   Barnet because these Districts were as one for 57 years until County Boundaries changed in  1965. Much of the material has been pre sorted and collating and recording would need to follow  existing identification systems.   The Team member would need to have access to a computer and it would be appropriate to  work at home on occasions.  There is no upper age limit.  The applicant would need to be methodical, keen, have experience  in cataloguing or related fields, a logical mind and preferably some local knowledge of Scouting  in the District.   It is estimated that there would be a commitment for approximately 12 months on a time basis to  suit the individual.   If you are interested, please give the County Archivist, Frank Brittain a call on 01727 860086 or  via e­mail 

Hertfordshire Scouts History and Heritage Team will be holding an Exhibition at the County Scout Museum, February 24 @ 7.30pm and 25 and 26 @ 10.30– 4.30.

Sir Percy Everett (April 22 1870 – 23 February 1952) He was the first and longest-serving CCfor Hertfordshire, righthand man to B-P and deputy Chief Scout to Lord Somers All are welcome to visit Contact Frank as above for further information and booking times

A DISAPPOIN T ME N T I am sorry to have had no tales told from Scouts, Explorers or Leaders . . .given that there have already been so many camps and weekends away this year . . . I was hoping to hear from someone,anyone to tell the younger oneswhat excitements can be had in Scouting. . .even in Winter. . .especially in Winter. . .

Editor: Barbara Charlish 01707654956e- Next deadline Feb 29. Rota Beavers-3PB,Cubs-4PB,Scouts- 1Cuffley

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