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The Complete Guide to Generic Levitra Most people are still confused about generic medications. They are worried that if they buy the generic version they are getting the inferior version which may have bad side effects. While we disagree with their assessment, we do appreciate the fact that they are being careful. One should always be careful when it comes to medications because taking the wrong medication can have disastrous consequences. If you want to know more about Levitra and want to know how it can help you, then read on. We will answer most of the questions you have about it in your mind. Why Generic? Generic versions of medications are confusing. They cost much lower than the name brand version yet they are still widely used. Well, you will use them happily as well once you realize why they exist. See, this is a quirk of the pharmaceutical industry. Lawmakers wanted to strike a balance between allowing medication to be accessible and allowing pharmaceutical companies to make a profit. Now, before you think any ill of their profitmaking nature, you need to understand that it is necessary for them to make a profit. Discovering and producing a drug like Vardenafil is a very expensive undertaking. According to some estimates it costs hundreds of millions of dollars just to bring a medication from testing to production. You need multiple tests and trials which does not come cheap at all. If we do not allow pharmaceutical companies to make a profit from the drugs that they produce, they will not have the money to spend on research and development either. Thus they will not be able to come up with new medicines. Now, in most other industries any company that invents something has a patent on it. If any other company wants to make the same product they have to pay the patent holder. This approach would have been disastrous for the medical industry. Vardenafil is not patented anymore Here’s the problem. Imagine if we let the pharmaceutical companies that discover a cure, hold the patent forever like other industries do. This would mean that only one company would have a cure for the disease. This company could price the product as high as it wants, sell it wherever it wants, and people would just have to pay the price that they ask. Why? Well, it’s not like they can get the same medicine for their disease from anywhere else! It gives too much power to these companies, which is why it had to be countered. Thus a compromise was born. Instead of the companies holding the patent forever they would only be able to hold it for a few years. This is where Generic Levitra comes from. Levitra was first patented and only sold by

GlaxoSmithKline. However, as years passed by, their patent expired, and now anyone can produce Levitra. The only limitation is that no one else can use the Levitra name, since that is the property of GlaxoSmithKline. Any company can produce Vardenafil but they have to sell it under another name. GSK has spent millions of dollars popularizing the Levitra name because they knew that it would be their brand name forever. The low cost of generics Why are generics so low cost? They are so cheap because they are made by smaller companies that do not spend millions of dollars on research and development. This is an important point which needs to be understood. GlaxoSmithKline is one of the biggest pharma manufacturers in the world. When they launched Levitra, they spent millions of dollars on marketing and advertising alone. They also spent millions of dollars on the research and development that led to the production of the medication in the first place. Now that they have spent all of that money, they have to make enough money to get it all back. So when you buy Levitra you aren’t just paying for the medication and the production costs, you are also paying for all the marketing, advertisement, and research. How is Generic Levitra so much cheaper? Well, people already know that all they need to produce Levitra is Vardenafil. Now any company can open up and produce the medication. Look at the costs of such a company. They do not have to spend a single dime on research and development. GlaxoSmithKline has already done that. They don’t need to figure out how to make the medication – GSK has done that as well. They don’t even need to run trials to test the safety of the medication – GSK has paid for all that as well. So what does this small company need to do? Set up a factory and start manufacturing. Manufacturing costs and administrative overhead are their main costs, everything else is unnecessary. Their own cost of producing the medication is very low and they just had to invest in the machinery required. Thus they can charge you a much lower rate than GlaxoSmithKline. So if you have been wondering if you should switch to generics and save your money, you should. You get the exact same medication as you would from the branded more expensive one. You get the same effects, the same side effects, and the same duration. The generic versions are literally the exact same medication as the more expensive branded ones. There is no difference aside from the name. Why it became so popular recently You may have noticed that these generic erectile dysfunction medications have become very popular recently. You will find more companies selling generic Levitra now than ever before. This explosion in availability of Vardenafil happened not because of growing demand but due to decreasing restriction. Levitra’s patent expired only a few years ago. Before that it was illegal for anyone else to make erectile dysfunction tablets based on the Levitra formula. Now that the patent has expired lots of companies are doing just that. This has led to not only the increased popularity but availability of the erectile dysfunction medication.

Generic Levitra Tablets  
Generic Levitra Tablets  

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