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March 7, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 3

Annual Conference on Education “I’m a teacher…now what?”

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If you are interested in attending this event, please know that participation is limited to the first 125 who register. You must pre-register online at https:// The event is free to all SUNY Potsdam students. There is a $20 registration fee to any participant who is not a SUNY Potsdam student which will be collected at the time of check-in. Students who attend will receive a professional development certificate in the mail. We look forward to seeing you all on March 9th, 2013.

Student Research .....4 Open GA positions.....5 And much more!

UPCOMING DATES:  Last day to Withdraw— March 19  Last day to S/U—March 19

G-BEAR (Graduate Students for a Beneficial Experience Action Roundtable) Graduate Studies will be launching a student committee called “G-Bear” this semester. The purpose of this committee is for Graduate Studies to meet with current graduate students to discuss the student experience. This includes issues/concerns inside and outside of the classroom, and providing feedback to Graduate Studies on addressing the needs of graduate students. This group will meet monthly at a time suitable for the student’s schedule. If you are interested in being an active member of this group, please visit the Graduate Studies office and let a staff member know. Bring a copy of your resume, as that will serve as your official application to join. The first official meeting is tentatively schedule for March 12, 2013 from 3:30—4:15 p.m. (location TBA). Accept your invitation at http://potsdamgr aduatestudies.eventbr

 Spring Recess begins— March 22  Easter—March 31  Classes resume—April 1

Student Pledge

Trivia Time! Congratulations!! Alex Allen was the winner of last weeks tr ivia question. Don’t forget to stop and pick up your prize! This week’s question—Julia Crane, the founder of the Crane School of Music, began her role as the music instructor in the Potsdam Normal School in what year?

Facebook Page Our page is designed to bring together current students, alumni, and new students to support each other and bring continuity to anyone involved with Potsdam graduate programs. Come visit us at

We, the staff in Graduate Studies commit to providing rapid resolutions and referrals to meet the needs of graduate students while continually working to improve the quality of graduate student life at SUNY Potsdam.

Twitter Tweet with Graduate Studies: Follow us at @sunypotsdamgrad

Graduate Studies Satterlee 116 Potsdam, NY 13676 Phone: 315-267-2543 1-800-458-1142, ext.2

Spring 2013 Office Hours: Monday: 8 am—5 pm Tuesday: 8 am –6 pm Wednesday: 8 am—4:30 pm

Fax: 315-267-4802

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Friday: 8 am—4:30 pm

Student Spotlight Jessica Reed, MSED Literacy Specialist This week, Graduate Studies introduces Literacy student Jessica Reed. Jessica will be completing her studies this semester, and will be graduating with distinction in our Literacy program. She is from the suburbs of Chicago, IL, and completed her undergraduate degree in elementary education from the University of Illinois – Urbana in 2009. Upon graduation, Jessica taught third grade for two years before moving to upstate NY in 2011 with her husband. In addition to her role in the Academic Advising & Support Office here on campus, Jessica is working as a Reading Specialist Intern at Heuvelton Central School. Upon graduation, Jessica’s career goal is to obtain a teaching position as a classroom teacher or reading specialist to continue to fulfill her passion of working with elementary-age children. We asked Jessica some key questions related to her student assistant position in the Academic Advising & Support Office that she has held that is integral to the support of SUNY Potsdam’s tutoring program: How does this position fit into your overall career path? As a past and future teacher any opportunity that I have to work with students, tutors, and teachers is beneficial to me. Also, I have thought about eventually going into school administration and a lot of the responsibilities of this position will fit well with school administration. What skills and experience have you gained or continued to develop through this position? As the Student Assistant, I have the opportunity to work on developing and designing study skill handouts, our webpage, and use social media for communicating with our tutors and students. Our program has over three hundred students who have requested tutoring so far for the spring semester and I have learned how to organize information so that students receive tutoring services in a timely fashion. How do you plan to employ these skills and experiences later in your career? Learning about study skills and test preparation is beneficial to students of all ages and I plan on using the handouts and resources I have designed in my future teaching. Now that I am more familiar with using social media and webpages for communicating with students and tutors, I hope to be able to use these resources for working with groups of students in my own classroom. Social media can also be a great tool for communicating with teachers and the community. What has been your favorite part about this job? I work with a great group of tutors and office staff. Everyone is always open to my input and new ideas. I have also enjoyed designing new resources that will help students be more successful in college. What is the most rewarding aspect of the position? In undergrad I learned how helpful it could be to work in a study group in many of my courses. It is rewarding to help organize study groups for students at SUNY Potsdam so that they can excel in their coursework. What type of graduate student would find this to be a worthwhile job? I think students from a range of majors would find the job to be worthwhile because the skills acquired with this position would be beneficial in many careers fields. Anyone with the desire to help others and good organizational skills would enjoy working in this position. This position is currently open, and the job description is attached next in the Graduate Studies Weekly. Be sure to contact Tim Morse in this office and submit an application soon if you are interested!

Graduate Student positions The State University of New York System Administration, located in Albany, New York, is searching for a parttime SUNY graduate student to assist in the implementation of SUNY Voices, the University’s new engagement strategy for shared governance. Additional information about the opportunity can be found here jobDsc=SHAREDGOVERNANCESTUDENT.htm&JOB_LIS_ID=2896 Other Graduate Student positions within the state

Student Action Research— check out some interesting student research projects! Amanda Bradley and Nanette Holt just successfully completed their action research project titled, "H elping English Speakers of Other Languages Overcome Anxiety in the Classroom." Jill Roberts is presently working on the submission of her action research project titled,"Why Do High School Students Struggle to Read Music," to the Institutional Review Board for their review. She will begin her data collection once she has received approval. Adam Wheeler is conducting an action research study in his Wilderness F irst Responder course at SUNY Potsdam. Adam is using the first responder scenario instructional strategy approach. The name of his study is: "Wilderness First Responder Scenario Instructional Approaches."

Greetings Fellow Graduate Students! My name is Alex Allen and I the graduate student representative on SUNY Potsdam’s Commencement Committee. I have been a part of the Organizational Performance, Leadership, and Technology program since Fall 2011. I also completed my undergraduate studies in Communication at SUNY Potsdam. Every year the Commencement Committee is convened in the Fall semester to begin planning for the academic year’s Spring commencement activities. The committee is composed of representatives from across campus to provide a variety of perspectives and resources to make the commencement weekend the best it can be. There are two students; one representing the undergraduate student body and the other representing the graduate student body. My role is to represent the graduate student body during the planning of commencement. If you have any questions or concerns I can point you in the right direction/person. For anyone who will be graduating on Saturday, May 18, 2013 be sure to visit the commencement website to learn more about what will be taking place that day, what you need to do to purchase graduation items, requirements for graduation, and more! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at I know the life of a graduate student can be busy and challenging, but your hard work will pay off! Alex Allen OPLT Graduate Student

Career Planning


Visit the Career Planning Office to learn more about services available to you. This includes online job posting board, workshops, one-on-one coaching and more! Visit to get started! Don’t forget to submit your resume for approval by MARCH 8TH if you are student teaching in the spring 2014 semester.

Follow the commencement page for the most up-to-date information concerning commencement. You will find Commencement information on our website at http:// Here you will find eligibility requirements, important dates and deadlines and general Commencement information.

Teacher Recruitment Days

Did you know…

SUNY Potsdam Graduate students (M.S.T/M.S.Ed) who will be certified to teach in September 2013 are eligible to participate in Teacher Recruitment Days! Recruiters from school districts across the country will be at SUNY Cortland to conduct interviews and discuss school-based vacancies.

The Application for Master’s Degree form was due Friday February 8th? If you have not yet submitted your Application for Master’s Degree form, it is now overdue! Please stop in & complete it as soon as possible. Thanks!

Date: April 18th-19th, 2013. Registration Details: Registration begins March 4 and ends March 15. To register, go to There is a $10 fee. Register early for maximum interview opportunities! You must submit your resume to Career Planning at 206 Sisson Hall, or to for approval by March 29! Contact Career Planning with any questions: Location: 206 Sisson Hall Phone: (315) 267-2344 Email:

Graduate Scholarships Don’t forget to apply for the Graduate Assistantship (GA), Graduate Diversity Fellowship (GDF) Graduate Opportunity Program (GOP) scholarships. Applications are due May 1st to Annette in Graduate Studies. If you have any questions about any of the scholarships available, please do not hesitate to contact Graduate Studies. Additional scholarships are available through the Financial Aid Office. Visit the Financial Aid website for further information —

New York State Regional Graduate Mathematics Conference Attention Math students!! You are invited! You are invited to Syracuse University's 38th Annual New York State Regional Graduate Mathematics Conference. The conference is April 13, with the opening address at 9 am given by John M. Lee from the University of Washington and the keynote address given by Robert S. Strichartz at 1pm, with talks scheduled between and after. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded mathematicians and discuss many varied mathematical topics. We highly encourage math graduate students to give a talk - either expository, or about ongoing or completed research. There are 20 and 50 minute slots open. To register, either use our online form, at or simply email me at The abstract due date is April 6th - there is still plenty of time to register to give a talk! Stop by Graduate Studies to pick up a conference flyer. We look forward to seeing you at the conference..

Student Health Services Weekend Hours New for the Spring Semester of 2013, Student Health Services is open every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4pm. If you need an appointment and cannot fit it into your schedule during the week, or if you become ill over the weekend, call 315-267-2377 to schedule your appointment. Richard Moose

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