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March 21, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 5

G-BEAR (Graduate Students for a Beneficial Experience Action Roundtable) UPCOMING DATES:  Spring Recess begins— March 22

The next G-Bear meeting will be Tuesday April 2, 2013 at 3:30 in the Satterlee Hall Board Room. For information on G-Bear covered during the first meeting visit

 Easter—March 31  Classes resume—April 1

Have you checked in??

 Summer registration begins—April 1  G-Bear meeting—April 2  Graduate Studies Connects—April 8  Fall registration begins— April 14

Have you checked-in here at Graduate Studies on our Facebook page? Check-in between now and April 2nd to be entered for a raffle drawn at our first networking event on April 8th! Current Graduate students only are eligible to win!

Trivia Time! The Campus Learning Center in Merritt Hall closed on what date? Be the first to answer on our Facebook page and you will win a prize! Only current graduate students are eligible to win!

Student Pledge Facebook Page Our page is designed to bring together current students, alumni, and new students to support each other and bring continuity to anyone involved with Potsdam graduate programs. Come visit us at SunyPotsdamGraduateStudies. Have you checked in to Graduate Studies online? We will select one random check in each week for a prize!

We, the staff in Graduate Studies commit to providing rapid resolutions and referrals to meet the needs of graduate students while continually working to improve the quality of graduate student life at SUNY Potsdam.

Twitter Tweet with Graduate Studies: Follow us at @sunypotsdamgrad and get updated information as we track organizations and causes in support of your field!

Graduate Studies Satterlee 116 Potsdam, NY 13676 Phone: 315-267-2543 1-800-458-1142, ext.2

Spring 2013 Office Hours: Monday: 8 am—5 pm Tuesday: 8 am –6 pm Wednesday: 8 am—4:30 pm

Fax: 315-267-4802

Thursday: 8 am—5 pm


Friday: 8 am—4:30 pm

Facebook Challenge Nicole Feml: Help the Gr aduate Studies team get to 100 likes! BUT, The Center for School Par tner ships and Teacher Certification wants to see them get to 500! If they do, I will personally make the team lunch !

Residence Life Residence Hall Director Residence Life has assistantships available each year for qualified applicants. Successful candidates serve as the Residence Hall Director of a building of about 200 students and six student staff members. Remuneration consists of a stipend of $2,000, up to 18 credits of SUNY Potsdam graduate tuition assistance (9 credits each semester), a board plan, a benefits package and a furnished on-campus apartment. Interested candidates should contact the Center for Campus Life, Draime Hall Extension, 315-267-2350.

Graduate Catalog Cover Below is a picture that Professor Don Straight took for us on a recent project to design the new Graduate Studies Catalog cover. A very special THANK YOU for helping us! We will share the final cover as soon as we can! How do you feel this picture represents Graduate Studies?

Your Turn! This is your newsletter. We invite you to share with us what content you would like to see. Contact us at, or stop by for a visit to Satterlee 116. In addition, be on the lookout for a Graduate Studies corner in The Raquette!

Career Planning Teacher Recruitment Days SUNY Potsdam Graduate students (M.S.T/M.S.Ed) who will be certified to teach in September 2013 are eligible to participate in Teacher Recruitment Days! Recruiters from school districts across the country will be at SUNY Cortland to conduct interviews and discuss school-based vacancies. Date: April 18th-19th, 2013. Registration Details: Registration begins March 4 and ends March 15. To register, go to There is a $10 fee. Register early for maximum interview opportunities! You must submit your resume to Career Planning at 206 Sisson Hall, or to for approval by March 29! Contact Career Planning with any questions: Location: 206 Sisson Hall Phone: (315) 267-2344 Email:

How Can Career Planning & Skype Help You? Career Planning is now offering Skype services. Career Planning and Skype can help you set up a username and password, as well as provide you with the opportunity to conduct interviews, appointments, and networking from long distances! You can use our conference room to have a quiet, professional atmosphere during your interview. Contact Career Planning to schedule an appointment or with any questions: Location: 206 Sisson Hall Phone: (315) 267-2344 Email:

Commencement This year’s Master’s Ceremony will be held Saturday, May 18 in the Hosmer Concert Hall. For more information regarding Commencement, please visit the webpage http:// Students can find information about cap and gowns, special events and the Commencement day schedule. Faculty and staff can find information on regalia, volunteering and the schedule.

New York State Regional Graduate Mathematics Conference Attention Math students!! You are invited! You are invited to Syracuse University's 38th Annual New York State Regional Graduate Mathematics Conference. The conference is April 13, with the opening address at 9 am given by John M. Lee from the University of Washington and the keynote address given by Robert S. Strichartz at 1pm, with talks scheduled between and after. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded mathematicians and discuss many varied mathematical topics. We highly encourage math graduate students to give a talk - either expository, or about ongoing or completed research. There are 20 and 50 minute slots open. To register, either use our online form, at http:// MGOConference_register.html or simply email me at The abstract due date is April 6th there is still plenty of time to register to give a talk! Stop by Graduate Studies to pick up a conference flyer. We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Student Health Services Weekend Hours New for the Spring Semester of 2013, Student Health Services is open every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4pm. If you need an appointment and cannot fit it into your schedule during the week, or if you become ill over the weekend, call 315-267-2377 to schedule your appointment. Richard Moose

Graduate Scholarships Don’t forget to apply for the Graduate Assistantship (GA), Graduate Diversity Fellowship (GDF) Graduate Opportunity Program (GOP) scholarships. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. However the final deadline is July 30, 2013. If you have any questions about any of the scholarships available, please do not hesitate to contact Graduate Studies.

Additional scholarships are available through the Financial Aid Office. Visit the Financial Aid website for further information — Here, you can find information on campus based scholarships, as well as links to external scholarships.

Now open to Graduate Students

Academic Festival Please take note of these events for the upcoming Academic Festival, "Making the Future." The following events feature Jane LaTour, and we think they will be of interest to you and your students. Ms. LaTour is an award winning journalist and oral historian who, for the past 30 years, has chronicled the battles of the remarkable women that broke the gender barrier to employment in New York City's male-dominated skilled trades. Her 2008 book, "Sisters in the Brotherhoods," has received wide praise. This is a great opportunity to discuss writing and research, oral history methods, and the continuing struggle for equality. In addition to campus events, Ms. LaTour also will visit an area BOCES Technical Center. She'll discuss her work, activism, and research with students and faculty, and participate in a panel discussion about young people and workforce issues. *Please encourage your students to attend the following events on Thursday, April 11. 10:00 - 11:00 AM at Crumb Library and LTEC -- Meet and Greet Jane LaTour, with a photo display of tradeswomen from S"isters" and audio recordings from Jane's interviews. (Photo exhibition ongoing from April 3-12) 2:00 - 3:00 PM Speakers Panel with Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Jane LaTour & Addie Russell: "Empowering Women" (tentative title) 4:00 - 5:00 Public Talk: Jane LaTour - "Blue Collar Women: Legacies and Lessons from their Nontraditional Jobs" (Part of the Anne Righton Malone lecture series sponsored by Women & Gender Studies) For additional information, contact: Marta Albert albertmk@potsdam.edu315-267-4881 George Gonos 315-267-4805

Master's Seminar in Mathematics Every math student in the MA or BA/MA program completes a seminar in an area of advanced study under the supervision of a faculty member. They present what they learn in a weekly seminar for other faculty and graduate students. Here is a non-technical description of one such seminar. My name is Eric Nelson. I am a senior, double majoring in the Bachelor's of Science program in Computer Science and the B.A./M.A. program in Mathematics. I am doing my seminar on a study of efficient algorithms for doing polynomial math in a computer algebra system. These algorithms span from the simple, with the best way to add two polynomials such as (x^2 + 2) + (x^3 + 2), to the complicated, with different ways to factor polynomials, I.E. determining that 2x^5 + x^4 + 2x + 1 = (x^4 + 1)(2x + 1). Eric Nelson

Graduate Studies Weekly - March 21  
Graduate Studies Weekly - March 21  

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