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Technology is affecting everyone’s life; world is getting smaller and smaller in terms of communication and everything seems to be in our reach due to cutting edge technologies. We are living in an ultra modern world. This modern approach needs electronics and computer systems to keep on running. And this is really a sign of conquest but there are some things or problems that still need attention. One major problem out of those is that we are collecting scrap of electronics. Our homes and living places are full of such electronic scraps (or eScrap) that are either of no use or are running out of service. Potomac eScrap LLC deals in such eScrap. We buy, recycle and help keeping the environment safe from the toxic elements that contaminate the atmosphere. Apart from Recycling services, Potomac eScrap also offers its secure destruction service both on-site and off-site. This service facilitates customers who have got a heck of hard drives, optical disks like CDs or DVDs, floppy disks, computer systems that may or may not be full of data which is not worth from a company or organization’s perspective. This data can be securely destructed with a 30hp industrial shredder that is capable of tearing off even the thickest hard drives. Our shredder can shred your hard drives or disks as small as ¾ of an inch. Under our on-site crushing service, we are able to crush around 100 drives in an hour right at your working place. Besides that, we also provide degaussing and auditing service in case the data saved in your junk hard drives is highly sensitive and confidential. Potomac eScrap LLC also offers pick up, drop off and project management service. Under pick-up service, our Potomac guys will visit your place; they will remove your computer scrap and other electronics (that you want to sell); they will process your eScrap and will load eScrap into the truck. Under the drop off service, you can drop your eScrap at our rear entrance in between 8 AM to 5 PM. Potomac staff will be available for helping you out in unloading, weighing and processing of your eScrap. If you have got a complete office full of eScrap and need assistance to handle that. You can use our Project Management service. Our Potomac Specialist will come to your place and will assist you so that you can get rid of your eScrap in no time.

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