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‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ this term may sounds like a punch line to you but actually its our motive; a motive with a responsibility. Potomac eSCRAP takes this responsibility with proud and works for the betterment of environment and Mother Nature. In the era of industrialization, no. of companies are going hi-tech and entering into the next level of revolution. Almost every company or organization or even a small firm uses computer systems to create a database. A database is used to store technical and non technical information about products, services, employees’ details and lots more things. This database is saved on hard drives which have a limited memory to save data. As a company grows, its database increases and hence to save that company installs new hard drives with more and more memory and removes old ones. But what happens to those old hard drives? They are usually kept in a store room and left unattended and is known as computer scrap. It could be the case that a suspicious person can use those hard drives and can get access to sensitive data of a company which can put it in the red zone. The best way to stop such mis happening is never giving it a space to occur. This can be done by destructing the data rich hard drives and disks. This is what Potomac eScrap is renowned for. Potomac eScrap LLC provides its premium services for secure data destruction. It can be done off site or on site. Our industrial shredder is able to tear through even thickest hard drives and can shred it to ¾ part of an inch. In on-site crushing, more than 100 hard drives can be crushed in an hour right before your eyes in your working place. If you still want more security than this, we’re available with degaussing service that not only includes shredding but also erasure. Though our truck is always ready to pick your eScrap from your place, but if you don’t want that then you can also drop your electronic scrap off to the rear entrance between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Our Potomac guys will be there for you to help out. They will unload each and everything for you, will weight and process the escrap for you. If you are still not sure what items actually we accept, you can always visit our website or our electronic scrap encyclopedia at

Potomac escrap delivers secure data destruction and recycling services  

Computer systems are used widely in almost every kind of work and it becomes a hassle to manage its hard drives, tapes, CD/DVD disks when th...

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