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Recent Grads on Internships



Sometimes the process is just tough. From freshman to seniors, all college students struggle to determine their paths to their future careers. There are so many questions: Where do I begin? Where do I go? Who should I talk to? What do I want to be? There are also so many things to think about: How do I get a paid internship? How does my major affect my opportunities? Can I get an internship as a freshman? We have all had these thoughts. What I have found is that we can learn from those who came before us: college graduates.

The beginning of the entire future employment process begins with our internships. How do you get an internship? What does that mean? All of these questions are so important to understanding the next right steps.

I decided to take a deeper dive into the future career recruitment process by speaking with Notre Dame Graduate: Meaghan Haley. Meaghan graduated from Notre Dame in 2017 with a double major in political science and economics. She gave me some insight into her internship recruiting process.

The first thing I asked Meaghan was how she was able to land her first internship. She replied that she applied to lots of internships on GoIrish. Go IRISH is an online resource provided by the Center for Career Development that provides students access to full-time and internship postings for students. It is the Center for Career Development’s primary recruiting database. It is encouraged to apply to internships and/or full-time opportunities. Go IRISH can be used in order to view upcoming employer information sessions, pre-nights, and career fair participants. It can also be used as a job search engine for employment seeking ND talent. Go IRISH is a platform where then students can apply to these opportunities.

Going back to my conversation with Meaghan, she applied to as many internships as possible on Go IRISH. She was determined to land an internship, therefore she applied to many.

The summer prior, Meaghan was an intern for a business at home in Minnesota. She was able to do that on her own through connections. But, this summer of her junior year she was determined to find an internship that would secure her future career.

Eventually, she landed an internship with Nomura Security. This process included an application on Go IRISH as well as an in-person interview. Meaghan chose this opportunity because she really believed it would be a good experience. Nomura Security writes on their website that they “provide corporate clients with a wide array of specialized services based on strong research solution-delivering capabilities” and provide “individual clients with wealth-management services meeting their individual long-term needs and risk tolerance.”

The most exciting part of Meaghan’s opportunity was that after ARTICLE her junior year summer, TITLE Nomura Security offered her a permanent position at the company after her graduation. According to Forbes Article: Odd Are Your Internship Will Get You A Job: “if you are a college graduate and you are working a paid internship, a new study shoes, 60% of the time, that internship with turn into a job offer.” Or in other words, a decent percentage of paid internships turn into a job offer, such as in the case of Meaghan Haley.

Overall, the main takeaways from my conversation with Meaghan is the importance of using the opportunities given to us by our Center for Career Development and more specifically Go IRISH. It is a wonderful resource to begin the recruitment process and find an internship that is right for you.