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PROTECTORS MOTORCYCLE  ASSOCIATION   BY-­LAWS                                                

          PROTECTOR  BY-­‐LAWS   CURRENT  AS  OF     September  21,  2011

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PROTECTORS MOTORCYCLE  ASSOCIATION   BY-­LAWS     All  meetings  will  be  conducted  in  accordance  with  the  Robert’s  Rules  of  Order.     1. All  meetings  will  be  held  on  the  3rd  Sunday  of  each  month  @4  PM.    Meeting   location  will  vary  and  will  be  announced  prior  to  the  meeting.    


2. The elected  officers  shall  be:    President,  Vice  President,  Secretary,  Treasurer,   Road  Captain,  Media  Officer,  Sergeant  at  Arms  and  Chaplain.    President  and  Vice-­‐ President  elections  will  alternate  every  other  year  with  all  other  elected   positions.     3. Election  of  Officers  will  be  every  2  years.    Elections  for  offices  shall  be  held  at   the  December  meeting.    All  candidates  running  for  an  elected  office  must  have   been  a  full  patch  member  for  one  (1)  year.   4. Any  officer  unable  to  complete  the  term  of  their  elected  position  will  be   replaced  by  membership  approval.     5. Minutes  will  be  kept  of  all  meetings.    Minutes  from  the  prior  meeting  will  be   read  at  each  subsequent  meeting  with  motions  for  acceptance  or  modification.   6. A  treasury  report  will  be  given  at  each  meeting.   7. All  treasury  accounts  will  be  required  to  have  two  signatures.    The  President,   or  Vice-­‐President  and  Treasurer.    All  checks  written  will  require  an  invoice  or   receipt  for  substantiation.  


8. The back  patch  will  be  worn  at  all  Biker  Functions.    This  identifies  our   members  as  being  a  part  of  an  organization  that  is  a  COC  Member.   9.  Members  are  not  allowed  to  drink  alcoholic  beverages  during  any  poker  run   or  other  events  sponsored  by  the  association.   10.    All  members  will  promote  a  positive  image  of  the  Protectors  Organization  at   all  times  with  outstanding  citizenship  that  projects  a  positive  image  of  the  group   whether  individually  or  as  a  group.  

11.  Any  member’s  actions  that  appear  negative  to  the  good  of  the  Organization,   upon  consideration  and  vote  by  elected  officers,  could  result  in  removal  of  that   member  from  membership.    If  so  ordered,  the  Organization’s  Patch  will  be   returned  to  the  Membership  with  no  refund  of  the  $35.00  fee.   12.    Application  for  membership  and  cost  of  patches  is  $35.00  payable  after   approval  of  membership  by  members.    The  back  patch  will  only  be  given  once   payment  is  received  and  six  (6)  month  ride  along  with  an  appointed  sponsor  and   100%  vote  by  all  full  patch  members.   Page 2 of 4  


13.    Each  member/prospect  shall  conduct  themselves  in  keeping  with  the   traditions  and  written  BY  LAWS  of  the  Organization  with  RESPECT  to  the  elected   board  members,  ALL  fellow  members  and  their  family,  to  the  community,  its   laws  and  the  good  name  of  the  Protectors  Motorcycle  Association.   14.    A  completed  prospective  membership  application  will  be  required  prior  to   sponsor  assignment  to  begin  ride  along.    While  completing  the  6-­‐month  ride   along,  the  prospective  member  will  be  required  to  attend  ALL  club  meetings,   fund  raisers  and  rides,  unless  otherwise  an  exemption  is  PRE-­‐APPROVED  by   officers.   15.    All  new  prospective  members  must  be  at  least  18  years  of  age  and  will  be   given  a  membership  packet  at  the  first  attended  meeting.    The  packet  will   include:    Application,  By-­‐Laws  and  Officers  Phone  list.  


16.  Any  member  wishing  to  leave  the  organization  will  return  the  back  patch   without  refund  of  monies.   17.    20%  of  all  fund  raising  will  go  to  the  organization  for  operational  expenses.   18.    Any  Protector  member  will  not  use  their  power  as  an  elected  officer,   member  or  prospect  to  indulge  themselves  in  any  wrongdoing,  public   annoyance,  or  sexual  misconduct  of  any  kind.   19.    All  members  will  respect  any  other  member’s  property,  home  ,  place  of   employment,  vehicles,  bikes,  etc.    If  for  any  reason  a  member  is  found  to  guilty  of   not  respecting  these  things  of  other  members  –  TERMINATION  FROM  THE   GROUP  WILL  BE  REQUESTED.   20.    Dedication  from  each  member  to  help  out  during  any  events  is  expected.    It   makes  all  projects  easier  on  each  other  and  will  strengthen  our  group  ability  to   gain  more  new  prospects  and  potential  sponsors  to  establish  an  all  around  closer   net  group.   21.    Any  and  all  business  shall  remain  within  and  among  each  member.    No   member  of  the  organization  will  use  or  pass  along  information  to  any  other   organization  in  order  to  gain  recognition  and/or  favoritism  from  outside  groups,   organizations,  or  the  media.    If  found  guilty  of  doing  so,  without  permission,  will   result  in  removal  or  disciplinary  action  by  the  group.   22.    Any  member’s  personal  lives  which  include  public  and/or  family  problems   which  needs  to  be  helped  with  can  be  talked  about  within  the  group.    We  are   here  to  rely  on  each  other  for  help  and  encouragement.    Therefore,  all  members  

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PROTECTORS MOTORCYCLE  ASSOCIATION   BY-­LAWS     shall  keep  group  problems  and  any  member’s  personal  problems  within  and   amongst  our  own.    

23.  All  members  will  honor  the  Protectors  membership  patch  and  COC  patch.     No  other  group  patches  are  allowed  to  be  worn  unless  prior  approval  of  elected   officers  first.  

24.  When  there  is  a  conflict  between  any  two  (2)  members,  the  dispute  will  be   brought  to  the  attention  of  the  Sergeant  of  Arms,  President  or  Vice  President   immediately.    The  Sergeant  of  Arms  will  assign  two  (2)  members  of  his  choice  to   assemble  the  conflicting  members  to  settle  the  dispute.    The  two  (2)  assigned   members  will  watch-­‐over  the  proceedings  allowing  each  member  to  state  his  or   her  problems  with  the  other  member(s)  without  taking  sides  and  watch  over  the   discussion.    If  member’s  conflicts  cannot  come  to  a  peaceful  end,  the  matter  will   then  be  decided  by  the  elected  officials,  where  both  members  could  be  voted  out   by  the  Protectors.   25.    If  a  member  chooses  to  leave  the  organization  either  because  of  conflict  or   expulsion,  he/she  will  be  given  until  the  next  monthly  meeting  to  make  a  final   determination.    At  that  meeting  he/she  will  be  voted  out  and  all  patches  and   property  belonging  to  the  Protectors  will  be  returned  without  refund  of  monies.   26.    Any  departing  member  leaving  the  group  either  because  of  conflict  or   expulsion  will  not  talk  down  the  Protectors  or  members  in  any  way!    You  had   your  ride  and  now  respect  your  brothers/sisters  that  you  respect  within  the   group  by  your  silence!    Individual,  incident  or  inner  workings  of  the  group   should  not  be  discussed  with  anyone!    Violations  will  be  dealt  with  by  the   Protectors  as  a  whole!    “Ride  on  Brother!”  

27. It  is  not  required  that  a  member  own  a  motorcycle.    It  is,  however,  required   that  each  member  support  the  Protectors  by  participating  in  rides,  parades  and   other  support  functions  such  as  hanging  of  flags  and  manning  of  activities  at   Protector  events.    For  all  members  with  bikes,  the  Road  Captain  will  inspect   them  regularly.   28.  The  Protectors  code  is,  you  don’t  lie,  you  don’t  steal  and  you  never  use  illegal   drugs  of  any  kind.    Any  infractions  to  this  code  could  result  in  a  member  being   expelled  from  the  organization.    

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Protector By-Laws  

Protector By-Laws as adopted during 2011 and current as of September 21, 2011.