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April 17, 2009

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Laugh a bit with “I think,” said the sweet potato, “therefore, I yam.”


EASY TO BE GREEN! by Sarah Bates

Tidbits readers have asked and we’ve answered. In honor of both Earth Day, April 22nd, and Arbor Day, April 24th, we’re happy to give you all the Tidbits you’ll need on going green! • You’ve probably heard this one: switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs the next time you need to replace a light bulb. But, how about some actual numbers? Compact fluorescents use about 75% less energy and produce about 75% less heat than incandescent bulbs. • Look for the ENERGY STAR® logo. Appliances with this logo have met the U.S. Department of Energy’s guidelines. By switching to these approved products, Americans saved nearly $16 billion dollars on utility bills in 2007 alone! • Remember that unused appliances still use electricity. Unplug them whenever possible. • If you can, buy it in paper packaging over plastic and look for brands that use recycled paper. Paper packaging can be used in your compost pile, the plastic can’t! turn the page for more!

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Information in the Tidbits® Paper is gathered from sources considered to be reliable but the accuracy of all information cannot be guaranteed.

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(cont. from page 1):

• If you have to get plastic products, make sure they are recyclable. There are many different types of recyclable plastics, all designated by numbers on the packaging. Find out which types your local recycling center can process and try to purchase only those kinds. • Did you know a treadmill gives of approximately two pounds of carbon-dioxide in a thirty to sixty minute workout? • Replace that treadmill or stationary bike with the great outdoors. Walking or riding in the park saves energy and gym fees – what’s more, it’s a breath of fresh air! • Take that workout even greener – buying a used bike, sneakers made with recycled rubber, reusable water bottles and organic cotton work out clothes are a start! • Combine your workouts with your daily routine. Walk or ride your bike to the post office or the pharmacy. • Think about what you want before you open the refrigerator door. Studies show that opening the door and standing with it open accounts for 17% of the refrigerator’s total electricity use each year. • Want more of a reason to recycle? Try the Great Pacific Garbage Patch on for size, a swirling mass of garbage in the Pacific ocean made up of two smaller halves, the eastern lies between California and Hawaii and the western lies between Hawaii and Japan. • It is not a solid mass, but more like a plastic soup – which makes it hard to gauge the exact size. It is estimated to weigh nearly 100 million tons and cover an area nearly twice the size of the continental United States. • Here’s another way to keep your plastic out of the landfills and the oceans: take reusable shopping bags to the grocery store and skip the plastic bags. • Sixty-eight pounds of clothing and textiles are thrown out per person each year in America alone. Donate those old clothes to GoodWill or The Salvation Army. (continued on page 4)

Laura Waltman

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Living Will Versus DNR Orders Do you know the differences between a living will and a Do Not Resuscitate order? Some people don’t, and unfortunately, some of them are medical and emergency personnel. A living will and a DNR order are not interchangeable. They are not the same thing. The living will is your instructions for end-of-life care when you’re not able to speak for yourself. It is part of a set of documents called Advance Care Directives that might cover things such as who will direct your care if you can’t, and who can admit you for care. The DNR is an order your doctor gives about not providing resuscitation for respiratory arrest or heart attack -- AFTER having discussed your wishes with you in advance. I can easily envision a situation where things could go very wrong. Let’s say you have a living will and for some reason emergency services personnel are called. They might ask, “Do you have a living will?” You answer, “Yes.” Suddenly, they might decide not to treat your condition appropriately and transport you as quickly. EMTs are not the ones to decipher what you mean in your living will. Their job is to get you to the hospital fast and in the best condition possible. Once there, your wishes in the living will take effect, and the doctors will invoke that ONLY if there are end-of-life concerns. Check with elder legal services in your area to be sure you understand the ramifications of your Advance Healthcare Directive documents. Laws can differ from state to state. Then discuss it with your doctor to make sure there’s no confusion about what you want. Remember, you can change your mind about your living will anytime you choose. Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into her column whenever possible. Write to her in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.

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For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of calm {and} well-balanced mind {and} discipline {and} self-control. 1 Cor 10:31

2 Tim 1:7


(cont. from page 2):

• The United Nations Environment Program estimate that 46,000 pieces of plastic were in each square mile of our oceans in 2006 alone. • Plastic debris kills more than 100,000 marine animals each year. • In 2005, two million tons of plastic water bottles ended up in landfills. • Speaking of water, studies show that often times tap water is more highly regulated than bottled water, as it must pass municipal water system testing for harmful content in the water. The National Resources Defense Council found that approximately 25% of bottled water is really just tap water. • Twenty million tons of electronic wastes are thrown out each year! • Recycle your old electronics! Electronic devices may contain toxic materials. Keep them as long as possible and recycle them when you’re done. • Fourteen million Americans use public transportation daily. 855 million gallons of gas are saved each year by choosing public transportation.

• Have to have a car? While buying a Hybrid is a step in the right direction, consider buying used first. You will save the energy it would take a company to manufacture a brand new car and there are already some great cars out there that get that desired 35 mpg. • Buying fresh food from your local farmer’s market saves packaging, processing and shipping waste – it also keeps money in the local economy! • Take the extra time to search out green and organic products when shopping. Chances are if you want it, someone makes it organic and green – even fingernail polish!

(continued on page 12)

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EVER WONDER...............Why is ‘abbreviated’ such a long word?


Whether it’s your mom, your teacher or your trainer, everyone tells you to get in those five to six servings a day - but what’s the real dirt on fruits, vegetables and other garden favorites? • Playing music to plants? There’s a book all about it! The Sound of Music & Plants by Dorothy Retallack showed that the easy-listening genre actually promotes growth in plants, while it seems Rock and Roll hastens evaporation and a need for water. • Heard about sprinkling wood ash in your garden? Wood ash contains potassium, which helps plants flower. • Tomatoes are high in the carotenoid lycopene. Carotenoids are thought to help lower the risk of cancer. • Lycopene is also found in grapefruit and watermelons. • Potatoes and tomatoes are consumed more than any other fruit or vegetable in the U.S. • In 1893, the Supreme Court ruled the tomato a vegetable even though it is genetically a fruit. What was the reason for the hearing? At the time, there was an import tax on vegetables, but fruits were tax-free. • What does organic really mean? Organic products are grown or made using no pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers, etc. A government official must inspect farms before the USDA can certify them organic. • Cool as a cucumber? Research shows that cucumbers are on average 20º cooler on the inside than out. • The word asparagus comes from the Greek asparagos, which means “sprout” or “shoot”. • Garlic was an ingredient used in embalming in Ancient Egypt. • Yams are not the same thing as sweet potatoes – but what’s the difference? Yams are generally sweeter than sweet potatoes and have a darker, almost bark colored skin, whereas sweet potatoes have a light, yellow-orange skin. Either way, they both make tasty dishes!



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Always Maintain A Positive Attitude

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” It was over 200 years ago that President Thomas Jefferson made this statement and although our world has changed dramatically in the way we live and work and play, one thing has not changed; the power of positive thinking. We’ve heard it from many famous people – positive thoughts bring positive results. Perhaps we hear it so often because it is true. Perhaps these famous politicians, philosophers, athletes, and entrepreneurs tell us to develop positive attitudes because that it what launched their careers and successes. Think about it - - would Thomas Jefferson be famous if he hadn’t become president, or written the Declaration of Independence, or been an inventor? Would he have drafted one of the finest manuscripts in humanity if he had held a negative attitude? It’s all about our attitude. The business owner who just sits and complains that no one is spending money because of the recession will soon go out of business or at the very least will just exist until the economy picks up. Those who take the opportunity to grow their business during an economic lull will reap the benefits. Their business will flourish when the economy recovers because they decided to find the silver lining in the economic cloud. Think you can’t afford to advertise your business? You can’t afford not to get the jump on your competitors. Tidbits has one of the largest readerships & distribution networks of any publication in this area BUT also one of the lowest ad rates. Reach our 22,000+ readers for as little as $15/week. New advertisers get the 5th week FREE! Pick up the latest free copy of Tidbits at one of our many locations in Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma (see list at Call (479) 650-9660 or email info@tidbitsarok. com for, no obligation, additional information.

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Q. A.

In the Garden with Janet B. Carson

I have what I have been told is algae in the yard and grass will not grow where this stuff is. There is also what could be mold on the dirt where the grass will not grow (the dirt looks black on top). What can I do to get rid of the algae and the other problem? Algae can accumulate on the soil if conditions are right for it. Usually heavy, poorly drained or compacted soils in the shade or low spots are areas where algae will grow. It can start off green and slimy and dry to a black mess. While you can kill algae, it will simply grow back if you don’t solve the reason you have it. Try aerating the soil, solving drainage issues and making sure water is flowing out of the soil, not puddling in one area. Once you get these conditions improved, the grass should grow, as long as you have ample sunlight. My question is just the opposite of the article in your March 28 column in the DemGaz. The previous owners of our house had liriope alongside the house, the patio and as “borders” to some flower beds. How do we kill liriope that is sprouting up in our lawn? All of the sprouts aren’t coming up just from “runners”; the sprouts are scattered about. Roundup doesn’t seem to work. We have St. Augustine grass, if that makes a difference. ”Good luck! There is nothing that will kill liriope that won’t kill your St. Augustine. Actually, the St. Augustine would be easier to kill than liriope in any situation! Liriope can spread from rhizomes as well as from seed. If you have the clumping form versus the running form, I would say you have seedlings. Deadheading the plants after bloom to prevent seed set can help long-term, but in the present situation, digging it up roots and all is probably your only solution.

Q. A.

Courtesy of University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service.

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Germany is an ancient European country that’s the birthplace of some of our favorite things – from familiar music to delicious foods and beverages. Get those craniums ready for some Tidbits about Germany! • Berlin is the capital for Germany, which is officially titled The Federal Republic of Germany. • Germans annually consume an average of 30 gallons (113 liters) of beer per person. • The tallest church in the world is Ulm Cathedral and is located in Ulm, Germany. It is 530 ft (161.5 m) high. • The Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes in Thuringia, Germany are the most colorful caves in the world according the Guiness Book of World Records. • V’s and W’s are treated a bit differently in German. V’s are pronounced as F’s and W’s are pronounced as V’s. A Volkswagen would be Folksvagen in German. • The largest beer festival in the world is held each year in Munich, Bavaria in Germany. • Bavaria has the oldest brewery in Germany. Weihenstephan Brewery is still in operation today and was originally funded by Benedictine monks in 1040. • Germany went from several smaller states to one unified country in 1871. • German inventor Felix Hoffman was the chemist behind Bayer’s first aspirin tablet in August of 1897. • Germany is slightly smaller than Montana. • As of June 2008, Germany has a population of over 82 million people. • Germans call their homeland Bundesrepublik Deutschland, or Deutschland for short. • World-renowned German Albert Einstein never learned to drive a car. • Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics back in 1921. • After his death, Einstein’s brain was weighed at 3.289 pounds, or 1,492 grams. The average brain weighs approximately three pounds, or 1,3001,400 grams. (continued on page 10)

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MOVIE EXTRAS needed! Earn $150-$300 per day. All looks and types. TV, videos, commercials, film, print. 800-340-8404 ext 2004. GOVERNMENT JOBS $12-48/hr. Full Benefits, Paid Training. Administrative/Clerical, Homeland, Security, Law Enforcement Wildlife, More! 1-800-320-9353 ext2509.


Furniture MEMORY FOAM Authentic Thera-Peutic Nasa Visco Mattresses Wholesale! Seen On TV T-$299, F-$349, Q$399, K-$499. DORMIA Craftmatic Adjustables $799. Free Delivery. 25 Year Warranty. 60 Night Trial. 1-800-ATSLEEP 1-800-287-5337.

Lots / Land / Acreage TAKE OVER 20 ACRES. NO DOWN. $59/Month. Southwest Texas. 360-647-9657,

Miscellaneous ***VIAGRA*** 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Alternative (30 Blue Tabs 100 MG $89.95) No Prescription Needed. FREE SHIPPING! Order Now! 1-866-611-6892 3 BED 2 bath only $15,550! Buy Foreclosed Homes! Bank Owned and Ready to Sell For Listings 800-903-7136 ext. 1636. SOCIAL SECURITY Disability Claim Denied? Free Consultation. No fee until you’re paid. BTS Group specializes in appeals/hearings. 1-800-466-0606. Read testimonials @ ***DIET PILLS*** Maximum Prescription Strength (PHENTRAZINE 37.5 mg-white/blue spec tabs 60ct. $79.95) No Prescription Needed. FREE SHIPPING! 1-866-611-6892 DIRECTV FREE 4 Room System! 265+ Channels! Starts $29.99/month. Free HBO + Showtime + Starz! Free DVR/HD! 130 HD Channels! No Start Up Costs! Ends Soon! Local Installers! 1-800-973-9027 CAN’T WORK? DISABLED? Social Security Disability Claim Denied? Free Consultation. No fee until YOU get paid. BTS Group, Inc. Specializes in Hearings & Appeals. Read the testimonials at www.btsgroupinc. com/testimonials.html 1-800-466-0606

Musical Instruments NICE SELECTION GUITARS & Accessories, Amps., Band Instrument Accessories, Etc. Winchel’s Electronics, 246 West Main, Booneville, 479-675-4208

Real Estate For Sale BUY 1-4 bd HUD HOMES From $10,000! $199/mo!! 5%dn 20yrs @ 8%apr! For Listings 1-800-749-8124 x 1106. 3 BED 2 bath HUD Home! Stop Renting! Only $12,100! Payments low as $199/mo! For Listings 800-903-7136 ext 1618. 5 BED 4 Bath $42,000! 3 Bed 2 Bath $15,000! 3 Bed 2 Bath $24,200! Bank Owned! Listings 800-903-7136 ext. 9137. FORECLOSED HOMES! Min bid at $300! 1-4 Bedrooms! Tax Repos! $300 may get you a home! For Listings 800-903-7136 ext 1611.

Trucks $500 POLICE Impounds! Cars, Trucks, Suv’s from $500! Hondas, Chevys, Jeeps, Toyotas, etc. For Listings 800-749-8116 ext 9191. TRUCKS FROM $500! 2002 Ford F250 $3700! 1999 Ford Ranger $1250. 1999 Toyota Tacoma $1800! Police Impounds Listings 800-373-0272 ext A177. $500 POLICE Impounds! Cars, Trucks, SUV’s from $500! Hondas, Chevys, Jeeps, Toyotas, etc. For listings 800-749-8116 ext 9191.

Private Party ads are $3.50 per week for the first 10 words and 25¢ for each additional word. Business ads are $4.50 per week for the first 10 words and 25¢ for each additional word.



Plumbing Repair Drain Cleaning, Septic & Grease Tank Cleaning




GERMANY (cont. from page 6): • German supermodel Heidi Klum insured her legs for $2 million dollars. • Klum became an American citizen in 2008. • German supermodel Claudia Schiffer is fluent in French. • Oktoberfest began in October of 1810 to commemorate the marriage of Ludwig I to Princess Therese. • The word snorkel comes from the German word for the same instrument, schnorchel. • The coffee filter was invented in Germany in 1908 by Melitta Bentz. • There are approximately 1,300 breweries in Germany, second only to the United States, which has 1,500 breweries. • Germany’s highest peak is 9,720 ft (2,962 m) in the Bavarian Alps on the Austrian border. The mountain is called the Zugspitze. • German is not only the official language of Germany, but is also an official language in the countries of Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Belgium. • German is the third most learned language by English speakers after French and Spanish. • The former Guinness Book World Record holder for the longest tongue was Annika Irmler of Germany. Her tongue is 2.76 inches (7 centimeters) long! She was beaten out in 2006, though she still holds the record for longest female tongue.

646-5151 OUTSIDE FT. SMITH CALL 1-800-923-3700

Emergency Service




IT Support





PC Setup

Data Transfer

Wireless Networking alltec c Internet Sharing t@ or

P.O. Box 11342 Fort Smith, AR 72917





1 h9



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Stay in touch with your community local Christian Radio

Be Featured in the River Valley Business Women Portfolio Carol Goss

Independent Sales Director Mary Kay


Family Communications Vision Ministries

(479) 646-6700

Signs1917Banners Custom Arts Towson Avenue L LLC LC

Fort Smith, Arkansas


Positive Financial Solutions CREDIT COUNSELING ADVOCATES, INC. Van Buren, AR

Get Out of Debt Restore Your Credit Debt Consolidation, Fee Elimination and Creditor Relief.

CALL 410-1700 or 888-745-4481

Late appointments and Phone counseling available Local Company Specializing in Personal Service

SUNNYSIDE PET SPA & BOARDING 1345 Sunnyside Road Alma, Arkansas


Mon-Fri 7am-5pm ~ Sat. 8am-12 Noon

ADOPT A PET This is Pinkie and JoJo. JoJo is a pure Chihuahua, male and Pinkie is a Chihuahuayorkie mix, female. Both are adults, about 8 pounds, and great in a lap or on a leash.

Boomer. 1 year old, neutered, male, beagle/heeler mix.  Would make a very good watch dog & plays well with other dogs, as long as they eat separately. Is not leash trained or house trained, but with a little work Boomer will make someone a wonderful companion. Humane Society 479.783.4395

Please go to our web page to view our available pets Sallisaw, OK for Eastern Division (918) 775-7172 Oklahoma City, OK for Western Division (405) 943-9419 A fantastic dog that is equally beautiful inside & out! Well behaved, loves everyone, gets along well with other dogs & is good with cats.

On-line adoption application: E-mail:



Check with each Promoter before making plans!

(479) 652-0580

(Free, non-commercial listings, 2–3 wks notice please e-mail or US Mail only: or P.O. Box 73, Greenwood, AR 72936) Mother Earth’s Community Garden, downtown Fort Smith at the corner of North 9th & D Streets is open for gardening. There are few garden plots available if anyone is interested. Your only cost is what you do with you individual bed. We show free movies, have all kinds of cook-outs. We are one big family. If this is something you think you would be interested in, you can preview thegarden at April - October - Greenwood Farmers Market - Friday Mornings 7 to 10 am & Saturday Mornings 7 til Noon. For Inforomation contact Doug Kinslow 479-996-2742

NEED HELP? Arkansas residents can find services such as food & clothing banks, physical & mental health resources. Also info on Medicaid, Medicare, ARKids First, finding a job, transportation assistance, support for elderly & disabled as well as children, youth & family services. Dial 2-1-1 on your phone or visit their website <http://www.arkansas>. This is a joint operation of the Public Service Commission & United Way. 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month. Mother’s of Preschoolers meets from 9:30-11:30 am at Grand Ave. Baptist Church, 3900 Grand Ave. Fort Smith, to enjoy fun, food, and fellowship with women of similar goals and challenges of being a great mom. Childcare is provided. For more information call 479-926-0880. Saturdays - “The Way” Recovery Group, 5pm. at Calvary Baptist Church, 2301 Midland Blvd., Ft. Smith. A 12 step meeting for those suffering or recovering from drug/alcohol addiction. This meeting approved by Sebastian County Drug Court. (479) 782-9554 or Tues & Thurs - Adult Education - 2 week session meets Tues & Thurs. Sessions restart every 3rd week - FREE COMPUTER CLASS - Fun! Begins at the beginning,

1102 J Cr. Barling

learn only what you need to know to enjoy computer internet, e-mail, documents. Small classes, relaxed, stress free, 1 on 1 help. Crawford County Adult Education Center, 605 Alma Blvd. Circle, Van Buren. For Info. call 479-471-0070 N.E.W. Thrift Store, Stonewood Village. Mon - Fri 9:30 - 5, also 1st & 2nd Sat of each month. Donations Welcome. Great Bargains for your Buck! April 18, 2009 UA Fort Smith’s Alpha Lambda Zeta Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honor society, will collaborate with Music Fort Smith, a local non-profit organization, to host “Spring BEAT” from 1-10 p.m. at Music Fort Smith, a stage & field located at corner of N. 4th & D streets in Fort Smith. It will feature the rock beats of local bands Barefoot Brigade & The Trees. In addition, select guests will read literary selections of Beat poetry, including Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl.” Speakers will tie in Earth Day by talking about the environment & explaining the greenhouse, gardens & animals in the neighborhood of Music Fort Smith. Individuals who want to display art, speak or play at the open mic should register with Jacqulyn West, chapter secretary, at or 479-357-9369. APRIL 18, 2009, 9 a.m., Rider’s For Christ, Monthly Trail Ride, Cedar Lake, Heavener, Okla, For more info call Stan @ 479-883-3485, or call David Archer @ 479-639-2570 or Marty Davis @ 918-647-3328 April 20, 2009 4 P.M. Kids of all ages are invited to the Fort Smith Public Library to enjoy a special presentation of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Kids, presented by The Young Actors Guild, in conjunction with UAFS Academy


She is a lively young dog looking for a loving home.

Cass’s Canine Rescue

Large Animal Rescue of Heavener, OK

Needs donations of Feed & Hay ~ Financial Help Appreciated!


Serving the Public and Veterinarians

Friends Forever Pet Crematorium and Memorial Services 805 South 10th St. Fort Smith AR 72901

Services available for all sizes and types of Pets

Affordable Prices!


Custom Pet Pouches, Coats, Throws


Cindy Cranfield 46142 Lovings Lane ~ Heavener. OK 74937


Riverglen is a home for tigers. Their needs are met thanks to people like you. We accept downed cattle for food . Other assistance appreciated.

Riverglen Tigers: P.O. Box 14, Mountainburg, AR 72946 (479) 369-2805

of the Arts. This production of the Young Actors Guild’s traveling show of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Kids is directed by Nancy Mathis; admission is FREE at the Fort Smith Public Library.For info contact Robin Benham – or 783-0229 April 21, 2009 - Prospective adult students will have an opportunity to hear about UA- Fort Smith & what it has to offer during upcoming College Preview events on campus, scheduled for April 21 and May 13 held from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Boreham Conference Center, room 101 in the west end of the Baldor Technology Center.College Preview is geared to the adult student who is considering going to college & for those who have attended college in the past & want to return. Pre-registration is required. To sign up or obtain more information, call Lori Oliver-May, coordinator of the Office of Adult Returning Students,479788-7319. April 23 & 24, 2009 - The UA Fort Smith Symphonic Band & the River Valley Community Band will combine to present music from around the world. Chuck Booker, conductor of both bands, will be joined on stage by Nan Raphael, former piccolo soloist with the U.S. Army Field Band in Washington, D.C., & three music professors at UA - Fort Smith Leighnora “Prissy” Buchanan & who will conduct one number on the program; Alexandra Zacharella, trombonist & conductor; & Dr. Ryan Gardner, performing on the trumpet. Raphael will also conduct a master class, slated for 4 p.m. April 22 in Breedlove 105, which is open to all young flute or piccolo players. Admission to the concert, is by Season ticket, or individual tickets are $6 and are available at

home:479-632-3785 cell:479-883-8961 For more information, call the UA Fort Smith Box Office at 788-7300. April 24, 2009 - Relay for Life 2009 - 6pm - 6am UA Fort Smith. For more information contact Meredith Milam at or call 479-471-0203 or 479-629-5747 April 25th,2009, 9am - 5pm, (rain or shine), 1st Annual Charity event and Poker Run for Childrens’ Emergency Shelter. Hosted by BAD BIKES Breakfast Club & Problem Child Riders, Entry fee $10.00. Dir.: From Ft. Smith, cross Garrison Bridge, right on 64D, 1 mi on right or from I 40 take Dora exit, go 2 miles south, on left. More info - (918) 875-3200 May 2nd through October each Saturday Tahlequah Farmers’ Market 8am - Noon (or until sold out) First Lutheran Church (Across the street from Wal-Mart, and behind Reasors) 2111 Mahaney Avenue Tahlequah, OK 74464 For more information call Jane Corbin 918.316.4572 May 9, 2009 - 4th Annual Archaelogy Day at Spiro Mounds, 3 miles east of Spiro,OK on highway 9/271 & 4 miles north on Lock & Dam Road.From 9 am to 5pm . Learn more about the past and about artifacts from professional archaeologists. If you have arrowheads, pottery or other artifacts you would like identified or to learn more about, this would be a great opportunity. For information call Dennis Peterson 918-962-2062. May 9, 2009 - Civil War Re-enactment, Mt. Ida Courthouse Square. Costumed Actors portray the muster of the 4th Arkansas Infantry Company F in 1861. For information call 870-867-2723 May 16, 2009 - Saturday, May 16, 2009 Join us for games, food & fun for the whole family; including your well-mannered, leashed dogs. First Lutheran School,2407 Massard Road,11:00a.m. - 2:00a.m. Proceeds benefit Southwest Service Dogs. SWSD is a nonprofit 501(c)3 that works with children to raise, train and provide dogs for people with disabilities at no charge. Southwest Service Dogs, 4500 S 16th Street, Fort Smith, AR email: swsd@ att.net479/646-0886 May 22 - November 22 - South Logan County Farmer’s Market - 7 am -noon Wednesday & Saturday. Veteran’s Park Highway 10 east, Booneville, Ar. For information about joining the South Logan County Farmer’s Market as a vendor, call 479-675-2666.

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Planning a Wedding? TABLES MATTER


...for your chair and table rental needs!

We Offer Free Delivery and Pick Up


BACK-2-BASICS Home & Garden Decor 207 E Center, Mansfield

479.928.0015 20% - 30% off on gifts for Mom Major Credit Cards Accepted

BNI Fort Smith

Learn more about this exciting means of Business & Professional Networking. Membership limited to one person per category, be the first! Contact: Joe McBride at NeShaydith Tompkins at 479.414.0485 or

Dry Cleaning, Laundry & Alterations


Location Only , coupon may not PERFECTO SPECIALS (Alma be combined with other specials)

Dry Cleaning Special

Laundry Specials

- $1.50 (snaps not included) Pants - 3 for the price of 2 Shirts Jeans - 3 for $10.00 (Khakis not included) 18 Highway 162 South (Next to Coleman Pharmacy) 7:30–6 MONDAY THRU FRIDAY• SAT 8–12

WENEY’S CLIP & DIP Dillard Brake & Tire Dog Grooming Salon Muffler 5300 Towson Mansfield, AR

(across from Farmers Bank)

Fort Smith, AR 72901

Bill Dillard

Professional Certified Groomer for all breeds

Owner Paul Collins Manager

Tues - Sat 8am -5pm

479.928.0333 479.207.3186


(479) 646-2060

(Cont. from page 4):

• 1.5 acres of rainforest are lost every second. • Finished with that book or DVD? Join an online swapping club. Websites such as and its sister sites offer a free way to trade your old books, DVDs and CDs and find that new one you had been wanting to get – for free! • Start your own compost pile for your used paper, coffee grinds, eggshells, yard trimmings and table scraps. • Research shows that if every American composted just their kitchen scraps, we could keep a knee-deep layer of garbage the size of San Francisco out of the landfills each year. • It takes approximately one gallon of water for the average person to wash their hands and five gallons to flush the toilet. • Make a chart for each member of your house and calculate the amount of water you use in one week. Reduce this number by taking shorter showers, always loading the dishwasher full and wearing outfits more than once before washing. • Put a rain barrel beneath your waterspouts or buy a rain WANT RUN YOUR OWN BUSINESS? cistern. UseTO the collected water in your garden. Also, always remember during part of the Publishtoawater your plantsPa perthe in coolest Your Area If You Can Provide: Salesfrom Experience · A Computer · day. This keeps more water evaporating. Desktop Publishing Software · A Reasonable Financial Investment • Humans have been cleaning way before the invention of We provide the opportunity for success! pretty, packaged plastic bottles. Tub need cleaning? Spray Call 1.800.523.3096 the surface with diluted vinegar or lemon juice and let it sit for thirty minutes. Scrub clean! • Using green and organic health care products not only keeps harsh chemicals out of the drains and landfills, but it keeps it out of your body! Studies show that men and women can absorb up to five pounds of chemicals from cosmetics, lotions, creams and other products into their skin each year! Information in the Tidbits® Paper is gathered from sources considered to be reliable but the accuracy of all information cannot be guaranteed.

Can’t Get Enough Tidbits?

TRILOGY Limited Edition Book Set Reprints of Books I, II, & III.

RESERVE NOW! Send $24.95 (plus $5.00 S&H) by Check or Money Order to:

Tidbits Media, Inc.

1430 I-85 Parkway, Suite 301 Montgomery, AL 36106 (800) 523-3096 (Alabama residents add appropriate sales tax.)

The Tidbits® Paper is a Division of Tidbits Media, Inc. • Montgomery, AL 36106 (800) 523-3096 • E-mail: • All Rights Reserved ©2008

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