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The Music Association of Auckland is a non-profit organization founded and incorporated as a charitable entity in 2003. Our members are Ethnic Chinese from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan plus a number of Pakeha, Koreans & Indians. We aim to use music as a bridge to enhance communication among members, to take part in music activities, to reinforce, support and heighten opportunities of music participation in our communities. As well, we provide a platform through music for new migrants to integrate with people of the mainstream community. The Association is devoted to developing diversity of different cultures in New Zealand. MAA have a group of loyal committee members who are the backbone of our organization. It’s an important team work for a non-profit group that rely on volunteers to progress and to maintain a good relationship in our community. In 2006 we initiated the Quartet Composition Competition for young composers in collaboration with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, and in 2007-8 we organized a concert , sponsored by Asia New Zealand Foundation and Creative Communities NZ Auckland City, combining western musical instrument with Chinese/ Indian instruments, a new concept for young composers under twenty years old in our communities. Our main sponsors are from COGS [Auckland, Waitakere and Manukau City] MAA members and friends, and local business organisations. We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Manukau Symphony Orchestra to mark the monumental 70th-year milestone of the “Yellow River Cantata”. 奧克蘭音樂協會是政府註冊的非營利團體,成立於2003年,聚集了一群旅居紐西蘭的華人音樂家和音樂愛好者。他們來自中國大 陸、香港、及臺灣等地,也有一些紐西蘭人,韓國人和印度人,經常在一起切磋技藝,舉辦活動。協會不僅給大家提供展示藝術的 舞臺,豐富華人的多元文化生活,我們更幫助大家溶入主流社會。奧克蘭音樂協會堅持以音樂為紐帶和橋樑,加強團員之間,特別 是新移民之間的交流,促進與不同族群和社區的融合,為紐西蘭多元文化的發展盡一份責任。 我們有一群忠心於協會的委員,是MAA的骨幹與支柱,對非營利團體是很重要,對社區發展也更需要。 2006-07年奧克蘭音樂協會創辨了東方及西洋樂器四重奏作曲比賽,與奧克蘭愛樂樂團和亞洲紐西蘭基金會合辨,給年青作曲家一個 新嘗試。2008年更得到 Creative Communities NZ Auckland City 的支持。 奧克蘭音樂協會不是一個商業演出團體,主要資金來自紐西蘭內政部COGS,華人商家及團員,朋友們的贊助。 我們很榮幸與曼努考交響樂團一起合作演出“黃河大合唱”來紀念這七十周年不朽的音樂作品。



Fu Xue Dong, Wong Captain [Performance coordinator] Lu Tianyi , Wang Alice [Composer] Xu Tiantian , Zheng John [Pianist] Wu Binbin , Qiu Shijin [Translation] Wong Connie [Uniform/make up] AuYeung Kong , Chen Xia An [Photographer]

Cheng Iris [President] Guo Lily , Ma Jane [Vice-President] Yeung William [Treasurer] Burns Mei [Secretary] Devos Ana-Maria [Administration] Lau Elizabeth [Music Director] Wang Gordon [Asst. Music Director] Lam Elsa [Competition Project Manager] Yu Christina [Western Instrument Leader] Yu William , Liu Yue An [Chinese Instrument Leader]

Advisers: Caceres Maritza [Honorary Music Director] Ding Maggie , Li Fen [Vocalist] Chen Bing Ling [Violinist] Chan Thomas [Composer] Vincent Tam [RSM Prince Chartered Accountant] Philip Wong & Ben Bong Law Office

P: 0800 588 118 E: P.O. Box 113092, Newmarket 1149




MANUKAU SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA has delighted music lovers of Manukau for the past 16 years, bringing the joy of ‘classical’ music to thousands of people. MSO proudly presented the official opening concert in the Genesis Energy Theatre at TelstraClear Pacific Event Centre in April 2005 and has remained ‘at home’ in the theatre ever since. Established in 1993 by Mrs Terry Spragg, MNZM, and the, now retired, Manukau City Councillor, Keith Hyland, with Uwe Grodd as its Music Director, the orchestra has achieved a reputation for excellence conveyed by its passion, enthusiasm and commitment to spreading the enjoyment of music throughout its community. It’s unique mix of community, youth and professional musicians provides an enviable mentoring base for all it’s players. The Orchestra appreciates the on-going support it receives from the Manukau City Council and other agencies. It is our great privilege to work with the Music Association of Auckland for this NZ premiere performance of China’s historic ‘Yellow River’ Cantata. 曼努考交響樂團在過去的16年來為成千上萬觀眾帶來欣賞古典音樂的歡樂,得到了音樂愛好者們的喜愛。2005年4月,在 TelstraClear Pacific Event Centre 的 Genesis Energy 劇院。MSO昂然地舉行正式開幕的音樂會首演,以後劇院就成為了他們的“主場”。樂團於 1993年由 Mrs.Terry Spragg MNZM 和經已退休的曼努考市議員 Keith Hyland 建立,由 Uwe Grodd 擔任音樂總監。MSO以它澎湃的熱 誠,卓越的水平贏得了讚譽,也通過大家熱心地推廣音樂欣賞的樂趣。樂團是唯一個由社區人員,青年和專業音樂家組合的團體, 並向所有參與演奏人員提供令人羨慕的指導和訓練。樂團感謝曼努考市政府和其他單位的一貫支持,這次能榮幸地和奧克蘭音樂協 會共同在紐西蘭首演中國的史詩『黃河大合唱』確是一難能可貴的盛會。 UWE GRODD (Music Director) Conducting, a solo career, chamber music, teaching and music editing are complementary disciplines.  Every  aspect  of  music-making,  each musical engagement, every activity,  makes a vital contribution to the development of the whole musician; and  to  the  fascinating  complexity of musical interpretation. During the 18th century one would also have composed, and even made his own instruments. Uwe first gained worldwide recognition when he won First Prize at the Cannes Classical Awards 2000, for the ‘Best 18th Century Orchestral   Recording’ with his CD of Symphonies by J B Vanhal conducting the Esterhazy Sinfonia in Hungary. Two further recordings of music by Hummel received the ‘Editor’s Choice’ by British Gramophone Magazine in 2004 and 2008. Performance highlights in recent years include the final concerts of two Handel Festivals in Halle, Germany. Uwe also conducted the gala opening night of the Festival with ‘Le Choeur des Musiciens du Louvre’ from Grenoble, and the Halle Opera Orchestra performing on original instruments. This was followed by a highly successful season in the Halle Opera House of Handel’s recently discovered opera IMENEO.  Uwe made his debut in March 2004 which the Mexico City Philharmonic, and subsequently conducted a further eight concerts which included Ein Heldenleben by Richard Strauss, Bruckner’s 4th and Beethoven’s and Schubert’s 5th Symphonies. An avid supporter of contemporary music, Uwe has been central to numerous commissions and given many first performances including, in 2002, conducting the premier season of the multi-media opera GALILEO, with music by John Rimmer and libretto by Witi Ihimaera. 葛于維 (音樂總監) - 他個人職業為指揮,但格守和室內樂,教學,音樂編輯互補的原則,認為音樂製作的每一個方面,每一項音樂 任務及每一個活動,在一個完整的音樂家發展的過程中,都起著很大的作用。此外,他認為理解音樂迷人的複雜性是一個令人着魔的 過程。在十八世紀,音樂家還要作曲,甚至還要製作本人用的樂器。 當于維把 J B Vanhal 在匈牙利指揮的Esterhazy交響樂制作成CD後,因為他製作的錄音被譽為最好的十八世紀樂團的錄音,他榮獲 2000年Cannes的古典獎頭獎,那時,他也首次引起世界的注目。之後,他為Hummel的音樂製作的兩個錄音,分別在2004和2008年獲英國 唱片雜誌的最好的編輯獎。 近年來他最精彩的演出包括兩次在德國Halle海頓節最後的音樂會︰在節日歡樂之夜開幕儀式上他指揮Grenoble的‘Le Choeur des Musiciens du Louvre’和Halle歌劇團的早期樂器的表演。接著,又在歌劇的旺季,在Halle歌劇院指揮最近才發掘出的海頓的歌 劇“IMENEO”。 于維在2004年三月在墨西哥城愛樂樂團初露頭角,他先後指揮了八場音樂會,其中包括理查斯特勞斯的“Ein Heldenleben”, 勃魯克納 的“第四交響樂“,貝多芬和舒伯特的第五交響樂。 于維是各種風格現代音樂的熱情支持者,他多次受委託,擔任首次演出的任務。在2002年他指揮由John Rimmer作曲,Witi Ihimaera 作詞 的現代歌劇“GALILEO”的首演。




HEBRIDES ‘FINGAL’S CAVE’ OVERTURE Op 26 - Mendelssohn (1809-1847) Mendelssohn’s ‘Hebrides’ Overture was inspired by his visit to Scotland in 1829. He sketched the main theme of this work while there, so great was the effect of the miracle of nature, Fingal’s Cave. This overture is a perfect symphonic poem and creates a very real impression of its subject. Cellos, violas and bassoons introduce the mysterious figure that dominates the whole work and symbolizes the stalactite formations of the cave. The song-like second theme is also introduced by the cellos and bassoons and is taken over by the violins. Then within the reverberating cave we hear the wind instruments calling to each other, accompanied by tremolos in the violins.

芬加爾洞穴序曲 Op 26 - 孟德爾頌(1809 - 1847) 1829年孟德爾頌在蘇格蘭遊覽時,希伯拉地群島綺麗的風光和優美迷人的芬加爾洞穴觸發了他作本曲的

動機。大作曲家理查.華格納讚美此曲為<最美妙的音樂作品之一>。其序曲是一首完美的交響詩,充分表 達了主題。大提琴,中提琴和巴松管強有力的演奏,使我們感受到在蒼茫大海中,孤島和赫然聳立在海上經 浪花衝擊而形成的美麗鐘乳石洞穴。然後大提琴和巴松管奏出猶如合唱的第二主題,繼而是小提琴的續接。 管樂器交替的演奏與伴奏小提琴的顫音在芬加爾洞穴迴旋蕩漾,猶如海風、猶如波浪,令人驚嘆。

No.1 in Bb minor - Tchaikovsky (1840 - 1893) 1.

Allegro non troppo e Molto Maestoso - Allegro con Spirito (Fast, lively, with Spirit)


Andantino semplice - Prestissimo - Tempo primo (Fast, but simple)


Allegro con fuoco (Lively, with energy and emotion)

Tchaikovsky’s first piano concerto is his most established, a great and beautiful work with magnificent virtuoso writing for the soloist. The introduction puts a spell on the audience immediately: Violins and cellos play a dramatic melody against the gigantic chords of the soloist. The piano then repeats the melody before a powerful repetition of the theme in the orchestra. An overwhelming introduction! This is followed by an impressive scherzando played by the piano. Then a dreamy melody reminiscent of Schuman and an extended orchestral interlude. The Andantino is dominated, as its name implies, by a simple expressive melody, which is beautifully decorated by the soloist. In the middle of this movement is a virtuoso prestissimo for the piano against a banal waltz in the orchestra. The themes of the finale are strong and memorable. A second theme competes with the first selfwilled idea and reaches a hymn-like climax before the work’s end.

降B 小調第一鋼琴協奏曲 - 柴可夫斯基(1840 - 1893 ) 1. 2. 3.

極為莊嚴而不太快的快板 快而簡單的行板 終曲,熱情的快板

柴可夫斯基共寫三首鋼琴協奏曲,但只有第一首被認可。《降B 小調第一鋼琴協奏曲》帶有迷人,艱深的獨 奏,它的確是一首偉大的、優秀的作品。演出一開始鋼琴絢爛奪目的演奏令觀眾大為傾倒。不久在小提琴和 大提琴款款地奏出宏偉序奏主題時,鋼琴則配以強烈的和絃。然後,鋼琴重復豪放、莊嚴的和絃,繼而轉入 輕鬆活潑的詼諧曲,接下的音樂猶如舒曼的夢想曲,又猶如管絃樂延續的過門。 快而簡單的行板,正如其名,它的獨奏部分簡單而富有感情。中間的樂章由鋼琴的快板和管絃樂的華爾茲組 成。 終曲的主題強烈而感人。第二主題成功地挑戰表達自我意志的第一主題,樂曲在全體樂器強奏急板終結全曲 前,達到讚美歌莊重的旋律的高潮。





Yellow River Cantata



Xian Xing Hai [1905-1945] 冼星海 (1905-1945) The historic ‘Yellow River’ Cantata was written in 1939 by Xian Xinghai with poems by Guang Weiran, we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the master piece. This major Chinese work melds Chinese and Western styles of musical writing and was written to encourage the Chinese people to take up arms against their invaders. 黃河大合唱由中國著名作曲家冼星海創作於1939年,由光未然作詞,今年正是慶祝這傑出作品的70周年。 它融合了中國和西方的音樂,以黃河為象徵熱情讚頌中華民族的不屈不撓、堅韌頑強的抗戰精神。

1. Boatmen’s Song (Poem & Chorus) The Boatmen struggle against the Yellow River torrents. The exciting beginning depicts the boatmen’s struggle against the torrents while crossing the river. The boatmen reach the opposite river-bank and are filled with joy and hope. But the struggle continues!

2. Ode to the Yellow River (Poem & Baritone solo) The Yellow River flows with all its grandeur and strength.

3. Sing to the Yellow River (Poem & Chorus) A simple melody with an expression of suffering and lament but full of hope and spirit.

4. An antiphonal Duet at the Riverside (Poem, Duet & Chorus) The tune of this folk song is of Shangxi origin. The male duet singers were singing traditional passages in a vivid way.

5. Lament of the Yellow River (Poem & Soprano solo) This is the voice of all suppressed women; the tearful lament of those raped by their oppresssor. The song is tragic and soulful. It is filled with tears and very moving.

6. Defend the Yellow River (Poem & Chorus) This majestic, stirring Chinese melody moves from a two-part canon to three and eventually four-parts. It is sung with strength, vitality and optimism. The phrases “long ga, long ga, long” provide an accompaniment to the canon.

7. Unleash your Anger, the Yellow River (Poem & Chorus) The ‘Yellow River’ theme symbolizes the river’s greatness, passionately inspiring all to stand strong against their oppressors. A four-part chorus is sincere and magnificent, full of passion and encouragement. The final words “Sound the struggling siren, to all those who suffer in the world!” are repeated until the song’s end. The turbulence of the river will inspire all those who are suppressed throughout the whole world.




Chenyin Li (Piano) Since winning the Scottish International Piano Competition in Glasgow, Chenyin Li has established herself as one of the most sought-after young Chinese pianists of her generation. She has won an impressive array of first prizes including Campillos International Piano Competition, the European Beethoven Gold Medal, the Dudley International Piano Competition as well as the title of New Zealand Young Musician of the Year.  Chenyin studied at the Beijing Conservatory of Music, and later at the University of Auckland in New Zealand with Professor Tamas Vesmas. She moved to London to study with Professor Joan Havill after gaining a full scholarship to the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. In January 2008, she was the first student to gain a Performance Doctorate Degree from the Guildhall School/City University of London. Chenyin has performed in USA, Spain, France, Holland, China, Germany, Ireland, Japan and Italy, and is regularly invited to come back to perform in New Zealand. In the UK she has appeared in major concert venues such as the Royal Festival Hall, Wigmore Hall and Queen Elizabeth Hall. In her new CD album of Debussy will be released under Blüthner Records label in 2010. [] 李晨音 (鋼琴家) 自贏得蘇格蘭國際鋼琴比賽金獎以後,李晨音已經成為當代最具成就的中國青年鋼琴家之一。她贏取了一系列重要的 國際鋼琴比賽大獎,包括坎皮洛斯國際鋼琴比賽第一名、歐洲貝多芬比賽金獎、達德里國際鋼琴比賽金獎、還有紐西蘭青年音樂家大 獎等。 李晨音畢業於中央音樂院鋼琴系,遠赴紐西蘭奧克蘭大學音樂學院繼續深造,師從托瑪斯·衛斯馬斯。她以全獎進入英國倫敦音樂戲 劇學院學習,拜師哈威爾門下,2008年榮獲倫敦大學與倫敦音樂藝術學院的音樂演奏博士學位。 晨音被很多國際著名的交響樂團邀請演出,包括美國、西班牙、法國、荷蘭、中國、德國、愛爾蘭、日本和意大利,也經常回到紐西 蘭演出。李晨音在倫敦規模最大等級最高的皇家藝術大廳舉行了獨奏專場音樂會,其他演出的場地還有皇家節日音樂廳、威格摩爾大 廳和伊莉莎白皇后大廳等等。 她現在跟Blüthner 唱片公司正在錄製德布西樂曲CD專輯,將會在2010年推出。[]

Elizabeth Lau (Yellow River Cantata Choir Director) BMus(Hons) Postgrad DipMus(Perf) - She is currently MAA Music Director/Conductor, Music Director to the Mozart Orchestra, and co-directs the senior sting ensemble at St Cuthbert’s College. She is a graduate of the University of Auckland, where she studied conducting with Dr Karen Grylls and Associate Professor Uwe Grodd, piano accompaniment and double bass. After returning from studies in the Czech Republic, she made her conducting debut with the Manukau Symphony Orchestra and has directed many community choirs and orchestras. As a freelance musician, Elizabeth shares her time between piano teaching, piano accompanying, conducting, chamber music coaching and double bass playing. She is a regular tutor and accompanist for workshops and conferences in New Zealand and overseas. 劉宛芝 (合唱團指揮) BMus(Hons) Postgrad DipMus(Perf) - 她負責『黃 河大合唱』在奧克蘭超過40多次的培訓工作。現任奧克蘭音樂協會 的音樂總監,莫扎特弦樂隊音樂總監,St Cuthbert’s College 高級弦 樂隊的副團長。她獲得奧克蘭大學榮譽音樂學士和表演音樂文憑, Karen Grylls 博士及 Uwe Grodd 教授都是她學習指揮的導師。她從捷 克訓練回來後與 Manukau Symphony Orchestra 首次合作指揮成功。 Elizabeth 把時間貢獻於指揮數個合唱團及管弦樂隊, 還要兼顧教學, 鋼琴伴奏和低音提琴的演出。她經常在紐西蘭和海外作一些研討會的 伴奏和擔任教學工作。


Gordon Wang (Yellow River Cantata Assistance Choir Director) MAA Assistant Music Director. He has been conducting for 50 years. He conducted the Beijing College students singing the Yellow River Cantata in the 1950’s. From the 90’s he was one of the presidents and conductors of the Yuying & Bridgeman High Schools Alumni Chorus in Beijing who performed in Hong Kong and Macau. The above chorus traveled as far as Germany and built a strong relationship with local affiliations. For the past 10 years, Gordon’s conducting has been applauded by his conducting mentor - Professor Huang Fei Li who was one of the pioneers of conductor education and the head of the Conducting Department of Central Music Conservatory in Beijing. 王國忱 (合唱團副指揮) 他幫助進行『黃河大合唱』在奧 克蘭的排練工作。現任奧克蘭音樂協會副音樂總監。五十 年代曾指揮北京中學生在天橋劇場演出『黃河大合唱』。 九十年代,任北京育英貝滿老校友合唱團執行團長兼指 揮。此期間曾組團赴香港,澳門及德國等地舉辦專場音樂 會。近十年來得益於中國指揮教育的開拓者,中央音樂學 院指揮系主任黃飛立教授的親自教誨。



Tianjin Dance Drama and Opera House is an integrated performance group, where many well-known artists worked, such as Yu Shuzhen, Guan Muchun and Shi Guannan. Tianjin Dance Drama and Opera House aims at “building a high standard art group” and “giving high quality performances” It is composed of singing and dancing groups that produce and perform folk dance dramas, folk dances and vocal music; a well-equipped and proficient folk-music group that produces and performs folk orchestral music and various folk instrumental music; an opera group that produces and performs Chinese and foreign maxi-operas, symphonic music and vocal music; a ballet group that performs Chinese and foreign maxi-ballets; and a stage-art center that takes charge of the stage-art design and production of large scale performances and comprehensive parties. 天津歌舞劇院 - 為大型綜合藝術表演團體,擁有著名歌唱家于淑珍、關牧村和人民音樂家施光南等眾多卓有成就的藝術家,以“建 設高層次的藝術團體、後事高品味的藝術產品”為發展方向。包括有創演民族舞劇、民族舞蹈、聲樂的歌舞團;有編制完備、陣容 強大、創演民族管弦樂及各類民族器樂演奏形式的民族樂團;有創演中外大型歌劇、交響樂、聲樂的歌劇團;有排演中外大型芭蕾 舞劇及芭蕾舞作品的芭蕾舞團和擔負大型劇目、綜藝晚會舞美設計和制作的舞美中心。 Wang Hu Ming - Baritone of Tian Jin Opera House, winner of many national music award in China and South Asia. He started his singing career in 1975, and learnt his opera singing from numerous prominent music educators and professors. He performed around Tian Jin and other parts of China. His soloist concerts in 2001 and 2004 being most memorable and satisfying. In 2005 he went to Thailand for a charity concert to fund raise for Tsunami in South Asia. His three performances of [Yellow River Cantata] – the solo piece of [Ode to the Yellow River] conducted by well-known conductors in China including Maestro Yan Liang Kun, Maestro Li Hua De and Maestro Wang Jun Shi were all very successful ! 王虎鳴 - 天津歌舞劇院男中音獨唱演員,中國音樂“金鐘獎”獲得者,天津市音樂協會會員, “十‧五”立功獎章獲得者,及多個演唱一等獎、特別獎。1975起學習聲樂,先後師從在天津多位著名聲 樂老師。他多次在全國、天津市的大型文藝演出中擔任獨唱、領唱,2001及2004年成功舉辨了他的獨唱音樂會。2005初赴泰國為南 亞海嘯賑災義演,並在曼谷新年音樂會上獲演唱金獎。 曾先後與著名指揮家嚴良堃、李華德、王鈞時合作,成功演唱黃河大合唱中的“黃河頌”。

Zhang Yu Min – A Soprano soloist graduated from Tian Jin School of Music. She has achieved many high performance awards at the “Ministry of Culture National Singing Competition” and she has played solo and leading roles in numerous operas and concerts. At the 50th Anniversary of Tianjin Drama, Dance & Opera House in 2009, Zhang performed as the soloist in “Lament of the Yellow River” and “Vissi D’arte…” from Puccini’s Tosca. Both has received excellent comments from critics. 張玉敏–女高音歌唱家,畢業於天津音樂學院聲樂系。歷年來, 多次在中國文化部組織的聲樂比賽及戲劇節中獲優秀表演獎。 曾主演過外國歌劇和在各種重要的音樂會中擔任獨唱,領唱。 2009年在慶祝天津歌舞劇院50周年的音樂會上獻唱外國著名歌 劇“托斯卡”的唱段 “為藝術,為愛情”和黃河大合唱中的 “黃河怨”,獲得高度好評。


Pang Yong Huan (Narrator) was born in PR China at Feb 1942. He used to work in Drama Company in Hei Bei as actor and member of China Acting Association. He has been playing leading role in lots of plays which were very famous during his year. He has established good reputation and respect among his colleagues and experts. Most of his plays had been sold out. He has been touring around China, directed more than 10 TV series and more than 4 films. He has passion and skills in acting and directing. Pang came to Auckland in July 2008, he is retired and living happily with his family. 逄永環(朗誦者) - 1942年2月15日出生於中國,河北省,話劇院 演員、中國戲劇家協會會員,在話劇的舞台上曾扮演四十多個 重要角色,多次獲全國及省市表演獎項。在影視中曾先後擔任 導演、副導演、制片及扮演角色。現已退休。2008年7月來到紐 西蘭定居。


Goodwill letter

Our Weekends’ performances of the historic “Yellow River Cantata are important premiere occasions for New Zealand. This milestone work of 20th century Chinese music involves 190 performers – soloists, choir and orchestra – including Chinese community musicians, New Zealand singers and instrumentalists as well as 20 professional singers from Auckland and China. With the “Yellow River Cantata”, composer Xian Xinghai and poet Guang Weiran paved the way for Chinese contemporary large-scale vocal music. After being premiered in 1939 – 2009 marks the 70th-year anniversary – Xian and Guang’s work spread to all parts of China and greatly inspired the Chinese people to take up arms against their invaders. The “Yellow River Cantata” is one of the best internationally - known musical works that combines materials that are purely Chinese with Western music methodology. The popular “Yellow River Cantata” has been an opportunity for our communities to learn Chinese lyrics and understand the history of a war which involved the Chinese people fighting to preserve their land and racial dignity. We are confident that this joint effort to produce the “Yellow River Cantata” will be a success, and we are committed to ensuring this project will be a great cultural occasion for the Auckland region. 『黃河大合唱』是奧克蘭音樂協會和曼努考交響樂團在周末作一個紐西蘭音樂史上最首要的演出。 我們聯合推出這20世紀的中國音樂作品,將有190名演員同台演出,其中包括華人社團,紐西蘭的歌唱家和器樂演奏員以 及20多名來自中國的歌唱家。 『黃河大合唱』是把獨唱,合唱和交響樂結合在一起的里程碑,更是中國作曲家冼星海與詩人光未然開拓了中國當代大 型聲樂創作的道路。於1939年首演,至2009年是這作品的七十周年紀念,『黃河』在中國各地廣泛傳播,強烈地鼓舞了 中國人民。『黃河大合唱』是國際公認的中國與西方音樂理論組合的最佳音樂作品之一,為我們提供了一個學習中文歌 詞,了解中國人民為了保衛領土和保持民族尊嚴進行抗戰的歷史過程。 我們相信聯合演出的『黃河大合唱』一定會成功,並承諾這項目將會為奧克蘭地區帶來一次盛大的文化慶典。

Terry Spragg MNZM Chairperson Manukau Symphony Orchestra

Iris Cheng President Music Association of Auckland

Co Chair of the Yellow River Cantata 黃河大合唱聯合主席



Goodwill letter


奥克兰音乐协会与曼努考交响乐团共同主办的《黄河大合唱》庆祝演出即将在奥克 兰隆重举行,我谨代表中国驻奥克兰总领馆,对此表示热烈祝贺。


自强不息、厚德载物、伟大坚强的精神内涵,是中华民族凝聚力的象征。这次近两 百位中新艺术家同台演绎《黄河大合唱》,是新西兰多元文化和谐发展的又一体 现,将谱写出中新文化交流史上新的篇章,并将进一步促进中新两国人民的了解与 友谊。


In The Year where The People’s Republic of China is celebrating its 60th Anniversary of establishment, which is also coincide with the 70th Anniversary of the composition of the “Yellow River Cantata”, the Music Association of Auckland and The Manukau Symphony Orchestra proudly present the premiere of this great musical work in Auckland. On behalf of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China, I warmly congratulate this production the “Yellow River Cantata” is a great and eternal piece of music work showing the kind and grandeur character of our Chinese people. This performance which involves over 190 artistes on stage demonstrates the harmonic development to the New Zealand multicultural history of art and music. It will further enhance the friendship between the two countries and the understanding of the people of China and New Zealand. My best wishes to a successful performance. Liao Juhua Consul-General of the People’s Republic of China in Auckland 10/11/2009



Goodwill letter

Message of Greeting from Hon Pansy Wong I would like to wish the Music Association of Auckland, and the Manukau Symphony Orchestra all the best for your “Yellow River Cantata” cross-cultural concert. Performances like this allow New Zealanders of all backgrounds to share in the many cultures that contribute to our vibrant society. The National-led Government is committed to having engagement in substance with our ethnic communities to ensure they play a role in shaping the future of our great nation. Our vision is for all New Zealanders to be confident and proud citizens, and musical concerts showcasing bi-cultural identity like the “Yellow River Cantata” play an important role in this by allowing all New Zealanders to experience the rich and vibrant Chinese culture. I wish you all wealth, health and happiness throughout 2009. 衷心祝賀奧克蘭音樂協會及曼努考交響樂團的“黃河大合唱”跨越文化音樂會圓滿成功。多元文 化為我們生機勃勃的社會作出了貢獻,類似的演出讓不同背境的紐西蘭人能夠分享多元文化。 國家黨領導的政府致力於讓我們的少數民族社團能真正參與到偉大國家的建設中去。 我期望所有的紐西蘭人成為自信和自豪的公民,像“黃河大合唱”這樣展示雙重文化身份的音樂 會為所有紐西蘭人感受博大精深的中華文化扮演了重要的角色。 祝大家擁有一個豐收、健康及快樂的2009年。

民族事務部長 婦女事務部長 意外賠償局副部長 缺陷人士服務部副部長 能源及資源副部長



Goodwill letter

Festivals such as Yellow River are important in encouraging people of all ages to become involved in the arts, culture and music. As Mayor of Auckland City, I see the promotion and celebration of the arts as being a vital element towards establishing Auckland as a world-class city. The Chinese people have a long and highly valued association with Auckland and New Zealand. This music festival is a fitting celebration of the contribution you have made towards our city and the value you add to our rich and diverse culture landscape. I wish you all the best for a successful event. “黃河大合唱”這樣的節目對鼓勵各種年齡的人們去參與藝術,文化和音樂的活動是非常重 要的。 作為奧克蘭市長,我看到藝術作為活力的元素,把奧克蘭向前推進為世界級城市所起的重要 作用。 中國人民在奧克蘭和紐西蘭的社團中歷史悠久,並得到很高的評價。這次音樂盛會是一次最 適宜的慶典,你們已經為奧克蘭作出了貢獻,以及高度評價這兩個團體為我們豐富的多元文 化增添美景。 我對大家致以最美好的祝愿,祝音樂會成功!




Goodwill letter

HWM Len Brown Mayor of Manukau 曼努考市長



Goodwill letter

Asia New Zealand Foundation congratulate the Music Association of Auckland and the Manukau Symphony Orchestra on this ambitious undertaking to bring to New Zealand the Yellow River Cantata, probably China’s best known choral work. The Yellow River Cantata is familiar to all Chinese. Composed by Xian Xinghai in early 1939 , its stirring patriotic refrains called on the fighting spirit of the Chinese people to defend their country against the Japanese invaders of World War II. The Yellow River -- cradle of Chinese civilization dating back some 5000 years – is used as a symbol of  China’s proud fighting spirit. The libretto is a poem by Guang Weiren, who was inspired by crossing the mighty river on his way to the Communist base at Yan’an a year earlier. Premiered in Yan’an in 1939, the Yellow River Cantata soon spread to all parts of China and has had significant impact on generations of Chinese musicians since. The two community organisations staging this New Zealand premiere performance are to be commended for offering Aucklanders a very special opportunity to hear this pivotal work. 紐西蘭亞洲基金會祝賀奧克蘭音樂協會與曼努考交響樂團殷切地把中國著名的合唱曲 --『黃河大合唱』帶給紐西蘭 人民。 『黃河大合唱』於1939年初由冼星海作曲,為所有中國人民所熟悉。在第二次世界大戰期間,它以樂曲激勵起中國 人民的愛國熱情奮而起來抵抗侵略者,保衛國家。黃河是中國五千年文化的搖籃,冼星海以它作為中國人引以自豪 的戰鬥精神的象徵。其歌詞是光未然寫的詩,作者的靈感是來自他一年前渡過這偉大的河流,至革命聖地延安的途 中。 『黃河大合唱』於1939年在延安首演後,很快就流傳到中國各地。從此以後對數代的中國音樂家都產生重大的影響。 我們極力讚賞這兩個音樂團體的合作,他們在紐西蘭的舞台上首演『黃河大合唱』,為奧克蘭人帶來一個欣賞這偉 大作品的機會。

Jennifer King Director, Culture Asia New Zealand Foundation

金珍妮 文化總監 紐西蘭亞洲基金會


MSO Players


MANUKAU SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Music Director - Uwe Grodd 音樂總監 - 葛于維 1st Violins 第一小提琴 Jane Wright ** Irina Andreeva + Richard Chen + Rosemary Eyres Robyn Finlay Jane Fisher Judith Ling Loata Mahe Lyndsay McDonald # Tom Park Patricia Roderick Raymond Scott Ellen Skinner Mathew Yang Micky Yang Michael You

2nd Violins 第二小提琴 Mary O’Brien * An Ran Chen # Nancy Chen Jason Crowsen Yana Jhang + Jane Kim Sean Kim Sharn Laurie Yan Yan Lei Olivia Museth Jessie Sun Adrienne Wigmore Johnny Wu Daniel Yang Anna Zhao + Edward Zhang #

Violas 中提琴 Wen Chuan Lin * Margaret Braun Andrew Gibson + Barbara Jackson Dora Tsao Cathy Wang Peter Wedde Julie Zhu +

Piccolo 短笛 Edwin Yu

Horns 圓號 John Jensen * Christine Breeden Michael Grimwood Jill Ferrabee

Harp 豎琴 Yi Jin *

Flutes 長笛 Melody Lin * Agnes Harmath

Trumpets 小號 Matthew Verrill * Peter Logger

Oboes 雙簧管 Joy Liu * Cheryl Le Fevre

Trombones 長號 Margaret van Ginkel * Jordi Robertson-Bickers Bob Latimer

Clarinets 單簧管 Julia Cornfield * Jared Marshall Bassoons 大管 Philip Sumner * Natasha Port

Double Basses 低音提琴 Andrew Kincaid * Nigel Faigan Huko Kobe Susan Rowe

Timpani 定音鼓 Byung Park * Percussion 敲擊樂器 Katherine Peterson * David Hayes Jasmine Chen

Cellos 大提琴 Miriam Hartman * Cynthia Dove Alison Gentles Siobhan Gerritsen + Michelle James Jonathan Kuttner Sarah McCarter Andrea McCracken Margaret McLean Patricia Robertson-Bickers Alice Tyler Tim Wang String players listed alphabetically **

Concert Master 樂團首席


Section Principal 聲部首席


Guest Player 特邀演出


2009 Scholar 09年獎學金

Manukau Symphony Orchestra Scholarship Awards for 2010 will be presented before the Interval during the Sunday 6 December concert.

Tuba 大號 Kerry Everett

Manukau Symphony Orchestra Patron: Sir Barry Curtis Committee 委員:

PO Box 38233 Howick, Manukau 2145


Terry Spragg MNZM


Ella Donald


Anne Esterman


Jim Hudspith

Hon. Ambassadors:

Maggie Hudspith, Ellen Skinner, Peter Wedde


Margaret Braun, Cynthia Dove, Andrew

Information: (09) 445 1863

Kincaid, Chris Spragg, Jane Wright

Funding & Marketing Co-ordinator:

Pauline Logger

Stage Manager:

Trish Wilson

Asst. Stage Manager:

David Hayes

Saturday and Sunday Café open before & at the interval of each concert ********** You are invited to join the Choir and Orchestra in the foyer for light refreshments after the concerts - Donation appreciated -

星期六及星期日 咖啡店會在音樂會前及中場休息時開放 * * * * * * * * * 音樂會後歡迎觀眾到大堂參加與合唱團和樂團的茶敍 - 多謝你的捐獻 -



MAA Choir


Denotes 符號代表 ** Duet

* Parts’leader

河口對唱 聲部長

+ Soloists understudy 獨唱預備角 # Duet understudy


= Narrator understudy 朗誦預備角

Tiantian Xu


John Zheng


Choir Piano Accompanist 合唱團常任鋼琴伴奏

Tianjin Dance Drama and Opera House Chorus 天津歌舞劇院歌劇團 Huang You Wei - Leader 黃幼韋 -團長 Soprano 女 高: Shen Shu Qin 申淑琴 Zhang He 張鶴 Qu Rui Jin 曲芮金 Song Ke Ning 宋克宁 Zhang Yan Rong 張晏蓉 Li Yang 李 洋 Dong Pei Ping 董佩萍 Ma Li 馬 麗

Alto Fang Jin Ping Wang Hui Kang Kai Wang Shu Xin He Bao Ling Qiao Fang

Tenor: Shi Guang Yu Wang Wei Guo Wang Ze Nan

女 低: 方津萍 王 慧 康 凱 王淑新 何寶玲 喬 芳

男 高 石廣羽 王偉國 王澤南

Bass: Xue Yue Lin Bian Ren Qi Wang Lai

男 低 薜躍林 邊仁琪 王 來

Singers from China subject to change 合唱團/獨唱成員或會臨時更改

節目單設計 Programme design by: John


Y.R.C programme 2009  

2009 Y.R.C programme 黃河大合唱場刊

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