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Hello and welcome to The Pentecostals of Sydney where you can experience new life in Christ! Our theme for this year is ‘Catalyst’. Catalyst can be defined as someone or something that causes something to happen or change. This year, our emphasis is that we will determine to take personal responsibility to bring change in ourselves, our families, our church, our community and our world. In other words, the Catalyst is me/you/ we. We are not going to rely on others or just the leaders or the more spiritual ones who have always done it but every child of God is called to be a ‘Catalyst’ for revival in their world. Just a short disclaimer: God is actually the initial catalyst, He began the work. If we had any desire for good or the will to do lorem met set great thingsipsum it’s onlydolor because of His redemptive work on Calvary and the quam nunc parum prompting of His Holy Spirit in us.

“For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” Phil 2:13 What is often overlooked however, is that God has already given us everything that we need to fulfill the great commission and, like the first Church in the book of Acts, I believe we can turn our world upside down. God felt so strongly about his Church fulfilling the great commission, bringing the Gospel to the world and making disciples of ALL nations (Matt 28:18-20) that he even brought persecution to the Jerusalem Church when evangelism stalled and they remained only within the city limits. Furthermore, they only converted Jews and neglected the Gentiles. However, when persecution came to the Church (Acts 8:1), including the martyrdom of Stephen (Acts 11:19-20), instead of the Church decreasing and dismantling, persecution became the catalyst for the gospel being spread to the Gentile nations. The Antioch church

in Acts 11 & 17 would not make the same mistake as the Jerusalem Church. They reached out to everybody including commissioning the greatest New Testament evangelist and writer; the Apostle Paul. So to conclude, God either used persecution or substitution to be the catalyst for His Church to reach the world. He will either rebuke or replace us in order that his greatest burden be undertaken. I am determined I don’t want persecution or for someone else to take my place but there is a third alternative; Volition. You can choose to respond to His Word and be a Catalyst for revival in your world. This year, 2012, you can be a Catalyst for God!

Pastor Stan Harvey

The POS Online There are many different ways to connect with the POS online. Here are a few: 1. The POS BLog We have designed a blog to keep you up-to-date with everything that is happening at the POS. If you subscribe to our blog you will be sent an email whenever there is a new post so you won't miss out on anything!

It’s that time of the year again, that we as a church engage in the powerful and essential activity of united Prayer and Fasting. These two disciplines are vital for spiritual growth, breakthroughs against spiritual resistance and in getting aligned to God’s will. This is part of fulfilling our theme for this year of ‘Catalyst’ in that we want more of God and we want to be a catalyst for revival in our world. So we invite you to join with us in this next round of 21 days of focused Prayer & Fasting for God’s purpose for this Church. If you would like join us or just want more information about 21 Days of Focus please pick up a brochure from the Hostess Desk. It is full of information as well as helpful tips.

Upcoming Events Church at the Park 25 February 2012 - 11am - 2pm Anzac Park, Campsie Church at the Park is one of the most exciting events of the year. The POS leaves the four wall of our church and goes to where the people are at. We have a live concert, sausage sizzle, jumping castle, and heaps of games for the

kids. nIt is always an exciting time and a great way to reach out to our community. Oh, and did we mention the best thing about Church at the Park? It’s FREE! We are looking for volunteers to help out with all the activities that will be taking place on that Saturday, If you would like to help please leave your name and details with the Hostesses.

Encounter 16 - 18 March 2012 Guest Speaker: Loammi Diaz Here at the POS we are blessed to experience so many great speakers. We host three conferences every year and in March we will have our first one, Encounter. This year we are excited to have Loammi Diaz back with us. Rev Diaz is a gifted speaker with a powerful ministry. He did an incredible job last year at our ReWired Youth weekend and we are looking forward to what God has in store for us at Encounter

2. Social Media Nearly everybody has a Facebook page or Twitter account. We have found that it is a great way to keep people informed and connected throughout the week. Twitter - POSydney Facebook - The Pentecostals of Sydney 3. Podcast On our weekly podcast you will be able to watch and listen to sermons from past weeks as well as watch services LIVE online. 4. POSydney App The POSydney app is cool! You are able to connect to our Facebook, Blog, YouTube Channel, and Podcast. You can get directions to church and even watch our services LIVE within the app! It’s available on Android and iPhone. 5. YouTube Channel Want to share your experience at the POS with your friends? We have videos from many guest speakers as well as from our pastors. Enjoy songs from the POS Choir and ReWired Youth Choir.

Our website:

Help Wanted! Over the next coming months we are wanting to add more articles and features to the monthly handout. If you are interested in contributing to the handout or you want to receive more information about what is needed please email

The POS Store Here are a few items for sale in our store: Fruitful In The Land of My Affliction by Jena Grech

This is a wonderful book written by our Assistant Pastor. It details how you can still be a blessing even when you are going through pain. $15

Warriors of the King Sermon Series - Ps Stan Harvey

This is a series of 3 very interesting and inspiring sermons Pastor Stan preached on the warriors of King David. $15

Department Promotions ReWired Youth - Upsidedown 2012 presents as an exciting year for the Rewired Youth.

Words From The Fire Sermon Series - Ps Stan Harvey

This is a 10 part sermon series Pastor Stan preached on the 10 Commandments given to Moses. He takes a modern look at each one. Part 1-5 $25 | Part 6-10 $25

Turning Point 2012 Mark Morgan

Each year the POS hosts a conference called Turning Point. Last year Mark Morgan preached 4 wonderful messages. DVD $40 | CD $30

We cater for young people between the ages of 12 to 35 and meet every Friday night at 7:30pm. We also have other events through the year such as Youth Camp at Easter and Transfusion in June. This year we will have services using our Rewired band and will not only minister to the needs of young people but will provide an environment of training up young people in the ministry. Teaching sessions will usually be split to cater for the needs of different age brackets or meet specific needs of young men and women. Recreation and social events will also be held at least once a month. We will again be sending young people on the AYM program this year and hosting a team in August. We will also be continuing our outreach to the homeless of Sydney through Hope Table.

Women’s Ministries Our theme for Women’s Ministries for 2012 is Beyond. Ephesians 3:20, "He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us."  

New to the POS? If you are new to the POS please join us for our morning tea immediately following the service. It gives you a great opportunity to meet those you have just worshipped with. Also, we would like to give you a gift in appreciation for your visit. Please visit the Hostess Desk to pick up your gift.

The same creative power that spoke the worlds into being and the same power that breathed life into mankind is the same power that works inside of me and inside of you. Our department this year will focus on encouraging our ladies to go beyond where they are. Beyond the parameter of our prayer life; beyond the depth of our bible reading and study; beyond the mindsets we have in regards to witnessing. All ladies are welcome and encouraged to join us for our monthly prayer meetings, bi-monthly ladies meetings and monthly focused prayer for our children. We will also be fund raising for local and overseas mission projects.






Home Groups





Opening ReWired Youth

SUN 5 SS Begins NLC Begins




Music Practice


Home Groups




ReWired Youth 7:30pm

Hope Table


Prayer- 7:30pm Ladies Prayer 7:30pm







Home Groups

Timothy Sessions 7 - 9pm

ReWired Youth 7:30pm







Music Practice


Home Groups

ReWired Youth 7:30pm

Church at the Park 11am- 2pm

Music Practice Prayer- 7:30pm

Prayer- 7:30pm


19 ReWired Youth Fundraise


Men’s Prayer 7:30pm




Music Practice


Combined Home Group 7:30pm

Prayer- 7:30pm

South Pacific Bible College

Music Department

In Genesis 43 we read the story of Jacob sending his sons to Egypt to buy corn because there was a famine in the land of Canaan. He told them to take gifts of the best fruits, honey, spices, nuts, almonds and double money. This teaches us that it wasn’t a famine of food in general, but a famine of corn, corn that was used to make bread. There was a famine of bread.

Psalm 150 describes how the people of God should praise Him with stringed instruments, dancing and with a loud voice. The chapter closes out with the words: Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! We are blessed to have a dynamic choir, chorale and music team that does just that every Sunday. If you are interested in becoming an integral part of the music team (Whether it be with voice or on an instrument) and can commit to the following practices:

Today, education of every kind is available to all. Knowledge abounds. We are steeped in every kind of literature we can imagine and yet, there is a famine. A famine of bread, spiritual bread that is God’s Word. Bible College disciplines you to study God’s Word more than simply reading scriptural text. God has made His Word freely available to all men. Jesus is the Bread of Life. If you have completed our New Life Classes then we invite you to attend South Pacific Bible College.

Monday Evenings- 7pm practice for all those involved in the Chorale and Music team Sunday Afternoons - 5pm practice for all those involved in the Choir and Chorale (Approx two every month) We welcome you to approach the music director and take home a music packet. We’re looking forward to an exciting year!

"You are Christ's body— that's who you are! You must never forget this. Only as you accept your part of that body does your 'part' mean anything." 1 Cor 12:27 (MSG)

Home Groups These groups meet during the week in homes all across Sydney’s many suburbs. Here is a list of the suburbs we are currently holding groups:










Bondi Junction

Horningsea Park





Canly Vale


If you would like to join the Home Group nearest you please see one of our friendly hosts and they will assist you.

New Life Journey We invite you to join NLJ; a teaching program conducted every Sunday morning at 10:30am, right after morning worship. These classes will cover questions you may have about doctrine, why we worship the way we do, what God really has in store for your life and how God’s love for you can conquer all. These classes are very beneficial to your Christian walk, so take your first steps with Jesus today!

Men’s Ministry The focus for Men’s Ministry in 2012 is soul winning. It our goal to help add 6 new souls (or more) to the kingdom in the first 6 months of the year. We can accomplish this by every man being involved in 3 main areas: 1. Attend Prayer Meetings (Church and Men’s) 2. Teach a Bible Study 3. Get Involved in Home Groups (open your home or assist your Home Group leader).

Other Ministries: Sunday School Sunday school operates every Sunday morning after worship beginning at 10:30am. We have a multitude of classes, which cater to children between the ages of 4 to 18. Classes are located upstairs so make sure your children are getting the most out of the their visit to the POS.

Life Studies Infants Ministry - The Ark We take children from 2-3years old in the mornings and 2-4year olds in the evening. The Infants Room is open from the end of Praise and Worship Service. In 'The Ark' we have a structured program from beginning to end. Our program consists of 4 components...Praise, Bible Story, Snack Time & Craft.

Fijian Ministry We are blessed at the POS to have a large population of Fijians attend our assembly. In order to reach out to the Fijian community we have a Fijian Ministry. Once a month there is a Fijian Speaking Service at 3pm on a Sunday. This service includes preaching, worship and fellowship following. They also gather monthly

Life Studies are an enjoyable, nonthreatening way to learn more about the Bible. We can meet with you in your home, our home, or a coffee shop. The studies are less than an hour but have the power to change your life. Contact one of our hosts if you would like to start a Life Study.

for prayer and evangelism.

The children learn about God in a safe and fun environment. THE PENTECOSTALS OF SYDNEY


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The POS Handout - February  

Every month the Pentecostals of Sydney have a handout detailing the upcoming events and programs.

The POS Handout - February  

Every month the Pentecostals of Sydney have a handout detailing the upcoming events and programs.