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april 2013 Hello and welcome to The Pentecostals of Sydney where you can experience new life in Christ! Risen While the western world celebrates this Easter holiday period as merely some token of what many may or may not believe as the crucifixion of Christ. There are those who do not believe that Jesus is the Lord or that he even existed at all. Then there are those who do believe that Jesus lived, walked the earth and died a cruel and agonizing death upon the Roman instrument of torture; the cross. I believe this to be true because there is overwhelming historical, documentary and even personal evidence to affirm this. Not only did Jesus die and was buried in a tomb but the Bible account of His resurrection also stands as one of the most controversial topics from all disciplines and religions. Simply because if Jesus died and was buried but did NOT rise from the dead, then he is just another man. In fact he would be even worse than that because he promised and predicted that he would, thus he would have been a liar and a failure. However, since He did resurrect from the dead, the implications are enormous. Jesus was constantly tested and without fail he proved His deity and power with miracles, signs and wonders. His own death was the ultimate test of this, proving He had power over man’s ultimate futility. Secondly, Jesus proved that the words He spoke were true and that not even death could falter them.

The implications upon humanity is also huge. Since He proved that He is in fact God, and that what He said is true, then we must do everything in our power to hear His words and do them. The great news is that Jesus can be trusted, his words are reliable and we have the hope of resurrection one day, which gives meaning to our lives today. Paul said “If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.� 1 Cor 15:19. The great apostle is right, in that if our lives are limited to only our earthly existence then that is a very daunting and depressing prospect. Thank God our hope is for more than a great life here on earth with Christ but that we will reign with Him for eternity. This ought to lift us out of misery and depression. One day we shall be free from the shackles of this human body and the limitations of life on this planet. One day we shall be unleashed and truly free. This I reiterate not only brings meaning to our conduct; our living right, doing good and discipline which will be worth it all, but this brings us joy and joy unspeakable. Be encouraged today; be not weary in well doing for you shall reap in due season if you faint not. Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. Rev 22:20

God bless you, Pastor Stan Harvey

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The POS Online There are many different ways to connect with the POS online. Here are a few: 1. The POS Blog We have designed a blog to keep you up-to-date with everything that is happening at the POS. If you subscribe to our blog you will be sent an email whenever there is a new post so you won't miss out on anything!

Baby Dedication Service Sunday, 14 April 2013 10:00am Every few months we have a Baby Dedication Service. This gives parents the opportunity to publicly dedicate their child to the Lord, much like Hannah did with her son Samuel in the Bible. If you are interested please speak to Greg Hackathorn.

Working Bee Saturday, 20 April 2013 9:00am Please join other members of the POS as we clean up the Church and the Church grounds. Lunch will be provided by the POS. The more hands the quicker the work is done!

Timothy Sessions Sunday, 21 April 2013 5:15pm The Timothy Sessions is a mentoring program run by Pastor

Stan. On a Sunday afternoon Pastor Stan, or other ministers within the POS, teach lessons full of insight regarding leadership, ministry, ethics etc. This is a great opportunity for you to grow in maturity and in your walk with God. So bring your Bible, your notepad and be ready to learn!

Anzac Day Picnic Thursday, 25 April 2013 Begins 11:00am We are planning to have a Church picnic on Anzac Day at Strathfield Park. Each family, or individual, should bring enough food and drink for themselves. We will have games for the children and the ‘big kids’ who want to feel young again. Church picnics are a great time and you should make every effort to be a part of it!

2. Social Media Nearly everybody has a Facebook page or Twitter account. We have found that it is a great way to keep people informed and connected throughout the week. Twitter - POSydney Facebook - The Pentecostals of Sydney 3. Podcast On our weekly podcast you will be able to watch and listen to sermons from past weeks as well as watch services LIVE online. 4. POSydney App The POSydney app is cool! You are able to connect to our Facebook, Blog, YouTube Channel, and Podcast. You can get directions to church and even watch our services LIVE within the app! It’s available on Android and iPhone. 5. YouTube Channel Want to share your experience at the POS with your friends? We have videos from many guest speakers as well as from our pastors. Enjoy songs from the POS Choir and ReWired Youth Choir.

Our website:

New to the POS? If you are new to the POS please join us for our morning tea immediately following the service. It gives you a great opportunity to meet those you have just worshipped with. Also, we would like to give you a gift in appreciation for your visit. Please visit the Hostess Desk to pick up your gift.


“He who guards his mouth and his tongue, Guards his soul from troubles.” - Prov 21:23 (NASB)

2 Home Groups






Easter Monday



8 Home Groups









Youth Sunday




DOZ - 5:30pm


Baby Dedication Service - AM

ReWired Youth 7:30pm


Hope Table

Fijian Service

NLC Certificates


MDL Meeting 5:15pm

ReWired Youth 7:30pm


School Term Ends


Working Bee 9:00am



ReWired Youth 7:30pm


Timothy Sessions - 5:15pm


Men’s Prayer 7:30am

Church Prayer 7:30pm


ReWired Youth 7:30pm

Lexo Outreach

Anzac Day Church Picnic Strathfield Park

Midweek Service

Home Groups






Music Practice Church Prayer 7:30pm

15 Music Practice Church Prayer 7:30pm

22 Music Practice


Church Prayer 7:30pm

Music Practice Church Prayer 7:30pm School Term Begins

Home Groups These groups meet during the week in homes all across Sydney’s many suburbs. Here is a list of the suburbs we are currently holding groups:


Horningsea Park















New Life Journey We invite you to join NLJ; a teaching program conducted every Sunday morning at 10:30am, right after morning worship. These classes will cover questions you may have about doctrine, why we worship the way we do, what God really has in store for your life and how God’s love for you can conquer all. These classes are very beneficial to your Christian walk, so take your first steps with Jesus today!

ReWired Youth We understand that High School, Uni and Tafe are times of much change- Physical, Mental and even Spiritual. Whether you're the big man at school or the quiet one in the back of the class you have a place at Rewired Youth. Come along to a dynamic service on Friday nights at 7:30pm- with skits, games and a message aimed right at you, we guarantee you'll have a great time.

If you would like to join the Home Group nearest you please see one of our friendly hosts and they will assist you.

Other Ministries: Sunday School Sunday school operates every Sunday morning after worship beginning at 10:30am. We have a multitude of classes, which cater to children between the ages of 4 to 18. Classes are located upstairs so make sure your children are getting the most out of the their visit to the POS.

We would love to have you!

Life Studies

Infants Ministry - The Ark We take children from 2-3years old in the mornings and 2-4year olds in the evening. The Infants Room is open from the end of Praise and Worship Service. In 'The Ark' we have a structured program from beginning to end. Our program consists of 4 components...Praise, Bible Story, Snack Time & Craft.

Fijian Ministry We are blessed at the POS to have a large population of Fijians attend our assembly. In order to reach out to the Fijian community we have a Fijian Ministry. Once a month there is a Fijian Speaking Service at 3pm on a Sunday. This service includes preaching, worship and fellowship following. They also gather monthly

Life Studies are an enjoyable, nonthreatening way to learn more about the Bible. We can meet with you in your home, our home, or a coffee shop. The studies are less than an hour but have the power to change your life. Contact one of our hosts if you would like to start a Life Study.

for prayer and evangelism.

The children learn about God in a safe and fun environment.



United Pentecostal Church Belmore Inc Direct Credit 062 116 1017 8121

Please leave your name and designation in the description box.

PH: 02 9718 8086 FAX: 02 9718 2679 WWW.PENTECOSTALSOFSYDNEY.COM

The POS Handout - April  

Every month the Pentecostals of Sydney have a handout detailing the upcoming events and programs.

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