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2013/2014 season

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Eric and Kathy Newell


oUr season sPonsors: 2013/2014

6.0: HOW HEAP AND PEBBLE TOOK ON THE WORLD AND WON Actors: Jesse Gervais and Amber Borotsik Photography: EPIC Photography (Ian Jackson)

Ride Actors: Sereana Malani and Cole Humeny Photography: EPIC Photography (Ian Jackson)

Welcome back to NLT - and our 38th season of professional work that will excite, astound and impress you. Work that will move you to emotion, to action and to dialogue. Work that will change the way you see the world around you. Last season saw the North American premiere of Thomas Eccleshare and Valentina Ceschi’s environmental- themed tragic love song 6.0: How Heap and Pebble Took On The World and Won. Our production starred NLT favorites Amber Borotsik and Jesse Gervais, and garnered Sterling nominations for Outstanding Production, Direction and Set Design (Trevor Schmidt), Lighting Design (Adam Tsuyoshi Turnbull) and Sound Design (Dave Clarke won!). It was so successful, it will be presented by Lunchbox Theatre in Calgary as part of One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo in the new year... The cold winter months were heated up by Jane Bodie’s intimate two-hander RIDE, starring the superlative cast of Cole Humeny and newcomer Sereana Malani. One of my personal favorite pieces for NLT to date, it was revealing, heartbreaking, and life-affirming. The naked bodies onstage were overshadowed by the naked frailties of the characters as they searched for connection in our modern, fast-paced world.....

artistic directors notes: 2013/2014

Dust Actors: Monice Peter and Paul Sutherland Photography: EPIC Photography (Ian Jackson)

AN ACCIDENT Actors: Melissa Thingelstad and Michael Peng Photography: EPIC Photography (Ian Jackson)

DUST was disturbing. A new Canadian play by rising playwright Jason Maghanoy, this examination of a blossoming love in Abu Ghraib prison felt like a flower being choked by barbed wire. The ferocious performance by Monice Peter was paired with the nuance of Paul Sutherland. Sentenced to a life in prison, indeed.... We ended the season with AN ACCIDENT, a play by Lydia Stryk, about a woman who is physically crippled by a man- who is emotionally crippled. i choose one show a season that scares me as a director- this play made me uncomfortable and forced me to rise to the challenge. Their mutual fumbling toward and away from healing was a workout for Michael Peng and Melissa Thingelstad (who won the Outstanding Actress Sterling award!). This season is just as varied and raucous and i look forward to seeing you at the shows throughout the season. Please let us know what you thought- your feedback and continued support is integral to our process, and the growth and development of NLT! Sincerely, Trevor Schmidt

2012/2013: Season Review



Bitches & money 1878

by Martin HensHell STARRING: benJamin gorodetsky AS BLACK JACK laura gillesPie AS CORA andréa JoraWsky AS PATIENCE directed by TREVOR SCHMIDT assistant directed by ANDREW RITCHIE stage managed by ANNA DAVIDSON lighting design by ADAM TSuYOSHI TuRNBuLL set design by TREVOR SCHMIDT & ADAM TSuYOSHI TuRNBuLL costume design by TREVOR SCHMIDT sound design by TREVOR SCHMIDT & ANDREW RITCHIE

PrevieW: NOVEMBER 21, 2013 oPening: NOVEMBER 22 closes: NOVEMBER 30 location: PCL STuDIO, ATB FINANCIAL ARTS BARNS


andrea jorawsky

Ever meet someone that you aren’t sure if they are just shy- or too cool for you? Andréa is that gal. Want a dry sense of wit? Sit next to this one. And she went after the role of Patience like a bulldog.

Benjamin gorodetsky

Impressed us in his Studio Theatre season. Played a good mix of smart and stupid. Thick. In his improv work he is much more light and funny than his dramatic appearances had led us to believe.

trevor: Remember how we talked about a painting to hide the wall safe in B*TCHES....?

laura gillespie

From Rosebud. That face! She appeared at EMERGE auditions with a politically incorrect piece that was shockingly funny. Came in to read for the role of Patience but walked out with the role of Cora.

bitches & money 1878

I bought a black metal mounted Ibex head with crazy twisted horns. i think it’ll look creepy in footlights.... ADAM: Yeah! Where did we find that? trevor: I got it at Winners. I’ll lend it to the show because i’m keeping it!

anna davidson

Anna Banana. i knew i wanted Banana on B*tches... because- as i found out on CLEOPATRA’S SISTER- that gal can do stage combat! She likes to throw down.

andrew ritchie

Intense eye contact at our first meeting made me nervous and a little bit uncomfortable. i like a challenge.

bitches & money 1878

by jeFFrey HatcHer translated by GisÈle villeneUve co-Presented by l’Uni tHÉÂtre STARRING: gianna vacirca AND brian dooley

directed by TREVOR SCHMIDT dialect coach/assistant director ISABELLE ROuSSEAu stage managed by CAROLINE KREINER venue technical director ERIK MARTIN set and costume design by TREVOR SCHMIDT Production manager and lighting design by ADAM TSuYOSHI TuRNBuLL

PrevieW: MARCH 4, 2014 oPening: MARCH 6 closes: MARCH 16 location: LA CITÉ FRANCOPHONE


Brian Dooley

Dooley. Dooley. DOOLEY. Words fail me.

Caroline Kreiner

Someone has to keep some sort of order in this monkeyhouse....

Zanovia: I’ve never been in here. Zanovia: Who were the decorators?

Gianna Vacirca

To be honest- i didn’t know she was a great actress until she came into an audition and blew me away. Cast as an anorexic nun last season (The Ecstatics), we jumped at the chance to put her bilingualism to work.

mercy of a storm

Zanovia: Well, I know they were decorating a place for people to get drunk in, but did they have to be drunk while they did it?

Zanovia: Well, I’m feeling seasick, so they musta done a good job.

GeorGe: No? GeorGe: I don’t know. Why?

GeorGe: I think they wanted a nautical theme.

Erik Martin

Norse God of Light. Have you SEEN that guy? i always want to put a horned helmet on his head. i think he’d let me.

Darrin Hagen

Glad to have a long-term collaborator on board- especially one with such an extensive knowledge of the melodramatic music of the noir films of the 40s era.

Isabelle Rousseau

A fantastic actress and a lean machine. She is like a sleek wolf, to me. A loup elegant, if you will. i can’t wait to see her in action in the rehearsal hall as she helps us navigate and negotiate the plural languages of this single play.

mercy of a storm

L’Uni Théâtre This year’s production of prolific playwright Jeffrey Hatcher’s MERCY OF A STORM is being presented in co-production with L’Uni Théâtre, Alberta’s only professional francophone company that works out of La Cité Francophone, and will be premiering in both official languages by a single bilingual cast on alternate evenings. This unique event offers both companies an opportunity to share audiences, drawing more members from both pools, and blurring the cultural divide within the local theatre community. At NLT, we feel strongly about sharing resources in order to strengthen both companies. This innovative concept for development and rehearsal format is a pilot run, leading to future collaborations and touring, which will enhance the profiles of both companies on a national or international scale- but foremost benefitting community development, and encouraging cultural cooperation and artistic co-production. MERCY OF A STORM ... Or DE PLEIN FOUET DANS LA TEMPETE is directed by NLT A.D. Trevor Schmidt, and starring L’Uni Théâtre A.D. Brian Dooley - a long-term artistic collaboration finally achieving fruition. STAFF: Artistic and General Director Brian Dooley Executive Director Diane Aubin LaBrie Project Management Alberta SBD Consultants Limited Technical Director Erik Martin

University of Lethbridge



Technical Theatre Design


Theatre Creation Directing Acting 403 380 1864

The U of L Department of Theatre and Dramatic Arts produces a robust season of mainstage shows and a dynamic array of student generated works, supported by outstanding faculty, theatre facilities, shops and studios.




Performance camPs For the past nine years, Northern Light Theatre has been delighted provide aspiring thespians and young theatre artists aged 4-17 a glimpse into the professional theatre world with our Performance Camps for Young People.  Northern Light Theatre’s performance camps are Edmonton’s only summer theatre camp to combine a classic tale with history for a unique blend of education, performance and fun.  Lead by arts educator Maralyn Ryan, students are given the opportunity to explore singing, acting and movement as they rehearse an original play adapted from a significant time in history. Other classes include improvisation, theatre games, acting techniques which stoke the imagination and enhance ensemble work. Past summers have included productions of Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Beauty and Beast, Sherlock Holmes and the Emerald of Alcazar, Legend of Sleepy Hollow and The Emperor’s New Clothes.    Registrations forms for next summer’s camp will be available April 2014.  For more information on the Performance Camps for Young People please call Northern Light Theatre (780) 471-1586 or visit Coming Summer 2014: a 1906 British classic The Railway Children | Book by Edith Nesbit | Adapted for stage by M. Ryan

PerForMance caMP: 2013/2014

“My daughter has been coming to Maralyn’s camp for five years now. She considers these two weeks in August to be an absolute essential part of her summer.  All of our other summer activities and vacations have to be planned around theatre camp!”

2013/2014: PerForMance caMP

6.0 How Heap and Pebble Took On The World And Won

in calgary

Last season’s critically acclaimed, Sterling nominated production of 6.0 was invited to be presented by Lunchbox theatre in Calgary as part of One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo in January 2014. Here’s what Lunchbox artistic director Glenda Stirling had to say about the show. "I wanted to bring 6.0 to Calgary for a couple of reasons - I love the work of Trevor, Jesse and Amber, whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for a long time, but who I haven’t had the chance to work with since I left Edmonton. I know their artistry, and the exciting and precise physical story that team is capable of, and that was a huge part of why I wanted them to bring this production to Lunchbox. The Lunchbox/High Performance Rodeo partnership gives me the opportunity to expand the boundaries of the regular programming at Lunchbox, and introduce our audiences to new work and artists, while also bringing new audiences into our theatre. The themes of courage, hope, laughter, working to overcome challenges within 6.0 will resonate and be familiar to our audiences, however, the stunning physical risk taking and the virtuosity of these performers will be new to our crowd. I am so delighted to host 6.0 to Calgary, and to have these fantastic artists sharing the work with Calgary audiences. Why not hit the highway and come on down and see the show again, and maybe take in some of the other fantastic shows in the High Performance Rodeo?" Glenda Stirling


Christina/Phillippe A deceptively simple Canadian play written in 1985 by Per Brask that presents two historical figures- Queen Christina of Sweden, who dressed and lived as a man, and Phillippe, Duc D’Orleans, the brother to King Louis XIV, who dressed as a woman while maintaing a career as a military leader, husband and father. By special permission of the author, Per Brask, we will be expanding the breadth of this 30 year old text by adding music, live singing, spoken word, and verbatim interviews to illuminate a contemporary context to the historical imagined debate about sexuality, gender and role models while maintaining its dark, unsettling central conflict - Do you dare be who you really are? CHRISTINA: So what do you think? CHRISTINA: About us.

PHILIPPE: About us? Well, I like your hat and...

CHRISTINA: No, about our condition. CHRISTINA: Well, i’d like to be a man and you’d like to be a woman. That condition. CHRISTINA: What do you think about it? CHRISTINA: No, i mean do you think it’s biological? CHRISTINA: Do you think it’s because of our upbringing? CHRISTINA: Do you think we chose it?

PHILIPPE: About what?

PHILIPPE: Our condition? We have a condition?

PHILIPPE: So? What of it? PHILIPPE: I don’t think about it. It’s a fact. PHILIPPE: No. PHILIPPE: No.

PHILIPPE: Maybe. (pause) I can’t remember making a choice. i just feel best this way.

christina/phillippe: COMING May 1 st-10 th 2015

we the arts

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by MiKe bartlett

STARRING: linda grass AS THE MANAGER nimet kanJi AS EMMA directed by TREVOR SCHMIDT assistant directed by BROOKE J. LEIFSO stage managed by BETTY HuSHLAK lighting design by ADAM TSuYOSHI TuRNBuLL set design by TREVOR SCHMIDT & ADAM TSuYOSHI TuRNBuLL costume design by TREVOR SCHMIDT sound design by TREVOR SCHMIDT & BROOKE LEIFSO

PrevieW: MAY 1, 2014 oPening: MAY 2 closes: MAY 10 location: PCL STuDIO, ATB FINANCIAL ARTS BARNS


trevor: Yeah. It’s a good one, huh? Chilling, i hope, by the end. So simple- yet so effective. Just keeps getting darker and darker as it twists along. niMet: Yes indeed. Brought to mind the song Hotel California. “You can check out any time you like but you can never leave”.

LINDA GRASS NLT has a long relationship with Linda. Funny woman. Team player. Cold and frosty on stage- but warm and fuzzy offstage. Might be hard to keep her funny bone in check during this process....

NIMET KANJI Freshly relocated from Vancouver, with an extensive career in film and television, we are thrilled to have Nimet joining us on stage. She sent an e-mail to Ellen after our general auditions: It was lovely meeting you and Trevor today and thank you for making me feel so welcome. The cold is almost bearable with the warmth that you both showed me.


ADAM TSUYOSHI TURNBULL We lovingly refer to Adam as the Japanese Jesus. And i can honestly say that he saves my life on a regular basis. He is calm, he is gentle-spoken, and he is kind. We adore him, and are so proud to have him as a member of the NLT staff, an artistic collaborator, and a friend. He also endures endless ribbing without losing his cool. He never loses his cool.

BROOKE LEIFSO For the past few years i kept coming across the same girl. She rode a retro bike and wore cool, retro outfits. She smiled a secret smile and we would nod to each other. It was only after a series of blind e-mail exchanges that i found out that our new assistant director was that same girl on the bike.... And at the point of writing this, we STILL haven’t met in person(!).

BETTY HUSHLAK and i have the same sense of humor. Dry. Dry like a cornhusk doll.. We went to university together back when dinosaurs roamed the earth- and i was terrified of her back then. Now i feel secure enough to ‘poke the bear’... xo


volunteers We would like to thank all our dedicated and supportive volunteers who have, and continue to, support Northern Light Theatre. A BIG thank you to all of the following (if we missed your name, we apologize): Liz Allison-Jorde

Christina Harbak

Zachary Parsons- Lozinski

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Stephanie Wigston

volunteers: 2013/2014

Back row, left to right: Ashlee Leible, Maralyn Ryan, Steve McDougall, John Bozocea (Treasurer), John Quinn, Karen Bozocea (Secretary) Christine DeWitt Front row: Lori Meinhart (President), Katrina Beatty (Vice President)

Meet our

Board of Directors The NLT Board meets once a month to receive financial and artistic updates from the staff and provides the company with support and fundraising – but above all, the Board is supportive of our vision for the future. They are proud of the distinctive nature of the company. They are brave individuals that believe in our philosophy of artistic risk. They trust our vision as we trust their input, advice and guidance. To find out how you can join this outstanding team please give us a call at (780) 471-1586 or email us at

board of directors: 2013/2014

Artistic Director Trevor Schmidt

General Manager Elizabeth Ludwig

Under the creative artistic vision of Trevor Schmidt, with full support of the administrative team and the board, Northern Light Theatre is dedicated to producing intimate and affecting work that speaks to the modern audience of the urban human condition, the failure to find security and the loss of the dreams held by all for love and happiness.

Ways to Contribute DID YOU KNOW That Northern Light Theatre is a not for profit and charitable organization? It’s true! One of the main ways you can help us continue to bring you quality live theatre is to donate. Every little bit helps! Please visit our website at where you will see a link to our Canada Helps page. You can donate easily and securely from wherever you are and receive a tax receipt in the process! BUY A SUBSCRIPTION The best way to support NLT is by subscribing to our season. Not only does that help us, you get a guaranteed ticket to every production, at a discounted price, AND we’ll even reserve a seat for you! To subscribe please give us a call at 780-4711586. Even if we’re part way through the season, give us a call! You can become a subscriber at any time. TALK ABOUT THE SHOWS If you can’t donate that’s totally cool, there are many ways you can help us out for free! Write a blog about what you saw or – tweet about it! Tweets really do

staff: 2013/2014

Artistic Associate Ellen Chorley

Production Manager/ Technical Director Adam Tsuyoshi Turnbull

NLT values its position on the far end of the spectrum within our local theatre community, and feels it has a unique role to play as an outspoken and purposefully controversial not-forprofit theatre. We hope to make contact and develop ongoing relationships and partnerships with similar-minded companies within our province and country in the years to come.

Like Northern Light Theatre? Want to help us continue to do what we do? There are lots of ways you can help!

help us promote our shows - the best publicity is word of mouth from audience members like you! Be sure to follow us and include us in your tweets so we can share them @NLTEdmonton. BRING A FRIEND Have a friend you think would like NLT’s programming? Bring them along with you! Have a friend who has never been to the theatre before? Even better! We love introducing new people to our work! BECOME A VOLUNTEER We rely on bingo and casino revenue to be able to do what we do, and we need volunteers to help us out. Volunteering for a bingo or casino is a great way to get a free ticket to a show and to meet NLT fans and staff! BECOME A BOARD MEMBER We are looking for passionate people from all walks of life to volunteer for our board of directors. Allow our creativity to flourish by helping to facilitate an environment that ensures management strength and financial stability. Call us at 780-471-1586 or email if you are interested in joining our team.

ways to contribute: 2013/2014



Concordia offers bachelor programs in Drama, Music and Psychology.

Opening Doors. Opening Minds. Opening Possibilities.

Bachelor of Arts

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Four Year Majors English Music Sociology Psychology

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Northern Lights Theatre 2013/2014 Program  
Northern Lights Theatre 2013/2014 Program  

Northern Lights Theatre 2013/2014 Program