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METRO CINEMA .ORG metrocinema at the Garneau 8712 - 109 Street, Edm AB T6G 1E9

february 2013 SCHEDULE The Room USA 2003, 99 min, 35mm, Dir: Tommy Wiseau 1 @ 11:30 PM

Music Docs/// A monthly film series featuring music documentaries, from classic to contemporary. Curated by Tim Rechner, and co-presented with CJSR.

Oh hi Johnny, I didn’t know it was you. Join us for our popular monthly screening of Tommy Wiseau’s masterpiece, The Room, widely agreed to be the “Citizen Kane of bad movies”. You’re my favourite customer! Thanks a lot! Bye. Please note: Audience participation is encouraged.

56 Up UK 2012, 144 min, Digital, Dir: Michael Apted, Paul Almond 1, 3, 6, @ 6:45PM, 2 @ 4PM, 3 @ 1PM, 4 @ 9PM, 7 @ 8:45PM

“Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man.” Starting in 1964 with Seven Up, The Up Series has explored this Jesuit maxim. The original concept was to interview 14 children from diverse backgrounds from all over England, asking them about their lives and their dreams for the future. Every seven years, renowned director Michael Apted, a researcher for Seven Up, has been back to talk to them, examining the progression of their lives. An extraordinary look at the structure of life in the 20th century. “An inspired, almost noble use of the film medium. Apted penetrates to the central mystery of life.” (Roger Ebert)

Barbara Germany 2012, 100 min, Digital, Dir: Christian Petzold, German with subtitles 1, 6 @ 9:30PM, 4 @ 7PM

Set in East Germany in the early 1980s, the new film from renowned director Christian Petzold (Jerichow) is a suspenseful chamber piece about an accomplished Berlin physician, banished to a rural hospital as punishment, who is torn between the promise of escape across the border and her growing love for a fellow colleague - who may be planning to betray her to the secret police. (TIFF)

Thelonious Monk: Straight, No Chaser USA 1988, 90 min, Digital, Dir: Charlotte Zwerin 5 @ 7PM

Groundhog Day USA 1993, 101 min, Digital, Dir: Harold Ramis 2 @ 2PM, 2 @ 9PM

Screening Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day. Obvious programming? Maybe, but we’re happy for the chance to offer up this classic comedy, which masterfully addresses the philosophy of redemption and rebirth, and allows Bill Murray one of his most memorable roles - repeating the same day over, and over, and over again. Some of us may be cursed to make the same mistakes... but few of us have to deal with repeatedly meeting up with “Needlenose” Ned - cause we sure as heckfire remember him - “Bing!”

Beasts of the Southern Wild USA 2012, 93 min, 35mm, Dir: Benh Zeitlin 2, 7 @ 7PM, 3 @ 4PM, 5 @ 9:30PM

The staggeringly ambitious and stylistically bold first feature by Benh Zeitlin …is an eccentric, wholly unique vision of ecological apocalypse. Hushpuppy (an astonishing debut by Quvenzhané Wallis) is a six-year-old girl living with her boozing father in a Louisiana shantytown called “The Bathtub,” so named because its location in a valley will cause it to be totally wiped out in the event of a flood. ...Unforgettable, indescribable and unmissable. (TIFF) Nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actress.

This documentary of the late jazz great Thelonius Monk (1917-1982) uses footage taken from 14 hours of European concert performances filmed in 1967-68 by Christian Blackwood. From his childhood in New York City’s San Juan Hill, Monk grew up to become one of the most innovative jazz pianists of all time. Monk ushered in the bebop era of the 1940s and influenced such contemporary greats as Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. Interviews with Monk’s manager Harry Colomby and Monk’s son and namesake shed light on the character of the jazz giant. Executive producer Clint Eastwood got the idea for the project while researching the life of Charlie Parker for his film Bird. (Dan Pavlides, Rovi)


Pet Semetary USA 1989, 103 min, Digital, Dir: Mary Lambert 8 @ 11:30PM

24 years ago director Mary Lambert was given the task of taking Stephen King’s best selling novel and turning it into a movie that would terrify audiences. To say the least, she succeeded. Behind a young family’s home in Maine is a terrible secret that holds the power of life after death. When tragedy strikes, the threat of that power soon becomes undeniable. Come join us as we take you down memory lane with this classic genre title or witness one of Stephen King’s greatest stories for the first time. Either way, it’ll be a fun filled evening as we try to warn you all that sometimes....DEAD IS BETTER.

Canada’s Top Ten Canada’s Top Ten brings Canada’s most acclaimed filmmakers together with Edmonton audiences for an exciting cinematic experience honoring excellence in both short and feature length film, as chosen by a panel of filmmakers and industry professionals from across Canada, brought together by TIFF. This year’s films have won awards around the world, and Rebelle (War Witch) is Canada’s nominee for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. We’re also delighted this year to host director Peter Mettler, who will be here presenting his film The End of Time. Please join us in celebrating Canadian cinema.

The End of Time

Stories We Tell


Canada 2012, 108 min, 35mm, Dir: Sarah Polley 9 @ 7PM, 12 @ PM, 18 @ 4PM

Canada 2012, 109 min, Digital, Dir: David Cronenberg 10 @ 9:30PM

The first documentary from director Sarah Polley is a personal essay on the intractable subjects of truth and memory. Using a captivating combination of archival footage, still photos and testimonials, Polley examines the disagreements and varying narratives of her own family as they look back on decades-old events. The result is a lively and richly textured documentary which seamlessly blends past and present, the real and the imagined - one devoid of sensationalism and filled with tender and powerful moments.

Canada/ Switzerland 2012, 109 min, Digital, Dir: Peter Mettler 8 @ 7PM,10 @ 12:30PM, 13 @ 9:30PM

Visionary filmmaker Peter Mettler (Gambling, Gods and LSD) traverses the globe to explore (and explode) our conceptions of time, in this entrancing combination of documentary and mind-expanding philosophical speculation. (TIFF) He dares to dream the movie of the future while also immersing us in the wonder of the everyday. At once personal, rigorous and visionary, Mettler has crafted a film as compelling and magnificent as its subject.

Peter Mettler In Conversation Presented in collaboration with FAVA and AMPIA, Feb 9 @ 4PM

Peter Mettler and U of A Film Prof Liz Czach will be holding an informal discussion/ presentation where Mettler will recount stories and illuminate working processes carried out over three decades of creative filmmaking. Mostly focusing on his non-scripted, poetic, essayistic, exploration-oriented personal documentary work he will reference films of his own such as Picture of Light, Balifilm, Gambling Gods and LSD and his latest The End of Time. FREE ADMISSION

My Awkward Sexual Adventure Canada 2012, 108 min, Digital, Dir: Sean Garrity 8, 14 @ 9:30PM

Raucous, sexy and frenetic, the film follows an accountant who makes a pact with an exotic dancer who, in exchange for his financial advice, agrees to help him beef up his skills as a lover and win back the love of his life. The pair head from there straight into a comedic perfect storm, complete with castrating mothers, ultra-sensitive nudist neighbours, and decidedly inconsiderate repo men. And, perhaps unusually for a sex comedy, My Awkward Sexual Adventure is surprisingly educational. Valentine’s Day 2 for 1: Bring your loved one and they get free admission!

Arriving in the wake of the Occupy movements and the recent financial collapse, David Cronenberg’s stylish and timely adaptation of Don DeLillo’s apocalyptic satire follows a billionaire financier (Robert Pattinson) as he creeps across an imploding New York City in a limo, his life of absurd luxury collapsing around him. It’s a scenario geared expressly toward Cronenberg’s sensibilities, playing out like Videodrome - or, as The New Yorker argued, Crash - transplanted to the endangered world of the one per cent.

Shorts Programme A Canada 2012, 57 min, Dir: Various 12 @ 7PM

Midnight’s Children Canada 2012, 146 min, 35mm, Dir: Deepa Mehta 9 @ 9:15PM, 10 @ 6:45PM

Deepa Mehta’s highly anticipated collaboration with Salman Rushdie on the screen adaptation of his Booker Prize–winning novel is an inspired allegorical fantasy that follows the destinies of two children born at the stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947 - the moment India claimed its independence from Britain. An irreverent epic of Shakespearean proportions, shot through with moments of arresting intimacy, Midnight’s Children is a production of truly impressive scope.

Goon Canada 2011, 92 min, Digital, Dir: Michael Dowse 10 @ 2:45PM, 11 @ 9PM

The latest from acclaimed maverick Michael Dowse (Fubar, Fubar 2, It’s All Gone Pete Tong) is a raucous, hilarious take on Canada’s one true national obsession. Goon deals with a conflict every hockey fan - and virtually every Canadian, fan or not - has an opinion on: violence on the ice. Dowse and Baruchel don’t skimp on the bloodshed, or our appetite for it. Think of it as the Canadian film-comedy counterpart to Jimi Hendrix’s version of the “The Star Spangled Banner”: sacrilegious, twisted and, somehow, perversely patriotic. Double Feature with Slap Shot: $10 for Matinee, $15 for Evening SINGLE FILM, REGULAR ADMISSION

From a magical animated piece based on the famous tale of Kaspar Hauser to an absurdist comedy-drama about a lonely man caring for a depressed cat; from a surreal account of a woman succumbing to illness to powerful dramas about barriers to understanding, this collection of short films uses a wide range of styles to explore themes of isolation and fragile realities. Includes films by Diane Obomsawin, Bahar Noorizadeh, Joëlle Desjardins Paquette, Phillip Barker, and Martin Thibaudeau.

Shorts Programme B Canada 2012, 56 min, Dir: Various 17 @ 9PM

The best laid plans go awry in this diverse programme of shorts, which includes a stop-motion exploration of the hardship of labour, a comic riff on spirituality and temptation from Trailer Park Boys creator Mike Clattenburg, a portrait of a young woman’s life turned upside down by a disobedient dog, and Deco Dawson’s award-winning account of the life (real and imagined) of the last Surrealist, Jean Benoît. Also includes films by Patrick Bouchard, Tess Girard and Chloé Robichaud.

Rebelle (War Witch) Canada 2012, 90 min, 35mm, Dir: Kim Nguyen, French with subtitles 15 @ 9PM, 19 @ 9:15PM, 21 @ 7PM, 23 @ 4PM

Kim Nguyen’s harrowing film tells the story of a 12-year-old Central African girl (Rachel Mwanza) abducted by a rebel army and forced to commit unspeakable acts as a child soldier. Winner of the Best Actress prize at Berlin in 2012, Mwanza delivers an extraordinary performance as Komona. Heartfelt and helplessly moving, Rebelle guides us through the harsh world of a young girl whose circumstances are tragic, yet whose story is one of formidable courage and unquenchable hope. Academy Award Nominated: Best Foreign Language Film (Canada).

Canada’s Top Ten Continued

Reel Family Cinema/// Saturday matinees for the whole family!

Still Mine Canada 2012, 102 min, Digital, Dir: Michael McGowan 16 @ 7PM

Sometimes cantankerous and always stubborn, Craig (James Cromwell) owes the survival of his New Brunswick family farm to his relationship with his wife, Irene (Geneviève Bujold). But when Irene’s health begins to fail, Craig is faced with the choice of either building a new, more suitable home for her, or leaving the farm they have lived on for decades. Michael McGowan’s (One Week) Still is, in part, about the battle between tradition and modernity. It’s also an exquisitely mounted and deeply affecting love story about a couple in their twilight years - brought vividly to life by Cromwell and Bujold, who are nothing short of magnificent.

Laurence Anyways Canada 2012, 168 min, Digital, Dir: Xavier Dolan, French with subtitles 16 @ 9PM, 18 @ 9PM

Shot in a kind of hyper-florid style to capture the vicissitudes of an untenable love affair, Xavier Dolan’s epic romance Laurence Anyways feels like Wuthering Heights relocated to the streets of Montreal, with a transgendered Heathcliff and a punky Catherine. The crux of the film: can this storm-tossed couple stay together when both biology and society are arrayed against them? Can they live apart? Driven by gutsy performances, particularly by leads Melvil Poupaud and Suzanne Clément, Laurence Anyways may be the most audacious, searing meditation on love and sexuality ever made in this country.

The Iron Giant USA 1999, 86 min, Digital, Dir: Brad Bird 9 @ 2PM

USA 1977, 123 min, Digital, Dir: George Roy Hill 10 @ 4:30PM, 11 @ 7PM

Most fans of the sport and the film are in agreement: Slap Shot is the best film yet made about hockey. George Roy Hill, the Oscar-winning director of The Sting, reunites with Paul Newman for this story about a minor league hockey team. Many of you know the film, the quotes, and the characters: Reg Dunlop, the Hanson Brothers, Ogie Ogilthorpe, Tim McCracken, etc. But we’ll let goalie Denis Lemieux do the talking : “High-sticking happen when the guy take the stick, you know, and he go like that...You do that, you go to the box, you know. Two minutes, by yourself, you know and you feel shame, you know. And then you get free.” Double Feature with Goon: $10 for Matinee, $15 for Evening SINGLE FILM, REGULAR ADMISSION

Hogarth Hughes, a lonely nine-year-old boy, finds an unlikely friend when a large alien robot (voiced by Vin Diesel) crash-lands near his home outside of Rockwell, Maine. Without any memory of where he comes from or his purpose, it is up to Hogarth to hide the innocent 50 foot tall iron giant from the town and U.S. government agent Kent Mansley, who is tracking the machine. The first feature film from acclaimed animation director Brad Bird (The Incredibles and Ratatouille) and adapted from Ted Hughes’ 1968 children’s novel, The Iron Giant is a moving story of friendship and understanding. Free Admission for Children 12 and under!

gateway to Cinema/// Films presented by The Gateway, official student newspaper at the University of Alberta.

The World Before Her Canada 2012, 90 min, Digital, Dir: Nisha Pahuga, Hindi with subtitles 17 @ 3:15PM

...Contrasts two radically different Indias: on one side is a large faction of fundamentalist Hindu women; on the other, women who embrace the “new” by entering the Miss India beauty pageant. Crosscutting between these two worlds, Pahuja creates a dark, often chilling portrait of a contemporary cultural schism, while establishing herself as a keen-eyed documentarian in the vein of Yung Chang (Up the Yangtze). Like him, she is adept at finding situations that perfectly encapsulate the tides of change, while locating the ironies and contradictions running beneath them. (All Canada’s Top Ten film blurbs from TIFF)

Slap Shot

A Clockwork Orange UK/ USA 1971, 136 min, Digital, Dir: Stanley Kubrick 13 @ 7PM

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, The Gateway celebrates the publication of their infamous Purity Test and all things delinquent. Join “Humble Narrator” Alex (Malcolm McDowell) as he leads his gang of “droogs” on a vicious rampage through the streets of a futuristic Britain, beating and raping their helpless victims all in the name of good fun. When a falling out with his cronies lands Alex in jail, he agrees to submit to a controversial new therapy that will seek to cure him of his hooliganism in exchange for an early release. Finding the outside world no more kinder than he left it but now unable to defend himself, Alex eventually finds shelter in the home of none other than one of his former victims. Free Admission for Students with valid ID.

Amélie (Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain) France/ Germany 2001, 122 min, Digital, Dir: Jean-Pierre Jeunet, French with subtitles 14 @ 7:15PM

When impish gamine Amélie (Audrey Tautou), who lives alone, finds a long-hidden trove of toys behind a baseboard in her apartment, she’s inspired to repatriate the items, an impulse of generosity that sparks more benevolent acts. A celebration of life and love, French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Oscar-nominated charmer stresses the importance of small wonders that surround us, if only we paused to look. Valentine’s Day 2 for 1: Bring your loved one and they get free admission!



7PM Barbara 9PM 56 Up





12:30PM CANADA TOP 10///The End of Time

1PM 56 Up 4PM Beasts of the Southern Wild 6:45PM 56 Up 9:30PM The Paperboy





7PM CANADA’S TOP 10 ///Shorts


7PM MUSIC DOCS/// Thelonious Monk: Straight, No Chaser 9:30PM Beasts of the Southern Wild


6:45PM 56 Up 9:30PM Barbara




february 2013 SCHEDULE

Marsh, Pete & Jill Metro Cinema’s Programming Team

Enjoy the films!

7:15PM Amelie 9:30PM CANADA’S


7PM GHIBLI/// My Neighbor Totoro


7PM CANADA’S TOP 10/// The End of Time 9:30PM CANADA’S TOP 10/// My Awkward Sexual Adventure 11:30PM DEDFEST/// Pet Semetary




2PM REEL FAMILY CINEMA/// The Iron Giant 4PM CANADA’S TOP 10 /// Peter Mettler in Conversation 7PM CANADA’S TOP 10/// Stories We Tell 9:15PM CANADA’S TOP 10/// Midnight’s Children


2 2PM Groundhog Day 4PM 56 Up 7PM Beasts of the Southern Wild 9PM Groundhog Day

6:45PM 56 Up 9:30PM Barbara 11:30PM The Room


metro cinema .org



Adult Six pack $50 Student/Senior Six pack $40 Friends of Metro $12/year (for $2 off per screening) Silver Screen $200


Adult $10 (Matinee $8) Student/Senior $8 (Matinee $6) Children under 13 $6


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metrocinema at the Garneau

the end of time


We’ll also be hosting a mini-retrospective of the works of Winston Washington Moxam, the most significant black filmmaker to emerge from Manitoba. The Winnipeg Film Group has curated a retrospective of Moxam’s work, which we are proud to screen as part of a cross-country tour.

And as you’ve probably noticed, we’re screening our second package of films from Studio Ghibli; this month’s batch includes a pig who’s a pilot, a cat who’s a bus, and a Japanese cover of a John Denver song. Check back in March, because we’ll screen our next batch of Ghibli films around the Easter weekend.

As part of Canada’s Top Ten this year, we are proud to host a visit from essay filmmaker Peter Mettler, who will be here presenting his latest film, The End of Time. He will also be engaging in a conversation on our stage, discussing his process as a filmmaker, cinematographer, editor, and his practices as a photographer and live media mixer.

Canada’s Top Ten is an initiative of the Toronto International Film Festival; it’s curated by a rotating jury of filmmakers and industry professionals, and highlights the best in Canadian shorts and features.

Our February programming is defined by two big series: Canada’s Top Ten, and part two of our ongoing series Studio Ghibli films.

HI Everyone///



Kyle Armstrong: President Marsh Murphy: Executive Director Jill Watamaniuk: Programming & Print Traffic Pete Harris: Theatre Manager/Programmer John Ray, les Hall, Brad Sime: Projectionists erin Fraser: Front of House Manager/ Social Media Dan Nielsen, Tola Adeshina, Maggie Hardy, Tim Rechner, Samantha Sheplawy, Rose eva Forgues-Jenkins, & Katie Hartfeil: Front of House Allan Mulholland: Facility Shirley Combden: Bookkeeper

7PM GloBAl ViSioNS FilM FeSTiVAl 9:30PM The Blues Brothers


7PM GHIBLI/// Porco Rosso 9:30PM TURKEY SHOOT/// Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man


A Clockwork Orange 9:30PM CANADA’S TOP 10/// The End of Time

GloBAl ViSioNS FilM FeSTiVAl


7PM CANADA’S TOP 10 /// War Witch (Rebelle) 9PM MOSTLY WATER/// Metro Shorts



TOP 10/// My Awkward Sexual Adventure


7PM Special event 9:30PM Searching for Sugar Man 11:15PM The Blues Brothers


9PM CANADA’S TOP 10/// War Witch (Rebelle) 11PM METRO BIZARRO/// Big Meat Eater

2PM Searching for Sugar Man 4PM CANADA’S TOP 10/// War Witch (Rebelle) 7PM Buzkashi! 9:30PM GHIBLI/// Whisper of the Heart


4:15PM GHIBLI/// Porco Rosso 7PM CANADA’S TOP 10/// Still Mine 9PM CANADA’S TOP 10/// Laurence Anyways




7PM CULT CINEMA/// Cruising 9PM Searching for Sugar Man

7PM GHIBLI/// Whisper of the Heart 9PM Buzkashi!

MeTRo oPeRATioNS ///



7PM GRAPHIC CONTENT/// Point Blank 9:15PM CANADA’S TOP 10/// War Witch (Rebelle)


Programme A 9PM CANADA’S TOP 10/// Stories We Tell


FAMily DAy

2PM GHIBLI/// My Neighbor Totoro 4PM CANADA’S TOP 10/// Stories We Tell 7PM GHIBLI/// Porco Rosso 9PM CANADA’S TOP 10/// Laurence Anyways


7PM Slap Shot 9PM CANADA’S TOP 10/// Goon

12:30PM Searching for Sugar Man 2:15PM GHIBLI/// Whisper of the Heart 4:30PM WINSTON MOXAM/// Short Films 7PM WINSTON MOXAM/// Billy 9:15PM Buzkashi!

1:30PM GHIBLI/// My Neighbor Totoro 3:15PM CANADA’S TOP 10/// The World Before Her 5:30PM Private event 9PM CANADA’S TOP 10 /// Short Programme B


GAMe iS oN DoUBle FeATURe 2:45PM CANADA TOP 10/// Goon 4:30PM Slap Shot 6:45PM CANADA TOP 10/// Midnight’s Children 9:30PM CANADA TOP 10/// Cosmopolis




MARCH 1-2, 2013







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Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli Tour: Part 2 Continuing our exploration of the works of acclaimed filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki and the animation studio he founded, Studio Ghibli, Metro Cinema is delighted to bring three more films from this incredible collection to the screen. These three films further showcase the artistry and themes that make Studio Ghibli a beloved institution around the world. Join us as we venture in to the forest, fly high in the sky, and follow our dreams. All Ages Welcome!

My Neighbour Totoro (Tonari no Totoro) Japan 1988, 86 min, 35mm, Dir: Hayao Miyazaki, English Dubbed 15 @ 7PM, 17 @ 1:30PM, 18 @ 2PM

Two young sisters, Satsuki (voiced by Dakota Fanning) and Mei (voiced by Elle Fanning) relocate to the countryside with their father to be close to their mother while she is recovering in the hospital. They soon discover that magical creatures inhabit the nearby forest! Befriending the Totoros, the girls experience several enchanted episodes that reveal to them the power of nature and the preciousness life. A deceptively simple film, My Neighbour Totoro is Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki’s most endearing and enduring work. Filled with astonishing creatures, including the furry Catbus, beautifully detailed animation, and a powerful sense of wonder in the natural world around us.

Metro Bizarro/// A monthly foray into the weird, wacky and wonderful world of fringe cinema.

Big Meat Eater Canada 1982, 82 min, Digital, Dir: Chris Windsor 15 @ 11PM

“Pleased to meet you, meat to please you!” Bob Sanders owns the perfect little butcher shop in the perfect little town of Burquitlam until one day he takes on an apprentice: Abdulla (Edmontonian jazz legend Clarence “Big” Miller), a very big man with a very dark secret. Then there’s Jan the resident boy genius who is searching for a fuel source for his rocket. All the while Bob and Abdullah are working, radioactive meat is mutating beneath the floorboards to create the rare element Bolonium, an element that aliens need to fuel their spaceship and return home. All this and the town talent show is just around the corner! There’s a little something for everyone this musical/ sci-fi/ horror/ comedy. Featuring songs by Vancouver art-punk band UJ3RK5, Big Meat Eater is a film that has to be seen to be believed.

Porco Rosso (Kurenai no buta) Japan 1992, 94 min, 35mm, Dir: Hayao Miyazaki, English Dubbed 16 @ 4:15PM, 18, 20 @ 7PM

The strange Porco Rosso (voiced by Michael Keaton), a former WWI air ace who was mysteriously turned in to a pig-man during the war, now patrols the Adriatic Sea in his custom red airplane while on the hunt for air pirates. When a cocky new pilot named Donald Curtis (voiced by Cary Elwes) enters the fray, Porco is drawn into a love triangle in addition to the many air battles he engages in. Will he come out on top? Porco Rosso deftly melds the history and aeronautics of the real world with the flights of fancy he is most known for. An homage to the adventure serials that inspired countless filmmakers, Porco Rosso is a boisterous gem.

Whisper of the Heart (Mimi wo sumaseba) Japan 1995, 111 min, 35mm, Dir: Yoshifumi Kondô, English Dubbed 23 @ 9PM, 24 @ 2:15PM, 25 @7PM

Walking the concrete roads of Tokyo, fourteen-year-old Shizuku Tsukishima (voiced by Brittany Snow) arrives home from the library one hot August night with a stack of summer reading, only to find out that every single checkout card in the back bears the name “Seiji Amasawa”! As the mystery of the ‘Prince of Books’ unfolds over the following school term, Shizuku’s discoveries lead her to make hard personal decisions about her own burgeoning ambitions and abilities. Written by Hayao Miyazaki, and the only film directed by his protégé Yoshifumi Kondô before his untimely death, Whisper of the Heart is Studio Ghibli’s honest, lovely film about the whispering calls to follow your dreams...if you listen closely.

Science in the Cinema///

Graphic Content/// Curated by Matt Bowes and Erin Fraser, presented by Metro Cinema and Warp One Comics and Games.

Point Blank USA 1967, 92 min, Digital, Dir: John Boorman 19 @ 7PM

When Walker (Lee Marvin) is double-crossed and left to die on Alcatraz Island after a heist gone wrong, he’s understandably angry. He sets out to get revenge against his former gang in a rampage that leaves bodies strewn all over the city, with a woman from his past along for the ride. Adapted from the work of legendary crime writer Donald Westlake, Point Blank is an intriguing mix of nouvelle vague sensibilities, Pop Art stylings and good old-fashioned American criminality. Join Graphic Content and special guest Devin Bruce of Scotch and Comics as they revisit a film that shares its inspiration with some of the best comics in recent memory, Darwyn Cooke’s Parker series.

turkey shoot/// A monthly celebration of aesthetically challenged films, hosted live by Dave Clarke and Jeff Page (with special sarcastic guests).

Innerspace USA 1987, 120 min, Digital, Dir: Joe Dante 16 @ 1PM

Alberta Innovates - Health Solutions Science in the Cinema is going to get really, really tiny! Innerspace stars Martin Short as a hapless hypochondriac who battles arch-villains in order to save the life of an astronaut when a secret miniaturization project goes awry.Introducing will be Dr. Derek Dee, postdoctoral fellow in the Dept of Physics at the U of A, and the National Institute for Nanotechnology. After the film, Dr. Dee will talk about the use of nanomaterials in medical research and there will also be a Q & A.. Plus, a rare opportunity to see how ordinary things look on an amazingly small scale through a portable SEM, or scanning electron microscope, which will be in the theatre lobby before and after the screening. Admission is free and includes a small popcorn.

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man USA 1991, 98 min, Digital, Dir: Simon Wincer 20 @ 9:30PM

Mickey Rourke still resembled a human male when he paired with Don Johnson to play these titular characters. Other characters are named Virginia Slim, Jack Daniels, and Punk with Gun (although we’re pretty sure the last one is just a very small role). Other actors are named Tom Sizemore, Vanessa Williams, Tia Carrere and that one Baldwin brother. Free admission to any patron who shares a legal name with a corporate trademark.


of San Francisco presents

Cinema Vivant

The cool and classy era of silent film just got hot in this special cinematic presentation of rare and delightful classic films, accompanied by vintage gypsy jazz sounds. As the images flicker to life, these musicians match every movement on-screen with characteristic virtuosity, passion and humour.

FRIDAY, MARCH 8 7:30 PM • $40


Arden Theatre Box Office .5. . St. . . . . Anne . . . . . . . . .Street .................... Call 780-459-1542 or

No Man Can Define Me: The Films of Winston Washington Moxam

Shorts Program 24 @ 4:30PM

From the Other Side Canada 1992, 30 min, Digital, Dir: Winston Washington Moxam

An insightful documentary portrait of a number of ethnically and culturally diverse homeless people in Toronto. .

The Barbecue Canada 1993, 48 min, Digital, Dir: Winston Washington Moxam

A drama about a young black woman’s bizarre encounter with her white boyfriend’s strange family.

Sand Canada 1999, 16 min, Digital, Dir: Winston Washington Moxam

In this short historical drama, two African-Canadian soldiers are stranded on a deserted island during WWII with only one canteen of fresh water between them. In order to survive, they must not only heat and thirst, but also their own doubts and fears.

Billy Canada 1993, 85 min, 35mm, Dir: Winston Washington Moxam 24 @ 7PM

1967, a young journalist arrives at a retirement home in The Pas, Manitoba, to interview Billy, a 94-year-old black man. Billy recounts for him the story of his eventful life: his migration as a young man from the U.S. to Manitoba; his struggles as a homesteader; the racism he endured; his love of a woman; and his gift of photography. “…Shot in glorious 35mm by Claude Savard, this sensitive portrait of one man’s search for acceptance in the earliest days of Manitoba also promises to be a major contribution to our collective understanding of the African-Canadian experience” (Matthew Rankin).

Mostly Water: Metro Shorts Canada 2012, Digital, Dir: Various 21 @ 9PM

Want an audience to view your short films? Metro Shorts is a chance for filmmakers to have their work professionally screened and adjudicated by industry members. All films shown will receive a $50 CARFAC screening fee; in addition, a $100 cash prize will be given to the winner of each event. The winner is chosen by the audience who acts as studio executives, voting to decide if the short is good enough to win it all. Hosted by Mostly Water and produced by Metro Cinema. Submissions deadline: Feb 15 For details: or 780 935 6532.

The Winnipeg Film Group is pleased to present the first retrospective of the films of Winston Washington Moxam (1963-2011). Moxam is, to date, the most significant black filmmaker to emerge from Manitoba. His independent body of work spans two decades, from 1989 to 2010, and includes short fiction, documentary, and two features. All of these works address issues of race, racism and social justice, and significantly reflect the experience of living in Winnipeg and Manitoba. “Questions of race have rarely been tackled by Winnipeg filmmakers. Through the sensationalist 1990s Moxam was the lone cinematic voice to speak for racial understanding in Manitoba. In this respect, Moxam must be seen as a pioneer. ..” (Matthew Rankin) The retrospective is composed of two sets of screenings: a series of shorter works and a final feature-length work. This event also features the launch of an accompanying interpretive catalogue (available at the screenings). Curator Scott Birdwise will be in attendance and introduce the screenings and give a short talk afterwards.

Searching for Sugar Man Sweden/ UK 2011, 86 min, Digital, 35mm, Dir: Malik Bendjelloul 22 @ 9:30PM, 23 @ 2PM, 24 @ 12:30PM, 26 @ 9PM, 25 @ 9PM

Back by popular demand is a film that chronicles the extraordinary story of the artist known as Rodriguez. In the late 60s, two celebrated producers, who were struck by his soulful melodies and prophetic lyrics, discovered a musician in a Detroit bar. They recorded an album that they believed was going to secure his reputation as one of the greatest recording artists of his generation. In fact, the album bombed and the singer disappeared into obscurity amid rumors of a gruesome on-stage suicide. But a bootleg recording found its way into apartheid South Africa and, over the next two decades, it became a phenomenon. Two fans then set out to find out what really happened to their hero. Academy Award Nominated: Best Documentary, Features.

Buzkashi! Canada 2012, 82 min, Digital, Dir: Najeeeb Mirza 23 @ 7PM, 24, 25 @ 9:15PM

Buzkashi! is a story of three fascinating characters who are at the top of their sport of Buzkashi in Tajikistan, a former Soviet republic nestled in the Pamir mountains. Donning their protective equipment - including tank helmets from previous wars - they steer their horses to join the hundreds of others playing on the plateaus of this mountainous country. The rivalries, alliances politics and intrigues surrounding the sport put ancient values of honor and integrity head-to-head with ego-driven hunger for power and wealth. Directed by Edmontonian Najeeb Mirza.

Cult Cinema/// A monthly series of eccentric classics curated by Jeff Noel.


USA 1980, 102 mins, Digital, Dir: William Friedkin 26 @ 7PM

Al Pacino is Steve Burns, a rookie cop who goes undercover in New York’s gay underground to track a serial-killer operating in the S&M and leather clubs, and is forced to face his own sexuality in the process. Met with protest during production and controversy upon release, Cruising has slipped into relative obscurity over the years but stands as one of director William Friedkin’s (The French Connection, The Exorcist) most atmospheric and enigmatic films, as well as one of the grittiest and most disturbing cinematic visions to come out of the late 70s.

Global Visions Film Festival 2013 Feb 27 - Mar 3

The Blues Brothers USA 1980, 133 min, Digital, Dir: John Landis 22 @ 11:15PM, 27 @ 9:30PM

Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi developed the Blues Brothers in musical sketches on Saturday Night Live, then partnered with studio musicians to form a real band, whose first album went double platinum; it was followed by this, the first SNL feature. Belushi and Aykroyd play brothers ‘Joliet’ Jake and Elwood Blues, who are on a “mission from God” to save the orphanage they grew up in. A unique combination of comedy, musical and car chase films; it includes performances by Aretha Franklin, James Brown, and Ray Charles - and the best, longest, most absurd car chase scene in cinema. In the words of Elwood: We certainly hope you all enjoy the show.

Global Visions Film Festival is Canada’s longest running documentary film festival, celebrating 31 great years. Dedicated to presenting socially relevant films from across Canada and around the world, Global Visions proves that film and filmmakers can help make a positive, transformative change in people’s lives. This year’s festival features representation from more than 20 countries, public workshops, and our alwayspopular filmmaker/community group panel discussions. This year’s major special events include the 2nd Annual Political Panel, ‘Meet the Filmmakers’ event, ‘Sound & Visions’ Music Panel, Documentary Filmmaking 101 Workshop, and Pitchfest Live 2013! For full schedule, screenings & info:





BLOOD MIXES Kevin Loring


Starring Robert Benz, Lorne Cardinal, Craig Lauzon, Sera-Lys McArthur and Michaela Washburn Director: Bradley Moss

“Powerful, disturbing and absolutely important theatre.” – Hamilton Spectator

FEB 12 - MAR 3 2013 2 for 1 Tuesdays Feb 19 & 26 The Roxy Theatre 10708 124th Street 780.453.2440

Photo by Roy Timm Photography | Design by Chris Peters

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Metro Cinema Guide February 2013  

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