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The Many Faces of Nicolas Cage

Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival

The Stairs Mary and the Witch’s Flower

Faces Places

Black History Month Ex Libris: New York

Public Library


A Fantastic Woman

An intimate portrait of loss, queer pride, and grace under pressure.

Opening exclusively February 23 – March 8 metrocinema at the Garneau 8712 - 109 Street, Edm AB T6G 1E9


Stay Warm WITH A

Cold One, alberta

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Adult $13 Student/Senior $10 (Matinee $8) Children 12 & Under $8


Night at the Movies $30 Adult Six Pack $60 Student/Senior Six Pack $50 Silver Screen $300

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Metro Operations Dan Nielsen – President Heather Noel – Vice President Randal Pruss – Treasurer Alex Dimitroff – Secretary JD Crookshanks, Anthony Dionigi, Steve Grubich, Sandy Hoye, Chris Provins, Brad Stromberg, Hitomi Suzuta, Connie Zimmerman – Directors David Cheoros – Executive Director Dan Smith – Operations Manager Pete Harris – Programming Manager Katie Sowden – Communications Director Allan Mulholland – Facility Manager Brad Sime – Booth Manager/Head Projectionist Bill Samoil – Financial Officer Talicia Dutchin – Communications Specialist/ House Manager Nic Keating – Operations Assistant/House Manager Ryn Climenhaga – Programming Assistant/ House Manager Owen Armstrong, Joseph Hartfeil – Projectionists Tola Adeshina, Robyn-Lynn Toll, Kendra Treichel – House Managers Jennifer Fehr, Lucy Ford, Tim Rechner, Caitlin Richards, Shania Taylor – Front of House Reps

METRO CINEMA is a community based not for profit society devoted to creating and fostering opportunities for the exhibition of diverse and unique shared viewing experiences in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. We believe that film and media art are significant art forms; a means of communication, discussion, and education. Metro Cinema believes in providing opportunities for diverse community and programming.

Metro Cinema is grateful for the support of the Alberta Media Arts Alliance, Capital FM, CFRN, CJSR, FAVA, Vue Weekly and the Harper-Kennedy Fund at the Edmonton Community Foundation. Metro Cinema recognizes our relationship with Treaty 6 territory and wishes to acknowledge the Papaschase First Nation on whose unceded land the Garneau Theatre occupies.

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New Releases

Mountain The Final Year The Stairs Mary and the Witch’s Flower Faces Places The Other Side of Hope  My Friend Dahmer   The Square (2017) Jane A Fantastic Woman

Series & Repertory

Bad Girls Movie Club - To Die For

Cinema of Psychedelia - Altered States

Night Gallery - Adult Cartoon Party 4

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Metro Retro - Heathers Bad Girls Movie Club - To Die For Tommy Wiseau’s The Room Reel Family Cinema - The Breadwinner - Wonder Woman - The Boss Baby - The Muppet Movie - The Lego Batman Movie Sci-Fi in the Cinema - Blade Runner: The Final Cut - Blade Runner 2049 Afternoon Tea - Goodbye Christopher Robin - Victoria and Abdul Music Docs - Amplify Her Night Gallery - D.I.Y Video Jukebox - Adult Cartoon Party! Staff Pics - La graine et le mulet (The Secret of the Grain) Science In Cinema - Side Effects - Hotel Transylvania The Cinema of Psychedelia - Altered States Kink on Screen - Professor Marston and the Wonder Women Reel Learning - The Phantom of the Opera (2004) Gateway to Cinema - Wonder Woman Sunday Classics - West Side Story - Gigi Art Docs - Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World Metro Shorts Quote-A-Long - The Princess Bride HOMO-CIDAL Drag Show

- Gremlins 2: The New Batch Groundhog Day

Special Screenings & Events

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New Year’s Day - The Evil Dead (1981)  - Evil Dead II – 30th Anniversary  - Army of Darkness – 25th Anniversary  The Many Faces of Nicolas Cage  - Adaptation  - Vampire’s Kiss  - Raising Arizona  - Face/Off  - The Wicker Man – Turkey Shoot  Banff Mountain Film Festival  Canada Top Ten Film Festival  - Top Ten Shorts   - Adventures in Public School   - Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World   - Les Affames (The Ravenous)   - Never Steady, Never Still   - Allure  - La petite fille qui aimait trop les allumettes (The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches)   - Unarmed Verses - Black History Month - Ava   - Our People Will Be Healed  - Luk’ Luk’I   University of Alberta International Week  - The Wong Street Journal  Storyhive  - Rise of the Web Series  Black History Month  - Charles Bradley: Soul of America – Music Docs - Kirikou and the Sorceress – Reel Family Cinema - National Film Board Short Films - Whose Streets?  - The Brother from Another Planet – Sci-Fi Cinema - Step  - In The Heat of the Night – Metro Retro - Get Out – Gateway to Cinema  Rutherford Manor Haunt  - A Taste of Madness – Live Event Edmonton Public Library  - Ex Libris: New York Public Library  Olympic Women’s Gold Medal Hockey Match - Live Screening FAVA - Video Kitchen


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january & february 2018 SCHEDULE There’s always something new at Metro. Visit to find all our new releases, and the most up to date film listings, show times, and other information.

new releases

Mountain Australia 2017, 74 min, Dir: Jennifer Peedom JAN 19 @ 7PM, JAN 20 @ 4:45PM, JAN 22 @ 7PM, JAN 23 @ 9:30PM

A unique cinematic and musical collaboration between the Australian Chamber Orchestra and director Jennifer Peedom, Mountain is a dazzling exploration of our obsession with mountains. Only three centuries ago, climbing a mountain would have been considered close to lunacy. Peaks were places of peril, not beauty. The film shows us the spellbinding force of high places, and their ongoing power to shape our lives and our dreams.

Mary and the Witch’s Flower (Meari to majo no hana) Japan 2017, 103 min, Dir: Hiromasa Yonebayashi Japanese with subtitles JAN 26 @ 9:30PM, JAN 27 @ 2PM, JAN 28 @ 7:15PM, JAN 31 @ 9:30PM

A dazzling, beautifully-animated new adventure for all ages, Mary And The Witch’s Flower is based on Mary Stewart’s 1971 children’s book The Little Broomstick, and tells the story of a young girl named Mary, who discovers a flower that grants magical powers, but only for one night. JAN 27 - English Dubbed - Reel Family Cinema - Free admission for kids 12 & under

Faces Places

The Final Year USA 2017, 89 min, Dir: Greg Barker JAN 19 @ 9PM, JAN 20 @ 7PM, JAN 21 @ 1PM, JAN 22 @ 9PM

A sweeping, insider’s’ account of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy team during their final year as they set out to define their legacy, promote diplomacy and react to the unexpected rise of Donald Trump. Featuring unprecedented access inside the White House, the State Department, and the machinery of American power.

The Stairs tells the story of Marty, Greg and Roxanne, each of whom survived decades of street-involvement. Using their experiences to ease the paths of others, each performs social work in their old neighbourhood, while struggling to maintain their newly-found stability. Told over five years, The Stairs is a non-judgemental character study of life on society’s margins. 6

Finland/Germany 2017, 100 min, Dir: Aki Kaurismäki , Finnish, English, Swedish, & Arabic with subtitles. FEB 1 @ 9:30PM, FEB 3 @ 9:30PM, FEB 4 @ 4:30PM, FEB 5 @ 9:30PM

Khaled is a Syrian refugee who stows away on a freighter to Helsinki, and Wikström is a traveling salesman who wins big at a poker table and buys himself a restaurant. When the authorities turn down his application for asylum, Khaled is forced underground and Wikström finds him sleeping in the yard behind his restaurant. He offers Khaled a job and a roof over his head and, for a while, they form a Utopian union with the restaurant’s waitress, the chef, and his dog.

France 2017, 89 min, Dir: JR, Agnès Varda French with subtitles JAN 27 @ 7PM, JAN 28 @ 3PM, JAN 30 @ 9:15PM

Kindred spirits, Varda and JR share a lifelong passion for images and how they are created, displayed, and shared. Together they traveled around the villages of France in JR’s photo truck meeting locals, learning their stories, and producing epic-size portraits of them. Faces Places documents these heart-warming encounters as well as the unlikely, tender friendship the two formed along the way.

The Square

The Stairs Canada 2016, 95 min, Dir: Hugh Gibson JAN 21 @ 3PM

The Other Side of Hope (Toivon tuolla puolen)

My Friend Dahmer USA 2017, 107 min, Dir: Marc Meyers JAN 28 @ 9:30PM, FEB 4 @ 9PM, FEB 6 @ 9:30PM

Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys in the Midwest United States between 1978 and 1991 before being captured and incarcerated. He would become one of America’s most infamous serial killers. This is the story before that story, based on Derf Backderf’s critically acclaimed 2012 graphic novel of the same name.

Sweden/Germany/France/Denmark 2017, 142 min, Dir: Ruben Östlund English, Swedish, & Danish with subtitles FEB 9 @ 6:45PM, FEB 10 @ 9:30PM, FEB 11 @ 3:15PM, FEB 12 @ 9:30PM, FEB 14 @ 9:30PM, FEB 15 @ 6:45PM

Christian is the respected curator of a contemporary art museum. His next show, “The Square,” is an installation inviting passersby to show altruism, reminding them of their role as responsible human beings. But sometimes, it is difficult to live up to your own ideals: Christian’s foolish response to the theft of his phone drags him into a shameful situation. Meanwhile, the museum’s PR agency has created an unexpected campaign for “The Square.” The response is overblown and sends Christian, as well as the museum, into an existential crisis.

SERIES & REPERTORY Metro Retro Fantastic, entertaining movies deserve time on the big screen as they were meant to be seen, regardless of when they were released. Metro Cinema is proud to unearth beloved films of the past, remastered for today’s cinemas.

Heathers USA 1988, 103 min, Dir: Michael Lehmann JAN 4 @ 9:30PM

Veronica is part of the most popular clique at her high school, but she disapproves of the other girls’ cruel behavior. When Veronica and her new boyfriend, J.D., confront clique leader Heather Chandler and accidentally poison her, they make it appear a suicide. Soon Veronica realizes that J.D. is intentionally killing students he does not like. She races to stop J.D. while also clashing with the clique’s new leader, Heather Duke.

Jane USA 2017, 90 min, Dir: Brett Morgen FEB 16 @ 7PM, FEB 17 @ 4PM, FEB 17 @ 9:30PM, FEB 18 @ 7PM, FEB 19 @ 12PM, FEB 19 @ 7PM, FEB 21 @ 7PM

Drawing from over 100 hours of never-beforeseen footage that has been tucked away in the National Geographic archives for over 50 years, the film offers an unprecedented, intimate portrait of Jane Goodall—a trailblazer who defied the odds to become one of the world’s most admired conservationists, and whose chimpanzee research challenged the male-dominated scientific consensus of her time and revolutionized our understanding of the natural world

Tommy Wiseau’s The Room

The Room USA 2003, 99 min, Dir: Tommy Wiseau JAN 5 @ 9:30PM, FEB 2 @ 11:30PM

The film widely considered the “Citizen Kane of bad movies” is back! Be sure to catch Tommy and his friends the first Friday of the month for a late night screening this classic piece of so-bad-it’s-good cinema. You’re our favourite customer. Thanks a lot! Bye. Audience participation is encouraged, but please respect the theatre and fellow patrons.

Sci-Fi Cinema Sci-Fi Cinema is a film series presenting the best in futuristic settings, alternative history, space opera, time travel, super humans, and extraterrestrial life.

A Fantastic Woman (Una Mujer Fantástica) Chile/Germany/Spain/USA 2017, 104 min, Dir: Sebastián Lelio, Spanish with subtitles FEB 23 @ 7PM, FEB 23 @ 9:15PM, FEB 24 @ 4:15PM, FEB 24 @ 9:30PM, FEB 25 @ 2:15PM, FEB 25 @ 7PM, FEB 26 @ 9:30PM, FEB 27 @ 7PM, FEB 27 @ 9:15PM, FEB 28 @ 9:30PM Marina, is beautiful, enigmatic, and plunged into a precarious situation after her lover Orlando, a man 20 years her senior, dies unexpectedly in her company. Instead of being able to mourn him, suddenly Marina is treated with suspicion, and as a trans woman, her sexual identity is an aberration to his family. She has little to gain from Orlando’s demise, but the viciousness of his son, the cold-heartedness of his ex-wife, and the intrusiveness of a detective from the Sexual Offenses Investigation Unit force Marina to not only clear her name, but also to demand the very thing no one seems willing to give her: respect.

Blade Runner: The Final Cut USA 1982, 117 min, Dir: Ridley Scott JAN 6 @ 7PM

Blade Runner blends science fiction and thought-provoking story telling in a futurenoir set in a bleak Los Angeles where Richard Deckard is a detective who specializes in tracking down Replicants, near perfect humanoid robots, when they break from their programming. Ridley Scott’s Final Cut is the only version over which he had complete artistic control, and the result is an immersive experience that is at once bleaker and more wonderful in the truest sense.

Blade Runner 2049 USA/UK/Hungary/Canada 2017, 164 min, Dir: Denis Villeneuve JAN 6 @ 9:15PM, JAN 8 @ 9PM Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K, unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society into chaos. K’s discovery leads him on a quest to find Rick Deckard, a former LAPD blade runner who has been missing for thirty years.



Afternoon Tea

Metro Cinema offers family friendly classic and contemporary movies most Saturday afternoons. Come early and enjoy themed lobby activities before films. Free admission for children 12 & under.

The Breadwinner Ireland/Canada/Luxembourg 2017, 94 min, Dir: Nora Twomey JAN 6 @ 2PM

Parvana is an 11-year-old girl growing up under the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001. When her father is wrongfully arrested, she cuts off her hair and dresses like a boy in order to support her family. With undaunted courage, Parvana embarks on a quest to find her father and reunite her family.

Do you like your accents plummy and your passions refined? Afternoon Tea presents an array of costume dramas past and present, along with delectables from Whimsical Cakes, a selection of fine teas and stirring conversation. Host David Cheoros will be At Home to all visitors.

The Boss Baby USA 2017, 97 min, Dir: Tom McGrath FEB 10 @ 2PM

Boss Baby is a most unusual baby. He wears a suit, carries a briefcase and is on a secret mission to discover why babies are losing their market share of love. In order to accomplish his mission, he will have to join forces with his big brother, Tim.

Goodbye Christopher Robin UK 2017, 107 min, Dir: Simon Curtis JAN 7 @ 1PM

Glimpse behind the curtain at the creation of one of the most-loved series of children’s stories of all time. A.A. Milne (Domhnall Gleeson) struggles through shellshock to reconnect with his wife (Margot Robbie) and son, and his honeyed tales of Winnie and co. capture the public’s adoration. There’s great warmth to the film, but also hard questions about the books’ impact on the real Christopher Robin. 

The Muppet Movie Wonder Woman USA 2017, 141 min, Dir: Patty Jenkins JAN 20 @ 2PM

When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, Diana, an Amazonian warrior in training, leaves home to fight a war, discovering her full powers and true destiny.

UK/USA 1979, 95 min, Dir: James Frawley FEB 19 @ 2PM

While living the quiet life in a swamp, Kermit the Frog is approached by a Hollywood agent to audition for the chance of a lifetime. So Kermit takes this chance for his big break making friends and enemies along the journey to Hollywood.

The LEGO Batman Movie USA/Denmark 2017, 104 min, Dir: Chris McKay FEB 24 @ 2PM There are big changes brewing in Gotham City, and if he wants to save the city from The Joker’s hostile takeover, Batman may have to drop the lone vigilante thing, try to work with others and maybe, just maybe, learn to lighten up. 8

Victoria and Abdul UK/USA 2017, 111 min, Dir: Stephen Frears FEB 11 @ 1PM

Twenty years after Mrs Brown, Judi Dench is still note-perfect as Queen Victoria. Stephen Frears gleefully and historically reinvents Victoria as a progressive force, especially as she is influenced by the young muslim Abdul Karim. Abdul teaches Victoria Urdu and the Qu’ran, and she works to incorporate Indian culture and history into her home—and her empire.

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Music Docs

Night Gallery

Music Docs is a monthly film series featuring music documentaries, from classic to contemporary. Curated by Tim Rechner, and co-presented with CJSR, Blackbyrd Myoozik, and Steamwhistle.

Night Gallery is an experimental “cinema lounge”, a chance for Edmonton’s late-nite film lovers to get together and take a walk on the weird side. Join us in the intimate Metro Lobby Gallery space, where we will explore all the strange things cinema has to offer. Curated by Allan Mulholland.

Staff Pics Have you ever wondered what your favourite cinema’s fine staff watches when they’re not at work? From the front of house to behind the scenes, each month one Metro staff member will present their must see film!

La graine et le mulet (The Secret of the Grain) France 2007, 151 min, Dir: Abdellatif Kechiche French, Arabic, Russian with subtitles. Staff: Antoine Brégeaud JAN 15 @ 6:30PM

Amplify Her Canada/USA, 88 min, Dir: Ian Mackenzie, Nicole Sorochan JAN 9 @ 7PM

Electronic Dance Music artists battle demons from their painful pasts to emerge as beacons in the global festival scene. Blondtron, Applecat, and Lux Moderna overcome isolation, illness, and gender bias to give life to their creativity. This visually dynamic film weaves animated motion comics to offer intimate access into the colourful worlds of emerging female artists. Rather than ask the expected: “why aren’t there more women in this male dominated scene?” we wonder “what is unique about feminine expression and how might we all benefit when it flourishes?” With live music performance by TBA @ 6:30PM. Filmmaker in attendance.

Bad Girls Movie Club

D.I.Y. Video Jukebox 90 min, Curator: Night Gallery Audience (that’s you!) JAN 13 @ MIDNIGHT Night Gallery is all about building community, so let’s do a little project together! D.I.Y. Video Jukebox is a chance for audience members to share their favorite short videos with the rest of the gang. We will put them all into a randomized video playlist and throw them up on the screen. Be it cat videos or whatever, we only ask that they be around 5 minutes long or less and that you send us a link to the video in advance so we can make sure they are appropriate for our audience. Show your fellow late night film fans what makes you tick! Admission for this screening is by donation, and tickets are only available at the door.

The Bad Girls Movie Club is a celebration of femme fatales, female gangsters, and all-around badass women. Curated by reporter Jana G. Pruden, and with special appearances by some of Edmonton’s own badass ladies, the Bad Girls Movie Club is dedicated to unapologetically different, difficult —  and sometimes deadly – women.

As the shipyard where a Tunisian immigrant works is winding down, Slimane plans to us his redundancy to open a couscous restaurant, with the main dish cooked by his ex-wife, who is renowned among family and friends for the quality of her food. In Antoine’s own words, he chose this film because: “What I look for in a movie is to try to better understand the society in which we live, and the complexity of human relationships. This is why I love the work of Abdellatif Kechiche: it’s very close to naturalism, where fiction borders on documentary. A film by Kechiche is a concentrated look at the social history of France, its strengths and weaknesses.” After volunteering for almost two years, Antoine became a FOH rep/House Manager at Metro, while also at the U of A French campus. When not at work, he is often riding one of his bicycles. Antoine recently left Canada and moved back to Europe for new adventures.

The Cinema of Psychedelia Drawing on several decades of the most challenging and surreal films, Metro welcomes you to peer into the murky depths of cinema’s more psychedelic concoctions. Celebrating some of the most fascinating, inventive and downright strange works of art ever committed to the screen, we invite you to a wonderful, broken world of befuddlement sure to leave an indelible mark on your psyche. No drugs necessary. Curated by Owen Armstrong.

Adult Cartoon Party! To Die For USA/UK/Canada 1995, 106 min, Dir: Gus Van Sant JAN 3 @ 7PM

Suzanne Stone is a weather reporter at her small-town cable station, but she dreams of being a big-time news anchor, and she is willing to do anything to get what she wants. As she pursues her goal with relentless focus, she is forced to destroy anything and anyone that may stand in her way, regardless of the ultimate cost. 10

90 min, Curator: Maggie Hardy, Allan Mulholland FEB 17 @ MIDNIGHT

Night Gallery warms up a chilly February evening with our first ever Adult Cartoon Party! From the earliest days of animation to the present, there has always been a market for the naughty and nasty. We are splicing together our wildest finds from the world of adult animation into a mixtape of eyepopping proportions. A show that will shock and delight, we are pushing the envelope on this one. The bar stays open late if you need something to calm your nerves. Tickets are only $6, but limited, so buy early!

Altered States USA 1980, 102 min, Dir: Ken Russell JAN 20 @ 9:30PM

Respected scientist and psychology professor Edward Jessup decides to combine his experiments in sensory deprivation tanks with powerful hallucinogenic drugs, convinced that it may help him unlock different states of consciousness. The experiments are a success at first, but as Jessup continues his work, he begins to experience altered mental and also physical states. As he spends more time in sensory deprivation, his grip on reality begins to slip away. With live music performance by Private Investigators in the lobby @ 9PM.


january 2018 SCHEDULE sunday




2 tBa

3 tBa tBa

triPle feature


3Pm The Evil Dead 4:45Pm Evil Dead II – 30th Anniversary 6:30Pm Army of Darkness – 25th Anniversary / 35mm Co-presented by dedfest

7Pm To Die For – Bad Girls Movie Club tBa







tBa 9:30Pm Heathers – Metro Retro

tBa 9:30Pm The Room

2Pm The Breadwinner – Reel Family Cinema tBa 7Pm Blade Runner: The Final Cut – Sci-Fi Cinema 9:15Pm Blade Runner 2049 – Sci-Fi Cinema

faces Places

7 1Pm Goodbye Christopher Robin – Afternoon Tea 4Pm Private Event 7Pm Adaptation – The Many Faces of Nicolas Cage 9:15Pm Vampire’s Kiss – The Many Faces of Nicolas Cage

14 1:30Pm Banff Mountain Film Fest 7:30Pm Banff Mountain Film Fest

21 1Pm The Final Year 3Pm The Stairs tBa – edmonton movie Club 9:30Pm Professor Marston & the Wonder Women – Kink on Screen


12Pm West Side Story - Sunday Classics 3Pm Faces Places 4:45Pm Never Steady, Never Still – Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival 7:15Pm Mary & The Witches Flower – Subtitled 9:30Pm My Friend Dahmer


9 tBa 9Pm Blade Runner 2049 – Sci-Fi Cinema

15 6:30Pm La graine et le mulet (The Secret of the Grain) – Staff Pics 9:30Pm Face/Off – The Many Faces of Nic Cage

22 7Pm Mountain 9Pm The Final Year

29 tBa 9:30Pm Allure – Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival


7Pm Amplify Her – Music Docs 9:30Pm Raising Arizona – The Many Faces of Nicolas Cage

16 7:30Pm Banff Mountain Film Fest

23 6:30Pm Phantom of the Opera (2004) – Reel Learning 9:30Pm Mountain

30 7Pm La petite fille qui aimait trop les allumettes - (The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches) – Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival 9:15Pm Faces Places

11 tBa tBa

17 7:30Pm Banff Mountain Film Fest

24 7Pm Professor Marston and the Wonder Women 9:15Pm Wonder Woman – Gateway to Cinema


7:30Pm Banff Mountain Film Fest



7:30Pm Banff Mountain Film Fest


6:30Pm Side Effects – Science in the Cinema 9:30Pm The Wicker Man – The Many Faces of Nicolas Cage / Turkey Shoot



7Pm Mountain 9Pm The Final Year


tBa 9:30Pm Top Ten Short Films – Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival

1:30Pm Banff Mountain Film Fest 7:30Pm Banff Mountain Film Fest midniGht D.I.Y. Video Jukebox – Night Gallery

2Pm Wonder Woman – Reel Family Cinema 4:45Pm Mountain 7Pm The Final Year 9:30Pm Altered States – Cinema of Psychedelia


7Pm Adventures in Public School – Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival 9Pm Mary & The Witches Flower – Subtitled

2Pm Mary and the Witch’s Flower – English Dubbed – Reel Family Cinema 4:30Pm Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World – Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival 7Pm Faces Places 9:30Pm Les Affames (The Ravenous) – Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival

31 tBa 9:30Pm Mary and the Witch’s Flower – Subtitled

the evil dead

evil dead 2

army of darkness








7PM The Wong Street Journal – University of Alberta International Week 9:30PM The Other Side of Hope

Unarmed Verses


12PM National Film Board Short Films – Black History Month 2PM Our People Will Be Healed – Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival 4:30PM The Other Side of Hope 7PM Luk’ Luk’I – Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival 9PM My Friend Dahmer

11 1PM Victoria and Abdul – Afternoon Tea 3:15PM The Square (2017) TBA – Edmonton Movie Club 9:30PM Brother From Another Planet – Black History Month / Sci-Fi Cinema

18 1PM Ex-Libris: New York Public Library – Edmonton Public Library 7PM Jane 9:30PM Gremlins 2: The New Batch – HOMO-CIDAL Drag Show




7PM Unarmed Verses – Black History Month / Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival - Filmmaker in attendance 9:30PM Groundhog Day 11:30PM The Room

2PM Kirikou and the Sorceress – Black History Month / Reel Family Cinema TBA 7PM Ava – Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival 9:30PM The Other Side of Hope

Groundhog Day



7PM Rise of the Web Series – Storyhive 9:30PM The Other Side of Hope



7PM Charles Bradley: Soul of America – Black History Month / Music Docs 9:30PM My Friend Dahmer


TBA 9:30PM The Square (2017)

7PM A Taste of Madness – Rutherford Manor Haunt – Live Event


7PM Metro Shorts 9:30PM Get Out – Gateway to Cinema

7PM Quote-A-Long The Princess Bride 9:30PM The Square (2017)



7PM Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World – Art Docs TBA

6:45PM The Square (2017) TBA




6:45PM The Square (2017) TBA

17 7PM Jane TBA




12PM Jane 2PM The Muppet Movie – Reel Family Cinema TBA 7PM Jane TBA


7PM Jane 9PM Women’s Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Game – Live Screening



2PM The Boss Baby – Reel Family Cinema TBA 7PM Whose Streets? – Black History Month 9:30PM The Square (2017)

7PM A Fantastic Woman 9:15PM A Fantastic Woman

1PM Hotel Transylvania – Science in the Cinema 4PM Jane 7PM Step – Black History Month 9:30PM Jane MIDNIGHT Adult Cartoon Party! – Night Gallery – 18+, no minors

24 2PM The Lego Batman Movie – Reel Family Cinema 4:15PM A Fantastic Woman TBA 9:30PM A Fantastic Woman


25 12PM Gigi – Sunday Classics 2:15PM A Fantastic Woman 4:30PM FAVA Video Kitchen 7PM A Fantastic Woman 9:15PM In the Heat of the Night – Black History Month / Metro Retro

26 TBA 9:30PM A Fantastic Woman

27 7PM A Fantastic Woman 9:15PM A Fantastic Woman

28 TBA 9:30PM A Fantastic Woman

My Friend Dahmer

The Princess Bride13

Science in the Cinema

Gateway to Cinema

Presented by the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, Science in the Cinema film screenings shine a light on science in popular culture. Providing a fun and engaging venue for learning about health research and innovation at the University of Alberta, each screening is followed by a Q & A with invited expert respondents. Free admission and free small popcorn.

A film series co-presented by The Gateway and U of A Residential Services. Admission is free for all students with a current, valid ID.

Wonder Woman USA 2017, 141 min, Dir: Patty Jenkins JAN 24 @ 9:15PM

Hotel Transylvania Side Effects USA 2013, 106 min, Dir: Steven Soderbergh JAN 18 @ 6:30PM

For four years, Emily Taylor has awaited the release of her husband from prison. After her failed suicide attempt, psychiatrist Jonathan Banks prescribes a series of medications. When those don’t work, he gives Emily an experimental new medication—but the drug leads to ruined lives and death. Panel discussion following the screening.

Kink on Screen Do you love titillating, kinky and challenging films? Are you curious about BDSM? Kink on Screen explores, through film, demos and discussions, aspects of the BDSM culture in a safe, welcoming environment. Bring your questions and kinks!

USA 2012, 91 min, Dir: Genndy Tartakovsky FEB 17 @ 1PM

When monsters want to get away from it all, they go to Count Dracula’s Hotel Transylvania, a lavish resort where they can be themselves without humans around to bother them. On one special weekend, Dracula invites the Invisible Man, the Mummy, and others to celebrate the birthday of his daughter. However, an unforeseen complication unfolds when an ordinary human unwittingly crashes the. Panel discussion following the screening.

Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, Diana meets an American pilot who tells her about the massive conflict that’s raging in the outside world. Convinced that she can stop the threat, Diana leaves her home for the first time. Fighting alongside men in a war to end all wars, she finally discovers her full powers and true destiny.

Sunday Classics Metro takes you back to the golden days of Hollywood with much-loved films, back on the big screen and in the kind of theatre they were made for.

Reel Learning Catch an interesting flick, and then dig a bit deeper into related current events and research with an industry expert and faculty member. This four-part series-which will feature films about everything from asteroids to altruism-is a partnership between MacEwan University and Metro Cinema.

West Side Story USA 1961, 153 min, Dir: Jerome Robbins, Robert Wise JAN 28 @ 12PM

A musical in which a modern day Romeo and Juliet are involved in New York street gangs. On the harsh streets of the upper west side, two gangs battle for control of the turf. The situation becomes complicated when a gang members falls in love with a rival’s sister.

Professor Marston & the Wonder Women USA 2017, 108 min, Dir: Angela Robinson JAN 21 @ 9:30PM, JAN 24 @ 7PM

This film tells the story of psychologist Dr. William Marston, the polyamorous relationship with his wife and mistress, the creation of his beloved comic book character Wonder Woman, and the controversy the comic generated. This biopic might seem oddly placed in the Kink on Screen series. Through the exploration of Professor Marston’s polyamorous lifestyle and dedicated interest to kink, we see that the fit could not be more perfect. Come and explore the world of rope bondage with a live demo and see a great film! JAN 21 – Kink on Screen / 18+, no minors. JAN 24 – regular screening. 14

The Phantom of the Opera UK/USA 2004, 143 min, Dir: Joel Schumacher JAN 23 @ 6:30PM

From his hideout beneath a 19th century Paris opera house, the brooding Phantom plans to get closer to vocalist Christine. The Phantom, wearing a mask to hide a congenital disfigurement, strong-arms management into giving the budding starlet key roles, but Christine instead falls for arts benefactor Raoul. Terrified at the notion of her absence, the Phantom enacts a plan to keep Christine by his side, while Raoul tries to foil the scheme. Q & A following the screening.

Gigi USA 1958, 115 min, Dir: Vincente Minnelli FEB 25 @ 12PM

Gaston is a restless Parisian playboy who moves from one mistress to another, while also spending time with Gigi, a precocious younger friend learning the ways of high society. The platonic relationship between Gaston and Gigi changes, however, when she matures, but the possibility of something lasting seems unlikely since he won’t commit to one woman. Gigi refuses to be anyone’s mistress, however, and Gaston must choose between her and his carefree lifestyle.


Art Docs Art Docs is a bimonthly series of documentaries about modern and contemporary art. Featuring guest speakers, short art history talks, and Q&As with filmmakers, curators, and artists. Curated and presented by Dr. Kristen Hutchinson.

Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World Canada 2017, 84 min, Dir: Barry Avrich FEB 8 @ 7PM

As one art scene insider proclaims, the contemporary art world can be summed up as “rich people trying to prove how rich they are,” but is that all there is to this billion dollar industry? Well-researched and expertly constructed, Barry Avrich’s documentary peels back the layers of the art world economy and delineates every integral player in the game of art-making, including curators, gallerists, collectors, donors, auction houses, and artists. Featuring interviews with artists Marina Abramovic, Damien Hirst, Julian Schnabel, and Taryn Simon, Blurred Lines paints a vivid picture of an economy that runs contrary to any rules and regulations while laying bare a system that has converted artworks into commodities. Q & A following the screening. Screens with the short film Champ (2017, Dir: Nashwa Zaman).

QUOTE-A-LONG - Valentine’s day We’ll bring the subtitles if you bring the participation!

The Princess Bride USA 1987, 98 min, Dir: Rob Reiner FEB 14 @ 7:00PM

A quote-a-long The Princess Bride? As you wish! Join Metro Cinema for an inconceivable Valentine’s Day special screening of this timeless classic. We’ll leave the subtitles on so you’ll know exactly when to say “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!” Get ready for a rowdy evening as we cheer for True Love, hope for those who are mostly dead, and much more with Buttercup, Westley, and the rest.

SPECIAL SCREENINGS & EVENTS New Year’s Day It’s New Year’s Day and you’re probably feel like death warmed over. Know what’ll make you feel better? A Bruce Campbell triple feature. Co-presented by DEDfest, Metro brings you the original Evil Dead trilogy. Triple Feature tickets: Adults - $21, Student/ Senior/Child - $15. Regular admission for single films.

HOMO-CIDAL Drag Show The House of HOMO-CIDAL is a cult filminspired drag troupe hell bent on serving cinema, female impersonation and debauchery in one nasty bundle. This horde of devious mavens will provide entertainment before your movie-viewing experience, twisting your minds for the better and hopefully the worst!

The Evil Dead USA 1981, 85 min, Dir: Sam Raimi JAN 1 @ 3PM

Five friends travel to a cabin in the woods, where they unknowingly release flesh-possessing demons.

Metro Shorts

Metro Shorts Hosted by Mostly Water Theatre Canada 2017, 75 min, Dir: Various FEB 13 @ 7PM

Metro Shorts is a quarterly adjudicated short film event that’s hosted by Mostly Water Theatre and produced by Metro to give local filmmakers an opportunity to screen their work in front of a live audience, get priceless insights from industry professionals, and network with likeminded artists. Films must be no longer than 4 mins and all submissions done by online file transfer site. Filmmakers whose films are selected for inclusion receive a $50 screening fee, with an additional $100 cash prize given to the winner of each event. For more info, or for a poorly thrown together astrology reading, contact

Gremlins 2: The New Batch USA 1990, 106 min, Dir: Joe Dante FEB 18 @ 9:30PM

The Gremlins are back, and this time, they’ve taken control of a New York media mogul’s high-tech skyscraper. Billy Peltzer and his fiancé Kate discover that Gizmo and an impish legion of reptilian pals are inhabiting the downtown building. The couple try to stop the creatures from escaping into New York City, but this new batch of beasts might be uncontrollable.

Groundhog Day USA 1993, 101 min, Dir: Harold Ramis FEB 2 @ 9:30PM


Phil (Bill Murray), a weatherman, is out to cover the annual emergence of the groundhog from its hole. He gets caught in a blizzard that he didn’t predict and finds himself trapped in a time warp. He is doomed to re-live the same day over and over again until he gets it right.

Evil Dead II 30th Anniversary USA 1987, 84 min, Dir: Sam Raimi JAN 1 @ 4:45PM

The lone survivor of an onslaught of fleshpossessing spirits holes up in a cabin with a group of strangers while the demons continue their attack.

Army of Darkness 25th Anniversary / 35mm! USA 1992, 81 min, Dir: Sam Raimi JAN 1 @ 6:30PM

A man is accidentally transported to 1300 A.D., where he must battle an army of the dead and retrieve the Necronomicon so he can return home.

The Many Faces of Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage is a polarizing figure in modern cinema. Is he a genius or a crazy person? The Many Faces of Nicolas Cage is an extensive dive into his film career. Kicking off on Nic’s 54th birthday with a double-feature “Cage Fight,” we pit the Oscar-nominated Cage in Adaptation vs. the insane Cage we all know and love in the iconic Vampire’s Kiss, with prizes for best Nicolas Cage costume/impression. Now what do you say we cut the chit-chat A-HOLE…come and celebrate with us! Curated by Braedon Platten.

Adaptation USA 2002, 114 min, Dir: Spike Jonze JAN 7 @ 7PM

Nicolas Cage is Charlie Kaufman, a confused L.A. screenwriter overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy, sexual frustration, self-loathing, and by the screenwriting ambitions of his freeloading twin brother Donald. While struggling to adapt The Orchid Thief, by Susan Orlean, Kaufman’s life spins from pathetic to bizarre. Double Feature with Vampire’s Kiss – Adults $20, Students / Seniors $16. Regular admission for single films.

Raising Arizona Vampire’s Kiss USA 1988, 103 min, Dir: Robert Bierman JAN 7 @ 9:15PM

A publishing executive is bitten by a woman while in bed together and starts exhibiting erratic behavior. The next day, he is certain that he is now a vampire. Though no one shares his point of view and he hasn’t changed physically, he dons fake fangs and begins stalking women.

USA 1997, 138 min, Dir: John Woo JAN 15 @ 9:30PM

We heartily endorse any film that features neopagan women, all named Sister. Many elements, though, bring this turkey to the shooting gallery. Never certain whether we’ll get brilliance or Con Air, we suspect that Nicholas Cage may be the Michael Caine of his generation—a great actor with greater bills to pay. We don’t want to give anything away, but this not the friendly wicker found in festive chairs. Featuring live comedic commentary from Dave Clarke & co.

In order to foil an extortion plot, an FBI agent undergoes a facial transplant surgery and assumes the identity and physical appearance of a terrorist, but the plan turns from bad to worse when the same terrorist impersonates the FBI agent.

Canada’s Top Ten Film Fest Established by the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in 2001, the 17th annual Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival celebrates and promotes contemporary Canadian cinema and raises awareness of Canadian achievements in film. Festival pass available for $55.

January 11 – 17

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is one of the most prestigious mountain festivals in the world. This awe-inspiring collection features award winning films from around the world that travel to 550 communities worldwide. This event has sold out in previous years, so get your tickets early! For tickets and information, contact Track ‘N Trail at 780.432.1707 or Festival pass available for $55.

An ex-con and an ex-cop meet, marry, and long for a child of their own. When it is discovered that they are unable to conceive children they decide to kidnap one of the quintuplets of furniture tycoon Nathan Arizona. They try to keep their crime a secret, while friends, co-workers, and a bounty hunter look to use the child for their own purposes.

The Wicker Man – Turkey Shoot! USA/Germany/Canada 2006, 102 min, Dir: Neil LaBute JAN 18 @ 9:30PM


Banff Mountain Film Festival

USA 1987. 94 min, Dir: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen JAN 9 @ 9:30PM

Canada Top Ten Shorts Canada 2017, 99 min, Dir: Various JAN 25 @ 9:30PM

From stunning animation to thoughtprovoking documentary, these outstanding short films push boundaries and challenge perceptions in order to confront a difficult reality. Additional short films will be screened before select feature length films. Featuring: The Tesla World Light (Dir: Matthew Rankin, 8 min), The Botanist (Dir: Maude Plante-Husaruk, Maxime LacosteLebuis, 20 min), Threads (Dir: Torill Kove, 8 min), The Argument (With Annotations) (Dir: Daniel Cockburn, 20 min), The Crying Conch (Le cri du lambi) (Dir: Vincent Toi, 20 min), Pre-Drink (Dir: Marc-Antoine Lemire, 23 min)


2 3


Canada Top Ten Film Fest

Adventures in Public School Canada 2017, 86 min, Dir: Kyle Rideout JAN 26 @ 7PM

Socially awkward, Liam has been homeschooled his entire life. When he falls in love with a popular one-legged girl, he abandons his mother’s suffocating love and enrolls in public school, getting a crash course in sex, drugs and social mayhem.

Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World Canada 2017, 103 min, Dir: Catherine Bainbridge, Alfonso Maiorana JAN 27 @ 4:30PM

Rumble tells the story of a profound, essential, and, until now, missing chapter in the history of American music: the Indigenous influence. Featuring music icons Charley Patton, Mildred Bailey, Link Wray, Jimi Hendrix, Jesse Ed Davis, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Robbie Robertson, Randy Castillo, and others, Rumble shows how these talented Native musicians helped shape the soundtracks of our lives.

Never Steady, Never Still Canada 2017, 110 min, Dir: Kathleen Hepburn JAN 28 @ 4:45PM

The feature film debut of writer/director Kathleen Hepburn, Never Steady, Never Still is a tender and heartbreaking story of a physically disabled mother and discontent son—each alienated from their world and struggling to manage in the face of grief, guilt and chronic disease. Screens with short film Milk (14 min, Dir: Heather Young)

Allure Canada 2017, 105 min, Dir: Carlos Sanchez, Jason Sanchez JAN 29 @ 9:30PM

A 30-year-old woman embarks on an intimate yet ultimately manipulative relationship with a 16-year-old runaway in the highly anticipated feature debut from Montreal-based photographers Carlos and Jason Sanchez.

La petite fille qui aimait trop les allumettes – (The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Les Affames (The Ravenous) Matches) Canada 2017, 100 min, Dir: Robin Aubert French with subtitles JAN 27 @ 9:30PM

In a small, remote village in upstate Quebec, things have changed. Locals are not the same anymore—their bodies are breaking down and they have turned against their loved ones. A handful of survivors goes hiding into the woods, looking for others like them. Screens with short film The Drop In (13 min, Dir: Naledi Jackson)

Canada 2017, 111 min, Dir: Simon Lavoie French with subtitles JAN 30 @ 7PM

Raised alone by their authoritarian father in a state of religious obscurantism, two siblings without names grow up largely ignorant of the world outside their father’s estate. One morning, they find him dead - hanging from a rafter - and must confront their surroundings in order to unravel the mystery of their strange existence.

Unarmed Verses Canada 2017, 86 min, Dir: Charles Officer FEB 2 @ 7PM

This feature documentary presents a thoughtful and vivid portrait of a community facing imposed relocation. At the centre of the story is a remarkably astute and luminous 12-year-old black girl whose poignant observations about life, the soul, and the power of art give voice to those rarely heard in society. Screening as part of Black History Month. Filmmaker in attendance. Q & A following screening.

Ava Iran/Canada/Qatar 2017, 102 min, Dir: Sadaf Foroughi Persian with subtitles FEB 3 @ 7PM

Coming of age among the strict traditions of Iran, Ava’s life is dictated by rules. As she struggles to find her place within a culture of authority, Ava is pushed deeper into isolation as she challenges duty, family, and the hypocrisy of her surroundings. Screens with short film Rapture (18 min, Dir: Yassmina Karajah)

Our People Will Be Healed Canada 2017, 97 min, Dir: Alanis Obomsawin FEB 4 @ 2PM

Our People Will Be Healed, Alanis Obomsawin’s 50th film, reveals how a Cree community in Manitoba has been enriched through the power of education. The Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre in Norway House, north of Winnipeg, receives a level of funding that few other Indigenous institutions enjoy. Its teachers help their students to develop their abilities and their sense of pride. In addition to teaching academic subjects, the school reconnects students with their ancestral culture. Screens with short film Flood (4 min, Dir: Amanda Strong)




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Canada’s Top Ten Film Fest continued

Black History Month Join Metro Cinema as we celebrate Black History Month with films that cover a variety of subject matter but all celebrate the strength, passion, and achievements of those within the African diaspora.

Luk’ Luk’I Canada 2017, 90 min, Dir: Wayne Wapeemukwa FEB 4 @ 7PM

A portrait of five Vancouverites living on society’s fringes during the 2010 Winter Olympics, Luk’Luk’I takes us into uncharted territory, falling somewhere between a fiction we need to see and a documentary we wish didn’t have to exist.

Kirikou and the Sorceress (Kirikou et la sorcière)

Charles Bradley: Soul of America USA 2012, 75 min, Dir: Poull Brien FEB 6 @ 7PM

Charles Bradley: Soul of America follows the extraordinary journey of singer during the electrifying and transformative months leading up to the release of his debut album, at age 62. Despite being abandoned as a child, a period of homelessness, and constant poverty, Charles never gave up on his lifelong dream to be a professional singer. With the help of Gabriel Roth, and Tommy Brenneck, Charles moved away from the James Brown covers he’d been performing for nearly half a century and focused on finding his own unique voice. With live music performance by TBA @ 6:30PM. Screening as part of Music Docs.

The Brother from Another Planet USA 1984, 108 min, Dir: John Sayles FEB 11 @ 9:30PM

“The Brother” is an alien and escaped slave on the run from his home planet. After he lands in New York City, he tries to adapt to life on the streets of Harlem. Although the Brother is mute, he does have great abilities at fixing machines, and he gets a job. Trying to blend in with his new culture, he finds an apartment and gradually makes friends. Meanwhile, he is pursued by two agents from his home world who are intent on returning there with him. Screening as part of Sci-Fi Cinema.

France/Belgium/Luxembourg 1998, 71 min, Dir: Michel Ocelot, Raymond Burlet FEB 3 @ 2PM In a little village somewhere in Africa, an extraordinary boy named Kirikou is born. His mother tells him how an evil sorceress has dried up their spring and devoured all males of the village except for one. Little Kirikou decides he will accompany the last warrior to the sorceress. Due to his intrepidity he may be the last hope of the village. Screening as part of Reel Family Cinema. Free admission for kids 12 & under.

Black History Month Short Films Canada, 87 min, Dir: Various FEB 4 @ 12PM

To celebrate the history of the Black community in Canada, the National Film Board (NFB) presents a group of short films that can only scratch the surface of such a rich and multilayered community, which feature incredible stories of strength, courage, and perseverance. The films in this collection are some of the most important NFB films made on the black community and paint a picture of a thriving culture in constant evolution. Free admission.

Whose Streets? USA 2017, 90 min, Dir: Sabaah Folayan, Damon Davis FEB 10 @ 7PM

An account of the Ferguson uprising as told by the people who lived it. The filmmakers look at how the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown inspired a community to fight back and sparked a global movement.

Step USA 2017, 84 min, Dir: Amanda Lipitz FEB 17 @ 7PM

Step documents the senior year of a girls’ high-school step dance team against the background of inner-city Baltimore. As each one tries to become the first in their families to attend college, the girls strive to make their dancing a success against the backdrop of social unrest in the troubled city.


Black History Month

University of Alberta International Week

Edmonton Public Library

Ex Libris: New York Public Library Get Out USA 2017, 104 min, Dir: Jordan Peele FEB 13 @ 9:30PM

Now that Chris and his girlfriend Rose have reached the meet-the-parents milestone of dating, she invites him for a weekend getaway upstate. At first, Chris reads the family’s overly accommodating behavior as nervous attempts to deal with their daughter’s interracial relationship, but as the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a truth that he never could have imagined. Screening as part of Gateway to Cinema. Free admission for all students with valid ID.

The Wong Street Journal Live event FEB 1 @ 7PM

This performance by Kristina Wong is half psychedelic TED lecture and half hip-hop extravaganza. The Wong Street Journal breaks down the complexities of global poverty and economic theory using uneasy-to-read charts, neverbefore-proven economic strategies for survival and slideshows of hustlers from the first and third world. This solo theatre work illustrates the intersecting politics of charity and economic development across the globe. Tickets $10. No Metro passes.


Rise of the Web Series Canada, 120 min, Dir: various FEB 5 @ 7PM

In the Heat of the Night USA 1967, 109 min, Dir: Norman Jewison FEB 25 @ 9PM

African-American Philadelphia police detective Virgil Tibbs (Sidney Poitier) is arrested on suspicion of murder by Bill Gillespie (Rod Steiger), the racist police chief of tiny Sparta, Mississippi. After Tibbs proves not only his own innocence but that of another man, he joins forces with Gillespie to track down the real killer. Screening as part of Metro Retro.

In just twenty years, web series have gone from niche audiences to winning Emmy awards and having huge international followings. Supported by Storyhive financing and pursuing fiercely independent visions, fourteen Albertan filmmakers have created new series, both documentary and dramatic. Get a one-stop sampling of extraordinary new Albertan stories, and meet the filmmakers. Free admission

Legendary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman brings his incisive vision behind the scenes of one of the world’s greatest institutions of learning, capturing the vast programmatic scope of NYC’s library system. The NYPL is blessed with uniformly passionate staff and deeply devoted, appreciative bibliophiles and beneficiaries across its 92 branches. The film reveals a venerable place of welcome, cultural exchange, and intellectual creativity.

Olympic Women’s Hockey

Olympic Women’s Hockey – Gold Medal Match 2017, 120 min, Live Event FEB 21 @ 9:00PM

Enjoy Olympic hockey on a TRULY big screen. The women’s gold medal hockey games have been among the best matches in hockey history, and Metro will be hosting a special free screening of the live coverage of the 2018 PyeongChang match, with live commentary during the commercial breaks. Free admission

Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta

Rutherford Manor Haunt

A Taste of Madness Live event FEB 7 @ 7PM

Experience the haunting world of Rutherford Manor with Daniel Martin’s Rock Opus: A Taste of Madness! Performed by Daniel Martin and The Infamous Guest Musicians from some of Edmonton’s best Metal and Rock bands, this one time live concert of original music and rock classics is sure to please any hard rock fan. Inspired by the characters and frightful delights of Edmonton’s own Rutherford Manor Haunt, this will be one show for all ages to remember! With special guests Mustakettu. Tickets $16. Metro passes: Silver screen passes only.


USA 2017, 197 min, Dir: Frederick Wiseman FEB 18 @ 1PM

Video Kitchen Canada 2017, 90 min, Dir: Various FEB 25 @ 4:30PM

FAVA is proud to present new works from their introductory digital film course, Video Kitchen. With a healthy mix of theory and practice, Video Kitchen offers aspiring film and video artists the opportunity to gain new skills and develop their own personal vision within a supportive and collaborative environment. The class culminates with each student shooting and editing their own short film. Admission by donation.

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Metro Cinema Guide - Jan / Feb 2018  

Metro Cinema Guide - Jan / Feb 2018

Metro Cinema Guide - Jan / Feb 2018  

Metro Cinema Guide - Jan / Feb 2018