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Po! Road Vinta"

a handmade summer © Post  Road  Vintage  2012


I am  in  nesting  mode  but  this  time   around  the  lil’  nest  is  being  built  in  my   garden  and  on  the  shores  of  Lake   Superior.   Oh  yes,  when  one  is  preparing  for  new   life  it  is  of  the  utmost  importance  to   spend  hours  in  the  strawberry  patch.   And  I  am  learning  that  it  can  take  a   full  day  to  Find  that  perfect  stash  of   drift  wood  and  pebbles.


Ah, summer....  there  is  no  better  time           to  be No  worries  that  my  home  is  feeling   slightly  neglected.  Too  soon  we’ll  be   snuggled  down  with  the  home  Fires   burning  and  enjoying  those  four  walls   again. For  now  I’m  bringing  EVERYTHING  I   love  outdoors.  Friends,  family,  my   burgeoning  belly  and  even  all  my   favorite  Post  Road  shoppe  goodies...   I  hope  you  enjoy  browsing  these   handmade  beauties.  And  I  hope  you   can  smell  these  Lake  Superior  breezes   from  here.

living life

and loving it

xo Hea#er

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Po! Road Vinta"

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I hope  you  enjoyed  this  breath  of  fresh  air  and  moi  take   on  farmhouse  beauty  from  the  shores  of  Lake  Superior. It  would  be  a  true  honor  to  have  you  join  me  for  more   Post  Road  fun  and  imperfectly  perfect  beauty  on  my   Facebook  page. xo Hea#er

Post Road Vintage - A Handmade Summer  

Handmade farmhouse decor brought to you from the shores of Lake Superior.