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Cops and customs officials take classes on new ‘intoxicating’ sapling! Khat leaves are the latest worry for the enforcement authorities.


TWITTER TO TWEAK ITS CONTENT Twitter said that it now has the ability to block tweets from appearing in a specific country P10 if legally required to do so.





WE ARE INVINCIBLE: IT CROWD City IT leaders and employees remained unfazed despite Obama’s anti-outsourcing tirade. They asserted business would P11 go on as usual.


LABOUR UNREST IN YANAM, POLICE OPEN FIRE Labour unrest broke out at Regency Ceramics factory in Yanam, part of Pondicherry State, annexed to East Godavari district, following the death of labour leader Muralimohan. Police opened fire at the enraged workers.



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Spirit of Twin Cities


City Manipuris start cyber campaign COMMUNITIES Anubha K Singh


any have come, many have gone, but we Manipuris remain how we were 30 or 40 years back—no change, no development. “Many political parties have come up with varied promises which were never fulfilled,” is the general tone of Manipuris in the City. With the Assembly election round the corner, all the political parties of the state have come up with their own election manifestoes with various promises, they say about the impending Assembly election in their home state. “During every election the scenario is the same: development and change. But we are

Bipin Phongam

Hitler Maibam

wiser now and know better,” said, Bipin Phongam, Ph.d student from University of Hyderabad. He clearly harbours disbelief in political parties. “The blockade in Manipur has unleashed corruption in a big way. An LPG cylinder costs around `2000. A litre of petrol costs around `200 in the black market.

How can anyone afford a cylinder at such prices? Whatever the issue is, it’s always the common man who suffers,” he laments. Bipin is referring to the ethnic strifes frequent between Kukis and Nagas that often lead to highway blockades and consequent shortage of essential goods. The state is extremely backward as compared

to other states. There are no proper roads, and there is shortage of drinking water and electricity. Many important roads are filled with dust he said, emphasising that vast changes are the need of the hour. “A common platform is required for different communities to come forward, talk and express their differences to bring peace in the state.” he says. It’s not just Bipin but other youths from the state are of the same view. Anguished by the poor state of affairs in their home state youngsters have started an online campaign on a social networking site ‘People’s Campaign for Assembly Election 2012: Deciding Our Destiny’. Many people are networking online and offline in a bid to bring about a popular platform that would lead to development of the state. “The scenario in Manipur has

forced many of us to stay away from our homeland. It’s like a military rule in Manipur, no matter which government comes in to power, nothing is going to change. The candidates should realise that people are not asking for the moon or the stars; they just want basic necessities like food, water and electricity. It’s not a matter of who promises what, but it’s a matter of how the people judge their promises,” said Hitler Maibam, employee of Mahindra Satyam and chief coordinator, Hyderabad Manipuri Society. “I am not going to Manipur to cast my vote as it’s a long journey from Hyderabad. Moreover no one takes the election seriously because no matter whichever party comes to power the situation will remain same in the state,” he adds.

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Arts and craft fun



Popular arts and craft guru will be holding a workshop at Oakridge International School.Children will have an electrifying experience as they get to Rob performing his innovations live. Where: Oakridge International School When: January 29, 10am-12.30pm or 2.30 to 5pm Contact: 9010647111/ 9951122508

Lahore on your plate Get a taste of Lahore at the Great Kabab factory’s Lahori food festival . Where: The Great Kabab Factory, Banjara Hills When: 12 pm onwards Contact: (040) 23302244

Flowering delight The annual AP Horticulture expo is being held at People’s Plaza from January 26 to January 30. Where: People’s Plaza, Tank Bund When: Ongoing, 10am to 8pm

Martini ‘n music Enjoy the winter evenings with grey goose martinis and crooner Kelly dishing out your favourite numbers. Where: Taj Krishna, Banjara Hills When: Every Evening Contact: (040) 66662323

Goldspot live


‘n Roll. Where: Inorbit Mall, Hitech City When: January 27, 7.30pm Contact: (040) 44880000

Childhood memory Kites are a childhood memory of carefree life.They have become a metaphor of soaring freedom, of flights skyhigh, above the humdrum of life. Artkites are an expression of festivity and vision. Where: Iconart, Banjara Hills When: Ongoing Contact: (040) 32411554

1001 nights

Goldspot has performed at the prestigious Glastonbury and iTunes festivals, and have opened for several major acts. Catch them performing live only at Hard Rock Cafe. Where: Hard Rock Cafe Banjara Hills When: January 27, 9pm Contact: (040) 44767900

Cognac and Cigar The Seasons Bar opens up again as a Cigar and Cognac lounge with a wide selection of cognac, rare whiskies, single malts and cigars. Where: Taj Krishna, Banjara Hills When: Ongoing, 7pm

Contact: (040) 66662323

Visual art An exhibition cum sale of paintings by Hari Srinivas. The exhibition is on display till January 30 2012. Where: VSL Visual Art Gallery, Plot No 100, AP Text Book Colony, Gun Rock Enclave When: Ongoing Contact: 9247175135

Numaish A childhood favourite of every Hyderabadi, The All India Industrial Exhibition is on. Where: Exhibition

Grounds, Nampally When: Ongoing

Bapu in colours A painting exhibition titled, Bapu-Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi by Siva Kesara Rao. Where: Marriott hotel & Convention Centre, Tank Bund When: Ongoing, 11am Contact: (040) 27522999

Music and shopping Fatman Trio will be performing live at Inrobit Mall. Their music is an amalgamation of Blues, Jazz and Rock

An exhibition titled 1001 nights featuring drawings and paintings by Santosh Kotagiri. Where: Iconart Gallery, Banjara Hills When: Ongoing, 11am Contact: 9849968797

One love One Love is an International exhibition by artists from around the world who aim at promoting humanity around the world. Where: State Gallery Of Fine Arts When: Ongoing, 11am Contact: (040) 32913922

Lunch treat Come eat n feel our lavish lunch buffet@ `199/Where: Equator Lounge, Jubilee Hills, When: 12 to 3:30pm Contact: (040) 64566161

Big Cinemas, Ameerpet, 30581470; Cinemax, Banjara Hills, 44565555; Cine Planet , Kompally, 61606060; INOX, Banjara Hills, 447677770, Prasads, Tank Bund Rd, 23448888; PVR, Punjagutta, 08800900009; Talkie Town, Miyapur, 40214175; Tivoli, Secunderabad 27844973

Hyper Local U Srinivas


he police are on their toes these days at the Shamshabad airport. No, not looking for International gangsters or terrorists but for African passengers coming with Khat saplings, which when chewed can intoxicate a person. The police are especially alert when it comes to those innocuous-looking visitors coming from South Africa who are believed to be staying mostly in the Tolichowki area, peddling Khat leaves. As part of the Republic Day alert, the police who were searching baggage along with customs officials were asked to specifically check for saplings, leaves or roots of this plant.


Campaigns, hard news and spirit of Twin Cities

African ‘kick’ coming Cops and Customs officials take classes on new ‘intoxicating” sapling! These leaves of an African plant called Khat are the latest cause of worry

brought in earlier as well, they were passed off as just some exotic saplings that were being brought in for greenery. eventually though, the police learnt about its intoxicating effects and have now begun scanning foreigners and other tourists at the airport for possession of Khat. The police themselves are undergoing classes on this so that they can identify the saplings. Since the leaves and stem do not have an aroma they are difficult to identify this drug.

All about Khat Khat (catha edulis) is a leaf that when chewed releases juices that act as a natural stimulant. It is widely and wildly popular across the Horn of Africa, especially in Somalia.

CRIME Of late some Africans have been coming into the City with these saplings that are otherwise banned in countries like the US and UK. According to reports this is the next addictive drug that has been doing the rounds in the City since Cocaine and LSD are expensive. The stems and leaves of this plant are chewed for a “kick”, and is said to have an exhilarating smell. The police say, that the Khat is like any other banned drug with a narcotic effect.

They’ve banned Khat

The leaves and stems of these plants that are popularly known as Khat or Khata Khat are now being sold in Hyderabad. Although it is

not used like brown sugar, it is chewed on like a pan leaf without any masala. The cost of the Khat sapling

ranges from `100 to `500, which is much less than the price of other narcotics. Though the saplings were

Netherlands Saudi Arabia Denmark Finland France Germany Norway Poland United States

India enjoys the art attack Hyderabad’s first afternoon newspaper

A sculpture by Australian artist Sam Jinks on display at the India Art Fair Isha Mukoo



ndian artists have managed to make a mark in the international art market in the past. The rapidly growing Indian art market is giving these creative minds an impetus as is seen in the Indian art fair that kickstarted on January 25 in New Delhi. This is the fourth time India is hosting artists of international repute. The art fair has galleries from Australia, Spain, France, UK and Italy among others exhibiting works of their artists. For art lovers, it’s a treat with the works of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Damien Hirst and others on display. The fair will also offer a perfect platform to Indian artists to showcase their works. Curator of Muse art gallery, Kali Sudheer who was at the opening ceremony of the fair, said, “With recession, the art sector had taken a beating. But this fair will breathe a new life into it. The influx of foreign buyers is increasing. The displays this time are fabulous and I am trying to decide which ones I will pick up.” Hyderabad is still at a nascent stage

when it comes to art. Yet it has its share of art lovers like Avani Rao, curator and owner of Iconart gallery, who will be at the fair on January 28. “The quality of work this time is excellent and for an artist it is very satisfying to receive appreciation. Hyderabad is still very conventional, though. People are unable to appreciate the different forms of art and are not curious to learn more which we are trying to break here by displaying varied pieces of art,” she said. Sudheer agrees saying, “Hyderabad is hardly on the art scene. It is going to take us at least a decade to reach where Mumbai or Delhi are in terms of art. We don’t have a very huge section of art lovers or artists in Hyderabad.” For city-based artist Laxman Aele, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase his work. A three-foot tall painting by him using 24,000 crayons has been lauded. He said, “This is a great platform for artists. With European galleries investing in Indian art work, it’s a good opportunity to showcase our work in the Western market as well. Besides, the paintings on display are very inspirational.”

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Campaigns, hard news and spirit of Twin Cities


It’s a free for all dumping zone Osama Salman


e used to consume water directly from this lake about 10 years ago. In fact, whenever people ran out of water, they used to fill a bucket from the lake and use it. Now the lake is so polluted that the water can’t be used for anything,” said Sideshwar Goud, member, Save Our Urban Lake (SOUL) who was born in the area and continues to live here. The NGO has been crying hoarse about the deteriorating condition of Kamuni Cheruvu, a lake near the Shamshabad Airport. Kamuni Cheruvu is a 25 acre lake, that until 10 years ago, was the pride of the residents who used this lake extensively. The lake is now polluted, and what’s worse is that it has been encroached even by the Andhra Pradesh Cental Power Distribution Company Limited (APCPDCL) sub-station. The APCPDCL sub-station is literally in the middle of the lake, blatantly ignoring the Full Tank Level (FTL) limit, says Jasveen Jairath, member of SOUL. “It is surprising how the government has chosen to ignore the sub-station when it is clearly violating lake rules. The sub-station extends onto the waters so much so that, part of the water seeps into the boundary. In fact, there are electrical poles inside this water body,” pointed out Jasveen. The assistant engineer of the sub-station on Kamuni Cheruvu , however, remained unavailable for comment. Jasveen added that the FTL, marked by stones, is wrongly marked. “If they are marked correctly, the water should not cross the FTL stones, but the water crosses the stones. How does this indicate the full tank level?” questions Jasveen.

Misused by residents The proprietor of a leading jewellery store has allegedly

Helpline GAS BOOKING IVRS NO: HP 9666023456 Indane 9848824365 BSNL Complaints HMWS & SB Complaints

198 155313

POLICE CONTROL ROOM: Hyderabad 27852435 Traffic Control Room 27852482 DCP Traffic 23234065, 23243499F Pollution Control Board 23887500 ELECTRICITY: General Complaints Breakdown Section

155333 23431178 23431179 MUNICIPAL CORPORATION: Commissioner & Spl Officer 23262266



Kamuni Cheruvu

erage lines which empty in the water body. We have tried to stop these restaurants, but they refuse to comply,” said Sideshwar. The irrigation department had sent a notice to the four restaurants for disposing waste into the lake in September, 2011. “But that hasn’t deterred them. They continue as they please,” said Sideshwar. To the naked eye, the water in Kamuni Cheruvu will appear green and infected with solid waste floating around. Postnoon encountered a man who came on a scooter to dump waste and another who relieved

encroached eight acres of land near the lake where even the boundary wall extends onto the lake. Sideshwar said that these people are well-known and having great political contacts and that is why no one, not even the government, can question them. Apart from the sewerage water that is channeled into the lake, residents also freely throw garbage into the water. “There are four major restaurants in the area. They dispose their waste into the lake throughout the day and add to the pollution. All these restaurants have dedicated sew-

24166666R ENC 23225267 Engineering 23220418 MCH Tankbund 23225397 Emergency MCH Circle I&II 24525842 MCH Circle III 24736912 MCH Circle IV 23326975 MCH Circle V 23326976 MCH Circle VI MCH Complaints 1100 Head Office 23225397 IVRS CUM MANUAL ENQUIRY PHONE NUMBERS (TRAIN & RESERVATION) RAILWAYS Rail Nilayam 27833150 Railway Information 131 Reservations 135 Recorded Information 1345 Enquiry (IVRS) 1331, 1332, 1333

WATER SUPPLY: Complaint Cell Sewerage Complaint Hyd. Water Supply HOSPITAL: General Hospital, Sec-bad Niloufer Hospital, Red Hills NIMS, Director, Punjagutta Osmania General Hospital Railway Hospital, Lalaguda Apollo, Jubilee Hills Care Hospital, Banjara Hills Care Hospital, Nampally Care Hospitals, Musheerabad Care Hospital, Sec-bad Kamineni Hospital,

LB Nagar 155313 23307328 23313163 27505566 23314095 23390933 24600146 27001134 23607777 30418888 30417777 30419000 30416666

BLOOD BANKS: Blood Bank,Narayanaguda Chiranjeevi Blood Bank Blood Bank Mediton Goal Red Cross, Vidyanagar ADRM Blood Bank Mythri Charitable Trust NTR Memorial Trust Care Banjara Hills

39879999 27567892 23559555 23226624 27633087 27035588 27550238 30799999 30418296 30417445

AMBULANCES Apollo 23548888, 23607777 Kamineni 24022222 Medwin 23202902, 23204616 Smile Line Dental Hospital 23747979 Red Cross 27627973 Niloufer Hospital 23314095 Gandhi 23320332

himself into the lake. Advamma, who has been living here since age 7, said that the airport’s proximity to the lake was responsible for its degradation. “No one had even heard of this lake before the airport was set up. It was only after Shamshabad came into the limelight during the realty boom that people started coming here. This has proved to be a bane. The lake is in a neglected state. It needs to be restored immediately,” she opined. Despite repeated attempts, the officials of the Lake Conservation, HMDA, remained unavailable for comment.

AIRLINES Airport Director 27903785, 27906001 For Air India Flight Information Toll free (from any network) for IC Flights 18001801407 And for All Flights: 1800227722 Air India has revised its flight timings. For more information call (Toll free) 18001801407, 1800227722 from BSNL/MTNL 04023430334 from other lines and mobile Website; TOURISM OFFICES AP Tourism, Hyd 23262152/53/54 Sec’bad 27893100 Dept of Tourism 23453110 India Tourism 23261360 AP Tourism information Centre (24x7) 23450444, 23455999

UK Visa Office VFS India Pvt Ltd Building, 8-2-542/A, Sunil Chamber, Road No. 7 Beside Meridian School, Banjara Hills34. Working hours are from 8 AM to 1 PM And 2 PM to 3PM. MUSEUMS Salar Jung Museum AP State Museum Nizams Museum

24523211 232431300/7641 24521029

Readers’ views We invite you to write to us comments, suggestions, viewpoint or just about anything to or #1246, Level 3, Jubilee Casa, Road No 62, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500 033 or even by way of a call on 4067 2222

Hyper Local One killed in Yanam firing Postnoon News


eath of labour Union leader Murali Mohan in a police lathi-charge aggravated the situation at Regency Ceramics factory at Yanam (geographically attached to East Godavari district) in Pondicherry on Friday morning. Following this, the police opened fire at the agitating labourers in which four were said to have been injured. The workers have been agitating against the management and they have been conducting demonstrations in front of the factory for quite some time. On learning of the death of the labour union leader, the workers set the Regency office on fire and vandalised some company buses. The workers attacked the police station in which six policemen were reportedly injured. They also ransacked schools run by the company.


Campaigns, hard news and spirit of Twin Cities

Jagan MLAs to get the boot POLITICS U Srinivas


ith the Budget Session fast approaching and the Jagan-supporting MLAs not responding to the speaker’s summons to answer his queries on their resignation, pressure is mounting on the political bosses to show them the door, it is learnt. In this context, Speaker N Manohar’s recent remark is indicative of the official mood. Asked why MLAs are either ignoring or slow to respond to his summons, he said, “Replying to a notice by the speaker is the discretion of the MLAs, but the speaker need not wait until the response came from a member.” It is learnt that the Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy and

PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana have come to a conclusion that all the MLAs who have defied their party whip must be disqualified. The decision was also conveyed to the AP in-charge for the Congress affairs, Ghulam Nabi Azad. The speaker would act just before the Budget Session so that they may not come in the way while the Bill is getting passed. It may be noted that some of the MLAs supporting Jagan wanted to go to Court for getting disqualified. Taking all these into consideration there is every scope that they might be expelled. Disqualification petitions are pending against 17 MLAs, who violated the party whip during the recent vote of confidence on the floor of the house. Sixteen are Congress MLAs and one from PRP, all loyal to Kadapa MP YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, violated the whip during the trust vote against the government recently.


One more bike burnt, tension in Madanpet Mohd Subhan


n yet another bike-burning incident, one more bike was set on fire in Banu Nagar, Mumtaz Colony under the Madanpet police station limits in the wee hours today (Friday). According to KV Surya Prakash, inspector, Madanpet station, the incident took place around 3.45am. Owner of the bike (registration number

AP11-R-5346), Mohd Sardar, a civil contractor with the GHMC, had parked it within his house compound but the gate was not locked. Some miscreants entered the premises, sprinkled petrol over it and set it ablaze. Police have booked a case on the complaint of Sardar and started an investigation. This is the fifth incident within 10 days in the locality. The police have neither a clue, nor a name on their list of suspects.

Drug trial kills Warangal tribal Postnoon News


young tribal woman has allegedly fallen victim to a case of unlawful drug testing by a pharmacy company in Warangal district on Friday. Chintamani Rajitha, 21, is alleged to have died when she was administered a drug that was under test; details were not immediately available.

She was reportedly working for the last six months with DC Tanda Vardhanapet mandal of Warangal district. According to DSP Mamnur K Eeshwar Rao, the tribal woman died due to a ‘health problem.’ But the workers of the company are not convinced and are accusing the company of testing a drug on her, which led to her death.

Vintage beauties seek place of pride Rajesh Ravindran


hey were there, lined up neatly, shipshape and shiny. The golden rays that filtered in through the tree leaves made them more beautiful. Men who were on the premises were lost in admiration for this bevy of metallic beauties. If they forget their flames for a while, they may be forgiven, for they were in the presence of beauty that withers not with age. And curiously, there were not many of the fairer sex on the spot: perhaps they may have forseen the situation. There were 30 vintage cars and 70 vintage bikes on display on Thursday at Lumbini Park as part of the Vintage Car and Bike Rally that is held on Republic

Day and Independence Day every year. Owners stood by their ‘babies’ well-dressed flashing smiles. When someone came up to them and asked about their prized ones, some seemed like they were introducing a supermodel girlfriend; few almost flew into a rage when admirers accidently touched their beloveds while posing and getting photos clicked. The rank of bikes boasted of legends such as BSA, Norton, Triumph, Royal Enfield and Jawa. In cars, there were Austins, Hindustans, and Fiats. Apart from this there were Willys jeeps and a couple of parachute cycles — those from the days of World Wars — too. One would say it’s a costly affair keeping these vehicles shipshape. It’s a given that for many


owners of vintage cars, money is no object. They would go to any extent to keep their babes hale and hearty. But many owners disagree that maintenance is a problem. In fact, most of them retain these vehicles because it’s zero mainte-

nance. “I just change the oil, refuel the tank and check the tyres — that’s it. My BSA (1938 model) has never let me down,” said Mir Hadi Hussain. “And I use it daily.” This bike is so sophisticated that it has suspension regulators: a rider may change the level of suspension depending upon how good or bad the road is — something which a modern bike can rarely boast of. “If my grandfather or my father had been alive, they would be taking medicine daily,” said Hussain, who also owns a vintage car that dates back to 1919. “But my machines… never.” But aren’t getting spares a bit tough? “Yes, but these machines are engineered so well that going spare-hunting does not happen that often,” said Ram Karan, executive committee member of the Deccan Heritage Automobile

Association, which started this event 10 years ago. The rally came into being after some of the organisers who had been abroad were inspired by vintage vehicle museums in foreign countries. Hyderabad is yet to have one. The organisers have been trying for it. “We have talked with the tourism department and they seem to be keen,” said Anirudh, secretary, DHAA. “Mayor Mohammed Majid Hussain also seemed positive about the need for a place to showcase these classics,” he added. The mayor looked very pleased when he was taken around shown these beauties on wheels. “This is my first time I have ever been to a show like this,” he confessed. “It’s amazing.” Would he like to collect one? “Sure.”



Campaigns, hard news and spirit of Twin Cities


A remedy worse than disease CIVIC Sudeshna Koka


he City is growing geographically and demographically, but the roads are in a shameful state, thanks to the authorities who allow shopping complexes and other commercial establishments freedom to misuse public road for obvious reasons. Most of the City’s well known shopping complexes do not have any parking space, and these are all wellknown brands. The City’s famous

TTD to expand Sravanam services

shopping areas like Himayat Nagar, Patny, Begumpet, Trimulgherry, Banjara Hills Road number 1 and 2, Jubliee Hills Road number 36, KBR Park stretch and Swanaplok complex, which host big brands, do not have any parking arrangements. Due to lack of proper parking facilities, the customers are facing huge problems. They are compelled to park on the road meant for traffic and this result in traffic jam and sometimes their vehicles getting towed away. It’s now a common sight to see that shoppers come with some helping hand to sit in the vehicle to prevent their vehicles ending up in the traffic police station. “All these big stores in the City don’t have parking facilities. We have to park our vehicle on the road. Till I finished shopping, I was tensed as our car was not in a safe place,” says S Nair, a mass communication student. These stores ask the first customers to park in the little space available and the remainder is asked


he TTD has decided to set up sub centres of Sravanam project at Mahbubnagar and Visakhapatnam for the hearingimpaired children up to five years . TTD executive officer LV Subramanian said that the objective was to widen the benefit to more children with hearing impairment across the State.

THE FACES OF HYDERABAD Sangati Lakshmi, Sweeper, Kutbiguda


aganti Lakshmi came all the way from Khammam, to Hyderabad seven years ago to take up the job of road sweeper, outsourced to private agencies on contract basis. She earns about `5,000 per month but has to shell out `2,000 out of it as rent for a dwelling in a slum at Road No. 12, Kaman area. She has two children depending on her. Lakshmi says she is worried that she would lose her job under once the Yuvakiranlu programme of Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy gets implemented. She has heard that services of all contract workers might be terminated as it has been pro-

U Srinivas A city is defined by the people who live and work in it. Here we take a look at the human threads that make up our urban tapestry

posed to provide those jobs to others on permanent basis. She is uncertain if her sweeping job would be regularised under the Yuvakiranalu programme. When asked if she had applied under the Yuvakiranalu scheme, she said she does not know how to apply and that she is not literate. Asked if her contractor is aware of the employment programme announced by the government, she adds that they have discussed about lakhs of jobs to be generated under the project, but does not know if they were included. She is appprehensive that she might be sent back to Khammam.

to park on the road. Compounding the problem, the GHMC has recently taken over some roadside parking slots and charge customers for parking. However, this has been a remedy worse than the problem because now the authority itself is blocking road meant for traffic. But, the same GHMC did not insist on the commercial establishment to provide parking space. Why? All agree on this thing: corruption. “As the parking woes increased we collaborated with the traffic police and made a little portion of


the roads as GHMC parking area. We converted some area into parking space,” says Santos, estate officer, GHMC. There are in all 170 parking lots in the City. Big brand managers say they are branching out to buildings completely owned by them and once that happen they could use the basement for customers’ parking. The rented premises do not allow them much leeway, managers say. “We have a basement, but others use it, so we ask our customers to park on the road. Very soon we will be moving out to the opposite building which has parking space for cars and also we can use the basement,” said manager Feroz Mohmmed, general manager, Pantaloons Begumpet Branch. Parking at these centers cost `5 per vehicle for one hour. Shop owners say that this money will be reimbursed. But a lot of them are window shoppers on whom they’d to waste the money, laments Pavan Kumar, a marketing executive.

Won’t go on my knees for posts, says Chiranjeevi


ilm star and MLA Chiranjeevi has said he will not bow to anyone for positions. After hoisting the national flag at his blood band here, Chiranjeevi rubbished his detractors’ ridicule that he was bending backward for political positions. If his erstwhile party, PRP, got two ministerial berths it is because the party deserved it and it was an understanding while merging with the Congress. Reading too much into such things was vile, he remarked. Chiranjeevi has been under attack from several quarters, especially from the TDP over his support to the Kiran Kumar Reddy government despite being sidelined for long after joining the Congress.

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Campaigns, hard news and spirit of Twin Cities

Revisiting the alma mater

Jain Group of Institutions Hyderabad, organised their first Alumni meet for the students at a prestigious club in the city . The alumni were welcomed by Academic Director JGI,K Lakshmi Rao, also their founder Principal.



Cricketer Venkatpathi Raju hoisted the national flag at the third annual sports day at the Jain Heritage, a Cambridge school, Kondapur. Lively displays like Sari Drill, Yoga, and the Mass Drill by the tiny tots of UKG mesmerised the audience

Minister Ponnala Laxmaiah greets the participants


RIDING FOR A CAUSE India's biggest corporate cycling event was organised by the Atlanta Foundation in Hyderabad at Gachibowli Stadium on Thursday. More than 3,000 bicyclists from well over 50 MNC companies participated in The Republic Ride 2012. PICS: SRINIVAS SETTY

Visitors at the Jumbo Buffet that was organised at The Square, Novotel Convention Centre, Kondapur on Thursday as part of Republic Day celebrations.

DESIGN GURU SETS BASE Automobile cosmetic surgeon Dilip Chhabria is all set to take on the south market. On Thursday Chhabria inaugurated his firm’s outlet, DC design lounge at Banjara Hills Road no 12. PICS: SRINIVAS SETTY



India unveiled


Elect leaders who promise Battered two-year old a strong Lokayukta: Anna recovering, parents NEW DELHI: Anna Hazare on Thursday appealed to people in the election-bound states to vote for candidates who promised they would, if elected, support the enactment of a Lokayukta Bill on the lines of the one passed by the Uttarakhand assembly. In his election message posted by his team on YouTube, the activist said he had not been able to travel to the five poll-bound states due to health reasons but his team will talk to people in these states and convey his message. Hazare indirectly hit out at

the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, saying it had no intention of bringing a strong Lokpal bill. He said people should ask candidates to declare “if they were willing to bring a Lokayukta Bill like that in Uttarakhand”. He said he was happy with the Bill passed by Uttarakhand, which is among the states going to the polls and is ruled by BJP. “Do not vote for the corrupt. Send those with clean, good thoughts,” Hazare said. Team Anna members said the activist will travel to the poll-bound states after he gets well. They said that a video of his message will be shown at public meetings.

‘Village councils above Parliament’ In his video message “Rebuilding Rebuplic” posted on YouTube by his team, Hazare said that gram sabhas were the highest structures in the country as they derived their strength directly from the people. IANS

Anna is ‘Hero of Mumbai’ Bhartiya Chaitanya Party candidate holds a part of Television during his election campaign on bicycle in Amritsar. AFP

Eminent Punjabi writer Duggal dead

Veteran social MUMBAI: activist Anna Hazare was on Thrusday chosen as the ‘Hero of Mumbai’ in a spot ballot held to elect the contemporary popular leader. The voting which was open for all was held at the Gateway of India on Thursday evening. The exercise was called ‘Mumbai Ka Hero Kaun’. IANS

Why are you silent on Thackeray, ask Anna supporters NEW DELHI:

As Team Anna members debated corruption and participatory democracy here, a man created a mini stir at the event by asking why Anna Hazare did not speak up against Raj Thackeray in his home state where the politician had targeted north Indians. At a seminar on ‘Rebuilding the Republic’ organised by Team Anna, the man named Liladhar Bhat demanded to be heard on stage and after being offered the microphone raised the issue. Bhat, who had submitted a question was disappointed about his issue not being raised at the forum and started shouting. He refused to back down after repeated requests by the volunteers, following which he was called on stage. “I am also against corruption and I am myself agitated by it. But the Delhi Lokayukta does not take into account the evidence provided about the corrupt practices of a Nigam Parshad. How do we deal with this now,” he asked. He then said he was a north Indian and was agitated by MNS’s targeting of the people from this part of the country in Hazare’s home state.”Shall Anna not give his statement on this issue,” he asked. PTI

still not traced NEW DELHI: Bitten and battered with severe head injuries, a two-year old baby who was admitted to a hospital here last week is “showing signs of recovery’, doctors said on Thursday. Falak was brought to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences’ (AIIMS) Trauma Centre around 2.15 pm on January 18 in an unconsciousness state with injury marks all over her body by a 15-year-old girl who claimed to be her mother. The girl has been sent to a juvenile home, police said. “The baby has been unconsciousness since the day she was admitted but she is showing signs of recovering,” Sumit Sinha, an associate professor of neurosurgery and one of the doctors treating Falak said. “She has a fractured skull and there is blood clotting on the right side of her brain. It appears that either her head was smashed against a wall or she suffered a blow from a heavy object. There are human bite marks all over her face, forehead and right leg,” he added. According to doctors, Falak is on ventilator support and has even suffered a cardiac arrest. “On January 18, when the child was admitted she was in coma. Her surviving chances are very low due to her severe brain injuries. It might take more than a month to drag her out of her unconsciousness,” added Sinha. While admitting the baby, the


girl said that she lived along with her ‘husband’ Rajkumar Gupta in a paying guest accommodation in Mahipalpur area of south Delhi, said Nirmal Thakur, spokesperson of AIIMS Trauma Centre. DCP Chhaya Sharma said that the girl was stopped in the hospital on January 18 after her story seemed suspicious.”She has been sent to a juvenile home," said Sharma. According to Sharma, the girl had gone missing from her home in Sangam Vihar area of south Delhi last year and her parents had lodged a complaint. A police officer said the girl had eloped. “The parents of the child have not been traced yet," Sharma said. IANS

Kerala governor dies of cancer CHENNAI/THIRUVANANTHA PURAM: Kerala Governor MOH

NEW DELHI: Eminent Punjabi writer Kartar Singh Duggal died on Thursday of old-age related ailments. He was 94. The writer, who had also served as a Director of All India Radio, was admitted to All India Institute of Medical Sciences on Monday last and the end came on Thursday evening. Duggal has carved a place for himself by penning novels, short stories and plays in Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, and English, with equal elan and was a winner of Sahitya Akademi award and the Padma Bhushan. PTI


A man dressed as Mahatma Gandhi interacts with security women during the 63rd Republic Day PTI function in Patna’s Gandhi Maidan on Thursday.

Farook on Thursday died in a private hospital in Chennai due to multiple myeloma - a cancer of plasma cells - at the age of 75, officials said. A seven-day State mourning has been declared in Kerala. Farook was recently granted leave to go for medical treatment to Chennai.“He was admitted for multiple myeloma at Apollo Hospital in Teynampet. He died on Thursday at 9.20pm,” an Apollo official said. Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, who was on an official trip to Thrissur, cancelled his programme and would leave for Chennai to pay his respects. The Kerala government has declared a holiday for all State government offices and the central government offices in the State capital will not function as well. IANS

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Beyond Borders

UN Council to discuss Syria

GLOBE AT A GLANCE Ex-Guatemala dictator to face genocide charge


GUATEMALA CITY: A Guatemalan judge ruled on Thursday that there was sufficient evidence to try Efrain Rios Montt on charges of genocide for abuses committed during the ex-general’s 1982-1983 military dictatorship. Judge Patricia Flores said that the information presented showed that Montt,should answer to charges of orchestrating the destruction of native Maya villages during the civil war.

Security Council will discuss the Syria crisis on Friday, and western and Arab nations could make public their draft resolution condemning the government’s deadly crackdown, diplomats said. The unexpected meeting was announced by French diplomats after representatives of the council’s five permanent members — Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States — held talks on Thursday on the new resolution. Friday’s consultations were called by Morocco, the current Arab member of the 15-nation body, which has been unable to

Syrian government supporters wave national flags as they stand in a fountain in front of a portrait of President Bashar alAssad. AFP agree a resolution on Syria since the protests erupted last March. “A draft resolution could be sent to all members of the

council tomorrow,” one Security Council diplomat said. A new resolution giving strong backing to the Arab

League’s initiative to end the Syria crisis has been drawn up by Britain, France, Germany and Arab nations, including Morocco and Qatar. The draft’s supporters hope for a vote next week. Arab League secretary general Nabil al-Arabi and Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim Al-Thani are to brief the council on Syria on Monday or Tuesday. The Arab League has called on President Bashar al-Assad to hand over powers to a deputy so that elections can be held in Syria where the UN says more than 5,400 people have been killed in the violence. AFP

Australian adventurers PIP implant boss charged make ‘Antarctic history’ with involuntary injury SYDNEY:

Two Australian adventurers have made Antarctic history by becoming the first team to travel unaided to the South Pole and back, surviving three months of “extreme hardship”, they said on Friday. James Castrission, a 29year-old accountant, and Justin Jones, 28 and a scientist, skied 2,270 kilometres to complete the arduous trek, overcoming fatigue, injuries and hallucinations from lack of sleep and food. “It’s an absolutely fantastic feeling, I can’t describe the elation I am feeling right now,” said Castrission after reaching home base late Thursday. “It has been nearly three months of extreme hardship and at times simply surviving this adventure has been our

goal. “It’s great to finish this trek on Australia Day (January 26) too and we can’t wait to step onto the tarmac at Sydney Airport next week.” The pair reached the Pole on December 31 and en route passed the previous longest polar skiing trip without airdrops or sails. That record was set in 2009 when Norwegian Cecilie Skog and American Ryan Waters covered 1,800 kilometres. Both men beefed up by about 20 kilograms (45 pounds) each in preparation for the gruelling trip, during which they towed 160 kilograms of gear. They ended up losing 55 kilograms in weight between them.“Despite the blisters, ulcers, soreness and fatigue I feel fantastic,” said Jones. AFP


he owner of a French breast implant maker that sparked a safety scare has been charged with “involuntary injury”, his lawyer says. He said Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) founder JeanClaude Mas, 72 - arrested in a manslaughter case - had been freed on bail of 100,000 euro ($130,000). In 2010, France banned PIP implants made with the low-grade silicone, amid fears they could rupture and leak. Up to 400,000 women in 65 countries are believed to have been given implants. Mr Mas remained at his home in Six-Fours-lesPlages, in the South of France, while police searched it - as required by French law. He was later taken to the

national police station in Marseilles. His lawyer, Yves Haddad, said “He is not well, he is tired and he is waiting for his doctor.” Mr Jean Claude Mas has been under investigation since he revealed in a police interview last year that PIP ordered employees to hide unauthorised silicone when inspectors visited with regard to the silicon implants. BBC

File image of Jean-Claude Mas. AFP

Musharraf return may be a ‘misadventure’ ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf’s heroics in returning to his country could prove to be another misadventure for him, a Pakistani daily said on Thursday. Not only half a dozen court cases await Musharraf in Pakistan but all political parties have agreed that he should face trial.

Miriam Lasso holds a burning candle next to pictures of several police and military hostages of the FARC in Cali, Colombia. AFP

Hundreds arrested for Nigeria attacks ABUJA: Hundreds of foreign nationals, believed to be from neighbouring Chad, have been arrested in Nigeria for the massacre of 186 people, including an Indian, last week, Xinhua reported. The killings took place in Nigeria’s second largest city Kano in Kano state. Boko Haram extremists were said to be behind the January 20 massacre.

Twitter to start filtering its content

Australian PM rescued by police during protest


Minister Julia Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott were trapped in a building Thursday in the capital Canberra during a violent protest and had to be rescued by riot police.The two political leaders were attending a function to mark Australia Day which is the day the first British fleet came to establish a colony in 1788.

said on Thursday that it now has the ability to block tweets from appearing in a specific country if legally required to do so. “As we continue to grow internationally, we will enter countries that have different ideas about the contours of freedom of expression,” Twitter said in a blog post. “Some differ so much from our ideas that we will not be able to exist there," the San Franciscobased company said. “Others are similar but, for historical or cultural reasons, restrict certain types of content, such as France or Germany, which ban pro-Nazi content,” Twitter said. Twitter said that previously, if it was required to remove mes-

sages, it could only remove them globally. “Starting today, we give ourselves the ability to reactively withhold content from users in

a specific country while keeping it available in the rest of the world,” Twitter said. “We haven’t yet used this ability, but if and when we are required

to withhold a tweet in a specific country, we will attempt to let the user know, and we will clearly mark when the content has been withheld,” it said. Twitter said it would post details of any incidents involving the removal of content on, a public database of takedown requests. “One of our core values as a company is to defend and respect each user’s voice,” Twitter said. “We try to keep content up wherever and whenever we can, and we will be transparent with users when we can’t.” China, notably, blocks Twitter, a situation which Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey described recently as “unfortunate and disappointing.” AFP

MELBOURNE, :Australian Prime

A visitor tries flavoured oxygen at the oxygen bar during the Macworld/iWorld on Thursday in San Francisco. AFP

17,193.94 116.76

5,185.85 27.55




10g= `28,200


1kg= `57,300




Matters of saving and spending



We are invincible: IT crowd

Sensex gains over 176 pts

Prudhvi Raju K

MUMBAI: The BSE benchmark Sensex today shot up by another 176 points in early trade, extending gains for the fourth straight session on continued buying by funds and retailers amid a firming trend in Asian markets. The 30-share index rose further by 176.39 points, or 1.03 per cent, to 17,253.57. It had gained over 338 points in the past three sessions. In a similar fashion, the widebased National Stock Exchange Nifty index regained 5,200 points level to trade 49.75 points, or 0.96 per cent, higher at 5,208.05 points. Brokers said apart from a firming trend on other Asian bourses, hopes of easing liquidity in the market after the RBI cut cash reserve ratio by 0.50 percentage point in its policy review on Tuesday, buoyed the trading sentiment. In Asia, Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index rose by 0.13 per cent and Japan's Nikkei Index by 0.40 per cent in early trade today.


t is election time in the US of A. The ‘state of the union’ speech of Barrack Obama had its dose of antipathy to American companies outsourcing jobs. India Inc. asserted that they were creating jobs and not usurping them – refer the observations of Vineet Nayar of HCL, Azim Premji of Wipro at World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos and even Mahindra Satyam. Elections are slated for November. The major concern is his call for immediate enactment of the tax plan. The City has around three lakh employees who are directly dependent on the IT and ITES industries. These industries also created employment for nine lakh people such as security guards, taxi drivers, catering, etc. Would these jobs be at stake with Obama’s proposed policy? Nobody is sure, but industry feels it wouldn’t affect much. But employees have their own doubts. Skilled staffers are willing to go abroad to work, though. Dependence on outsourcing differs from company to the company. However, on an average 60 per cent of their business is being outsourced from USA. The industry gradually reduced this number from 90 per cent in last five years by moving over to countries like Russia, Europe and South America after recession; said K Harikumar, Executive Director, IT and ITES Industry Association of AP (ITsAP). Even though, there is an 8.5 per cent of unemployment, there is a dearth of skilled human resources in USA for IT and ITES jobs. Education is also extremely expensive to create adequate human resources. India adds value to the business by providing skilled manpower, low salaries, and 24-hour work cycle in different shifts. The companies also want to

be with the consumers for research and development and also create appropriate services to the local people, he said. Talking about Obama’s statement, Harikumar said it would hit the American companies like IBM, Accenture and Microsoft operating here. However, Obama’s statement is politically motivated and did not have any details on how

What Obama proposed? n




Companies will not get the 35 per cent tax deductions for moving their operations abroad. Companies moving their operations back to the US will get a tax rebate of 20 per cent. This lures the companies back. Make companies pay a minimum tax for profits and jobs overseas (quantum not specified) The proceeds of such taxes will be spent on manufacturing in USA.

much tax would be levied on the profits of the companies. “It is too early to comment, but I believe even after tax, the costs of operating would be lower in India. They are already discouraging Indian employees to work for Indian software companies in USA by visa rejections and delay,” he said. There is an enormous cost benefit for software companies by operating from India. Starting salaries for high-end jobs in IT industry would be anywhere between $30,000 (`15 lakhs) to $50,000 (`25 lakhs) in the USA. The same professional’s salary ranges from `1.5 lakhs-`9 lakhs in India. On top of the CTC, the healthcare benefits are also hugely expensive in USA, which ranges from 20- 25 per cent of the salary. But it is five per cent of the salary in India. It can come down to three per cent with an increase in salary. The cost of human resource is six times higher in USA compared to India, said JA Chowdary, coChairman, FICCI, Andhra Pradesh State Council. “Obama cannot control the industry. It is the cost benefit ratio

that decides to drive outsourcing business to India or not. There is also need to provide tax incentives by the government based on the tax breaks provided by USA to nullify the effect,” Chowdary added. The IT employees are confident in the city. Obama issued a similar statement two years ago but industry continued to grow. IT industry in the City is strong with a lot of openings from various major IT companies, said Ch Raghurama Raju, Senior Consultant, Hitachi Consulting. The costs to produce a quality application with research and development (R&D) of product and give 24/7 support service would be several times higher in the USA than in India, said Harshitha, a consultant in Oil and Gas practice in a big IT firm. The costs of software applications would be many times higher than what they are now by operating in USA. If such a thing happens, that will not only affect the IT industry but all the industries that are dependent on IT, said Arif, a project manager on telecom practice with an IT major.

India signs global tax agreement PARIS: India has become the 32nd signatory for the Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters, the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said on Thursday. India's signing of the convention, a multilateral agreement promoting international cooperation while respecting the rights

of taxpayers, sent "a strong signal that countries are acting together to ensure that individuals and multinational enterprises pay the right amount of tax, at the right time and in the right place," the OECD said. "I expect it will be the first non-OECD G20 country for which the updated Convention is in force," said Jeffrey Owens,

director of the OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration. The convention was developed jointly by the Council of Europe and the OECD and opened for signature by the member states of both organisations on January 25, 1988, Xinhua reported. It was amended in April 2009 in response to the G20's calling for action "to make it easier for

developing countries to secure the benefits of the new cooperative tax environment, including a multilateral approach for the exchange of information". The convention promotes administrative cooperation in the assessment and collection of taxes, with a view to combating tax avoidance and evasion while respecting the rights of taxpayers.

Rupee up 31 paise The rupee strengthened by 31 paise to trade at fresh 10-week high of 49.77 against the dollar on the Interbank Foreign Exchange market in early trade today, supported by continued foreign fund inflows.

IndiaFirst launches Autolife HYDERABAD: IndiaFirst Life Insurance, a joint venture of Bank of Baroda and Andhra Bank along with UK’s risk, wealth and investment company Legal & General, launched a new policy, ‘Autolife’, on Friday in the City. The car buyers can buy life cover while buying a car insurance, according to P Nandagopal, managing director and CEO, IndiaFirst Life Insurance. The IndiaFirst Life aims to target more than 2,500 customers every month through 100 centres of Varun Motors. According to the company, it does not require any documentation and medicals for application approval and assures speedy and empathetic settlement of claims within 48 hours. IndiaFirst Life is already present in Andhra Pradesh through 1,172 branches of its promoter banks. It has tied up with SERP (Society for elimination of Rural poverty) to provide cover to all members of self-help groups. The project will cover 1.5 -1.75 crore women who take small loans from the banks as part of its social sector obligation.



Fair, free and forthright

Editorials BACKING VIGILANTES is un-Gandhian


wice in two months, Anna Hazare has blurted out his support for people who slap the corrupt. In his youth, Hazare and his friends used to go around smashing liquour shops to enforce prohibition. Age may have mellowed him but it has not diluted his admiration for vigilantism. Like every other person, Hazare too is entitled to his opinions but when he dons the Gandhian mantle for his agitations it amounts to hypocrisy. Millions of Indians, tired of all official anti-graft machinery, look up to him for a model they can adopt and justifying vigilantism is definitely not helping. May be his memory has failed to remind him that Gandhi, whose massive posters form the backdrop of his agitation venues, called off the Non-cooperation Movement at its peak when violence broke out.



n a sequence that could have been a Hollywood movie scene, US Navy SEALs parachuted into Somali pirate territory and whisked away two kidnapped Western aid workers. The operation, carried out by the same squad that took out Osama bin Laden, took less than an hour. Nine pirates were killed and there were no SEAL or hostage casualties. Citizens can rest assured that such capable men will be sent by their country from any scenario. They are also the pride of the country because these men will risk their lives, kick Hades in the nuts and bring home their countrymen.

Students should study While it is a commendable gesture on the part of the government to withdraw cases against students involved in the for-aTelangana agitations, it also becomes governmental responsibility of ours to ensure there is no repeat of such incidents. It is a shame for ours, the student community to be indulging in acts that unbecoming of cultured people. Should we be interested in politics and want to take it up as career, there are other and good ways to go about this endeavour. By adopting wrong ways, we are bringing disgrace to the community. Ehasanuddin Amin Nampally


From Iraq to Vietnam, the ghosts of war scream Urban Jetsam Dean Williams


omewhere in Malaysia, a family weeps with relief. In Haditha in Iraq, citizens cry out for justice. In the hallways of power in Ankara and Paris bureaucrats haggle over what constitutes genocide. The one common strain that ties the above three scenes is the fact that all the victims were innocent. They were not soldiers fighting a war; they were not insurgents resisting occupying forces; they were parents and children, husbands and wives, sons and daughters. On Tuesday, Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich was told he would serve no time behind bars for his part in the 2005 massacre of 24 civilians in the Iraqi town of Haditha. He was the only soldier accused in the horrific incident. As this paper reported on Wednesday, the US armed forces have a rather chequered record when it comes to killing civilians in battle (My Lai was the most infamous before Haditha and Mamoudhiya), but then again, can any army say that their collateral damage did not include children and the elderly? On Wednesday the British government finally allowed relatives of the 24 unarmed Malays killed in 1948 by British forces in Batang Kali, access to hitherto confidential investigation papers into the killing described as the ‘British My Lai’. It’s a small step, but for families that need closure, it is a gigantic one. There are wars being fought all across the globe. We know of the big ones; the ones that get the TV coverage; the ones where anchors in flak jackets shout above the perceived din of an artillery barrage. On these ‘reality war’ fronts the skies are filled with state-of-the-art combat aircraft and drones, the seas feel the wake of guided-missile destroyers and aircraft carriers, and the tanks that rumble across the ground were built in the last 20 years. But there are other theatres of battle where the protagonists wield machetes, not guns; where the fear of rape and torture overrides any sense of doom inspired by the sound of creaky artillery and Cold War weaponry. There are no TV crews here, no Anderson Coopers and John Simpsons, all

Shortage of vehicle parks I fully empathise with vehicle owners of the city on their grouse over parking facilities. While the number of vehicles keeps increasing, space to park them is shrinking. Is it not the duty of the administration of the city to ensure this basic facility? Don’t their advisers enlighten them on the need for space for vehicle owners to park these ever increasing tax earners? Or is the government only too happy to create a situation from which it can milk even more revenue in the form of fines? Prevent, dear traffic police, and not capitalise on disorder. Abdur Rehman Khairtabad

From the Vikings berserker rage and a conquistador’s lethal cross, to the firebombing of Dresden, and the atomic bombs over Japan; war is about terror, inasmuch as terrorism is. that resides here is the blood of innocents. Spreading fear and panic through a local population has been a vital tool in warfare from the days of the ancients: From the Vikings berserker rage and a conquistador’s lethal cross, to the firebombing of Dresden, and the atomic bombs over Japan; war is about terror, inasmuch as terrorism is. There have been those in military circles who had enough, who went against their training and defied superiors, either directly or through a covert operation. Field Marshal

TALK BACK Readers’ views We invite you to write to us comments, suggestions, viewpoint or just about anything to or #1246, Level 3, Jubilee Casa, Road No 62, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500 033 or even by way of a call on 4067 2222

Erwin Rommel was forced to consume poison because he attempted to stop Hitler and a war he knew his beloved country could never win; Bradley Manning faces the full brunt of the American military legal system for Wikileaks. All they wanted was to stop the killing. Will Sergeant Wuterich dream of the faces of the dead as he sleeps the sleep of the free? He might. But the families he destroyed will live the nightmare every waking hour. In an Armistice Day speech in 1948, US General Omar Bradley said: “The world has achieved brilliance without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living.” In the 64 years since then, the world’s militaries have continued to kill innocent people without so much as a backward glance at the human debris. The world has changed, but our lust for carnage never will. Our one constant is bloody, and that is the human condition.

Parking problems I read your story on how parking has turned out to be a major cause of concern for car owners and businessmen across the city. Leave along parking spaces, what this city really needs is an elaborate plan to regulate the traffic conditions at different points of time. Every evening, the entire block from Secunderabad to Hi-Tech City gets choked with traffic and I can’t imagine the situation in crowded areas like Koti and Ameerpet. It’s quite sad that infrastructure, required to accommodate the ever growing number of vehicles in the city, is pathetic. Jhanvi Kumari Bowenpally

No shopping on weekends Parking woes is something that all of us relate to as residents in Hyderabad. Marketing during the weekend especially becomes a task. Earlier Saturday and Sunday were two days everybody used to like going out and spending time window shopping at least. But now to think of marketing on a weekend is a scary thought. I stay near Ameerpet and the market during the weekends or for that matter even during the week is difficult to negotiate. There is no proper parking facility. We have wind our way through the nearby alleyways to find a suitable spot. Noel D’ Souza Ameerpet



Holistic view of mind, body and soul


Neonatal jaundice is common

Dr Kiran Krishnamurti

My sister delivered a baby girl three days ago and she has been having jaundice for the last 2 days. I have heard that jaundice in the newborn baby happens because of a difference in the mother’s and baby’s blood groups. However, my sister and her baby are both opposition. Right now her jaundice level is 14 and we have been giving her phototherapy. Is there any cause for worry? Do we need to change the diet of the mother? Will it affect the brain? Neonatal jaundice is a fairly common occurrence. Yes, it is true that it happens because of an incompatibility of the blood groups of mothers and child. However there are factors other than that.

What a sprain! Anishaa Kumar


prains can occur due to many reasons such as a skid or slip on a wet floor, a fall on your wrist, jamming a finger or while playing various sports such as football, basketball, gymnastics and volleyball.

Is it a sprain or a tear? A common confusion among many of us is between a sprain and a tear. Ask anyone what the difference is and we usually get a confused reply. A sprain in simple terms is an injury to the ligament. Ligament is a band which connects the different joints in the body. Ligaments occur in all parts of the body.

According to Dr M Hari Sharma, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Apollo Hospital, Hyderguda, “Sprain is a non-medical term. A sprain occurs when a ligament is injured. The tear is placed under three grades. A mild injury which is usually a sprain comes under grade 1, a slight tear is grade 2. When the ligament is completely torn it is called grade 3.” The most common ligament injuries occur in the ankle (commonly known “twisted ankle”) or the knee. Extreme pressure on the ligament or stretching of the ligament may be the cause of the injury.

A ligament tear or a fracture? “In the early stages people with both a ligament tear and a fracture have immense pain. But a ligament tear usually

recedes within a few days. In case of a fracture, a clicking sound is heard at the time of the injury,” mentions Dr Sharma. Dr Sharma advises that a person should visit a doctor after an injury so that he can assess whether it is a simple sprain or a more serious tear or fracture.

Sports-related tears and sprains Ligament injuries are also very common in sports people. The first kind is very common in footballers. It is known as the anterior cruciate ligament tear in which the ligament inside the knee is torn and becomes unstable. This may require physiotherapy and in some serious cases surgery. The second is a common injury among cricketers and tennis players. It is known as tennis elbow. Both Sania Mirza and Sachin Tendulkar have been in the news for having suffered from a

tennis elbow. It occurs due to the strenuous overuse of the elbow. It is commonly associated with playing who play tennis and other racquet sports, though it can happen to almost anyone. It makes it difficult for a person to even fold or move his or her elbow. For a tennis elbow the person undergoes physiotherapy and is given pain killers. In certain cases injections are given or a surgery may be advised.

Treatment The best treatment for a sprain or a tear is rest. “Rest will help the tear or sprains heal. Crepe bandage or Plaster of Paris (POP) bandage may be used around the injured area to immobilize the sprain and provide support. For a mild sprain a regular bandage is used but in severe cases a POP bandage is used.” Ice or cold compress wraps can be used to provide instant pain relief.

Rh(+ or-) and ABO that need to match. Neonatal jaundice can be caused by an incompatibility of these and it is likely to be milder. A level of 14mg% Serum Bilirubin at Day 3 is no cause for worry. It will settle down. There is absolutely no threat of brain damage with this level. Kernicterus (ie bilirubin discoloring and damaging brain cells) happens at a level above 20-22 mg%. There is no connection between the mother’s diet and the baby’s jaundice. She should be breast fed as often as possible and fed with maybe a few teaspoons of boiled and cooled water when she is on phototherapy. (The writer is a paediatrician practicing at Andromeda Centre. You can write in to her at



Holistic view of mind, body and soul

No cardiac risk with food fried in olive oil


ood fried in olive or sunflower oil is not linked to heart disease or premature death, but the same is not true of solid or reused oils. While eating lots of fried food can increase some heart disease risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity, a link between fried food and heart disease has not been fully investigated. So the study authors, led by

Pilar Guallar-Castillon professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain, surveyed the cooking methods of 40,757 adults aged 29 to 69 years over an 11-year period. None of them had heart disease when the study began, the journal reports. Trained interviewers asked participants about their diet and cooking methods. Fried food was defined as food for which frying

was the only cooking method used. Questions were also asked about whether food was fried, battered, crumbed or sauteed, according to an Autonomous statement. The participants’ diet was divided into ranges of fried food consumption, the first quarter related to the lowest amount of fried food consumed and the fourth indicated the highest amount. During the follow-up

there were 606 events linked to heart disease and 1,134 deaths. The authors conclude, “In a Mediterranean country where olive and sunflower oils are the most commonly used fats for frying, and where large amounts of fried foods are consumed both at and away from home, no association was observed between fried food consumption and the risk of coronary heart disease or death.” IANS

Not all bakery products are healthy NUTRI CORNER

Dr Suneetha Sapur

I have a weakness for freshly baked biscuits that are available in bakeries in Hyderabad. However, I’ve been advised to avoid them as they are not very healthy. But I don’t understand why? Are these biscuits high in fat? Unfortunately, the food items that are tasty are not always very healthy. Yes bakery

biscuits have a high fat content and are also prepared with maida and sugar. If you look at it 95 per cent of it contains only calories and no other nutrient is present in significant amounts. So it is not healthy and excess eating can lead to weight gain. Apart from high fat content and empty calories most of the bakery biscuits are prepared with vanaspati. Vanaspati is prepared by hydrogenation of vegetable oils. During hydrogenation, the liquid oils become solid because the mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids are converted, into

saturated fatty acids and isomers called fatty acids. ie groundnut oil or sunflower oil are hydrogenated so that they become solid like ghee or butter. Vanspati is used as a substitute for ghee in cooking and the preparation of bakery products, sweets and snacks. The hydrogenation process produces trans fatty acids, which are not good for health and it may lead to heart diseases and various health problems. Therefore, it is essential to limit the intake of bakery biscuits. Ideally, the intake of trans fatty acids should not exceed 2 per cent of energy intake. (The writer is the director of Akkshaya

Foundation and a consultant nutritionist at LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad)



Dr Y Gopi Krishna consultant pulmonologist at Mythri Hospital

Asthma is a form of allergy

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sthma is a form of allergy in which a person’s immune system recognises noninfectious parts like dust, pollen as allergens and causes the airway to narrow down. While there are no specific studies, nearly 10 in 10,000 people are affected by asthma,” says Dr Y Gopi Krishna, consultant pulmonologist at Mythri Hospital. Since factors like dust, pollen and pollution are triggers for asthma, the incidence of the ailment has been rising with the increase in pollution levels in our cities. “Also people’s immunity levels are coming down due to various lifestyle factors, poor food habits and poor exposure during childhood. It is no wonder then that the incidence of asthma is on the rise these days,” says Dr Krishna, adding, “While it can’t be cured it can certainly be controlled and prevented. The two mainstays of treatment are counselling on the precaution to be taken and inhalers.” Inhalers, says the doctor, are the first line of treatment for asthma. “Besides these are better than tablets and other forms of oral medication since the dosage is very low compared to them. So even inhalers with steroids and bronchodilators are perfectly safe as they are administered in very low doses. Alternately there are also tablets and injections available for treatment of asthma,” he says. Monitoring lung function is essential for asthma patients to effectively control the ailment. “They can use a peak flow meter either at the hospital or at home regularly or get a spirometry done at the hospital once a year to determine how well the lungs are functioning. Doctors can alter treatment based on these readings,” says Dr Krishna. “Asthma during pregnancy can be rather tricky as if it is not managed it can lead to complications like growth retardation. But inhalers are a great way to handle asthma in pregnant women since the dosage is so low and the drugs don’t cross the placental barrier,” he says.

Hers Truly Patricia Day Bidinger, a Californian, has already dedicated 35 years of her life to a section of Indian society, whose only companions are poverty, sickness and disparity. She runs the Institute of Rural Health Studies Shiba Minai


icture this — a warm and unassumingly charming white blueeyed beauty living in a cowshed with one door (no window) and one electric bulb. This is not a figment of our imagination but the truth. We are talking about Patricia Day Bidinger 35 years ago. She is a researcher in health care, which involves extensive interaction with the locals of the villages she visits. Patricia tells us about the


Big girl’s don’t cry All About Eve Fleme Varkey


Place no bar! incident that made her the saviour of hundreds of needy folk, “One day, a woman walks up to me and says, ‘Oh Amma! You have asked us so many questions and we have answered them. We hope it will help someday, but right now what our village needs is medical help and care, don’t you think that will be more helpful?’ “That was a simple thing that struck me like a bolt of lightning and from the next day my group put a table there for a few hours to extend whatever little medical help we could.

Now we have a clinic at Mahbubnagar that treats over 200 patients a week.” Listening to this, we could not help but wonder wasn’t being an expat a challenge here? And pat comes the reply, “Absolutely! For some strange reason most people think it is easy for foreigners, but it’s not the case. There are times when I am faced with what I like to call ‘reverse racism’.” She laughs, and continues, “It was also a challenge because when I came to Hyderabad 35 years ago the caste system was very strong. I had people ‘guiding’ me to help only certain communities. I also had people doubting why a foreigner would want to help the poor or downtrodden.” To what motivates her to do this kind of work, she says, “I started when I was very young, and my first job was to teach physically challenged people to swim, and I realised how little efforts can change many lives. So now, I provide health care services in villages for women, children and the elderly. We also have a mobile health van attending to emergencies. Apart from that, we started Travelers Aid for the sick at the Imlibund station in 1976, and the office space was given to us by the

APSRTC.” She continues, “But now, our Imlibund office is in danger of closing down. Local goons harass us, so do junior level officers of the organisation who try to extort money and have threatened to throw us out. We are also fighting a legal battle for the same.” You can see the determination in her and it’s admirable to see her willing to go all out to fight this selfless battle. Patrica believes in equality of all religions so much so that she ensures that all her employees hail from different religions and castes. While you are reminded every day of the big bad world out there, such encounters reinforce your faith in humanity!

THE CV Name: Patricia Day Bidinger First job: Swimming coach for polio-affected children Last book read: The Hare with Amber Eyes Last movie seen: Three movies on Gandhi and non-violence Motto in life: Who has a motto in life except government and coins

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omen should not cry at work, could have well been one of the Ten Commandments. It's almost like telling a man 'pink is not his colour'. The moment your wellkept guard drops at work and the moment the tear gates open, there you are — you can kiss your career advancement goodbye. These rules go for almost all women, unless the woman in question is an actor and she earns her career advancement through emotions. A recent incident at the workplace forced me to think about this predicament. The feeling of shame at being caught with your guard down is so overpowering that most women when they want to cry at work run for the nearest rest room or a secluded spot to release the flood gates. Way out of the reach of a male colleague. Strong declarations made by women all over, come flooding back to me. We believe in being the alpha woman; she is strong, independent and is able to tackle any and every problem at work. Is this the reason why women should not cry at work? People scrutinise a woman's behaviour in male-dominated environments, searching for any sign of weakness. Given the demands of such workplaces, any sort of emotional display can suggest weakness and therefore, women are advised to avoid crying when upset. Showing emotions at work other than the occasional smile or laugh is taboo. Blow your top and there you are, branded as rude and moody, and if you cry — then for the next two days, office corridor gossip will echo with only your act of weakness and then every other statement will end like 'I hope you are not going to cry, if I tell you this'. So now take to tearing up, if you must, it still shows your ability to control your emotions. If it has to, let it be a trickle, not a flood.


Because you are what you wear






PARIS: There is no mistaking the look of the first model at Jean Paul Gaultier's couture show on Wednesday, the beehive hair and thick eyeliner, black skirt and brassiere visible under a white top. "Amy Winehouse was a true style icon," Gaultier told reporters backstage after the show, conceived as a tribute to the soul singer, six months after her untimely death. "What she stands for above all, is uniqueness. Both in music and the way she dressed, she mixed a great many influences" to create her style, he said. Playing on the late star's style, rooted in the 1950s and 1960s, Gaultier sent out corsets — a staple of his — as well as bustiers and layered brassieres, mixing bold colours with black. The French designer took care to keep his tribute subtle — with nothing too literal — and Winehouse's voice rang out only at the very end, blending with the sound of a cappella band on stage. Stars lined the front row, from the Grande dames of French cinema Catherine Deneuve and Charlotte Rampling to the US rocker Beth Ditto, or RnB singer Shy'm. Top models of the moment Karlie Kloss or Milagros Schmoll dazzled the room wrapped in hooded capes of billowing chiffon, or a suit matching asymmetric jacket and a man's pinstriped pants — tailored to a woman's curves. Hand-crafted artistry was on ample display, like in the thousands of pieces of glitter embroidery on a violet-blue coat, worn over a pleated white skirt and plant-green top made entirely from sequins. Purple pearl embroidery adorned a jacket, worn over an electric blue chiffon dress, while pointed-tipped bustiers were entirely embroidered with stones. After the wedding dress — a corset-gown in powder pink — the models returned without their skirts, revealing the sophisticated lingerie underneath, with a black veil over the face like Spanish widows. "It's not a funeral," smiled Gaultier afterwards. "They are happy brides." AFP



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LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD? Come November and either Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney could be sitting in the White House. Brigitte Dusseau profiles two contrasting characters


hey hail from the same generation and the same Republican party, but Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney provide a stark study in contrasts ahead of next week’s make-or-break Florida primary. The two politicians — top contenders in the battle to become their party’s presidential candidate — offer dramatically different temperaments, campaign styles, and even in their life narratives. Gingrich, 68, was born to a teenage mother who divorced his father while he was still a baby and married a US serviceman. Gingrich’s itinerant childhood on various US military bases included overseas stints in France and Germany. By contrast, Romney, 64, a monied scion of privilege, was the son of millionaire Mormon businessman George Romney. The elder Romney became governor of Michigan, US housing secretary of state and chairman of the American Motors Corporation. George Romney tried and failed in his bid to become US president, becoming a top contender for the 1968 Republican nomination before losing out to Richard Nixon. Now Mitt, who was elbowed out for the 2008 nomination by Senator John McCain, gets his shot at the White House. Gingrich, a former speaker of the House of Representatives who has surged to the front of statewide polls one week before

the January 31 primary here, has a pugnacious style, and is known to verbally pummel opponents into submission with a razor sharp intellect. As an academic and college professor, Gingrich had a proclivity toward bold political schemes and “big ideas” that led him to engineer his audacious plan for the Republican takeover of Congress in 1994. But in one of the frequent knocks against him, Gingrich is also criticised as grandiose and overbearing, given to bombast and bluster. Impulsive even as an adolescent, Gingrich decided at the age of 15 that he would study history and politics after a visit to Verdun, France. He followed that chosen path, trying and failing twice in his bid to be elected to the House, before succeeding on the third try. Gingrich represented his Georgia district for several years before being elected speaker by his fellow lawmakers — a post he held from January 1995 to January 1999, when he was forced out. His fall, facing a rebellion after a midterm poll rout and ethics violations, was as spectacular as his rise had been impressive. Even after his ouster, Gingrich never really left the world of politics, creating and chairing several policy think-tanks, and taking on work as a highly paid consultant for the mortgage giant Freddie

Mac, which is seen as complicit in the US financial meltdown of 2008. Where Gingrich runs hot, Romney blows cold. He is steady, patrician, even aristocratic. But he is often parodied as unexciting and overly studied, every bit the trained lawyer and businessman. With his silver spoon and Ivy League education, Romney amassed a fortune at the head of Bain Capital during the 1980s and 1990s, and now is said to be worth about $250 million. That would make him one of the richest men ever in the White House — if he gets the nomination and defeats President Barack Obama in November’s election. Romney failed at his first attempt to gain elective office, when he tried to unseat liberal icon Ted Kennedy from the US Senate. After being elected governor of Massachusetts for a term, he tasted election defeat again, when he lost out to McCain for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. He now faces an unlikely challenge from Gingrich deemed by some too intemperate and controversial to get the nomination. But Romney — from all appearances the very picture of everything a candidate should be, down to his graying temples and ram-rod straight bearing — is seen by many as being too stiff, too perfect. Taking those criticisms on board, in a departure from four years ago, the candi-

date has taken to wearing his hair a bit more mussed and his shirts a bit rumpled, to give himself more of the air of an average guy. There are also lingering doubts in conservative circles that the former governor of liberal Massachusetts really shares their views on hot-button issues such as gay marriage and abortion. Another Romney vulnerability is his Mormon religion, his bedrock faith, but one which is seen by many Americans as strange and cult-like. Gingrich, a convert to his wife’s Catholic faith, is the more conservative of the two, harping frequently about his adherence to the principles of Ronald Reagan, the late president. Romney is criticised as lacking core principles, and has shown a willingness to adapt his views those of the electorate when it is convenient to do so. There is no greater contrast between the two men than in how they have conducted their personal lives. Romney, an irreproachable family man who has been married for 42 years to his high school sweetheart, has five grown sons and 16 grandchildren. By contrast, Gingrich is married to his third wife, Callista, a former congressional aide more than two decades his junior, who was his paramour while he was still married to wife number two.

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The glamour behind the glitz

Nagarjuna’s first look in SHIRIDI SAI T

he first look of K Raghavendra Rao’s upcoming film Shiridi Sai starring Nagarjuna in lead role was unveiled yesterday. After making films like Annamayya and Sri Ramadasu, K Raghavendra Rao and Nagarjuna have teamed up once again for a biopic on Shirdi Saibaba. Nagarjuna’s transformation as Saibaba has got a unanimous thumbs up from the viewers. Prominent industrialist A Mahesh Reddy is producing the film on Saikrupa Entertainments Pvt Ltd banner. The film’s principal shooting will begin from February 2 onwards in a village in Karnataka and the first schedule will go on for 25 days. M M Keeravani has already recorded all the songs for this biopic. Couple of months ago, Raghavendra Rao and M M Keeravani paid a visit to Saibaba’s temple in Shiridi and began discussing about the film’s music and it’s touted to be another musical blockbuster in the making.

All is well, almost! Movie: Snehitudu Cast: Vijay, Jiiva, Sriram, Ileana, Sathyaraj Director: Shankar Rating:


@LakshmiManchu Kumar, director's family surprised him on the set. Incredible to see so much pride in ur child's work. He living his dream is theirs 2 :)

@RanaDaggubati Just done with a short but a superb first schedule of "Krishnam Vandae Jagadhurum" #KVJ. Over now to #NaaIshtam's dub from tomorrow.

@shrutihaasan Battling insomnia only to find dark night on TV. Well so long sweet slumber. Can never tire of this film. I love me some batman :)

@actressanjjanaa Happy n glad started 2012 with 2 great hits ko-ko and casanova, just climbing up d hill @ tirupati, paying my thankfulness, God strengthen me for more.

@shraddhadas43 I really wanna c Agneepath 2nite,even if it's front row tickets! Hearing such good things about it, especially about @duttsanjay.


hankar usually stays away from remakes and his latest film Snehitudu is a bold move even for the director who has a blockbuster like Robot to his credit. It’s no easy task to recreate the magic of the original film, Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots, which dealt with the current education system and how students end up in a rat race rather than learning and doing what they really like. Shankar sticks to the original version right from the word go and thanks to some inspired performances from the lead cast, the film is almost as good as the original version. Panchabatla Sarangapani (Vijay), Venkat Ramakrishna (Sriram) and Sanakkayala Ravi (Jiiva) are thick friends and all three of them study at Ideal Engineering College. The col-


@Actor_Siddharth lege’s principal, Virupaksha Sundaram (Sathyaraj) believes in competition and expects the students to always be on their toes to How the lives of all these characters change over a period of four year forms the rest of the story. Sriram, Jiiva, Sathyaraj and Sathyan render commendable performances in this remake. On the other hand, Vijay underplays his role

to a great extent Ileana sizzles in a couple of songs. Scenes like Venkat confessing his dreams to his parents and Ravi impressing the interviewers with his attitude deserves special mention and they touch the right chord. This film is a must watch if you haven’t seen 3 Idiots and even if you have, it won’t hurt much to watch it again.

Priya goes on a crazy road trip


ittle did Priya Anand and her close friend know that a long drive will turn out into an adventure of a lifetime. They were on their way to Kadapa and all of a sudden their car broke down on the highway. Luckily, a lorry driver offered them

a lift and Priya Anand was more than happy to go on a ride and post a picture on her Twitter profile. “Having an Adventure of a Lifetime as my car broke down on a Highway!Don’t worry Ma! We’re safe with our Telugu Driver! Bless

Sritha, for going on a crazy road trip on her birthday with me! We spent 14 hrs on travel by lorry,buses, autos & a tow truck!!!” the actress posted on Twitter. Priya Anand will soon be seen in Sridevi’s comeback film English Vinglish.

The fraternity of radio jockeys (RJs) is the most underrated talent pool in this country. I love their passion and skill. Keep it up guys:)

@sundeepkishan Don’t let any1 tell u what u can’t do...if they can’t do something, they will tell u that u can’t want something, go get it...period.

@richyricha How funny. I’m on my Bengali film set in Hyderabad, learning Tamil from my assistant, thru Hindi medium!

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Agneepath packs enough punch for the curious viewer, at the same time, does not stray too far from the original screenplay

Ranbir, Vidya named best actors at Apsara Awards

Movie: Agneepath Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra, Rishi Kapoor Director: Karan Malhotra Rating:


The new Cult? T

here are one too many actors in Bollywood who would like to be cast in the roles of that played by Amitabh Bachchan. He breathed an originality into the character, the kind that was impossible to imitate. Comparisons are inevitable and Karan Malhotra realised that early on and so he decided to take a fresh approach. With the film’s title being retained, it is still exclusively different. The movie begins with the events that lead to the death of the hero’s father and the young son and pregnant mother travelling to Mumbai to find a new life. Vijay

Dinanath Chauhan (Hrithik Roshan) then lives only to go back to his village in Mandwa to avenge his father’s death from the drug lord Kancha Cheena (Sanjay Dutt). In Mumbai, Vijay befriends Rauf Lala (Rishi Kapoor) who eventually becomes his godfather in crime. Hrithik’s version of Vijay portrays him as calculated, cold-blooded and one without any moralistic conflicts. He has little dialogues but mainly his expressions do the talking. For debutant director, Karan Malhotra, the movie is more of a tribute rather than a remake. Along with co-writer Ila Bedi Datta, Malhotra did away with a lot


of characters that were present in the original film like that of Mithun Chakraborty, Goga Kapoor, Sharat Saxena and Deepak Shirke to inevitably bend the plot to focus more on Hrithik, Dutt and Kapoor. The original dialogues have been recreated fashionably with both the epic introduction of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan as well as Dr Harivanshrai Bachchan’s poem inspiring the film’s title have been executed with panache and dignity. The background score by Ajay-Atul seems to perfectly blend in with the film’s screenplay, with Chikni Chameli and Deva Shree Ganesha making it to top of

ny remake of an Amitabh Bachchan film cannot affect ‘Brand Bachchan’, says actor Prateik, who believes the megastar is irreplaceable. “I don’t think anyone can replace t h e

the charts. Kaali (Priyanka Chopra), is his best friend and love interest but fails to find a strong foothold in the film’s script. Hrithik does more than justice to Vijay and we are all glad that he didn’t try and copy Big B. Dutt as Kancha Cheena does send a few shivers with his villainous look and rippling muscles. But among all of these characters, its Rishi Kapoor who deserves a special for his power-packed performance as Lala. High on action, quick to surprise and well-executed roles, Agneepath does deserve praise for not being a damp squib.

brand ‘Bachchan’. You can call him a brand. But for me, he defines Indian cinema when it comes to actors,” the 25-year-old said at the launch of a gym. Prateik and Big B shared screen space in Prakash Jha’s Aarakshan. The young boy is currently busy promoting his new film Ek Deewana Tha, which has British model Amy Jackson as the female lead. IANS

ollywood stars Ranbir Kapoor and Vidya Balan picked the best actors’ trophies at the star-studded seventh edition of Chevrolet Apsara Awards on Wednesday night for their performance in Rockstar and The Dirty Picture respectively. The best film award went to Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, and Zoya Akhtar won the best director for the movie. Her actor-filmmaker brother Farhan took home the best supporting actor award for the movie too. The best supporting actress award went to Priyanka Chopra’s cousin Parineeti, for her portrayal of a bubbly, rich, spoilt Delhi girl in Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl. The act also bagged the best debutant (female) award for her. The best debutant (male) honour went to southern actor Rana Daggubati for his first Bollywood project Dum Maro Dum. The best choreography trophy was picked by Bosco-Caesar for the peppy title track of Desi Boyz. Irshad Kamil picked the best lyrics award for Naadaan parindey from the film Rockstar.

Brand ‘Bachchan’ is irreplaceable: Prateik

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The glamour behind the glitz

Proud to be Indian, tweets Bollywood



@RGVzoomin Is the constitution celebratory worthy bcos v understand its greatness or is it becos this is jst anthr lie we all love to tell each other?

@NeilNMukesh Had a super brunch at Mr Ramesh Tauranis place. Met old friends. Then a hectic day of last min work before I leave tonight for KENYA.


ollywood celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini and Bipasha Basu used the Republic Day on Thursday to assert how proud they are to be Indians. They took to microblogging site Twitter to share their sentiments.

@SrBachchan T 635 - The Mumbai air after Gujarat ... the home food ... the crowds at the gate for RD’12 ...a wedding and tomorrow early back to Gujarat.

Amitabh Bachchan: Happy Republic Day to all.

Bipasha Basu: This Republic Day, I want my country to be “saare jahaan se achchaa” in true sense! Wish for a peaceful, healthy, literate nation. Happy Republic Day!

@udaychopra I believe that men and women are equal. I also believe they are not. Both these statements happen to be true, that’s why life is interesting.

Lara Dutta: Wishing all Indian twitter friends a very Happy Republic Day!

Priyanka Chopra:


Happy Republic Day everyone! IANS

Shahid raises an eyebrow on Bipasha W

hile Bipasha Basu has been raving about her latest song Bipasha, actor Shahid Kapoor, once rumoured to be dating her, says he fails to understand the logic behind having songs named after actors’ names. Personally, he says he would be uncomfortable with it. “It’s very personal. I would be embar-

rassed by it but I am sure a lot of people will like it. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I think in films we play different characters, so how could you have songs on your own name is beyond my logic,” the 30-year-old said here at an event. Shahid has just wrapped up shooting for Kunal Kohli’s next opposite Priyanka Chopra. IANS

As much as I love the world I am surrounded times the encroachment of life suddenly makes me uneasy and uncomfortable...on some days.


Johar in awe of Rishi Kapoor’s versatility


ilmmaker Karan Johar is all praises for veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, who has portrayed two completely opposite characters in two of his productions — Agneepath and Student of The Year. “When you watch Agneepath and then when you watch Student of The Year, you will see the versatility of Rishi Kapoor. You will be surprised to see that he can do two extremely different roles in the same year,” the 39-year-old producer-director said at a recent event. While Agneepath hit theatres on Thursday, Johar’s directorial Student of The Year is expected to release in the middle of this year. IANS

Being male is a matter of birth... Being a man is a matter of age... But being a gentleman... Is a matter of choice!

@deespeak One of India’s greatest director’s Mukul Anand made the original Agneepath... Watching Agneepath tribute to him!

@priyankachopra Guys send me r reviews on #agneepath soon... I’m dying to hear what y’all think and carry boxes of tissues... ull need em! Touches ur heart...

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D S RATE ` 150 sq. cm

For Further Details Please Contact Abhinay 9989399972 Nandlal 9951467988 Ravi Chander 8106039919



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Lone Ranger star Armie Hammer busted for pot


rmie Hammer, who’s currently saddling up to play the title role against Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger, has been arrested for marijuana possession in Texas, according to reports. The 25-year-old actor, who came to prominence playing the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network, was busted in Sierra Blanca, Texas, on November 30, after police found three

Academy gives nod to online voting for 2013 Oscars T

he Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced on Wednesday that it will begin using an ‘electronic voting system’ starting with the 85th Academy Awards in 2013. Until this announcement, the Academy has always collected ballots by mail. Those ballots were then counted by hand by a small team of Pricewaterhouse Coopers accountants. But now the Academy will team with the firm Everyone Counts to develop an online voting system for next year’s Oscars. Over the next year, the Academy will ‘undertake a rigorous security and user-acceptance testing process.’ A chief concern will be ensuring that the system cannot be compromised by hackers. Pricewaterhouse Coopers will still be responsible for ultimately tabulating and verifying the results. The move to online will help speed up the voting process for the Oscars.

cookies and one brownie containing medicinal marijuana. Which is a bummer for Hammer — who, ironically, played lawman Clyde Tolson in last year’s J. Edgar — but perhaps the actor can take consolation in the fact that he’s not alone. Hammer was arrested in the same town where Willie Nelson and, more recently, Snoop Dogg were busted on pot charges.


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Demi Moore suffered an apparent seizure


Justin Bieber

efore Demi Moore was hospitalised, the actress “was having what seemed like seizures” at home, a source told a magazine. “Concerned friends called 911,” the source says. The actress, 49, is being treated for what her rep says is “exhaustion,” as friends privately express concerns about her declining health

helps boost organ donor registrations

Pat Sajak: I hosted Wheel of Fortune drunk P

at Sajak has been hosting Wheel of Fortune for more than 30 years, and it turns out that during that time, the host wasn’t always exactly swimming in sobriety while he was in front of the camera. Sajak, who has been hosting the show since 1981, admitted that in his early days of hosting he was sometimes drunk while on the show. “I had a great time. I have no idea if the shows were any good, but no one said anything, so I guess I did okay,” he said in an interview, adding that he didn’t participate in that kind of activity when he got older. “I would be hesitant to have anything to drink now,” Sajak added.

and mounting stress. While the cause of the reported seizure wasn’t immediately known, a second source insists that Moore “did not attempt suicide.” A website, meanwhile, reports that Moore went to the hospital after a bad reaction to nitrous oxide. Moore’s reps have not commented since releasing the initial statement.


ustin Bieber knows how to make things happen (it is his world, after all). The charitable singer answered the tweeted plea of a fan with action, after the Belieber asked the Baby crooner to spread the word about organ and blood donation to his Twitter followers. Helene Campbell, who tweeted Bieber from the handle @alungstory last week, wrote, “Hey @justinbieber! I BELIEB you should use that Canadian voice of yours and help save lives like mine #beanorgandonor #giveblood”. Bieber quickly followed suit, responding to the young woman (who is awaiting a lung transplant herself), “i got the have amazing strength. i got u. #BeAnOrganDonor.”

Chai Time


How to Play Kakuro Kakuro is a popular game similar to sudoku in some ways. But is also suitably different. The key question: “How do you play Kakuro?”, well here are the rules of kakuro. The answer: The kakuro grid, unlike in sudoku, can be of any size. It has rows and columns, and dark cells like in a crossword. And, just like in a crossword, some of the dark cells will contain numbers. Some cells will contain two numbers. However, in a crossword the numbers reference clues. In a kakuro, the numbers are all you get! They denote the total of the digits in the row or column referenced by the number. Within each collection of cells - called a run - any of the numbers 1 to 9 may be used but, like sudoku, each number may only be used once. Let’s have an example to explain this concept more clearly: In the image above, which shows a section of a kakuro puzzle, you will see the numbers ‘26’ and ‘14’ in the top row. Look at the 14. This means that the total of the three cells underneath must sum to 14. Therefore 9, 4, 1 could be the answer, or perhaps 7, 4, 3 and so on... So, how do you work out the actual combination? Well, this is done through elimination and cross-referencing. For instance, as you work out the answers for other kakuro clues, this will naturally limit the valid combinations, and hence the answer for this particular run. Note the second cell in row two - it contains two numbers, 30 and 11. The 30 refers to the vertical run underneath the number 30 and the 11 refers to the two cells to the right, horizontally, of the number 11.



Take a shot at the brain game while sipping your cuppa


QUICK CROSSWORD ACROSS 1 Lofty poems 5 Burglar 11 Cut off, as branches 14 She "talks like a man" in song 15 Creed in the Best Picture of 1976 16 "... partridge ___ pear tree" 17 Basketball film directed by Jack Nicholson 19 Silently indicate agreement 20 Gia Lam Airport location 21 1991 AT&T acquisition 22 Droop 24 Hangs attractively on 26 Yacht pronoun 28 Melt together 31 Rocky outcropping 32 Moo ___ pork (Chinese menu item) 34 More wacky or silly 36 Actors' platform 38 Ted, Nat or Tina 39 Duke Ellington classic 42 Found on these pages 43 He was singin' in the rain 44 Coated with flour, then sauteed 46 ___ Speedwagon 47 Ryder Cup org. 50 "Don't Tread ___" (old flag warning) 51 Captain Morgan's drink 53 What fools do, proverbially 55 You-here link 57 ___ Paulo 59 Spiced-wine punch 60 Make a note 62 Spike Lee film 65 Onassis, informally 66 Instant impression 67 Eating regimen 68 Home of "SNL'' 69 Town near Stamford, Conn. 70 Talk impudently DOWN 1 Outmoded 2 El ___ (legendary city of gold)

3 "Father Knows Best" actress Donahue 4 Relish 5 Cheerleader's sound 6 Ready for business 7 "Garden of Earthly Delights" painter Hieronymus 8 Rang out, like a trumpet 9 ___ Lilly and Company (pharmaceutical giant) 10 Angler's supply 11 Pasta variety 12 Lennon's wife 13 Cape Canaveral platform 18 He was a genius, relatively speaking 23 Free-for-all 25 "Star Trek" star William 27 Snake that may warn before it strikes 29 Examined, as a patient

30 Goof 33 "Yuck!'' 35 Military vacation 36 Shish kebab necessity 37 Reaction to a mouse sighting 39 Gull relative 40 Sweet-smelling 41 ___ Lingus (Irish carrier) 42 Where people dug "Six Feet Under" 45 Old Plymouth muscle car 47 Fear 48 Lively dance movements 49 Feelings of anxiety 52 A language of New Zealand


54 Gravity-powered vehicles 56 "Yikes!'' 58 This may be enough 60 One of the Brady Bunch 61 Sphere 63 Air quality overseer (Abbr.) 64 Large cask for wine PREVIOUS PUZZLE ANSWER

THOUGHT OF THE DAY A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station. – Anonymous



Your tomorrow today̶Star Power and Tarot

Date 28-1-2012


As per Hindu panchang 040-27177230 / 9177596118



You will be appreciated for shrewdness, hard work and for brisk actions. Blood relatives will help. Sharing of ancestral property will be done smoothly. Good financial flow. Kids will make you happy.

Income is set to increase. Opportuni‑ ties will knock your door. Decision to sell ancestral property will be consid‑ ered. More travels need to be under‑ taken, but be careful while travelling.

Good events to take place at home. Good financial inflow likely. Your value and respect will increase. Sports persons will be bold and achieve success with determina‑ tion. Some will get married to the loved one.




Businessmen will get govt sops. Financial help likely from relatives or friends staying abroad. You will be happy as children will achieve in many areas. Your talks will give desired results. Travelling abroad possible.

Employees can expect transfer or change of responsibilities. Monetary gains thro‑ ugh spouse likely. Comforts will increase. Good news on the cards. Benefits through journey likely. Debts will be in control.

Happiness and comforts are set to incre‑ ase. Financial position is strong. Adjust‑ ing with family members is a must. Avo‑ id magnifying petty issues in the family. Problems of daughter will get resolved.




You will look cheerful. Commission agents, real‑estate players will earn a good income. Those married can expect their offspring to arrive soon. Marriage talks will go smoothly and get finalised.

Elder brother or sister will extend whole‑ hearted help. Some will go abroad. Hurd‑ les in the path of buying a plot or house will go. Children might create tension, but explain pros and cons and bring change.

Marriage will be settled for many. Mon‑ etary gain or an asset through father is expected. Childless couples will receive good news soon. Employees will scale new heights at with their hard work.




Health will be fine. A pilgrimage will be successful and it makes you happy. For‑ tune likely through daughter and also from abroad‑related deals. You will spe‑ nd luxuriously, contrary to your nature.

Support from maternal relatives, make you happy. Famous celebrities will become friends and will support you in a big way. Held‑up construc‑ tion work will resume and complete.

Debts will be totally under control as a major portion gets cleared. Marriage will be finalised for some. You will feel proud because of children's achievements and co‑ operation. Businessmen will see a boom.





Nine of Pentacles – Youʼre happiest whe‑ n surrounded by yo‑ ur favorite things – books, music or the‑ atre. Donʼt alienate yourself from society in your quest for joy.

Four of Cups – A job offer is likely to co‑ me your way. You may even get a cou‑ nter offer. Consider all options carefully before deciding. Do‑ nʼt jump to conclusions.

The Tower – Changes are on the way. You may have to consider moving to a new location for a job assignment. Keep an open mindset and take it in your stride.




Knight of Wands – Youʼre young and adventurous but you will have to use your creativity to find an innovative solution to a stubborn problem. Try humour.

Five of Pentacles – This may not be the best time to make any changes. Keep everything as famil‑ iar as possible. You may face some loss‑ es. Be prepared.

Ace of Wands – This is a creative time, es‑ pecially for those in off‑beat professions. Use your intuition to guide you, and donʼt hesitate to share yo‑ ur ideas with seniors.




Seven of Wands – Th‑ ere is some secrecy around you. Maybe your colleagues or peers are not telling you the whole story. This may make you take wrong decisions.

The Hierophant – This card indicates that the answers lie within you. There is no need for you to go asking anyone else. Pick up the key and open the lock.

Ace of Cups – Matters of the heart are in focus. Those travel‑ ling are likely to meet someone interesting. The chemistry is immediate and you hit it off big time.




For Better or for Worse Stone soup

Four of Wands – A promotion or raise in the offing. The bosses are mighty pleased wi‑ th your work. Singles find someone through friends. It may lead to something permanent.

King of Cups – Youʼre emotions are very strong but it may not mean that youʼre in touch with them. You may be expressing them in weird ways. Meditate!

Strength – You have tremendous inner strength and forti‑ tude to overcome any problem. Do not hesitate to ask for help. It doesnʼt mean youʼre weak.



Number game



Ink pen


Fred Basset




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Playing Field


The games people play

Rory takes lead at Abu Dhabi

Maria recounts bleak times MELBOURNE: Maria Sharapova Thursday revealed how she feared injury may have ended her career after her revival took another step forward when she reached the Australian Open final. The Russian former champion proved she was firmly back among the best with a 6-2, 3-6, 64 over Petra Kvitova, avenging her defeat to the Czech in last year’s Wimbledon final and setting up a title match with Victoria Azarenka. The elated Sharapova, who raised both arms in triumph after the win, said it showed she could once again compete at the highest level after shoulder surgery in 2008 and a series of later injuries. The 24-year-old Russian won the Australian Open in 2008, the

last of her three grand slam titles, before the operation kept her off court for nine months. “It means so much to be back in a grand slam final, a stage I have been to before a few years ago here,” Sharapova said. “It’s nice to get that far again after losing quite early in the last couple of years. It means a lot to me. “I played someone that’s just had really great results and has beaten me the last couple of times. I just really wanted it today.” And Sharapova, who could also return to world number one if she lifts the trophy on Saturday, said there were times when she thought she may not


be able to make it back to the top of the sport. “As positive as I always try to be, you always question what you’re doing, obviously, because sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t,” she said. “And especially just with the shoulder I think it was — I knew some examples of some people that did not quite recover from surgery and that was a little frightening, but I really had no option.” AFP January 16 – January 29

‘It’s okay’ MELBOURNE: Roger Federer insisted his dismal record against Rafael Nadal did not play on his mind Thursday after he crashed out of the Australian Open semifinals at the hands of his longtime nemesis. The Swiss maestro holds a record 16 grand slam titles but the Spanish world number two has a hold over him on the biggest stage, winning eight of their 10 clashes in majors. It was the same old story on Thursday as Nadal, chasing his 11th slam, battled back from a set down to grind down his rival and set up a final against either top seed Novak Djokovic or Andy Murray. Federer, 30, denied his record against Nadal played on his mind when he went out on court, saying he felt the Spaniard raised his game in their meetings. “It is what it is, you know. At the end I care about my titles, if I’m happy or not as a person,” he said. “Head-to-heads for me, I mean, are not the most important. If I beat Andre (Agassi) 10 times in a row or Lleyton (Hewitt) many times in a row, at the end of the day


I don’t care. “I remember the matches on that given day, that I played well against them or not, and I don’t remember the head-to-head that much.” Federer has not beaten Nadal in a grand slam since Wimbledon in 2007, with his only other victory over the Spaniard coming at the All England Club the previous year. He has never come from behind to beat Nadal at a major. “We have had good matches over the years. I enjoy playing him. The crowd really gets into it, which is nice. We have a lot of respect for each other, which is good, too, I think,” Federer said. “We also play well against each other. I always think he plays a bit better against me than against other players.”

ABU DHABI: Rory McIlroy used muscle power to steal an early season march on his main rivals for golfing dominance at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship on Thursday. The 22-year-old Ulsterman, who spent much of his winter break in the gym working on his physique, wrestled his way around the par-72 National Course for a five under 67 that included seven birdies against two bogeys. That was three shots better than Tiger Woods and four ahead of Luke Donald, the two men he played with in what was the first round’s big drawing card. It left him joint leader, with Sweden’s Robert Karlsson, of the $2.7million dollars European Tour tournament which opens a three-week long swing through the Gulf states and effectively kick-starts the season for the elite of world golf. Gareth Maybin of Northern Ireland, Richard Finch of England and Jean-Baptiste Gonnet of France were joint third at four under. A stroke further back came Nicolas Colsaerts of Belgium, Robert Rock of England and Richie Ramsay of Scotland In what was one of the best fields ever assembled outside of a Grand Slam or WGC tournament, six of the world’s top 10 were present as well as a resurgent Woods. World number two Lee Westwood, looking to make it three wins in a row after a strong finish to last year, had a 72, while number four Martin Kaymer, out to win this tournament for the third straight year, disappointed with a 77. AFP


Indians set for whitewash

Same old story

Ryan Harris (C) is congratulated by teamates after taking the wicket of Rahul Dravid.

Twelfth Man Babu Kalyanpur

n The Indians are at the point of no return once again. The tentative and defensive approach proved to be their downfall. Australia were well on their way to complete a well-deserved whitewash. n The dry wicket had got harder to bat on with the bounce getting lower. But it was not alarmingly dangerous. Australia lost five wickets while setting a target of 500. The Indian bowling was much tighter but the usual one four-ball per over allowed Australia to get ahead easily. n Virendra Sehwag gave India some hope with a hard-hit 62 off 53 balls. His aggressive approach was refreshing. But once Sehwag left, the same old prod and push tactics were back on display. n Rahul Dravid never looked comfortable. Sachin Tendulkar seemed to have fallen into a defensive mindset once again which meant that he did not last long. n The Australian bowlers were relentless. Spinner Nathan Lyon was allowed to bowl well due to the Indian batsmen’s lack of initiative. It made painful watching the same old story unfold once again.

Michael Clarke (R) congratulates Ricky Ponting (L) for catching Indian opening batsman, captain Virender Sehwag.

Gautam Gambhir in action.


Playing Field

The games people play

Be good, Gerrard urges fans LIVERPOOL: Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard has urged the club’s fans to be on their best behaviour when Manchester United visit Anfield for Saturday’s powder-keg FA Cup tie. Saturday’s fourth round showdown is the first time the bitter rivals have met since Liverpool striker Luis Suarez was banned for eight games for racially abusing United defender Patrice Evra. Although Suarez is still serving his ban, Evra is likely to start for United and Gerrard wants supporters to focus all their attention on backing Kenny Dalglish’s team. “We do all have a responsibility,” said Gerrard, who was sent off when the sides met in the FA Cup last season in Dalglish’s first game back in charge, United winning 10 at Old Trafford. “With Fair Play going on, and the campaigns that have been going on for a long time, we all have a responsibility to ensure that this game is remembered for the football. “Liverpool and Manchester United is a massive rivalry and of course there is going to be stuff in the newspapers and banter between fans. “But it would be fantastic if after the weekend it is remembered for being a top game and obviously, from our point of view, a Liverpool win. “We don’t want any front page stories from this game or any stories besides a football match between two top sides and may the best team win.” With confidence sky-high after overcoming Manchester City 3-2 on aggregate in midweek to book a place in next month’s League Cup final at Wembley, Liverpool are determined to carry on the good work against Sir Alex Ferguson’s side. Gerrard has dismissed sugges-

tions United are favourites as they will be fresher after a free midweek. “The lads are more than ready for the weekend,” added the England midfielder. “It will be great to not only knock City out of the (League) Cup, but to then knock United out of the FA Cup. “We set a benchmark against City. We have to make sure we play with the same effort and I’m sure we will be fine.” Craig Bellamy, who scored the decisive goal in midweek, could start on the substitutes bench after the energy-sapping City tie. Meanwhile, Wayne Rooney has warned Liverpool that United are arriving at Anfield bang in form. Rooney insists Ferguson’s team are over their new year blip which saw them lose back-to-back league games against Blackburn and Newcastle. They have responded by defeating Bolton and Arsenal in the league — as well as eliminating Manchester City from the FA Cup. And Rooney is confident United can carry on their good form at Anfield.



Chelsea look to avoid QPR blues LONDON: Chelsea have plenty of reasons to want to avoid a repeat of their last trip to neighbours Queens Park Rangers when they return to Loftus Road on Saturday in the fourth round of the FA Cup. The 1-0 defeat they suffered there on October 23 last year was a blow to their hopes of winning the Premier League and Andre Villas-Boas’ side, who are currently in fourth place, finished the game with nine men following red cards to Didier Drogba and Jose Bosingwa. The headlines were generated by captain John Terry however after it was alleged he had racially abused Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand during the game. AFP

Postnoon E-Paper for 27 January 2012  

The official e-paper of Postnoon - Hyderabad's first afternoon newspaper

Postnoon E-Paper for 27 January 2012  

The official e-paper of Postnoon - Hyderabad's first afternoon newspaper