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he first sight welcoming people into the City at Secunderabad station is the long line of eager auto drivers ready to offer their services. If one thinks of this as Hyderabad’s famous hospitality, think again. The Secunderabad Prepaid Auto Service is just another way of fleecing customers.



lint Eastwood is said to be considering Bradley Cooper to headline his rock ‘n’ roll remake of A Star Is Born. To date, Janet Graynor and Frederic March, Judy Garland and James Mason, and Barbara Streisand have taken on these lead roles in various remakes. In Eastwood’s version, his leading lady is none other than Beyoncé Knowles.

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Hyderabad’s first compact afternoon newspaper




ON SUNDAY VVS Laxman, who retired from international cricket yesterday, scored a total of 8,781 runs in 134 Tests, which is proof enough that he is up there among the big guns. But more importantly, it was the way he made them that really affirms his greatness. And as the HCA names the North Stand at Uppal after him, we bid goodbye to one of the game’s last gentlemen.






National Silk Expo

Contact: (040) 2354 0023

The Gramin Hastkala Vikas Samiti is organising the”National Silk Expo” from August 18 to 26. The expo will feature various silk products from around the country such as printed silk, kantha and many more. Where: Sri Sathya Sai Nigamagamam, Srinagar Colony When: Ongoing, 11am to 9pm

World class cocktails Select from a list of unusual concoctions like Frozen Gold. Buy two and get a world class cocktail book and experiment with a wide range of drinks yourself. Where: Marco Polo, ITC Kakatiya, Begumpet When: Ongoing Contact: (040) 2340 0132

Painting exhibitions

Play time

Two painting exhibitions, dealing with cities and sustainability will be displayed at Vidyaranya High School. Where: Vidyaranya High School, Saifabad When: Ongoing, 10am onwards Contact: (040) 2323 7789

The play Birjees Qadar ka Kunbaa will be held at Nift Auditorium on August 24. The play is in Urdu. Where: Nift Campus, Madhapur When: August 24, 7.30pm Contact: (040) 2311 4537

Image and imagination

Artist Snehlatha Prasad presents her interpretation of the Radha and Krishna myth through her canvas.The exhibition is being held at Shrishti Art Gallery. Where: Shrshti Art Gallery, Jubilee Hills, Rd No 15 When: Ongoing, 11am onwards Contact: (040) 2752 2999


A painting exhibition by various artists titled Image and Imagination is being held. Where: Kalakrithi Art Gallery, Banjara Hills, Rd No 10 When: Ongoing, 11am onwards Contact: (040) 6656 4466

Middle Eastern food fest Head to the Dining Room at Park Hyatt for the Middle Eastern Food Festival. It is open for both lunch and dinner. The food festival will be on till August 20. Where: Park Hyatt, Banjara Hills, Rd No 2 When: Ongoing, 12pm onwards and 6pm onwards Contact: (040) 4949 1200

Sunday brunch

A boy sells a water gun at a signal near Liberty.

Ethical hacking

Contact: (040) 2340 0132

Oakridge International School is organising a 2-day ‘Workshop on ethical hacking and online security’ by ethical hacker and computer security expert, Ankit Fadia. The workshop is open for students and people interested in technology. Where: Oakridge International School, Gachibowli When: August 25 and 26, Contact: 1800 200 8171

Photography workshop

Jash-E-Eid-Ul Fitr

The German movie Die Blindgagner (Blindflyers). The movie is a tale of two girls Marie and Inga. Where: Goethe Zentrum, Banjara Hills, Rd No 3 When: August 24, 6pm onwards Contact: (040) 2335 0443

Break your fast with ITC Kakatiya’s special Iftar buffet which includes flavoured sherbets, rich haleem, malai paya, dum biryani and an assortment of Kebabs. Where: Deccan Pavillion, ITC Kakatiya, Begumpet When: August 10-20, 7.30pm onwards


A photography workshop will be held at Iconart Gallery on weekends. Where: Iconart Gallery, Banjara Hills, Rd No 12 When: Ongoing Contact: 98499 68797


Taj Khazana Sale For six days, there will be a special


offer on magnificent collection of sarees, western ensembles, pashminas, hand-picked costume jewellery, men’s garments and much more. Where: Taj Krishna, Banjara Hills Taj Falaknuma, Falaknuma When: August 20-29, 10am – 9pm Contact: Taj Krishna (040) 6629 3248 Taj Faluknama (040) 6629 8600

Invisible lands An exhibition of paintings by Madhuchanda Majumder is being held at Shrishti Art Gallery. The exhibition is on till August 21 Where: Shrishti Art Gallery, Jubilee Hills, Rd No 15 When: Ongoing, 11am onwards

This one-of-a-kind extravaganza integrates all five food and beverage venues at the Radisson Blue Plaza Hotel to offer a wide spread of Indian and International gastronomies.The Brunch would be complemented by a lucky draw every hour. Where: Radisson Blue Plaza , Banjara Hills, Rd No 6 When: August 19, 12pm onwards Contact: (040) 6733 1133

Punjabi food festival Head to Taj Deccan for a Punjabi Food festival. The food festival offers a variety of Punjabi delicacies such as saag and makke Ki roti. Where: Taj Deccan, Banjara Hills, Rd No 1 When: August 24 onwards, Contact: (040) 66663939

India Fashion Tour IFT will be held from 18 and 19th August 2012 at The Park, Hyderabad .The two -day event featuring over 12 designers brings the fashion trends to the City. Where: The Park, Somajiguda When: August 18 and 19 Contact: 95426 78789

Big Cinemas, Ameerpet, 30581470; Cinemax, Banjara Hills, 44565555; Cine Planet , Kompally, 61606060; INOX, Banjara Hills, 44767777, Prasads, Tank Bund Rd, 23448888; PVR, Punjagutta, 8800900009; Talkie Town, Miyapur, 40214175; Tivoli, Secunderabad 27844973



Man drinks acid, dies


2 injured at CM meet venue

e had one peg too many, and at the end, he drank phenyl in lieu of alcohol and died. Umesh Kumar, 40, of Ramanthapur in Uppal is said to have had an alcohol party with friends on Friday night. After coming home he wanted more drinks and in his drunken stupor he consumed cleaning acid and immediately collapsed.


wo people were grievously injured while making preparations for the CM's Indiramma Baata tour in Narsapuram. The incident occured in Swarnandhra Engineering College in Sitaramapuram when the two employees belonging to the PR office were electrocuted by the loose ends of a current wire in a sound system.

Tenant held for murder


haheeda Begum, 28, a resident of Bolakpur, who had turned her tenant out recently was allegedly killed by the tenant after setting fire to her house in the dead of night. The police have arrested the tenant, Mumtaz Begum,30. Bearing a grudge against Shaheeda, Mumtaz is said to have come at night, poured kerosene on the house and set it on fire.

Auto-fleecing, it's official SRINIVAS SETTY



he first sight welcoming people into the City at Secunderabad station is the long line of eager auto drivers ready to offer their services. If one thinks of this as Hyderabad’s famous hospitality, think again. The drivers here are part of the Secunderabad Prepaid Auto Service, which despite the many claims made about its services, is just another way of fleecing customers. For the uninformed, the service was launched by Transport Minister Botsa Satyanarayana in 2011 with the aim of “ensuring passengers are not fleeced by auto drivers and providing safety.” What one does not realise is that they end up paying more than what is the actual meter fare. What then is the reason behind these high slab rates? Neither the police nor the auto unions can explain. The only saving grace is that you are provided with a police contact number and the fact that all these drivers are registered with the local police network (which fails to impress the public as many think this should be done regardless of prepaid services or slab rates.) So, for an extra charge which can in no way be explainable, the public is provided a safe passage through the city with a reliable auto driver who gets a share out of the exorbitant prepaid taxi fare. But should not the police be ensuring safety of the

people without any such schemes? Neither this, nor the fancy prepaid taxi service have had any great effect with the passengers at the railway station. “Why would I want to travel in an auto that will charge me more than the normal rate, when I perfectly fine with travelling in one which runs on the correct meter fare, even though they are a rarity to find these days?”, says Subhash a com-

muter from Secunderabad to Jubilee Hills. One trip from Secunderabad to Jubilee Hills costs `114 as per the current meter fare calculation. But with the prepaid service slabs, the rate goes up to `135. How in any way is that comforting? Commissioner of Traffic Police CV Anand says, “ The slab rates may be higher but there are benefits in it too. For instance there is the question of passenger security which we have taken

care of. And the problem of bargaining with the drivers is removed. It is not possible to have your cake and eat it at the same time.” But the commissioner's wisdom failed in explaining the worth behind the extra surcharge. Not only the police, even the auto unions themselves, cannot explain this. Amanullah Khan, a union leader said, “ The service will be good with prepaid autos. Moreover, the extra money is

divided between the government and the auto drivers also. In fact we are planning on setting up this service in Kachiguda and Nampally stations also.” Clearly, everyone is being taken for a “ride”. With another auto rate hike coming along, the ever demanding auto drivers are a happy lot. A vexed citizen said that an NGO was being planned only to fight the many hordes of errant auto drivers and the mysterious schemes such as the prepaid auto service. As to why there has been no action taken against auto’s running on spurious fuel mixtures or auto mafia pickets within the city, there is no answer.

Patient jumps to death in Gandhi Hospital Mohd Subhan


ecurity guards of Gandhi Hospital had a shock of their lives this morning when they found the body of a man on the concreted ground behind the hospital. Alerted ward staff found that it was an indoor patient, G Raveendra, 58, who was undergoing treatment for his head injuries in the neu-

rosurgery ward. He is suspected to have jumped to his death in the dead of night. Raveendra's is a sad story, police reveals. He belongs to a middle class family of Jeedimetla. His father, G Vidyanand was in the service of Hyderabad municipal corporation and four of his brothers are in the USA, and four others including him, are well-placed in Hyderabad. Unmarried, Raveendra, was

running a chain of computer institutes in the city outskirts. They did well for some time but had fallen on bad days. A while ago he closed the last of his institutes and had withdrawn from social life. Recently, he fell from his terrace and sustained head injuries. He was admitted to the Gandhi hospital's neuroward. Being a bachelor, he had nobody except the nurse to take care of him. Hospital sources

said the man, probably because of his business failure and loneliness, was showing symptoms of mental disorientation. Last night, it is conjectured, he went to the terrace and jumped to his death. Chikalguda police have registered a case of suicide. Chikalguda police who questioned the security and other staff on Sunday were told that they had head no unusual noise of a body falling. Police said the

lack of vigil on the part of the ward nurses and security of hospital was evident as nobody knew of a missing indoor patient till the body was found on the ground. Raveendra lived in Venkateshwara Colony of Jeedimetla. His neighbours who came to hospital after hearing of his death told police he was a gentleman but had few friends. It is as yet not clear how he had fallen from his terrace.



Food raids may bust none




t may take another six months for all the hawkers in the twin Cities to get registered,” says a senior health official, GHMC. The Food Safety Act (FSA) that should have been implemented by August 4, may be delayed by several months, perhaps more. The much touted FSA, for which the Centre has set a deadline, is yet to see the light of the day. The civic body has failed to ensure healthy food for its denizens at least before the start of the much-hyped COP-11. With the GHMC officials recently issuing show cause notices to two of the big establishments in the City in surprise raids, their business might have been affected temporarily. But after a few days, the business will be as usual prompting authorities to make another knee-jerk attempt that would focus on some other food establishments. One of the reasons cited for discreet measures on the part of the GHMC is the lack

of ‘food inspectors’ in all the five zones. According to the official sources, there are only five food inspectors, who take care of entire City, that has about 20,000 big and small hotels and eateries. This year, so far, authorities have inspected 4,782 hotels in the GHMC limits. Notices were given to 810. At least 358 samples were taken last week and sent for lab tests. Among these, the samples which were reportedly found to be unsatisfactory were 49, while 157 samples were found satisfactory. Samples awaiting results are 152. As it takes around three weeks for the results to come, establishments are using this time to avert being booked. Of the notices given to 810 establishments so far this year, only five cases have been booked under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act. While big hotels are rarely checked, most of these eateries which come under the scanner are considered to be in the category of small and medium. It is now widely believed that the big ones which were recently in news and were provided show cause notices will also emerge unscathed.

Fun run for better health Syed Shoaib


he second edition of the Hyderabad Heritage Marathon will be held on September 23, revealed chairperson of Hyderabad 10K Run Foundation Uma Chigurupati on Saturday at Ravindra Bharti. “So as not to get stuck in traffic, we will start the run from Chowmahallah Palace at 5.00am and end it at the Qutub

Shahi Tombs,” the marathon runner said. The route — Charminar, Mecca masjid, High Court, Osmania hospital Mozamjahi market, Public gardens, Taramati Baradari, Golconda fort — was decided keeping in mind the fact that Hyderabad is home to some world-class heritage structures. Rajat Kumar speaking on behalf of the Andhra Pradesh Tourism stressed on the need

for keeping alive the rich past of the state through knowledge and protection of its heritage structures. He regretted that the younger generation was losing touch with the glorious culture of yesteryear. “We must pass onto our children knowledge of our past, and ensure that they too enjoy the goodness of our culture,” he said. “And what better way than to run past these heritage structures, which will make other

people sit up and notice them,” he emphasised. On a lighter note he said that the run was perfectly timed. “It is an ideal opportunity for people to shed the extra flab they have put on over the last month by indulging in biryanis and haleems and get back to shape,” Kumar said. The run, split in two categories of full and half marathons offers cash prizes for winners apart from internationally-accepted certification from AIMS and medals. Prizes will be given away in different categories based on nationality, age and gender of the winner. Winners from the city will also be specially recognised, the organisers promise. Facilities like medical aid, refreshments, water and electrolyte will be provided through the entire route for this annual feature, which saw a participation of 800 enthusiastic last year. Uma expects a better response this year. The event is co-sponsored by the Hyderabad Metro Rail, which promises to enhance the value of the heritage structures in the city by providing panoramic views of them to its travellers while staying 500 metres away when ready in five years from now. Online registration can be made on

Lorry ploughs into crowd, kills two women Mohd subhan


n a chilling incident, a vegetable-laden lorry plowed into a group of women collecting water from the water tanker at Ismailkhanpet in Ranga Reddy district, killed two and injured three, this morning The lorry, belonging to Uttar Pradesh, was heading toward Nizamabad, said DySP G vengaktesh of Ranga Reddy district. The lorry, said to be going in high speed, lost track and hit a group of people who were collecting drinking water form a water tank on the roadside in Ismailkhanpet village. Two, K Vasantha,23, and A Padma, 28, both residents of the same village, were crushed to death while three others suffered injuries. It is not clear, if it was a mechanical failure or a human error. The driver has been placed under arrest and lorry confiscated. Several deaths reported in the area have been attributed to over-speeding and rash driving.



Five juveniles flee from jail

3 killed by lightning

5 killed in road accident

PATNA: Five juveniles escaped after

BAREILLY: Three persons were killed

scaling the wall of a jail in the state capital remand home, police said today. Inmates who fled yesterday have been identified as Tinku Kumar, Vicky Kumar, Sudhir Kumar and Mantu Yadav, sources said. Three out of five accused are facing murder charges while other two are accused of theft. The matter came to light during routine head count.

and one injured after being struck by lightning in Shahjahanpur district, police said. Omendra Singh (35) and Umesh (25) were killed and Ashu Yadav (16) was injured after being struck by lightning in Nahrosa village here yesterday, they said. Sunil Kumar, 30 died in a similar incident in Basulia village of the district yesterday, police said.

BANKURA (WB): Five pedestrians were today run over by a speeding van in Gholgaria area of the district, police said. A group of seven youths were walking on the road when they were crushed to death by the vehicle coming from behind, SP Mukesh Kumar said. The injured are undergoing treatment. A manhunt has been launched to nab the absconding driver.

Final tax assessment of Ramdev trusts begins NEW DELHI: The Revenue department has begun a final tax assessment of the trusts associated with yoga guru Ramdev after service and I-T officials recently conducted special probes on these enterprises for alleged tax evasion. Both the revenue collection arms of Finance Ministry’s Income Tax and Service Tax departments have recently issued notices to these trusts which are now being contested by Ramdev. Officials of Central Economic Intelligence Bureau (CEIB) and Directorate General of Central Excise Intelligence (DGCEI) are assessing the income and service tax liability of these trusts run by Ramdev. “An inquiry has been initiated to ascertain the Service Tax liability on Ramdev’s trusts. Prima facie, there were some commercial activities like sale of coupons to participate in yoga

camps and sales of products (claimed to be of medicinal use) by Patanjali Yoga Peeth run by him. The department is assessing them,” a source said. Officials said that information related to the sponsors and the source of money used in conducting various programmes across the country by Ramdev’s trusts were being collected. When contacted, Ramdev’s spokesperson S K Tijarawala claimed the trusts are exempted from tax net as they are doing charitable activities and not running a commercial enterprise. The I-T department, in May, has also slapped a notice of Rs 58 crore on the sale of the ayurvedic medicines by these trusts. The Service Tax department has similarly raised a demand of about Rs 5 crore on the ‘yog shivirs’ run by Ramdev’s trusts. PTI

Soon, photo ID must for rail travel NEW DELHI: Railways is set to make it mandatory for passengers travelling in non-AC sleeper class to carry identity proof as part of its efforts to check the widespread menace of transferred tickets sold by touts. The decision to carry a valid I-card for train passengers in non-AC reserved class is being finalised and likely to be announced shortly, a senior Railway Ministry official said. “This is being done to strengthen measures to keep a check on passengers travelling on transferred tickets,” the official said. Earlier in February, Railways had made it mandatory

for AC class passengers to carry identity proof with them. Passengers travelling on a Tatkal or an e-ticket are also required to carry I-cards while undertaking train journey. “Non-AC travellers were kept out of the photo I-card decision at that time,” the official said, adding that “the policy ambit is being widened now so that every passenger in reserved class onboard a train has a valid identity card.” Once the decision is announced, passengers failing to produce original identity proof in sleeper class, as and when asked for, will be treated as


n February, Railways had made it mandatory for AC class passengers to carry identity proof with them. Passengers travelling on a Tatkal or an e-ticket are also required to carry ID cards.

“without ticket” and charged accordingly. The rule will apply for all sorts of tickets, including those for sleeper class, issued through computerised passenger reservation system or Internet. The decision to introduce photo I-cards for sleeper class


passengers is likely to deter touts from booking tickets on fictitious names and selling the same to passengers at a premium price, the official said. Passengers can carry any of these nine ID proofs while undertaking train journey — voter ID card, passport, PAN card, driving licence, photo identity card having serial number issued by central/state government, student identity card with photograph issued by recognised school/college, Aadhar card, nationalised bank passbook with photograph and credit cards issued by banks with laminated PTI photograph.

at the


Nag missile fails in trials NEW DELHI: The longdelayed Nag anti-tank missile project of the DRDO has suffered yet another setback as its user trials held recently failed. In the trials held in Rajasthan in presence of senior Lt Gen-rank officers from the Army and top DRDO officials, the modified carrier of the missile called NAMICA also under-performed, DRDO sources told PTI here. In the trials held at the Mahajan firing range, four Nag missiles were fired of which only one could hit the target whereas the remaining failed to do so due to glitches in the equipment on-board the weapon, they said. Army officials present at the test-firings were not happy with the performance of the missile and have asked the defence research agency to come better prepared for the trials to be held in the future, they said. The missile has been under development as part of the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program (IGMDP) initiated in early 1980s and is now expected to take few more years to reach the induction stage. Sources said the carrier of the Nag missile called NAMICA — a modified Russian-origin BMP-II personnel carrier, also failed to satisfy the users in displaying its capabilities in water during the PTI trials.




Drone attack kills 5

Twin blasts in Libya

Serial stabber eats dog

ISLAMABAD: At least five people

TRIPOLI: Twin blasts near secu-

were killed in a US drone strike launched early Sunday morning in Pakistan’s northwest tribal area of North Waziristan, said media reports. Xinhua, citing Urdu TV channel Dawn, said two drones fired four missiles at two vehicles suspected of carrying militants in the Shawal area in Miranshah.

rity force buildings in the Libyan capital early on Sunday killed two people as Muslims marked the start of the Eid al-Fitr holiday. “Two explosions struck at dawn, the first near the military academy on Omar al-Mokhtar Avenue, the second near the interior ministry,” a security official said.

MOSCOW: A 42-year-old resi-




Ecuador’s allies warn Britain

8 killed, 20 injured in Syrian jet hit Syrian warplane bombed a small town partially controlled by anti-regime fighters near the Turkish border on Saturday, killing eight people and wounding at least 20, the Associated Press reported. The incident marks the latest escalation in the use of air power by Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government in the Arab nation’s civil war. The afternoon airstrike, reported by activists in the area as well as the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, was one of at least two that took place on Saturday. The increased use of airstrikes by the regime is taking its toll on civilians, and, in the eyes of activists, is evidence of its insensitivity to civilian casualties as it battles for survival against the rebels. The regime’s growing use of warplanes also comes at a time when western powers are looking into suggestions for militarily enforcing a no-fly zone in northern Syria. Russia rejects the idea. The airstrike on the town of Manbej in the Jarablous area came hours after a government announcement said Syria welcomed the appointment of former Algerian diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi as the U.N.’s new pointman in efforts to halt the civil war. The announcement was made by the office of VicePresident Farouk al-Sharaa, which also denied Arab media reports that al-Sharaa had defected to the opposition. AlSharaa “did not think, at any moment, of leaving the country,” the statement said.

dent of eastern Siberia was held over a stabbing rampage that he concluded by dining on his own dog, police said. The man attacked people in the streets of Irkutsk, stabbing one passerby to death and injuring two others, both pensioners.

The warning of ‘grave consequences’ capped two days of a tense diplomatic standoff between Britain and the South American nation


cuador has received powerful backing from regional allies as they warned Britain of “grave consequences” if it breaches diplomatic security at Ecuador’s embassy in London, where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is holed up. The warning capped two days of a tense diplomatic standoff between Britain and the South American nation, which on Thursday granted asylum to Assange, whose website enraged the United States by publishing a vast cache of confidential government files. Britain has responded by vowing not to grant him safe passage out of the country. But Ecuador called on its allies from the Venezuela-led so-called Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our America (ALBA), whose foreign ministers flew to the Ecuadoran economic capital and displayed late Saturday full diplomatic support. “We warn the government of the United Kingdom that it will face grave consequences around the world if it directly breaches the territorial integrity of the Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador in London,” said a statement issued at the end of the ALBA meeting. The statement, read by Ecuadoran Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, also rejected Britain’s “threats vis-a-vis our territorial integrity and sovereignty.” The regional group, which also includes Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua


Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa (C) speaks during the opening ceremony of the extraordinary Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA).

Assange to issue statement; his mum hopes for the best LONDON: Julian Assange is expected to make a public statement later on the diplomatic row that has engulfed him since being granted asylum by Ecuador. The Wikileaks founder reportedly plans to speak outside the Ecuadorean embassy in London where he has taken refuge.

as well as a number of smaller Caribbean nations, expressed its “categorical support for Ecuador’s sovereign right” to grant asylum

Meanwhile, Assange’s mother expressed confidence Sunday that her son would make it to Ecuador to continue his whistleblowing work despite a tense diplomatic standoff over his asylum. Christine Assange, said: “He’s had billions of people around the world supporting him.”

to Assange and urged other world nations to reject what it called “Britain’s attempts to impose its AFP will by force.”

Norwegian mass killer fan held for bomb plot

Indonesian island rocked by earthquake; 3 killed, 12 hurt

PRAGUE: Police in the Czech Republic have arrested a man who sympathised with Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik and was likely planning a bomb attack, authorities said Saturday. Police swooped on the 29-year-old man’s apartment in the northeastern town of Ostrava on August 10 and found a large stash of weapons including an automatic weapon, a bomb and other explosive material. “The components of the explosive device were operational,” Ostrava police chief Radovan Vojta said. He said it was not immediately known who the man, whose name was not released, may have been targeting, adding that the investigation was in its early stages.

PALU: A powerful 6.3-magnitude earthquake that shook the eastern


Indonesian island of Sulawesi has killed at least three people and seriously injured a dozen others, an official said Sunday. The quake struck Saturday evening near the mountainous districts of Parigi Moutong and Sigi in Central Sulawesi province, where panicked residents ran from their homes into the streets as the ground shook violently for around 15 seconds. “We’ve received reports from the ground that three people have died, including a nine-year-old boy,” National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho told AFP. “Twelve others have been seriously injured and 40 homes are damaged.” AFP






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Rise up, Russians!

Stop the violence



t’s time the people of Russia did something about the megalomaniacs who rule them. Incidents like the sentencing of the Pussy Riot are not supposed to happen in a modern world which mostly comprise nations that follow some form of democracy.

trocities against our own people from the North East must stop. One feels ashamed that we as a nation has not grown that we persecute our brothers in the name of religion. We must understand that most of this is the handiwork of Pakistan.

Shahina N Vijayanagar Colony

EDITORIALS LAXMAN WALKS away with grace In a game where money and power hold sway, men like VVS Laxman are rare. He’s brutally honest and does not indulge in ‘power plays’. His reasons for quitting despite his being picked to play the India-New Zealand series he states as making way for a youngster. As some analyses suggest, it’s just not difficult to replace the very very special man, but impossible. After Rahul Dravid, Team India has lost another of its strongest pillars on which the fortunes of our Tests rested. One wonders how these armchair experts got the gall to say nasty things about a man who found diehard fans in stalwarts of the game like Steve Waugh, arguably one of the best captains ever. When Aussie bowlers were clueless about how to bowl to Laxman, Waugh was open about his admiration for Laxman, who tamed their fiery pace and aggression with his willow like a master swordsman. Laxman says he found it difficult to reach Captain MS Dhoni, perhaps to talk about his plans for the future. That’s no way to treat a cricketer of Laxman’s stature. Many questions have risen since Laxman’s announcement to call it a day. But one thing is certain: This man will be missed, sorely.

WHY WE LOVE... Ecuador The spirit shown by Ecuador in standing by its promise to protect someone seeking asylum, despite warnings from a formidable nation like Britain is remarkable. Just days after Britain threatened to storm Ecuador embassy which shelters Julian Assange and arrest him, Ecuador and its allies have warned the English of ‘grave consequences’ if something of that sort happened. Britain won’t have it easy this time.

Umar Gul Via email

EDITORIALS Readers’ views We invite you to write to us comments, suggestions, viewpoint or just about anything to or #1246, Level 3, Jubilee Casa, Road No 62, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500 033 or even by way of a call on 040-4067 2222.

The scourge of ‘experts’


legend has hung up his boots, or shall we say bat. All those who pillioried VVS Laxman were not worthy to tie his bootlace. Just because the very very special man had been going through a rough patch, they saw their chance and had their prey. What a useless lot! Sreeraj S Via email

Freedom, now that’s one free word From the hip SYED SHOAIB


appy Independence Day! That probably is the most uttered greeting in India. So I thought long and hard about it. It dawned on me that freedom is a polygamous term; it is married to multiple concepts. While independence indicates freedom from a force, to the common man, it means different things at different times. Freedom is a free idea with several connotations. Here’s a slice of what freedom means to different people… Wily politician: the power to misuse public money for personal use. Troubled teenager: the money and time to indulge drugs and other mannerisms that goes with her/ his choice of music. Sportsperson: a victory that is supreme in her/ his genre of the game. Naughty child: that little escape from watchful eyes to be able to paint the walls or dirty the floors. Fanatic: free will to play down other religions and propagate obsessions. Speaker: Freedom of speech in slander. Parent: when a child gets selfreliant and responsible. Writer: Freedom of expression through writing in libel. School-going student: the dream to purchase a homeworktotting robot. Racist: to shoot down anybody who is not the same breed in his/ her rat race. Battered housewife: relief in the absence of her alcoholic abusive husband. Film star: the privacy to be able to stay from the glitz and glamour. Adulterous spouse: time away from the legal partner to make a call or send an SMS.

Daily help: a day’s off from the grime and dirt of routine cleaning. Cell-phone user: victory from add-on bills and unsolicited calls. Chronic asthmatic: to breathe easy in a pollen-free environment during warmer seasons. Artiste: creative energy to depict the pinnacle of imagination —nudity or mythology. Night-soil scavenger: to move on from collecting human excreta and clear garbage instead. Salaried person: the relief to binge on the little left after disbursing the monthly salary. Acid-attack victim: a surgery to remove the physical scars and enforce that law to punish the perpetrator. Homemaker: the opportunity to

move out of cooking, cleaning and caring completely. Employed: to escape work or a difficult boss. Harassed co-worker: when an impossible colleague leaves for a better opportunity. Loan payee: a dip in interest rates or the end of a loan payment season. Obese person: to be able to exercise, diet and shed those extra kilos. Divorcee: the taste of self at the end of a long-drawn court case. Bonded labourer: media coverage that will help see that longevading daylight. Civil servant: retirement, when he/she can tell their version of events or simply the truth. Patient: relief from pains and

cost of treatment. Spiritual devotee: break from material comforts and to find the true meaning in scriptures. Free person: finding ways out of newer mental perceptions of imposition. Human being: true freedom is ultimately in death — peaceful or otherwise. Believe me, my freedom ends where yours begins and viceversa. Whether you hear Bob Marley, Akon or Michael W Smith’s version of freedom, the difference is in what you listen to in these sounds of liberty. Whatever it maybe, let’s raise a toast to free India. The writer works for Postnoon.



Greece must cut €2.5 bn


NSE now world’s no. 2

reece’s creditors say it must cut 14 billion euros ($17 billion) from its budget in the next two years, 2.5 billion euros more than they originally demanded, German weekly Der Spiegel reported Saturday. The amount was revised upward as a result of the most recent audit mission by the country’sbailout lenders, the EU, the IMF and the European Central Bank.

FII inflow $11 bn this year



he National Stock Exchange emerged as the world’s second-largest bourse in terms of turnover in trading of index as well as stock futures, according to latest data. Index and stock futures are generally contracts based on a particular stock or index. NSE is ranked second in trading turnover for index futures for the month of June.

verseas investment into Indian stock markets has crossed $11 billion so far this year, with more than $1 billion being pumped in this month alone. Foreign Institutional Investors have infused $1.02 billion in August so far, taking the total for this year to $11.4 billion in Indian equities, according to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi).

Europe’s largest harbour’s ‘sea-leg’ taking shape Jan Hennop


our years ago, Queen Beatrix gave Rotterdam the final nod to extend her kingdom into the North Sea to expand Europe’s largest harbour — and forever change the shape of the Dutch coast. Planned for 15 years, the Dutch monarch’s signature was a final requirement to set in motion one of the largest maritime construction projects of its kind in the Netherlands in 70 years — extending the Port of Rotterdam by an area equivalent to more than 3,000 football fields. Next year, when the first phase of the Maasvlakte 2 project is completed, a new harbour stretching three kilometres into the sea will have risen 23 metres from the sea floor. Built at a total cost of $3.6 billion, Maasvlakte 2 is seen as the crown jewel at the entrance of the iconic Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest and the world’s fourth-largest harbour. “This project has forever changed the shape of the Dutch coastline,” Port of Rotterdam director Rene van der Plas told AFP. “We needed more space and the only way was movement into a westerly direction — into the North Sea.” But Maasvlakte 2 will also forever change the way the port does business. By 2033, when its four deepwater basins become fully operational the new addition will nearly double the port’s current capacity of handling 19 million containers per year to 36 million. It will allow super-sized container ships larger than aircraft carriers to dock around the clock and push Rotterdam’s sea traffic from a current 34,000 to an estimated 57,000 ships per year by 2035.



“The Port of Rotterdam will remain a key European transportation hub” in future years, said Rommert Dekker, professor in quantitative logistics at the Erasmus School of Economics at

Erasmus University in Rotterdam. “Because Maasvlakte 2 is designed as a whole new harbour and not built on an existing infrastructure it will have the newest of the new technology available,” he told AFP. It was also specifically designed to handle the new larger container ships. Over the last decade their capacity has nearly doubled to 18,000 containers, but their size swollen to some 400 metres long and 60 metres wide. “These ships will need rapid on-and-off-loading cycles — which Maasvlakte 2 can provide,” Dekker said. Coupled with an excellent combination of barges, rail and road infrastructure, Dekker said Rotterdam will continue to outperform ports in Europe, he said. And despite the current economic crisis in Europe, contain-

BUILT AT A TOTAL COST OF $3.6 BILLION, MAASVLAKTE 2 IS SEEN AS THE CROWN JEWEL AT THE ENTRANCE OF PORT OF ROTTERDAM, EUROPE’S LARGEST. er traffic was expected to grow, Dekker added, saying “even with the lowest growth scenario, container traffic is expected to double by 2030.”



Building Maasvlakte 2 is a massive undertaking — more than 40 times the size of the Vatican — but just the type of project the Dutch have honed to a fine art over hundreds of years. Since September 2008, up to

11 dredgers at a time have been sucking up sand off the Dutch coastline and dumping it in the area where the new port today is taking shape. “It started off as a little island in the middle of the sea. If you go there today, you are already standing on a sand dune 14 metres above sea level,” Van der Plas said. “The last time we had a project of this scale and nature was probably the Afsluitdijk,” he added, referring to the construction of the 32 kilometre-long dike between the North Holland and Friesland provinces. Completed in 1932, the Afsluitdijk protects the freshwater lake Ijsselmeer from the salt water Waddenzee, an inlet of the North Sea. It is still regarded today as a major feat of Dutch maritime engineering. “In total, we are shifting some 3.8 million cubic metres of

sand,” said Maasvlakte 2 contract manager Menno Steenman, who oversees the project. “That’s enough sand to pave the road from here to our head office in Rotterdam, some 45 kilometres away, with a ‘wall’ of sand 200 metres high.” Last month, Queen Beatrix returned to the site to oversee the closure of the new harbour’s 11 kilometre long sea-wall made from rocks and sand which will keep out the rough waters of the North Sea — an event broadcast live on national television. Early next year a gap will be opened to connect Maasvlakte 2 with the rest of the Rotterdam harbour, with various phases of the port becoming operational over the next two decades. “Being Dutch and being able to work with sand and water. It’s like a boy’s dream,” said Van der AFP Plas.



Rendering the earthy tones In the City to promote his first solo venture Depths of the Ocean, lead guitarist of Indian Ocean, Susmit Sen, talks about his musical journey and his experience of working with a new team. DEEPAK DESHPANDE musicians who are immensely talented and I am playing with so many of them for this concert. The most important part is that in today’s age, everyone wants to do their own numbers. During our beginning period of Indian Ocean, there was no other band in India which made its own music. There were many rock bands but they did not play their own music. Now, there are musicians in their early 20s playing really mature music. In another 5-10 years, I believe that we will see several excellent acts coming up.

Were there any problems that you faced at home when you informed them that you would be pursuing music? I worked for 10 years in the corporate world before giving up my job to completely immerse myself in music. I was 28 years old then, so there was no way my family would stand in my way. I was brought up in Delhi and growing up in a middle-class Bengali family, there were a lot of records in the house. There were different kinds of music, from Hindustani sangeet to The Beatles and folk music. Then came a time when I really got involved in listening to Indian classical music. So in my work you will see a lot of influence from this period and the music I listened to at that time. I have never formally learned music and there was my brother’s guitar lying around; I picked it up and started playing. By late school and early college, I started composing.

Nowadays, as soon as a new song is released, it is available freely on the internet. How does this affect the revenue that you make from selling music? I feel that it is a good trend since this way, the song gets a wider reach and people get to know about the song sooner, unlike how it was before. Most of the time, revenue comes from live performances and not from selling music. Thus, this affects studio artistes and not others. got the chance to sit down and record these tracks. AMY ROSE THOMAS


he band Indian Ocean was formed 22 years ago and now you have released your first solo venture Depths of the Ocean. How did the idea to start this new album come about?

The dream to bring out a solo album was within me for almost a decade. There were certain compositions that were made even before I joined Indian Ocean. I had composed the title track of the album about 28 years back in 1983. There were certain numbers that I couldn’t do with Indian Ocean since it is a band and it has its own limitations. It was last year that I finally

You worked with a completely different team for this new album. Were these musicians those you had become friends with through the years? Some yes and some no. I had requested some of them to join me and they did. But they are all wonderful musicians and much more than that, they are all beautiful people. It was a pleasure working with each one of them. This experience has been different because it is a different set of people and we made some amazing collaborations. Some of them are with some well-known artistes like Parikrama lead singer Nitin Malik, Shubha Mudgal and Papon and Oshima, whom I had recorded a song with way back in 2007. And others were not so well known but brilliant musicians, like Amit Sharma and Nikhil Vasudevan.

WHEN WE STARTED, THERE WAS NO OTHER BAND IN INDIA WHICH MADE ITS OWN MUSIC. NOW, THERE ARE MUSICIANS IN THEIR EARLY 20S PLAYING REALLY MATURE MUSIC. IN ANOTHER 5-10 YEARS, WE WILL SEE SEVERAL EXCELLENT ACTS. On bass, it was actually Clarence Gonzalvez, but unfortunately, he passed away three months back. He was suffering from cancer and at an early age of 27, he was gone. I am dedicating this fivecity HRC tour to him.

You were the lone Indian to be invited to be part of the

music festival for guitarists, Guitare en Scene, at Geneva. How was it meeting famous guitarists from across the globe? It was an honour to be invited and be part of the festival. It was fabulous experience; not that I haven’t been to music festivals before but this particular one was really good. They have invited me to perform at the same festival next year. I witnessed some of the really classic acts like G3, Steve Vai, Bernie Marsden, Whitesnake, John Paul Jones and MC5. It was a wonderful experience and I had a chance to interact with most of them. A few artistes who completely blew me away were Steve Vai and Bernie Marsden. Bernie is the most natural musician I have ever seen.

What do you think of the new breed of musicians in the industry? There are many upcoming

Which do you prefer — performing live or recording your songs? I get a major high when I perform live in front of an audience. For me, studio recording is the most boring thing. It is really interesting when you are developing a composition, but once you start recording a song in the studio, it becomes really monotonous. It is very difficult to make it sound alive and interesting. Unlike earlier, there are a lot of earthy tones and folk music in Bollywood. What do you think of this trend? Do you think the audience’s taste is maturing with time? Yes, otherwise they wouldn’t be contacting us. It will be an arrogant statement on my part if I were to say that the audience’s taste is maturing. The new generation of film makers are experimenting and not sticking to the typical kind of music that they once did.




survey by Helpage India shows that Hyderabad has the highest percentage of senior citizens who require help for their daily routines(81%). Hyderabad has the lowest percentage of elderly citizens employed in any economic activity (8%). Thirty eight per cent of the elderly population in the city have faced abuse, the second highest in the country after Bhopal. Fifteen point seven per cent have faced physical abuse, 18.4% have faced emotional abuse,

Glimmer of hope for senior citizens

Fifteen point seven per cent have faced economic abuse and 21 % have faced neglect in Hyderabad. Hyderabad has also showed the highest average number of incidents related to beating, mental torture, restricted movement, stealing personal belongings and forced changes of wills committed against the elderly in 2011. The statistics were sampled from a average elderly population of a 100 from each city, in a total of 9 metropolitan cities in India.


or SMS „Postnoon‰ to 56161

A Lok Adalat that exclusively deals with the problems faced by the elderly is being initiated



n an age where the youth enjoy undivided attention and praise, we as a race have left little space for the aged and the elderly. The growing number of crimes being committed against senior citizens, especially in Hyderabad, reflects how we have left their fate to the cold and cruel ways of the world. For the first time in the history of the Indian judiciary, a Lok Adalat meant exclusively for senior citizens has been initiated in Hyderabad. The first of its kind in the entire country, it will deal with the many problems that assail the aged in the city. Constituted under the AP Legal Service Authority, the Lok Adalat will have a bench of four retired judges. Among the many facilities and services that the Lok Adalat promises here, the fact that the Lok Adalat is a fast track court and also deals with these cases under Human Rights Violations acts is most significant. All the services offered here begin and end only with an application form. This simple procedure clears the

much dreaded and lengthy ways of the Indian judiciary. P. Yasamurthy, President of Society for Serving Seniors said, “Being the first of its kind, they have decided to take the simplest measures to serve the aged in the best manner possible. The fact that the services of the Adalat offers amicable settlement of cases by exploring all legal avenues comes as a relief to the elderly.” The burden of going through the rigours of a court case has been further simplified by the fact that it has the facility to settle things out of court. M Sai, 62-year-old retired engineer says, “After a certain point, we have no guaranteed security. Most people of my age are completely dependant on their children and it is not surprising that they are ignored or uncared for. It is not possible for people like me to go through the tiresome legal battles for custodianship or domestic abuse or financial fraud. To me, this Adalat is a welcome judgement.” What they really miss out on is attention and care which is replaced by domestic abuse and suffering. For a section of the society that had spent their lives in building and shaping the world we live in, the aged and the elderly are perhaps right in thinking that youth is often wasted on the young.


/095 Rs.1 9/: e c 4 r Pri Rs.5 Cove r Price: : 50% g e f n f i O l Sav Tota

A FRESH NEW POINT OF VIEW You can also call or email us at:

040 - 4067 2222



Work on African resistance


otswana-born, LA-based artist Meleko Mokgosi has won the $100,000 Mohn prize, which is awarded every two years and rivals the Turner Prize in UK. The artist’s installation, Pax Kaffraria: Sikhuselo embumbulu, 2012, is part of a larger series dealing with post-colonial African resistance. The prize was awarded on the basis of a registered public vote.

Bryan Adams's photography


inger-songwriter Bryan Adams is set to release his first photography book in September. His book, Exposed, features friends and colleagues in the fashion, art and entertainment industry, including portraits of Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Dame Judi Dench and many more. The singer has had his photographs featured in several magazines.

Signac's art to be moved?


eo-impressionist Paul Signac's great-granddaughter, Liebert Hellman, wants a painting by the artist moved from Montreuil to the Musee D'Orsay after it was vandalised in December 2011. Damp paper pellets were thrown at the work, leaving marks and tears in the painting. Hellman says that the painting should be moved to a museum for safekeeping.

Visions of the future

In the current peak-oil situation, building sustainable cities has become a necessity. While the world wakes up to this fact, Hyderabad's cyber city area continues to grow in an unplanned manner.



ities bring to mind squalor, crowds and congestion. Existing urban spaces may have started out as planned areas, but rapid population growth and migration has led to uncontrolled and haphazard growth of cities. Some places, though, are reclaiming their cities. The exhibition, Post-Oil City: The History of the City's Future, presented by Institut fur Auslandbezeihungen, organised by Goethe-Zentrum, Hyderabad and curated by Anh-Linh Ngo, looks at how some cities, both upcoming and existing, are learning from the architectural plans of the past and incorporating future technology to create more sustainable cities.

A case in point is Masdar City, a project coming up in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The city, being developed at the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, is planned as a traditional walled Arab city and aims to reduce consumption of resources by using passive design strategies and advanced technology. Masdar plans to employ only renewable energy sources and will aim for a zero waste, zero carbon city. Also interesting in the transport system in the city. No cars will be permitted inside Masdar, which will be connected to Abu Dhabi by rail. Transport within the city will be through public transport and personalised rapid transit (PRT) systems, and this traffic will be separated from pedestrian traffic. While Masdar City is being built from scratch, existing cities are also incorporating sustainable systems into the infrastructure. Curitiba in Brazil is one such city. The place has been transformed by incorporating

effective transport systems, waste management, with the active support of citizens. The city’s current system is a throwback to an earlier era, where settlements sprung up around public transit systems. The exhibition spans a variety of topics, including urban architecture, sewerage treat-

Art for everyone Mannerism promotes works of art—art that no doubt intimidated as much as inspired the artists to come after them.


he Mannerism period started in 1520 and ended in 1600 – it was an art style that depicted the human form in exaggerated poses, in unrealistic settings. The art period is essentially the late Renaissance as it followed the High Renaissance art period.

The term Mannerism was developed through the Italian word maniera —which means style. The Mannerist art movement first appeared in Florence and Rome, and was a style that rejected the Renaissance period in favour of a more emotional approach to art with a some

times distorted point of view. Characteristic paintings of Mannerism included artificial colours, unrealistic proportions, off-beat perspective, and exaggerated or elongated figures. Perhaps the most famous Mannerist artists are Raphael and Michelangelo — artists that

ment, green spaces, food sufficiency and transportation. With predictions that majority of the population will live in megacities in the future, ensuring that these urban spaces are sustainable even in a post-oil situation is the need of the day. The exhibition runs parallel to another, Cyberabad: Landscape of Surprise. The exhibition, conceptualised and curated by Peter Gotsch and Susanne Kohte, follows the development of landscapes in Hitech City in Hyderabad. Panoramic photographs taken in 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011 are juxtaposed against one another, showing the rapid and dramatic change in the area over a period of six years. When seen in conjunction with the Post-Oil Cities exhibition, one can only rue the fact that while the world wakes up to the need for planned and sustainable cities, Hyderabad continues to allow uncontrolled and haphazard growth of the cyber



Landscape of Surprise DATES

On till August 26 VENUE

Vidyaranya High School, Saifabad TIMINGS MONDAY-FRIDAY



city. The photographs show the rapid reduction of green spaces and Hyderabad's characteristic rocks and an increase in the number of temporary shacks springing up to accommodate workers who construct the IT buildings. Hoardings, traffic and new constructions dot the landscape, but sustainability seems a distant dream in Hyderabad's futuristic city.

achieved technical accomplishments and theatrical, formulaic, and stylised work. Figures in Mannerist paintings were often in imaginary poses creating an unsettling and strange piece of art — the eerie images reflected the period’s conflict, the sack of Rome, and the plague. By the 1600s Mannerist painters were accused of disrupting the unity and balance of Renaissance classicism but in actuality, Mannerism created a valuable link between the Renaissance period and the emotional Baroque movement that followed in the 17th century.



Green with guilt


Butterflies affected

mericans feel guilty about wasting food. Nearly 40 per cent of Americans recently surveyed said wasting food caused them the most “green guilt.” The research found that food waste costs the average family around $600 a year. It was just one of the many things eco-conscious Americans feel guilty about, according to the survey.

Bluer night sky



adiation from the leaking Fukushima nuclear plant following last year’s tsunami that hit Japan caused mutations in some butterflies and has damaged the local environment, though humans seem relatively unaffected so far, researchers say.

he night sky may glow bluer as yellow-orange streetlights are gradually replaced by whiter, energy-saving lights, a new study says. Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, cast a bluish glow in the sky and are about 20 per cent more efficient than industry-standard streetlamps, which generate red-coloured light pollution.

Companies go green Leading the way towards a brighter tomorrow, more and more IT companies in the City are turning green. Amy Rose Thomas


hile countries across the globe are making big promises about reducing their carbon footprint and working towards a greener environment, IT companies in the country have taken it upon themselves to make a difference and are turning themselves into green companies. Many of these companies have hired special teams that work towards reducing the carbon footprint of the company. With each company employing thousands of workers, the vision of a greener tomorrow is being transferred to the employees and in turn, to their families as well. The companies believe in a simple concept that small sacrifices will go a long way. Infosys, for one, set up its green team back in 2008 to change the company to an environment friendly one and put up a building that is 50 per cent

more efficient than other buildings on campus. Rohan Parikh, head of Green Initiatives and Infrastructure at Infosys, says, “This building is 40% more efficient than American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Airconditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards and lighting design is 50% more efficient. This ensures that the entire office is day lit without glare from 8am to 5pm. This building is designed according to solar passive principles and has a high performance building envelope, consisting of insulated walls and roof. And this is the first commercial radiantcooling building in India. This symmetric building is one half radiant cooling (uses water to cool) and the other half, efficient, but conventional air conditioning (uses air to cool). This living experiment makes a very compelling case for more efficient cooling systems, as you can compare all the data in real time.”

Another point that companies make is that going green has been highly profitable for them and the sacrifices is helping in the company’s growth. “Since the time we implemented

green initiation scheme, the company has been saved from using an additional 300 million units of electricity. There are goals that we follow to become a green company and the most



Recycling our waste is a good way of reducing our carbon footprint. We can recycle glass and metal containers such as drinking bottles. We can recycle rainwater by collecting it on our roofs and using it for washing clothes, showers and for flushing toilets.


If we reduce the journeys we make by cars and planes, our carbon footprint will also be reduced. This is also the case if we take public transport rather than using our private

cars. Cycling and walking are also healthy options for us and the environment.

HOLIDAY AT HOME Planes produce a large amount of pollution, especially carbon which damages the environment and contributes to global warming. BIO FUELS Bio fuels are fuels that are produced by growing crops that can be processed to give us fuel that is more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels.

important of all is to inspire the employees to take up the initiative. Because without their support, it is impossible to make an impact,” Rohan says. Apart from Infosys, there are many companies in Hyderabad, like Wipro and TCS, that are making the right moves towards a greener tomorrow. These companies have set aggressive carbon emission targets. Infosys Technologies has already set a target of 65% reduction in emission per revenue unit by 2015, with the base year being 2008. Wipro has set a target of 50% reduction in carbon emission per capita from 2008 to 2015. Chaitanya Kumar National Coordinator of Indian Climate Youth Network that does eco audits of companies in the city says that it is a positive trend. “We have done eco-audits of about 17 companies and they have been very encouraging when we approached them to help them find their carbon footprint,” he says.



Hollande on foie grass


resident Francois Hollande has promised that France will fight for the right to export foie gras, a delicacy produced by force-feeding ducks and geese. A law against foie gras sales took effect in California in August, the first ban of its kind in the world.

Prostrate cancer risk

Call to add iodine



esearch from the University of Southern California (USC) and Cancer Prevention Institute of California (CPIC) found that cooking red meat at high temperatures, especially pan-fried red meats, may increase the risk of advanced prostate cancer by as much as 40 per cent.

he fortification of more staple foods with iodine should be considered to ensure children are getting enough of the essential nutrient, university researchers in New Zealand say. They made the suggestion after a study of schoolchildren found some kids may still have enlarged thyroids because they were not getting enough iodine.

Top three Kebabs Let’s take you through a tour of the city and treat you to the best kebabs in town.


If you want to catch a break from the noisy, over-crowded, smoke-filled, watering holes of the city, head to Taj Vivanta’s Tease. PADMINI C


yderabad as a city has many, many charms. Variety, sadly, is not one of them. Especially when one ventures out to taste its nightlife. If you have a reasonably large friends’ circle, you already know what we are talking about. You know exactly what happens where, Monday to Sunday, and that’s where you are. Unfortunately, so is everyone you know. All of us have been there, and at times like these, we fervently wish for the luxury of more choices. More places that were great and off-the-circuit. It was in this pursuit that we chanced upon a place that turned out to be everything we wanted it to be. Our very own Room of Requirement! We present, Taj Vivanta’s lounge — Tease. Tease is a different experi-

ence on different nights of the week. For the early part, it’s quiet. In muted tones of silver and red, low comfortable seating, music playing discreetly in the background and impeccable service, everything here is signature Vivanta. It’s elegant, it’s classy and best of all, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Ideal for a quiet date, catching up with friends or a nice dinner and drinks. The latter half of the week gets busy with their Smooth Operators nights (Fridays, the gentlemen get a complimentary drink for every drink that the accompanying lady orders!) and La femme nights (on Saturdays, we kid you not! All drinks on the house). If you plan to go on other

nights, here are a few recommendations food and drinkswise. Tease offers an endless array of conventional and quirky drinks. Apart from the best of aperitifs, single malts and beers, their unique “Teaser” cocktails are worth a try. But the real show-stealers are their local favourites, like Gongura Mojito, Golconda Chai, Aise-eche and Cheppendi. With everything from muddled Gongura leaves and Irani chai decoction to curry leaves, these are a must try for the more adventurous. Oh and also, an inside secret. Ask at the bar for their off-the-menu selections. We promise, you won’t be disappointed. Lastly, try their incredible refreshing Scarlet Sin, a delectable mix of fresh pomegranate and fruit juices, if you are going non-alcoholic. Then, onwards to the food. Between Indian, Oriental and Continental appetisers, Tease offers a respectable number of options. Their Continental offerings are much the usual; onion rings, jalapeno poppers and the likes. Their Indian platter (traditional but perfectly done paneer tikka, melt-in-

TEASE Taj Vivanta Mayuri Marg Begumpet Price : `1500 for two mouth hara bhara kebab and the likes for vegetarians, and chicken tikka, fish cutlets, Japanese panko-style prawns for meat lovers) served with green chutney and delicious sesame dip as ideal accompaniments, is a cut about the rest. But most surprising is their equivalent of a main course — a noodle bowl. With options like wok-fried tofu, mushrooms, chilli chicken, seafood and lamb, it’s comfort food at its best. But be warned, it is rich and satisfying, but perhaps might be a little too much after a night of drinks. Bottom line? For those wanting to catch a break from noisy, over-crowded, smokefilled, watering holes of the city, Tease serves as an appeasing alternative.



For the sheer variety of kebabs, Kangan at Westin has no competition — the number runs into the thirties. No, that’s not the only reason they figure on my list of three must-visit kebab joints in the city. A word with Chef Rakesh Anand on their kebabs before ordering them will open you to a sea of information on them — from their origin, to adaptations; from procurement of meat and vegetables that go into making them, to grilling them. The passion he holds in his subject, you will realise when they are served to you, converts to succulent kebabs that just melt in your mouth. Name: Kangan at Westin Place: Madhapur


It is one thing to have a big heart for someone in the food business and another for them to have a big hand too with which the meat is mounted onto a sheekh before it is grilled to be made into filling kebabas. Don’t bother with the commerce in this; take our word for it, the most filling kebabs in the city are up for grabs at the Riyan in Mallepally (there’s one at Tollychowki too for those living in that part of the city). Name: Riyan Place: Malleypally


Old City may be notorious for its traffic, but the food dished out here, like the sight of many heritage structures, takes you back in time. One such place is the Niagara in Chaderghat. Not just the taste, the pricing too will leave you awestruck... and the basic masalas with which they are made ensures that you are ready for more the day after. Name: Hotel Niagara SS Place: Chaderghat



Paneer Makhni Noor’s Kitchen NOOR JAFRI It’s a very delicious and simple dish, made with paneer and butter in tomato gravy. Ingredients 1. Paneer 200 gms

2. Butter - 2 table spoons 3. Tomato puree (readymade) - 1 cup

From lawyers lawyers to to clerks, clerks, from from From labourers to to students, students, everyone everyone labourers is assured assured of of their their fill fill of of good good is food at at aa affordable affordable price price here. here. food

No-nonsense food on pushcart Syed Shoaib


owever preoccupied you may be as you go past the High Court, the sizzling sound of water being sprinkled on a dosa tava and the whiff of dosas is bound to catch your attention. Do not be dismayed at the sight of an unobvious pushcart at a corner, diagonally opposite the court gate. Going past a good eating joint is one thing and having an appetite then is another. As much as we (two friends with a job on hand that demanded we crisscrossed the city) wanted to, we could not get ourselves to eat then. Sadly, we were onto an important chore, and hence couldn’t wait it out long enough to workup an appetite. Reluctantly, we left the place to answer the call of duty at Chaderghat, only to return to this very place when eventually hunger got the better of us and the done job the boss’s nod. A place that foodies will brave Old City traffic and darned oneways to eat in, is what Jai Bidche Maa is. One would think that business done from a pushcart would be a one-man show. How mistaken... it takes


Jai Bidche Maa Bandi PLACE

Opp High Court, Madina, Old City MUST-HAVES

Idlies, Mysore bhajjias, upma dosa, paneer dosa MEAL FOR TWO

`50, burp! no less than 20 staff, working in two shifts at that, to keep this roadside eatery running. The labour of this army translates into soft idlies, every-time-hot Mysore bhajjias, protein-rich vadas and a variety of yummy dosas from 6.00 am to 8.00 pm.

Famous for its varied dosas (masala, upma, tomato, onion, hara masala, butter, paneer and special to name a few), the secret ingredient added to all of these seems to be what makes the difference. “The kharam pudi is an inhouse developed powder, that gives the homely taste,” explains Sanjay Maharaj, who first started the eatery about 10 years back, but now only oversees the operations. The practising astrologer goes on to elaborate another secret of their success. “We give both quality and quantity at a reasonable price. How many places can quell the hunger of a person with four Mysore bhajjias that cost `15?” he challenges. Point taken, sir — size does matter!

RELISH SOFT IDLIES, EVERY-TIME-HOT MYSORE BHAJJIAS, PROTEIN-RICH VADAS AND A VARIETY OF YUMMY DOSAS HERE. Appreciation always comes with a pinch of cynicism, don’t ask me why. Even when good food is offered at a dirt-cheap price, we believe that is what it is, dirt! Camouflaging my distrust of the place, I politely ask him if reheating oil is not an unhealthy process. Sanjay patiently tells me that with the quantum of oil they use, the question does not arise. “We use 1-litre packets of Ruchi Gold refined oil and not the 15-litre tins, with which that may happen,” he says, going on to add in exasperation, “Don’t forget, it is all done in front of the customer, hence nothing is hidden.” “Also, we work very hard towards maintaining cleanliness, and serve food in useand-throw recyclable plates, because of which customers go back satisfied,” adds Prakash Pandurang from Aurad in Karnataka, who runs the show along with his four brothers.

4. Kashmiri chilli powder - 1 teaspoon 5. Green Chopped chillies and 1 club of chopped garlic 6. Salt to taste 7. Honey/sugar - 1/2 a teaspoon 8. Cloves, pepper corn - 2 to 3 9. Bay Leaf and green cardamom - 1 to 2 10.Cinnamon stick - small one or two pieces 11.Kasuri Meethi - 1 tea spoon crushed 12.Cornflour 13.Cream to garnish.

Procedure 1. Cut the paneer pieces into small

triangular pieces. 2. Sprinkle the cornflour on the pieces. 3. In a pan, heat the butter and put whole garam masala, chopped chillies, add the paneer pieces and slightly stir fry it. 4. Remove them and keep it separately. 5. In the same butter add the crushed garlic, a pinch of garam masala powder and the tomato puree. 7. Add honey and kasuri meethi, and stir in the paneer pieces, and simmer for a while. 8. Remove from the fire and while plating garnish it with whisked cream.

Chef’s note n

It’s a simple light dish, not very spicy, but rich with butter

Contact n Mobile: 91-9441282318 n Residence: 91-40-23356947

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August 20 August 20 August 21 August 22 August 23 1995: The Kalindi Express and the Purushottam Express collided at 2 am near Firozabad. More than 358 were killed in the accident.

August 25

1920: Seven men, including legendary football star Jim Thorpe, meet to organise a professional football league at the Jordan.

1987: Dirty Dancing, starring Patrick Swayze opened in theatres. The film was a surprise box-office hit, earning some $64 million and turning Swayze into a Hollywood star.

1864:International Red Cross was founded. It is an international humanitarian movement with approximately 97 million volunteers, members and staff worldwide.

1902:Pioneering cookbook author Fannie Farmer, opens Miss Farmer's School of Cookery in Boston.

1991: The German race car driver Michael Schumacher makes his Formula One (Europe's top racing circuit) debut in the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa Francorchamps.

August 24 August 24 August 25 August 26 August 26 1979:After centuries of dormancy, Mount Vesuvius erupts in southern Italy, destroying the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum and killing thousands.

1993: Michael Jackson accused of child abuse. Police in Los Angeles were investigating allegations of child abuse made against the singer.

2003: Bombay rocked by twin car bombs. Two powerful bomb blasts hit Bombay within minutes of each other, killing at least 44 and injuring nearly 150.

1920: The 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, guaranteeing American women the right to vote, was declared in effect.

1951: The British Motor Corporation (BMC) launches its newest car, the small, affordable–at a price tag of less than $800–Mark I Mini.




Project runway The night witnessed the best of fashion when the finest in the fashion industry showcased their works at Indian Fashion Street organised at The Park. Actresses Bhumika Chawla and Jiah Khan were seen scorching the ramp. 1





Music and lyrics

Stars were in attendance at the Mirchi Music Awards 2011 that was held at Annapurna Studios. Spotted were actors Nagarjuna, Venkatesh, Lakshmi Manchu and others. 6


1 Madhumith 2 Esha 3 Bhumika Chawla 4 Preeti & Rajver 5 Reba 6 Jiah Khan 7 Subbarami Reddy 8 Navdeep







t’s been a rough ride for Sanjjanaa in Telugu cinema. After her debut in Bujjigadu, none of her films clicked at the box office; however, that doesn’t seem to bother the actress, who is flooded with more work than ever before. “It’s been a crazy ride to cope with three film industries in the past couple of years. I had two releases in Malayalam in which I acted with Mammootty and Mohanlal; another three releases in Kannada and I am awaiting the release of two of my Telugu films this year. I am being very patient when it comes to Telugu because I don’t want to do films just for the heck of it and end up in flop films anymore,” Sanjjanaa says. Ask her if there’s a particular reason behind this decision, she confesses, “I am all the more particular now because every film I do in Telugu will reflect on my career in the Kannada film industry immediately. After Rebel and Sagar, I am currently working on a women centric film in Kannada titled Mahandi. It’s on the lines of Arundhati and there are huge expectations on the film. Almost `9 crore is riding on me.” With so many good things happening with her career in Kannada and Malayalam, we wonder why lady luck hasn’t smiled upon her in Telugu. “Every actor has to wait for the right time and opportunity to prove himself. I don’t knock on director and producers’ doors to cast me and I don’t have the time and patience to do that. I am looking at more performance-oriented roles now. I don’t feel like doing silly roles. I know I am going at a slow pace, but I know where I have to reach,” she admits. In Telugu, she’ll be seen in Yamaho Yama, in which she’s playing an NRI based in Los Angeles and another film, Jagan Nirdoshi, is in offing. “In Yamaho Yama, I have an ultra trendy role and in Jagan Nirdoshi, I play the role of a girl who’s a loner, despite being married to a rich guy. That’s when she meets the hero and there is sizzling chemistry between them,” she laughs. She finished dubbing for Yamaho Yama and this is another first for her. “I have been working hard to learn the language and am quite comfortable now. I have been working and travelling so much that I might as well be prepared to ensure a smooth ride,” she signs off.

Kaalicharan to be launched on August 20


raveen Sri, a former associate of RGV, is making a comeback with a new film titled Kaalicharan. In 2010, he made his directorial debut with the Jagapathi Babu, Vimala Raman starrer Gaayam 2 and now he’s teaming up with Chaitanya Krishna, Chandini, Kavitha, Pankaj Kesari and Rao Ramesh for Kaalicharan, which is an action and crime drama. Praveen Sri is producing the film himself under Sri Karunalayam Productions banner. Newcomer Nandan Raj has composed the music and those who have heard the songs are already going gaga over the album. The film is going to be launched on August 20 in Annapurna Studios and the principal shooting will commence soon.

Naayak aims for Pongal release


am Charan, Kajal and Amala Paul-starrer Naayak is the latest film to join the race for box office supremacy for Pongal, 2013. The film unit will head to Greece on August 20 and some major scenes are going to be shot of Ram Charan and Kajal for the next couple of weeks. Kajal is currently shooting for Maattrraan in Norway and she’s expected to fly to Greece soon after she wraps up the song’s shooting on Tuesday. V V Vinayak is directing the film and DVV Danayya is producing it. Akula Siva has written the story and the dialogues and Chota K Naidu is the cinematographer. Thaman is composing the music.




he is just a film old in Bollywood but Indo-Canadian adult star Sunny Leone says she is smitten by the industry and would like to have a full-fledged career here. The 31-year-old actress, who is gearing up for Ekta Kapoor's Ragini MMS 2 after her debut in Jism 2, said she is learning Hindi and dance. "I love India. I am happy with the way things are shaping here. It's an amazing industry and people are treating me in a friendly manner. I am looking forward to do more films. I am happy being here. I will be staying here for a while as I have lots of different projects coming up. PTI

Dimple Kapadia is our muse D

esigner duo Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, who have completed 25 years in the fashion industry, have had their longest association with actress Dimple Kapadia and fondly consider her their silent muse. "Dimple can pull off any outfit stylishly. She is our silent muse. She wears all our creations with confidence and grace. Dimple is like a goddess, who walks on earth. We have worked with her for the longest time," Khosla said. The duo are masters of revival and reinvention and took ancient techniques and craftsmanship to a new level through their innovative collections. They rediscovered ancient Indian arts such as chikan and zardosi for designer wear and have successfully introduced the style to international audience too. IANS

It’s imperative to address the issue of Naxalism


e plays the role of a young rebel in his upcoming film Chakravyuh and actor Abhay Deol feels the issue of Naxalites will get worse if it is not tackled at the earliest. “I had some knowledge because I had read this story of a lady called Soni Suri, a tribal lady who is stuck between police and Naxals. But to what extent and how deep this Naxal movement is something I got to know after meeting Prakashji. I have this feeling that it will get worse, it is not going to get better not unless the government addresses it, or we all Indians do something about it,” Abhay told reporters at the first look of Chakravyuh. PTI



Hanks produces a film on John F Kennedy R emember when Tom Hanks “shook” John F. Kennedy’s hand in Forrest Gump? Well, Hanks is returning to similar, much darker territory as coproducer of a new film about the late president’s assassination. A publicist for Hanks has confirmed to that Hanks and his Playtone Productions partner Gary Goetzman are making a film titled Parkland, helmed by firsttime director Peter Landesman. The ensemble drama revolves around the events surrounding JFK’s shooting death in Dallas on Nov 22, 1963. Oliver Stone’s 1991 movie JFK was filled with conspiracy theories and cover-up plot twists about Kennedy’s murder, and Stone came under major fire from outlets saying he took too many liberties when it came to facts and historical details.


nrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez had thousands dancing to their repertoire of hits in Los Angeles, one of the last cities on their summer concert tour. More natural, more intimate and faithful to his improvised style, the Spanish singer brought several of his fans onstage and even kissed one girl on the mouth as the music of Hero was playing, before stepping aside to let the New York-born JLo take the spotlight. Lopez put on a choreographed show full of visual effects, muscular male dancers and countless costume changes in which she went from less to more, finally bringing everyone to their feet with a festive finale together with the reggaeton duo Wisin & Yandel singing Follow the Leader. Two very different styles which, Iglesias believes, “is what makes the tour so interesting”, as he told reporters before the concert. “When you mix things in an unexpected way is when you create this magic,” the Spaniard said.

Goldberg back in Glee


ccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Goldberg has been tapped to reprise her role as New York Academy of Dramatic Arts dean Carmen Tibideaux in a recurring capacity during the musical dramedy’s fourth season, and will be billed as a “special guest star.” She was previously seen in a multiepisode arc during Season 3, where she decided the fates of Lea Michele’s Rachel and Chris Colfer’s Kurt — choosing to admit Rachel to the hallowed halls of Nyada but denying Kurt a spot. THR also reports that Glee Project Season 1 winners, Samuel Larsen and Alex Newell, will recur next year, along with Season 2 winner Blake Jenner, who makes his debut in Episode 5.








Cooper may star with Beyonce Winona Ryder to star in Homefront


lack Swan star Winona Ryder is in negotiations to join Jason Statham and James Franco in action film Homefront. The movie has been scripted by action star Sylvester Stallone, who is also producing the movie with Kevin King Templeton and Rene Besson, Hollywood Reporter said. Based on a book by Chuck Logan, the story revolves around an ex-DEA agent (Statham) who moves to a small town in the hope of a quiet life but runs afoul of a villainous meth kingpin named Gator (Franco). Ryder will play a former biker chick partnered with Franco. The actress just completed work PTI on the thriller The Iceman.


aving secured a massive payday of $15 million for reprising his role as Phil, the debauchery-loving family man in the final Hangover installment, Bradley Cooper has created a substantial financial cushion that should allow him to pursue basically any project he wants to do. Clint Eastwood is said to be considering him to headline his rock ‘n’ roll remake of A Star Is Born. Originally made in 1937, the story typically centers on a rising ingénue whose path to fame is paved by a leading man on the decline. To date, Janet Graynor and Frederic March, Judy Garland and James Mason, and Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson have taken on these lead roles in various remakes. In Eastwood’s version, he’s made a slight tweak to the narrative that’ll better suit his leading lady, Beyoncé Knowles. Rather than being about an aspiring actress, his revamp will focus on an aspiring singer, who is taken under the wing of an aging rock star.

Anne Hathaway can’t wait to get married


ctress Anne Hathaway cannot wait to get married and start a family with fiance Adam Shulman. But the 29year-old, who has been engaged to Shulman for nine months

now, has pushed wedding plans to 2013, reported Us magazine. “Annie wants to get everything done so they can get married and have babies. Whenever they can be together is like breathing for her,” a source said. It is said that the wedding has been postponed

due to Hathaway’s busy schedule and her 31-yearold designer beau does not mind the wait. “Adam has been incredibly understanding and has been working on his own stuff too. They’re inseparable now. They love being engaged!” the source added. PTI





1 Emulate a dragonfly 6 Breathes hard 11 Kitchen VIPs 16 Groovy 21 Tequila cactus 22 Like pagodas 23 Artichoke morsel 24 Hawkeye 25 Wastes time 26 Jules — of sci-fi 27 Wedding site 28 Neutral and first 29 Almost grown 31 Rank 33 Mild expletive 35 Road map No 36 Shoe inserts 37 Silkwood of ‘Silkwood’ 38 Respiratory organ 39 In case 40 Fiddle-de- — 41 Gourmet mushroom 42 Town 44 Close ties 47 Installed electricity 48 Firing on all cylinders 49 Moulin Rouge dance 53 Some CDs 54 Bouquet holders 55 Hoppers 56 Black Sea nation 57 Tie recipient, often 58 Ventricle neighbour 59 Kind of advice 60 Catcall 61 Mdse. 62 Forever 64 Curved entrance 65 Lay down cards 66 Playwright Moss — 67 Wrecks, as a train 68 Sitter's bane 69 London gallery 70 Gets stuck 71 My mind — — blank 72 Agreement 74 Cave, perhaps 75 Lamp cover 78 Ill humor 79 Library slogan 80 Called from the Alps 84 Smidgens 85 Common amphibian 86 Square pillar 87 Resolute 88 Riviera summer 89 Tampico dollar 90 Phoenician deity 91 — dot 92 Have a cold 93 Sci-fi weapons 95 Lounge about 96 Heats up 97 1977 whale movie 98 Kitchen gadget 99 Receptions 100 Ices 101 Damp-smelling 102 Brings together 104 ‘You're So Vain’ name 105 Butter serving 106 — and woolly 109 White lies 110 Dust particles 111 Marker type (hyph) 115 Byron work 116 New Year's word

117 Tent dweller 118 Hot dry wind (2 wds) 119 Type of poem 121 Dumas swordsman 123 Hay holders 125 Dana — of ‘MacGyver’ 126 Plant life 127 Wildlife refuges 128 Young raptor 129 Scrapes, as a knee 130 More cunning 131 Rome, to Carthage 132 Chews on 133 First name in cosmetics DOWN 1 Papa Doc ruled it 2 Rhymester — Nash 3 Glens 4 50-50 chance (2 wds) 5 eBay commerce 6 Does road work 7 Manipulated 8 Flat-needled tree 9 Hooplas 10 Curled one's lip 11 Rover's restraint 12 Kept in custody 13 Hit the buffet 14 Package label 15 Leisurely walk

16 Close at hand 17 Help-wanted abbr 18 Tuned in 19 Dainty pastries 20 Early stages 30 Golly! 32 Util bill 34 — off (abated) 37 Divided country 38 Wins at rummy 39 Olin or Horne 41 Drizzling 42 Barn topper 43 ‘Mr Mom’ actress 44 Waited awhile 45 Spout rhetoric 46 Consumerist Ralph — 47 Bumps on a frog 48 Sound bored 50 Havana export 51 Brooke's ex 52 Wren abodes 54 Monsieur's shout 55 Kind of infection 56 River in Zaire 58 Biscotto flavor 59 Fraus, in Sp. 60 Hot tub features 63 Police busts 64 Drury Lane composer 65 — Adams of a 007 flick

66 ‘Fatha’ of jazz 68 Dauntless 69 1917 abdicator 70 News services 72 Hi or bye 73 Explorer Alexandra David- — 74 Wharves 75 Puts one's foot down 76 ‘Jungle Book’ elephant 77 Turn — — ear 78 Head honcho 80 Bellows 81 Polygraph flunkers 82 Oust 83 Postpone 85 Frighten badly 86 Buds 87 Napkin 89 Hammer part 90 Glamorous wraps 91 Office kitties 94 Small earring 95 Wine sediments 96 Focused (2 wds) 97 Yaks more 99 Lama, usually 100 Junk mail 101 Like Bogart's falcon 103 Closing number

104 Web suffix 105 Desk item 106 Gobbles down 107 Flirtation 108 Composer — Anderson 110 Like fallen logs 111 Goes without food 112 Implied but unsaid 113 Beyond banal

114 Do Latin homework 116 Injury memento 117 ‘Cheers’ regular 118 One-pot dinner 120 Vexation 122 Scurry along 124 Gator Bowl st PREVIOUS PUZZLE ANSWER



STAR POWER Date 20-8-2012

As per Hindu panchang

THIRUVAIKUMAR 040-27177230 / 9949870449



There’s need to exercise caution while expressing opinion, as chances are that you might be misunderstood. Tension at workplace will disappear but don't entrust work to others without thought.

Your wholehearted, hard and sincere efforts alone can make you successful in work undertaken. Avoid interfering in anyone's personal issues. Improve selfconfidence and take bold decisions.

Only with calculated and planned efforts can difficulties be driven away. Employees need to work with patience and avoid negligence at workplace so that they will earn a good name.




There’s need to adopt a slow-andsteady policy, which will keep you happy and successful. More than your obedience, your daring action will yield better result at workplace.

Avoid unwanted discussion and debates at office to stay clear of trouble. Your patient approach will yield desired results and keep you happy. Businessmen will be successful and prosper.

All work undertaken will be successful without facing any hurdle or difficulties. Employees may be entrusted with more responsibilities but they will also be suitably rewarded on completing the same.




Abundant levels of self-confidence and courage will make you a strong winner. Avoid friends of bad repute and harsh talks. Happy events to take place at home. Expenses need to be monitored.

Your inactiveness and lazy attitude will make you unsuccessful. Employees will be successful only when they plan work and execute them in the stipulated time, which will earn them recognition.

Avoid controversial stand and arguments with anyone. Never disclose your work secrets to a third person as you might land in trouble. Accept unexpected transfer; it will benefit you.




Enemies might be active and hatch a conspiracy to create trouble for you. To keep a happy atmosphere at home, you need to keep the anger away. Businessmen will do well and double profits.

Avoid acting in haste and with negligence at workplace. Avoid hurting feelings of blood relatives. Happy events to take place at home after the hurdles are driven away with strong efforts.

Dull time faced by employees at workplace will come to an end. Your selfconfidence and courage will increase. Differences with superiors will go. Accept any unexpected transfer.





The Wheel of Fortune – Times are not going to be the same all the time. If they’re bad now, things will look up. This card urges you to keep your chin up.

Temperance – Be patient about your work situation. Things will improve soon. You’re getting anxious about the sacrifices you’ve made in order to get here.

Knight of Pentacles – Planning is key today. Keep some buffer time between appointments and account for delays and disappointments. A tough, testing day.




Page of Pentacles – You may be getting mixed up in the head about a number of things. Learn to discriminate between the soul and mind/ body.

Knight of Wands – Be careful to not hurt others’ feelings. You may be coming across as quite an unscrupulous monster who thinks only about himself.

Eight of Cups – You have everything and your life is near perfect. This is to the outside world. But only you know that you’re missing something.




The Tower – Expect the unexpected today. Delays and disappointments will make you feel restless. You can’t handle it when things spiral out of control.

Two of Wands – Patience is key to make things work and allow them to happen on their own time and course. Don’t make impulsive decisions.

The High Priestess – Prayer and meditation will work wonders for you. Set time aside every day – even three minutes a day – to re-connect with your inner self.




The Emperor – Finances need attention. Plan finances well and make sure you’re investing in the right places. Pay a good advisor instead of doing it all yourself.

Judgment – You may be running the risk of upsetting someone close to you because of the way an issue turned out. Don’t take things too seriously.

Ace of Swords – There are clouds of confusion. Despite that, you’re able to display clarity of thought. You’re clear about what you need.

For Better or for Worse Stone soup

For laughs and giggles


lept like a log last night... Woke up in the fireplace.

Ink pen


Fred Basset


TAROT READ Date 20-8-2012

A group of chess enthusiasts checked into a hotel and were standing in the lobby discussing their recent tournament victories. After about an hour, the manager came out of the office and asked them to disperse. ''But why?'' they asked, as they moved off. ''Because,'' he said ''I can't stand chess nuts boasting in an open foyer.'' I was in Tesco's and I saw this man and woman wrapped in a barcode. I said, ''Are you two

an item?'' I'm in great mood tonight because the other day I entered a competition and I won a year’s supply of Marmite... one jar. So I went to the Chinese restaurant and this duck came up to me with a red rose and said, ''Your eyes sparkle like diamonds''. I said, ''Waiter, I asked for a-ROMATIC duck''. Four fonts walk into a bar the barman says ''Oye — get out! We don't want your type in here''

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Baghdad was once the capital of an empire and the centre of the Islamic world, but at 1,250 years old, the Iraqi city is a far cry from its past glories after being ravaged by years of war and sanctions. Mohamad Ali Harissi


onstruction of the city on the bank of the Tigris River began in July 762 AD under Abbasid Caliph Abu Jaafar al-Mansur, and it has since played a pivotal role in Arab and Islamic civilisations. “Baghdad represented the economic centre of the Abbasid Empire, and it was used as a starting point for controlling other neighbouring regions to enhance Islamic power,” said Issam al-Faili, a professor of political history at Mustansiriyah University. “Baghdad witnessed a renaissance of thought through translation, which was usually mastered by Jews and the Christians, and became a destination for intellectuals, poets and scholars from all parts of the world, and a centre for craftsmen and a city of construction,” Faili said. “Baghdad today, after it was the capital of the world, has become one of the most miserable cities,” he said.

British consultancy firm Mercer ranked Baghdad as the worst place in the world to live in its 2010 Quality of Living Survey. The city has been conquered several times in its history, the first in 1258 when the Mongols destroyed Baghdad. It was captured in 1831 by the Ottomans, in 1917 by the British, and in 2003 by a US-led coalition that overthrew dictator Saddam Hussein but also ended up unleashing internecine violence that killed tens of thousands of people. Baghdad was a modern capital known for its nightlife in the 1970s, but it has fallen into gloomy disrepair in the years of conflict since. Saddam started a war with Iraq in 1980 that lasted for eight years, and then launched a disastrous invasion of Kuwait in 1990, only to be forced out in 1991. Iraq was hit by a harsh regime of international sanctions over the Kuwait invasion, and later lived under an ever-present threat of bombings, assassinations, gun battles and death squad killings in the


years after 2003. Even now, government employees, including high-ranking officers in the security forces, are frequently gunned down in the streets. Despite its long history, there are only fleeting signs of historic buildings on even its oldest streets. Ugly, uninspired concrete boxes are far more common. Checkpoints cause massive traffic jams, and security forces in the city are armed for war, with equipment including assault rifles, machine guns and armoured vehicles. Baghdad’s streets are often strewn with rubbish and ridden by potholes. What public works projects there are move at a glacial pace. The government is headquartered in a heavily fortified area known as the Green Zone, which is defended, among other things, by newly acquired USmade Abrams tanks. Entry to the area requires passing through a byzantine series of security checks, some of which are of questionable value in deterring attacks, and journal-

ists’ cameras are regarded with deep suspicion. While Baghdad was once the centre of an empire, the Iraqi government has been paralysed by political crises for almost eight months, during which it has accomplished little. “Baghdad today is like Baghdad of yesterday in terms of the luxury that was enjoyed by the caliph and his family in the days of the Abbasid era, while the people were in misery,” Faili said. Corruption is widespread, and while Iraq takes in billions of dollars a month in oil revenues, signs of it benefiting the general public are hard to find. Iraqi writer and journalist Rifaat Mahmud said that the issue of restoring Baghdad to what it was is a difficult matter, and cannot be achieved in circumstances such as those in which the neglected city now lives. “Baghdad needs what we can call a miracle to regain its form and heritage and at least a AFP part of its past.”



Castroviejo in Tour red

Mika on top after 2nd round

Amla keeps England at bay



LONDON: Hashim Amla’s unbeaten

Jonathan Castroviejo pulled on the leader’s red jersey in the Tour of Spain on Saturday after his Movistar team won the opening 16.5km team timetrial. The Spanish outfit of defending Vuelta champion Juan Jose Cobo and outsider Alejandro Valverde clocked a winning time of 18min 51sec, to finish ahead of Dutch team Rabobank.

Mika Miyazato, seeking her first LPGA title, fired a four-under par 68 on Saturday to seize a two-stroke lead after the second round of the LPGA Safeway Classic. Miyazato birdied the par-3 11th and third holes and added birdies at the sixth and par-5 eighth holes to finish 36 holes on 11-under 133, two clear of So Yeon Ryu, who also shot a 68.

fifty steadied South Africa as England pressed with both bat and ball on the third day of the third Test on Saturday. At stumps, SA were 145 for three in their second innings with Amla 57 (n.o.) and Dale Steyn at the crease. South Africa, 1-0 up in the three-match series, only have to avoid defeat to become the world’s top-ranked Test side.

‘I’m sorry for Venus. She had a back problem and she really couldn’t serve. But after she had treatment she really fought hard in the second set,’ Li said.

Dani on pole, Stoner hurt Dani Pedrosa claimed pole while Casey Stoner struggled with a right ankle injury. Pete Cava

Li beats Venus to reach final CINCINNATI: China’s Li Na, seeking her first WTA title since winning the 2011 French Open, defeated Venus Williams 7-5, 3-6, 6-1 on Saturday to reach the final of the ATP and WTA Cincinnati Masters. Ninth seed Li, who reached the Montreal final last week, will play Sunday’s final against the winner of a later match between fifth seed Angelique Kerber of Germany or Czech fourth seed Petra Kvitova, the 2011 Wimbledon winner. Li captured the first set and broke Williams’ first service game of the second set for a 2-0 edge when the American, nagged by back pain, called for the trainer, receiving a back rub and returning to the court. The treatment made all the difference to former World No. 1 Williams, who won the next five games on her way to forcing a third set that Li dominated, improving to 3-0 all-time against


Li Na (CHN x9) bt Venus Williams (USA) 7-5, 3-6, 6-1 Angelique Kerber (GER x5) bt Petra Kvitova (CZE x4) 6-1, 26, 6-4 MEN — SEMI-FINALS

Novak Djokovic (SRB x2) bt Juan Martin Del Potro (ARG x6) 6-3, 6-2 Roger Federer (SUI x1) bt Stanislas Wawrinka (SUI) 7-6 (7/4), 6-3 Williams with her 33rd victory of the season. “I’m sorry for Venus. She had a back problem and she really couldn’t serve. But after she had treatment she really fought hard in the second set,” Li said. “When she was stretched out on the court I thought maybe the match might be finished. But there are no easy matches on this

tour and it went all the way.”



World No 1 Roger Federer and World No 2 Novak Djokovic booked a showdown in Sunday’s final at the ATP and WTA Cincinnati Masters with straight-set semi-final triumphs on Saturday. Top seed Federer beat his friend and Swiss compatriot Stanislas Wawrinka 7-6 (7/4), 6-3, while Djokovic, who quit last year’s final against Andy Murray with a shoulder problem, advanced by defeating Juan Martin Del Potro 6-3, 6-2. “It will come down to a few points against Novak,” Federer said. “I’ll have to play my game and not worry about what he might be doing, especially on break points. “I missed break points in the Olympic final (against Murray) and I can’t do that against him.

INDIANAPOLIS: Spain’s Dani Pedrosa (right) claimed pole position for Sunday’s Indianapolis Grand Prix while Australian Casey Stoner struggled with a right ankle injury after a qualifying crash. Pedrosa, on a Honda, rode the fastest lap at 1min 38.813sec over the 2,621-mile, 16-turn layout at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during a crash-filled qualifying session on Saturday. “It was tough and tricky because it was very slippery and we could see many crashes,” Pedrosa said. “It was important to keep focused. The back end was sliding a lot, so it was tough. “But at the end, it was good because we could get on pole.” Pedrosa ranks second in the overall season points chase behind countryman Jorge Lorenzo, who finished second qualifying on his Yamaha, while Andrea Dovizioso of Italy was third. “This is not one of the best tracks in our championships,” Dovizioso said. Lorenzo banged his fist against his Yamaha in frustration when he realized he had finished second to Pedrosa, but he outlined his plan for the race. “I think the important thing tomorrow is to finish,” Lorenzo said. “We modified the bike a lot with some weight on the rear to enter the corners with more confidence. I felt great as a result. We don’t have a bad pace but not as good as Dani yet. We need to improve a little.” Reigning world champion Stoner, third on this year’s points list in a season he says will be his last, was stretchered off the track after a crash on his Honda, suffering a marginal fracture in his right ankle. Last year’s winner at Indianapolis Motor Speedway was thrown over his motorcycle’s handlebars and across

It was tough and tricky because it was very slippery and we could see many crashes. It was important to keep focused. Dani Pedrosa, GP motoorcycle racer the track in turn 13. He qualified sixth but his status for the race will be decided by a reevaluation early Sunday. Americans Ben Spies and Nicky Hayden were also injured in qualifying crashes, with Hayden suffering a concussion and two broken bones in his right hand and being ruled out of the race. “The track surface is pretty tricky,” Spies said. “It seems to have caught a few people.” Spies, the 2010 Indy pole starter, qualified fourth despite also being claimed by a crash in turn 13. His bike skidded out and he suffered a bruised shoulder but was approved to race. “My shoulder is really sore after that crash,” Spies said. “It’s pretty painful... It’s frustrating as we’ve been going really well all weekend and I’ve been feeling really confident with the bike.”


India’s Very

In an unexpected move, Indian cricketing legend VVS Laxman announced his retirement

Cricketing legend calls it a day G Aparna Sai

HYDERABAD: In an unexpected turn of events, Indian cricketing legend, VVS Laxman announced his retirement from cricket with immediate effect, ending a 16-yearold long international career. This announcement was made at a press conference held at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium (RGICS) here on Saturday. It was decision that most did not expect and those who saw it coming, hoped it was not true. His decision came as a surprise to one and all especially since the batsman was selected for the upcoming Test series against New Zealand beginning from August 23. (Hyderabad would be hosting the first of the two test matches). Though Laxman has retired from the international scene, he would continue to play for Hyderabad in this season’s Ranji Trophy. While many speculated that the increasing criticism was the main cause for his retirement, Laxman claimed otherwise, saying that his “inner voice” was what prompted him to take this decision. “I have always heard many sports personalities say that there will be a feeling, a thought, a voice which will tell you that it is time. I heard that voice within me and decided that

my time was up,” Laxman said. “I announce my retirement with immediate effect.” “While I would love contributing to the team especially in England and Australia, I would like to take this opportunity to give a youngster a chance to play in home conditions before the upcoming overseas tours next year,” he added. Laxman, who was accompanied by emotional family members to the venue, had said that it was a battle of thoughts over the last four-five days and that he had finalised his decision only on the morning of the announcement. He informed the selectors on Saturday morning. While Sachin Tendulkar had called on the cricketer, Indian skipper, Mahender Singh Dhoni proved to be a “busy man”. The cricketer read out a statement in which he thanked one and all, especially his family members. The father of two, gave India many moments to cherish– the best being his 281 against Australia in Kolkata, an innings which, with the help of teammate Rahul Dravid, saw them seal the game in India’s favour. Laxman has 17 Test centuries and six ODI hundreds to his credit. He was nicknamed Very Very Special Laxman and indeed so, as he was a gifted player for the team. His absence is a void which none can ever fill.



(From top-left) 1.) VVS Laxman being felicitated at the St John’s Cricket Academy after his historic his under-19 days (1999). 3.) Laxman being felicitated after making his debut in national side in

Laxman’s initial W hen VVS Laxman announced his retirement yesterday, the whole nation was left reeling. It was a truth which many did not see

coming. The world class batsman who managed to trouble the otherwise confident Aussies, had left a void in the national side, a place which many doubt can ever be filled, and a thought which even Laxman’s coach, John Manoj, also voiced. Every giant leap requires an initial step — a fact that each of us is clearly aware of. 25 years ago, in May 1987, a young lad named Laxman, was enrolled at the St John’s cricket academy in Marredpally, by his maternal uncle. He was a disciplined

student who took the sport very seriously and was extremely focused. Not many would have expected him to reach the heights that eventually did. “Laxman was an extremely disciplined boy. He had all his energies focused on cricket. He was very sincere and use practice for long hours,” said Manoj. A visit to the office room of the academy shows numerous photos of Laxman hanging alongside many other cricketing greats. “A striking trait of Laxman was his ‘twominutes’ habit. Every time when we had to end the session, he would request saying ‘two more minutes’ of practice and this two more minutes used to be dragged on for not less than 15 minutes,” added his coach.


Special Man from international cricket yesterday, letting the curtains fall on his 16-year-old career 2

Man of complete grace and style Twelfth Man Babu Kalyanpur



281 against Australia in 2001. 2.)VVS Laxman along with teammates at the cricket academy during 1996. 4.) Laxman smiles during the press conference after he announced his retirement on Saturday.

steps in the game According to him, the coaches at the cricket academy spotted talent in the cricketer when he went on to score a century, in a tournament conducted in Vijayawada, in the year 1988. “Once, we had sorted out boys (according to their talent) and the sent them for a tournament in Vijayawada. Laxman scored his first hundred and we knew we had a rising star among us,” Manoj claimed. The coach had only words of praise for the cricketing legend. “He was never a mischievous boy. He came, went about his work and then left. Never indulged in any kind of unwanted deeds,” said Manoj. The coach, like many others was equally surprised with Laxman’s decision to call it quits. Though there was a hint that he was

going to hang his boots soon, yet it was not completely expected. He did discuss the matter with me a couple of days ago. I was certainly surprised. I hoped he would not call it quits so soon but when he was firm about it, I knew he had made up his mind and nothing would change his decision,” rued Manoj. “The Indian team would be missing out on one of the most genuine cricketers the game has produced,” he added. Just like the distraught coach, the nation also seems to have reacted in a similar fashion, but like they say, all good things have to come to an end, so did the 16 glorious years of Laxman’s international career have to see the curtains drop down. AS

ne of India’s greatest stylists walks away into the horizon satisfied and probably a little saddened. An often rocky road finally ends for VVS Laxman. But the smooth, wristy and graceful batting of one of India’s greatest players has left such an indelible mark that it will live on forever. There was the chance for a perfect swansong at his home ground. But like a true sportsman, Laxman denied himself that grand exit. As he rightly said, “his inner voice” would not let him. It just emphasised that he left the centre stage in the same dignified way he played. And like the slight disruption at his press conference which made him repeat his retirement announcement once again, Laxman inadvertently gave his detractors more fodder to feed on. Many questioned the timing of the decision. They said that he could have made the announcement before being selected for the Tests against New Zealand. Thankfully, it does not matter anymore. The fact is that these critics, some of them former Indian cricketers, could not even hold a candle to him. So how will Laxman be judged in the history of cricket? A total of 8,781 runs in 134 Tests at an average of 45.97 are proof enough that he is up there among the big guns. Importantly, it was the way he made them which really affirms his greatness. He had so much style and grace that even a short stay at the crease would be worth a watch. He had such silky wrists that he could play across the line and get the ball to the leg-side boundary. His driving on either side of the wicket was joy to behold. He stood tall and his bat made a sweet sound as it sped away to the boundary.

He could also buckle down and occupy the crease when the need arose. Even then, he was never boring. Laxman maintained the tradition of Hyderabad which has contributed some of the most stylish players in Indian history. Players like ML Jaisimha, Abbas Ali Baig and Mohammed Azharuddin are still etched in the memory of many for their elegant batting. Like all genius with the willow, Laxman was besotted with inconsistency. There were periods when self-doubt overtook assurance. But to his credit, Laxman never gave up. He was also played around with, being thrusted as an opener when he preferred the middle-order. That innings of 281 against Australia at Eden Gardens in 2001 is rated among the best innings by a player to win a Test. His innings of 167 in 2000 had already gave them notice of things to come. Australia always respected him. That in itself is a great honour because the hard-nosed Aussies treated all opposition as enemy. Laxman was part of the batting quartet consisting of Tendulkar, Ganguly and Dravid, who laid the foundations for India. Statistical-minded India does not sometimes judge by quality. It will be pointed out that Laxman fell short of the average of 50 which separates good from the great. But geniuses don not need yardsticks. However, what matters is Laxman scored when India needed most. Back in October 2010 against Australia in Mohali, India needed to score 216 to win and were tottering at 124 for eight. Using a runner because of back pain, Laxman joined the tailenders and scored an unbeaten 73 to win India the match. What more can one say. The ultimate tribute comes from former Australian skipper Steve Waugh who said of his nemesis, “Watching Laxman in full flight is to see an artist at work”. Goodbye Mr Grace.



Ben Arfa hands AVB first Spurs defeat NEWCASTLE, UK: Newcastle midfielder Hatem Ben Arfa kept his nerve to score the late penalty that handed Andre Villas-Boas a 2-1 defeat in his first match as Tottenham manager on Saturday. After a dismal eight-month spell at Chelsea ended with his sacking last season, Villas-Boas is back in the Premier League with a point to prove. But the young Portuguese coach, a surprise appointment following Harry Redknapp’s dismissal at the end of last season, will need to get more from his players than they delivered in an inconsistent display at St James’ Park. Senegal striker Demba Ba put Newcastle ahead with a superb goal early in the second half and, although Jermain Defoe grabbed an equaliser, it was France internation-

al Ben Arfa who won and then converted the decisive penalty with 10 minutes remaining. While Villas-Boas returns to north London with plenty of work to do, it was business as usual for Newcastle boss Alan Pardew. Pardew presided over a remarkable campaign for the Magpies last season as they defied predictions of

a relegation battle to challenge for the place in the Champions League. Newcastle eventually finished fifth and on the evidence of this impressive effort another high finish is well within their grasp. Villas-Boas’s side had looked sharper in the first half and were desperately unlucky not to take some kind of lead into the half-time break after both Defoe and Gareth Bale clattered shots against the woodwork. Defoe was sent through by a neat ball from Jake Livermore in the 33rd minute but fired against the base of Tim Krul’s right-hand post, and three minutes later Bale headed powerfully against the bar from an Aaron Lennon cross. Pardew started with his new signings Vurnon Anita and Romain AFP Amalfitano on the bench.

Olinga is youngest La Liga goalscorer

Malaga CF’s forward Fabrice Olinga (C) celebrates with teammates after scoring a goal against Celta on Saturday. AFP/ M RIOPA

Dermot Ledwith

MADRID: Sixteen-year-old Fabrice Olinga made history on Saturday when he became the youngest ever player to score in La Liga, grabbing the only goal as Malaga clinched a 1-0 victory at promoted Celta Vigo. The Cameroon-born forward came on as a 58th-minute substitute to make his league debut and got the 84th-minute winner as the new season got under way. At only 16 years and 98 days, Olinga is 191 days younger than current Athletic Bilbao player Iker Muniain who had held

the previous record for youngest scorer. Malaga coach Manuel Pellegrini denied that the teenager’s debut was a message to the club’s owners who have been criticised for selling some of their best players over the summer. “The debut was no intentional message, young players like him and Portillo and Juanmi have to get experience and in no way does it prove we are lacking resources in the squad,” said Pellegrini. Celta, back in La Liga after five seasons away, were the better side for much of the game with ex-Chelsea player Quique de Lucas looking particularly dangerous. The veteran de Lucas had the best chance of the first half hooking a Roberto Lagos cross just over the crossbar. After the interval he went close on three occasions in quick succession. Willy Caballero, excellent all evening in goal for Malaga, blocked two shots in two minutes before the striker unluckily struck the left hand post after being played through by the industrious Iago Aspas. Malaga played at half pace all evening, with one eye perhaps on the club’s first ever Champions League match at home to Panathinaikos on Wednesday that will be key to qualification to the AFP group stages of the competition.

Spanish league results on Saturday Celta Vigo 0 Malaga 1 (Essono Olinga 84) Sevilla 2 (Fazio 34, Negredo 38-pen) Getafe 1 (Ruano 50) Real Mallorca 2 (Hemed 2, 85) Espanyol 1 (Wakaso 5) Sunday matches Real Madrid v Valencia, Athletic Bilbao v Real Betis, Barcelona v Real Sociedad, Levante v Atletico Madrid Monday matches Deportivo La Coruna v Osasuna, Rayo Vallecano v Grenada, Real Zaragoza v Valladolid

Liverpool suffer losing start, Arsenal held LONDON: Liverpool crashed to a shock 3-0 defeat at West Brom in Brendan Rodgers’ first Premier League match as Reds boss, while Arsenal started life without Robin van Persie with a dour 0-0

draw against Sunderland on Saturday. It was a sweet moment for Albion manager Steve Clarke, who was sacked by Liverpool at the end of last season after 18 months.

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Postnoon E-Paper for 19 August 2012  

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