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An elderly ‘sheikh’ from the United Arab Emirates was arrested yesterday while he was camping in a lodge and scouting for teenage girls to ‘marry’. The tragic and sordid saga is a grim reminder of the deep malaise affecting the City’s poor, and the apathy with which they are treated. P3

This afternoon’s railway budget promised to undertake the modernisation of Indian Railways with an investment of `5.6 lakh crore over the next five years. A `16,842-crore railway safety fund will also be launched. The operating ratio will be brought down from 95 per cent to 85.9 per cent. P11

India's beleaguered Kingfisher Airlines said today (Wednesday) that it had curtailed its overseas flights to avoid losing further cash as it struggles to stay in the air. "We are curtailing our wide-body overseas operations that are bleeding heavily," spokesman Prakash Mirpuri said in a statement. P9

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India Aviation 2012 began today, and all eyes are on the numbers as a volatile industry gets set to emerge from the shadow of recession. REPORT ON PG 9






IT’S ALL RELATIVE MY DEAR “It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer.” This is how Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist of the 20th century, summed up the secret of his genius. Today, on the anniversary of his 133rd birthday, we pay tribute to the man who gave the world the theory of relativity. P16&17

SHOULD YOU, SHOULDN’T YOU? For years now, doctors have been advocating getting a regular mammogram done. But a recent study raises doubts about its efficacy and benefit when it comes to mortality. P18

THAT SINKING FEELING John Carter is poised to be one of the biggest flops in Disney’s history. But it’s not the only film that has got Hollywood in trouble. Postnoon digs deeper to find out the reasons behind some of the biggest flops in movie history. P15

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Spirit of Twin Cities


Muktir Gaan


Bangladeshi documentary Muktir Gaan will be showcased at Lamakaan. The documentary by eminent Bangladeshi filmmaker Tareque Masud examines how cultural identity impacted the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War. Where: Lamakaan, Banjara Hills, Rd No 1 When: March 14, 7.30pm onwards Contact: 96427 31329

Gallery, Saifabad When: Ongoing, 11am onwards Contact: (040) 2323 6398

Mystic Five Alankritha Art Gallery presents Mystic Five. The exhibition is by Anand Panchal, Arvind Kolapkar, Dilip Chaudhury, Nityam Singha Roy and Sanjay Raut. Where: Alankritha Art Gallery, Jubilee Hills When: Ongoing, 11am onwards Contact: (040) 2311 3709

Sacred Women

Thaali festival

On the occasion of Shrishti Art Gallery’s 10th anniversary an exhibition called Women-Sacred and the Temporal is being held. The exhibition displays 10 eminent women artists from across the country. Where: Shrishti Art Gallery, Jubilee Hills, Rd No15 When: Ongoing, 11am onwards Contact: (040) 2354 0023

Spice Junxion is offering a variety of favourites from different regions such as Rayalseema and Telangana. The unique aspect of the thaali is that it represents the traditional home-style cooking. Where: Spice Junxion, Banjara Hills, Rd No 1 When: Ongoing Contact: (040) 6666 3939

Unique buffet

Samahaara — an acting and dancing workshop is being held to help you hone your acting skills. The workshop focusses on a variety of topics such as understanding the basics of stage acting and character analysis, stage geography etc. Where: The Actor’s studio, Madhapur When: Ongoing, 7pm to 9pm Contact: 98854 04784

Acting workshop

Yellow Chilli is offering a lunch buffet which is truly different. The Buffet which costs `199 (Monday to-Friday) and `249 (Saturday and Sunday) includes a cold drink. The dinner buffet costs `299 and `349. Where: Yellow Chilli, Rd No 12, Banjara Hills, When: Ongoing Contact: (040) 23383838

Daiquiris And Margaritas

Live band Phoenix band will perform live at Cuba Libre on March 14. Where: Cuba Libre, Banjara Hills, Rd No1 When: March 14, 8pm onwards Contact: (040)6776 7111

Celebrating vivah Wedding shopping on your mind? Head to Celebrate Vivah 2012 — Wedding Exhibition, a luxurious wedding exhibition. The exhibition is being held from March 16. Where: Hyderabad Marriot Hotel and Convention Centre, Tank bund When: March 16 onwards, 11am onwards Contact: (040) 2752 2999

Vietnam Artworks Artworks from Vietnam, an exhibition is being presented by The Western Mindspace and Asia Art House. The exhibition aims to delve into the realm of Asian art. Where: Westin Raheja Mindspace, Madhapur When: Ongoing,


6pm onwards Contact: (040) 6767 6767

Momo Cafe Momo Café at the Marriot presents a new A-La-Carte Menu with delicacies such as Thai, Classic Western and Oriental. Where: Hyderabad Marriot, Tank Bund When: Ongoing Contact: (040) 2752 2999

Bengali food festival A Bengali food festival is being held at Firdaus, Taj Krishna. Sample a variety of Bengali delicacies. Where: Firdaus, Taj Krishna, Banjara Hills, Rd No1 When: Ongoing, 11.30am onwards Contact: (040) 6666 2323

Women in India Women changing in India is an exhibition of books and paintings that depict women. The exhibition is being presented by Magnum

Photos and Zubaan. Where: Kalakrithi Art Gallery, Banjara Hills, Rd No 10 When: Ongoing, 11am Contact: (040) 6656 4466

Silk Utsav Madhya Pradesh Khadi & Village Industries Board, Bhopal is hosting an MP Silk Utsav. Head to the exhibition for a variety of exotic & colourful bagh Khadi sarees, Maheshwari sarees, cotton and poly khadi dress material along with products made by SHGs. Where: Institute of Engineers, Khairtabad When: Ongoing, 10am Contact: (040) 2339 4969

Reflection of women Aiana — Reflection of Women, a painting exhibition is being conducted at Kala Bhavan, Saifabad. The exhibition is by Bhavana and Sindoor. Where: Kala Bhavan/ ICCR Art

Head to Seasons Bar for Daiquiris And Margaritas with flavoured cocktail recipes. Where: Taj Krishna, Banjara Hills, Rd No 1 When: Ongoing, 12pm Contact: (040) 6666 2323

Go Splash Splash lounge is the perfect leisure destination for you to unwind. During the evenings, there is great music, martinis and aperitifs. Where: The Westin, Mindspace, Madhapur When: Monday - Friday, 5pm - 10.30pm Weekends, 8am - 10.30pm Contact: (040) 6767 6828

Temple Art An exhibition titled, Temple Town is on display at Iconart Art Gallery. The exhibition presents art work by Karunakaran and Satheesh Kanna. Where: Iconart Gallery, Banjara Hills, Rd No 12 When: Ongoing, 11am onwards Contact: 98499 6879

Big Cinemas, Ameerpet: 30581470; Cinemax, Banjara Hills: 44565555; Cine Planet , Kompally: 61606060; INOX, Banjara Hills: 44767777; Prasads, Tank Bund Rd: 23448888; PVR, Punjagutta: 8800900009; Talkie Town, Miyapur: 40214175; Tivoli, Secunderabad: 27844973


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Now, spurious zarda too!

Brides still up for sale


Mod Subhan

hat heady tobacco powder and granules you chew could be twice as deadly. A recent police raid unearthed one clandestine unit The accused at the spot preparing well known zarda brands in the City and arrested four people. The raid followed complaints by the original zarda companies based in New Delhi that customers have reported distaste and disastrous effects after using the spurious zarda made in Hyderabad. The Task Force’s search for the origin of bogus zarda led to a building in Achireddy Nagar, Falakuma where a fullfledged unit was churning out the counterfeit product. The Task Force took into custody Wassim, Afsar, Md Ghouse and Zaheer while the kingpin Sohail Khan is absconding. The police have seized a wide range of machinery and associated paraphernalia worth `6 lakh. Deputy commissioner of police G Ramchander told to Postnoon the police suspected more clandestine units in operation. Police have begun wide searches for other units. These people used to collect empty tins of popular brands from pan shops, refill and then seal them. This also meant that some pan shop people are involved in the racket. The police seized two sealing machines, two weighing machines, one packet sealing machine, 90 sealed tins of duplicate Baba Zarda (500 gm) and 330 tins (50 gm), 20 kg tobacco dust, generator and empty tins.

under section 498-a, 420 and 4 and 5 DPP Act. However, the police are unable to explain why the qazi was not held for his involvement. It’s said that the qazi fled the scene after the raid.


Postnoon News


espite the Wakf board’s claims that qazis conducting illegal marriages of City girls with Arabs have been barred and ostracised, the Kalapathar police on Tuesday arrested a ‘much married’ Arab ‘Sheikh’ from UAE. The latter was trying to marry a girl with the help of the qazi who had been arrested earlier for officiating other such unions. Abdul Suleman Mohd Alhaan Toubi Al Naqvi alias Abdullah, 49, was picked up from a qazi’s lodge at Tallabkaata based on a two-year-old complaint by a City girl whom he had married in 2009. Kalapathar Inspector SK Khaja Moinuddin said Abdulla had married one Parveen Begum with the help of the qazi Ali Abid Rafai of Tallabkaata. The Sheikh stayed with the girl in the lodge for two weeks and then disappeared promising the parents he would arrange for a visa for her soon. However, the family never heard from him again. ACP Charminar M Rammohan Rao said this man, who has one or more wives in his native place, often came to the City with the help of the qazi and

How it happens

Abdullah in police custody repeats the performance. It is not yet clear how many times he has visited the City. Around 10 days ago he came and stayed at the same lodge and was plotting with Rafai for another marriage when someone, getting a wind of the Sheikh’s movement, tipped off Parveen’s parents who in turn alerted the police. The Sheikh was arrested

Islamic leaders and police say that this trend of elderly Arabs marrying minor girls is the result of pimps — men and women — aiming for big money. The dastardly act of marrying minors would be impossible without the help of a qazi and his understudies. It is said that the gangs wait at the International airport and try to spot Arab visitors and tempt them with accommodation and ‘wives’, by which they mean a contract marriage. After the money changes hands and ‘marriage’ with a poor girl conducted, the qazi takes in advance a signature from the girl and parents on a blank paper which the qazi fills up later as ‘talaqnaama.’ This means the marriage and talaaq papers are ready at the same time which the unsuspecting family is unaware of. The qazi’s remuneration depends on the economic status of the Sheikh. A rich Sheikh if happy with the girl will spend several lakhs, police said. The Wakf board had claimed that it was trying to generate awareness about the dark deeds and caution poor parents from getting into it.

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ICSE dumps environment science

The Board’s decision to do away with compulsory environment science as a scoring subject from this year has disappointed all stakeholders.

EDUCATION Sudeshna Koka


t sounds ironical but true. While India is getting ready to host a world conference on saving the environment (Convention on Biodiversity 2012 in Hyderabad), a leading selffinancing institution, Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), is dispensing with its unique selling proposition (USP) — compulsory environment education — from this year. The ICSE has decided to join the crowd that gives the all-crucial environment science a cursory treatment. The decision was in fact taken two years ago to be made effective from 2012. “According to a Supreme Court verdict, students have to learn environmental lessons. But nowhere does it make it mandatory to hold an examination in the subject. We have decided to integrate various topics related to environment education with subjects like geography, biology and other subjects,” said Gerry Arathoon, the officiating chief executive and secretary of CISCE said after the resolution to do away with compulsory environment education was taken. The subject will be diffused into other subjects.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) larger than ICSE in its size and reach has not made environment as a separate subject to be compulsorily passed. ICSE now finds itself at a disadvantage as India has not made environment science a compulsory subject in secondary education. Environmentalists, teachers and parents in Hyderabad however, regret the decision. “It’s not a good idea to take out the subject completely. Today, it’s very important that students study about our environment and its related problems especially when the world is seized with myriad environment problems,” says Deepila Rani Gampa, a parent. Teachers are not a happy lot either. They have to teach environment science without a hope of their students scoring. “Now they have made bits and pieces of the subject, it won’t be taught in detail. The subject was scoring and students did learn a lot. It’s a bad idea to diffuse it into other subjects as this will also create pressure on teachers,” says Rugmini Kedarnath, teacher, St Ann’s High School. A few years ago, the National Council of Education and Training (NCET) approached the Supreme Court and they accepted the new curriculum. According to the new curriculum, environmental science won’t be taught as a separate subject. Ten per cent will be allocated in

all the other subjects and each student will have to do two projects a year. Environmentalists in the City cry foul of the idea. “How can they add environment studies in mathematics? It’s a bad idea. This was one subject which truly educates students and creates interests in taking up the subject for further studies. The decision of NCET is a bad idea,” said WG Prasanna Kumar, social scientist with the Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board and director of National Green Corps. Students are not only disappointed about losing out on a subject that was easy to score in but they also feel that this was one of the most interesting subjects that was lively and useful in life. “We are happy that we do not have to write another exam but we all loved the subject. It made us aware about pollution and other global warming related problems,” says Nabia Rehma, a Kalpa student. But, Jayaprakash Nambaru, director, I Go Green Foundation disagrees. “It’s a very good idea to blend environmental science with other subjects. Often students do not take the subject seriously, now they will be forced to study it. In competitive exams too environmental science knowledge is very useful hence it’s a good move by the ICSE.”

Our big fat Indian weddings As Asia’s most luxurious wedding exhibition begins tomorrow, we give you a sneak preview Sana Mirza


et up in 2003 by Taran Sarda, Celebrating Vivaha is currently in its 10th successful year and yet again it comes to town on a much grander scale. Showcasing the finest in

Helpline GAS BOOKING IVRS NO: HP 9666023456 Indane 9848824365 BSNL Complaints HMWS & SB Complaints

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POLICE CONTROL ROOM: Hyderabad 27852435 Traffic Control Room 27852482 DCP Traffic 23234065, 23243499F Pollution Control Board 23887500 ELECTRICITY: General Complaints Breakdown Section

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wedding wear, right from the wedding planners to the jewellery down to the pandits, the luxurious wedding exhibition will be spread over two days from March 15 - 16th, 2012 at the Marriott. What started out as an annual event in Mumbai and New Delhi,

WATER SUPPLY: Complaint Cell Sewerage Complaint Hyd. Water Supply HOSPITAL: General Hospital, Sec-bad Niloufer Hospital, Red Hills NIMS, Director, Punjagutta Osmania General Hospital Railway Hospital, Lalaguda Apollo, Jubilee Hills Care Hospital, Banjara Hills Care Hospital, Nampally Care Hospitals, Musheerabad Care Hospital, Sec-bad Kamineni Hospital,

it rose to quick popularity and wound its way slowly in to cities like Kolkata, Indore, Ludhiana, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. Amongst the experts who are all set to present their bridal collections, Manu and Mamta are showcasing their bridal

LB Nagar 155313 23307328 23313163 27505566 23314095 23390933 24600146 27001134 23607777 30418888 30417777 30419000 30416666

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AMBULANCES Apollo 23548888, 23607777 Kamineni 24022222 Medwin 23202902, 23204616 Smile Line Dental Hospital 23747979 Red Cross 27627973 Niloufer Hospital 23314095 Gandhi 23320332

wear under the label BellaRagazza and the theme this time is titled ‘Dancing of the flutes.’ Apart from the designer wear, there will be stalls dedicated to the exquisite display of bridal jewellery. The exhibition will also play host to a number of wedding plan-

AIRLINES Airport Director 27903785, 27906001 For Air India Flight Information Toll free (from any network) for IC Flights 18001801407 And for All Flights: 1800227722 Air India has revised its flight timings. For more information call (Toll free) 18001801407, 1800227722 from BSNL/MTNL 04023430334 from other lines and mobile Website; TOURISM OFFICES AP Tourism, Hyd 23262152/53/54 Sec’bad 27893100 Dept of Tourism 23453110 India Tourism 23261360 AP Tourism information Centre (24x7) 23450444, 23455999

ners for that memorable themed wedding along with professional beauty experts who will help you get that beautiful glow for your special day. Celebrating Vivaha guarantees to make your wedding a unique affair. Taking your vows doesn’t get easier than this.

UK Visa Office VFS India Pvt Ltd Building, 8-2-542/A, Sunil Chamber, Road No. 7 Beside Meridian School, Banjara Hills34. Working hours are from 8 AM to 1 PM And 2 PM to 3PM. MUSEUMS Salar Jung Museum AP State Museum Nizams Museum

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Readers’ views We invite you to write to us comments, suggestions, viewpoint or just about anything to or #1246, Level 3, Jubilee Casa, Road No 62, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500 033 or even by way of a call on 4067 2222

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‘Next cabinet meeting in Chanchalguda jail’



I A visitor admires the exhibits at the Ikebana show at Taj Deccan on Tuesday. SRINIVAS SETTY

t could not have come at a worse time. Supreme Court notice to six AP Cabinet ministers and eight IAS officers has made the chief minister a hunted hare, especially in view of the by-elections on March 18. The notice pertaining to their complicity in issuing 26 government orders that allegedly helped the late chief minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy and his kin is made an issue for negotiation between the TDP and the government. The TDP leadership offered the Speaker its full cooperation in running the House, provided all the controversial 26 GOs be placed on the table. The whole issue was raked up by advocate P Sudhakar Reddy of Nellore who filed a Public Interest Litigation in this regard. As if his cup of woe was not overfull already, one has filed a Right to

Assembly adjourns over SC notices to ministers Postnoon News


he proceedings of the Assembly were disrupted today with the Opposition members demanding the dismissal of six ministers who have been served notices by the Supreme Court in the disproportionate assets case of YSR Congress Party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. They also wanted the copies of 26 controversial GOs issued by the ministers during the YSR regime to be tabled in the House. As soon as the House met, the TDP, and other party MLAs moved an adjournment motion on the issue and demanded discussion. The TDP members rushed to Speaker’s podium shouting slogans against the government. Some of the them demanded that the CM must be present in the House while such important issue was going on. Legislative affairs minister D Sridhar

Babu tried to pacify the TDP members stating that the government was yet to receive a copy of SC notice and then only it would react on the same. He pointed out that nobody will be left in the House if one were to resign based on mere allegations. He accused the TDP of wasting the time of the House. However, the TDP members continued the slogan shouting. Following uproar, the Speaker adjourned the House. Later speaking to the media in the lobbies, some TDP members said they will not allow the House to function till the GOs are tabled. Later a Business Advisory committee meeting was held with the Speaker to convince the Opposition to see the business was transacted in the House and the that the government was prepared to answer the members over the Supreme court notices.

Information request to Raj Bhavan to clarify if Kiran Kumar Reddy was elected or nominated. While the ministers who received notices of the apex court put up a brave front, the TDP leader P Keshav,

who is spearheading the attack on the government, said that the next Cabinet meeting will be held in Chanchalguda Jail. Apart from the 6 Ministers who were named 5 more Ministers are also involved in wrong decisions he charged. Former advisor to YSR government CP Somayajulu, said, the ministers who shared power with former YSR were collectively responsible for the Cabinet decisions. Sources close to CM office say the government was indeed in a bind but it will sail the storm and win the bypolls. However, worries are palpable on the faces of senior Congress leaders. The CM can’t ask all the six ministers to quit nor can he take shelter in technicalities because the by election has thrown a challenge to the ruling party. “It’s a can of worms,” agreed a Congress leader. In the meantime, the Communist party leaders have suggested that the credibility of the Congress government has suffered so serious a bruise that it would be advisable for it to go for a fresh mandate.

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Marshals jobless! T

he marshals in the Assembly these days do not have any work. For the first two days of the Budget Session, they had some works in escorting the TDP members out of the House. But now with adjournments and walkouts being the order of the day, they are seen whiling away time in the lobbies or having a nap in the canteen. They are easily identifiable with red tags bearing marshal logo worn on the sleeves.


When Postnoon talked to them, the marshals said that they work according to the orders of the Speaker and usually their job is take the unruly members out of the House. There were occasions where the members were physically evicted as they continued to stall the proceedings, some recalled. This session, after the first two days most of the time the House was adjourned and there was no need for the marshals to deal with the members.

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Adult literacy essential to eliminate child labour CRIME

A child’s lament

Osama Salman


EC issues notice to MP


he Election Commission has issued notices to MP Balaram Naik and Station Ghanapur candidates Rajaiah and Rajarapu Pratap for campaigning inside a place of worship with the scarves of political parties. The EC also directed authorities to register a case against the manager of the house of worship.


ooking at Pavan, the 11-year-old boy who works at a chai bandi in Punjagutta, reminds you of the character Stanley from the movie Stanley Ka Dabba. His lost childhood is akin to Stanley from the movie, who goes to school in the morning and works as a waiter in a restaurant by night. But unlike Stanley, Pavan does not go to school, he just can’t afford to. This is the touching story of just one of the many child-labourers in the City. As soon as you come to the chai bandi near Model House in Punjagutta, Pavan asks you if you want tea or coffee. You can’t help but be drawn by his innocent smile. “My mother is a maid and my father a daily-wage labourer. I have got used to this life,” he says when asked why he was not in school. His day begins at 7 am washing tea cups and vessels and setting up the bandi. “I live in Alwal and take a bus half way to come here. And the other half, if I am lucky, I get a free ride, if not, I walking for eight kilometres. My day ends at 9pm,” says Pavan. Unarguably, 13 hours a day and six days a week can take a toll on anyone, Pavan is no exception. The malnourished boy says that he has never been to school, but he wants to make sure that at least his brother, 6, can do so. “My parents could not send me and my two siblings to school as they could not afford it, but I want my younger brother to study till at least class VII,” says Pavan. Pavan is far from happy with the fact that none of his family members has had the privilege of going to school. What most middle class families spend on a meal is

what he earns in a month. Pavan’s touching story brings to fore the atrocities against child labourers. More often than not these children are forced into jobs due to their circumstances. Despite laws against the practice, children continue to be hired across the City. Curbing child labour is no easy feat, says Anjum Baig, a social worker, “It needs to be curbed at the grass root level. Booking cases against employers is not the right thing to do. We should first counsel parents. It’s time we realised that even children have rights.”

What the data says According to a 2008 survey of 44,700 households spread over 1000 slums in Hyderabad, it emerged that illiteracy

THE FACES OF HYDERABAD Sandra Moss, Receptionist, Tatva Legal


er pleasant smile greets us when we enter the office and the smile does not leave her face the entire time. Sandra Moss has 22 years of experience in the front office department. Earlier she used to work for a leading network provider dealer, but eight years back she joined Tatva Legal. With her cheerful personality and patient nature she has the ideal disposition to work in a front office. Every day from 9am to 6pm she greets clients who visit the office, mans the office phone and monitors the front office administra-

Aishwarya Yerra A city is defined by the people who live and work in it. Here we take a look at the human threads that make up our urban tapestry

tion. She says that she loves her job because the timings suit her and she likes to interact with new people. It’s not an easy job though. There are times she has to deal with cranky clients, who can at times go to the extent of being impolite. For Sandra, her 22 years of experience have taught her how to handle cranky clients and deal with adversities. But does she plan to continue as a receptionist? Sandra says that her plan is to shift to the administrative department soon and eventually she plans to go abroad.

Papa ,papa I want to go to school, Papa said Shut up your mouth you little fool, Now go to work with your lunch and tool, Before the sun melts the dawns cool. So I start my lonely walk, Keeping my thoughts private with no one to talk I can hear the song of the skylark, As I gaze longingly at the childrens Park. After my long stroll, I reach the mine, Where I have to work till nine, I pretend everything is fine, And start to work, Otherwise I wont have anything to dine. My heart is broken, because my friend Ted is dead, Some say it was because he inhaled poisonous lead Whatever it is, his face was red, And he fell sick and died in bed. This job in mine is worst I hate, My mother says Dear Tom, this is our fate My Father says go to work, if you want a full plate. I’m sure Ill fall sick and die, if I work at this rate. My greatest dream is to learn, And to get a job by it and earn, when I see other school going boys,My heart burns, With desire to study, my heart can only yearn... – Anonymous breeds illiteracy. Nearly 40 per cent of the parents who did not educate their kids were illiterate themselves, thus emphasising the need for adult literacy as well. N SHIVA KUMAR

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Tree felling rampant in Kukatpally ENVIRONMENT Rahul Ramakrishna


ukatpally, where construction of malls, offices and residences are going on at a feverish pitch is fast turning into a desert as whatever little greenery left is being mercilessly chopped to make space for a new building or even for as atrocious a reason as to give a clear view to a palatial mansion. The latest massacre happened at a temple premises in Vivekananda Nagar colony. A huge lush neem tree was axed to help construction. And, the cut timber and branches are now left blocking the road and footpath. There have also been many treefelling incidents in Ramalayam

Road in Venkatrao Nagar colony. According to an avid environmental activist, Jayaprakash, the locals had approached the GHMC and obtained permission. “Law demands that people should approach the forest department. With the forest department’s no objection certificate only one can cut a tree in public space.” “People are unaware of the norms that regulate tree cutting. Nor do the local authorities bother to spread awareness about the precious trees that perform a lifesaving task Recently, an advertising agency was fined rupees 50,000 for cutting down trees near the Madhapur flyover. These trees were planted in 2006 as a part of Avenue plantation on the sidewalks. The incident came to light when an RTI activist, Ramakrishna, filed a complaint and prompt action was taken

Law demands that people should approach the forest department. With the forest department’s no objection certificate only one can cut a tree in a public space. Jayaprakash Environmental activist against the agency,” he said. Divisional Forest Officer of Hyderabad, Nagabhushanam said, “We rely on the public to give us information about such incidents. People can cut trees

only in a residential area when the forest department is convinced of the need to remove a tree. If the trees in question are in public spaces under the municipality areas like roads and pavements then they should approach the HUDA. We will book a case against those involved in this incident and impose heavy fines,” he said. Road widening and construction work in Kukatpally has affected nearly a 1,000 adult trees that have been felled to accommodate space for the construction works. Of these 1,000, some 384 were planned to be relocated along the Outer Ring Road but it is anybody’s guess whether any of them was actually relocated, activists said. “Trees filter the air quality and provide fresh breathing space. Even if the corporation manage to relocate these trees

from Kukatpally to the Outer Ring Road, the residents of this area will lose out on fresh air. It is a very important issue that nobody has addressed,” said Jayaprakash.

We’re building toilets, please wait: GHMC DEEPAK DESHPANDE

CIVIC Osama Salman


here is only one toilet for 34,188 people in the city. Around 80 lakhs citizens have just 234 public toilets available. A huge chunk of the population defecates in the open putting in peril public heath. More miserable is the fact that the available toilets lie in neglect. The public toilets are built and managed by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), but people who have ever used them are disgusted with the ill-maintenance of them. Finding a toilet in the City can be a hard task. In July last year, there were just 150 and that number has risen to a meager 234. And that certainly isn’t enough.

Ironically, last year what little number of toilets available had further suffered decimation after the Court ordered the Sulabh toilets that were built on footpaths be removed as they are encroachments. Worse, there are no toilets for women. Highlighting the lack of pub-

lic toilets for women, Dr Jasveen Jairath, member of SOUL NGO, says, “This shows the gender insensitivity toward women. Women can’t use roads and footpaths and this doesn’t seem to bother the civic authority. While none of the public toilets are in a passable condition,

the one in Srinagar Colony Road No 2 beats all in shabbiness. There is also no lighting during night. Says Ravindra Raju, an IT professional,“ I have found it extremely difficult to find a toilet when one wants it. In desperation I have used the footpath, and I know it is a shame.” The hygiene level of public toilets has gone for a toss and it is now a breeding ground for diseases. “The most common disease is urinary tract infection. Apart from that, any kind of bacteria can spread by not cleaning hands or by touching the toilet accessories,” said Dr Sree Mukesh, panel doctor- Lufthansa Airlines. The officials in the GHMC are well aware of the lack of public toilets. Yet, they don’t seem to be doing much about it. “We are planning to open 150 more toilets soon. Yes, there are few, but it will

Keep yourself safe from public toilets: 1. Wash your hands. Always. This is the most primary way to stay safe. 2. Use soap, if available 3. Try not to use toilet paper. Use dry earth instead. 4. Carry a hand sanitizer. It really helps. take time before we have adequate numbers. They must change their mindsets first and use the toilets we provide instead of using any place they find,” said Sudhakar, executive engineer, solid waste management, GHMC. When asked if the GHMC is facing cash crunch, Sudhakar said that the municipality has enough money. We wonder why then denizens aren’t being provided a fundamental facility.

Hyper Local

Campaigns, hard news and spirit of Twin Cities



Men too get ‘unfair’ treatment DOWRY Shiba Minai


eath of women — either due to suicide or murder — is always highlighted and most of the times, it is a case of dowry harassment. While there is no denying of the fact that women fall prey to many such incidents, men too are vulnerable and mostly the issues of harassed males go unnoticed. Every time a dowry case is filed, scales of sympathy tilt in favour of the ‘wife’ or the ‘daughter-in-law’ even before the trial commences and the society begins to view the in-laws as outlaws. Family courts or family counselling rarely find a place in the scheme of things of resolving a

dispute amicably and cement the strained relations. Instead, dragging men to police station seems to be the order of the day, considering the number of cases. Majid Quadri, an IT professional who came back to Hyderabad from Dubai to get married, was forced to stay back as he was embroiled in a ‘false dowry harassment’ case. “I was married to her for two months, and she began to demand that I leave my mom's place and live with her parents, which I rejected. Later, she insisted that my share of property must be transferred on to her name. She became infuriated when I declined the proposal. The next thing I know is a dowry harassment case has been foisted on me, my widowed mom, and my younger sister. Not only was my reputation tarnished, but I also could not return to work as I could not leave my family in this

mess,” Quadri told Postnoon. This is just an example of how the cases turn out to be. Advocate Chandra Sekhar, a criminal lawyer, says “Section

498A of IPC today seems to have become an intermediary provision of settling family disputes. As a matter of fact, in my practice, I come across only 30 per cent of genuine cases and the rest are concocted for materialistic purposes.” Another lawyer Ravinder Rao says, “Women have been at the receiving end for years. There is no doubt about it. But the cases on the other side too are on the rise. Although the ratio of the female being harassed to the persecution of men is very high, there are a lot of cases where innocent persons are subjected to legal troubles.” What is the procedure that the police follow when a complaint is lodged? K Sridevi, station house officer of the Begumpet women’s police station, says, “Every time we get a case, we first try to counsel the

family. Then we verify the facts. We ask friends, check call records, verify text messages and do other investigations. Once it’s proven, that is when a warrant is issued.” She also says, that in 2011 over 500 cases were registered, but only 153 were found guilty and appropriate action was taken. While there are a lot of women organisations, men have very little choice. Voluntary organisations like Save Indian Family Foundation (s) offer advices to the harassed men. A volunteer from this organisation, on the condition of anonymity, says that 98 per cent of the cases filed are untrue, because dowry has become a matter of mutual consent. Dowry cases mean non-bailable warrants, and this seems to be the reason why some women use it to their advantage to extort money and use as instrument of blackmail.

Face reading has great social utility values Face reading is often useful in understanding a person for various reasons like marriage and business


the behaviour.

Existence of face reading

Anubha K Singh

Other occult sciences like astrology and palmistry are widely accepted and practiced in India. However, lack of awareness and absence of a source of learning have been major barriers for a greater spread of the science.


here is a saying in Chinese art of face reading that a person’s facial features come from the heart and through face reading one can understand the behavioural preferences. Physiognomy also called as face reading is practiced worldwide. Postnoon checks with Bhaskar Karampudi, a renowned face reader and owner of Face Reading Club, Hyderabad.


Science behind face reading Face is the index of the mind. This is because any thought process that happens in the brain directly or indirectly impacts the entire body in terms of the instructions or communication transmitted from the brain to the body. And wherever there is a dense concentration of the nerves, the impact or sensitivity is more. Hence, we have greater sensitivity in our palm, the tips of fingers, tongue and the face due to the fact that the face has a higher concentration of nerve cells, which results in far more impact of our thoughts on the face, the conclusion is thus drawn that the 'face is the index of the mind!' Studies have been made involving analysis and comparison of faces and it has been

American show Lie to Me is about an organisation which investigates crime through face reading found that there are similarities in the contours of the faces of people involved in similar kind of activity. For instance, similar features were found in the faces of criminals.

Face reading helpful in criminal cases Face reading could be helpful in criminology too, but the science is yet to evolve in to a methodology. Unlike most other sciences, the science of face reading — Physiognomy — is yet to reach the state of universal acceptance.

Your face, my thane, is as a book where Men may read strange matters --William Shakespeare

Moreover, all the knowledge today present in face reading across the world would still not be equivalent to even a drop in the ocean of Physiognomy — the concept is still in very nascent stages. There is still so much study and research to be done for it to become helpful for criminology!

Predictions through face reading Face reading does not predict the past, present or the future. It only helps to understand and predict

Round and Full (forehead protrudes forward): It indicates a desire to use imagination and originality in problem solving. You seek creative alternatives and dislike rigid systems and procedures that limit your options. You preferred to be allowed to figure out the solution of a problem. Backward angle (Forehead slopes back): This indicates a strong development of memory and quick reactions. You appreciate applications of proven methods and procedures to avoid wasting time. You are quick to apply learned facts and past experience to find immediate solutions. Once you have seen something done you can often remember exactly how to do it. Straight (forehead is straight up, no angle, not rounded): You think in logical, step by step process and have trouble taking information if it is out of sequence. You need time to assimilate things and as a consequence you don’t think well under pressure.

17,888.53 74.91

5,447.25 25.90




10g= `27,957

1kg= `58,221



Matters of saving and spending

Kingfisher halts international operations



Just the facts Where: Begumpet Airport, Hyderabad When: 14-18 March Business days: 14-16 March Public days: 17-18 March Timings: 10am-5pm Exhibition area: 20,000sq mtr Number of exhibitors: 250 Number of hospitality chalets: 18 Number of countries participating: 18 Number of tickets to be sold for public: 20,000 Fee for business visitor: `500 Fee for general visitor: `200 Tickets sale points: 22 selected Axis bank branches Postnoon News


he Asia-Pacific region was expected to account 37 per cent of the passenger traffic, while traffic associated with Europe and North America would fall to 29 per cent by 2015, minister for civil aviation Ajith Singh said. The minister, who was speaking to the media at the Third International Exhibition and Conference on Civil Aviation— India Aviation 2012, said, “AsiaPacific airlines will provide the boost to the civil aviation sector now. As per market estimates, European airlines are going to be hit the hardest in the future.” Singh further added that the global aircraft fleet is expected to double by 2030 and Asia-Pacific will account for about a third of all new aircraft deliveries. “For the civil aviation industry, the

THE SHOW IS EXPECTED TO PROVIDE AVIATION AND ALLIED INDUSTRIALISTS WITH NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES AND A PLATFORM TO SHOWCASE THEIR PRODUCTS Asia-Pacific region is projected to account for two-third of the profit forecast for 2012,” he said. Hinting that good times await Indian aviation, Singh said, “Domestic passenger growth in India is expected to continue to grow at the rate of 9 to 10 per cent in the coming years as well. India would be among the first three markets with about 420 million passengers being handled by the airport system. To bridge the shortage of skilled personnel in the aviation sector, the government is proposing to set up a full-

fledged aviation university. This project will enhance the supply of the trained pilots and other skilled personnel in the aviation sector.” The exhibition being held at the Begumpet airport was inaugurated by Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, Ajith Singh, and Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas Jaipal Reddy. Also present at the event were Dr Dinesh Keskar, chairman of FICCI Civil Aviation Committee and president of Boeing India, and Dr Nasim Zaidi, secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation. The five-day show is jointly organised by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Federation of Indian Chambers and Commerce and Industry (FICCI). The show is expected to provide aviation and allied industrialists with networking opportunities and a platform to showcase their products and services.

AU Optronics convicted of price-fixing SAN FRANCISCO: Taiwan’s largest maker of displays for computers, smartphones and other gadgets was convicted on Tuesday of taking part in a pricefixing conspiracy that brought in more than a half-billion dollars in “ill-gotten gains.” AU Optronics along with a Texas-based subsidiary and two former top executives were convicted on conspiracy charges after a trial in federal court in San Francisco, according to the US Department of Justice (DOJ). The charges carry maximum punishments of 10 years in prison and a million-dollar fine for a person or a fine of as much as a billion dollars for a corporation. The companies and one-time

president Hsuan Bin Chen and former executive vice president Hui Hsiung took part in a scheme to rig prices of thin-film transistor-liquid crystal (TFT-LCD) display panels from late 2001 to December in 2006, according to the DOJ. “The jury’s decision to hold not only the companies but also their top executives accountable for their anticompetitive actions should send a strong deterrent message to board rooms around the world,” said DOJ antitrust division head Sharis Pozen. LCD screens are used in computers, laptops, televisions, smartphones and other gadgets. Rival LCD makers met in secret in karaoke bars, tea rooms, and



hotel conference rooms in Taiwan to set prices rather than letting market forces prevail, according to the DOJ. The jury’s finding of $500 mil-



Air Show takes flight

MUMBAI: Beleaguered Kingfisher Airlines said Wednesday it had curtailed its overseas flights to avoid losing further cash as it struggles to stay in the air. “We would like to confirm that we are curtailing our widebody overseas operations that are bleeding heavily,” spokesman Prakash Mirpuri said in a statement. The debt-laden carrier has returned one Airbus A330-200, a mid-sized long-haul airliner, to its lessor in Britain, but it did not say how many flights would be affected. Kingfisher, which has also been hit by a pilot strike over unpaid wages, flies to eight overseas destinations, including London, Dubai and Hong Kong. The carrier has never turned a profit since its launch in 2005 and owes millions of dollars to suppliers, lenders and staff, while its bank accounts have been frozen by Indian authorities due to the non-payment of taxes. It was forced to cancel nearly half of its total flights on Tuesday when it operated only 101 out of the 175 expected. It plans to run the same number on Wednesday. It said it expects to return to its full schedule shortly, but has given no timeframe. “Kingfisher apologises to all those who were affected,” it said. The firm’s chairman, Vijay Mallya, will meet pilots’ representatives on Thursday in New Delhi in a bid to resolve matters.


lion in ill-gotten gains by Optronics was based on US imports of LCD screens. The global market for TFTLCD screens was valued at $70 billion annually at the end of 2006 and companies that paid inflated prices included technology titans Apple, Dell, and Hewlett Packard, according to the DOJ. The convictions on Tuesday were part of an ongoing investigation that had already resulted in guilty pleas from seven other companies accused of taking part in the conspiracy. Seventeen executives have been criminally charged, with ten of them pleading guilty in deals negotiated with prosecutors, according to the DOJ.



The cost of the new MRO facility complex at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

THUS SPAKE... “Google was the rich kid who, after having discovered he wasn’t invited to the party, built his own party in retaliation. The fact that no one came to Google’s party became the elephant in the room.” James Whittaker, former Google executive

DAILY TREND PayPal pulled out a revamped digital wallet service amid rumours it is poised to introduce a plug-in gizmo that will let small businesses accept credit card payments using smartphones. PayPal digital “wallet” improvements to begin rolling out in May include the ability to make purchases at stores but decide days later which credit or debit cards will be used to pay.

LIFE AFTER 2008 Citigroup was one of four large US banks that flunked stress tests aimed at seeing how they would hold up in a new economic crisis, Federal Reserve data showed Tuesday. Three others — Ally, Suntrust and MetLife — also failed the tests, while 15 other large bank holding companies passed the exercise, the Fed said.

TECH@WORK Survey results showed that growing numbers of businesses plan to buy iPads as tablet computers make their way from personal lives into work places. Slightly more than one-in-five companies said they will buy tablets for workers by the middle of this year, with 84 per cent of those purchases to be Apple iPads.




India unveiled

White paper on black money likely in Budget NEW DELHI: The Government

Norms to protect tribes NEW DELHI: To provide greater protection to Jarawa tribes in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, government has initiated various measures including appointment of a nodal officer to check movement of vehicles and a new law to ban videography in tribal areas. Replying to a question in Lok Sabha, minister of State for Home Affairs Mullappally Ramachandran said that an officer has been designated as Nodal officer in-

charge to monitor all activities on a day-to-day basis on the Andaman Trunk Road passing through the Jarawa Reserve. Besides, provisions to book for photography/ videography in the tribal reserve have been included in the proposed amendment to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Protection of Aboriginal Tribes) Regulations, 1956, he said. The minister said the number of convoys have

been reduced from 8 to 4 on each side on the Andaman Trunk Road which passes through Jarawa Reserve and notice has been issued to the general public and tour operators that immediate action will be taken against violators. "The staff of Tribal Welfare Department and Andaman Adim Janjati Vikas Samiti (AAJVS) posted in the Jarawa Tribal Reserve has been asked to be extra cautious and keep vigil on the convoys passing

through the Jarawa Reserve. Police has also provided better surveillance and escorts on the convoys to regulate any illegal activities," Ramachandran said. The minister said that action has been initiated for opening an alternate sea route to Baratang in order to properly check movement in tribal areas. He was responding to a series of questions related to appearance of two different footage of Jarawa tribal women in the electronic media in

January and February this year. On the basis of the first video footage based on the report in the 'Observer' newspaper of the UK, the A & N administration had arrested two persons and sent them to judicial custody. Whereas, departmental enquiry has been initiated against a police constable who appeared on the second video telecast in February and he has been placed under suspension for dereliction of duty. PTI

said it is likely to table a White Paper on black money during the on-going Budget Session of Parliament, but maintained that there is no authentic estimate of the quantum of illicit wealth. "The white paper is likely to be brought during the Budget Session," minister of State for Finance SS Palanimanickam informed the Rajya Sabha in a written reply. The White Paper is expected to contain information regarding black money stashed abroad by Indians. Replying to a query on the recent statement of CBI director AP Singh on the quantum of illicit funds deposited abroad, Palanimanickam said, “ this regard, it is submitted that there is no authentic estimate of quantum of Indian money stashed in foreign banks". Singh recently stated that around USD 500 billion (`24.5 lakh crore) of Indian money is stashed in foreign banks. "The CBI Director has clarified that as regards the amount of illegal money, the estimate of around USD 500 billion of illegal money was in context of reporting of the matter in the Supreme Court on July 4, 2011...," the minister said. The Supreme Court, inter alia, had observed, "there are reports and analysis generated by Government of India itself which place the amount of such unaccounted monies at astronomical levels". PTI

The disappearing ponds of Kashmir Mir Iqbal


hopian (Srinagar): Thirty years ago, Avend village in the south Kashmir district of Shopian was also called ‘Talaab Gaam’ because of dozens of fresh water ponds surrounding it. All but one of these ponds has now disappeared because of encroachments and other constructions. According to the residents of the village, 60km south of Srinagar, apart from encroachments, government buildings, schools, graveyards and funeral prayer grounds now stand where the ponds once existed. Villagers say a few influential families encroached on the ponds by dumping mud and debris of old houses to dry them out and build on them. "It was the helplessness of the villagers before these selfish people and negligence from government side that failed to preserve

these ponds," Shabir Ahmad Bhat, a villager, told IANS. Avend's case is symptomatic of what is happening in many other parts of the Kashmir Valley. But then, it is not that only village ponds have been affected. "Lakes like Dal, Wular and Anchar are shrinking day by day due to encroachments, let alone the village ponds," Nadeem Parry, a geography student at Kashmir University, told IANS. Limited land and the drastic population growth — particularly in the last few decades — are the main reasons for drastic change in ecology of villages like Avend. Why has the government remained silent? "These ponds fall into the category of barren land which is reserved for rearing of livestock in the villages. Since it is a matter to do with the village, there is nothing the government can do about it," an official confessed. However, other villagers said

the government is looking on as a meek spectator and had failed to preserve these natural endowments. The water of these ponds was used for crop cultivation in summer when there was a water shortage. The village boys would bathe in the ponds and learn

swimming for hours. During winter, when water in the pipes would freeze for weeks, people used the pond water for domestic purposes, while cattle also drank the same water. "We had preserved these small ponds in our village to meet the demand of water in times of

crisis. Alas, this is no more available to us," said Ghulam Rasool, an elderly resident of the village. The encroachment of the ponds has also resulted in the disappearance of ducks, which were once abundant in the area. Today, only one pond, called 'Astan Sar', remains in existence. It is considered pious because it is in close proximity to a shrine in the village. As usual, there is a counter view to this. "The people don't use its water as it stinks," said Hilal Ahmad, a teacher. The villagers have preserved 'Astan Sar' like an archaeological site by constructing a wall and iron mesh around it. "This is the only surviving pond, but it will die very soon as there is no fresh water source connected to this pond. There is also no arrangement for draining out the stale water," said Abdul Gani, an employee of the Public Health Engineering Department.

India‑View Focus areas 1 Safety 2 Consolidation 3 Decongestion and capacity augmentation 4 Modernisation



India unveiled

Railway Safety Plan for 12th Plan

`16,842 crore Modernisation with an investment of

`5.6 lakh crores

HYDERABAD SPV for management of MMTS

in the next 5 years

Unmanned level crossings to be phased out

Plans to increase railways’ share in GDP to


100 stations to be developed as model stations in the pattern of airports

Annual Plan for Railway for 2012-13 put at highest ever

`60,100 crore

Gaddi decides gaadi budget E W Postnoon News

ven before the Railway budget began , TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu announced that the state will not get any benefit. On the other hand Congress MP Ponnam Prabhakar has declared that they would go on an agitation if nothing comes for the state from the Railway budget. Another MP Madhuyashki Goud said that one has see what is in store in the budget. He could not make any comment before it was presented. He said that enough representations were made to the Railway Minister over the issue.

the railways till now to them. "Ab tak ki kamiyabiyaan aapko samarpit karta hoon," he said. He then made a mention of the Kalka Mail accident in Malwa at the beginning of his tenure and said how improving safety became his top priority since then. “Jaan hai to jahaan hai, I believe safety in the railway system has to benchmarked with international standards”, he said. “I would like to eliminate all level crossings in five years,” and announced a special purpose vehicle to

achieve this. “Our target has to be zero deaths,” he said. Trivedi announced the setting up of two statutory bodies — Independent Railway Safety Authority, to work out safety measures, and the Rail Research and Development Council. The railways minister proposed a Railway Safety Fund with `16,800 crore set aside. He also said that railways must be given at least 10 per cent of the government investment plan. Trivedi said the focus will be

on safety, consolidation, decongestion, modernisation, and to bring down the operating ratio (money spent to earn `100) from 95 per cent to 84.9 per cent in 2012-2013. Rail connectivity to remote areas will be a top priority. Keeping defence logistics in mind, special attention would be given to projects in J&K and Northeast, he mentioned. “Railways will be the engine of growth for the national economy,” he said and added that he will adhere to the ‘Vision 2020’ plan of his predecessor Mamata Banerjee.

Tracks are favourite suicide spot Prathiba Raju

NEW DELHI: Three suicides in just two months. In a city where stress runs high, Delhi Metro tracks seem to have become the lodestone for those looking to end their lives in the anonymity of the thousands of footfalls passing through busy stations. On March 6, a 22-year-old youth jumped on to the track before a running train at the Mayur Vihar Metro station in east Delhi. On March 2, another 24-year-old man committed suicide by jumping on to the tracks at Chandni Chowk. There were two similar incidents in February and two in January. While three were rescued in time, a 21-year-old woman who had jumped off the platform at the Preet Vihar station after an argument with her boyfriend on Valentine's Day couldn't be saved.

JAIPUR: The Rajasthan High Court has sought an explanation from the Central and state governments on a PIL seeking court intervention on the failure of the governments and other agencies in checking the steep decline in sex ratio. A division bench of Chief Justice Arun Mishra and Justice NK Jain, while hearing the PIL on anti-dowry law and PCPNDT Act, has issued showcause notices to Secretary of Central health and family welfare ministry.

State speak

ith numbers that matter not in their favour, the powers that be have decided not to enhance passenger and freight charges in the 201213 Railway Budget, the ninth successive one without an increase, even though the body is facing a severe cash crunch. Before presenting his maiden budget in Parliament on Wednesday, railway minister Dinesh Trivedi said he would keep in my mind the needs of the common man and the country. "The budget is going to be very good for the country and the common man. I have to make sure that Indian Railways is solid, like gold," Trivedi told reporters before leaving Rail Bhavan for Parliament. "The railways are one of the most important infrastructures. Without the railways growing, India's GDP cannot grow," the minister added. On arrival to present the Budget, Trivedi first thanked each and every member of the 14-lakh strong Rail family. He dedicated all achievements of

NATION AT A GLANCE Declining sex ratio: Raj HC seeks Centre’s reply

Following the tragedy, which police said occurred because of the spat, the memories return to haunt her friend. Declining to be named, he said it was punishment for him to walk past the platform every day. Psychiatrists say the trend is not just unfortunate but unavoidable. "Most of the time, a person takes the extreme step

of committing suicide in an instant. And in a place that is easily accessible like a train track. Even the media plays a role in setting a trend of a particular place becoming a suicide point," said Dr Puneet Dwivedi, a psychiatrist. According to police, about five suicide attempts take place on Metro stations every year. "There is an increase in the

suicide attempts in the Metro stations, particularly in the past couple of months," Additional DCP (Crime and Railways) BS Gurjar said. "Apart from increasing vigil and deputing more security guards, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) can install platform screen doors (PSD). That can at least be a step to ensure safety of commuters," he suggested. PSDs are automatic glass doors installed at the platform to keep passengers away from the track. All six Metro stations of the high-speed 23-km Airport Metro have PSDs. Cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Paris have installed PSDs at most stations. DMRC officials, however, believe that PSDs are no solution. "The PSDs can just ensure safety of commuters, but it can't stop suicide attempts," a Delhi Metro official told. IANS

President Pratibha Patil at the inauguration of Contributorship Development Lab in Mumbai on Tuesday. PTI PHOTO/ S HIRLEKAR

Mining barons Reddys, Yeddy in funding row BANGALORE: Mining barons Reddy brothers are generally believed to have bankrolled Bharatiya Janata Party to come to power in Karnataka. Now their loyalist has been caught on video claiming the Reddys had given around Rs250 crore to BJP’s first chief minister BS Yeddyurappa for the purpose. The video footage aired by a Kannada TV channel on Tuesday shows Reddy loyalist and former BJP minister B Sriramulu making the claim. A few hours later Sriramulu denied he had made such a claim. The footage shows Sriramlu telling a Hindu religious leader about it.

PM should head Gir lions project: Nathwani VADODARA: Group president of Reliance Industries Ltd and MP Parimal Nathwani has demanded that the 'Gir Lions Project' should be headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Nathwani, president of the Vadodara Stock Exchange Limited, has also demanded that the Asiatic lion should be made the national animal, replacing the tiger. "It is a high time that a the Gir lions project be headed by not less than Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the lines of the 'Project Tiger'," Nathwani told PTI over phone on Tuesday.

Around the World



Beyond Borders

Blood-thirsty history of US army The weekend’s shooting in Afghanistan is not the first incident of US military being accused of using force against civilians. We look back at five other horrific incidents that shook America and the world

n No Gun Ri, Korea

In 1950, the United States intervened in the Korean War in defense of the South, but its forces were undertrained and underprepared, according to the BBC. The North’s attacks created a severe refugee crisis, and as thousands of Koreans clogged the battlefield as they fled war-torn areas, the US forces panicked. On the same day that the US Army delivered a stop refugee order in July 1950, around 400 South Korean civilians were killed in the town of No Gun Ri by US forces from the 7th Cavalry Regiment. The soldiers argued they thought the refugees could include disguised North Korean soldiers. Many refugees were shot while on or under a stone bridge that ran through the town; others were attacked with bombs and machine-gun fire from US planes, the BBC reported. The ordeal lasted for three days, according to local survivors and members of the Cavalry.

n Haditha, Iraq

On November 19, 2005, a group of US marines killed 24 unarmed men, women and children in the city of Haditha in Western Iraq. Staff Sgt Frank Wuterich admitted to telling his men to “shoot first and ask questions later,” and the massacre is believed to have been an act of revenge for an attack on an American convoy that killed a marine, according to the New York Times.

Sgt Wuterich and eight of his marines were charged in connection with the incident on December 21, 2006, but six had their charges dropped and one was found not guilty. Sgt Wuterich was also eventually found not guilty of voluntary manslaughter, it was reported. Upon his release, Wuterich addressed the family members of the Iraqi victims. “I wish to assure you that on that day, it was never my intention to harm you or your families. I know that you are the real victims of November 19, 2005,” he said. Residents of Haditha were angered by the fact that not one of the eight Marines was convicted.

n Azizabad airstrike, Afghanistan On August 22, 2008, Afghan civilians who had gathered in a small village for the memorial ceremony of a militia leader were killed by airstrike by US and Afghan soldiers, who were on an operation in the area to pursue Taliban commander Mullah

had occurred, but later acknowledged after the release of a cell phone video that some civilians may have been killed, and announced it would investigate the incident, the Associated Press reported. In 2009, Mohammad Nader, a villager from Azizabad, was sentenced to death for giving incorrect information to soldiers about Siddiq’s location, it was reported. Siddiq, according to the New York Times. The airstrike’s estimated casualties varied widely between 30 and 90, according to conflicting accounts from American troops, aid workers, local villagers, and a report made by the Afghanistan government. The Pentagon described the attack as “a legitimate strike against the Taliban” and questioned the casualty estimates given by the government of Afghanistan and reported by the media. The US military originally denied that any civilian casualties

n My Lai, Vietnam

On March 16, 1968, the Charlie Company, 11th Brigade entered the village of My Lai, in an area of

n Abu Ghraib, Iraq

In 2004, the world was shocked when photos were released of American soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib, a sprawling prison west of Baghdad which was notorious for its frequent torturing sessions and executions under Saddam Hussein. The photos, which showed Iraqi detainees being beaten, abused and sexually assaulted, fueled Arab and Muslim rage against the United States, and were used as a powerful tool to recruit insurgents in Iraq and elsewhere.

Vietnam where many members of the American brigade had been maimed or killed by Viet Cong forces. The troops ended up killing over 300 civilians under orders from their Lieutenant, William Calley, who told his men to enter the village firing, though there had been no report of opposing fire. According to eyewitness reports, several old men, praying women and children were shot.

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War clouds shadow key US-UK meeting AFP/JIM WATSON


Santorum wins Mississipi and Alabama BIRMINGHAM: Conservative White House hopeful Rick Santorum surged to two startling, come-from-behind wins on Tuesday in the deep South, in a dramatic shakeup in the Republican presidential battle. Santorum's victories in Alabama and Mississippi give his campaign a huge boost, solidifying his claim that he is the main conservative alternative to frontrunner Mitt Romney in the battle to be the Republican nominee to take on President Barack Obama in November elections. The results are stinging defeats for former House speaker and southern native Newt Gingrich, with the two states seen as must-wins for his flagging campaign. A Santorum sweep of Alabama and Mississippi is also a slap in the face for Romney, who months into the race, has failed to seal the deal and convince American voters that he is the strongest candidate against Democrat Obama. "We did it again!" Santorum told ecstatic supporters in Lafayette, Louisiana, where he had gathered after campaigning heavily in Alabama and Mississippi. AFP

President Barack Obama welcomes British Prime Minister David Cameron to the White House today for a visit that will blend crisis talk on Iran and Afghanistan with a spectacular state dinner. Today, Obama and Cameron will swap the spirit of a chummy hot dog outing without their wives, for talks on deadly serious challenges unfolding in Iran, Afghanistan and Syria. They are also expected to hold a press conference. Cameron arrived in Washington two days after a rampage by a lone US soldier in Afghanistan which killed 16 civilians and caused outrage in the war-wracked state and triggered new questions about Washington's war policy. There were reports on Tuesday in both the US and British media that Cameron and Obama would look for ways to speed up the transfer of security and lead fighting role to Afghan forces next year before a full withdrawal in 2014. The New York Times reported that Obama, already committed to pull out 33,000 surge troops by this year, was keen to bring home another 20,000 troops by 2013, amid increasing public fatigue after more than a decade of war. The White House, however ,denied that any specific options pegged to troop numbers were under discussion and said withdrawal timetables would be dictated by the success of Obama's Afghan strategy, not domestic politics. The benchmark aims of the

the New York Times wrote in glowing tribute to the end of era. Sales peaked in 1990 when 1,20,000 sets were sold in the United States and dropped off

GENEVA: Twenty-eight people, including 22 children, returning from a skiing holiday died in a bus accident in Sierre in the Swiss canton of Valais, the Swiss news agency SDA-ATS reported today. The children were travelling from Val d'Anniviers and were returning to Belgium. The bus was travelling towards Sion, and hit a wall in the motorway tunnel running from east to west and exiting at Sierre.

Ex NASA employee sues over religious row LOS ANGELES: A former senior NASA expert was sacked after being unfairly accused of "harassing co-workers with (his) religion," his lawyer told. Computer administrator David Coppedge was fired from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory last year after expressing support for intelligent design to fellow employees.

US President Barack Obama listens as British PM David Cameron gestures in University of Dayton Arena in Ohio. US mission call for an effort to defeat, disarm and dismantle Al-Qaeda and offer Afghans the expertise to take care of their own security needs when NATO-led forces finally leave. Cameron came to Washington keen to help Obama's bid to cool ‘loose talk’ over war with Iran amid speculation that Israel could soon launch military action against Iran's nuclear program. Washington does not believe the time is ripe for such an attack, though the president has stressed Israel's right to defend itself and warned that it could take military action to forestall an Iranian bomb at a later date. Obama and Cameron will also discuss their failure to stop the Syrian President Bashar alAssad's apparent slaughter of his own people, though will have few illusions about the chances of a new UN Security

Council resolution. The British premier was accompanied by his wife Samantha, on her first official trip abroad with her husband, and brought a high-powered delegation including Chancellor of the Exchequer (finance minister) George Osborne. Cameron is shadowed on the trip by his own political concerns. Reports said that British police probing phone hacking had arrested former Rupert Murdoch aide Rebekah Brooks and her husband Charlie, a close friend of the PM earlier on Tuesday. Socialites in Washington were meanwhile looking forward to the state dinner, with US Open golf champion Rory McIlroy, the world number one from Northern Ireland, confirming on Twitter that he was on the closely guarded guest list. AFP

Britannica ends print publications CHICAGO: The Encyclopaedia Britannica will end print publication after 244 years and go "completely digital," the Chicago-based company said. "The end of the print set is something we've foreseen for some time," Jorge Cauz, president of Encyclopaedia Britannica, said in a statement. "It's the latest step in our evolution from the print publisher we were, to the creator of digital learning products we are today." The ‘coolly authoritative’ reference books were coveted as a ‘goalpost for an aspirational middle class’ who often paid for the multivolume sets in installments in the 1950's and 1960s,

GLOBE AT A GLANCE 22 children die in Swiss bus accident

precipitously as the Internet became the reference of choice for most Americans, with the huge growth of online reference site Wikipedia.

The gold-lettered books once sold by a ‘fleet’ of door to door salesmen became a luxury item with a price tag of $1,395, the Times reported. Only 8,000 of the 12,000 collections printed for the 2010 edition were sold. Britannica offered its first digital edition in 1981 for LexisNexis users, published the first multi-media CD in 1989 and the first encyclopedia on the Internet in 1994. It also expanded into the school curriculum market. The online version — which offers some services for free and charges an annual fee for enhanced content — attracts an audience of 100 million people worldwide, Britannica said.


A funeral procession of Syrian Colonel Ali Deeb, reportedly killed in recent violence in Syria. AFP

British man, wife murdered in Thai resort BANGKOK: An elderly British man and his Thai wife were beaten to death in a suspected robbery at a beach resort in Thailand on Wednesday. A worker at the resort in Thap Sakae district of Prachuap Khiri Khan province found the badly beaten bodies of Michael Raymond, 68 and Suchada Baokhamdee, 52, on Tuesday afternoon in their beach front bungalow.

Australia to become hotter, drier SYDNEY: Australia's climate is warming at an alarming rate and is set to become drier despite recent record floods, scientists said on Wednesday in a report that warns of increased drought and fiercer storms. The country has seen annual average daily temperatures rise by 0.9 degrees Celsius since 1911, with each decade since the 1950s warmer than the last. AFP

Palestinian artist Md al-Dairi paints a mural of late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and late Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin in Gaza.



Fair, free and forthright

Editorials KINGFISHER PULLS plug on fool’s errand


ews that Kingfisher has pulled the plug on its international operations will cast a pall over the Hyderabad Air Show. The fact that the airline was grossly mismanaged is nothing new to Indian aviation: Air-India and the erstwhile Indian Airlines would have been mere footnotes in our history had the government not opted to incessantly bail out the floundering carriers. How a tycoon like Vijay Mallya could get it so wrong, however, still rankles with the pundits who believed that Kingfisher would lead the sector into a new dawn that would shine brighter than ever before. Mallya’s mistake was not that he entered the industry with bombast and a grand vision, it was that he attempted to realise that vision, while wearing blinkers. Whether Kingfisher should ever have gone international is a debate that has raged and burnt itself out; the fact is, the lure of the status was too much to resist. The two major low-cost carriers have proved that their model is sustainable, and one can only hope that Dr Mallya realises that a Formula 1 team and an airline, while adding to one’s social standing does not always embellish the moral one. I hope he spares a thought for the many families that will be affected by his ill-thought-out venture.

WHY WE LOVE Steven Gerrard


ecause when Captain Fantastic is on the pitch, he’s pure gold. he shoots, he scores... ‘nuff said.

Why I wouldn’t cry for the clan of the Tiger Fusillade Arun Koshy Philip


he Rajya Sabha was yesterday forced to adjourn after the DMK and the AIADMK created a ruckus over a recently released footage of LTTE chief Prabhakaran’s 12-yearold son, who was allegedly executed by the Lankan army in the concluding phase of the civil war. They wanted India to take a proactive stand against Sri Lanka over the alleged war crimes that took place. While there is no justification of the murder of a boy who wasn’t even an adolescent, the gory fate of Prabhakaran and his kin were sealed when the rebel chief embarked on his inglorious path of ruthless violence for his cause. From a small-time militant activist who shot to fame (or notoriety) with the assassination of the mayor of Jaffna in 1975, Prabhakaran grew into a megalomaniac warlord who dealt with dissent through brutal killing of his opponents and their families. The LTTE chief did not believe in sharing ‘revolutionary’ space with any other organisation and systematically annihilated all other outfits. Tamil organisations based in the US and Europe allege that more Tamils have been killed by the LTTE than by the Sri Lankan army and Sinhalese violence put together. In making its presence felt, the LTTE employed methods that would put world’s most infamous dictators to shame. The Tigers never had any qualms in attacking the civilian population and they never spared women, aged or children. Thousands of civilians — a substantial chunk of them women and children —have been clubbed, axed, stabbed and shot by the Tigers to enforce their reign of terror and ensure allegiance to the outfit. Anyone who questioned their methods were tried in Kangaroo courts and were either maimed or executed; even their families were not spared. For a group that pioneered suicide bombings, which kill scores of civilians along with the intended target, LTTE stood little chance of mercy at the hands of their enemies. The LTTE also forcibly took away children

Crisp news with tea

Corrupt not religion

Must I first congratulate you on your honest endeavour of bringing the most intelligent news to the stands of Hyderabad? Your weekend editions are so simply crisp and entertaining and I look forward to reading the paper with my evening tea. I most definitely enjoyed reading the very amusing tale of lonely George at the Nehru Zoological Zoo. Like humans, animals too need to mate occasionally in order to balance the order of nature. Well, I hope he finds a mate soon, someone worthy of his companionship!

I completely and fully agree with Sumaa Tekur's story on ‘Instant Nirvana offer at Spirituality Inc’. While I was living in Canada as a University student there, I was prodded and stalked by young boys in suits who set out on a mission to convert everybody into a Christian, citing Biblical references and paraphrases. These days, it seems to be a growing trend where religious organisations loot innocent people in the name of religion. Such a shame, bringing corruption to religion and spirituality.

Neeraja A Secunderabad


Mahek Raj Srinagar Colony

from their homes and used them as child soldiers and suicide bombers. Bullets will kill whether the hand that pulls the trigger belongs to a 12-year-old or an adult and bitter experience had taught the Lankan forces that hesitation will prove too costly. Maybe our southern politicos who are crying hoarse over the war crimes of the Lankan army would like to explain the international procedure followed by the LTTE in 1990 when at least 800 Sri Lankan police personnel, who had surrendered on promise of safe passage, were executed. Or they could try talking to the relatives of the Kattankudy mosque massacre where an LTTE squad mowed down worshippers as they knelt in prayer and lobbed grenades to finish off survivors. About 150 Muslims were killed in the attack. The commuters at Anuradhapura bus station or the child monks at the nearby shrine were not combatants. Death toll; 150. Any explanations? Why don’t the regional satraps explain how key state leaders, especially the Congress heavyweights, miraculously escaped the blast that blew Rajiv Gandhi to shreds? The Rajiv assassination proved counter-productive to the Tigers as it pitted India’s entire machinery against them. Despite a ‘hands off’ policy since then in the island’s internal mat-

TALK BACK Readers’ views We invite you to write to us comments, suggestions, viewpoint or just about anything to or #1246, Level 3, Jubilee Casa, Road No 62, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500 033 or even by way of a call on 4067 2222

ters, India clearly switched sides to throw its weight behind the Lankan government — covertly though, owing to ‘regional sensitivities’. Awash with cash from Tamil diaspora and various businesses across the world, the LTTE ensured that funds flowed to its paid barking dogs in the region, the minor chauvinistic groups who are open in their adulation for the rebels. Let this be crystal clear. The Tigers were no saints. Their track record on human rights and war crimes would match any dictatorship. Prabhakaran was instrumental in ruthless execution of hundreds of civilians and dissidents — something that would come back to him and his family in an equally gory manner. Note to the venerated parliamentarians: We have a lot of business in the House that is of paramount importance to national interests. Terrorism, corruption, education, food security, national budget, governance, infrastructure and economy are among the key issues that need to be addressed by the elected representatives. Those who want to woo vote banks with eulogies for the slain terrorist and his kin please do that outside the Parliament at their own time. The taxpayer doesn’t spend `1.5 crore per day to keep the Parliament running to hear paeans to terrorists.

Signalling city traffic

Ice hotel is cool

In your yesterday's paper, the article on traffic signals getting better in Hyderabad did sound positive. As was mentioned, I really hope that the new signalling system sees the light of the day soon. Hyderabad is in dire need not of more shopping malls but a well-organised traffic control system. Hopefully, the days of traffic congestions will be reduced, if not eliminated. I think you guys need to feature more interviews on the faces behind law and order in the city, and also give us a few, that are accessible. Suvarna Parthasarathy Nallakunta

Your story on concept hotels made for an interesting read. There are so many such hotels around the world that are so exotic and theme-based that I would love to visit them in my next travel. The ice hotel is so exciting for me as I live in a hot country like India, and wonder what it is like to rest in a hotel made of ice. As I write, I am wondering if there are any theme hotels in India — are there? Hopefully, one of your features will focus on them, if they exist at all.

Aneetha Ravada Bowenpally

Cinema Paradiso

Hemanth Kumar


ast week when Disney's latest 3D offering John Carter released, it was clear that only a miracle could save the film from being a disaster. The film grossed $30 million at the weekend box office in the US and raked in another $70 million from overseas markets. While the numbers are quite impressive for a normal film, these figures pose a serious problem for Disney which produced John Carter at a budget of $250 million. Analysts have predicted that the film needs to gross at least $700 million to break even since Disney had spent a lot on advertising and promotions. John Carter's poor run has jolted Disney and it's the second such incident in a row. Last year, another Disney film Mars Needs Mom suffered a net loss of more than $136 million. Both these films have a common story to tell about their box-office failures — incredibly high budgets along with low pre-release buzz. Back in 1980, Michael Cimino's Heaven's Gate amassed $3 million and completely changed the way Hollywood functioned. The film cost United Artists almost $44 million to make and it was a knockout punch which the studio couldn't recover from. Production delays, escalating budgets and bad content are three of the major problems which most studios have had to grapple with. Except for a handful of directors like James Cameron, Christopher Nolan,


That sinking feeling John Carter is poised to be one of the biggest flops in Disney’s history. But it’s not the only film that has got Hollywood in trouble. Postnoon digs deeper to find out the reasons behind some of the biggest flops in movie history


Revisiting high school


n the action-comedy 21 Jump Street, Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are more than ready to leave their adolescent problems behind. Joining the police force and the secret Jump Street unit, they use their youthful appearances to go undercover in a local high school. As they trade in their guns and badges for backpacks, Schmidt and Jenko risk their lives to investigate a violent and dangerous drug ring.

But they find that high school is nothing like they left it just a few years earlier— and neither expects that they will have to confront the terror and anxiety of being a teenager again and all the issues they thought they had left behind.

Movie: 21 Jump Street Cast: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum and Ice Cube Director: Chris Miller


Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorcese and Micheal Bay, who command immense respect from the studios, most other filmmakers are forced to come up with something exceptionally good to impress the studio executives. It's not only the directors, sometimes actors have had to pay a heavy price for starring in box-office turkeys. One such example is Geena Davis. She starred in Renny Harlin's 1995 pirate film Cutthroat Island, which for a very long time held the Guinness record for being the biggest flop in movie history. Made on a budget of $110 million, the film managed to gross only $10 million. Post the failure of this film, Geena Davis's image as a bankable star vanished. Even John Travolta earned the wrath of the critics and audience alike for Battlefield Earth which is rated among the worst films of all time. Swept Away was trashed by critics so badly that its failure threatened the careers of Guy Ritchie and Madonna; the former had directed it, the latter acted in it. The advent of 3D films has led to higher ticket pricing which is slowly weaning the audience away from theatres, except for few highly successful franchises like Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean and Avatar. No amount of publicity blitzkrieg and promise of visual effects will help lure the audience to theatres if the film is bad. The question which Hollywood studios need to ask themselves is, "Can they afford more films like John Carter or Mars Needs Moms?"



Holistic view of mind, body and soul


Should you, shouldn’t you? For years now doctors have been advocating getting a regular mammogram done. But a recent study raises doubts about its efficacy and benefit when it comes to mortality Ranjani Rajendra


ow often have you heard a doctor telling women to get a mammogram done to rule out the risk of breast cancer? In fact, some experts have even suggested a mammogram could make a great birthday/anniversary gift, considering most women tend to neglect their health. However, the benefit of a regular screening mammogram has been much debated for decades now. In a latest report, researchers claim that after 10 years of mammograms, a woman may get more harm than good from the screening. According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, when false positive diagnoses and unnecessary surgeries were taken into account, the quality-adjusted life years gained were significantly reduced. So does this mean getting a regular mammogram is not necessary as has been believed? “The controversy about screening mammograms is not new. Although the scientific community world over has long embraced the benefits of population-based breast screening, there are some who are actively promoting anti-screening campaign based upon erroneous interpretation of data,” says Dr P Raghu Ram, director and consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon at KIMS-Ushalakshmi Centre for Breast Diseases. “There is scientific evidence

from numerous randomised controlled trials (best form of evidence) confirming that organised population-based breast screening by way of mammogram reduces breast cancer mortality,” he explains. A screening mammogram is usually on top of a doctor’s list when it comes to women’s health. Despite such studies, experts believe that following the tried and tested formula is the best way to go. “There are thousands of studies that are released each year. While a few of them may be well recognised not all of them are taken into account. As medical practitioners we prefer to follow international guidelines that have come into place only after extensive population-based studies. So following evidencebased guidelines is the best way to go. Besides, mammograms can help detect breast cancer in its early stages,” says Dr Y Savitha Devi, gynaecologist at Swapna Healthcare. Experts across the City believe that the current guidelines regarding screening mammogram are based on strong population-based studies and there is no reason to doubt them either. As an example, experts cite the Swedish Two County Trial. According to this, very long-term follow-up (29 years) of the largest of the mammogram screening trials showed a highly significant 31 per cent decrease in mortality from breast cancer in the women invited to screening. This long-term evaluation also demonstrated a steady increase in the absolute benefit of early detection.

Iranian scientist creates gas-filled aspirin to fight cancer TEHRAN: An Iranian scientist has developed a gas-filled aspirin that can boost the cancer-fighting ability of the drug, the Iranian Students News agency (ISNA) reported. Khosrow Kashfi, associate medical professor and Chemistry, Physiology and Pharmacology coordinator at the City College of New York, developed the gas-filled drug. The new aspirin has been dubbed “NOSH” — that stands for Nitric Oxide and Hydrogen Sulphide. The report said that loading aspirin with gas boosts its cancerfighting ability and might even reduce the harmful side effects of

taking aspirin every day. Aspirin has been shown to be effective in reducing the incidence of cancer. However, it can also cause ulcers and bleeding in the gut, which does not make it a good option for healthy people. The lining of the gut protects it from damage by producing nitric oxide and hydrogen sulphide. Kashfi’s aspirin produces both gases as the drug breaks down. To test the new drug, Kashfi’s team added it to cells from 11 types of human tumour, including from colon, pancreas, breast, lung and prostate cancer. “It turned out to be significantly more potent than aspirin alone,”

Kashfi said. With colon cancer, for example, NOSH-aspirin was 100,000 times more potent than the original drug, causing the cells to stop dividing, wither and die. It was not clear what caused the increased potency but the results suggested that lower doses would be needed to fight cancer than for regular aspirin. The new drug appeared not to be harmful to animals. In mice with colon cancer, daily doses for 18 days reduced tumour size by 85 percent with no gut damage. “We could be looking at a human trial within two years,” Kashfi said. IANS



Holistic view of mind, body and soul

Eating processed red meat boosts risk of dying young



Eating a portion of red meat daily can increase a person’s risk of dying young by up to 20 per cent, according to a US study


ating a portion of red meat daily can increase a person’s risk of dying young by up to 20 per cent, especially if the meat is processed, according to a US study. The Boston Globe, meantime, cited a second study linking sugary beverages to a higher rate of heart disease. In the first study, Harvard University researchers used data tracking more than 120,000 people over a period of 28 years to conclude that the risk of developing heart disease, cancer and other life threatening illnesses increases “in step” with redmeat consumption, CNN reported. The study — published in the Archives of Internal Medicine — also counsels that substituting fish and poultry may lower the early death risk. “This study provides clear evidence that regular consumption of red meat, especially processed meat, contributes substantially to premature death,” Agence France-Presse quotes Frank Hu, senior author of the study, as saying. Subjects of the study were asked about their eating habits

Don’t let that headache spoil your day

every four years: Those who ate a card-decksized serving of unprocessed red meat each day on average saw a 13 per cent higher risk of dying than those who did not eat red meat as frequently. If the red meat was processed, such as in a hot dog or bacon form, the risk jumped to 20 per cent. Processed red meat can contain saturated fat, sodium, nitrites and some carcinogens

“Red meat contains saturated fats which are harmful. These saturated fats increase the tendency of illnesses such as stroke and heart attacks. Dr Aftab Ahmed, consultant physician, Apollo Hospital, Secunderabad


linked to many chronic ailments, AFP wrote. Substituting nuts for red meat, meantime, lowered total mortality risk by 19 per cent, poultry and whole grains by 14 per cent and fish by 7 per cent. If everyone in the study had slashed their average red-meat intake to less than half a serving per day, the researchers say, 9 per cent of deaths among men and 8 per cent of deaths among women could have been prevented. The second study, published in the journal Circulation, examined the dietary habits of 43,000 male health professionals

and found that those who consumed more than six servings a day of sugar-sweetened soda, fruit juice, and sports drinks had a 20 per cent greater risk of having a heart attack over 22 years than those who rarely drank them or drank low-calorie, artificially-sweetened drinks. Linking the two studies together, Dr Walter Willett, chairman of the nutrition department at the Harvard School of Public Health that conducted them, told the Boston Globe: “That Happy Meal choice of a hamburger with a Coke is quadruply bad for your health.” GLOBAL POST

ou’ve got your perfect day planned — a fun filled outing or a relaxed day at home when suddenly it strikes. It’s mean, menacing and refuses to go away — the headache! Wary of balms or the “oh so many market medicines?” Here are some simple at home remedies to tackle that headache.

Warm or cold compress It’s the remedy for various aches and pains and many believe it works well for a headache too. Depending on what suits you a cold or warm compress can be used. For a cold compress, place a cold pack or a cold cloth on your forehead or behind your neck. The same method can be followed for a hot compress but be careful of the temperature for you need to take care not to scald yourself.

Reducing light and noise Bright lights and excessive noise are said to make a headache worse. Turn off your lights and all your soundinducing electronics and relax.

Lavender oil Massaging your temples with a few drops of lavender oil can be beneficial.

Drink plenty of fluids Many a times, headaches are caused due to overheating and dryness. Stay cool and drink plenty of water.

Peppermint tea or Rosemary tea It is said that sipping a cup of peppermint or rosemary herbal tea can help settle a headache. So relax and sit back with a relaxing cuppa.

Ginger The mother of home remedies, ginger can also help tackle a headache. Eat crystalised ginger or have grated ginger with your drink. Even adding fresh or ginger powder while cooking is said to be helpful.

Apples Apples are also useful to cure headaches. Peel the apple and remove the core. After you do that you should grate it and add a pinch of salt. This should be eaten preferably on an empty stomach. Source:





A great start Mahesh Babu at the audio launch of Lovely in Prasad Film Labs on Tuesday. The film stars Aadi, Anchal and Shanvi. DEEPAK DESHPANDE

A refreshing break


After a day of cricket and tug of war, the members of the House turned to indoor games. On Tuesday, they participated in games like carrom, chess and badminton as part of the 24th Assembly Legislators Games held at the Lal Bahadur Stadium.

Tambola fun The Ladies Club on Tuesday held their annual Holi Tambola event at Taj Krishna on Tuesday. DEEPAK DESHPANDE

A touching play Athithi Sutradhar on Tuesday presented a play titled The Untouched at Lamakaan. The play was directed by Bhaskar Shewalkar and Deepthi and Athidi played the main roles. Lamakaan was also celebrating its 2nd anniversary. Anjali


Deepa Banerji

Aaradhana & Ramsha

Meenu & Thomson

Magic Screen


The glamour behind the glitz



@richyricha Woke up at 3am to catch my 6am flight frm hyd to bom. Gotta finish packing and errands to get rdy to leave tonight! =D

Daruvu’s first look is out


Ranbir Kapoor in Ishq remake?

he first look of Ravi Teja's upcoming film Daruvu is out and it promises to be a thorough entertainer. Taapsee is playing the lead role. Directed by Shouryam Siva, the film is touted to be a socio fantasy and Burugupalli Shivaramakrishna has produced the film. Sources say that Ravi Teja is quite confident about the film's success. This is the first time he's teaming up with Shouryam Siva who is on a high post the success of Karthi, Tamannaah starrer Siruthai. Vijay Anthony has composed the music of this film and it's going to release across the state on May 4.


ithiin, Nithya Menen starrer Ishq might be remade in Hindi, if all goes well. The film, which was directed by Vikram Kumar, has been doing quite well at the box office. Recently, a production house in Bollywood approached Vikram Kumar for a Hindi remake of the film and we hear that he's in talks with Ranbir Kapoor for the Hindi version. Apparently, Ranbir Kapoor agreed to act in the film; however, Vikram Kumar is waiting for his dates to begin shooting the film. The rest of the cast and crew hasn't been finalised yet, but PC Sreeram is likely to remain on board for the Hindi version as well. In the past, both had worked together for Madhavan starrer 13B which was a box-office success.

@Actor_Siddharth Late night ice cream with my closest friends:) busted by cops!!! Why? Because they wanted to click a picture with me;) #bandofboys classic:)

@Alwayscharan Had a elaborate dinner with RANA after long time today and happen to see RGV's DEPARTMENT first look. I think it was mind-blowing.

@PriyaWajAnand Loved Kahaani Always wonderful 2 see a film that's well casted.Vidya Balan is supremely talented & I loved Parambrata Chatterjee in d film.

@shraddhadas43 Packed up for the day... the mexican dialogues r ringing in my head! Off to city again from ramoji... time to listen to hosanna again

@RanaDaggubati "@kutticheese:I don't want to live on in the hearts of my countrymen; I want to live on in my apartment. - woody allen"

Mammootty, Suresh Gopi's film in Telugu


elugu film producers seem to have developed a keen interest in Malayalam films these days. After Urumi, Puthiyamugham, Pokkiri Raja and Violin yet another Malayalam film is being dubbed in Telugu. Two of the biggest stars in Malayalam cinema, Mammootty and Suresh Gopi have joined hands for a film titled The King & Commissioner. Directed by Shaji Kailas, the film is now being dubbed in Telugu and the producer Koneru Kalpana has retained the title. In the past, Mammootty had starred in films like Swathi Kiranam, Dalapathy and Priyuralu Pilinchindhi and some of Suresh Gopi's films were dubbed in Telugu. However, it's been a while since both their films were dubbed in Telugu. The film is expected to hit the screens in April.

@prakashraaj Camels their breeding time. Cute to watch them at their home. experiencing rajasthan. Cheerss!!!

@sneha_ullal Like most summers again its gona get real hot.pls put some bowls of water in ur balcony,windows etc where birds cud reach to drink.

Magic Screen Saim Bhat recounts his musical journey H

e is the voice behind popular Hindi song Dil sambhalja zara from Murder 2 that rocked the music charts last year, but Kashmiri singer Saim Bhat says his journey was rocky as he had to be a rebel to follow his musical dreams. "In Kashmir there is no entertainment. The militants and the politicians have left nothing for entertainment," Saim, who also has his own band named Oak, said. "In Kashmir, music was not considered to be good, it was considered to be against the religion. Like any parents of Kashmir, my parents didn't love music. I got into it (music), as I was a rebel. I used to play with a friend, Humayun Mirza. I used to be a vocalist and I used to be a guitarist. "Humayun left Kashmir due to the circumstances that were prevalent in the state at that time and went to the UK. That was the time I decided I will create my own music," he added. But organising a music concert in the scenic locales of Kashmir was a far cry as people weren't interested in sponsoring his show. "When I did my first gig, I went to the sponsors but didn't get any money. So, I had to sell some of my own stuff to raise funds and after the performance there was a bomb blast and we were back to square one," said Saim. Militancy and terrorist insurgency are known to have instilled fear in people in the Kashmir Valley, which forced the 28-year-old singer and his family to move to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. IANS


The glamour behind the glitz

Bhansali to lecture at Asian Film Festival


he 14th London Asian Film Festival press launch took place on Monday at SOAS. Sarah McKenzie, managing director of Creative Screen Associates, outlined the key highlights of the festival ahead of its official opening later this week. "The festival includes Asianthemed films made by directors from anywhere in the world, represented this year by Trishna, a reworking of Thomas Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles directed by Michael Winterbottom and starring Frieda Pinto and Riz Ahmed," McKenzie said. "We have work from Asian filmmakers working all over the world, from Britain's Asif Kapadia who has made the BAFTA award-winning documentary Senna." McKenzie added that the annual Nargis Dutt lecture will be given by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. She said that the festival will feature "a showcase of his films that showcase different aspects of disability, from the sensitive and subtle Black to the beautiful period film Guzaarish." Festival founder and director Pushpinder Chowdhry commented on the involvement of patron Abhishek Bachchan. "This year

Abhishek is going to come for the festival, but he has also offered to do a workshop. It will be a chance to speak with him in an informal in conversation setting," she said. "We hope this has given you a taste of what the festival will bring. It's an exciting time for London and we hope the stories will move, excite and inspire you." Bachchan will also open the festival on March 16 at BFI Southbank, along with his fellow London Asian Film Festival patron Meera Syal. The 14th London Asian Film Festival takes place at various venues across London from Friday, March 16 to Saturday, March 24.


follow the examples of stars such as Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn, as actors who have performed well as action stars. "There is a sea change in the action genre," Kumar explained. "Earlier, only a handful of stars who used to do action films. Now, almost all the actors are trying their luck in action. "New technologies have been introduced and a lot of money is being spent on it." Kumar stated that


@realpreityzinta Hello Tweeple... Back to work now.... Which means one more airport, one more flight & lots of movies in the plane :-) Howz everyone doing?

@shreyastalpade1 Sorry guys I haven’t been able to tweet or reply to all ur tweets lately... got tied in work. Guess in a day or 2 I should b free to chat. C ya.

@NeilNMukesh Relations cannot be understood by Language of money... Bcoz some Investments never gain profit But They Make Us Rich... !!!

@SrBachchan T 682 — Friend did some calculations .. have written average 500 words every day on Blog for 1500 days non stop ... thats like 7,50000 words.

@bomanirani When rape occurs, we blame it on the sickness of one. When she is Gang raped in the capital, there is something wrong, really wrong.

Akshay feels he has had a bad year kshay Kumar has admitted that his recent film releases have not done as well as expected. The actor said that after the poor performance of his recent projects, he plans to shift genres from comedy to action. "I had a bad year," Kumar said. "There were many things which went wrong last year. I chose some bad scripts and eventually all the films didn't do well at the box office." The actor added that he plans to


after the release of his next film, the remainder of his movies for 2012 would be action-based. "After Housefull 2, my next two releases Joker and Once Upon A Time In Mumbai are hardcore action [movies]. I am happy that the action man is back," he added. Kumar is rumoured to be later playing a Muslim, Hindu and Lord Krishna in his own production Oh My God.

@sonusood18 Rchd mum before time so thought of enjoying an auto rickshaw ride rather than waiting for my driver.

@shreyaghoshal Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! All your kind messages, tweets and posts really made this one special. God bless you all.

@RahulBose1 There’s an official communique from Twitter that says RT stands for Rumbha Thanks (in Tamil). Surely not!

Magic Screen


D S RATE ` 150 sq. cm

For Further Details Please Contact Abhinay 9989399972 Nandlal 9951467988 Ravi Chander 8106039919



Magic Screen


ib r c s Sub

! y a Tod

6 Months

` 199/-

1 Year

` 349/-

Contact us on : 040 4067 2222



Magic Screen

The glamour behind the glitz

Gyllenhaal plays a serial killer in a music video J

ake Gyllenhaal has taken on a variety of roles in his career, but this smaller gig may be his goriest. The actor, 31, stars in an eight-minute music video for a song by the French band The Shoes, called Time to Dance. In the clip, Gyllenhaal shows up at house parties and nightclubs, where dressed in a costume covering his face, he slashes guests for no apparent reason. The very vivid killings show a seemingly composed Gyllenhaal creating bloodbaths in between hitting the gym and getting his face shaved. Once the murders are complete, he relaxes by smoking cigarettes — and in one scenario, pops what appears to be a pill of ecstasy. Looks like a guy to keep off your guest list.

Glee’s Heather Morris nude pics hit web


eather Morris probably isn’t feeling too gleeful today. The Glee star is apparently the latest celeb to fall victim to hackers after a series of racy photos purportedly of the actress (or someone bearing a remarkable resemblance) leaked online on Sunday. The scandal comes on the heels of photo leaks last week involving Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn, who both indicated that not all of those pics were legit. But what about Morris’ photos? The images include a series of salacious cell phone self-portraits, in a variety of poses. Some photos feature her parading around in two-piece athletic gear. Others show her modeling a variety of outfits, including a skimpy I’m a Slave 4 U bikini similar to what Morris wore in Glee’s famous Britney Spears episode. Still others feature the woman completely naked, striking a series of seductive poses. E! News has reached out to Morris’ reps, who have yet to comment.

Lovato lashes out at cyber bullies


emi Lovato has clearly had it with all the relentless cyber-bullying out there. The Skyscraper singer, who is no stranger to venting her thoughts and feelings via Twitter, lashed out last night against those who are sometimes just downright mean. “It really surprises me the hateful things people say on the Internet,” Lovato tweeted. “After all the awareness of cyber-bullying... I mean wow. So sad.” The 19-year-old starlet goes on to add that she’s “praying for all the people in the world who feel it’s okay to bully people over the internet because if you are one of those people, then.. You must have had something really terrible happen to your childhood or you’re really sick in the head. Must suck to be born without a heart.”



Chai Time


How to Play Kakuro Kakuro is a popular game similar to sudoku in some ways. But is also suitably different. The key question: “How do you play Kakuro?”, well here are the rules of kakuro. The answer: The kakuro grid, unlike in sudoku, can be of any size. It has rows and columns, and dark cells like in a crossword. And, just like in a crossword, some of the dark cells will contain numbers. Some cells will contain two numbers. However, in a crossword the numbers reference clues. In a kakuro, the numbers are all you get! They denote the total of the digits in the row or column referenced by the number. Within each collection of cells - called a run - any of the numbers 1 to 9 may be used but, like sudoku, each number may only be used once. Let’s have an example to explain this concept more clearly: In the image above, which shows a section of a kakuro puzzle, you will see the numbers ‘26’ and ‘14’ in the top row. Look at the 14. This means that the total of the three cells underneath must sum to 14. Therefore 9, 4, 1 could be the answer, or perhaps 7, 4, 3 and so on... So, how do you work out the actual combination? Well, this is done through elimination and cross-referencing. For instance, as you work out the answers for other kakuro clues, this will naturally limit the valid combinations, and hence the answer for this particular run. Note the second cell in row two - it contains two numbers, 30 and 11. The 30 refers to the vertical run underneath the number 30 and the 11 refers to the two cells to the right, horizontally, of the number 11.



Take a shot at the brain game while sipping your cuppa


QUICK CROSSWORD ACROSS 1 Large sums, as of money 5 Geishas' ties 9 Bull's sound 14 High-performance Camaro model 15 Defense alliance 16 "We're off ___ the wizard ..." 17 Florence Johnston's boss 20 Republic in extreme eastern Africa 21 Warm-front cause 22 Buddy 23 Where the floor is always wet 24 Dr. Watson's boss 32 Unit of volume 33 Canonical hour 34 Letters associated with an alias 35 What criminals ignore 36 Getty Center architect Richard 37 "The Auld Sod," poetically 38 Twain's "The Gilded ___" 39 "___ live in a yellow submarine ..." 40 Put one's two cents in 41 Burl "Gopher" Smith's boss 44 Tolkien forest giant 45 Grafton's "___ for Noose" 46 Slows progress 50 Music storage unit 54 Jane Hathaway's boss 56 Occurring before surgery, informally 57 "Zip- ___ -Doo-Dah" 58 Holland cheese or town 59 Takes a leisurely bath 60 Commanded right, as a horse 61 Fodder structure DOWN 1 Band's dates 2 Nabisco cookie 3 Bust alternative 4 Painters' tools

5 "Strange Interlude" playwright Eugene 6 With "California," it's south of California 7 Suffix for "meteor" 8 Family room piece 9 Most new cars have them 10 98.6 degrees, body temperature-wise 11 Greek peak near Olympus 12 Some vintage cars 13 Till compartment 18 Reason for sunglasses 19 Carrie of "Star Wars" 24 All the world's one, to the Bard 25 Tree feller 26 Shaquille of basketball 27 Mattress innards 28 Prepared for a knighting 29 Cheech of Cheech and

Chong 30 ___ out a living (making do) 31 Fit to be tried? 32 Close with a bang 36 Warm sunshine, to snow 37 Soap installments 39 Pitchers' motions before pitches 40 Final bios 42 Nike rival 43 Like colorless cloth 46 Limit-pushing tykes 47 "Dog Barking at the Moon" painter Joan 48 "No contest," for one


49 Unforeseen complication 50 Algonquian living in Canada 51 Dry watercourse 52 Carrier to Tel Aviv 53 San ___, Italy 55 President before J.F.K. PREVIOUS PUZZLE ANSWER

THOUGHT OF THE DAY A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government. – Edward Abbey



Your tomorrow today̶Star Power and Tarot THIRUVAIKUMAR

As per Hindu panchang

FOR 15-3-2012 040-27177230 / 9177596118



Administrative abilities will be exposed. Children will get support from parents which will be hard to believe. Students will get a sudden spurt of interest in studies. Chances of big expenses.

Plans to go abroad will get favourable results which will bring cheer. Some have bright chances to buy a vehicle. Though some friends will be helpful, a few might trouble you.

Your boldness will increase. You will enjoy a comfortable period. Father may be upset due to some disappointment; try and solve his problem too. You will have to save now as it will be useful later.




Never be in a dilemma to do anything. If things are working well for you, just take a dive and see that you achieve your goal. A very good turning point will take place in mother's life.

Your wise actions will bring apprecia‑ tion. Mother's health is a cause of con‑ cern. Take care of her without negli‑ gence. You have crossed those problem‑ atic period. No more major problems.

One in the family will get a powerful post. Friends with wise actions will save you from problems. No need to run behind success, it will be yours. Unmar‑ ried ones will get into a relationship.




Just drive away your spontaneous an‑ ger, which alone make you bad with others. There is a dull situation at pre‑ sent in all work undertaken. Ensure that you march ahead without getting lazy.

Concentrate on studies now; a lot of time lies in front of you for romance. You will certainly get the foreign oppor‑ tunity you are awaiting. Friends you helped will show their gratitude now.

Avoid making enemies and keep friendship intact. Children will make you happy and proud. Money will be received in multiple ways. Father will have unexpected fortune opportunity.




Certain work you thought that may not go well will get done successfully. Bad habits that are sure to spoil health must be stopped right away or else major problems may have to be faced.

Don't panic if the effort you made on financial front doesn't come through. Stay patient and it is bound to hap‑ pen but with delay. Avoid arguments with neighbour and be cordial.

As your talk will do magic, your influ‑ ence and respect will go up. No need to worry about enemies as you will gain upper hand at the present junc‑ ture; they will become totally inactive.


FOR 15-3-2012




The High Priest – Trust your intuition and go ahead with what your inner voice is saying. Very rarely does it go wrong. Itʼs good to stick to a decision.

The Sun – Thereʼs tr‑ emendous positive e‑ nergy within you and youʼre putting that out for those around you to utilise. Youʼre brimming with new ideas, charging ahead.

The Hanged Man – Itʼs a spiritual time when youʼre learning to let go and work within constraints. You learn of a new way to manage emo‑ tional problems.




Seven of Pentacles – Youʼre tired and are feeling a lot of burden. You have to realise you cannot do every‑ thing on your own. Take help and dele‑ gate work.

Three of Cups – Chill out and cele‑ brate. Youʼve made the right decisions and chosen the right path. Trust yourself and go on with con‑ fidence.

Queen of Pentacles – Concentration is high today. You are very productive at work and will be able to a‑ chieve more than you expected. Make lists and stick to them.




Nine of Pentacles – Youʼre comfortable in a world of your own making. You are self‑made and when appreciated for your grit, you feel won‑ derful.

Six of Wands – You get some important news from overseas contacts. It could either be a job oppo‑ rtunity or something that will enhance your personal life.

Seven of Cups – The‑ reʼs confusion about your relationship with someone close to you. Expectations have to be set right and you need to decide how much to invest in it.




Knight of Wands – Ensure you have a buy‑in from all parties involved when you are taking important decisions. Leaving out a key partner may put you in trouble.

Two of Cups – Partnerships of all kinds are in focus today. A romantic partner will want to take the relationship to the next level. Take it up seriously.

King of Pentacles – The money you have set aside for a rainy day comes to your rescue now. You can move investments around to optimise profits.

For Better or for Worse Stone soup



Number game



Ink pen


Fred Basset




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Balika Vadhu

The 4400

Storyline - Jiji tells Anandi and Jagya to extend their family, both get uncomfortable while hearing this. Also we will see Jiji gifting a frame and Shiv-Parvati statue to Jagya.

Storyline - One year after the events on Highland beach revealed that the 4400 were taken and returned by future humans, the world is a much different place in “Wake Up Call,”

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Playing Field


The games people play


Night racing may jeopardise Oz GP


SYDNEY: The Australian Grand Prix has been a mainstay of Formula One since the 1980s, but a row over night racing is looming as a serious threat to one of the sport’s most popular events. Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone incensed local organisers when he warned Australia was the “least viable” grand prix and could be moved elsewhere, possibly to Asia, unless night racing is introduced to boost viewing figures. There were reports that 81year-old Ecclestone had even offered a get-out clause to Australian organisers to cancel the Melbourne race — which will open the new Formula One season this week — before its contract expires in 2015. Negotiations for a new contract are expected to begin late

next year or in early 2014 and Ecclestone said with other countries keen to replace Australia, a night race would go a long way to preserving the event. Ecclestone has been urging organisers for several years to switch to a race under floodlights around the Albert Park street circuit, to suit European television audiences. Organisers have cited the prohibitive costs of lighting the parkland track, and compromised in 2009 by starting the Melbourne race at 5:00 pm (0600 GMT). But they have refused to follow Singapore’s lead and race at night, with organisers “categorically” ruling out a floodlit grand prix in Melbourne. AFP

Michelle to lead team

Third seed Roger Federer defeated Canada’s Milos Raonic 6-7 (4/7), 6-2, 6-4 in the third round of the ATP/WTA BNP Paribas Open on Tuesday. Federer advances to the fourth round where he will face Thomaz Bellucci of Brazil who progressed earlier Tuesday after the withdrawl of Russian AFP/HARRY HOW Nikolay Davydenko with a virus.

WASHINGTON: US First Lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday announced she would lead the US delegation to the London Olympics, as she celebrated the Games with Samantha Cameron, wife of the British prime minister. Obama will travel to London for opening ceremonies for the Games which begin on July 27, and tie the event into her "Let's Move!" campaign, designed to inspire young people to lead active lives and adopt healthy

diets. "In the months ahead, I'll be talking to Americans all across the country to encourage even more young people to tap into that Olympic spirit and turn their inspiration into action," Obama said. "As the Olympic creed states, 'the most important thing is not to win, but to take part and that doesn't just mean sitting and watching, it means getting up and getting active as well."

Practice makes perfect: Azarenka INDIAN WELLS: Top seed Victoria Azarenka, who is riding a season long 20-0 win streak, says she’s not about to take her foot off the accelerator anytime soon. Despite her success, which has seen her rocket to the No 1 ranking in the world this year for the first time in her career, Azarenka says there is no easing up and when she gets on the practice courts it is all about trying new things and getting better every day.

If I relax my butt but a little bit, someone is going to come along and kick it. Victoria Azarenka World No 1

“If I relax my butt but a little bit, someone is going to come along and kick it," said Azarenka following her dominating 6-3, 6-1 win over Julia Goerges at the WTA Indian Wells tennis tournament on Tuesday. Azarenka struggled in her opening match at Indian Wells, barely scraping past rising German star Mona Barthel but then raised her game to another level with a straight-set victory over former US Open champ Svetlana Kuznetsova. She has won 20 consecutive matches for the best start to a WTA Tour season in nine years when Serena Williams went on a 21-0 streak. Martina Hingis has the all-time Tour record of 37 straight match wins. Asked if she has a chance of stretching her win streak to 41 matches like men’s world number one Novak Djokovic did last year, Azarenka said, “I am definitely going to try."

Azarenka celebrated her win over Goerges with an ace on the final point of the 69-minute match on centre court. Goerges was only able to hold

serve twice in the match and won just 33 percent of her first serve points. Azarenka said her success this year is because she is healthy and

in better shape than previous years. “The thing that stands out is my physical condition and I’m pleased with that," said Azarenka who started the year by winning the Australian Open. “But I feel like there is so much more room to improve on that. I’m trying to keep pushing and pushing myself." Azarenka advances to the quarter-finals, where she will play number five-seeded Agnieszka Radwanska, who won her match when Jamie Hampton retired with a cramping problem in the third set. Azarenka and Radwanska have met 11 times previously and this will be their fourth contest in 2012. Azarenka won all three matches this year and has an eight to three lead in career meetings dating back to 2006 at Wimbledon. “I think it’s gonna be a tough match, as usual," Azarenka said.

Playing Field


The games people play

Ian denies slow times ADELAIDE: Ian Thorpe Wednesday denied he has been deliberately swimming slow times since his comeback to keep the pressure off ahead of Australia’s Olympic trials this week. The 29-year-old, Australia’s most successful Olympian, will attempt to qualify for the London Games after modest results in lead-up events since coming out of retirement in November. Thorpe, who won a total of five golds at the Sydney and Athens Olympics, has struggled to reproduce anywhere near the times he achieved in his prime, but coaches and rival swimmers have warned against writing him off. Newspapers Wednesday suggested part of his plan had always been to stay low-key to minimise pressure with one senior coaching source telling News Limited: “The talk is he is definitely swimming a lot faster than he is letting on." At a pretrials press conference, Thorpe denied he had been “foxing” in a string of disappointing showings since returning to competition. “I’ve been asked this by friends as well," he said. “There may have been a period when I first started back, when I was hoping I might be able to do it (foxing). But unfortunately I have not had that luxury so frankly, no." But the “Thorpedo", who ruled the pool from 1998 to 2004, taking nine Olympic medals and 11 world titles while setting 13 long course world records, said he was still upbeat.

“I’m probably as confident as I’ve been in my preparation," he said. Thorpe will be attempting to qualify in the 100m and 200m freestyle events. Australia’s selection policy is to pick the top two from each Olympic trial to go to London, with a top-six finish in either the 100m or 200m securing a place on the relay squad. Thorpe’s 200m freestyle world record (1:44.06) set in 2001 remains the Australian record, but his 100m career best of 48.56secs only places him ninth on Australia’s all-time list at that distance.

But unfortunately I have not had that luxury, so frankly, no. Ian Thorpe on allegations of slowing down

“I’m not sure how fast I can go at this stage," he said. “I’m nervous about the upcoming days." Asked if he could win the 200m freestyle, Thorpe said: “I’ll

be trying to, I think I’ll have to. “I haven’t swum fast enough to say that I can do that... there is a lot of things I have to get right." He added that he would consider making the London team an equal achievement to making his first Olympics in Sydney 2000. “There will be a tremendous sense of relief when it happens." Thorpe and other comeback stars Michael Klim and Libby Trickett have been embroiled this week in controversy over the perception they have been shown favoritism by receiving handouts above the performance-based funding system.

Pup to play Windies Test Injured Australia captain Michael Clarke will be fit to play the first Test against the West Indies, selectors said on Wednesday. SYDNEY: Clarke was ruled out of the one-day series in the Caribbean that starts Friday after injuring his hamstring in a tri-series clash against Sri Lanka earlier this month. But after intense treatment, he was included in the 16-man Test squad. “It is anticipated Michael Clarke will be fully recovered and take his place as captain for the first Test match in Barbados

beginning on Saturday April 7," said national selector John Inverarity. Shane Watson and James Pattinson were both given recalls after their injury-marred Australian summers but batsman Shaun Marsh remains on the outer after poor form. The biggest surprise was the return of Beer, who is yet to add to his one Test against England in January last year.

He joins a squad that includes incumbent spinner Nathan Lyon, batting newcomer Peter Forrest and two wicketkeepers, Brad Haddin and Matthew Wade. Forrest and Wade will make Test debuts if they play. “The selection committee believes the inclusion of five fast bowlers, two spinners and two wicketkeepers will provide important flexibility," said Inverarity.


African footballers stranded in Turkey ISTANBUL: Two vociferous teams play a high-tempo, flowing game of football on a brilliant sun-filled day on a perfect pitch overlooking the Bosphorus, just a stone’s throw from downtown Istanbul. The scene would be normal were it not for the fact that all 22 players and coach are black Africans, most lured to Turkey by rogue agents and left stranded after promised contracts with Turkish clubs failed to materialise. They gather three times a week to train in the hope that passing scouts from the capital’s big three teams, Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray, might pick them up and usher them into the privileged world of professional football. The Beleyedi municipality lends the players the pitch, provides some kit and even offers food at the end of training, municipal mayor Mustafa Demir having launched the initiative to “help these young African players find a club in Turkey", according to Hayrettin Yazici, head of the municipality’s sports department. But living a harsh day-to-day existence in an environment where few of the Africans have regular work and often sleep six to a bedroom in dilapidated housing has left its mark. “I just want to leave," said 18year-old Aziq, a Ghanaian who arrived in January after stumping up $2,500 to an agent from his west African country for a “contract". “I was bought a plane ticket and visa. The agent told me to go along to this club in Istanbul and there’d be someone waiting for me. “I went along but no one had even heard of me.” Coach John Takpe hails from Nigeria and touched down in Istanbul six months ago after being promised a job in Turkey after having helped out as a volunteer at a Besiktas “academy” in Ibadan, 150km north of Lagos. “I have a wife and two daughters, aged nine and seven, back home. But I can’t go home," Takpe said, wiping the sweat from his brow.

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City aim to stop the rot in Europa

Bayern Munich’s striker Mario Gomez (2nd R) ups his team’s score 5-0 as FC Basel’s Aleksandar Dragovic (L) and goalkeeper Yann Sommer (2nd L) and Joo Ho Park (R) look on during their Champions League round of 16 second-leg match. AFP/GUENTER SCHIFFMANN

Bayern burn Basel MUNICH: Germany striker Mario Gomez scored four goals as Bayern Munich marched into the Champions League quarter-finals by smashing FC Basel 7-0 in the second leg of their last 16 clash on Tuesday. It was the biggest win in a Champions League knockout match as records tumbled in Munich and Bayern bettered their 7-1 home win over Sporting Lisbon from the 2009 competition, also in the round of 16. Having come to Germany holding a 1-0 lead from the first leg three weeks ago, Basel’s dreams of reaching the Champions League’s last eight for the first time were rudely awakened as they lost the tie 7-1 on aggregate. Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes hailed his team’s ‘perfect’ performance as they have now scored 14 goals in their last two games. “We had already played well last Saturday and I noticed this

week how much the team wanted to go through to the next round,” he said after his team also smashed Hoffenheim 7-1 last Saturday in the German league. “Today, we have put in a top class performance from the first until the last minute. Overall, it was a perfect game from us.” It was also Basel’s worst ever away European defeat, breaking the 5-0 record set in 1963 at Celtic and equalled in 2008 at Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine. Munich’s Allianz Arena hosts the final here on May 19 and the Bavarians strolled into Friday’s quarter-final draw at UEFA headquarters in Nyon. Having netted a hat-trick against Hoffenheim, Gomez scored four more, while Dutch winger Arjen Robben again scored twice against Basel. “It was fun to play in that. To score seven goals in a Champions League match speaks for itself,” said Robben. “Fourteen goals in our last


two games after our defeat at (Bayer) Leverkusen speaks volumes for the way we have played. “We have to stay focused. It would be good to get Barcelona or Real Madrid in the next round, but we’ll take whoever comes.” Basel ended Manchester United’s involvement in this season’s campaign in the group stage, but spent the majority of the match defending and were

totally outplayed. “You have to see this is a game to try to take something positive away from,” said Basel coach Heiko Vogel. “Maybe we can learn more from this than the wins we’ve enjoyed so far in the competition.” Heynckes stuck with the same team that hammered Hoffenheim and they were 3-0 up at the break. Robben opened the scoring on 11 minutes when he played a pass into Toni Kroos, whose shot clipped a Basel defender’s boot and fell into Robben’s path to blast home from 12 yards. It was all Bayern as Basel won only their first corner with 34 minutes gone and any threat was comfortably dealt with by Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. Mueller made it 2-0 on 42 minutes when he converted a Robben cross and found enough space at the near post to beat Yann Sommer on the volley. AFP

MANCHESTER: Manchester City kick off the pivotal phase of their season when they attempt to overturn a Europa League first-leg deficit against Sporting Lisbon on Thursday. Roberto Mancini’s side go into the game at Eastlands on the back of two defeats in the space of four days, a run that has raised questions about whether they will last the course this season. They were beaten 1-0 in Lisbon on Thursday, with captain Vincent Kompany limping out in the early stages in Portugal. Then came another damaging loss by the same score-line at Swansea on Sunday, which saw City lose top spot in the Premier League for the first time since October. They now trail United by a point in the Premier League with 10 matches remaining and after facing Sporting on Thursday, they host Chelsea the following Wednesday. By then they could be four points behind the champions, who head to struggling Wolves on Sunday. The domestic title is undoubtedly City’s priority. But with six days before they face Chelsea, due to the London club’s participation in the FA Cup, Mancini is likely to go with a strong selection as City look to wipe out the advantage gained by Xandao’s goal in Portugal last week. City’s failure to score in successive matches for just the second time this season has sparked a clamour for Carlos Tevez to be recalled to Mancini’s squad for the run-in. The Argentina striker, 28, has played in two reserve matches since returning from three months in his homeland without permission. But he was not included in the Europa League squad submitted by Mancini in January and will have to wait until next week’s home game against Chelsea for his first senior appearance since September. City’s defeats are just the second time they have experienced back-to-back losses since October 2010 but defender Micah Richards is sure that they will put their recent problems behind them.

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Derby hat-trick for Captain Gerrard Following his spectacular performance, Steven urged Liverpool to end the season with a flourish.

Liverpool's English midfielder Steven Gerrard (C) celebrates scoring his second goal during his English Premier League football match against Everton at Anfield in Liverpool, north-west England. AFP PHOTO/PAUL ELLIS LIVERPOOL: Gerrard became the first Liverpool player since Ian Rush in 1982-83 to score a league treble against Everton as Liverpool coasted to a 3-0 win over their neighbours at Anfield. It ended a three-match losing run in the Premier League, after defeats to Sunderland, Arsenal

and Manchester United, and lifted Liverpool to within two points of sixth-placed Newcastle United. Although a top-four finish and a place in next season’s Champions League appears unlikely -- Liverpool trail fourthplaced Arsenal by 10 points with 10 games remaining -- Gerrard is

anxious Dalglish’s side do not allow the campaign to fizzle out and wants to end the season on a high. Liverpool, who ended a sixyear trophy drought last month when they won the League Cup, entertain Stoke in the last-eight of the FA Cup on Sunday.

Brandao stunner ousts Inter The Brazilian scored in injury time to put Marseille in the last eight of the Champions League on the strength of an away goal. MILAN: Inter won the second round, second leg match 2-1 at the San Siro after a hectic finish in which Marseille goalkeeper Steve Mandanda was sent off giving away a penalty even later in injury time. Giampaolo Pazzini, who was brought down by Mandanda, dispatched the spot-kick with the last kick of the match to give the Italians victory but they still went out on away goals. Diego Milito had earlier given Inter the lead 15 minutes from time and the match looked to be heading into extra-time until the eventful three minutes of injury time. Almost everything in this last 16 tie happened in injurytime with Andre Ayew giving the French victory in the first leg three weeks ago with a last-gasp goal at the Stade Velodrome. Inter coach Claudio Ranieri

Brandao (right) celebrates with coach Didier Dechamps. may well be searching for a new job after this defeat with his team out of contention for silverware and facing an uphill battle in the

league just to qualify for Europe next season. They made a blistering start and only the brilliance of Mandanda kept the scores level. Inter captain Javier Zanetti burst down the right, cutting into the box, twice dummying a cross before picking out Wesley Sneijder, via a slight deflection, seven yards out but Souleymane Diawara and Mandanda between them sprayed their bodies in front of goal and kept the ball out. Moments later and the hosts put together another lovely move with Dejan Stankovic releasing Sneijder down the right and his fizzed cross found Milito inside the six-yard box. The Argentine forward made an instinctive thrust with his chest to push the ball goalwards, but Mandanda again made a stunning reaction save. AFP

“It’s been a frustrating run for us, we never turned up at Sunderland and we are going from one extreme to the other at the moment. We need a winning streak,” said Gerrard, after his first hat-trick since scoring three against Napoli in the Europa League in November 2010.

“To get three goals is a bit extra, but I have to give Luis Suarez a special mention. “He put two on a plate for me. I haven’t played with him much, but when I have we have an understanding. Hopefully that can continue.” Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish was delighted for Gerrard, who has endured a frustrating season with injuries. The England midfielder opened the scoring with an inchperfect lob before doubling the lead after half-time following good work by the hard-working Suarez. He completed his hattrick in stoppage time. But Dalglish was keen to praise his team’s overall performance rather than single out individuals. “All the local boys were fantastic for us,” said Dalglish. “I’m not educated enough to add to the fantastic comments about Steven Gerrard. “He’s had one or two bumps and injuries this year but to come back and get three in the derby will be a boost for him. “His quality is there for all to see. He’s been a fantastic player for this club throughout his whole career and he always will be. “Steven, rightly so, will get all the headlines but he’ll admit that he wouldn’t have got his goals without the help of his teammates.” AFP

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