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No, not that sort of drought. The police have announced a closure of all wine shops and bars (excluding bars in starred hotels and registered clubs) until 6am tomorrow on account of the anniversary of the Babri Masjid demolition.

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HE POLICE are supposed to protect the vulnerable from human predators, but in a horrific twist, one constable has been charged with raping a 14-year-old girl, while another has been charged with abetting the crime. The incident came to light on Sunday night after the police found the injured girl in a state of shock near the Secunderabad railway station, where she had been abandoned by her assailants. The accused have been arrested and are in judicial custody, said Gopalapuram police inspector, T Radesh Murali. Such crimes, if proved, must not go unpunished…as a city, we will not tolerate attacks on our children!


When Tollywood actor Babu Mohan lost his son in a motorcycle accident, his life changed forever. But from that pool of grief he has found the strength to make sure that other families in the city do not go through what his family did. In a message to Postnoon readers, he talks about the helmet that could have saved his son’s life, and a parent’s worst nightmare




NASA DISCOVERS EARTH II Nasa’s Kepler mission confirmed the discovery of a small planet 600 light-years away from Earth in the ‘habitable zone’ of a star not unlike our own sun. Full story on pg10



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Congress on ventilator, TDP in ICU A Saye Sekhar

HYDERABAD: Kiran Kumar Reddy government survived the no-confidence motion moved by the Telugu Desam Party (TDP). But it laid bare the polity in the State. The Congress Government is virtually on a ventilator. If, at any stage, the Chiranjeevi-led Praja Rajyam legislators withdraw support to the Government, it will have to face a floor test again. The Congress now owes its Monday midnight’s victory in the House not only to the weight thrown behind it by Chiranjeevi’s group, but even to life breathed in by the Majlis-e-Ittehaadul Muslimeen (MIM) and the ‘hard work’ of YSR’s close confidante K V P Ramachandra Rao in luring back some of the MLAs who were sailing with Jagan. The standalone strength of the Congress in the Assembly is 136. The ruling party gained strength from 10 of Jagan’s loyalists, including Secunderabad MLA Jayasudha. After sulking for 24 hours and demonstrating that it could rock the boat, the Chiranjeevi faction had its way. Whether will it have its say is conjecture of time, given the deft handling things by the Congress.

The Congress has the capability to drive a wedge within the Praja Rajyam group and size up Chiranjeevi. The matinee idolturned-politician is yet to understand the political ramblings his new-found family, the Congress, is capable of. He had fallen for the bait thrown at him by the party and merged his Praja Rajyam. He is yet to understand that the procedural delays in formalising the merger are only keeping his pot boiling. He continues to wield ‘power’ only as long as he remains the leader of Praja Rajyam, a political formation

Analysis that doesn’t exist any longer technically, but remains alive constitutionally. The Telugu Desam Party which caused the high-decibel brouhaha is now finding it extremely hard to find its lost moorings what with most leaders aging into their sixties. The onceyouthful party is now suffering from geriatric leadership with no new leaders in the making. Revanth Reddy, with his semi-prepared oratorical skills, is now the poster boy of the

No-trust motion jackpot U Srinivas


he TDP’s no-confidence motion against the Congress government has turned out to be a jackpot and a rare opportunity to many MLAs from different political parties to achieve their pending demands. While discounting rumours of money changing hands, one heard a lot of other favours that would otherwise have been in limbo for quite some time. Chiranjeevi group which has been sulking for a long time has been assured of two ministries and a Central cabinet post besides 50 Assembly seats in the next elections, sources say. The Congress high command has assured the Chiranjeevi group that the party will take care of all its interests besides plum positions in State corporations.

On the other hand, several Congress MLAs in the camp of YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, too, have been lured back into the Congress with monetary and other benefits, it is reported . The MIM also rightly used the opportunity to push the Congress out of GHMC and got the Hyderabad Mayor seat for the next three years, instead of just two years, as a sort of gift for saving the Congress government. The MIM has always been saving Congress in various forms including the

Election to Hyderabad Parliament seat. The Congress always contested as a dummy making MIM to win the seat. The critics of Congress and Kiran Kumar Reddy were ‘managed.’ Rebels like Komatireddy Venkat Reddy and P Shankar Rao were cajoled to vote for the government. The Congress leaders could successfully manage TRS MLA Chennamaneni Ramesh the son of Rajeshwar Rao to stay back in Germany. However, the 16 Congress MLAs who stayed with Jagan camp are the biggest beneficiaries, it is said. Unfortunately, only the TDP legislators could not get anything in the bargain. “We are moving the no-trust motion and you are getting the benefits,” a TDP legislator commented with a T Congress MLA in the Assembly. Even the Telangana Congress MLAs benefited it is reported.

party, while Payyavula Keshav and Dhullipalla Narendra Kumar are treading towards hitting half a century of age. The political brinkmanship of Chandrababu Naidu is unable to create any magic in the last seven years. The Telangana agitation bruised the TDP so much that the party is bleeding in the region where it used to enjoy unstinted popular support. All those who used their lung power on the floor of the Assembly taking cudgels on behalf of the TDP couldn’t raise the pitch beyond a point. The Telangana Rashtra Sam-

ithi, with just 11 MLAs, always remained clueless on its future course. There are 119 Assembly seats in the region and if it has to prove a point that it is a force to reckon with, it has to contest from a large number of seats. But ever since its formation, the TRS always played second fiddle either to the Congress or the TDP and remained a junior partner. The MIM, with six MLAs, remained mum on major policy issues, as its foothold did never extend beyond Hyderabad. Its rumpus is largely felt and heard in and around Gulzar Houz. The breakaway faction of the Congress, led by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, is still in incubator. Jagan is unable to keep his flock together, though his mother’s poignant speech indeed make some impact. The political slugfest between the Congress and the TDP muted the voices of other parties in the House. The Communists and the BJP together have just seven legislators that render them inconsequential politically and otherwise in the State. With such weak formations, not only the polity in the State, but even the longevity of the Assembly have reached their brink.

Prove Polavaram charge or take sanyas, KTR tells Babu

HYDERABAD: TRS leader K Taraka Rama Rao said his family will commit mass suicide if the TDP could prove the Polavaram ender issue was manipulated to help the TRS leaders. “We will all hang ourselves if Chandrababu Naidu proved what he alleges. Or else, will he take political sanyas? He asked. Speaking on Monday at the Assembly media point after the adjournment of the House following furore over Polavaram

tenders issue, KTR said that the former chief minister indulged in loose talk during his two-anda-half hour speech in the Assembly. He felt that the Leader of Opposition was not trying to corner the Kiran Kumar Reddy government after tabling NoConfidence Motion, but was only trying to throw blame on the TRS and Telangana protagonists. Stating that Naidu was leveling baseless and mischievous allegations against the TRS, KTR said that the former, instead of indulging in loose talk against his party, should get an inquiry instituted into his allegations. Ramarao is sure Babu will land in jail soon and eat “rotten food.” Alleging that Naidu himself has ruined his party in the Telangana region, KTR said that they were ready to face any probe.

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‘Greater Hyderabad will remember me’


he first lady mayor Banda Karthika Reddy has left the office kicking and screaming. After a month-long unsuccessful bid to remain in office for another year, Karthika resigned in favour of the partner, MIM. Postnoon reporter Sudeshna Koka talks to her after her resignation. Are you happy of your work as mayor? Yes and no. Two years is a very short term to complete all the plans I had. We had many welfare plans proposed by representatives of people and social organizations. What was your commitment when you became a mayor and could you accomplish all of them? I am content with the way things had shaped up during my tenure. I could implement the ban on plastic and every Tuesday we have a women’s commission meeting. I prevailed upon revenue department to reduce property tax

Face-to-Face, yes, but then what? At Karthika Reddy’s last face-to-face session as mayor, there were still plenty of issues left unresolved. Postnoon takes a peek.


burden by five percent. During my time the party conceptualised and developed a plan for the greater Hyderabad City. We have several plans under the greater Hyderabad agenda. When the greater Hyderabad city plan, is fully implemented, there will be minimum traffic problems and better park development. It will give Greater Hyderabad an

international look. What do you expect from the new successor? Completion of all the good works that have been initiated. I will definitely support the new mayor. What are your plans for the future? I will continue to serve the public. Other things are not in my hands, the party will decide.

s the old man enters the conference room of the GHMC office, desperation is evident on his face. Since the past one year he has been touring this place in a bid to resolve his problem. At the last Face-to-Face meeting he hoped to end his case. The gentleman owns an apartment in an upmarket commercial area and there has been an illegal construction of a building in the next plot. The builders have also encroached his area of the land. He says these meets have been his last effort and it looks like GHMC is going to disappoint him once again. The worst part is that the GHMC in its every Face-to-Face meeting hands out a printed sheet stating proudly the num-

ber of complaints they have received till date and how many they have successfully solved. Every month, they claim that they have solved all the problems. This is not the only case which has been left unaddressed by the GHMC through its Face-to-Face meeting. When a caller informed about water problem, Krishna Babu, commissioner of GHMC, laughed out loud saying, “It’s a government body and you know how we work.” This month only 18 complaints were recorded and most of the complaints received were issues involved GHMC and HMWS&SB. Water problems, bad roads and drainage problems formed most of complaints.

Cops held for raping minor D Sree Charan


n a chilling incident, a 14-year-old girl was repeatedly raped over the last two days by two people, including a police constable. While the accused have now been put behind bars, the incident has shocked people in the Secunderabad area. The Gopalapuram police on Monday arrested three persons, including two constables. One of the constables has been charged with raping a minor, while the other has been charged for abetting the crime. The incident came to light on Sunday night after a police party found the minor girl in a state of shock near Secunderabad railway station. The accused are Mohd Zaheer (22), a native of Orissa who owns a footwear shop near the station, S Siddhulu (32) and G Prabhakar Reddy (26), both constables attached to the Tukaramgate police station. According to the police, the girl had gone to Zaheer's store on Saturday morning to buy footwear. While he was billing her purchase, he began asking her personal questions. The innocent

girl told him that she had lost her mother and was staying in Begumpet with her alcoholic father. Taking advantage of her vulnerability, Zaheer promised to take care of her and help her financially. He gave her, his phone number and asked her to call him that evening. When the girl went to his room in Rezimental Bazaar, he raped her repeatedly and kept her through the night. On Sunday, Zaheer let her go and promised to give her some money, which she was to collect that evening. With nobody to turn to, the girl went back to take the money that she desperately needed. When she reached Tukaramgate, the constables on patrol asked her where she was going. The frightened girl stayed mum and taking advantage of this vulnerability, the cops took her to an abandoned place and one of them, Siddhulu, raped her. The duo then took her on their motorcycle and dropped her off near the Secunderabad railway station. “We have arrested them and remanded them to judicial custody,” said Gopalapuram police inspector T Radesh Murali.

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It's the season for silk Silk lovers in the city have reason to celebrate. The Silk and Cotton Expo is back and will be held at the Kamma Sangham in Ameerpet from December 6 to December 11. The exhibition will showcase silk and cotton products made by weavers from across the country.

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A biker, a cyclist and a horse rider recently tried to race each other along Upper Tank Bund. The horse eventually took the lead in this race between man and beast

A father’s heartfelt message Osama Salman


e makes people laugh in reel life but he broke down uncontrollably in real life when his son died in a bike accident. “It was his favourite bike. I would have been playing with my grandson, had my son taken care to wear a helmet. There were no other injuries on his body other than a fatal injury on his head,” said Tollywood actor Babu Mohan, in a heavy voice controlling his emotions as he recalls his trauma. P Babu Mohan’s son P Pavan Kumar, 23, had returned home from Mumbai after completing his engineering. He was riding his bike in Jubilee Hills when a child suddenly ran across the road. While trying to save the child, he rammed into the divider and fell, head hitting the ground first. He was rushed to Apollo Hospital where he was declared dead on arrival. But another parent gratefully recalls how the helmet saved

Helpline GAS BOOKING IVRS NO: HP 9666023456 Indane 9848824365 BSNL Complaints HMWS & SB Complaints

198 155313

POLICE CONTROL ROOM: Hyderabad 27852435 Traffic Control Room 27852482 DCP Traffic 23234065, 23243499F Pollution Control Board 23887500 ELECTRICITY: General Complaints Breakdown Section

155333 23431178 23431179 Street Light 155304 MUNICIPAL CORPORATION:

Had my son worn a helmet, he would’ve been alive today and I would have had grandkids to play with. He died of head injuries Babu Mohan, Actor

Postnoon traffic safety campaign his son. “My son was returning home from work. When he reached Jubilee check post, a car hit him. Due to the impact, he lost control of the vehicle and fell on the road. The driver of the car sped away. A passer-

Commissioner & Spl Officer 23262266 24166666R ENC 23225267 Engineering 23220418 MCH Tankbund 23225397 Emergency MCH Circle I&II 24525842 MCH Circle III 24736912 MCH Circle IV 23326975 MCH Circle V 23326976 MCH Circle VI MCH Complaints 1100 Head Office 23225397 IVRS CUM MANUAL ENQUIRY PHONE NUMBERS (TRAIN & RESERVATION) RAILWAYS Rail Nilayam 27833150 Railway Information 131 Reservations 135 Recorded Information 1345 Enquiry (IVRS) 1331, 1332, 1333

by shifted him to a private hospital. His condition is stable. But he is bedridden for a month. He suffered injuries on his leg. Fortunately, he was wearing a helmet which saved his life,” recalls K Gangulappa. “I am thankful that my son wore a helmet. If not for that, he wouldn’t have survived the accident. Everybody should do the same, now more than ever as the quality of riders and

WATER SUPPLY: Complaint Cell Sewerage Complaint Hyd. Water Supply HOSPITAL: General Hospital, Sec-bad Niloufer Hospital, Red Hills NIMS, Director, Punjagutta Osmania General Hospital Railway Hospital, Lalaguda Apollo, Jubilee Hills Care Hospital, Banjara Hills Care Hospital, Nampally Care Hospitals, Musheerabad Care Hospital, Sec-bad Kamineni Hospital,

LB Nagar 155313 23307328 23313163 27505566 23314095 23390933 24600146 27001134 23607777 30418888 30417777 30419000 30416666

BLOOD BANKS: Blood Bank,Narayaguda Chiranjeevi Blood Bank Blood Bank Mediton Goal Red Cross, Vidyanagar ADRM Blood Bank Mythri Charitable Trust NTR Memorial Trust Care Banjara Hills

drivers is deteriorating,” he adds. According to a study, wearing a helmet decreases the risk and severities of the injuries by 72 per cent and decreases the likelihood of death up to 39 per cent, apart from decreasing the cost of health care. In a heartfelt appeal to the youth, Babu Mohan pleads that they wear a helmet. “Everybody riding a bike should wear a hel39879999 27567892 23559555 23226624 27633087 27035588 27550238 30799999 30418296 30417445

AMBULANCES Apollo 23548888, 23607777 Kamineni 24022222 Medwin 23202902, 23204616 Smile Line Dental Hospital 23747979 Red Cross 27627973 Niloufer Hospital 23314095 Gandhi 23320332

met. If your hair style being ruined is your concern then think about the precious life you’ll lose too. Everyone in their right frame of mind should know that their hair style is not more important than their life. Parents have many hopes on their children, some even depend on them to take up the responsibility of the family. They dream of bright futures for their kids,” he says. “Accidents occur all of a sudden and wearing a helmet protects you. Please don’t make your parents cry. Only when you are a parent, will you experience the pain if your children get hurt. Parents want the best for their children and provide them a bike rather than travelling in crowded buses. They should respect that and listen to them when they ask you to wear a helmet or drive safely because ultimately, there is nothing more important than you,” he concludes hoping that this message will at least inspire one person to wear a helmet henceforth.

AIRLINES Airport Director 27903785, 27906001 For Air India Flight Information Toll free (from any network) for IC Flights 18001801407 And for All Flights: 1800227722 Air India has revised its flight timings. For more information call (Toll free) 18001801407, 1800227722 from BSNL/MTNL 04023430334 from other lines and mobile Website; TOURISM OFFICES AP Tourism, Hyd 23262152/53/54 Sec’bad 27893100 Dept of Tourism 23453110 India Tourism 23261360 AP Tourism information Centre (24x7) 23450444, 23455999 UK Visa Office

VFS India Pvt Ltd Building, 8-2-542/A, Sunil Chamber, Road No. 7 Beside Meridian School, Banjara Hills34. Working hours are from 8 AM to 1 PM And 2 PM to 3PM. MUSEUMS Salar Jung Museum AP State Museum Nizams Museum

24523211 232431300/7641 24521029

Readers’ views We invite you to write to us comments, suggestions, viewpoint or just about anything to or #1246, Level 3, Jubilee Casa, Road No 62, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500 033 or even by way of a call on 4067 2222

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Where are all the philanthropists? Osama Salman

Hyderabad is a rich city, but unfortunately, there are very few individuals who are willing to share their wealth. There are innumerable students who, if given a chance to study further will make a mark. A conservative estimate says the City could do with at least couple of hundred scholarships instituted by rich philanthropists or institutions for poor but brilliant students.


Vinod has always been a brilliant student who scored 965/1000 in his Intermediate and 637/700 in his ICSE. Vinod’s father is a farmer in Khammam and his family struggles to make ends meet. He wanted to pursue aeronautical engineering but it was beyond their reach. Enter Veda Vyasa Vidya Vigjnana Varadhi (V5). It helped Vinod realise his dream with a scholarship. He is now a student of IIT-Madras pursing aeronautical engineering and had secured the 245th rank in IITJEE, pointed out RS Lakshman, secretary of V5. Not all are as fortunate as Vinod. There are thousands of students in the City who have the passion for studies, but are in unfortunate conditions. Fortunately, though, there are some organisations like V5 which come to the rescue of

Passion to make a difference with RTI Sudeshna Koka


vant-garde is what precisely defines Melukolupu, a 20-miute short film on the Right to Information Act (RTI) made by It’s Time to Make a Difference (ITMD), an NGO on the occasion of their fourth anniversary in the City. Melukolupu stresses on the need for active participation of the citizens by seeking important information under the RTI act and its consequences on the society. The director of this short film, M Sreenivas Rao said, “I wanted to make a difference to the society and what can be better than this?” The short film will be screened at various villages in AP to spread awareness on the RTI. Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Chief Information Commissioner Jannat Hussain, said “In Bihar, with just one phone call, one can file an RTI but in AP we still have a long way to go. The

rural population lacks awareness and urban India is familiar with the name of the act but they don’t know the details of the act. NGOs should come together and create awareness to utilise this act.” A group for young techies who who formed ITMD have indeed been living up to their name. ITMD has been working to bring a change in the present governance system and to make all sections of the society aware of the RTI and its potential. “After the 26/11, we realised that we lack the sense of responsibility, hence we came up with this concept and created awareness on the RTI. This film is the best medium to help people understand the importance of this tool and will work wonders,” says P Ramakrishna, president, ITMD ITMD also has a website which assists citizens with RTI details. Last month, about 400 templates were downloaded

ambitious students. Dwijasree Atreya is another example. With the V5 support she bagged a gold medal in her third year of studying medicine. While V5 is not the only NGO working towards providing scholarships. But it really isn’t enough as the number of deserving students exceeds the number of scholarships. There is an estimated 15 NGOs in the City that help higher education of the poor students with scholarship. But educationists agree that they are grossly inadequate. The government, they say, is doing its bit in this area but that

is mostly limited to social niches. The Backward Class Welfare Association district officer of Hyderabad, Vidya Sagar, says that 60-70,000 BC,ST, SC, minority and the disabled students get scholarships each year from the government in Hyderabad only. “Anyone whose income is less than `1 lakh per annum, get about `962 for postgraduate level, `525 for students who are in hostel in graduate and intermediate and `325 for day-scholars. The number of students are increasing at 10 per cent every year,” said Vidya Sagar. There is another government scheme — fee reimbursement. Anybody falling into the backward class is eligible for it. “Unfortunately, when it comes to the higher lever, things fall flat. There really aren’t enough NGOs. Though more sprout each day. There are no funds available,” says Srivyal Vayyuri of Spoorthi Foundation.

Selection criteria


he selection criterion for the scholarship is based on the twin objectives of consistent academic record and financial conditions of the family. In special circumstances, select students with an excellent academic merit have been selected for reimbursement of tuition fee for the entire duration of the professional course, be it medicine or engineering.

Some top NGOs that provide educational scholarships Centre for Action Research and People’s Development (Carped) HELP NGO C.A.R.E Centre for Advancement of Voluntary Efforts (CAVE)


The faithful perform rituals at the 10th Muharram Ashura procession in Madina, Old City on Wednesday


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City temples lose 101 idols to thieves In the last one year, places of worship have been targets for burglars, with huge losses being incurred D Sree Charan


îÉå= dçÇë= ~êÉ= åç= äçåÖÉê ë~ÑÉ>= páåÅÉ= íÜÉ= ÖçäÇ= éêáÅÉë ÅêçëëÉÇ= ` ORIMMM= éÉê= NM Öê~ãI=íÉãéäÉë=Ü~îÉ=ÄÉÅçãÉ=íÜÉ É~ëó= í~êÖÉíë= çÑ= ÄìêÖä~êë= ïÜç ï~åí= íç= ã~âÉ= áí= êáÅÜ= çîÉêåáÖÜíK kçí= çåäó= çêÖ~åáëÉÇ= Ö~åÖë= Äìí Ç~áäó= ï~ÖÉJÉ~êåÉêëI= ÉëéÉÅá~ääó íÜçëÉ= áå= ÅçåëíêìÅíáçå= ÑáÉäÇI= ~êÉ ~ííê~ÅíÉÇ= íç= íÜáë= É~ëó= Äççíó= ~ë êÉÅÉåí=ÉîÉåíë=éêçîÉK få=íÜÉ=ä~ëí=íïç=ãçåíÜë=~äçåÉI ~ë=ã~åó=~ë=åáåÉ=Å~ëÉë=çÑ=íÉãéäÉ íÜÉÑíë=Ü~îÉ=ÄÉÉå=êÉéçêíÉÇ=áå=íÜÉ íïáå=ÅáíáÉëK=^é~êí=Ñêçã=ÖçäÇI=é~åJ ÅÜ~äçÜ~ áÇçäë=íÜ~í=ÑÉíÅÜ=~å=~ëíêçJ åçãáÅ~ä=ëìã=áå=íÜÉ=áåíÉêå~íáçåJ ~ä= ìåÇÉêïçêäÇ= ã~êâÉíI= ~êÉ= ~äëç í~êÖÉíÉÇ=Äó=Ö~åÖëíÉêëK

Property lost (in `/crores) 2008 2009 2010 2011 Hyderabad 26.11 30.42 29.95 26.42 Cyberabad 19.82 20.78 22.21 20.93 Property recovered (in `/crores)

2008 2009 2010 2011 Hyderabad 10.95 17.18 11.55 9.57 Cyberabad 10.34 11.81 14.51 15.23


^åçíÜÉê= Ñ~Åíçê= Ñçê= íÜÉ áåÅêÉ~ëÉ=áå=Å~ëÉë=çÑ=íÉãéäÉ=íÜÉÑíë áë=íÜ~í=íÜÉ=éçäáÅÉ=Ü~îÉ=íáÖÜíÉåÉÇ íÜÉáê=Öêáé=çîÉê=íÜÉ=ÅÜ~áåJëå~íÅÜJ áåÖ= Ö~åÖë= çå= êç~Çë= ~åÇ= ãçëí ÅçããÉêÅá~ä= Éëí~ÄäáëÜãÉåíë Ü~îÉ= áåëí~ääÉÇ= ``qs= Å~ãÉê~ëK páåÅÉ= ãçëí= çÑ= íÜÉ= íÉãéäÉë= ÇçåÛí Ü~îÉ= ëÉÅìêáíóI= áåíÉêJëí~íÉ= ÄìêJ Öä~êë= ~ë= ïÉää= ~ë= äçÅ~ä= Ö~åÖë= ~êÉ Ü~îáåÖ=~=ÑáÉäÇ=Ç~óK sÉåâ~íÉëÜï~ê= mê~ë~ÇI= ~ éêáÉëí= ïÜç= ~äçåÖ= ïáíÜ= ëçãÉ äçÅ~äë= Å~ìÖÜí= ~= Ç~áäó= ï~ÖÉê ä~ÄçìêÉêI= o~ÅÜ~âçåÇ~= o~ãì ïÜç= ÄêçâÉ= áåíç= íÉãéäÉ= ~åÇ ~ííÉãéíÉÇ= ÄìêÖä~êó= çå= ^éêáä= OPI ë~áÇI= ^åÅÉëíçêë= é~ëë= çå= íÜÉ êÉëéçåëáÄáäáíó= íç= äççâ= ~ÑíÉê= íÜÉ íÉãéäÉ= íÜêçìÖÜ= ÖÉåÉê~íáçåëI ~åÇ=ÜÉåÅÉ=íÜÉ=éêáÉëí=çÑ=íÜÉ=íÉãJ éäÉ=áë=Éãçíáçå~ääó=~íí~ÅÜÉÇ=íç=áíK cçê=ìëI=ÖçäÇ=çêå~ãÉåíë=çê=ëáäîÉê çêå~ãÉåíë=çÑ=ã~íÉêá~äáëíáÅ=î~äìÉ áë=åçí=áãéçêí~åí=Äìí=íÜÉ=Úë~ÅêÉÇ áÇçäÛ=áëI=~åÇ=ëìÅÜ=ãáëÅêÉ~åíë=íêó íç= ÉåíÉê= íÜÉ= ã~áå= íÉãéäÉ= êççã ~åÇ=ê~òÉ=íÜÉ=ë~ÅêÉÇåÉëëK=tÉ=Å~åÛí ~ÑÑçêÇ= ~= ï~íÅÜã~å= ïáíÜ= íÜÉ ãçåÉó= ïÉ= ÖÉåÉê~íÉK= _ìí= íÜÉ éçäáÅÉ= ëÜçìäÇ= ~äëç= é~íêçä= íÜÉ íÉãéäÉë=ïÜáÅÜ=~êÉ=äçÅ~íÉÇ=áåëáÇÉ íÜÉ=ÅçäçåáÉëKÒ

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Reasons for series of temple thefts n Criminals are keeping an eagle eye on the patrolling teams and are striking without being detected. n Most of the temples function without even the minimum security measures like installing CCTV cameras or employ a watchmen.

Recent burglaries


urglars broke into Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple located at Road No 14, Banjara Hills and stole 10 kgs of silver articles in the early hours of November 2. Unidentified persons killed a watchman by smashing his head with an iron rod and burgled a temple in Patancheru on November 7. In the latest case, burglars struck two temples and decamped with silver articles and money from the hundi. On the other hand, there are several incidents wherein the Panchaloha idols were lifted by criminals from the temples of Andhra Pradesh to sell the same in Delhi and Bombay, who in turn sell them in international markets. According to Crime Investigation Department officials, of late, the demand for idols has increased in the international market. The idols of oriental origin especially those of India fetch big money. The antique collectors of the West spend a fortune to procure ancient sculptures and idols of the Indian origin. This is resulting in a competition for quick money and the dealers are going to any extent to get the idols of international demand. In Andhra Pradesh as many as 101 idol thefts were registered in 2010 as against 76 cases in 2009 showing an increase of 32.89 per cent.


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n Surprisingly, the temple caretakers turn off all the lights before leaving home. Once the burglar enters the temple premises no one can see because of the darkness. n Police arrest the accused in connection with the thefts and release them a few days later. Once out these perpetrators very bravely loot other temples. n Cyberabad and Hyderabad police who are busy with bandobast duties and other aspects are finding it difficult to detect cases relating to property offences. The statistics show how they are lagging behind.




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India unveiled

Moral police gets cops to stop Slutwalk Bangalore Vaishalli Chandra Bangalore


åëíÉ~Ç= çÑ= éêçíÉÅíáåÖ= íÜÉ êáÖÜíë= çÑ= ÅáíáòÉåë= íç= éêçíÉëí áå= ~= éÉ~ÅÉÑìä= ã~ååÉê= íÜÉ _~åÖ~äçêÉ= Åçéë= íççâ= ~å= É~ëó êçìíÉ= çìí= Äó= í~âáåÖ= íÜÉ= Ö~íÜJ ÉêÉÇ= çêÖ~åáëÉêë= çÑ= íÜÉ päìíï~äâÒ=áåíç=éêÉîÉåíáîÉ=ÅìëJ íçÇóÒ=íÜáë=pìåÇ~ó p~íìêÇ~ó= åáÖÜí= íÜÉ= _~åÖ=J ~äçêÉ= éçäáÅÉ= Å~ääÉÇ= áå= íÜÉ çêÖ~åáëÉêë= çÑ= _~åÖ~äçêÉ= päìí=J ï~äâ= áåÑçêãáåÖ= íÜÉã= íÜ~í= íÜÉ éÉêãáëëáçå= Öê~åíÉÇ= Ñçê= íÜÉ éêçíÉëí= ã~êÅÜ= ï~ë= Å~åÅÉääÉÇK lå= pìåÇ~ó= ãçêåáåÖ= ïÜÉå ëçãÉ= Ñêçã= íÜÉ= çêÖ~åáëáåÖ íÉ~ã= ïÉåí= íç= íÜÉ= éìÄäáÅáëÉÇ îÉåìÉ=Ó=qçïå=e~ää=Ó=íç=áåÑçêã é~êíáÅáé~åíë= çÑ= íÜÉ= Å~åÅÉää~J íáçå=íÜÉó=ïÉêÉ=í~âÉå=áåíç=éêÉJ îÉåíáîÉ=ÅìëíçÇóÒ=Äó=íÜÉ=ÅçéëK qÜÉ=êÉ~ëçå=ïÉ=ïÉåí=íç=íÜÉ îÉåìÉ=ï~ë=åçí=íç=Ü~îÉ=~=ëáíJáåI Äìí= íç= áåÑçêã= íÜçëÉ= íÜ~í= ã~ó íìêå= ìé= Ñçê= íÜÉ= ã~êÅÜ= íÜ~í= áí Ü~Ç= ÄÉÉå= Å~åÅÉääÉÇIÒ= ë~áÇ sáâê~ã= eÉã~å~íÜ~åI= çåÉ= çÑ íÜÉ= çêÖ~åáëÉêë= çÑ= pìäíï~äâ _~å~ÖäçêÉI=ÜÉ=~äçåÖ=ïáíÜ=ÉáÖÜí ãçêÉ= éÉçéäÉ= Ó= çêÖ~åáëÉêë= ~åÇ îçäìåíÉÉêë=Ô=ïÉêÉ=~êêÉëíÉÇK= qÜÉ=éÉêãáëëáçåI=ÜÉ=éçáåíÉÇ çìí=Ü~Ç=ÄÉÉå=Öê~åíÉÇ=íç=íÜÉã íÜêÉÉ= Ç~óë= éêáçê= íç= íÜÉ= éêçJ éçëÉÇ= ã~êÅÜK= eçïÉîÉêI= ä~íÉ p~íìêÇ~ó=ïÉ=ïÉêÉ=Å~ääÉÇ=íç=áåÑ=J çêã= íÜ~í= çìê= éÉêãáëëáçå= ï~ë Å~åÅÉääÉÇ= çîÉê= ëÉÅìêáíó= ÅçåJ ÅÉêåëÒIÒ=ÜÉ=ë~áÇK= ^é~êí= Ñêçã= íÜ~í= íÜÉêÉ= ïÉêÉ

íÜêÉ~í=Å~ääë=íç=çåÉ=çÑ=íÜÉ=çêÖ~åJ áëÉêë= ~åÇ= íÜÉ= Å~ääÉê= áÇÉåíáÑáÉÇ ÜÉêëÉäÑ= íç= ÄÉ= Ñêçã= ~= ïçãÉåÛë ÖêçìéK= ^= åçíÉ= çå= íÜÉáê= c~ÅÉ=J Äççâ=é~ÖÉ=áí=êÉ~ÇëW=f=êÉÅÉáîÉÇ ~= íÜêÉ~íÉåáåÖ= éÜç=åÉ= Å~ää= Ñêçã ~= ïçãÉåÛë= çêÖ~==åáò~íáçå= Ä~ëÉÇ çìí= çÑ= j~ääÉ=ëÜ=ï~ê~ã= ïÜçëÉ ïçê=Çë= ïÉêÉ= ~ë= Ñçääçïë= Ó=ÚfÑ= ïÉ ÑáåÇ=~åó=ïçãÉå=ïÉ~êáåÖ=ëÜçêí çê=ëâáãéó=ÅäçíÜÉëI=ïÉ=ïáää=íê~ëÜ íÜÉã=ïáíÜ=~=ÄêççãëíáÅâKÛÒ=Eóçì Å~å= êÉ~Ç= íÜÉ= Ñìää= íÉñí= ÜÉêÉ= J ÜííéëWLLïïïKÑ~ÅÉÄççâKÅçãLå çíÉKéÜé\åçíÉ|áÇZPMPQPQOPPM OMQMUF

eÉã~å~íÜ~å= ~ëëÉêíÉÇ= íÜ~í íÜÉ=áÇÉ~=ÄÉÜáåÇ=çêÖ~åáëáåÖ=íÜÉ päìíï~äâ=ï~ë=íç=~áã=~í=ÅêÉ~íáåÖ ~ï~êÉåÉëë= ~êçìåÇ= îáÅíáã Ää~ãáåÖÒ= ê~íÜÉê= íÜ~å= ÇêÉëëáåÖ ëâáãéáäóK= rëì~ääóI= íÜÉ= ãáåÇëÉí íÜ~í=~=ïçã~å=~ëâë=Ñçê=áíÒ=áÑ=ëÜÉ ÇêÉëëÉë= ~= ÅÉêí~áå= ï~óI= áë= ïÜ~í íÜÉ= çêÖ~åáëÉêë= ïÉêÉ= íêóáåÖ= íç èìÉëíáçå=íÜêçìÖÜ=íÜáë=ï~äâ=~åÇ çíÜÉê= çìíêÉ~ÅÜ= éêçÖê~ããÉë íÜ~í= áåîçäîÉ= ëéÉ~â= íç= ëÅÜççäë ~åÇ= ÅçääÉÖÉëI= Ü~îáåÖ= ëÉäÑJ ÇÉÑÉåÅÉ=ïçêâëÜçéë=Ñçê=ïçãÉå íç= å~ãÉ= ~= ÑÉïK= ^åÇ= íÜáë= àìëí ëÉÉãë= íç= ã~âÉ= íÜÉáê= êÉëçäîÉ

COLOURFUL PERFORMANCE Artistes of Jalpaiguri perform traditional dance during inauguration of Tribal Festival in Kolkata on Monday.


ëíêçåÖÉê= íç= Ü~îÉ= ~= päìíï~äâ= áå _~åÖ~äçêÉI= Ñçê= åçï= ïÉ= ï~åí íÜÉ= Çìëí= íç= ëÉííäÉI= Äìí= ïÉ= ïáää Ü~îÉ= íÜÉ= päìíï~äâ= áå= _~åÖ=J ~äçêÉIÒ= ë~áÇ= eÉã~å~íÜ~åK= få Ñ~ÅíI=íÜÉ=çêÖ~åáëÉêë=ï~åí=íÜçëÉ ~Ö~áåëí= íÜáë= ï~äâ= íç= ÅçãÉ= çìí áå= íÜÉ= çéÉå= ~åÇ= ëí~íÉ= íÜÉáê ÅçåÅÉ=êåëI=ëç=íÜ~í=íÜÉêÉ=Å~å=ÄÉ ~=ÉÑÑÉÅíáîÉ=Çá~äçÖìÉK= qç= âåçï= ãçêÉ= ~Äçìí= íÜÉ ÉîÉåí=~ë=ïÉää=~ë=~Äçìí=íÜÉ=päìí=J ï~äâ= ãçîÉãÉåí= ÅÜÉÅâ= çìí íÜÉáê= c~ÅÉÄççâ= é~ÖÉW= ÜííéëWLL=J ïïïKÑ~ÅÉÄççâKÅçãLëäìíï~äâJ ÄäçêÉ\ëâZáåÑç



It's not a strip show stupid Arun Koshy Philip


äìít~äâ= áë= ~å= áåJóçìêJÑ~ÅÉ å~ãÉ= ÅçáåÉÇ= Ñçê= ~= ãçîÉJ ãÉåí= íÜ~í= ÉñéçëÉë= íÜÉ= Üóéç=J Åêáëó= çÑ= í~âáåÖ= êÉÑìÖÉ= áå= Ü~äJ äçïÉÇ= ÅìäíìêÉ= ~åÇ= íê~Çáíáçåë Ô== åç= ïçåÇÉê= íÜÉ= âåÉÉJàÉêâ êÉ~Å=íáçå=çÑ=íÜÉ=ëÉäÑJëíóäÉÇ=Öì~=J ê=Çá~åë=çÑ=ÅçääÉÅíáîÉ=ãçê~äáíóK qÜÉ=äçÖáÅ=çÑ=íÜÉ=ãçê~ä=éçä=J áÅÉ= Ñçê= ìéÜçäÇáåÖ= íÜÉ= ëçÅá~ä Ñ~ÄêáÅ=~åÇ=áåíÉÖêáíó=çÑ=íÜÉ=ëçÅáJ Éíó= áë= ~âáå= íç= äçÅâáåÖ= ìé= ~å ÉåíáêÉ=éçéìä~íáçå=éÉêã~åÉåíäó íç=ë~îÉ=íÜÉã=Ñêçã=ê~ÄáÇ=ÇçÖëK qÜÉ=ëÜÉÉê=êÉÑìë~ä=çÑ=íÜÉ=ëÉ=J ä=ÑJ~ééçáåíÉÇ=îáÖáä~åíÉDë=íç=ÉîÉå ~ääçï= íÜÉ= päìít~äâ= çêÖ~=åáëÉêDë íÜÉ= ÑêÉÉÇçã= çÑ= ÉñéêÉëëáçå= Ô óÉëI=íÜÉ=ë~ãÉ=ÑêÉ=É=íÜ~í=Öì~ê~åJ íÉÉë= íÜÉ= êáÖÜí= íç= éêìÇáëÜ= éêçJ é~Ö~åÇ~= Ô= ÄÉíê~óë= íÜÉ= ëÜ~äJ äçï=ÑçìåÇ~íáçåë=çÑ=íÜÉáê=Å~ìëÉK qÜÉ= áêçåó= áë= íÜ~í= íÜÉ éçäáÅÉI= ïÜç= ~êÉ= ëìééçëÉÇ= íç ÉåëìêÉ= íÜ~í= ÉîÉêó= éÉêëçå Éåàçóë=íÜÉ=êáÖÜíë=äÉÖ~ääóI=ïÉêÉ Ü~åÇJáåJÖäçîÉ=ïáíÜ=íÜÉ=ãçê~ä éçäáÅÉ=ÄêáÖ~ÇÉ=áå=ÇÉåóáåÖ=íÜÉ päìít~äâ= ~Åíáîáëíë= éÉêãáëëáçå íç= ÜçäÇ= íÜÉáê= éêçÖê~ãK= fÑ éçäáÅÉ=Å~åDí=Öì~ê~åíÉÉ=ëÉÅìêáJ íó= íÜÉå= ïÜó= ~êÉ= íÜÉó= ëíáää= áå íÜÉáê= àçÄëK= bîÉê= ÜÉ~êÇ= çÑ= ~ Åçãé~åó=Eåçí=mprF=êÉí~áåáåÖ ÉãéäçóÉÉë=ïÜç=Å~åDí=ÇÉäáîÉê\ bîÉêó= Üìã~å= ÄÉáåÖ= Ü~ë íÜÉ=áå~äáÉå~ÄäÉ=êáÖÜí=íç=ÇáÖåáJ íó=~åÇ=~å=ÉåîáêçåãÉåí=ïÜÉêÉ çåÉ= Ü~ë= ÑêÉÉÇçã= çÑ= ÉñéêÉëJ ëáçå=áë=áåëÉé~ê~ÄäÉ=Ñêçã=áíK=fíDë ÜáÖÜ= íáãÉ= ïÉ= éìää= çìê= ãáåÇë çìí= çÑ= íÜÉ= a~êâ= ^ÖÉë= ~åÇ ã~âÉ=íÜÉã=çåÉ=ïáíÜ=çìê=ÄçÇJ áÉë=áå=íÜÉ=ÇáÖáí~ä=Éê~K

^ää=áå=íÜÉ=ïÉääI=gÜ~åëá Ñ~êãÉêë=íÉää=jçåíÉâ JHANSI (UP): jìÅÜ= íç= íÜÉ ÉãÄ~êê~ëëãÉåí= çÑ= mä~ååáåÖ `çããáëëáçå=aÉéìíó=`Ü~áêã~å jçåíÉâ= páåÖÜ= ^Üäìï~äá~I= ëçãÉ Ñ~êãÉêë=êÉëçêíÉÇ=íç=~=åçîÉä=ï~ó çÑ=éêçíÉëí=~Ö~áåëí=~ääÉÖÉÇ=áêêÉÖJ ìä~êáíáÉë=áå=ÖçîÉêåãÉåí=éçîÉêíó ~ääÉîá~íáçå=ëÅÜÉãÉë=Äó=àìãéáåÖ áåíç=~=ïÉääK ^Üäìï~äá~I=ïÜç=Ü~Ç=ÅçãÉ=íç áåëéÉÅí= ~= ÇÉîÉäçéãÉåí~ä= ïçêâ áå= råÇ~å= îáää~ÖÉ= ÜÉêÉ= çå pìåÇ~óI=ï~ë=Å~ìÖÜí=Äó=ëìêéêáëÉ ïÜÉå= ëçãÉ= Ñ~êãÉêë= àìãéÉÇ áåíç= íÜÉ= ïÉääK= qÜÉó= ïÉêÉ= ä~íÉê éìääÉÇ= çìí= ïáíÜ= íÜÉ= ÜÉäé= çÑ= ~ êçéÉ=Äó=îáää~ÖÉêëK=

aìêáåÖ=Üáë=îáëáíI=êÉëáÇÉåíë=çÑ íÜÉ= îáää~ÖÉ= Åçãéä~áåÉÇ= çÑ= ëäçï áãéäÉãÉåí~íáçå= çÑ= ÇÉîÉäçéJ ãÉåí~ä= ïçêâë= áå= _ìåÇÉäâÜ~åÇ êÉÖáçåK= qÜÉó= ~ääÉÖÉÇ= íÜ~í `ÉåíêÉDë= é~Åâ~ÖÉ= çÑ= çîÉê= oë TIMMM= ÅêçêÉ= Ñçê= íÜÉ= êÉÖáçå= ï~ë åçí=êÉ~ÅÜáåÖ=íÜÉ=éççêK============PTI



India unveiled

Clashes at Kerala-TN border over Mullaperiyar dam row KUMILY (KERALA): Kerala Police on Monday night issued orders banning any gathering of more than five people for three days in and around the border checkpost near here as protestors from Tamil Nadu and Kerala clashed over the Mullaperiyar Dam — a contentious issue between the two neighbouring states. Kerala DGP Jacob Punnoose said the prohibitory orders were being clamped to ensure normalcy returns to areas in and around Kumily. “We have rushed additional police forces to the areas and the issue is reported to have broken out in the forest areas of the border. I have spoken to my counterpart in Tamil Nadu,” said Punnoose. Matters turned tense since afternoon when Kerala establishments and vehicles owned by Keralites were attacked on the border. For the past 10 days, top political leaders from Kerala cutting across political parties have undertaken fasts to prevail upon the Central government to intervene and persuade Tamil Nadu to let Kerala decommission the 115-year-old leaking Mullaperiyar Dam and construct a new dam. Chief Minister Oommen Chandy on Monday night asked people to maintain calm. “Nothing should be done to vitiate the good friendly relations that Kerala and Tamil Nadu share. There should be no

violence at all as it would dent the proposed talks that will take place shortly between the two states,” Chandy said. “The SC-appointed empowered committee is arriving to visit the Mullaperiyar Dam shortly and absolute restraint has to be there because talks will be successful only if absolute peace and calm is there,” Chandy’s press statement said. “The DGP has been asked to see that action is taken against law breakers. Tamil Nadu has assured us that they will deal strongly with those who violate the law,” added Chandy. IANS

SC-appointed panel to visit dam NEW DELHI/CHENNAI/ THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Two Kerala ministers went on fast Monday, including one at Rajghat in New Delhi, to demand a resolution of the Mullaperiyar dam issue as Tamil Nadu agreed to join the centre-sponsored talks next week. A Supreme Court appointed committee has also decided to visit the dam site this month. The empowered committee will also hear Kerala’s plea for a new dam. The five-member apex court-appointed empowered committee, headed by former chief justice of India AS

Anand, decided to visit the site of the dam by December end. The committee will also hold its next sitting on January 2-3, where the contending states — Kerala and Tamil Nadu — will be asked to present their latest assessments of the dam. Kerala Water Resources Minister PJ Joseph went on fast at Rajghat while Revenue Minister KM Mani went on fast in Idukki district where the dam is located. In New Delhi, Joseph sat on a daylong fast in New Delhi’s Gandhi Smriti to “pray for change of mind of Tamil Nadu” and pave way for a solution.

However, he changed the venue to Rajghat as media was not permitted at the Gandhi Smriti, Monday being a holiday. Meanwhile, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa announced that the state will attend centresponsored talks between the two states on Dec 15 or 16. Tamil Nadu had declined to attend the talks initially scheduled for Monday. The direction for talks had come from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after Kerala CM Oommen Chandy met him urging Central intervenIANS tion.


CBI announces `5 lakh reward in missing nurse case NEW DELHI: The CBI on Monday announced a reward of `5 lakh for any person who can provide information on Bishna Ram Bishnoi, involved in the abduction of Rajasthan nurse Bhanwari Devi. According to CBI, 42 cases have been registered against Bishnoi by the Rajasthan police. The DIG and IG of the State police have also announced a reward of `25,000 and `4,000 respectively regarding his arrest. Devi had gone missing from Jodhpur’s Bilara area September 1. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot October 16 sacked water resources minister Mahipal Maderna, who allegedly featured on the CD, from the Cabinet over allegations that he had a role in her disappearance. Sacked minister Maderna and Parasram Bishnoi, the brother of Congress legislator from Luni — Malkhan Singh Bishnoi, were arrested in Jodhpur on Friday for alleged involvement in the case. They were sent to CBI custody by a local court. The CBI on November 15 doubled to `10 lakh the reward amount for anyone who could provide information on Devi while the reward on information about another absconding accused — Sahi Ram Bishnoi was also increased from `1 lakh to `5 lakh. IANS

SUPREME COMMANDER President Pratibha Patil and Army Chief Gen. VK Singh seated on a T90 Tank during the exercise “Sudarshan Shakti” at Bugundi battle field near Barmer in Rajasthan on Monday.


Count beads to stop unwanted pregnancy THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: It’s simple, inexpensive and nonclinical. The country’s largest condom manufacturer, HLL, has now come out with a family planning method for women that just requires them to count beads. Called Cyclebeads, it is a colour-coded string of beads that represents the days of a menstrual cycle. A woman simply has to move a ring over the beads to track each day of her cycle. The colour of the beads lets her know whether she is on a day when she can conceive. The product has an ex-factory price of `50. Developed by researchers at Georgetown University’s Insti-

tute for Reproductive Health, Cyclebeads is based on the Standard Days Method (SDM) and is very effective in preventing unplanned pregnancies. The method is designed for women with cycles between 26 and 32 days. A woman has to put a rubber ring on the red bead the day she starts her period. Each day she moves the ring by one bead. If the ring is on a red or dark bead, there is little possibility of pregnancy. If the ring is on a white bead — days 8 through 19 — there is a high possibility of becoming pregnant with unprotected IANS intercourse.

Around the World


Beyond borders


Riots erupt in Moscow Thousands of protesters take to streets in anger over Putin’s decision to return

Missing Drone could be a major loss for US


US super-secret spy plane believed to be in Iranian possession could be a major loss for the U.S. military -and a major gain for Iran. According to a senior U.S. military source with intimate knowledge of the Sentinel drone, the aircraft likely "wandered" into Iranian air space after losing contact with its handlers and is presumed to be intact since it is programmed to fly level and find a place to land, rather than crashing. "This is a big prize in terms of technology," a senior U.S. military source told Fox News. The spy plane uses the same stealth technology as the drone used to monitor the compound during the raid that killed Usama bin Laden, U.S. military sources told Fox News on Monday. Military sources confirmed that the Iranians have the RQ170 drone, which is so advanced that the U.S. Air Force has not distributed even a photo of it. However, they did not say that the Iranians shot down the spy plane, as was reported by Iran's official IRNA news agency. IRNA quoted an unidentified Iranian military official saying Sunday that the spy plane was shot down by Iran's armed forces and suffered minor damage.. The official also warned of strong and crushing response to any violations of the country's airspace by American drone aircraft. Earlier, the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan issued a statement saying the aircraft may have been a drone that operators lost contact with last week while it was flying a mission over neighbouring western Afghanistan. is equipped with stealth technology. The $6 million stealth aircraft manufactured by Lockheed Martin has an RQ in its name to indicate it is unarmed.


nger over Russian election marred by widespread violations and the shadow of Vladimir Putin's likely return to the presidency broke into violence late on Monday, as thousands of people took to the streets of Moscow in protest. Several thousand people, mainly young men, filled a park in central Moscow to listen to liberal opposition leaders call for Putin's ousting in a meeting approved by city authorities. But when they attempted to march to Lubyanka, the headquarters of the feared Federal Security Service, they were met by baton-wielding riot police who beat some protesters over the head and dragged others into waiting lorries. Hundreds appeared to be detained, including opposition leaders Alexey Navalny and Ilya Yashin, as well as several journalists. Police put the number of protesters at 2,000 but some Russian media said the number was as high as 8,000. Anger has been steadily growing inside Russia since Putin, currently the prime minister, announced his intention to run for the presidency in a March 2012 vote. His United Russia party fared poorly in a parliamentary vote on Sunday, losing 77 seats in the Duma, or

Russian riot police detain a protester in Moscow as crowds opposed to Vladimir Putin take to the streets and post-election violence breaks out. Reuters lower house. Widespread examples of vote falsifications and violations – uploaded by the hundreds onto YouTube, Facebook and Twitter – have fed the anger. International observers also questioned the results. The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe said the elections were marred by "frequent procedural violations and instances of apparent manipulations, including serious indications of ballot box stuffing". Britain's foreign secretary, William Hague, said the report raised "serious concerns". The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, said Washington had "serious concerns" about the conduct of the elections. "Russian voters deserve a full investigation of all

credible reports of electoral fraud and manipulation and we hope in particular that then Russian authorities will take action," said Clinton. People continued to register alleged cases of falsification on Monday, and news reports on state television appeared to show results that implied turnout in some regions was as high as 146%. Yevgeniya Chirikova, a popular environmental activist, called at the protest for the election results to be overturned. The crowd shouted "Putin, leave!", waved flags and blew whistles – a nod to his public booing and whistling at a martial arts event last month. The protest, one of the biggest liberal opposition demonstrations in years, is certain to worry a state that looks

down on opposition and is long unused to a politically conscious public. "Groups of society have emerged that have a lively and serious interest in the vote results," said the political analyst Gleb Pavlovsky. "They consider the results their own and that's why they are fighting for it." Several protesters told the Guardian it was their first time at a political demonstration. Putin's concern showed when he spoke to supporters at the United Russia headquarters following Sunday's vote. "I want to speak to all citizens of the country and, above all, those who voted for the party," Putin said, his eyebrows twitching and his gaze wandering as he betrayed his normally calm demeanour.

Obama government backs remarks WA S H I N G T O N : Pre s i d e n t Barack Obama's administration on Monday rejected Republican calls to fire the US ambassador to Belgium after he said that the Middle East conflict was partly to blame for anti-Semitism. Ambassador Howard Gutman, who is Jewish and the son of a Holocaust survivor, said in a speech that a new type of anti-Semitism has emerged in Europe that is not "classic bigotry" but instead linked to the conflict and hence resolvable. Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, the front-runners for the Republican presidential nomination, both called on Obama to dismiss Gutman and renewed charges that his

administration was not supportive enough of Israel. "We have full confidence in him," State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters. He said that Gutman, a political appointee and long-

time fundraiser for Obama's Democratic Party, was expressing his personal opinion. White House spokesman Jay Carney separately defended the administration's record, saying it has opposed "one-sided"

condemnation of Israel at the UN Human Rights Council and spoken out against incitement in the Arab world. "This administration has consistently stood up against anti-Semitism and efforts to delegitimise Israel, and we will continue to do so," Carney said. Gutman, who was addressing a conference last week on anti-Semitism in Europe, opened his speech by apologizing for not "saying what you would expect me to say." But Gutman said a new, more complex form of antiSemitism was growing, in which Jews are targeted because of resentment over the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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^p^Ûë= hÉéäÉê= ãáëëáçå çå= jçåÇ~ó= ÅçåÑáêã=J ÉÇ= íÜÉ= ÇáëÅçîÉêó= çÑ= ~ ëã~ää=éä~åÉí=SMM=äáÖÜ=J íJóÉ~êë= ~ï~ó= Ñêçã= b~êíÜ= áå= íÜÉ Ü~Äáí~ÄäÉ= òçåÉÒ= çÑ= ~= ëí~ê= åçí ìåäáâÉ= çìê= çïå= ëìåK= ^Äçìí= OKQ íáãÉë= íÜÉ= ëáòÉ= çÑ= b~êíÜI= íÜÉ åÉïäó= ÅçåÑáêãÉÇ= éä~åÉí= Ô Å~ääÉÇ= hÉéäÉêJOOÄÒ= Ô= áë= íÜÉ ëã~ääÉëí=óÉí=ÑçìåÇ=íç=çêÄáí=áå=íÜÉ ãáÇÇäÉ=çÑ=íÜÉ=Ü~Äáí~ÄäÉ=òçåÉI=çê íÜÉ= êÉÖáçå= ïÜÉêÉ= äáèìáÇ= ï~íÉê ÅçìäÇ=Éñáëí=çå=~=éä~åÉíÛë=ëìêÑ~ÅÉK qÜáë= Çá~Öê~ã= Åçãé~êÉë= çìê çïå=ëçä~ê=ëóëíÉã=íç=hÉéäÉêJOOI=~ ëí~ê= ëóëíÉã= Åçåí~áåáåÖ= íÜÉ= Ñáêëí Ü~Äáí~ÄäÉ=òçåÉÒ=éä~åÉí=ÇáëÅçîJ ÉêÉÇ= Äó= k^p^Ûë= hÉéäÉê= ãáëëáçåK qÜÉ= Çá~Öê~ã= ëÜçïë= ~å= ~êíáëíÛë êÉåÇÉêáåÖ= çÑ= íÜÉ= éä~åÉí= ÅçãJ Ñçêí~Ääó=çêÄáíáåÖ=ïáíÜáå=íÜÉ=Ü~ÄJ áí~ÄäÉ= òçåÉI= ëáãáä~ê= íç= ïÜÉêÉ b~êíÜ=ÅáêÅäÉë=íÜÉ=ëìåK= qÜçìÖÜ= ëÅáÉåíáëíë= ÇçåÛí= óÉí âåçï= áÑ= hÉéäÉêJOOÄ= áë= éêáã~êáäó êçÅâóI=Ö~ëÉçìë=çê=äáèìáÇ=áå=ÅçãJ éçëáíáçåI= áíë= ÇáëÅçîÉêó= áë= ~= ëíÉé ÅäçëÉê=íç=ÑáåÇáåÖ=éä~åÉíë=ëáãáä~ê íç=b~êíÜK=qÜáë=áë=~=ã~àçê=ãáäÉJ ëíçåÉ= çå= íÜÉ= êç~Ç= íç= ÑáåÇáåÖ b~êíÜÛë= íïáåIÒ= ë~áÇ= açìÖä~ë eìÇÖáåëI=hÉéäÉê=éêçÖê~ã=ëÅáÉåJ íáëí= ~í= k^p^K= lÑ= RQ= Ü~Äáí~ÄäÉJ òçåÉ= éä~åÉí= Å~åÇáÇ~íÉë= êÉéçêíJ ÉÇ= áå= cÉÄK= OMNNI= hÉéäÉêJOOÄ= áë íÜÉ= Ñáêëí= íç= ÄÉ= ÅçåÑáêãÉÇK= qÜÉ ÇáëÅçîÉêó= ïáää= ÄÉ= éìÄäáëÜÉÇ= áå qÜÉ=^ëíêçéÜóëáÅ~ä=gçìêå~äK

A 290-Day Orbit tÜáäÉ= hÉéäÉêJOOÄ= áë= ä~êÖÉê= íÜ~å b~êíÜI= áíë= çêÄáí= çÑ= OVM= Ç~óë ~êçìåÇ= ~= ëìåJäáâÉ= ëí~ê= áë= ãìÅÜ äáâÉ= íÜ~í= çÑ= çìê= çïå= ïçêäÇK qÜçìÖÜ=áí=áë=ëã~ääÉê=~åÇ=ÅççäÉêI

Hollywood memorabilia earns $4 million

íÜÉ= éä~åÉíÛë= Üçëí= ëí~ê= ~äëç ÄÉäçåÖë= íç= íÜÉ= ë~ãÉ= Åä~ëë= Ô ÇìÄÄÉÇ=dJíóéÉÒ=Ô=~ë=çìê=ëìåK qç= ÇáëÅçîÉê= ëìÅÜ= éä~åÉíë ~åÇ= éä~åÉí= Å~åÇáÇ~íÉëI= hÉéäÉê ãÉ~ëìêÉë=Çáéë=áå=íÜÉ=ÄêáÖÜíåÉëë çÑ= ãçêÉ= íÜ~å= NRMIMMM= ëí~êë= ~ë áåÇáÅ~íáçåë= çÑ= éä~åÉíë= ÅêçëëáåÖ áå=Ñêçåí=çÑ=íÜÉãK= ^í=äÉ~ëí=íÜêÉÉ=ëìÅÜ=íê~åëáíëÒ ~êÉ=êÉèìáêÉÇ=íç=îÉêáÑó=íÜ~í=~=ëáÖJ å~ä=áë=~=éä~åÉíK ^=î~êáÉíó=çÑ=áåëíêìãÉåíë=~êÉ ìëÉÇ=íç=êÉîáÉï=~åÇ=îÉêáÑó=çÄëÉêJ î~íáçåë= ã~ÇÉ= Äó= íÜÉ= hÉéäÉê ëé~ÅÉÅê~ÑíI= áåÅäìÇáåÖ= ÖêçìåÇJ Ä~ëÉÇ= íÉäÉëÅçéÉë= ~åÇ= íÜÉ péáíòÉê= pé~ÅÉ= qÉäÉëÅçéÉK j~âáåÖ=íÜ~í=í~ëâ=ãçêÉ=ÇáÑÑáÅìäíI hÉéäÉê= çÄëÉêîÉë= ~= ëí~ê= ÑáÉäÇ= áå íÜÉ= ÅçåëíÉää~íáçåë= `óÖåìë= ~åÇ ióê~=íÜ~í=Å~å=çåäó=ÄÉ=ëÉÉå=Ñêçã

ÖêçìåÇJÄ~ëÉÇ= çÄëÉêî~íçêáÉë ÄÉíïÉÉå=ëéêáåÖ=~åÇ=É~êäó=Ñ~ääK

Over 1,000 new planets hÉéäÉê=Ü~ë=~äëç=ÇáëÅçîÉêÉÇ ãçêÉ=íÜ~å=NIMMM=åÉï=éä~åÉí Å~åÇáÇ~íÉëI=åÉ~êäó=ÇçìÄäáåÖ=áíë éêÉîáçìëäó=âåçïå=ÅçìåíK fåÅäìÇÉÇ=~ãçåÖ=íÜçëÉ=~êÉ=NM íÜ~í=~êÉ=ÅäçëÉ=íç=b~êíÜÛë=ëáòÉ=~åÇ çêÄáí=áå=íÜÉ=Ü~Äáí~ÄäÉ=òçåÉ=çÑ íÜÉáê=Üçëí=ëí~êI=Äìí=ÑçääçïJìé çÄëÉêî~íáçåë=ïáää=ÄÉ=åÉÅÉëë~êó íç=ÇÉíÉêãáåÉ=ïÜÉíÜÉê=íÜÉó=~êÉ íêìÉ=éä~åÉíëK=

‘We Couldn’t Get There’ ?cçêíìåÉ= ëãáäÉÇ= ìéçå= ìë= ïáíÜ íÜÉ= ÇÉíÉÅíáçå= çÑ= íÜáë= éä~åÉíI? ë~áÇ= táääá~ã= _çêìÅâáI= hÉéäÉê éêáåÅáé~ä= áåîÉëíáÖ~íçê= ~í= k^p^ ^ãÉë=oÉëÉ~êÅÜ=`ÉåíÉêI=ïÜç=äÉÇ

íÜÉ= íÉ~ã= íÜ~í= ÇáëÅçîÉêÉÇ hÉéäÉêJOOÄK=?qÜÉ=ÇáëÅçîÉêó=íÜ~í íÜÉ= éä~åÉí= hÉéäÉêJOOÄ= áë= áå= íÜÉ Ü~Äáí~ÄäÉ= òçåÉ= ~êçìåÇ= ~= ëìåJ äáâÉ=ëí~ê=áë=~=ÅêìÅá~ä=ëíÉé=íçï~êÇë ÇáëÅçîÉêáåÖ=äáÑÉ=çìíëáÇÉ=íÜÉ=ëçä~ê ëóëíÉãI?= j~êáç= iáîáçI= ~= ëÉåáçê ~ëíêçéÜóëáÅáëí= ïáíÜ= íÜÉ= pé~ÅÉ qÉäÉëÅçéÉ=pÅáÉåÅÉ=fåëíáíìíÉI=íçäÇ qÉÅÜkÉïëtçêäÇK=tÜáäÉ= íÜÉ= Ñ~Åí íÜ~í= äáèìáÇ= ï~íÉê= Å~å= Éñáëí= çå íÜÉ= ëìêÑ~ÅÉ= çÑ= íÜÉ= éä~åÉí= ?ÇçÉë åçí=åÉÅÉëë~êáäó=ãÉ~å=íÜ~í=íÜÉêÉ áë=äáÑÉ=íÜÉêÉI=ïÉ=íÜáåâ=íÜ~í=äáèìáÇ ï~íÉê= áë= ~= kb`bpp^ov= áåÖêÉÇáJ Éåí=Ñçê=äáÑÉI?=iáîáç=Éñéä~áåÉÇK qÜÉ=ÇáëÅçîÉêó=áë=~å=áåíÉêÉëíJ áåÖ= çåÉI= Äìí= ÉîÉå= áÑ= hÉéäÉêJOOÄ ÇçÉë=íìêå=çìí=íç=ÄÉ=Ü~Äáí~ÄäÉI=áí äáâÉäó= ïçåÛí= Ü~îÉ= ~åó= éê~ÅíáÅ~ä áãéäáÅ~íáçåë= Ñçê= Üìã~åë= ~åóJ íáãÉ=ëççåK

LOS ANGELES: ^= i~Çó= d~Ö~ ÇêÉëëI=~=ëÉäÑJÇê~ïå=ëâÉíÅÜ=çÑ=gçÜå iÉååçå=ïáíÜ=vçâç=låç=~åÇ=éÜçJ íçë= çÑ= ~= óçìåÖ= j~êáäóå= jçåêçÉ ïÉêÉ=~ãçåÖ=áíÉãë=ëçäÇ=~í=~å=i^ ~ìÅíáçå= íÜ~í= ã~ÇÉ= çîÉê= AQ= ãáäJ äáçåI=çêÖ~åáòÉêë=ë~áÇ=jçåÇ~óK qÜÉ= ëíêìÅíìêÉÇ= ÇêÉëë= íÜ~í i~Çó= d~Ö~= ïçêÉ= çå= íÜÉ= ÅçîÉê= çÑ j~Ç~ãÉ= cáÖ~êç= ã~Ö~òáåÉ= áå OMMN= ïÉåí= Ñçê= APNIORMI= íÜÉ= Ñáêëí ëìÅÜ= ë~äÉ= ~í= ~ìÅíáçåI= ïÜáäÉ= íÜÉ éêçé= Öìå= ëÜÉ= ìëÉÇ= áå= íÜÉ= îáÇÉç Ñçê= _çêå= qÜáë= t~óÒ= ëçäÇ= Ñçê ATISUMK ^= ÅçääÉÅíáçå= çÑ= éÜçíçë= ~åÇ åÉÖ~íáîÉë= ïáíÜ= ÅçéóêáÖÜí= çÑ kçêã~= gÉ~åI= ÄÉÑçêÉ= ëÜÉ= ÄÉÅ~ãÉ j~êáäóå= jçåêçÉI= ëçäÇ= Ñçê APROIMMM= ~í= íÜÉ= ÑçìêJÇ~ó= ë~äÉ= ~í gìäáÉåÛë=^ìÅíáçåë=áå=_ÉîÉêäó=eáääëI ïÜáÅÜ=ÉåÇÉÇ=pìåÇ~óK ^ãçåÖ= _É~íäÉë= ãÉãçê~Äáäá~ ï~ë= ~= gçÜå= iÉååçå= C= m~ìä jÅ`~êíåÉó=ïçêå=à~ÅâÉí=Ñêçã=íÜÉ Ñáäã= eÉäé>IÒ= ïÜáÅÜ= ÑÉíÅÜÉÇ AQPITRMI=ïÜáäÉ=~=Å~êáÅ~íìêÉ=Çê~ïJ áåÖ= Äó= iÉååçå= çÑ= Üáã= ~åÇ= låç ÇìêáåÖ= íÜÉáê= Ñ~ãçìë= NVSV= _ÉÇ fåÒ=ëçäÇ=Ñçê=AVMIMMMK jáÅÜ~Éä= g~ÅâëçåJêÉä~íÉÇ áíÉãë= ïÉêÉ= ~äëç= ëçäÇ= ~í= íÜÉ= ~ìÅJ íáçåK

pÜÉ=éêçãçíÉë=vçÖ~=Ñçê=~=ÚmÉ~ÅÉÑìä=ÉñáëíÉåÅÉÛ KABUL: tÜÉå=PM=^ÑÖÜ~å=éêáëçå Öì~êÇë=íççâ=~=ÄêÉ~â=Ñêçã=ï~êÇÉå ÇìíáÉë= íç= íêó= óçÖ~I= íÜÉó= äìåÖÉÇ ëáÇÉï~óë= áå= ìåáëçå= íç= ãÉÇáí~íÉ çå= éìêëìáåÖ= ~= ãçêÉ= éÉ~ÅÉÑìä ÉñáëíÉåÅÉ=áå=^ÑÖÜ~åáëí~åK qÜÉ= ìåìëì~ä= ëÅÉåÉ= ï~ë çêÅÜÉëíê~íÉÇ= Äó= cêÉåÅÜ= óçÖ~ ÉåíÜìëá~ëí=^ã~åÇáåÉ=oçÅÜÉI=çå ~=éÉêëçå~ä=èìÉëí=íç=éêçãçíÉ=íÜÉ áÇÉ~=íÜ~í=Ñçê=ÑáÖÜíáåÖ=íç=ÉåÇ=~åÇ Ä~ííäÉ= ëÅ~êë= íç= Ñ~ÇÉ= áå= íÜÉ= ï~êJ êáåÖ= å~íáçåI= áååÉê= éÉ~ÅÉ= ãìëí ÅçãÉ=çìíK q~äáÄ~åI=^ÑÖÜ~å=~åÇ=tÉëíÉêå íêççéë=ëÜçìäÇ=éê~ÅíáëÉ=óçÖ~=~åÇ ãÉÇáí~íáçåI=ëÜÉ=ÄÉäáÉîÉëI=íç=ïçêâ íçï~êÇë= ãçêÉ= Ü~êãçåáçìë= ~åÇ ÄêçíÜÉêäó= ëçÅá~ä= êÉä~íáçåë= ~åÇ ÜÉäé=ÄêáåÖ=íÜêÉÉ=ÇÉÅ~ÇÉë=çÑ=ï~ê áå=^ÑÖÜ~åáëí~å=íç=~=ÅäçëÉK fí=áë=~=ãÉëë~ÖÉ=ëÜÉ=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå

í~âáåÖ= íç= éçïÉêÄêçâÉêë= çå= ÄçíÜ ëáÇÉë= çÑ= íÜÉ= ÅçåÑäáÅíI= ~äÄÉáí= ïáíÜ äáãáíÉÇ= ëìÅÅÉëëK= pç= Ñ~ê= ÜÉê= éêçJ àÉÅí= áë= ëÉäÑJÑìåÇÉÇ= ~åÇ= ëã~ää= áå ëÅ~äÉI= Äìí= ïÜáäÉ= óçÖ~= Ñçê= íÜÉ ã~ëëÉë= ã~ó= ëÉÉã= å~áîÉ= áå= ~ Åçìåíêó= ëíÉÉéÉÇ= áå= ï~êêáçê= ÅìäJ íìêÉI= ëÜÉ= Ü~ë= ~í= äÉ~ëí= ïçå= ëçãÉ ÜáÖÜJéêçÑáäÉ=~ìÇáÉåÅÉëK ?oÉ~ä=éÉ~ÅÉ=ëí~êíë=ïáíÜáåI=äáâÉ íÜÉ=ï~ê=ëí~êíë=ïáíÜáåK=tÉ=åÉÉÇ=íç ê~áëÉ=íÜÉ=äÉîÉä=çÑ=ÅçåëÅáçìëåÉëëI áíDë=~ë=ëáãéäÉ=~ë=íÜ~íI?=oçÅÜÉ=íçäÇ ^cm= ~í= ÜÉê= ÜçãÉ= áå= íÜÉ= ^ÑÖÜ~å Å~éáí~ä=h~ÄìäK ?f= ë~óW= DdìóëI= ïÜó= ÇçåDí= óçì ëíçé\= fíDë= éçáåíäÉëë= Ñçê= PM= óÉ~êëI àìëí=ëáíI=ëáí=~åÇ=Åççä=ÇçïåKD? açïåï~êÇ= ÇçÖë= ~åÇ= ëìå ë~äìí~íáçåë= ~êÉ= åçí= Åçããçå ã~åçÉìîêÉë= ~ãçåÖ= ãáäáí~êó Åçãã~åÇÉêë=êìååáåÖ=íÜÉ=ï~ê=áå

French yoga enthusiast Amandine Roche teaches yoga to girls at AFP a school for street children in Kabul. ^ÑÖÜ~åáëí~å= Äìí= ~í= äÉ~ëí= çåÉ ëÉåáçê= çÑÑáÅÉêI= áå= ÅÜ~êÖÉ= çÑ= rpJ äÉÇ= ÇÉíÉåíáçå= Ñ~ÅáäáíáÉëI= äáëíÉåÉÇ íç=ÜÉê=éä~åK oçÅÜÉ=ëéçâÉ=íç=sáÅÉ=^Çãáê~ä

oçÄÉêí= e~êï~êÇI= ~= k~îó= pb^i íÜÉå=áå=ÅÜ~êÖÉ=çÑ=q~ëâ=cçêÅÉ=QPR íÜ~í= ÜÉ~Çë= rpJêìå= ÇÉíÉåíáçå Ñ~ÅáäáíáÉë=áå=^ÑÖÜ~åáëí~åK=?eÉ=ÇáÇ íÜáåâ= áí= ãáÖÜí= ÄÉ= ~= ÅçåëíêìÅíáîÉ

éêçÖê~ããÉI?= ë~áÇ= j~àçê= qd q~óäçêI=ëéçâÉëã~å=~í=rp=`Éåíê~ä `çãã~åÇ= ïÜÉêÉ= e~êï~êÇ= åçï ïçêâëK=?eÉ=áë=çéÉå=íç=Éî~äì~íáåÖ åçåJíê~Çáíáçå~ä= áÇÉ~ë= ~åÇ= ëìéJ éçêíë= ÅçåëáÇÉê~íáçå= çÑ= åÉï= ~åÇ ìåáèìÉ=áÇÉ~ëI?=q~óäçê=~ÇÇÉÇK räíáã~íÉäóI=ÜçïÉîÉêI=Üáë=ëìÅJ ÅÉëëçê= áå= ^ÑÖÜ~åáëí~å= ÇáÇ= åçí éìêëìÉ=áíK ?tÉ=íççâ=~å=Éñéäçê~íçêó=äççâ ~í= íÜáë= íÜáåÖI?= ë~áÇ= rp= k~îó `~éí~áå= hÉîáå= ^~åÇ~ÜäI= ÅìêêÉåí ëéçâÉëã~å= Ñçê= q~ëâ= cçêÅÉ= QPRK ?_ìí=áí=àìëí=ÇáÇåDí=Öç=Ñçêï~êÇK? råÇÉíÉêêÉÇI= oçÅÜÉ= åçï íÉ~ÅÜÉë= óçÖ~= ~åÇ= ãÉÇáí~íáçå íïáÅÉ=~=ïÉÉâ=íç=k^ql=íêççéë=áå h~ÄìäI=ïáíÜ=ìé=íç=NS=ëçäÇáÉêë=~åÇ åçåJÅçãÄ~í~åíë=~ííÉåÇáåÖ=É~ÅÜ ëÉëëáçåI= ë~áÇ= ~= k^ql= ïÉäÑ~êÉ çÑÑáÅÉêK



Matters of saving and spending

Broadridge wins gender inclusivity award


Jay pitches for new policy on solid waste management A SUDEER REDDY

Postnoon News Postnoon News

HYDERABAD: Broadridge Financial Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. has announced that it has been honoured by the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) for excellence in gender Inclusivity in the best emerging company category at the 6th Annual NASSCOM Diversity and Inclusion Summit 2011. This accomplishment recognises Broadridge for creating an enabling, inclusive culture fostering associate engagement and development practices that have encouraged women associates to contribute to the success of the cause within the organisation. V Laxmikanth, Managing Director, Broadridge, India, said, “We are honoured to receive this recognition. At Broadridge, we believe in developing a strong and inclusive work culture for all our associates and gender inclusivity is very close to our hearts. I would like to dedicate this award to all associates of Broadridge India.”

HYDERABAD: Jay Galla, chairman of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Andhra Pradesh, on Tuesday, called for formulating policies and recommendations for addressing municipal solid waste management. He was addressing an international symposium on solid waste management and sustainable solutions for clean and green earth. He felt that there was every need to deliberate upon the status and issues of municipal solid waste management and to disseminate knowledge and deliberate on various solid waste processing and disposal technologies, on waste to energy technologies, new and innovative solutions, from India and abroad. The available mechanisms for financing clean development mechanism and carbon funding should be discussed, he said. He said that the seminar would see the exchange of inf-

Municipal Administration Minister M Maheedhar Reddy and CII-AP Chairman Jay Galla opened a seminar on solid waste management ormation on the experiences of technology providers, consultants, entrepreneurs, initiatives by corporate, and NGOs from environment sector. He said that realising the importance of municipal waste management, the CII constituted a national taskforce on municipal solid waste management. Through this task force, the CII had been able to sensitise government and corporate sectors, he explained.

He suggested that educating people on the importance of solid waste management and the need to contribute for a cleaner and safer environment was the need of the hour. Synergistic approach between the various stakeholders involved like the Government, industry, institutes, and NGOs was important to achieve the desired results. International cooperation for sourcing the best technolo-

Garware’s superbike showroom in City Postnoon News

HYDERABAD: Garware Motors, along with S&T Motors Corporation, has launched their 14th exclusive showroom “Luxury On Wheels” in the City on Monday at Shanti Shikara commercial complex, in Somajuguda. The showroom showcases three new Hyosung superbikes GT 650 N (650cc naked sports bike), GT650R (650cc Sports bike) and ST 7 (700cc Cruiser bike). Film producer D Rama Naidu, Minister T G Venkatesh and MLA Jayasudha were present on the occasion. The newly launched bikes are available at `3,87,000 for GT650N in three different colours (red, white and black) and GT650 R at `4,83,000 for single-tone colour and `4,98,000 for dual tone color for GT650R, whereas `5,80,000 for ST 7 (all ex-showroom price). The showroom has 3S

Rama Naidu unveiled the model ST 7(700cc Cruiser bike) facility providing world class sales, spares and services. Having its strong dealer network across the country in cities like Pune, Mumbai, Goa,

Delhi, Ahmedabad, Indore, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Kolhapur, Cochin and Chandigarh, Garware Motors also offers unique 24X7 emergency

services. Customers would be offered on-call breakdown service, onsite emergency repairs, battery jumpstart, fuel delivery, lost key support, transfer/towing of vehicle and taxi drop facility. SP Raykar said: “Hyderabad as a city is young and growing and we are confident to receive an encouraging response from the market. This decision was largely driven by the growing popularity of super biking in Hyderabad as well as the increasing demand for aspirational bikes. S&T Motors is world class technology giant in the South Korean market since 1978. Garware Motors with the help of S&T Motors have set up an assembly plant at Wai in Maharashtra with a capacity to manufacture 8-10 bikes a day investing `20 crore in first phase. The plant has a fullfledged assembly line, storage facility, quality centre and fully automatic testing line.

gies at affordable cost must also be discussed. Effective enforcement of best practices was also needed. Galla was optimistic that the two-day symposium organised by the CII and APTDC would address the concerning the solid waste management sector and cater to business opportunity in the waste to wealth sector. Minister for Municipal Administration Maheedhar Reddy also attended the inaugural session.

TI expands capacity Postnoon News

HYDERABAD: TI Diamond Chains (TIDC), a unit of Tube Investments of India Ltd (TII), part of the Murugappa Group, has opened its expanded production facility at its Hyderabad unit. The company has invested ` 30 crore on this facility. TIDC’s production capacity for two-wheeler automotive chains will go up by 20 per cent. Speaking on the occasion, vice-chairman of the Murugappa Group and chairman of TII MM Murugappan said: “This facility has been set up with equipment to be run with the best in class practices. This would enable TI to meet the growing demand from its auto customers.” The `17,000-crore Murugappa group has 28 different businesses including eight listed companies.

BSE – 16,805.33641.50, NSE – 5,039.15611.00, Gold 24k(10g)– `29,100, Silver (1kg)–56,700, Dollar $ – `51.22, Pound £ – `80.10

Play Field


A critical look at games and players


Live on Ten Sports Uefa Champions League Barcelona v BATE Borisov, GpH, 1.15am (Wednesday) Chelsea v Valencia, GpE, 1.15am (Wed) Do-or-die tie for Chelsea Olympiakos v Arsenal, GpF, 1.15am (Wednesday)

Fulham striker Clint Dempsey struck the winner as Liverpool's outstanding form on the road ended with a controversial 1-0 defeat at Craven Cottage

Dempsey downs Liverpool D

empsey stabbed home a long-range 85th-minute shot by Danny Murphy that had bounced off the arms of Jose Reina, to secure only Fulham's third Barclays Premier League win of the season. However, a sense of grievance cloaked Liverpool's night after they were denied a strong claim to a penalty and a legitimate goal from Luis Suarez was disallowed for offside, before Jay Spearing was shown a straight red card for a

Jay Spearing

‘Euro struggle self-inflicted’ Andre Villas-Boas admits Chelsea only have themselves to blame for being on the brink


illas-Boas refused to contemplate the prospect of the Blues exiting the competition before Christmas for the first time or the ignominy of being the man in charge were it to happen. The 34-year-old last week insisted his job did not depend on the outcome of the game, which Chelsea must win or keep a clean sheet in to

progress to the last 16. "We just have ourselves to blame," said Villas-Boas, whose side threw away winning positions in their three away games at Valencia, Genk and Bayer Leverkusen. He added, "During this campaign of five games, we've done pretty well in terms of performances, but the small details have gone away from us in the last couple of minutes, at Valencia and Leverkusen. "If that hadn't happened, we would have been sitting here in a familiar position, like in the past, and, most likely, having qualified." Asked whether failure would dent his personal pride, he said, ES "I'm not answering that.”

challenge on Moussa Dembele. Philippe Senderos hacked down Charlie Adam with referee Kevin Friend claiming the tackle was executed just outside the area in what was a desperately tight call. Worse was to come when Suarez produced a brilliant finish after jinking his way clear, only for a flag to be raised even though the Uruguay striker was onside. The final insult was delivered in the 72nd minute when Spearing, making his first

Premier League start of the season, was dismissed. Spearing, who had replaced knee-injury victim Lucas Leiva in the starting line-up, caught Dembele with a sliding challenge, but only after cleanly winning the ball in what was a harsh call. The killer blow landed with six minutes of normal time remaining, starting with Murphy pulling the trigger from well outside the area. Reina failed to control the ball and the lurking

Dempsey was able to convert from close range The result denied Liverpool a record-equalling seventh successive away win in all competitions as they endured their first defeat in 12 games. They dominated long spells of the game and were unlucky not to snatch a last-gasp point when Fulham keeper Mark Schwarzer produced a stunning save to tip substitute Stewart Downing's shot on to the left-hand post in a frantic ES climax.

Messi in running for ‘player of year’


ionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Xavi have been shortlisted for the 2011 FIFA Ballon d'Or. Messi won the inaugural award last year after FIFA's World Player of the Year crown and France Football's Ballon d'Or gong merged. The Barcelona forward is the favourite once more after another stunning season at the Nou Camp in which he scored 53 goals in all competitions. Argentinian Messi was Barca's top-scorer as Pep Guardiola's men retained the Primera

Division title and reclaimed the Champions League trophy with a comprehensive defeat of Man United at Wembley. Xavi was the architect of many of Messi's goals, the Barca veteran maintaining his position as arguably the premier midfielder in world football. Ronaldo also scored 53 for Real Madrid as they finished runners up. Guardiola, Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho and Man United manager Sir Alex Ferguson have been shortlisted for the 2011 FIFA Coach of the ES Year award.

Play Field


A critical look at games and players

The cost of security for the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics has almost doubled to £553 million

2012 security costs almost double


he massive operation to provide security at more than 100 venues across the UK has swollen by £271 million after a decision to recruit and train almost 14,000 more personnel, said the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Meanwhile, the price tag for the opening and closing ceremonies has risen by £41 million, also doubling previous forecasts. DCMS insisted that the decision to increase the number of security staff from 10,000 to 23,700 was not in response to "any specific security threat". Olympics minister Hugh Robertson said that the additional spending would not put the Games over their £9.3 billion budget, thanks to savings of more than £910 million achieved by the Olympic Delivery Authority since 2007. With 235 days to go to

Mithun replaces Praveen for Oz tour


bhimanyu Mithun, the Karnataka fast bowler, has been named as Praveen Kumar's replacement in India's Test squad for their tour of Australia. Irfan Pathan, makes his return to the international setup in about two years, reports After Praveen was ruled out of the Tests with a fractured rib, the selectors had to add another seamer to the 17-man squad for Australia and the place was expected to go to either one of Mithun, Vinay

Irfan Pathan, the Baroda allrounder, has been picked for the last two one-dayers against West Indies Kumar or Irfan Pathan. Mithun got that spot, but a place in the ODI squad was vacated because Umesh Yadav is departing for Australia early. Irfan's performances in the ongoing domestic season have been rewarded with that spot

for the final two one-dayers. Irfan has not played for India since 2009, but drew attention because of his performance in this season's Ranji Trophy, in which he is the leading wicket-taker in the Elite division, having taken 21 wickets in three games. Mithun took six wickets in three Tests on the tour of Sri Lanka in July 2010, his debut series. However, he had to make way for the returning Zaheer Khan and Sreesanth after that series.

the July 27 opening ceremony, the Olympic programme remains "on time and within budget", with construction of stadiums and infrastructure now 92 per cent complete, said Robertson. The Government and the London 2012 organising committee (LOCOG) have now undertaken detailed analysis of the number of security staff required, he said. "As a result, to ensure a safe and secure Games, they have revised the numbers of trained staff required," he said. "We are therefore investing additional funds in providing nearly 24,000 venue security personnel plus specialist security equipment." Robertson said the decision to provide LOCOG with extra public money for the opening and closing ceremonies was taken to take


advantage of "a great national moment" that could generate advertising revenue of £2£5 billion. LOCOG's budget for the ceremonies has never been officially confirmed but was previously understood to have been £40 million. Robertson said, "London's opening and closing ceremonies are a once-in-a-generation opportunity to showcase the very best of our country to four billion people around the world. To get the ceremonies absolutely right and boost the Games business and tourism legacy, we are putting additional investment into our ceremonies." In the quarterly report on the cost of the Games, Robertson revealed that the ODA had achieved a further £42 million in savings between July–Sep. The funding package remains at £9.298 billion, with over £500 million of spare cash available for contingencies. ES

Klitschko fight called off


ladimir Klitschko's management company have confirmed his world title fight against JeanMarc Mormeck on Saturday has been called off. Klitschko, the WBO, WBA and IBF heavyweight champion, has failed to recover in time for the bout in Dusseldorf after undergoing an operation at the weekend to remove a kidney stone. The Ukrainian, 35, initially hoped he would have recovered in time but has now been advised to pull out. Berndt Boente, Klitschko's

promoter, told a press conference in Dusseldorf, "Wladimir is very disappointed about this cancellation. Wladimir is crushed and ruined as he did everything he could to give a show to his loyal, beloved fans. But the pain is too much to overcome at this moment. We have no other choice but to cancel the event." Boente said there were provisional plans to stage the fight on March 3 as that is the nominal date for Klitschko to fight a mandatory challenger under IBF rules. EVENING STANDARD

Wacky World


Fun and frolic in a flat world

The gentle


Nine-year-old Monet


Australian keeper calls his 120 kg alligator friend a gentle giant


e might weigh 120kg with fangs sharp enough to serrate limbs, but this lethal alligator is nothing but gentle, his brave keeper insists. Nelson, the 10ft long alligator, loves nothing more than to swim around his pit and have his chin rubbed by wildlife enthusiast Stuart Parker, and has so far resisted the temptation to bite. Mr Parker now runs the Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria, Australia, after becoming fascinated with reptiles at the young age of six – when a baby gator whipped his hand with its tail and bit his chest. He was not injured by the incident and instead of fearing the creatures, he grew to love them and has followed in his grandparents footsteps – who originally established the wildlife park. Mr Parker told “You can work really closely with the alligators because of their gentle natures. They even let you rub them under the chin. They don’t mind us being on

their land space but they aren’t use to people in their pool so we are trying to get them used to it. It means we don’t have to empty the entire pool to clean it and move the gators out of their enclosure which stresses them out a bit.” After spending years training the animals to tolerate humans, Mr Parker added that people shouldn’t have the view that gators are emotionless just because they’re cold blooded,

Who needs snow? Lack of snow in leads to skiing on rocks A

lthough it’s December and the skiing season is officially open, there is no sign of snow in the Tyrol region of Austria. But that’s no reason not to ski, at least not for those brave enough to practice the winter sport on a rock-covered slope. 45 kilometers west of Innsbruck, near the picturesque village of Haiming, skiers have found the perfect place to test out their skiing equipment, even though there’s not one white patch of snow in sight.

The brave daredevils climb a rock-covered slope on foot and descend on their skis, leaving a cloud of dust behind them. The rocks aren’t as smooth as snow, and they obviously do a lot of damage to their equipment, but the avid skiers don’t seem to mind, as long as they get to practice their favourite sport. Falling of your skies during a descent on the rocky slope of Haiming isn’t what you’d call a pleasurable experience, that’s why only experienced skiers are advised to try their luck here.

“Among their own social circles, they show a lot of affection and attention to each other. If a male is wooing a female he swims under to blow bubbles around her and will nuzzle and massage her neck and back with his snout.” Although 17-year-old Nelson sounds heavy at 120kg, the largest salt water crocodile that the wildlife centre is home to is around 295 kg.


en 9-Year Old Kieron Williamson’s paintings were put up for sale in Norfolk, England, they were sold out in just 10 minutes. While artists more than twice his age struggle to find buyers for even a single piece of art, Kieron’s story is one that could spark envy in the most established of painters. It’s always interesting to learn about the early years of artists, especially ones as young as Kieron. According to his parents, he never showed much interest in art or drawing until he was five. A typical energetic child, he was more interested in mud and water, riding his bike and playing with bugs. His inclination towards art was sparked off on a family visit to Cornwall, in 2008. It was here that he had asked for some sheets of paper and began to draw, inspired by the boats in a nearby port. After a few art classes and some lessons from artist Carol Ann Pennington, a family friend, Kieron began to produce masterpieces that people

would soon be queuing up to purchase. His first sale was in the summer of 2009, when he sold 19 pictures for £14,000 ($22,000). The latest sale of his paintings have earned him £ 100,000 ($157,000). Kieron Williamson has developed his own unique style of painting. The use of colours, the definition, and perspective in his art work evoke a sense of the ethereal. The 9-year old says that his hero is Norfolk landscape artist Edward Seago, who died in 1974. The late Queen Mother was an avid fan, and Royal patronage is something Kieron hopes to achieve too. He has sent his paintings to both the Queen and also to Prince Charles.

Brave New World

From the world of science & research



Impact of climate change on world’s highest mountains

Part 2


äíÜçìÖÜ=ÑáÉäÇ=îÉêáÑáÅ~J íáçå=~åÇ=~ÇÇáíáçå~ä Ç~í~=ÅçääÉÅíáçå=ïáää=ÄÉ åÉÉÇÉÇ=ÄÉÑçêÉ=ÑáêãÉê=ÅçåÅäìJ ëáçåë=~Äçìí=Öä~ÅáÉê=êÉíêÉ~í=Å~å ÄÉ=Çê~ïåI=íÜÉ=Ç~í~=êÉéêÉëÉåí ~=ëáÖåáÑáÅ~åí=ëíÉé=áå=ÄêáÇÖáåÖ íÜÉ=âåçïäÉÇÖÉ=Ö~é=çå=Åäáã~íÉ ÅÜ~åÖÉ=áå=íÜÉ=eheK=ré=ìåíáä åçïI=íÜÉêÉ=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=ÅçãéäÉíÉ ìåÅÉêí~áåíó=çå=íÜÉ=åìãÄÉêë ~åÇ=~êÉ~=çÑ=Öä~ÅáÉêë=~åÇ=íÜÉ éêÉëÉåí=ëí~íìë=çÑ=íÜÉáê=ÉåîáJ êçåãÉåí~ä=ÅçåÇáíáçåë=áå=íÜÉ êÉÖáçåK=qÜáë=êÉëÉ~êÅÜ=ÖáîÉ=ìë=~ Ä~ëÉäáåÉ=Ñêçã=ïÜáÅÜ=íç=ãÉ~J ëìêÉ=íÜÉ=éçíÉåíá~ä=áãé~Åí=çÑ Åäáã~íÉ=ÅÜ~åÖÉ=áå=íÜÉ=êÉÖáçå ~åÇ=íç=ÇÉîÉäçé=çéíáçåë=Ñçê ãáíáÖ~íáåÖ=íÜÉ=áãé~Åí=çÑ Çóå~ãáÅ=ÅÜ~åÖÉë=íÜÉ=êÉÖáçå áë=ÉñéÉÅíáåÖ=áå=íÜÉ=ÅçãáåÖ óÉ~êëIÒ=ë~áÇ=_~ë~åí~=pÜêÉëíÜ~ Ñêçã=f`fjlaK=

^=ëÉÅçåÇ=êÉéçêíI=påçïJ `çîÉê=j~ééáåÖ=~åÇ=jçåáíç=êá=J åÖ=áå=íÜÉ=eáåÇì=hìëÜJeáã=~ä=~=J ó~ëI=ÇçÅìãÉåíë=íÜÉ=Ñáêëí=Åç=J ãéêÉÜÉåëáîÉ=ëí~íìë=êÉéçêí=çÑ ëåçï=ÅçîÉê=áå=íÜÉ=êÉÖáçåI=Çê~=J ïå=Ñêçã=~=êÉÖáçå~ä=ãçåáíçêJ áåÖ=ëÅÜÉãÉK=eçïÉîÉêI=íÜÉ=êÉ ï~ë=~å=áåÇáÅ~íáçå=çÑ=~å=çî=É=ê~ää ÇÉÅêÉ~ëÉ=áå=ëåçï=ÅçîÉê=çîÉê íÜÉ=ÇÉÅ~ÇÉ=áå=íÜÉ=ÅÉåíê~ä=ehe êÉÖáçå=~åÇ=çîÉê~ääI=~åÇ=~=ëäáÖÜí áåÅêÉ~ëÉ=áå=íÜÉ=ïÉëíÉêå=~åÇ É~ëíÉêå=é~êíë=çÑ=íÜÉ=êÉÖáçåK qÜÉ=ehe=êÉÖáçåÛë=Öä~ÅáÉêë ~åÇ=ëåçï=ÄêÉ~íÜÉ=äáÑÉ=áåíç=íÜÉ êÉÖáçå~ä=ãçåëççå=ëóëíÉã ~åÇ=ÑÉÉÇ=íÜÉ=ÜÉ~Çï~íÉêë=çÑ=NM ã~àçê=êáîÉê=ëóëíÉãë=íÜ~í=ëíê=ÉJ= íÅÜ=~Åêçëë=ÉáÖÜí=^ëá~å=Åçìåíê=J áÉë=Ô=^ÑÖÜ~åáëí~åI=_~åÖä~=ÇÉ=J ëÜI=_Üìí~åI=`Üáå~I=fåÇá~I=jó=J ~=åã~êI=kÉé~ä=~åÇ=m~â=áëí~åK=

Status of climate change in a vulnerable region qÜÉ=íÜáêÇ=êÉéçêíI=`äáã~íÉ `Ü~åÖÉ=áå=íÜÉ=eáåÇì=hìëÜJ

eáã~ä~ó~ëW=qÜÉ=pí~íÉ=çÑ `ìêêÉåí=håçïäÉÇÖÉI=ÅçåëáÇJ Éêë=íÜÉ=ã~ëë=çÑ=Ç~í~=~åÇ=éìÄJ äáëÜÉÇ=ëíìÇáÉë=áå=íÜêÉÉ=ã~àçê ~êÉ~ëW=Åäáã~íÉ=~åÇ=ÜóÇêçäçÖóX ÄáçÇáîÉêëáíó=~åÇ=ÉÅçëóëíÉãëX ~åÇ=~íãçëéÜÉêáÅ=ÅÜ~åÖÉëK=fí ~äëç=éçáåíë=çìí=íÜÉ=äáãáíë=çÑ ÅìêêÉåí=Ç~í~=~åÇ=íÜÉ=ëÜçêí íáãÉ=Ñê~ãÉ=çÑ=ãçëí=êÉÅçêÇë EÑÉï=ÉñíÉåÇáåÖ=ãçêÉ=íÜ~å=RM óÉ~êëFK=få=~ÇÇáíáçåI=Åäáã~íÉJ êÉä~íÉÇ=ëíìÇáÉë=áå=íÜÉ=êÉÖáçå ëìÑÑÉê=Ñêçã=~=ä~Åâ=çÑ=êÉéÉ~í ëíìÇáÉëI=éÉêã~åÉåí=éäçíëI ÑáÉäÇ=î~äáÇ~íáçåI=~åÇ=éÉÉê êÉîáÉïK=kçåÉíÜÉäÉëëI=íÜÉ êÉéçêí=éêçîáÇÉë=~=ëå~éëÜçí=çÑ ÅÜ~åÖÉë=çÅÅìêêáåÖ=áå=íÜÉ ehe=êÉÖáçåK= qÜÉ=ehe=êÉÖáçå=áë=çåÉ=çÑ íÜÉ=ïçêäÇÛë=Üçíëéçíë=Ñçê=ÖäçÄ~ä ï~êãáåÖK=qÜÉ=êáëÉ=áå=íÉãéÉêJ ~íìêÉ=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=ÖêÉ~íÉê=~í ÜáÖÜÉê=~äíáíìÇÉë=~åÇ=ãçêÉ éêçåçìåÅÉÇ=ÇìêáåÖ=íÜÉ=ÅççäJ Éê=ãçåíÜë=íÜ~å=áå=íÜÉ ï~êãÉê=ãçåíÜëK=qÜáë=áãÄ~äJ ~åÅÉ=å~êêçïë=íÜÉ=ëÉ~ëçå~ä î~êá~íáçå=áå=íÉãJ éÉê~íìêÉI=éçíÉåJ íá~ääó

Ñ~îçìêáåÖ=ëçãÉ=éä~åí=ëéÉÅáÉë çîÉê=çíÜÉêë=~åÇ=~äêÉ~Çó=Ü~îJ áåÖ=áãé=~Åíë=çå=~ÖêáÅìäíìêÉK t~ê=ãáåÖ=~Åêçëë=íÜÉ=êÉÖáçå=áë ÖêÉ~íÉê=íÜ~å=íÜÉ=ÖäçÄ~ä=~îÉêJ ~ÖÉ=çÑ=MKTQø`=çîÉê=íÜÉ=é~ëí NMM=óÉ~êëK=eçïÉîÉêI=íÜáë ÅÜ~åÖÉ=áë=åçí=ÉîÉåäó=ÇáëJ íêáÄìíÉÇK=fí=áë=ãçëí=éêçJ åçìåÅÉÇ=áå=ÜáÖÜÉê=~äíáíìÇÉ ~êÉ~ë=äáâÉ=íÜÉ=ÅÉåíê~ä=eáã~ä=J ~ó~ë=~åÇ=íÜÉ=qáÄÉí~å=mä~íÉ~ìK få=iÜ~ë~I=Ñçê=Éñ~ãéäÉI=íÉãJ éÉê~íìêÉë=áåÅêÉ~ëÉÇ=Äó=NKPRø` ÄÉíïÉÉå=NVRM=~åÇ=NVUMK=

Impacts of warming and melting in the HKH qïç=ã~àçê=ä~åÇ=ìëÉ=ëóëíÉãë áå=íÜÉ=êÉÖáçå=~êÉ=ÅÜ~åÖáåÖK=få ãçìåí~áå=ÑçêÉëíëI=íêÉÉ=äáåÉë ~åÇ=ëéÉÅáÉë=~êÉ=ëÜáÑíáåÖ íç=ÜáÖÜÉê=ÉäÉî~íáçåëI=~åÇ ëéÉÅáÉë=~äêÉ~Çó=äáîáåÖ=~í=íÜÉ ÜáÖÜÉëí=ÉäÉî~íáçåë=ã~ó=Ü~îÉ åçïÜÉêÉ=íç=ÖçK= jÉ~åïÜáäÉI=íÜÉ=î~ëí=Öê~ëëJ ä~åÇë=çÑ=íÜÉ=qáÄÉí~å=mä~íÉ~ì ~êÉ=ÄÉáåÖ=ëíÉ~Çáäó ÇÉÖê~ÇÉÇK

fåÅêÉ~ëÉë=áå=Öä~Åá~ä=ãÉäíJ áåÖ=~êÉ=éêçàÉÅíÉÇ=íç=äáãáí=íÜÉ å~íìê~ä=ï~íÉê=ëíçê~ÖÉ=éêçîáÇJ ÉÇ=Äó=Éñé~åëÉë=çÑ=ëåçï=~åÇ áÅÉ=~åÇ=íç=ÜÉáÖÜíÉå=íÜÉ=êáëâ çÑ=Öä~Åá~ä=ä~âÉ=çìíÄìêëí ÑäççÇëK=j~ëë=äçëëÉë=Ñêçã Öä~ÅáÉêë=~åÇ=~ÅÅÉäÉê~íáåÖ êÉÇìÅíáçåë=áå=ëåçï=ÅçîÉê=~êÉ ÉñéÉÅíÉÇ=íç=ìäíáã~íÉäó êÉÇìÅÉ=ï~íÉê=ëìééäáÉë=~åÇ ÜóÇêçéçïÉê=éçíÉåíá~äK= `Ü~åÖÉë=áå=íÜÉ=ëÉ~ëçå~äáJ íó=çÑ=Ñäçïë=áå=êáîÉê=Ä~ëáåë ëìééäáÉÇ=Äó=ãÉäí=ï~íÉê=Ñêçã ëåçï=~åÇ=áÅÉ=~êÉ=~äëç éêÉÇáÅíÉÇK= aêçìÖÜíë=ïáää=äáâÉäó=~ÑÑÉÅí ÖêÉ~íÉê=~êÉ~ëI=~åÇ=ïáíÜ=Çêó ëéÉääë=íÜÉêÉ=ïáää=åÉÉÇ=íç=ÄÉ ÖêÉ~íÉê=êÉäá~åÅÉ=çå=áêêáÖ~íáçåI ÉîÉå=~ë=ï~íÉê=ëçìêÅÉë ÄÉÅçãÉ=ãçêÉ=êÉëíêáÅíÉÇI ~ÅÅçêÇáåÖ=íç=íÜÉ=~ìíÜçêëK=qÜÉ êáëâ=çÑ=ÑäççÇáåÖ=áë=~äëç áåÅêÉ~ëáåÖ=ïáíÜ=áåÅêÉ~ëÉÇ î~êá~Äáäáíó=çÑ=Åäáã~íÉK

Concerns about teen sexting overblown, says university research


wo new studies from the University of New Hampshire Crimes against Children Research Center suggest that concerns about teen sexting may be overblown. One study found the percentage of youth who send nude pictures of themselves that would qualify as child pornography is very low. The other found that when teen sexting images do come to police attention, few youth are being arrested or treated like sex offenders. The studies were carried out by researchers at UNH’s Crimes against Children Research Center, and published online today by the journal Pediatrics. The research is presented in the studies “Prevalence and

Characteristics of Youth Sexting: A National Study” and “How Often Are Teens Arrested for Sexting? Data From a National Sample of Police Cases.” In the first study, UNH researchers surveyed 1,560 Internet users ages 10 through 17 about their experiences with sexting — appearing in, creating, or receiving sexual images or videos via cell phone or the Internet. The study found that 2.5 per cent of youth surveyed have participated in sexting in the past year, but only 1 per cent involved images that potentially violate child pornography laws — images that showed “naked breasts, genitals or bottoms.” In the second study, researchers

discovered that in most sexting cases investigated by the police, no juvenile arrest occurred. There was an arrest in 36 per cent of the cases where there were aggravating activ-

ities by youth, such as using the images to blackmail or harass . In cases without aggravating elements, the arrest rate was 18 per cent. The second study was based on

a national sample of 675 sexting cases collected from a systematic survey of law enforcement agencies. The study also found that the very few teens who were subjected to sex offender registration had generally committed other serious offences such as sexual assault. In both studies, researchers found that sexual images of youth rarely were widely distributed online as many parents, youth, and law enforcement fear. In the teen survey, 90 percent of the youth said the images they created did not go beyond the intended recipient. Even in the cases where the images came to the attention of the police, twothirds of the images stayed on cell phones and never circulated online.



Holistic view of mind, body and soul


Though HIV might seem like the end of the road to some, life and love can always be given a second chance

Everybody needs a companion Ranjani Rajendra


hen Mahesh Kumar (name changed on request) was diagnosed with HIV, he was devastated. But his first instinct was to contain the virus and not let it spread. The first thing they did was get his wife tested for the same and according to the results she tested negative for the virus. Unwilling to spread to virus to her or let her lead a life of celibacy on his account, Mahesh made a difficult decision – he divorced her so she could lead a normal life. For most people being diagnosed with HIV might seem like the end of the road. For starters, the fact that they are positive might seem like a curse apart from the burden of the stigma attached to it. Add to that the responsibility they have of containing the virus, can make life quite difficult for them. But it does not mean that they cease to be human beings and can be ill treated or forced to lead lonely lives. Love can always be given a second chance, no matter what the circumstances. For instance, networks in the city for HIV positive people are often known to facilitate romances and a second chance at wedlock for those interested. While there are no official websites or NGOs working towards this in the City, positive people who attend support group meetings and events often come across somebody they might want to settle down with. Take for instance, the case of Swati (name changed on request). The 29-year-old was first diagnosed with HIV 11 years ago when she was pregnant with her second child. “My parents got me married to a cousin when I was only 17. But the marriage was far from happy. My husband would get drunk, beat me up and have affairs as he pleased. I was pregnant with my second child

when some routine tests showed that I had HIV. Despite my ill health, my husband showed no remorse nor did he take care of me and our child. Things got to such a point that I even attempted suicide, before my parents asked me to walk out of the marriage for my own well being,” she says. What made matters worse was that her husband didn’t have a job and Swati was the sole bread winner. But every time she’d go to work, he would suspect her of infidelity. Eventually, Swati launched Positive Network, an NGO that works towards helping people with HIV and offered them counselling. It was during the

course of her work here that she met Mahesh. The two got along very well and after a few months, Mahesh popped the question. After taking due permission from Swati’s family, the couple got married in 2004. “He is a wonderful man and is a great dad to my kids. Being a divorcee and HIV positive can make life quite difficult, with people raising questions about your character. However, marriage has given me a sense of security. Besides, life is way too long to lead a lonely life,” says Swati, who has helped over 35 HIV positive couples find a second chance at love in the last six years.

World Aids Week

Hemorrhoids are common

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ust because someone has been diagnosed with HIV does not mean that he/she ceases to be a human being. They still deserve to lead respectable and happy lives. And everybody needs companionship in life. A person with HIV goes through enough turmoil as it is due to fears associated with their situation. In such a scenario if they have a companion to share their fears with, it will only make life easier. – Dr Savita Date Menon, psychologist

Dr Manu Tandan

What are hemorrhoids? Why is it that women are the ones who are most affected by them? Hemorrhoids or piles as they are more commonly known is one of the commonest diseases affecting mankind. Over 50 per cent of the population above the age of 50 especially from developed countries have hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are caused by the dilatation and enlargement of the hemorrhoidal vein which are present in and around the anal area. Weakening of walls of veins due to age and an increase in pressure such as straining during passage of stools can lead to formation of hemorrhoids. Women, especially during pregnancy, are more prone to hemorrhoids at an early age because of the pressure exerted by the foetus in the pelvis. Hemorrhoids can be external or internal or a combination of both. External hemorrhoids form a soft swelling around the anal opening. These are generally painful as this area is rich in supply of nerves. Internal hemorrhoids occur in the anal canal which is the lowest part of the rectum. These hemorrhoids need not produce pain. They present with bleeding and occasionally prolapse and become external. The commonest symptoms associated with external hemorrhoids are itching, peri-anal irritation and pain. In addition to feeling a soft mass to touch. In internal hemorrhoids present with fresh bleeding per rectum. The bleed in general is painless and worsens with straining at stools. Blood may precede or follow passage of stools. (The concluding part to this article will appear next week. The writer is a senior consultant gastroenterologist at the Asian Institute of Gastroenteroloy, Hyderabad)



Because you are what you wear



Writing with Style For most, a pen is just another writing instrument, but what a lot of people fail to note is that a classy pen makes for an absolute accessory for the fashion-conscious alpha male Sana Mirza


wear my pen as others do their sword,” said John Oldham. What a lot of you probably didn't know is that a pen is assured to make more of a style statement than anything else. For a businessman, the kind of pen he uses hails him as the ultimate symbol of success, and like the car we drive or the restaurants we dine in, it says a lot about who we are. The smaller it is, the bigger the style statement. As you strive to set your own style, a nice pen is often the secret touch that will set you apart from

others. We are all attached to something that we use on a daily basis, be it a phone or an iPod, but for actor Aadarsh Balakarishna, a lucky pen was what he used to write his exams with. “I was very fond of collecting pens when I was back in school and in college. I was more of a penophile then than I am now. My lucky pen during my exams was a fountain pen that my dad had gifted me on my 13th birthday. I used to write all my exams with it. At the back of my mind, I had to use the pen to pass an exam. It was a psychological thing,” he admits. Designer Zubin Vakil

opines that only the men who think about the nitty gritties of fashion are careful in choosing the right kind of pen as an accessory. “A pen can be used as an accessory because of its shape and size. A lot of men are mistaken about the idea that having a pen in your pocket is old-fashioned. It’s not necessary to carry it in your breast pocket, you can opt to carry it in a nice folder or a leather case which is especially designed to keep pens,” he informs going on to add, “A pen acts as a status symbol on your work table,” says Zubin. From the stylish and delicately designed fountain pens, there are the regularly

used ball point, gel pens and the fancy calligraphy writing instruments, a variety of pens are available at your disposal. Brands like Parker, Mont Blanc, Sheaffer, Pelikan, Caran d'Ache manufacture a wide

range of intricately designed, quality crafted pens. When you choose a pen, make sure to check the nib, balance it out on your thumb, and look for the perfect fit. “A guy wearing a crisp suit with an ink-blotched white shirt, is such a turn off. It's important to buy a pen which is sleek and has no loose parts,” advises writer Advaita Kala. “A man carrying a fine pen just goes on to say a lot about his character and possibly defines his attention to detail. He enjoys the finer things in life and that always is a good turn on for us women,” she says.

CORRIGENDUM: In the article 'Pucker Up', dated December 3, 2011, we failed to mention that the lipsticks are available at Shopper's Stop, GVK One.




Simply classic WITH ANIMAL

Taylor-made genius


Gone are the days when bands here had to play to empty halls and indifferent audiences. With new acts, new sounds and new crowds, the winds of change are blowing across the city

Times are a‘changing Padmini C


îÉê=íÜÉ=é~ëí=íÜêÉÉ=ãçåíÜë ~äçåÉI=eóÇÉê~Ä~Ç=Ü~ë=ëÉÉå ãçêÉ=ãìëáÅ~ä=~Åíë=íÜ~å=áí Ü~ë=áå=éÉêÜ~éë=íÜÉ=ä~ëí íÜêÉÉ=óÉ~êëK==tÜÉíÜÉê=áí=ÄÉ=íÜÉ=jÉêÅâ aÉìíëÅÜÉ=mÜáäÜ~êãçåáÅ=lêÅÜÉëíê~I=~ wÉÄ=~åÇ=e~åáó~=ÅçåÅÉêíI=íÜÉ=fåÇá~å lÅÉ~å=ÖáÖ=çê=íÜÉ=çåJÖçáåÖ=pÉ~Öê~ãë NMM=máéÉêë=ÑÉëíáî~äI=ÉîÉêó=~Åí=Ü~ë éä~óÉÇ=íç=~=é~ÅâÉÇ=~ìÇáÉåÅÉ=~åÇ=Ü~ë êÉÅÉáîÉÇ=ëí~åÇáåÖ=çî~íáçåëK _~åÇë=~åÇ=çêÖ~åáëÉêë=~äáâÉ=ë~ó íÜ~í=Åáíó=Ü~ë=ãçîÉÇ=~ï~ó=Ñêçã=ÄÉáåÖ ~å=çÄäáÖ~íçêó=éáíJëíçé=Ñçê=îáëáíáåÖ=~Åíë íç=åçï=ÄÉÅçãÉ=~å=ÉãÉêÖáåÖ=ÇÉëíáå~J íáçå=Ñçê=ãìëáÅ=ÉåíÜìëá~ëíëK=b~êäáÉêI ÉîÉåí=ã~å~ÖÉêë=ïÉêÉ=êÉäìÅí~åí=íç=ÖÉí ~åó=åÉï=~Åíë=íç=íÜÉ=Åáíó=ïáíÜ=íÜÉ=áÇÉ~ íÜ~í=çåäó=ÅçîÉê=Ä~åÇë=~åÇ=åç=çêáÖáå~ä ~Åíë=ïáää=ÉîÉê=ëÉää=çê=ÑáåÇ=~å=~ìÇáÉåÅÉ ÜÉêÉK=qÜ~íDë=ÅÜ~åÖÉÇK=tÉ=Ü~îÉ=ÄÉÉå ÄêáåÖáåÖ=áå=~=äçí=çÑ=åÉïI=ÉîÉå=êÉä~J íáîÉäó=ìåâåçïå=Ä~åÇëI=áå=íÜÉ=êÉÅÉåí é~ëí=~åÇ=íÜÉ=êÉëéçåëÉ=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=éÜÉJ

åçãÉå~äIÒ=ë~óë=gçÜå=cÉêå~åÇÉòI ÇáêÉÅíçê=çÑ=_~åÇçÄìëI=çêÖ~åáëÉêë=çÑ íÜÉ=pÉ~Öê~ãNMM=máéÉêë=cêÉÉ=_áêÇ jìëáÅ=cÉëíáî~äK== e~êÇ=oçÅâ=`~ÑÉI=~åçíÜÉê=ã~àçê îÉåìÉ=Ñçê=êçÅâ=~åÇ=ãÉí~ä=Ä~åÇë=áå íÜÉ=Åáíó=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=Äìëó=íÜáë=óÉ~êK=tÉ Ü~îÉ=Ü~Ç=~=äçí=çÑ=åÉï=~Åíë=~åÇ=íÜÉ ~ìÇáÉåÅÉë=Ü~îÉ=ä~ééÉÇ=íÜÉã=ìé=íççK ^í=íÜáë=ê~íÉI=ïÉ=~êÉ=ÖçáåÖ=íç=Ü~îÉ ëçãÉ=êÉ~ääó=Äêáääá~åí=ãìëáÅ=ÅçãáåÖ ìéIÒ=ë~ó=îÉåìÉ=çêÖ~åáëÉêëK iÉ~Ç=îçÅ~äáëí=çÑ=íÜÉ=Åä~ëëáÅ=êçÅâ Ä~åÇI=oÉíêç=iÉÖÉåÇ~êó=^ÅíI=sáà~ó ÅçåÅìêëK=lå=çìê=íêáé=ÜÉêÉ=ä~ëí aÉÅÉãÄÉêI=íÜÉ=ëÅÉåÉ=ï~ë=Çáëã~äK _ìí=ÉîÉêó=íáãÉ=ïÉ=Å~ãÉ=Ä~Åâ=áå=íÜáë óÉ~êI=áíDë=ÄÉÉå=ÖêÉ~íIÒ=ÜÉ=ë~óëK bîÉå=äçÅ~ä=Ä~åÇë=~êÉ=ÉñÅáíÉÇ=Äó íÜÉ=éêçëéÉÅíë=çÑ=íÜÉ=åÉï=~åÇ áãéêçîÉÇ=ëçìåÇëÅ~éÉ=çÑ=íÜÉ=ÅáíóK pâêóéíI=~=ÜçãÉJÖêçïå=Ä~åÇ=ëí~êíÉÇ éä~óáåÖ=áå=íÜÉ=Åáíó=Ä~Åâ=~í=~=íáãÉ ïÜÉå=ãÉí~ä=ï~ë=ìåâåçïåK=cáîÉ=óÉ~êë Ççïå=íÜÉ=äáåÉI=íÜÉ=ëÅÉåÉ=Ü~ë=ÅÜ~åÖÉÇ íêÉãÉåÇçìëäó=Ñçê=íÜÉãK qÜÉêÉ=áë=åç=ÇçìÄí=íÜ~í=íÜÉ=ÅêçïÇ

iTUNES Top 10 1 Sexy and I Know It LMFAO 2 It Will Rain Bruno Mars 3 We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) Rihanna 4 Good Feeling Flo Rida 5 Moves Like Jagger (Studio Recording from “The Voice” Performance) [feat. Christina Aguilera Maroon 5

6 Someone Like You ADELE 7 The One That Got Away Katy Perry 8 5 O’Clock (feat. Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen) T-Pain 9 Without You (feat. Usher) David Guetta & Usher 10Party Rock Anthem (feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock) LMFAO

Ü~ë=ã~íìêÉÇK==qÜÉêÉ=áë=ãçêÉ=ÉåÅçìêJ ~ÖÉãÉåí=~åÇ=~ééêÉÅá~íáçå=Ñçê=çêáÖáJ å~äë=åçï=~ë=Åçãé~êÉÇ=íç=àìëí=éçéìJ ä~ê=ÅçîÉêëK=tÉ=Ü~îÉ=ãçêÉ=éä~íÑçêãë=íç ëÜçïÅ~ëÉ=í~äÉåíK=qÜÉ=íìêåçìí=~äëç Ü~ë=áãéêçîÉÇ=íêÉãÉåÇçìëäóK=qÜÉ ãìëáÅ=ÑÉëíë=~êÉ=~=ÇÉÑáåáíÉ=ÜÉäé=~ë=íÜÉó ÄêáåÖ=áå=åÉï=ÉåÉêÖó=~åÇ=áåíÉêÉëí ~Åêçëë=ÖÉåêÉëIÒ=ë~óë=^ÄÄ~ëI=Ä~ëëáëí ~åÇ=ëéçâÉëéÉêëçå=Ñçê=íÜÉ=Ä~åÇK== kÉÉÇäÉëë=íç=ë~óI=íÜÉ=~îÉê~ÖÉ eóÇÉê~Ä~Çá=áë=çåäó=íçç=çîÉêàçóÉÇ=íç Ü~îÉ=íÜÉ=Åáíó=ÑáÖìêÉ=çå=íÜÉ=ã~é=çÑ ãìëáÅK==káê~î=k~íÜ~å~ÉäI=~=ÇáÉJÜ~êÇ ãìëáÅ=ÄìÑÑ=áë=ÅçÖåáò~åí=çÑ=íÜÉ ÅÜ~åÖÉK=fí=ÇÉÑáåáíÉäó=íççâ=ëçãÉ=íáãÉ Äìí=åçï=íÜÉ=ÅÜ~åÖÉ=áë=Ñçê=~ää=íç=ëÉÉK ^ää=íÜÉëÉ=ÅçåÅÉêíë=~åÇ=ãìëáÅ=ÑÉëíáî~äë ~êÉ=~ïÉëçãÉ=~åÇ=Ü~îÉ=êÉîáîÉÇ=~å áåíÉêÉëí=áå=åÉï=âáåÇë=çÑ=ãìëáÅK=qÜÉêÉ ~êÉ=~äëç=~=äçí=ãçêÉ=îÉåìÉë=Ñçê=~ã~J íÉìê=~åÇ=îáëáíáåÖ=Ä~åÇë=íç=éä~ó=~íK içÅ~ä=êÉëí~ìê~åíëI=ÅäìÄë=~åÇ=éìÄë Ü~îÉ=äáîÉ=ãìëáÅI=çéÉå=ãáâÉë=ÉíÅK tÜáäÉ=áíDë=åçí=é~ê=çå=ïáíÜ=çíÜÉê ÅáíáÉëI=eóÇÉê~Ä~ÇDë=~=äçí=ãçêÉ=Ñìå=íç äáîÉ=áå=åçïIÒ=ÜÉ=ë~óëK==`ÜÉÉêë=íç=íÜ~í>=

Billboard Top 10 1 We Found Love Rihanna Featuring Calvin Harris 2 Sexy And I Know It LMFAO 3 It Will Rain Bruno Mars 4 Moves Like Jagger Maroon 5 Featuring Christina Aguilera 5 Someone Like You Adele 6 Without You (feat. Usher)


8 9


David Guetta & Usher Stereo Hearts Gym Class Heroes Featuring Adam Levine Good Feeling Flo Rida The One That Got Away Katy Perry Party Rock Anthem (feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock) LMFAO

here are a few things better than a smoky tumbler of whiskey, a gently encroaching night, and James Taylor on the iPod. Over the decades, Taylor, along with Jackson Browne, has become synonymous with the smooth yet gritty strains of Tin Pan-alley singer-songwriters. On December 6, 33 years ago, Taylor released his eponymously-titled debut album. It was released sandwiched in a heady mix of Flower Power, CSN, and a daisy-chain rebellion. Tracks like Something in the Way She Moves and Carolina in My Mind would become instant hits, destined for a longevity equalled by few. And though Rainy Day Man and Sunshine Sunshine sparkled without going nova, the album would lay the foundation for a brilliant career. Two years later, Sweetbaby James, released and history was well on its way to construction. Taylor’s lyrical nuance and formidable acoustic talent has made sure that he has a pedestal reserved in the pantheon. Songs like Fire & Rain inspired a generation grappling with its demons; You’ve Got A Friend said more than words could; and HandyMan epitomised the troubadour spirit of the 70s. Along with Browne he has become the White Man’s answer to Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke: A sultry twang that cloaks a deeper, often melancholic, message. But whatever that message is, one thing’s for sure, Taylor will remain a busker of heart and soul, and a vestige of the spirit of music before the MTV juggernaut.

Bollywood Top 10 1 Aadat Se Majboor Film: Ladies vs Ricky Bahl

2 Thug Le Ladies vs Ricky Bahl 3 Zaraa Dil Ko Thaam Lo

Don 2 4 Ooh La La The Dirty Picture 5 Tum Ho Rockstar 6 Subha Hone Na De Desi Boyz 7 Sadda Haq Rockstar 8 Haawa Haawa Rockstar 9 Allah Maaf Kare Desi Boyz 10 Ishq Sufiyana The Dirty Picture

Magic Screen


The glamour behind the glitz


PARALLEL STRAINS Things are looking up for Indian cinema. The resurgence of off-beat movies has given a lot of hope to filmmakers and actors this year

Isha Mukoo


ibrant, colourful and dramatically overboard; Bollywood has been doing more than just runof-the -mill movies. Three hours of songs, fights and romance, desi movies have always inspired and sometimes made us believe in the beauty of life irrespective of whether they actually exist or not. But delve a bit deeper and you will see a lesser known side to tinsel town — a side which is called, parallel cinema, also known as art movies, which have existed ever since the 1920s and 1930s. New wave cinema has seen a paradigm shift in its

perspective from the times of Satyajit Ray, Mahesh Bhatt to Anurag Kashyap. Though it can come across as intellectual and moving, art cinema has always been the underdog. But in recent times one can see a change in this attitude as the audience has begun to appreciate parallel cinema as well. Be it Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi, My brother Nikhil, Yuva or Dev D, the horizon for this particular kind of cinema has widened and is now almost on par with commercial cinema. Art filmmaker Onir, who has films like Bas Ek Pal, I am, My Brother Nikhil to his credit, feels there has been a resurgence of interest in parallel cinema as compared to earlier. “While

there are problems that need to be worked on in parallel cinema, at the same time this genre has received a major boost when compared to before. Despite the distributorship being a problem or the audience preference for commercial movies, there has been a huge growth in takers of art cinema,” he explains, adding,“Even in small towns the audience has begun to appreciate our films. It is very encouraging for directors of our genre to see a surge in cinema which portrays reality.” Rituparna Sengupta, who has been a leading actor in Bengali cinema and was also seen in the much acclaimed Hindi movie Main meri patni aur Woh feels parallel

cinema has grown by leaps and bounds. “Parallel cinema has a wider audience as now fairytale romances have become passe. Directors have now got the chance to delve into the untouched aspects of life which give the audience a chance to identify with real issues,” she says. Another actor Suchitra Pillai opines, “There is definitely scope for more such cinema and also directors have gone from roping in actors rather than just stars, which is a

welcome change. People have started relating to such scripts unlike the earlier candy floss romance. It also gives us and the directors a chance to experiment. Parallel cinema has definitely undergone a sea change,” she declares. People have come a long way from glitzy glamour and love stories that have been an imperative part of our masala movies. The success that parallel cinema has enjoyed in the past two years is proof that it is not just a flash in the pan but has definitely found a market for itself and is here to stay.

Magic Screen


The glamour behind the glitz

Hollywood and Bollywood


should work closely, says Anil Kapoor


áäã=~Åíçê=^åáä=h~éççêI ïÜç=áë=~ää=ëÉí=Ñçê=Üáë ëÉÅçåÇ=eçääóïççÇ êÉäÉ~ëÉ=jáëëáçå fãéçëëáÄäÉJ=dÜçëí=mêçíçÅçäI ïáëÜÉë=íÜ~í=ÄçíÜ= eçääóïççÇ=~åÇ=_çääóïççÇ ëÜçìäÇ=ÅçãÉ=íçÖÉíÜÉê=~åÇ ïçêâ=ÅäçëÉäóK qÜÉ=~Åíçê=Ü~Ç=ã~ÇÉ=Üáë Ñçê~ó=áåíç=eçääóïççÇ=ïáíÜ íÜÉ=lëÅ~êJïáååáåÖ ãçîáÉ=päìãÇçÖ jáääáçå~áêÉ EOMMUF=Äó a~ååó=_çóäÉK= cçääçïáåÖ=íÜÉ=ëìÅÅÉëë çÑ==päìãÇçÖ jáääáçå~áêÉI ^åáä Ä~ÖÖÉÇ=~=êçäÉ=áå íÜÉ=^ãÉ=êáÅ~å=qs ëÉêáÉë=OQ ~åÇ=~ Å~ã=Éç=êçäÉ=áå qçã=`êìáëÉ=ëí~êJ êÉê=ÑçêíÜÅçãáåÖ Ñáäã=jáëëáçå fãéçëëáÄäÉJ dÜçëí=mêçíçÅçäK f=ï~åí=~ää ÖêÉ~í=í~äÉåí=Ñêçã ÜÉêÉ=E_çääóïççÇF


@imarshadwarsi Dear God, my prayer for 2012 is for A fat bank account & a thin body. Please don’t mix these up like you did last year... Happy New Year.

íç=Öç=íÜÉêÉ=~åÇ=íÜÉ=ë~ãÉ=ï~ó Ef=ï~åíF=íÜÉã=íç=ÅçãÉ=ÜÉêÉK=f ÑÉÉäI=eçääóïççÇ=~åÇ _çääóïççÇ=ëÜçìäÇ=ïçêâ=ÅäçëÉJ äóI=Ü~åÇJáåJÜ~åÇK=_çíÜ=íÜÉ áåÇìëíêáÉë=ëÜçìäÇ=ÅçãÉ íçÖÉíÜÉêIÒ=^åáä=íçäÇ=êÉéçêíÉêë=K få=íÜÉ=ÑçìêíÜ=áåëí~äãÉåí=çÑ jf=Ejáëëáçå=fãéçëëáÄäÉF ëÉêáÉëI=^åáä=éä~óë=íÜÉ=êçäÉ=çÑ=~å fåÇá~å=ÄìëáåÉëë=íóÅççå=_êáà k~íÜK=qÜÉ=ÑáäãI=ÇáêÉÅíÉÇ=Äó _ê~Ç=_áêÇI=~äëç=ÑÉ~íìêÉë gÉêÉãó=oÉååÉêI=páãçå mÉÖÖ=~åÇ=m~ìä~=m~ííçåK=fí ïáää=ÄÉ=êÉäÉ~ëÉÇ=áå=fåÇá~ çå=aÉÅÉãÄÉê=NSK qçã=ï~ë=çå=~ íïçJÇ~ó=îáëáí=íç fåÇá~=íç=éêçJ ãçíÉ=íÜÉ=Ñáäã ÜÉêÉK=fåÇá~=áë=~ ÜìÖÉ=ã~êâÉí=íç éêçãçíÉ ÑáäãëKKKáí=áë=íÜÉ ä~êÖÉëí=éä~ÅÉ Ñêçã=ÄìëáåÉëë éçáåí=çÑ=îáÉï ~äëçIÒ=^åáä=ë~áÇK=

@FarOutAkhtar Unless the acorn falls a distance away from the shade of its tree, it won’t grow to become the oak it came from.

@SrBachchan T 580 - “ To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead “ ~

@AnupamPkher Most of us spend our lives as if we had another one in the bank. Life is now. Live it now.:)


Sand artist pays tribute to Dev Anand ~åÇ=~êíáëí=pìÇ~êë~å m~ííå~áâ=çå=jçåÇ~ó=ÅêÉJ ~íÉÇ=~=ÜìÖÉ=ëÅìäéíìêÉ=áå lÇáëÜ~=~ë=~=íêáÄìíÉ=íç _çääóïççÇ=äÉÖÉåÇ=aÉî=^å~åÇ ïÜç=ÇáÉÇ=~ÑíÉê=~=Å~êÉÉê=ëé~åJ åáåÖ=SR=óÉ~êëK= m~ííå~áâ=ë~áÇ=ÜÉ=ìëÉÇ=ÑáîÉ íçååÉë=çÑ=ë~åÇ=~åÇ=ÇÉîçíÉÇ ~Äçìí=íïç=Üçìêë=íç=ÅêÉ~íÉ=íÜÉ Ñ~ÅÉ=çÑ=íÜÉ=ëí~ê=ïáíÜ=~=ORJÑíJ äçåÖ=ãçîáÉ=êÉÉä=ÄÉ~êáåÖ=íÜÉ ãÉëë~ÖÉ=bîÉêÖêÉÉå=eÉêçK=


eìåÇêÉÇë=çÑ=éÉçéäÉI áåÅäìÇáåÖ=äçÅ~äë=~åÇ=íçìêáëíëI Ö~íÜÉêÉÇ=~í=íÜÉ=`Ü~åÇê~ÄÜ~Ö~ ÄÉ~ÅÜ=~í=hçå~êâ=áå=mìêá=ÇáëJ íêáÅíI=~Äçìí=SM=âã=Ñêçã=ÜÉêÉI ~åÇ=é~áÇ=íÜÉáê=Ñäçê~ä=íêáÄìíÉ=íç íÜÉ=îÉíÉê~å=~ÅíçêÛë=ëÅìäéíìêÉK= f=~ã=~=ÄáÖ=Ñ~å=çÑ=aÉî ^å~åÇàáK=f=ÅêÉ~íÉÇ=íÜáë=ëÅìäéJ íìêÉ=íç=é~ó=Üáã=ãó=íêáÄìíÉIÒ m~ííå~áâ=ë~áÇK==qÜÉ=äÉÖÉåÇ~êó ~Åíçê=ÇáÉÇ=áå=içåÇçå=É~êäó=çå pìåÇ~ó=~í=íÜÉ=~ÖÉ=çÑ=UUK== IANS



wants to work with Aishwarya


çääóïççÇ=~ÅíêÉëë=m~ìä~=m~ííçåI=ïÜç ïçìäÇ=ÄÉ=ëÉÉå=áå=íÜÉ=ìéÅçãáåÖ=Ñáäã jáëëáçå=fãéçëëáÄäÉJ=dÜçëí=mêçíçÅçäI ë~óëI=ëÜÉ=ïçìäÇ=äçîÉ=íç=ïçêâ=ïáíÜ=^áëÜï~êó~ o~áJ_~ÅÜÅÜ~åK=f=äçîÉ=^áëÜï~êó~=o~á=~åÇ ïçìäÇ=äçîÉ=íç=ïçêâ=ïáíÜ=ÜÉêK=pÜÉ=áë=êÉ~ääó=~ ÖççÇJäççâáåÖ=ïçã~å=~åÇ=~=ÖççÇ=~ÅíêÉëëIÒ m~ìä~=ë~áÇK m~ìä~=ï~ë=éêÉëÉåí=~í=íÜÉ=fã~ñ=t~Ç~ä~ jìäíáéäÉñI=~äçåÖ=ïáíÜ=íÜÉ=ÑáäãÛë=äÉ~Ç=~Åíçê=qçã `êìáëÉ=íç=éêçãçíÉ=íÜÉ=Ñáäã=áå=fåÇá~K=_çääóïççÇ ~Åíçê=^åáä=h~éççêI=ïÜç=éä~óë=~=éáîçí~ä=êçäÉ=áå íÜÉ=ÑáäãI=ï~ë=~äëç=éêÉëÉåí=çå=íÜÉ=çÅÅ~ëáçåK= m~ìä~=~äëç=éê~áëÉÇ=^åáä=h~éççêI=ÇÉëÅêáÄáåÖ=Üáã ~ë=~=ÚîÉêó=ÖççÇ=~ÅíçêÛK fåÇá~=áë=~=ÜìÖÉ=ã~êâÉíK=fåÇá~å=ãçîáÉë=~êÉ ~ÅÅÉéíÉÇ=Äó=~ìÇáÉåÅÉë=~äãçëí=ÉîÉêóïÜÉêÉK qÜÉêÉ=~êÉ=äçíë=çÑ=Ñ~åë=Ñçê=_çääóïççÇ=ãçîáÉë ~Äêç~ÇK=qÜÉ=áåÇìëíêó=çîÉê=ÜÉêÉ=áë=ÇçáåÖ=éêÉííó ÖççÇIÒ=m~ìä~=íçäÇ=êÉéçêíÉêë=ÜÉêÉK m~ìä~=ïçìäÇ=ÄÉ=ëÉÉå=Éëë~óáåÖ=íÜÉ=êçäÉ=çÑ=~ ëÉÅêÉí=~ÖÉåí=Ô=g~åÉ=`~êíÉê=~äçåÖëáÇÉ=qçã=áå íÜÉ=ÑáäãK=qÜÉ=Ñáäã=êÉäÉ~ëÉë=áå=fåÇá~=çå PTI aÉÅÉãÄÉê=NSK=

Wow! i watched Aur Ahista after so long!! really felt nice! this video is the reason why im here! so grateful!

@Uday Chopra “god-a iyum dying now-a She’s-a happy how-a?” kolaveri di...awesomeness!!!

@kjohar25 The mega success of DIRTY PICTURE validates the fact that concept and content is paramount!!!

@NeilNMukesh Its my most fav time of the year. December:)the month of santa , christmas , newyears. My christmas movie Spree has starter. 1st home alone

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D S RATE ` 150 sq. cm

For Further Details Please Contact Abhinay 9989399972 Nandlal 9951467988 Ravi Chander 8106039919



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The glamour behind the glitz

Disney’s Princess Cinderella to visit India


isney’s Princess Cinderella and her Prince Charming are coming to India for the first time and they will do 20 live shows across five cities, for their desi fans. They are coming on Dec 19 and Princess Cinderella, the second among Disney’s line-up of princesses, will stage shows in Bangalore (Dec 21), New Delhi (Dec 23), Hyderabad (Dec 25), Chennai (Dec 28) and Mumbai (Dec 30). Each show will comprise of a storytelling session, Disney Princess makeover sessions, a special waltz performance by Cinderella and Prince Charming, followed by a meet and greet with fans. “Disney Princesses have been a part of every little girl’s growing-up years. They are timeless, ageless and personify values that kids love and

Not satisfied with my career


ctor Daniel Craig says he is such a perfectionist that he is never satisfied with his work. The “James Bond” actor, who resumes his role as the iconic British spy in the next instalment of the franchise, “Skyfall”, is “constantly” unhappy with his work. “I’m definitely not satisfied about my career. I don’t know how you can be; it’s the very nature of things. I’m always trying to figure it out and I’m kind of unsatisfied constantly,” a website quoted the 43-yearold as saying. “I always want to get it right and I don’t know what the answer to it is. But I do know that it’s out there and I do know it’s worth looking for,” IANS he added.

parents trust...,” Avinash Pant, executive director (Marketing), the Walt

Disney Company India, said in a press statement. “Creating memorable experiences for kids and families is at the heart of everything we do at Disney and we intend to provide our fans as many opportunities as possible to experience our stories first hand and engage with our characters”, he added. Disney, in association with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of India, will also fulfil wishes of 60 children suffering from life threatening illness. Other Disney Princesses include Snow White, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Jasmine (Aladdin), Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana (The Princess and the Frog) and Rapunzel (Tangled). IANS

24 A


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The glamour behind the glitz

Walsh wants Girls Aloud reunion p

áåÖÉê=háãÄÉêäÉó=t~äëÜ=ë~óë=ëÜÉ=ïáää=ÄÉ îÉêó=ìéëÉí=áÑ=dáêäë=^äçìÇ ÇçåÛí=ÖÉí=Ä~Åâ íçÖÉíÜÉê=íç=ã~êâ=íÜÉáê=NMíÜ= ~ååáîÉêë~êó=åÉñí=óÉ~êK qÜÉ=Ä~åÇI=ïÜáÅÜ=Åçåëáëíë=çÑ=ãÉãÄÉêë áåÅäìÇáåÖ=háãÄÉêäÉóI=k~ÇáåÉ=`çóäÉI=`ÜÉêóä `çäÉI=káÅçä~=oçÄÉêíë=~åÇ=p~ê~Ü=e~êÇáåÖI=ïáää ÅÉäÉÄê~íÉ=íÜÉáê=íÉåíÜ=óÉ~ê=íçÖÉíÜÉê=áå=OMNNI ~åÇ=íÜÉ=PMJóÉ~êJçäÇ=~Çãáíë=ëÜÉ=áë=ÜçéáåÖ=íÜÉó ïáää=ïçêâ=íçÖÉíÜÉê=~Ö~áå=~ÑíÉê=ÖçáåÖ=çå= ~=ÄêÉ~â=áå=OMMVK tçìäÇ=f=ÄÉ=çâ~ó=áÑ=íÜÉ=êÉìåáçå=ÇáÇåÛí=Ü~éJ éÉå\=f=ÅçìäÇ=áå=íÉêãë=çÑ=ãó=Å~êÉÉê=~ë=f=ÇçåÛí íÜáåâ=ïÉ=Ü~îÉ=~åóíÜáåÖ=íç=éêçîÉI=Äìí=fÛÇ=ÄÉ ÖìííÉÇ=Ñêçã=~=éÉêëçå~ä=éçáåí=çÑ=îáÉï=~ë=f=äçîÉ éÉêÑçêãáåÖ=áå=íÜÉ=Ä~åÇI=íÜ~íÛë=ïÜó=ïÉÛêÉ=ÇçáåÖ ëçãÉíÜáåÖ=åÉñí=óÉ~ê=Ô=ïÉ=åÉîÉê=áåíÉåÇÉÇ=íç ëíçé=Ñçê=ÖççÇIÒ=~=ïÉÄëáíÉ=èìçíÉÇ=t~äëÜ=~ë=ë~óJ IANS áåÖK

i~Çó=d~Ö~ äçîÉë=~ííÉåíáçå m

çé=ëí~ê=i~Çó=d~Ö~=~Çãáíë ëÜÉ=äáâÉë=ÄÉáåÖ=íÜÉ=ÅÉåíêÉ çÑ=~ííÉåíáçåK qÜÉ= ORJóÉ~êJçäÇI= ïÜç= áë âåçïå= Ñçê= ÜÉê= çìíä~åÇáëÜ ÅçëíìãÉë= ~åÇ= ä~îáëÜ= ëí~ÖÉ ëÉíëI= ~Çãáíë= ëÜÉ= Ü~ë= ~äï~óë ã~ÇÉ= ÜÉêëÉäÑ= íÜÉ= ÅÉåíêÉ= çÑ ~ííÉåíáçå= ~åÇ= åÉîÉê= íìêåÉÇ Ççïå=íÜÉ=ÅÜ~åÅÉ=íç=éÉêÑçêãK f=ï~ë=~äï~óë=áå=~=ëÜçïK=f

ï~ë= àìëí= ëìÅÜ= ~å= çîÉêJíÜÉJ íçé= Åê~òó= é~åíëIÒ= ~= ïÉÄëáíÉ èìçíÉÇ=d~Ö~=~ë=ë~óáåÖK bîÉêóçåÉ= ~äï~óë= ~ëâë ~Äçìí= íÜÉ= ïçã~å= ÄÉÜáåÇ ÅäçëÉÇ= Çççêë= Ô= ïÜ~í= Ü~éJ éÉåë=ïÜÉå=ëÜÉ=í~âÉë=ÜÉê=ïáÖë çÑÑI= ïÜÉå= ëÜÉ= êÉãçîÉë= ÜÉê ÅäçíÜÉë\=_ìí=íÜÉ=íêìíÜ=áë=f=~ã ëíáää=íÜÉ=ë~ãÉIÒ=ëÜÉ=~ÇÇÉÇK IANS

Brooke Mueller arrested ^

Åíçê= `Ü~êäáÉ= pÜÉÉåÛë ÉñJïáÑÉ=_êççâÉ=jìÉä=J äÉê=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=ÅÜ~êÖÉÇ=ïáíÜ áåíÉåí=íç=ÇáëíêáÄìíÉ=ÇêìÖë ~åÇ=~ëë~ìäíK qÜÉ= êÉ~äáíó= qs= ëí~êI ïÜç= Ü~ë= íïçJóÉ~êJçäÇ íïáåëI=_çÄ=~åÇ=j~ñI=ïáíÜ íÜÉ= ÑçêãÉê= qïç= ~åÇ= ~ e~äÑ= jÉå ~ÅíçêI= ï~ë ~êêÉëíÉÇ= áå= `çäçê~Çç= çå cêáÇ~ó= ~ÑíÉê= ÄÉáåÖ= ÑçìåÇ

áå= éçëëÉëëáçå= çÑ= ~= ä~êÖÉ ~ãçìåí=çÑ=ÅçÅ~áåÉK lÑÑáÅÉêë= ïáíÜ= íÜÉ ^ëéÉå=mçäáÅÉ=aÉé~êíãÉåí ïÉêÉ= çå= ~= êçìíáåÉ= ï~äâ íÜêçìÖÜ= ïÜÉå= íÜÉó= ÅçåJ í~ÅíÉÇ= ~= ïçã~å= ïÜç êÉéçêíÉÇ= ~å= ~ëë~ìäí ïÜáÅÜ= Ü~Ç= í~âÉå= éä~ÅÉK qÜÉ= ïçã~å= áÇÉåíáÑáÉÇ _êççâÉ= jìÉääÉê= ~ë= íÜÉ ~ÖÖêÉëëçêIÒ= ~= ïÉÄëáíÉ

èìç=íÉÇ= ~= éçäáÅÉ= ëéçâÉë=J ã~å=~ë=ë~óáåÖK jìÉääÉê=ï~ë=~êêÉëíÉÇ ~åÇ= ÅÜ~êÖÉÇ= ïáíÜ= ~ëë~ìäí áå= íÜÉ= íÜáêÇ= ÇÉÖêÉÉ= ~åÇ éçëëÉëëáçå= çÑ= ÅçÅ~áåÉ ïáíÜ=áåíÉåí=íç=ÇáëíêáÄìíÉIÒ íÜÉ=çÑÑáÅá~ä=~ÇÇÉÇK fÑ= ëÜÉ= áë= ÑçìåÇ= Öìáäíó áå= íÜÉ= ÇêìÖ= ÅÜ~êÖÉI= _êç=J çâÉ= ÅçìäÇ= Ñ~ÅÉ= ìé= íç= ëáñ IANS óÉ~êë=áå=éêáëçåK


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The glamour behind the glitz



No more X Factor for Rowland A

merican singer Kelly Rowland has hinted that she won’t be returning for the next series of singing reality show The X-Factor. The 30-year-old, who joined the show this year, is missing her family back home. “I couldn’t move to the UK. My mama has found it really hard me being here for the show. So next year I’m planning on moving back,” a website quoted Rowland IANS as saying.

Johnny Depp in trouble A

ctor Johnny Depp has come under fire from religious activists for his new Christmasthemed track. The 48-year-old teamed up with British rockers Babybird to record The Jesus Stag Night Club, which tells a story of a boozing Christ-like figure in a strip club. But the track has caused uproar amongst religious groups including the Focus on Family campaign. “We are sickened by Mr.

Depp’s behaviour. Why did he need to record this song? It is a slap in the face to Christians all over the world,” a website quoted a spokesperson as saying. IANS


inger Jennifer Lopez arrived in Lima on the weekend to tape part of her television programme Q’Viva! The Chosen, which she is producing with her ex-husband, salsa singer Marc Anthony, and which seeks to discover Latino musical talent. “I arrived in Peru and am very moved because I hope to discover great talents for QViva!,” said Lopez on Twitter. The performer of On the

Jennifer Lopez arrives in Peru floor arrived in Peru with her children Emme and Max and her new boyfriend, backup dancer Casper Smart, according to Radio Programas del Peru. On Q’Viva! The Chosen, Lopez, Anthony and producer Jamie King will travel through 21 countries in Latin America to find new singers, dancers, musicians and artists who later will be sent to Hollywood to be part of an extraordinary talent show. The programme will be taped in English, Spanish and Portuguese and will be broadcast simultaneously on different television networks in early 2012 in weekly one-hour episodes. IANS

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f=e^sb=jv moflofqfbp ofdeq Hemanth Kumar


ight years after she hit the limelight, Swati is in a different league today. Her chirpiness is gone, at least when you talk to her off screen, and she sounds like a different person altogether. There’s a tinge of alarming simplicity when she shares her views about her career. “I have my priorities right and I have a strong point of view when it comes to choosing my roles,” she says. This year, three of her films hit the screens including Golconda High School, Katha Screenplay Darshakathvam Appalaraju and now Sangarshana. Apart from these, she played small roles in Mirapakay and Kandireega. “My role in Kandireega had some substance and I am glad that it didn’t go unnoticed,” she says adding, “Sometimes people wonder why I choose to do certain films but what I do is solely my business. You can’t question that.” She made her small screen debut back in 2003-04 with a hugely popular talk show called Colors. So popular was the show that till date she’s affectionately called as Colors Swati. Few years later she made her film debut with Krishna Vamsi’s Danger. In 2008, two of her films Ashta Chemma and Subramaniapuram turned out to be huge hits and now Poraali, the Tamil version of Sangarshana, has had a huge opening in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Singapore. It’s interesting to note that while she has stuck to playing light-hearted roles in Telugu, she has been a part of couple of serious dramas in Tamil. We ask her if she’s been typecast in the Telugu film industry. “At the end of the day, you are offered roles based on your hits. After Ashta Chemma, I got a lot of offers to do similar roles. Maybe filmmakers want to play safe and naturally they won’t offer me any serious roles. People often tell me that I am a good actress. So if someone offers me a good role in a serious film, I’ll be more than glad to lap it

After a string of bubbly roles, Swati recently made a strong comeback with a serious character in Samuthirakani’s Sangarshana. She talks about her career so far and why criticism doesn’t affect her anymore up,” she says. She confesses that she has been spending quite a lot of time in Chennai at present. So is she planning to concentrate more on Tamil cinema? “They decided to concentrate on me,” she grins and adds, “I like the work I have been offered in Tamil and I have been working with some good people. Life is happier in a way.” Three years after Subramaniapuram released, Swati teamed up with Sasikumar and Samuthirakani once again for Sangarshana and she says, “I sacrificed a few roles in the past couple of years and waited for a long time for a good role. When Samuthirakani offered me a role, I immediately agreed to do it.” Some of the best compliments for her performance in Sangarshana came from journalists while she was promoting the film in Hyderabad. “Recently, some of the film journalists told me that they are very happy that I was doing good films,” she smiles. Her biggest learning experience so far seems to have had a profound impact on her work. “When you are in front of the camera, your weaknesses are magnified and I know what my weaknesses are. Nowadays everyone has an opinion on everything and everyone wants to be a critic. There was a time when I used to feel bad when someone undeservedly criticises me. As time went by, I realised that it’s their perspective and now criticism doesn’t affect me anymore,” she signs off.



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@sundeepkishan The early morning drive to work(shoot) listening to music is the best time of the day #rediscovering yourself :)



Missed my cousin's wedding back home.... :-(( Missing all the family fun... :-(

joins Gabbar Singh’s cast p

@PriyaWajAnand Cant wait for the morning! Dec is my fav time of year cause my fam comes down to India..1st up my cuz Arun & nephew Abhinav! HAAABBIIIE I IS

Üêìíá=e~~ë~å=Ü~ë=Ñáå~ääó=àçáåÉÇ=íÜÉ=Å~ëí=çÑ=ÜÉê ìéÅçãáåÖ=qÉäìÖì=Ñáäã=d~ÄÄ~ê=páåÖÜK=qÜÉ=Ñáäã=áë ÅìêêÉåíäó=ÄÉáåÖ=ëÜçí=áå=mçää~ÅÜáI=q~ãáä=k~ÇìK=fíÛë íÜÉ=Ñáêëí=íáãÉ=ëÜÉÛë=é~áêÉÇ=ìé=ïáíÜ=m~ï~å=h~äó~å=~åÇ e~êáëÜ=pÜ~åâ~ê=ïÜç=áë=ÇáêÉÅíáåÖ=íÜÉ=ÑáäãK=lîÉê=íÜÉ é~ëí=ÑÉï=Ç~óëI=áíÛë=ÄÉÉå=~=êçääÉê=Åç~ëíÉê=êáÇÉ=Ñçê=íÜÉ ~ÅíêÉëë=ïÜç=Ü~Ç=~=íçìÖÜ=íáãÉ=ÇÉ~äáåÖ=ïáíÜ=êìãçìêë íÜ~í=ëÜÉ=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=ÇêçééÉÇ=Ñêçã=íÜÉ=ÑáäãK=lå=íÜÉ çíÜÉê=Ü~åÇ=ëÜÉ=Ü~ë=ïê~ééÉÇ=ìé=ëÜççíáåÖ=Ñçê=íÜÉ q~ãáä=ãçîáÉ=P=ïÜÉêÉ=ëÜÉÛë=íÉ~ãÉÇ=ìé=ïáíÜ=aÜ~åìëÜK

@Actor_Siddharth Every time a human being shocks with unforgivable behaviour,you always meet others who quickly remind you of the goodness there is..balance!

@LakshmiManchu In Los Angeles for a few days. I love this city like no other. The smell of the air, love 4m the people, beautiful palm trees.. ahhaa

@shrutihaasan So touched and amazed by the warmth and welcoming I'm getting from strangers!!:)in pollachy and a lovely family have been well...lovely :)


gets a big break


~åÅÜá=_çê~=Ü~ë=Ä~ÖÖÉÇ=~=êçäÉ=áå=~=ÄáÖ=qÉäìÖì éêçàÉÅíK=pÜÉ=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=é~áêÉÇ=çééçëáíÉ _~ä~âêáëÜå~=áå=~å=ìéÅçãáåÖ=Ñáäã=íáíäÉÇ=rì hçÇ~íÜ~ê~=räáââá=m~Ç~íÜ~ê~ ~åÇ=áíÛë=~=ã~àçê=Äççëí=íç ÜÉê=Å~êÉÉê=áå=qÉäìÖì=ÅáåÉã~K=^ÑíÉê=éä~óáåÖ=áãéçêí~åí êçäÉë=áå=qs=ëÉêá~äë=áå=eáåÇá=ëìÅÜ=~ë=háíåá=j~ëí=e~á wáåÇ~Öá=~åÇ=h~ó~ã~íÜI=ëÜÉ=êÉÅÉåíäó=ã~ÇÉ=ÜÉê çåëÅêÉÉå=ÇÉÄìí=áå=qÉäìÖì=Ñçê=~=Ñáäã=íáíäÉÇ ^~â~ëÜ~ãÉ=e~ÇÇì ëí~êêáåÖ=k~îÇÉÉé=áå=äÉ~Ç=êçäÉK rì=hçÇ~íÜ~ê~=räáââá=m~Ç~íÜ~ê~ áë=ã~âáåÖ=~=äçí=çÑ Äìòò=Ñçê=áíë=ëíìååáåÖ=ëÉíë=~åÇ=~êí=ÇáêÉÅíçê=_ÜìéÉëÜ=o _Üìé~íÜá=Ü~ë=êÉéçêíÉÇäó=Äìáäí=~=ÜìÖÉ=ëÉí=ïçêíÜ=oë SKR=ÅêçêÉ=áå=eóÇÉê~Ä~Ç=Ñçê=íÜÉ=ëÜççíK=j~åÅÜì j~åçà=~åÇ=aÉÉâëÜ~=pÉíÜ=~êÉ=éä~óáåÖ=äÉ~Ç=êçäÉë=~åÇ _~ä~â=êáëÜå~=ïáää=ÄÉ=ëÉÉå=áå=~å=áãéçêí~åí=êçäÉK=qÜÉ Ñáäã=ï~ë=êÉÅÉåíäó=ëÜçí=áå=o~à~ÜãìåÇêó=~åÇ ^åíÜ~êîÉÇá=áå=^åÇÜê~=mê~ÇÉëÜK=pÉâÜ~ê=o~à~=áë=ÇáêÉÅíJ áåÖ=íÜÉ=Ñáäã=ïÜáäÉ=i~âëÜãá=j~åÅÜì=áë=éêçÇìÅáåÖ=áíK


åìëÜâ~=áë=âåçïå=íç=ÄÉ=áåÅêÉÇáÄäó=ëïÉÉí=íç=ÜÉê=ÅçJ ëí~êë=~åÇ=íÜÉêÉ=Ü~îÉ=ÄÉÉå=áåëí~åÅÉë=ïÜÉêÉ=ëÜÉ=Ü~Ç ÖçåÉ=íÜÉ=Éñíê~=ãáäÉ=Ñçê=ÜÉê=ÑêáÉåÇë=áå=íÜÉ=áåÇìëíêóK `ìêêÉåíäóI=ëÜÉÛë=çåÉ=çÑ=íÜÉ=ÄìëáÉëí=~ÅíêÉëëÉë=áå=íÜÉ=q~ãáä Ñáäã=áåÇìëíêó=ïáíÜ=~ë=ã~åó=~ë=ÑáîÉ=Ñáäãë=áå=íÜÉ=éáéÉäáåÉ ~åÇ=áå=qÉäìÖì=ëÜÉ=áë=ÇçáåÖ=íÜêÉÉ=ÑáäãëK=aÉëéáíÉ=ÜÉê=ÜÉÅíáÅ ëÅÜÉÇìäÉI=ëÜÉ=éä~óÉÇ=~=ëã~ää=êçäÉ=áå=h~êíÜáÛë=ìéÅçãáåÖ Ñáäã=pÜ~âìåáK oìãçìê=Ü~ë=áí=íÜ~í=ïÜÉå=íÜÉ=ÑáäãÛë=ÇáêÉÅíçê pÜ~åâ~ê=a~ó~ä=~ééêç~ÅÜÉÇ=ÜÉê=Ñçê=~=ëã~ää=êçäÉI=ëÜÉ áããÉÇá~íÉäó=~ÖêÉÉÇ=íç=ÄÉ=é~êí=çÑ=íÜÉ=Ñáäã=~ë=~=ÑêáÉåÇäó ÖÉëíìêÉK=eÉê=ëÅÉåÉë=ïÉêÉ=ïê~ééÉÇ=ìé=áå=~=Ç~ó=~åÇ=ïÉ ÜÉ~ê=íÜ~í=íÜÉ=~Åíçê=ÇáÇåÛí=ÉîÉå=ÅÜ~êÖÉ=Ñçê=áíK=pÜÉÛë=éä~óáåÖ íÜÉ=äÉ~Ç=êçäÉ=áå=çåÉ=çÑ=h~êíÜáÛ=ë=Ñáäãë=Ñçê=ïÜáÅÜ=íÜÉó=ïáää ëí~êí=ëÜççíáåÖ=~åÇ=Ñçê=pÉäî~ê~Ö=Ü~î~åÛë=ìéÅçãáåÖ=ÄáäáåÖì~ä Ñáäã=íáíäÉÇ=fê~åÇ~ã=rä~Ö~ãK

@taapsee Worked wid THE RISHI KAPOOR 2day! N he is still as charismatic as ever! He looked so cute....dancing,will see his acting magic 2moro LIVE :)

@RanaDaggubati "A Six year old boy returned with teacher's note advising he stop going to school as he was"Too stupid to Learn."He Was Thomas Alva Edison!"

Chai Time 1400 Naadi Aadajanme 1430 Pavitra 1500 Movie 1800 Sri Shanidevuni Mahimalu 1830 Vasantha Kokila 1900 Chinnari Pelli Kuturu 1930 Anna Chellelu 2000 Pellipandiri 2030 Edureetha 2100 Bhale Chancele 2200 CID 2300 Vasantha Kokila 2330 Alajadi 0700 Silver Screen 0730 Just For Fun 0800 Ayurvedam 0830 Chaganti Nava Vidha Bhakti 0900 Bhale Chancele

1400 Kannavaari Kalalu 1430 Maavichiguru 1500 Jeevitha Chakram 1530 Movie 1800 Jai Shri Krishna 1830 Shraavani Subramaniam 1900 Mandhara 1930 Auto Bharthi 2000 No. 23, Mahalakshmi Nivasam 2030 Mogali Rekulu 2100 Aparanji 2130 Devatha 2200 Mamathala Kovela 2230 Sree Mathi Sree 2300 Gemini Vaarthalu 0800 24 Frames 0830 Movie 1130 Aha Emi Ruchi 1200 Kalyana Tilakam 1230 Maa Inti Aada Paduchu 1300 Chittemmaa 1330 Gorintaku

1400 [V] Humse Hai Life 1430 [V] D3 Dil Dosti Dance 1500 [V] Humse Hai Life 1530 [V] Trailers 1600 [V] Zabardast Hits 1800 [V] Fresh Songs 1830 [V] Humse Hai Life 1900 [V] D3 Dil Dosti Dance 1930 [V] Humse Hai Life 2000 [V] Steal Ur Girlfriend 2100 [V] Behind The Sins 2130 [V] Trailers 2155 [V] Fresh Songs 2200 [V] D3 Dil Dosti Dance 2300 [V] Humse Hai Life 2330 [V] D3 Dil Dosti Dance 0700 [V] Trailers 0730 [V] Zabardast Hits 0800 [V] Mind Blasting Mornings 1100 [V] Fresh Songs 1200 [V] D3 Dil Dosti Dance

‘[V] D3 Dil Dosti Dance’ at 1900 Hrs on CHANNEL [V]

1300 News Now At1 1330 News Now 1800 6 Pm 1830 Live Report 1900 Primetime 1930 The Game 2000 News Now At 8 2030 Live Report 2100 The Newshour 2200 The Newshour - Plus 2230 E Now 2300 News Now At 11 0800 The Morning News 0900 News Now 1200 Live Report 1230 News Now

‘The Newshour’ at 2100 Hrs only on TIMES NOW


Telly sitcoms, news and movie listings

1400 Abhishekam 1430 Aadade Aadharam 1500 Antahpuram 1530 Aakasa Ganga 1600 Prema Mandiram 1630 Jagadeeswari 1700 Super 1800 Devimahathyam 1830 Puttadi Bomma 1900 Kumkuma Rekha 1930 Manasu Mamata 2000 Chandra Mukhi 2030 Bharyamani 2100 Etv News 2130 Ali 369 2245 Movie 0800 Jeevana Jyothi 0830 Tollywood Time 0900 Movie 1130 Abhiruchi 1230 Star Mahila

1400 Ardhangi 1430 Movie 1800 Veera Naari Jhansi Laxmi Bhai 1830 Kalavari Kodallu 1900 Chinna Kodalu 1930 Pasupukunkuma 2000 Muddu Bidda 2030 Radha Kalyanam 2100 Kanyadanam 2130 Comedy Club 2230 Shree 2300 Bindas 2330 Latest Superhit Songs 0800 Gopuram 0830 Bhakti Samacharam 0900 Sri Raghavendra Vybhavam 0930 Ayurveda Jeevana Vignanam 1000 Zee 70 Mm A.C 1200 Mee Inti Vanta

‘Business Tonight’ at 2100 Hrs only on ET NOW 1400 The F And O Show 1430 Closing Trades 1530 Tomorrow's Trades 1600 Business Day 1730 Markets Tomorrow 1800 Rush Hour 1830 Brand Equity Special 1900 Global Business Report 1930 Business Express 2000 Business First 2030 Markets Tomorrow 2100 Business Tonight 2200 Top 10 At10 2230 Leaders Of Tomorrow 2300 Starting Up 0900 First Trades 1000 Hot Stocks 1100 Buy Now Sell Now - The Stock Game 1130 Buy Now Sell Now 1200 Market Sense 1300 Business Day 1330 Markets Now

‘Man Vs Wild’ at 2100 Hrs on DISCOVERY 1400 Man Vs. Wild 1500 Stan Lee's Superhumans 1600 Dual Survival 1700 Machines Of Malice 1800 Killing For A Living 1900 Swamp Brothers 1930 Destroyed In Seconds 2000 Megaquake - Hour That Shook Japan 2100 Man Vs. Wild 2200 I Shouldn't Be Alive 2300 My Shocking Story 0900 Factory Made 1000 Man Vs. Wild 1100 Pig Bomb 1200 I Shouldn't Be Alive

1405 Most Shocking 1455 Guinness World Records Smashed 1550 Got To Dance 1700 Top Chef Masters 1800 Wipeout 1900 India's Minute To Win It 2000 Guinness World Records Smashed 2100 Wipeout 2200 Live To Dance 2300 Breaking The Magician's Code - Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed 0905 Sky Teleshopping 0930 Scare Tactics 0955 Infomercial/5 Min 1000 Scare Tactics 1025 Infomercial/5 Min 1030 Top Chef Masters 1125 Wipeout

‘Wipeout’ at 2100 Hrs on AXN

‘Baba Aisa Varr Dhoondo’ at 2200 Hrs on IMAGINE 1400 Haar Jeet 1500 Nach Le Ve With Saroj Khan 1600 Haar Jeet 1700 Sawaare Sabke Sapne – Preeto 1800 Beendh Banuga Ghodi Chadhunga 1830 Sawaare Sabke Sapne – Preeto 1900 Nach Le Ve With Saroj Khan 2000 Dwarkadheesh - Bhagwan Shri Krishn 2030 Sawaare Sabke Sapne – Preeto 2100 Beendh Banuga Ghodi Chadhunga 2130 Dharampatni 2200 Baba Aisa Varr Dhoondo 2230 Haar Jeet

1400 Hamari Saas Leela 1430 Hawan 1500 Veer Shivaji 1530 Uttaran 1600 Phulwa 1630 Parichay - Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka 1700 Sasural Simar Ka 1730 Veer Shivaji 1800 Uttaran 1830 Balika Vadhu 1900 Hawan 1930 Sasural Simar Ka 2000 Balika Vadhu - Kacchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte 2030 Veer Shivaji 2100 Phulwa 2130 Parichay - Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka 2200 Uttaran 2230 Bigg Boss 2330 Balika Vadhu

‘Uttaran’ at 2200 Hrs on COLORS

‘M K K P B’ at 2200 Hrs on ZEE TV 1400 Hitler Didi 1430 Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 1500 Bhagonwali 1530 Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 1600 Pavitra Rishta 1630 Shobha Somnath Ki 1730 Ram Milaye Jodi 1830 Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 1900 Ek Nayi Choti Si Zindagi 1930 Choti Bahu 2 2000 Hitler Didi 2030 Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 2100 Pavitra Rishta 2130 Ram Milaye Jodi 2200 Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 2230 Bhagonwali 2300 Pavitra Rishta

1400 Saas Bina Sasuraal 1430 Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 1500 Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 1600 CID 1800 Saas Bina Sasuraal 1830 Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 1900 Crime Patrol - Dastak 2000 Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 2045 Dekha Ek Khwaab 2130 Parvarrish - Kuchh Khatti Kuchh Meethi 2200 Saas Bina Sasuraal 2230 Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 2300 Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 0900 Adaalat 1000 Crime Patrol - 1 1200 Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 1245 Dekha Ek Khwaab 1330 Parvarrish - Kuchh Khatti Kuchh Meethi

‘Saas Bina Sasural’ at 2200 Hrs on SONY


‘Sasuraal Genda Phool’ at 1930 Hrs on STAR PLUS 1400 Sapnon Se Bharey Naina 1500 Navya 1530 Diya Aur Bati Hum 1600 Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behnaa Hai 1630 Sasuraal Genda Phool 1700 Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 1730 Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1800 Mann Ki Awaaz… Pratigya 1900 Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 1930 Sasuraal Genda Phool 2000 Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2030 Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behnaa Hai 2100 Diya Aur Bati Hum 2130 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2200 Navya 2230 Mann Ki Awaaz… Pratigya 2300 Maryaada ... Lekin Kab Tak?


1555 Lara Croft - Tomb Raider 1755 Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince 2100 300 2309 The Cave 0820 Friends 0850 Good Morning, Miami 0920 Friends 0950 New Adventures Of Old Christine 1020 Observe And Report 1155 Scooby - Doo 1335 The Long Kiss Goodnight

Yeh Rishta Kya Home Improvement Kehlata Hai Storyline - Will Bhabhi Maa and Gayatri be able to Akshara's god bharai on the date given by the pandit?

1355 Out Of Sight 1625 Iron Man 2 1910 Ace Ventura - Pet Detective 2100 Without A Paddle 2305 Kick - Ass 0810 Cyborg Conquest 1010 Kick - Ass 1235 Without A Paddle

1400 $H*! My Dad Says 1430 Better With You 1500 The Real Housewives Of New Jersey 1600 Body Of Proof 1700 $H*! My Dad Says 1730 Better With You 1800 E News 1900 The Tonight Show With Jay Leno 2000 $H*! My Dad Says 2030 America's Funniest Home Videos 2100 The Real Housewives Of New Jersey 2200 Body Of Proof 2300 $H*! My Dad Says 2330 Better With You 0800 The Real Housewives Of New Jersey 0900 Body Of Proof 1000 Pretty Little Liars 1100 The Real Housewives Of New Jersey 1200 Body Of Proof

‘The Real Housewives Of New Jersey’ at 2100 Hrs on ZEE CAFE

‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ at 2130 Hrs on STAR PLUS

‘Rules Of Engagement’ at 2000 Hrs on STAR WORLD 1400 Masterchef USA 1500 Breakout Kings 1600 The Big Bang Theory 1630 Home Improvement 1700 The Sheild 1800 Masterchef USA 1900 Love2 Hate U 2000 Rules Of Engagement 2030 The Simpsons 2100 Masterchef USA 2200 The Sheild 2300 The Big Bang Theory 2330 Home Improvement 0700 The Big Bang Theory 0730 Home Improvement 0800 Rules Of Engagement 0830 The Simpsons 0900 Masterchef USA 1000 The Sheild 1100 Love2 Hate U 1200 Terra Nova 1300 The Big Bang Theory 1330 Friends

Storyline - Tim has trouble with Joe Morton, his new neighbor, after Joe dents part of his hot rod. Jill becomes good friends with Marie Morton, Joe's wife. ‘Home Improvement’ at 2330 Hrs on STAR WORLD ‘Without A Paddle’ at 2100 Hrs on HBO

1400 Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma 1430 Don't Worry Chachu !!! 1500 Lapataganj 1530 Fir 1600 Chintu Chinky Aur Ek Badi Si Love Story 1630 Don't Worry Chachu !!! 1700 Ring Wrong Ring 1730 Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma 1900 Lapataganj 1930 Don't Worry Chachu !!! 2000 Chintu Chinky Aur Ek Badi Si Love Story 2030 Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma 2100 Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo 2130 Mrs. Tendulkar 2200 Lapataganj 2230 Fir 2300 Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma 2330 Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo 0800 Teleshopping 0900 Don't Worry Chachu !!! 1000 Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma

‘Lapataganj’ at 2200 Hrs on SAB

‘Delhi - 6’ at 1400 Hrs on ZOOM 1400 Movie - Delhi - 6 1730 Star Bonanza 1800 Letz Go! 1900 Planet Bollywood News 1930 Link'D 2000 Style Strip 2030 Letz Go! 2100 Royal Stag Make It Large Series 2130 Star Chit Chat 2200 B - Tonite 2230 Golds Gym Ms.Fat & Fab 2300 Bollywood Bonanza 0700 Fresh Mornings 0800 Red Carpet 0805 20 - 20 Songs 0825 Fresh Mornings 1100 Zoom Box 1200 Garma Garam 1300 Planet Bollywood News 1330 Tentalize

1400 Connections 2 1430 Discovery Science Classics 1530 Megascience 1630 Food Detectives 1700 Deconstructed 1730 Industrial Revelations Best Of British Engineering 1830 Best Of Discovery Science 1930 Catalyst 10 2000 Oddities 2030 Industrial Junkie 2100 Innovation Nation 2130 Mythbusters 2230 Machines! 2300 Industrial Junkie 2330 The New Inventors 0800 Oddities 0830 Discovery Science Classics 0930 Machines! 1000 Industrial Junkie 1030 Sci Fi Science 1100 Innovation Nation 1130 Mythbusters 1330 UFO

‘Mythbusters’ at 2130 Hrs on DISCOVERY SCIENCE

‘The Defenders’ at 2100 Hrs on BIG CBS PRIME 1430 Jerry Springer 1530 Big Wheels 1600 Survivor 1700 Bellator 1800 Galileo Extreme 1900 The Defenders 2000 Entertainment Tonight 2030 Galileo Extreme 2100 The Defenders 2200 Jerry Springer 2300 CSI - Crime Scene Investigation 0700 Big Wheels 0730 Aspire 0800 Galileo Extreme 0900 CSI - Crime Scene Investigation 1000 Bellator 1100 Jerry Springer 1200 Big Wheels 1230 How To Be A Gentleman 1300 Galileo Extreme 1330 The Defenders

Chai Time


How to Play Kakuro Kakuro is a popular game similar to sudoku in some ways. But is also suitably different. The key question: “How do you play Kakuro?”, well here are the rules of kakuro. The answer: The kakuro grid, unlike in sudoku, can be of any size. It has rows and columns, and dark cells like in a crossword. And, just like in a crossword, some of the dark cells will contain numbers. Some cells will contain two numbers. However, in a crossword the numbers reference clues. In a kakuro, the numbers are all you get! They denote the total of the digits in the row or column referenced by the number. Within each collection of cells - called a run - any of the numbers 1 to 9 may be used but, like sudoku, each number may only be used once. Let’s have an example to explain this concept more clearly: In the image above, which shows a section of a kakuro puzzle, you will see the numbers ‘26’ and ‘14’ in the top row. Look at the 14. This means that the total of the three cells underneath must sum to 14. Therefore 9, 4, 1 could be the answer, or perhaps 7, 4, 3 and so on... So, how do you work out the actual combination? Well, this is done through elimination and cross-referencing. For instance, as you work out the answers for other kakuro clues, this will naturally limit the valid combinations, and hence the answer for this particular run. Note the second cell in row two - it contains two numbers, 30 and 11. The 30 refers to the vertical run underneath the number 30 and the 11 refers to the two cells to the right, horizontally, of the number 11.



Take a shot at the brain game while sipping your cuppa


QUICK CROSSWORD ACROSS 1 Bring in a harvest 5 Budget ___-Car 10 With the bow, musically 14 “M*A*S*H” star Alan 15 Problem for a grain farmer 16 Kind of balloon 17 Cordon ___ (master chef) 18 Moon of Saturn 19 Arrive back at the airport 20 Comedian/actor’s fine glassware? 23 Book before Jeremiah 24 Caps Lock neighbor 25 Golfer’s drivers? 32 “Paradise Lost” locale 36 Kind of apple, beetle or garden 37 Neighbor of Fiji 38 1Jai ___ (handball relative) 39 “___ Frutti” (Little Richard tune) 41 Croissant, for one 42 Enter one’s user name and password 44 “___ I say, not . . .” 45 John and Jane 46 Singer’s piece of fruit? 49 ___ for tat 50 Lack of vitality 55 Actor’s Mustang? 59 Adverse fate 61 Make one’s hair stand ___ 62 The good earth? 63 Actress Hathaway 64 Song’s partner 65 Dermatologist’s concern 66 Three or four bucks 67 “Week” or “rear” follower 68 Companion of thick DOWN 1 Torah authority 2 Designer Perry 3 Quested in “A Passage to India”

4 First of six popes 5 Keep out of college sports for a season 6 Actor Bana of “Munich” 7 “The Killing Fields” Oscar winner 8 Broadway award 9 Bikini explosions 10 Words from the conductor 11 MTV show, “The ___ World” 12 Soup container 13 Quite unusual 21 Chinese leader Sun ___-sen 22 Fancy shooting marbles 26 Semisoft Dutch cheese 27 Prevent, in legalese 28 Go back to an old source 29 Melville classic of 1847 30 1996 presidential candi-

date Bob 31 Maglie and Mineo 32 The 50 in 50-50 33 Race created by Wells 34 Mar-A-___ (Palm Beach estate) 35 One skilled at managing his pride? 40 New York hockey player 43 Hair-removal brand name 47 Walked boldly 48 London has two 51 D-sharp’s equivalent 52 Freeload 53 Persian, today 54 They produce spots 55 Give an


edge to 56 Words before “instant” or “uproar” 57 Button on email programs 58 Start of many Grimm tales 59 Senior, to junior 60 Early afternoon PREVIOUS PUZZLE ANSWER

THOUGHT OF THE DAY The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone. – George Eliot (1819 - 1880)



Your tomorrow today̶Star Power and Tarot THIRUVAIKUMAR

Date 7-12-2011

ARIES 040-27177230 / 9177596118

March 20 – April 18 A favourable court verdict is on the cards. Real estate deals will be success‑ ful. Financial position sound. Son's mar‑ riage will be settled. Daughter will get a good career opening.


April 19 – May 19 You will be brave enough to face all the hurdles and achieve your goals.You may renovate your house. Children may cause you mental ten‑ sion, be cautious in





June 21 – July 21

July 22 – August 21

May 20 – June 20

As Venus is favourable, a challenging job will be completed . An offspring can be expected by new couples Money inflow is good but may be spent easily. Differences with brothers will be sorted out.

A career opportunity will knock at your door. Children, spouse and her relatives will respect you well. Some may change their residence. A solution to a litigation problem of ancestral property is likely.

A Bank loan will be sanctioned. Fatherʼs property may be inherited Daughter's marriage will be settled. Court verdicts will be in your favour. Be careful with VIPs. Speculation will bring profit.



SAGITTARIUS November 21 – Dec 20

October 23 – November 20

Father's health will be a cause for con‑ cern. Avoid any differences with your father. Unexpected money will come by. As Jupiter is favourable, expectations will get fulfilled.

As Venus is favourable, all work will be completed Avoid issuing cheques without maintaining bank balance. Friends circle will expand. Politicians must be careful of internal politics. Take care of your father.

Debtʼs will be partially cleared. Your children will behave responsibly and your son may go abroad. Your sister will get married. Strained relations will be sorted. Friends may create trouble.




January 20 – February 18 Property issues will end. Relatives will be supportive.Jobseekers will get a favourable news. Visaʼs applied for will be recieved. Friendship with gov‑ ernment officials is likely.




Five of Pentacles – This is the right time to start planning your finances so you can secure your future and take care of that part of your life.

The High Priest – Trust your intuition. Itʼs giving you the right messages. All you need to do this time is to have the faith andput your feelings above logic.

Four of Wands – A job offer or a promo‑ tion will take you to the next step in your job. But think about the long term and start planning for the future.




Page of Wands – Youʼre in the begin‑ ning stages of a fruit‑ ful career path. Your inquisitiveness and creativity will put you on the right road. Ask lots of questions.

The World – The world is at your feet, and it may be quite literally, too. You may take a long dis‑ tance trip overseas and will go well.




Seven of Swords – Thereʼs conspiracy, secrecy and lots of difficulty in negotiat‑ ing large teams.You may not see the big picture and make wrong decisions.

The Moon – Your motherʼs health needs attention. Do how much you can and donʼt get into a guilt trap. You are your own best judge.

Nine of Swords – Dreams are a window to the subconscious and these days, your dreams are showing you lots of things you might have otherwise not known.




The Magician – Intuition is height‑ ened. Romance is in the air and you feel a special connection with someone. You hesitate to open your heart because of fear.

Eight of Wands – This is a lucky phase when all your plans work out beautifully. You feel wonderful about your current status, person‑ al and professional.

Six of Cups – You meet someone from your past and that person will have an important role to play in dictating how your future plans pan out.

February 19 – March 19

As Mars is strong you will be indirectly benefitted by enemies too. As Mercury is not favourable, be cordial with your‑ spouse. Businessmen are advised not to overspend. Students will be appreciated.

– Ten of Wands – Youʼve reached the end of a phase of your life. Though it has been fruitful, youʼre feeling exhausted and need to take a break.

For Better or for Worse Stone soup



Number game



Ink pen


Fred Basset

Dec 21 – January 19 Money will come from expected sources Peaceful situation will prevail at home. Children will choose the right path, leav‑ ing bad habits. Held up marriage talks will conclude favourably.


August 22 – September21

Expected money will come by. A clear cut solution for debts will be found Blood rela‑ tives will be of great help. Rifts possible between couples. Be cordial. Mother's health needs attention.

September 22 – October 22



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Sharing happiness



Riding the Marrakech Express Stars of Moroccan cinema attended the 11th Marrakech International Film Festival in Morocco in full strength. Since its inaugural year, 2000, the FIFM has been one of the biggest events devoted to Moroccan cinema

The newly-weds with family

Kalyan Reddy and Taranya

Guests at the reception

The N Convention Centre at Madhapur on Tuesday was teeming with guests who had come to bless the newly-weds Karlan Reddy and Taranya. Among the invitees were director K Raghavendra Rao and minister Panabaka Panabaka Lakshmi Lakshmi

K Raghavendra Rao

Prince Albert II of Monaco (C), while with Princess Charlene of Monaco (L), shakes hands with a man dressed as Santa Claus during the opening of the annual AFP Christmas market in Monaco, on Monday

Postnoon E-Paper for 06 December 2011  

The official e-paper of Postnoon - Hyderabad's first afternoon newspaper

Postnoon E-Paper for 06 December 2011  

The official e-paper of Postnoon - Hyderabad's first afternoon newspaper