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MONDAY, JULY 2, 2012


If you had to pick five Telugu films which deserve a sequel, what would they be? This was the question we asked people on Twitter and here’s what a lot of people chose. What more, we decided to give prospective filmmakers a helping hand with some scripting ideas HemanthKumar



GV’s Shiva starring Nagarjuna, Amala and Raghuvaran was a game changer when it released in 1989. The film, set in the backdrop of college politics, ends with Shiva (Nagarjuna) killing Bhavani (Raghuvaran).Although Shiva manages to put an end to all the atrocities of Bhavani’s gang, he doesn’t harm Bhavani’s illegitimate son. This thread has the potential to spawn a sequel to this cult film. Twenty years later, Bhavani’s son believes that the time has come to avenge his father’s death. Elsewhere, Shiva’s son comes to know about his father’s past and begins to realize that his father’s life is in danger. He decides to take upon the responsibility of not only saving his father’s life from Bhavani’s son but also take upon his father’s role to protect the people who have faith in him. This almost sounds like an adaptation of Godfather!



uri Jagannadh’s Businessman narrates the story of Surya Bhai (MaheshBabu), who sets off on a mission to legalize the mafia. Since he single handedly controls the government, the police can’t even lay their hands

on him. Although he’s not entirely a bad guy, he’s amoral and as time progresses his mind gets extremely corrupted with grandeur plans. If ever Puri Jagannadh plans to make a sequel to this film, we would love to see him pit Surya Bhai against a sin-

cere police officer like Krishna Manohar IPS, a role which was played by Mahesh Babu in Pokiri. It’ll be a quintessential battle of mavericks where neither of them wants to give up their goals. Now what are the odds of this coming true?

Oke Okkadu


his is not a straight Telugu film; however, the premise is so explosive that we couldn’t just ignore it. Directed by Shankar, the film is based on a preposterous idea of what a common man can do if he becomes the Chief Minister for a day. Considering the turbulent state of politics today, a sequel to Oke Okkadu would be perfect. Shankar has the knack of striking a balance between populism and social awareness. With him at the helm of affairs, one can expect fireworks as the protagonist resolves to do whatever it takes to put the culprits responsible for scores of scams behind bars. He has always had the penchant to deal with issues like corruption and development.

Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari

Bhairava Dweepam



Raghavendra Rao’s Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari starring Chiranjeevi and Sridevi was an iconic film. Sridevi, the daughter of Lord Indra, decides to stay back on Earth with Chiranjeevi at the end of the film. She throws away the ring, which was essential if she wanted to return to Indralokam, and a fish swallows this ring. Cut to twenty years later, the sequel could begin with Chiranjeevi, Sridevi’s son finding this ring at the bottom of the sea which gives him immense power. The villain comes to know about it and decides to kill the hero to retrieve the ring to rule the world. Once again, the responsibility of saving the world falls upon the hero and in the end, he lets go off the ring because some powers are just not worth having for the greater good of mankind.

ingeetham Sreenivasa Rao’s Bhairava Dweepam starring Balakrishna and Roja is a quintessential folklore. A brave young man sets out on an adventure to retrieve a necklace to save the princess from a sorcerer. In the course of his journey, he impresses a Pegasus, fights two headed dragon and a giant who can only be killed by destroying all the mirrors around him. It was an incredible film encompassing a great storyline. There’s a lot of scope to weave different adventures after the hero is crowned as the king. We would love to see a sequel where the hero goes out on yet another mission to protect the people in his kingdom from evil powers and invaders. We’ll leave it to your imagination to ponder what adventure should itbe for the protagonist in this sequel.

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