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an or woman, you must have a blast celebrating the last precious moments of your single life... with your special gang. Because after you say the words, your world changes without you knowing it. Where best to spend this time than at these places we have listed, which epitomise freedom and fun! If you are going to get hitched, save this page for reference. PG 16&17


he role of actresses has evolved a great deal in the Indian film industry, believes Chitrangada Singh, who says they’ve come a long way from being just “pretty faces on screen”. “Indian cinema has really evolved in the recent years and the role of actresses as well. They are not just pretty faces on screen, rather there is huge potential and opportunity to grow as an actor,” Chitrangada said. PG 22




Hyderabad’s first compact afternoon newspaper






Having virtually consented to the creation of a Telangana state, the Congress wants a seal of approval from its allies. But the party fears that many of its allies may have similar demands and the Centre is wary of the repercussions. REPORT ON PG 3



young man, Karan Pandey, was killed and another injured when police fired at a group of around 30-35 bikers performing stunts at Gol Dhak Khana near Parliament Street. The incident took place around 2.30am when a PCR van got a call about the activity and reached the spot. Sensing trouble, the bikers fled from the spot, but were intercepted by another PCR van. At this point, police sources said, the group decided to take on the men in khaki. PG 6







Dancing delight A classical, folk and contemporary dance fusion dance by actress Shobana is coming up. tÜÉêÉW=Shilpa Kala Vedika, Madhapur tÜÉåW July 28, 6 pm `çåí~ÅíW 98841-52200

Dance performance K Harshitha, 31st student of Shankarananda Kalakshetra is performing her arangetram. tÜÉêÉW=Ravindra Bharathi, Saifabad tÜÉåW 6.30 pm, August 2

Theatre workshop Theatre workshop for children in the eight years and above age group. It offers a rich mix of outdoor theatre activities, readings, analysis, discussions and performances. tÜÉêÉW=Lamakaan, Banjara hills tÜÉåW Till Aug 3, 10am tÜÉåW 2329 9779

Students of Sancta Maria International School listen with rapt attention as former English footballer and celebrated TV Pundit Paul Masefield convey the intricacies of the game at a football skill clinic organised at the school on Saturday. tÜÉêÉW=Lamakaan, Banjara Hills tÜÉåW July 28, 10.30 am to 1.30 pm `çåí~ÅíW 96427-31329

Food festival An opportunity to taste delicacies from Gujarat and Rajasthan. tÜÉêÉW=Chill, Radisson Blu, Banjara Hills tÜÉåW On till July 31 `çåí~ÅíW 040 6733 1133

Artworks galore Jal Anand - Impressions from the maha Kumbh Mela 2013 will be held. tÜÉêÉW=Goethe-Zentrum, Banjara Hills tÜÉåW Till August 4 `çåí~ÅíW 040 23113308

Sphoorthi Theatre. tÜÉêÉW=Lamakaan, Banjara Hills tÜÉåW July 28, 7 pm to 8.30 pm `çåí~ÅíW 96427-31329

Ramzan special Relish the season special iftar delicacies tÜÉêÉW=Viva, Taj Vivanta tÜÉåW Till Aug 7, 5.30-11.30 pm tÜÉêÉW=Deccan Pavilion, ITC Kakatiya tÜÉåW Till Aug 7, 7.30pm

Movie screening Sanjay Kak's movie Red Ant Dream will be screened. tÜÉêÉW=Nalsar University of Law, Shameerpet tÜÉåW July 29, 5.30 pm `çåí~ÅíW 2756-7310

Movie matters Deadfall will be screened. tÜÉêÉW=Sarathi Studio, Ameerpet tÜÉåW July 29, 6.30 pm `çåí~ÅíW 93910-20243

Outdoor photography Outdoor photography workshop for kids by Indira Penubolu. tÜÉêÉW=Our Sacred Space, Secunderabad tÜÉåW July 27 & July 28, 3.30 pm to 6 pm `çåí~ÅíW 90300-13344/9949076582

Open drum circle

Freezing a moment A workshop on photoshop for photography will be held.


Play time Puppet plays will be performed by

Aao! Bajaao: Let's drum together will be held. tÜÉêÉW=Pebble Creek High Montessori School, Secunderabad tÜÉåW July 28, 5 pm to 7 pm `çåí~ÅíW 91600-01494

Tribal art exhibition Kalakriti Art Gallery presents Dots and Dashes, a Gond tribal art exhibition, curated by Rati Khemka Malaiya. tÜÉêÉW=Kalakriti Art Gallery, Banjara Hills tÜÉåW On till July 28, 11am to 7pm

Dance workshop Contemporary dance workshop by Shashikala Reddy will be held. tÜÉêÉW=Our Sacred Space, Secunderabad tÜÉåW July 28, 10 am to 12 pm `çåí~ÅíW 84999-53338

Big Cinemas, Ameerpet, 30581470; Cinemax, Banjara Hills, 44565555; Cine Planet , Kompally, 61606060; INOX, Banjara Hills, 447677770, Prasads, Tank Bund Rd, 23448888; PVR, Punjagutta, 08800900009; Talkie Town, Miyapur, 40214175; Tivoli, Secunderabad 27844973



Strike against bifurcation


Last plea for united AP

he AP NGOs Association on Saturday cautioned that they would launch a strike immediately after any announcement by UPA government to bifurcate the State. The leaders today met to discuss the UPA government’s move on bifurcation of the State, as the government at New Delhi has completed the consultations on Telangana statehood.


s a last resort, Seemandhra leaders who met at the residence of Union minister Kavuri Sambasiva Rao on Friday evening shot one strongly-worded last letter to the Congress president Sonia Gandhi asking her to stop division of the State. They cautioned her that they would not be able to continue in the party in the event of State division.

BUMS admission test


r NTR University of Health Sciences is conducting BUMCET for admission into BUMS (Unani Medicine) course on August 11, at Osmania Medical College, Koti. BUMCET qualified students are eligible to take admission in Nizamia Tibbi College and Dr Abdul Haq Unani College, Kurnool. Test material can be obtained from Siasat office, Abids.

Jeweller conned by customer! A regular customer gave the jeweller half a kg of gold-plated silver biscuits and disappeared with gold jewellery worth several lakhs. MOHD SUBHAN


sually it is the other way round. For a change, here is the story of a jeweller duped by a smart customer who sold him bogus gold biscuits and took away gold jewellery worth several lakhs. A jeweller, a young man, is probably yet to learn the ropes. According to police case, Shashank Sampath found himself relieved of gold jewellery worth nearly `50 lakh. And the

Roadside Romeo in police net An auto driver who was obsessed with a young beautician was arrested after the woman complained. Postnoon News


self-styled lover who was enamoured with a charming beautician who hated the sight of him has landed in jail. The police team of Karkhana have picked up one Shyam Kumar, an auto driver, who thought he could propose and immediately marry a girl who recently joined as a beautician in a beauty parlour. It is said she had hired the auto once to go to her work place. Since then, Shyam had been parking himself before the beauty parlour, asking her to marry him. The girl, Ganga, 25, from Ananathapur district, is said to have had absolutely no interest in the auto driver. She lives in a ladies hostel in Marredpally. After she reject-

one who took him for a ride was a regular customer. Trusting the customer, the jeweller is said to have passed the gold biscuit without thorough checking. It was only when he sent it to the goldsmith to get it converted into jewellery that he was told it was silver biscuits skilfully gold-plated. His efforts to reach the customer failed. He approached the Mahankali police station and lodged a complaint. Shashank, 28, has been running a shop on Mahankali Road of Secunderabad for the past few years. He used to take gold biscuits in exchange of gold jewellery where he gets a good mar-

gin. Realising this, a customer who frequented the shop, Prabhakar Reddy of Kamareddy in Nizamabad, brought to him some 24-carat gold biscuits for exchanging with jewellery. This happened on July 24. Though the biscuits weighed half a kilogramme, Shashank did not suspect the man as he had done business with him earlier too. When the fraud was discovered, thinking that there was a mistake, the panic-stricken jeweller called Prabhakar’s mobile number, and obviously, he got the ring tone telling him the phone was not reachable. But the tone at the other end was alvida alvida (goodbye).

T-ball in new court Having consented to the creation of T-state, the Congress wants the seal of approval from allies. But since many allies have similar demands, the Centre fears repercussions.

Inkeshaf Ahmed

HE INSISTED THAT THEY WERE LOVERS AND ABOUT TO GET MARRIED. WHEN HE WAS TOLD THE GIRL HAD LODGED A COMPLAINT, HE WENT QUIETLY. ed him more than once, he began haunting the ladies hostel. The woman then decided to put him under notice and informed the police. The youth was surprised when the police collared him. However, he insisted that they were lovers and about to get married. But when he was told the girl had lodged a complaint with the police, he was subdued.


he T-ball has been kicked off onto a mid-fielder. The UPA co-ordination committee meeting tomorrow will take up the creation of Telangana issue. But fear still stalks the Congress corridors about the fresh demands for smaller states coming up in Uttar Pradesh, Vidarbha, Gorkhaland and many others. It is learnt that the meeting would prominently discuss the Telangana issue. The Congress party would take the opinions of its partners on the key issue and then call the meeting of the CWC, the party’s highest policy making body. It is widely believed that the Congress has consented to the creation of a new state but its allies are not comfortable. It remains to be seen what will happen at the meeting. It is no secret that the BSP of Mayawati

and many regional leaders might press for similar demands, which would complicate the issue. If the Congress argues well and overrides objections, the issue may have crossed a major hurdle, political sources said. The CWC’s job would then be lightened. It would approve the decision co-ordination committee’s recommendation. CWC meeting is also likely to be held shortly after the UPA coordination committee meeting and it might be held before August 5, when the Parliament

session begins. Although it is becoming clear that the Congress is in the mood to give in to the demand, lobbying for and against Telangana continues unabated. Most State leaders of Congress are camping in Delhi, bringing up arguments in their support. What deal the Congress has entered into with the TRS is still not sure, though sources say the Congress in Telangana believes it could appropriate the credit for creating a new state and wean away the proprietorship of T from the TRS.



Ramzan gives autos a chance to fleece

On one hand, auto drivers are overcharging commuters; on the other, they are carrying more than six passengers at a time, putting lives at risk.




he festive season has turned out to be a boon for autorickshaw drivers. Many autos seem to be off the roads because of Ramzan; the ones that are plying the roads are trying to make the most out of the situation. Some of the common auto stands in the City now look deserted with only a couple of autos doing the rounds in and around the areas. According to RTA officials, nearly 40 per cent of autos are

off the road since the festive season began. Auto drivers fleecing commuters is not new, but earlier, commuters had a choice to turn down an auto driver’s demands and take another auto. But now that they are not as many autos plying, commuters are forced to give in to the demands of these drivers if they have to reach their destination on time. “I have to travel from Mehdipatnam to Jubilee Hills

for work. Earlier, the auto drivers would demand approximately `100 even though the meter fare comes to `78. Now, they demand nothing less than `150. Because of fewer autos, commuters don’t seem to have much of a choice now,” says Harika Pratap, a private firm employee. On the other hand, auto drivers justify their demands by stating that with the increasing expenses, they cannot survive if

they have to take passengers by meter fare. “The cost of living is increasing. If we have to survive with our families, we cannot help but collect more money. The minimum fare of the autos has not been increased despite our repeated requests to the government. How can we survive with such meagre amounts? This is the reason we collect more from passengers,” said Madhu Shankar, member of the State Auto Union. If that was one part of the story, commuters travelling in overcrowded autos and risking their lives is the other part. Many autos offer share-auto facility, especially during peak hours. Not wanting to give into the hideous fare charges of the auto drivers, commuters too don’t seem to mind travelling by share-autos with more than six passengers. “As it is, the roads in the City are in a very sorry state. Added to it, these auto drivers take in more and more people. And when they know that checking is taking place in a particular area, they take a different route, or in order to escape from the officials, they speed. There have been several incidents when

autos have turned turtle while speeding. Yet these drivers do not mind risking the lives of the passengers,” says Srinivas Murthy, a commuter. Due to the apathy of the RTA officials and the traffic police, autos continue to operate in an illegal manner. RTA officials, however, state that regular checks are conducted and so far, 7,000 cases have been booked against auto drivers. “Since July 2012, we have booked 7,000 cases against auto drivers for overloading. On an average, we book 600 cases every month. Regular checks are conducted in areas like Jubilee Hills, Yousufguda, Ameerpet, Sanath Nagar, Tirumalgiri, Uppal Tarnaka and other places in the outskirts of the City, where autos ply mostly on sharing basis. When they know that checking is taking place, they make sure that they don’t overload their vehicles or they take a different route. In such cases, we cannot do much. However, those offenders who are caught redhanded are fined and counselled not to do so. But out of the 7,000 cases booked, half of them are repeat offenders,” says joint RTA commissioner Pandu Ranga Rao. The traffic police, on the other hand, state that the lack of proper public transport is the reason for autos to run berserk. “The City has very poor public transport. This is the reason we cannot control the menace of the autos. Despite booking several cases and fining them, they continue to violate norms,” says a official from the traffic police department.

Metro gets a green sheen Hyderabad Metro is taking up greening in an earnest manner. Some 60,000 trees are being planted this year. Mohsin Ali


he Hyderabad Metro Rail, which is often charged with pollution and disruption of normal life, has taken a positive colour with a mass tree plantation programme undertaken in association with many institutions and organisations in the City. Under Vana Deeksha and Vana Prasadam schemes, about 60,000 saplings are being planted this year. The plantation activity started last year under these schemes. About 60,000 saplings were planted last year in different parts of the City. Government and private organ-


isations, educational institutions, research institutes and colony welfare associations have tied up with HMR. More importantly, the Metro claims the survival rates (of plants) inside private campuses or office complexes is 98 per cent. Some 700 trees were translocated with 100 per cent survival rate. Managing director, Hyderabad Metro Rail, NVS Reddy announced the scheme. He said that a limited number of plants are being distributed free of cost to individuals, organisations and resident welfare associations under Vana Prasadam scheme. “Under Vana Deeksha Programme, we are distribut-

ing saplings only to organisations and colony welfare associations after visiting and inspecting by our officials.”



A new feature in the current year is planting of some tall trees (about 15 feet tall) along service roads and in colonies. Plants of religious significance like Ravi (Peepal), Medi (Cluster Fig), Marri (Banyan), Jammi (Bulrush), Christmas tree, Thuja, Sarvi (Casurina), Pogada (Mimusops), Kanuga (Pongamia) are also being taken up, especially in areas surrounding places of worship which have vacant spaces.

There is a huge demand for fruit-bearing trees, especially from women and senior citizens. Tree varieties like Usiri (Amla), Jama (Guava), Sapota (Chickoo), Panasa (Jackfruit), Nimma (Lime), Mango and flowering plants like Ganneru (Nerium), Mandara (hibiscus), Nandivardhanam (Moonbeam), Patcha Ganneru (Tecoma) are being provided to the needy. Those who want to associate with these programmes can contact OSD (Urban Forestry)Swami Das on 8374356780 or general manager (Admn) TD Mohan Rao on 9849905734, or the Hyderabad Metro Rail office, NVS Reddy said.



ROAD RAGE Bumpy roads, huge potholes and road work are making life miserable for motorists in Hyderabad (Arun Daniel's Caution: Bumpy roads ahead). So much so that even traffic policemen are fed up and are repairing the roads themselves! As the monsoon advances, Hyderabadis are left wondering: Can our roads never be rain-ready? HMC is ever eager to increase taxes, which are sky-rocketing along with the prices of commodities, while the services like providing good roads are abysmally poor — so much so that at least one precious life is lost. GHMC chief wants a report regarding the condition of roads — now! What was done during all the time available before monsoon?


The corporatisation of medicine


via email Read the report at

Camel torture

After being made to run around from hospital to hospital, an ex-serviceman's wife has been left unable to walk or speak. The latest hospital they visited told them that the expensive surgeries she had undergone were unnecessary and she could have been better with a simple surgery. The State Human Rights Commission is now looking into the matter. (Mohsin Ali's Soldier's ordeal moves human rights commission). t is the true story of many exservicemen who are facing such horrific situations by these so-called corporate hospitals. They dupe and misguide these ignorant soldiers and force these men into submission by misguiding them about the treatment. They milk these ex-serviceman with all false claims and mint money from the ECHS.


Ministry of defence should look into these cheating practices.

KS SUDHAN t is a sad story. Now the health sector is not for social service. Doctors and hospitals are delivering deaths by charging huge bills.



Read the report at 2013/07/20/ soldiersordeal-moves-human-rightscommission/136344

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Every Ramzan, you can be sure to catch a glimpse of camels on Hyderabad's roads. These noble animals are forced to walk all the way from Rajasthan and end up being slaughtered. Because the City has no slaughterhouse large enough to handle camels, they are cruelly butchered on the road in busy markets (Amy Rose Thomas's Camel slaughter halted in Hyderabad). Animal activists are trying their best to curb this practice.

always find it funny. When most of us eat chicken and mutton, why do we protest against consumption of camel meat or beef ? I can see open slaughter as one of the reasons. I see numerous goats slaughtered right in front of shops. Is that not illegal? Is prevention of cruelty not applicable to goats? … I just asked a question out of my curiosity that why goats (now I’m including cows and buffaloes too) are not included in the act. Maybe because they are available in plenty and if


included in the act, we no longer can eat meat.


via email ell done. We can't provide a life to an animal, who gives us the right to kill it ?



Camel slaughter halted in Hyderabad Read the report at 2/camel-slaughter-halted-inhyderabad/136592



Girl raped by brother-in-law

SRK defends Kolkata on women’s safety

HARDOI: A 17-year-old girl was allegedly raped and immolated by her brother-in-law in Bilgram area here, police said today. According to the complaint lodged yesterday, the teenager was raped and later set on fire by her brother-in-law on Friday night. The wife of the accused said that her husband had only teased the girl and claimed she committed suicide.


efending Kolkata in the wake of the rising incidents of crime against women in the city, superstar Shah Rukh Khan said not only Kolkata, but the whole world had issues when it came to the safety of women. Khan, who is the state’s brand ambassador, came to his “favourite” city’s rescue by pointing out that safety of women is a global concern: “This is very personal. You can’t pick on a city because it’s easiest to blame the system...the whole country... the whole world actually has issues as far as safety of women is concerned.”

Govt to share water data NEW DELHI: Amid a raging debate over greater transparency, the government is ready to part with classified hydrological data at a cost, provided the user is able to convince a panel about the requirement, sources said. Both Indian and foreign users can apply for the classified water data. The rates have not been decided yet, they added.

Stunt biker falls to police bullet A youth, Karan Pandey, was killed, another injured when Delhi police personnel fired at a gang of 30-35 stunt bikers who pelted stones at them.

NEW DELHI: A youth, Karan Pandey, was killed and another injured when police fired at a group of around 30-35 bikers performing stunts at Gol Dhak Khana near Parliament Street. The incident took place at around 2.30 am when a PCR van got a call about the activity reached the spot. Sensing trouble, the bikers fled from the spot, but were intercepted by another PCR van. At this point, police sources said, the group decided to take on the men in khaki and pelted stones at them. At least three policemen were reportedly

injured in the stone-pelting. Outnumbered, one of the policemen fired two rounds, one into the air and the second one at the tyre of a bike. The second shot missed its

target and hit the pillion rider, Karan, and the driver, Punit Sharma, was injured in the fall. Both were rushed to the Ram Manohar Lohia hospital where Karan succumbed to his injuries. “When police reached the spot, the bikers fled towards Le Meridien hotel, where they regrouped and started pelting stones on police and PCR vans,” Delhi Police spokesperson Rajan Bhagat confirmed. Blood tests of the injured and the deceased, both school dropouts, confirmed that they were drunk at the time of the AGENCIES incident.


Royal’s daughters get `20,000-crore relief from court CHANDIGARH: A court here has declared a 32-year-old will “forged” and illegal” and granted inheritance of properties and assets worth a whopping Rs 20,000 crore to the two daughters of the erstwhile Maharaja of Faridkot, Harinder Singh Brar. The properties and assets include the palatial Faridkot House on New Delhi’s Copernicus Marg, a royal palace complex and a fort in Faridkot, a fort in Mani Majra area of Chandigarh, vintage cars, an aerodrome in Faridkot spread over 200 acres, properties in Hyderabad and Delhi, gold and jewellery worth nearly `1,000 crore with Standard Chartered Bank in Mumbai and more. Real estate experts and accountants put the total worth of the properties and assets at over `20,000 crore. The legal battle for the assets started in 1992 after the his daughter Amrit Kaur filed a case in a court here. Following a 21-year-old legal battle, the court of the chief judicial magistrate Rajnish Kumar, ordered that the 1981 will, purportedly drawn up by the maharaja, was “forged and fabricated”. With the court judgment, Amrit Kaur and her Kolkata-based sister Deepinder Kaur will inherit the properties and assets of the erstwhile ruler. Their third sister, Maheepinder Kaur, who was not married, died under mysterious circumstances in Shimla in 2001. Brar had three daughters and a son,

THEY HAD CHALLENGED THE WILL, SAYING THAT THE TRUSTEES HAD FORCED HER FATHER TO SIGN IT AT A TIME WHEN HE WAS IN DEPRESSION. Harmohinder Singh, who died in a road accident in 1981. Following this, Brar went into depression. In her suit, Amrit Kaur alleged that the will was forged by officials and servants of the ex-ruler at a time when he was in depression. The will, which gave all his properties and assets to the Meharwal Khewaji Trust, was registered in 1982. The trust had some of his servants on board, while his two daughters were appointed chairperson and vice chairperson for a mere `1,200 and `1,000 per month. Following the death of the erstwhile ruler in 1989, the trustees took control of all the assets. Amrit Kaur challenged the will, saying that the trust members had forced her father to sign it at a time when he was in depression. She had claimed that he was not in a “fit state of mind” when the will was drawn up. She pointed out that the will had completely excluded his wife, Narinder Kaur, and mother, Mohinder Kaur, who were alive in 198182. IANS



Rudd visits Afghanistan

Grammy winner JJ Cale passes away

Thousands protest in Peru

YANGION: Australian Prime Minister

LOS ANGELES: Grammy-winning singer-songwriter

Kevin Rudd has made a surprise visit to troops serving in Afghanistan, telling them that it was time they came home. Rudd, who the Labor Party reinstalled as leader four weeks ago ahead of this year’s election, made the trip Saturday with his wife Therese Rein to troops in southern Uruzgan province.

JJ Cale, whose music was made famous by Eric Clapton, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnny Cash and others, has died in California. He was 74. He died Friday at a hospital in La Jolla, California, after suffering a heart attack. according to a statement on his website. “Donations are not needed but he was a great lover of animals so, if you like, you can remember him with a donation to your favorite local animal shelter," the statement added.

LIMA: Peruvian police used tear gas



and water cannon Saturday to drive back thousands of demonstrators protesting against what they said were President Ollanta Humala’s unkept promises on schools and jobs. On the eve of Independence Day celebrations, some 6,000 marchers heeded a call by the country’s largest union confederation, CGTP, to turn out in force.

1,000 flee Benghazi prison Over 1,000 inmates escaped during a prison riot Saturday in the restive city of Benghazi, a Libyan security official said, as protesters attacked Muslim Brotherhood offices following a wave of assassinations. Ibrahim Hadeia Agence France-Presse

LONDON: Almost three quarters of Britons think newborn Prince George will be king and the country will not opt for a republic before his turn arrives, a poll published Saturday said. Some 74 percent believe baby George, born Monday, will take the throne to which he is third in line, The ComRes poll for the Sunday Telegraph newspaper found.



Jesus offers us something bigger than the World Cup. You are the athletes of Christ. Pope Francis

BENGHAZI: Over 1,000 inmates escaped during a prison riot Saturday in the restive city of Benghazi, a Libyan security official said, as protesters attacked Muslim Brotherhood offices following a wave of assassinations. “There was a riot inside AlKuifiya prison, as well as an attack from outside. More then 1,000 prisoners escaped. Special forces called in as reinforcements were given orders not to fire at the prisoners," the official said, asking not to be named. He said most of the escapees were common law detainees, including nationals of other African states. “But some of them were detainees in cases linked to the former regime of Moamer Kadhafi," he said, adding that several inmates were recaptured shortly after the breakout. Prime Minister Ali Zeidan confirmed the incident, without giving the number of fugitives. “Residents of the area carried out the attack because they don’t want the prison near their homes," he said, adding that border posts had been alerted and given a list of names to apprehend the escapees. Thousands of Libyans protested earlier Saturday in Tripoli and Benghazi against parties including the Muslim Brotherhood blamed for the wave of violence in the east of the country. Protesters ransacked

Tripoli offices of both the Brotherhood’s political wing, the Party of Justice and Construction (PJC), and its liberal rival, the Alliance of National Forces (NFA). In Benghazi, youths stormed and ransacked the building housing the PJC, after hundreds took to the streets on Friday night to condemn the assassination of Abdessalem al-Mesmari, an antiIslamist lawyer who campaigned for a civil state. The demonstrators accuse the Brotherhood of being behind killings that have targeted dozens of officers, especially in Benghazi, the city that was the cradle of the 2011 armed uprising that ousted longtime dictator Kadhafi.

Libyan protesters display documents they have ransacked from the offices of Muslim Brotherhood-backed Party of Justice and Construction, in the Libyan capital Tripoli on July 27, 2013. AFP/MAHMUD TURKIA

Great jailbreaks n Tower of London (1597) Catholic dissenter John Gerard fled on a rope stretched from the Tower roof to a getaway rowboat. n Libby Prison (1864) Captive Union soldiers tunneled from this Virginia prison into a nearby yard; 109 walked away. n Lake County Jail (1934) John Dillinger, brandishing a wooden gun blackened with shoe polish, bailed in the sheriff’s Ford.

n Auschwitz (1944) Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler hid in a woodpile for days before trekking to the Slovakian border. n Stalag Luft III (1944) POWs excavated three tunnels below this Nazi stronghold. Only three of 76 men got away, but it’s still known as the Great Escape. n Colditz Castle (1945) The best escape from this WWII prison never happened: Allied officers built a glider in the attic but were rescued before takeoff.

n Alcatraz (1962) After chipping away walls with spoons, Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers left on a raincoat raft and were never found. n Imrali (1974) At a Turkish island jail, Billy Hayes stole a boat and survived to see the movie adaptation—Midnight Express—win two Oscars. n Pretoria Prison (1979) Political activists learned to pick locks while in the clink. (Or did a sympathetic guard help?) They opened 10 doors on the way out. Courtesy:

Pak Prez poll on Tuesday

Tsvangirai to Mugabe: Don’t steal the vote

Shiites main losers in Kuwait

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will elect a new ceremonial head of state Tuesday, replacing the controversial Asif Ali Zardari with a successor set to cement Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ’s hold on power. Boycotted by the opposition Pakistan People’s Party, which complained it was not consulted on bringing the election forward from August 6, Sharif ’s candidate is certain to win. Mamnoon Hussain is a businessman, close ally of the premier and a long serving member of the main ruling Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N), and comes from the southern province of Sindh. His loyalty to Sharif and low-profile will shore up the prime minister’s authority and provide stark contrast to Zardari, considered a sharp political operator behind the scenes.

CHINHOYI: Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan

LONDON: Kuwait’s Shiite minority lost more than half of their seats and liberals made slight gains in the Gulf state’s second polls in eight months, official results released early Sunday. The final results, released by judicial authorities, showed Shiite candidates winning just eight seats in the 50-member parliament. Shiite candidates had won a record 17 in the previous house elected in December but scrapped in a court ruling last month. Shiites form around 30 percent of Kuwait’s native population of 1.23 million. The official figures also recorded a significant rise in turnout. According to figures posted on the information ministry website, voter turnout was 52.5 per cent, compared to December’s record low of 40 per cent.

Tsvangirai on Saturday warned President Robert Mugabe not to “steal” a crunch vote next week, so that his veteran rival could exit office with dignity. “Mugabe stole an election in 2002, he stole the election in 2008. This time we want to tell him that he will not steal again," Tsvangirai said to thousands of supporters. “As a party we don’t have intentions of retribution. What we only want and what we are saying is: ‘Mr Mugabe run this election freely and fairly so that we can give you a dignified exit.'" After two previous polls condemned by observers as unfair, Tsvangirai is vying to end Mugabe’s 33-year rule and a four-year shaky coalition forced after chaotic elections in 2008.



EDITORIALS BICKERING OF ADULTS affecting children The midday meal scheme of the Government of India is the world’s largest school feeding programme, reaching out to about 120,000,000 children in over 1,265,000 schools and Education Guarantee Scheme (EGS) centres across the country. The scheme was launched as a system to ensure a nutritious hot meal to growing children, especially targeted at children of those families that found it difficult to do so at home. An important offshoot of this scheme has been the increased attendance and consequent education of many a child. A week after the death of 23 children from eating a contaminated midday meal in Saran district of Bihar, three lakh teachers decided to boycott participation in the scheme citing it a non-academic activity that was hindering their actual work. As over 10 lakh students continued to be deprived of midday meals due to primary school teachers boycotting food cooking duties for the third consecutive day on Saturday in Bihar, the government held "positive" talks with the them to end the impasse. Whatever may be the difficulties in the logistics of this visionary scheme, the scheme must not be disrupted even for one day. Nothing has worked in improving literacy in the country like this scheme has. Adults bickering over added responsibilities is not new, and the excuse that when things go wrong like it did in Saran, they have to take the flak is not to be entertained.

KINDLY SHOW THE WAY Holy Father During his visit to Brazil, Pope Francis exhorted the youth to be actors of change. But to be able to tell someone else to be actors of change, should he not show them the way by making certain changes, sweeping changes for instance in the Catholic view of abortion? This has been a bone of contention for long. The latest instance where signs of intolerance towards the anti-abortionist opinion sprung in Chile, where an 11-year-old girl, who was raped by her mother’s partner, says she will not undergo an abortion, a stance praised by the ‘gaffy’ Chilean President for her “depth and maturity”. There is no doubt both these people have no idea of what they speak, but, Your Holiness: you can lead that change you were speaking of.



hen you Google Narendra, it no longer throws up reference on Vivekananda. The name, which means `king of men’ now beams national and international controversies, under the Gujarat chief minister’s name making him popular by the hour. Narendranth Datta is passé and Narendra Damodardas Modi is the man of the moment. Noted economist Amartya Sen might be threatened of the Bharat Ratna, awarded in 1999, when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was prime minister for he did not think the Bharatiya Janata Party strongman would make a good prime minister. Yet, in the CNN-IBN-The Hindu Election Tracker Survey conducted across 267 constituencies in 18 states, 19 per cent of respondents, up from five per cent in 2011, want Mr Modi as prime minister, emerging as the top choice for India’s prime minister among voters. This despite, a new analysis of data from the National Sample Survey Organisation that Gujarat, which during Modi’s tenure as chief minister witnessed communal riots resulting in deaths of thousands of innocents might not be a good model of development as projected. Urban and rural spending in the state has been on a decline during 19992012. Spending in rural Gujarat declined and the state fell from fourth to eighth in the national ranking and in urban spending sweepstakes, the state has fallen from seventh to ninth. While Gujarat is one of few states that have slid in economic rankings, a state that has shown remarkable improvement in these parameters during the period is Andhra Pradesh. Amid controversy over the issue of 65 MPs writing to US President Barack Obama urging the US administration to

maintain the current policy of denying visa to Modi, the US reaffirmed that if the Gujarat chief minister applies for a visa, his application will be considered like any other case. The change in stance of the US, which earlier had reservation over granting visa to Modi because of human rights violations in 2002 post-Godhra riots is an indication of his emerging popularity. Those who oppose Modi


today, despite being considered secular, stand a slim chance of fighting his steep elevation. Like his ‘estranged wife’ Jashodaben Chimanlal Modi who lives in a one-room tenement in Gujarat on a monthly primary teacher’s salary of `10,000. She is turning increasingly religious in the Rajosana village where she shapes the future of several Muslim children, the dominant community in the area. Expelled BJP MP Ram Jethmalani slams Modi's detractors within the party, saying those opposing him are unable to overcome their desire to become the prime minister, making a veiled attack on the leading voice of dissent in

party patriarch LK Advani. However, social activist Anna Hazare maintains that in the past 10 years of his being the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Modi created hurdles in setting up Lokayukta, which only goes on to stress his views that appointment of anti-graft ombudsman was not required to bring an end to corruption. Noted economist Jagdish Bhawati maintains of Modi, “I don’t know what his model is. What has happened in Gujarat is that relatively rapid growth has taken place. He has actually been very good about getting licenses cleared very fast, he has added to electricity supply, which is a big problem… all of which is exactly the way development takes place and then I also find that social progress has taken place.” At an audience interaction in Bangalore last week, Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay, the author of Modi's biography — Narendra Modi: The Man, The Times — replied, “Modi is a threat to my idea of India,” to a question, “What is the worst case scenario if Narendra Modi becomes the prime minister — will people be stabbed on the roads? An anti-Modi industry, predominantly in the media, is making him singularly popular for his disbelief in the religious plurality of India, hence, the secular moral of Moditva today is love him or hate him but you cannot ignore him!



PM to meet industry on CAD

Suzuki to build new plant

Get close to CU: Russia

NEW DELHI: Amidst persisting eco-

TOKYO: Suzuki Motor plans to invest a

KIEV: Russian President Vladimir Putin

nomic gloom, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will brainstorm with industry leaders tomorrow on key problems relating to subdued growth, volatile exchange rate and widening current account deficit. "We will talk about all the major concerns besides negative sentiment which is haunting the industry," said an industrialist.

total of 100 billion yen in Indonesia as Japanese automakers increase their presence in Asia, reports said Sunday. The small-car maker has decided to spend $610 million to build a new assembly plant in Indonesia, according to the Nikkei newspaper and other media. It will come as a top investment mainly to build a new engine plant.

Saturday urged Ukraine to take further steps towards closer economic integration with the Russia-led Customs Union (CU). "Today there is a very tense competition in world markets. I'm sure we can be competitive and win in this rather tough competition only through joint efforts," reported Xinhua citing Putin.

Crime stigma, red tape deter Nigerian biz prospects NEW DELHI: Despite their

to be around 10,000 strong. However, the actual numbers registered with the high commission are much lower and this partly explains the plight of Nigerians in India. Most of them are unable to start even small businesses like barber's or food shops because of local laws. Many Nigerians in India end up overstaying their visas and unable to pay the penalty, fall into the clutches of the law or become easy prey for criminals. The Nigerian High Commission had brought this problem to the notice of the delegation of Nigeria's House of Representatives Committee on Diaspora which visited here last year. The visiting members of parliament were informed that more than 500 Nigerians were in various jails across India, while most Nigerians resident in India lacked special skills that could enable them to compete with local skilled manpower. India has a larger, law-abiding Nigerian community, some of whose retailing success stories here can be effective counters to its negative public image in India, the envoy said. The All-India Nigerian Students and Community Association, a non-official arm of the Nigerian embassy, helps members of the community living in India by liaising with local police. Official figures show that

bilateral relations being at the level of a strategic partnership, problems related to the Nigerian community in India are a dampener to India's relations with its largest trading partner in Africa. Nigerians are not allowed to start businesses in India even though Indians runs restaurants and shops all over Nigeria, says the country's high commissioner. "Indian immigration is not being too helpful in terms of arrivals of Nigerians in India. We facilitate Indians going to Nigeria," Amaku complained. "All over Nigeria, there are Indian restaurants and shops. But here, Nigerians are not allowed to start businesses. The regulations here are too stringent even for petty businesses," the high commissioner told IANS in an interview. Amaku also pointed out that though Nigerian banks operate in many parts of the world, they haven't been able to establish a foothold in India. "Nigerian's living here are even unable to open an account, so how can they start a business," Amaku asked, saying he regularly receives complaints from his compatriots living in India. The Nigerian community in India, spread over cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Jaipur is estimated

nearly 40,000 Nigerians obtained Indian visas during 2012. Students coming to India for higher education make up a significant percentage — around 20 percent — of Nigerians in India. Following Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit to Nigeria in 2007, bilateral relations were upgraded to the highest level of a strategic partnership, including defence co-operation, under which Nigerian military personnel are able to train in India's defence establishments. On the plane of bilateral economic ties, the high commissioner underlined that the level of engagement between both countries is currently not commensurate with "worth and size of the relationship". Despite Nigeria becoming India's largest trading partner and oil supplier from Africa, with bilateral trade reaching volumes of $16-17 billion per year, there are still no direct air services between the two countries. A lesser known fact elsewhere is that Indian films are quite popular in Kano, Kaduna and other northern states of Nigeria and local channels regularly telecast Indian films. India will help set up a film city in Kano state of the west African country, whose booming movie industry will be celebrating its 20th anniversary next month. IANS

Indian retailer locked in trademark fight with Gap NEW DELHI: An Indian recycling company which uses junk to create accessories is fighting a legal trademark suit launched by US clothing giant Gap Inc demanding that the firm change its name. Green the Gap, an Indian company that runs three stores in the country, sells accessories and home decor items made out of waste including beer cans, rubber tyres and fruit cartons. Vimlendu Jha, founding owner of the firm, which also sells clothing for other

brands, accused Gap in an interview last Friday of seeking to "bully" a small Indian company. In March, the owners were slapped with a legal notice by Gap asking them to change their name and remove any reference to the company from their labels within 14 days. A month later, the US retailer told the Indian firm it could keep its name for registration purposes but must remove any mention of Gap in their labelling and on their website, Jha said.

"Gap said our company is infringing upon their branding and that we are riding on their goodwill to create confusion in the minds of buyers," Jha told AFP. "We were shocked and angered that a company of that size and stature and supposed respectability is getting threatened by a small business," he said. The legal notice, a copy of which was seen by AFP, said Gap was "seriously concerned" about the adoption of its "well-known trademark" by the Indian entity.

K&S Partners, the law firm that issued the notice on behalf of Gap, was not immediately available for comment. But Gap said it "does not comment on pending litigation" in response to an email query from AFP. Jha added that Green the Gap's name was an environmental reference. "We wanted to ask people is it possible to consume less and can we consume green? We upcycle trash which means we add value to junk by creating a new and useful AFP product," he said.



Gardens help refugees take root in the US

The programme now boasts 38 community gardens in 14 out of 22 cities where the IRC helps around 10,000 refugees each year as they adjust to life in the United States. AFP/FABIENNE FAUR

Fabienne Faur Agence France-Presse

BALTIMORE: Bending over a garden blooming with zinnia, Nidda Haseeb Al Dafrawi breathes in the fragrant perfume of the flowers and closes her eyes. “They remind me of my house,” says the 70-year-old Iraqi woman. The house was in Baghdad. But the garden the former school headmistress now tends so lovingly is in a central square in Baltimore, Maryland. Along with refugees from Sudan and Myanmar, Nidda regularly visits this urban horticultural oasis to plant flowers and vegetables which allow her to reconnect with her homeland. “Everything I plant makes me think of home,” says Nidda, wistfully. Her green-fingered pursuits have been made possible by a programme launched by the International Rescue Committee non-profit, New Roots. In the Baltimore garden, around 15 raised beds are worked over by refugees who grow flowers and vegetables such as okra, tomatoes, peppers

and sweet potatoes. New Roots was launched in the IRC’s San Diego resettlement office in 2007, with the aim of “reconnecting refugees to the culture of their homelands by growing food”. The programme now boasts 38 community gardens in 14 out

It was just much more of their culture back where they lived to be able to go to their garden to get food for dinner — to not have to go and purchase every single herb, or bean or flower. Aliza Sollins Community garden specialist of 22 cities where the IRC helps around 10,000 refugees each year as they adjust to life in the United States. One of the two gardens in Baltimore can be found in the courtyard of the IRC offices. Each bed bears the name of the

refugee who helped create it. The Haregot bed reflects the Eritrean origins of its gardener, and grows eggplants and peppers. The Niang bed was started by a Burmese refugee and offers zucchinis and green beans. Nidda, who comes to the garden at least three times a week, planted eggplants, zucchinis and beans. “I had a garden in Iraq, we used it for parties, for lunch , for dinner, the children would play in the garden,” she says. The war in Iraq shattered the idyllic picture she paints, however, with unemployment and crime in the city spiraling in the years following the conflict. Eventually she left Iraq for Jordan before reuniting with her son in the United States just under two years ago. Joyce Kedan hails from South Sudan, but she arrived in the United States less than a year ago after spending around 15 years in refugee camps in Uganda. “I am very lucky to be in America,” the 32-year-old woman says through an interpreter. Joyce, who grows green beans known as lubia which she

was unable to find in US supermarkets, spends her time learning English, raising her four children and coming to the garden. “When I come here I feel that I am doing something positive.” Many of the refugee-gardeners who take advantage of the New Roots programme come from farming backgrounds, says community garden specialist Aliza Sollins. “Many of our clients are former farmers but the majority of them just had gardens in their homes,” Sollins explains. “It was just much more of their culture back where they lived to be able to go to their garden to get food for dinner — to not have to go and purchase every single herb, or bean or flower.” The New Roots programme also offers a form of therapy, says Sollins. “It is not only a place to grow

food but also a social place, a healing place for people to come... it’s a place where people can come together and share memories, share things about their country back home.” Karine Nankam, a public health advocate who works for the scheme, said growing fresh vegetables also helped steer refugees away from unhealthy food choices. Years of living in refugee camps often means some refugees arrive in the United States with diet-related illnesses such as type-2 diabetes or high blood pressure. “They sometimes adopt unhealthy eating habits that can then lead to obesity and other health issues, or exacerbate preexisting health conditions,” Nankam explained. The garden programme ensures that for refugees, “their first default is not the local fast food restaurant”, Nankam adds.



A good SAMARITAN There are many who talk big about social change but when it comes to getting their hands dirty they back down from their stand. Ram Mohan, director and founder of Help NGO, is a stark contrast. He opens up about his journey in an interview with Postnoon. feel is working against these rescued women and children?


Apart from the dearth of counsellors which I spoke of before, there is also very few de-addiction centers in the State. There might be ones for the rich and swanky but when it comes to those who really need help there are very few options. There is a government aided de-addiction centre in Hyderabad but it doesn’t have enough facilities. Another problem we face is that even after sending the women back to their villages, men recognise them as prostitutes because of their body language. These women are taught to wear their clothes in a different way and their body language also gives a different vibe. All the counselling that we give for these women after they are rescued goes to waste since they are provoked, followed and harassed by the How did the idea of starting Help NGO come about? It was the year 1993 and I was a journalist back then working with a Telugu daily in Nellore. That was the time when the Anti-Arrack movement took form. In spite of it being an important movement if conducted efficiently could bring about changes, not many politicians and NGOs joined forces with the government to be part of the movement. Cops called on to us journalists in Nellore to support the movement. That was how Help NGO was formed. We took up one issue after the other and before I knew it I had resigned from the newspaper and was working exclusively for Help. When we had started working with women rescued from prostitution and HIV +ve patients people looked down upon us because there weren’t many who worked with them. But undeterred in 2000, we started work with children of rescued sex workers.

It is a moment of pride when these kids make it big and end up in good positions. It is for moments like these that I work for. Ram Mohan director Help NGO men from their village so that they take up the same profession again. Counselling in terms of body language is of utmost importance in these cases. Through Victim Witnesses Supporting System, we keep in touch with the rescued victims, their family members and the local NGOs to keep a watch over these women so that they do not go back to the same profession.

Are there any shelter houses for the rescued funded by Help? Help NGO’s shelter houses are completely funded by Plan foundation which is a non-government organisation that works in more than 40 countries. There are two shelters we maintain. One is for the rescued women which currently has 17 girls. And the other shelter houses about 60 children of rescued sex workers. The major problem we face is the dearth of counsellors. Once rescued it is necessary to counsel the women so that they do not run away and get back to the same life they were rescued from. When it comes to children, most of them are already addicted to alcohol, drugs or pan parag by the time they come to the home. It is necessary to make them understand the consequences of these actions. There are very few instances of runaways from my homes because I give big importance to counselling. Moreover, all the employees hired at the rescue homes were once rescued from trafficking. Children feel comfortable at the homes because they have those who


have gone through similar tragedies to talk to. In all the years I have put in for Help, we have saved around 2,250 girls and more than 500 children.

Are children at the shelter home regular in their studies? Many of them are well-settled now. A girl from the home was hired as the Village Revenue Officer at Macherla in Guntur district. And another girl studied polytechnic and is working with a private company. There are around 20-30 from the home employed at the Hyderabad airport. Others are finish-

ing their graduation. It is a moment of pride when these kids make it big and end up in good positions. It is for moments like these that I work for. After they are educated and have acquired a job, we contact their family members and get them to meet again. They accept their kids back to their family once they know they are educated and fend for themselves. This way, these kids also will have someone to fall back on. We have reunited around 20-25 families this way.

What is the major problem you


Across Stores

ities Twin C



Banksy graffiti disappears

Big blue cock in London

Not so long ago the appearance of a work by the superstar graffiti artist Bansky was a source of curiosity and local pride. Now it seems it mainly spells a commercial opportunity. For the second time this year a Banksy work sprayed on a shop wall in north London has disappeared most likely to be sold at auction, to the consternation of residents and the local council.

There is simply no other way of putting it, and nor would earthy British wit have it any other way. A giant bright-blue cock — its feathers proudly upstanding, its coxcomb as stiff as a pennant in the breeze — has been erected in Trafalgar Square, London, and no double entendre is too good for it.

New kind of art gallery Call it commoditizing art or just smart business. Carré d’artistes on Bleecker Street just opened this month, bringing to the United States the first art gallery that sells original contemporary art by set sizes. The brand Carré d’artistes was founded in France in 2001. It already has 18 stores around the world and plans to expand to Mexico, Moscow, Hong Kong, and Beirut.

Open for talk

Antonia has coped for years with her husband, who decides they should be an “open couple”. But when the wife decides to do his bidding, the husband finds that the tables have turned. We speak to the cast and crew of The Open Couple, a Faraz Khan directorial. Date : July 30 and 31st Time: 7.30 pm FLEME VARKEY

Place: Lamakaan

Duration: 1 hr without interval


Donor pass: `100. Tickets are available on Book My Show.

hey have already had a few experimental performances at La Makaan previously. Needless to say, the response it evoked was enough to give the City an encore. So this Tuesday and Wednesday, director Faraz Khan and his crew Anuj Gurwara and Vaishali Bisht will be performing Dario Fo’s play The Open Couple. The event is being produced by 71mm Productions, a production being run by Anuj Gurwara and Priyanka Vir. Faraz Khan an actor himself, studied theatre and that was when he came across Dario Fo and his plays. This particular play interested him greatly and he harboured a desire to portray it on stage. “It’s been three-four years since I wanted to do this play. All this time I was planning and conceptualising it and now that I am in the City for work, things fell into place and so it happened,” explains Faraz. The genre being used is commedia, a form of theatre characterised by masked “types” which began in Italy in the 16th century and was responsible for the advent of the actress and improvised performances. “This mask on and mask off factor about the play is what makes it makes it unique. The Open Couple is a high-energy comedy. Though two characters yet within the same play with the help of the mask we are able to play more roles than one,” says Anuj. Elaborating about the genre, Faraz says, “With masks on, the actors’ faces become

neutralised. Adults can be very good at hiding emotions. But with a mask when your face is painted white, your facial features are highlighted and all the gestures become heightened, all that is hidden comes out.” The casting for this play was not a difficult decision for Faraz. Vaishali Bisht has directed him twice and being a director herself, he felt she could do justice to the role. Choosing the man was difficult as he feels Hyderabad has a dearth of male actors who are passionate about theatre. Anuj, however, fit the bill as he was willing to try out new ideas. Because for Faraz the way he conceived the play was quite different. Both actors when they talk about the play have one thing to say — it’s different. “There

are no rules in this play, not like those in regular drama. Here it is much exaggerated and every moment is elongated for maximum effect. The dialogue delivery is fluid and thanks to what all three of us think of the subject, there is constant improvisation. No two shows of the play will be the same. You can act according to the mask you are wearing,” says Anuj about the characterisation. In terms of the play’s relevance to the present times, Vaishali says, “This play will always be relevant. It tells of power equations in a marriage. It explores the insanities and insecurities of life. Something that all adults can relate to. The first half of the play is where the man suggests that after years of marriage, they should try an open relation-

ship, while she is busy grappling with this change; enters depression and becomes suicidal, the husband is having a gala time. In the second half, when she begins to look out for herself the husband gets rattled and the tables are turned.” “The play begins the moment the audience walks into the auditorium. The play breaks a lot of stereotypes, especially the fourth wall. The actors are constantly interacting with the audience. So it keeps them gripped. 71mm Productions is facilitating this play. Since it got a great response the first time it was performed, Anuj and Priyanka decided to take it up. “This is a play we can travel with. In fact, we are going to Bangalore with this play in August. 71mm has just raised the value of the play, the director and cast being brilliant as it is. We have been receiving quite a lot of enquiries regarding more performances from all over,” says an excited Priyanka. While the cast and crew behind this play hope to give another applause-worthy performance, Anuj hopes that in the future they be able to produce and showcase more plays so that Hyderabad as a centre of culture becomes highlighted. “We also should have separate auditoriums for theatre and such performances, places which can’t be used for wedding purposes,”says Anuj on a parting note.



Sea levels raised by 20 meters About five million years ago, sea levels rose by up to 70 feet (20 meters) as ice sheets in the South Pole began melting during past instances of global warming. Scientists have now concluded that about half of that sea-level rise was due to the thawing of a single, enormous ice sheet in East Antarctica that was once considered stable.

Largest solar plant all set

Freshwater creatures saved

The Ivanpah Valley of the Mojave Desert in California is home to spiky yucca trees, long-nosed leopard lizards, loggerhead shrikes, and a rare species of tortoise — and soon, the largest solar thermal energy plant in the world. More than six years in the making, the Ivanpah plant is now slated to begin generating power before summer's end.

The large asteroid that crashed into the Earth 65.5 million years ago is best known for killing off the dinosaurs, but it also triggered a mass extinction in the oceans. Curiously, though, organisms living in inland rivers and lakes showed much lower rates of extinction. A new study proposes that the biological adaptations some organisms evolved helped shield them.

Bisphenol A threat is not as grievous as thought Preliminary investigations have led to “a considerable refinement of exposure estimates compared to 2006,” the year of its last major study into the BPA.


he European Union’s food safety watchdog said Thursday that human exposure to bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical that has triggered health fears and a ban on baby feeding bottles, is far lower than thought. Preliminary investigations have led to “a considerable refinement of exposure estimates compared to 2006,” the year of its last major study into BPA, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

announced. The new estimates show people are exposed to “less than one per cent of the current Tolerable Daily Intake (TDI) for BPA (0.05 milligrams/kg bw/day) established by EFSA in 2006,” a statement said. An EFSA spokesman cautioned, though, that it was too early to draw judgement on risk. “It doesn’t follow that because the exposure is less, the risk is also lower — there is no causal link,” the spokesman

The 250-yearold "miracle" pine – the only one among 70,000 trees left standing along the town's coastline after the disaster – initially survived, but was removed last September after its roots died from exposure to salt water.

said. Further work into risk will be published early in 2014. BPA is a common component of plastic bottles and the linings of food cans. But some studies have found it disrupts hormones, and tests on laboratory animals have linked it to brain and nervous system problems, reproductive disorders and obesity. It has been banned for use in baby bottles in a number of economies, including the European Union, United States and Canada. The EFSA scientists found dietary exposure to BPA to be the highest among children aged three to 10, with canned food and noncanned meat and meat products identified as major contributors for all age groups. The scientific advisory panel is now seeking feedback before deciding whether the risk levels have also changed. If that turns out to be the case, the baby-bottle ban could theoretically be reversed. In March 2012, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rejected an appeal by environmental groups to ban BPA, saying there was no scientific evidence of harm to humans. Actual BPA exposure to infants was 84-92 percent less than previously estimated, the US agency said. It said, though, that this was not the final word on the issue, and voiced support for further research on safety. AFP Experts preserved the 27-metre (89ft) tall tree in its nearoriginal state by inserting a metal skeleton into its trunk and adding replica branches and leaves made from a synthetic resin.

People stand on roots of the ‘miracle pine’ at the devastated area in Rikuzentakata, Iwate prefecture. Tourists want to see the devastation and the monuments to those who died by the huge tsunami on March 11, 2011, the latest example of a phenomenon dubbed “dark tourism” where holidaymakers pay to witness the aftermath of others’ misery. AFP PHOTO/TORU YAMANAKAVV



Chocolate factory at Mumbai

Kebabs to be Oz food trend?

Fried fish fingers unhealthy

KidZania, the world’s fastest growing edutainment brand announced its partnership with Cadbury Dairy Milk to set up the Chocolate Factory at KidZania Mumbai. The Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Factory provides children a unique opportunity to play Chocolatier. Kids invest their kidZos, the local currency of KidZania to get trained as Chocolatiers.

Move over Mexico, our next big food trend will be Middle Eastern, specifically the humble kebab, if food experts are to be believed. A recent survey from BIS found that more than one in ten fast food consumers now eat Middle Eastern cuisine. Think lemon, garlic, parsley, marinated meat and lashes of dusky hummus or Baba Gahnoush on oodles of warm, flat Lebanese bread.

Spanish and Portuguese researchers have discovered that fried fish fingers generate more furanic compounds than those baked in the oven. To be precise, there are three times as many when fried with olive oil and twice as many with sunflower oil. These compounds improve the food's organoleptic characteristics, but are believed to be toxic and carcinogenic.

We all crave for deep-fried flavourful starters, rich gravies with a variety of rotis during the monsoon. Chill, Radisson Blu is hosting a two-week long Rajasthani and Gujarati food festival to satisfy that craving.

Nidhi Bhushan


he smell of ghee while entering a restaurant is a more than welcoming sign for a hungry soul. It automatically makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, something we all cherish during the monsoon/winter months, don’t we? That’s the way my Gujarati/Rajasthani food journey began. Chef Rajesh Joshi, who has been especially flown in from Indore, has crafted a special menu for Radisson Blu’s Maharaj food festival. The menu, which comprises a series of delectable dishes from the Gujarat and Rajasthan regions, promises a royal feast to Hyderabadis. “I’ve created a cyclic menu for two weeks. We

What: Rajasthani/ Gujarati food festival Where: Chill, Radisson Blu

repeat dishes, if at all, once in four days,” says Chef Joshi. From khandvis to dal bati, the Maharaj festival offers an array of mouth-watering dishes. We started with a few drinks akin to the Gujarat/

Rajasthan region. Khus, which is a green-coloured drink, was extremely refreshing and would certainly get anyone’s appetite going. However, the must-have drink at the restaurant is the Copra Nimbu Paani (lemon juice made using coconut water). Its distinct coconut flavour blends with the lemon and salt perfectly. It’s a delight before and after a heavy meal. Then came the starters — the Paneer Tikka and Ajmeri Aloo ki Tikki. Those of you yearning for tikki in the City, now know where to go. We were also served a variety of chaats before devouring the main course dishes on display. The Tikki chaat and Paani puri are must-haves. From the main course section, the Gatte ki Sabzi, Dal

Tadka, Paneer Masala and Aloo ki Sabzi are to die for. If you’ve ever eaten at a maadu friend’s place, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. And, those who haven’t, can now make up for what they’ve been missing. Another interesting section at the festival was the dessert spread. Rich with all kinds of sweets, the section is a treat to the eyes as well. Among the sweets, Gulab Jamun, Bajre ka Halwa and Moong ki Dal ka Halwa are must-haves. The Maharaj food festival, which is on till July 31, does not interfere with the hotel’s regular dinner spread at Chill. So, while the dishes from the festival are ideal for vegetarians and those who are taking a break from meat, there are a variety of regular foods to lure others too.


Recipe – Dal, Bati, Churma By Chef- Rajesh Joshi Dal Tadka: Ingredients n Toor dal 150 gm n Channa dal 100 gm n Red chili whole 4 nos n Fennel seed 10 gm n Turmeric powder 10 gms n Red chili powder 10 gms n Asafoetida 5 gm n Salt to taste n Bayleaf 2 n Ghee 50 gm Method n Boil both the lentils separately with turmeric and salt. n Heat ghee and add all whole spices, crackle.

n Add powder spices. n Add to dal and cook for 10 more minutes. n Add another dollop of ghee just before serving. Churma: Ingredients n Wheat flour 500 gm n Ghee 100 gm n Powdered sugar 200 gms n Ghee (for frying) 200 gms n Almond flakes 20 gms n Pistachio flakes 20 gms n Raisins 20 gms n Cardamom powder 10 gms Method – n Prepare hard dough using wheat flour, ghee and water. n Fry small balls of the dough in

ghee. n Grind in the mixer. n Mix the crumbs with rest of the ingredients. Bati: Ingredients n Wheat flour 500 gm n Ghee 100 gm n Baking soda 10 gm Method – n Prepare hard dough using wheat flour, ghee, baking soda and water. n Prepare round balls. n Put them on a baking sheet and bake at 170c for 15 mins. n While still hot, pour hot ghee so that bati soaks the ghee and it becomes tender.




Breaking your daily fast with delicacies from Arabia at The Dining Room, Park Hyatt, is a true delight this Ramzan. With a promise to leave you asking for more, the twoweek food festival is worth your wait and money.



ho knew that a period of 40 days of fasting would bring so much joy, especially to our bellies. The traditional haleem, kebabs, biryanis, paya and many more dishes exclusive to the holy month of Ramzan are usual suspects. But, most of us haven’t had a chance to savour Ramzan flavours from the Middle East. Park Hyatt’s The Dining Room brings that chance to Hyderabad with its two-week long tryst with traditional Arabic Ramzan buffet at `1,500 plus taxes. That’s just the good news, what’s better is that the festival will conclude with a lavish, carefully selected spread for Eid al-Fitr on August 9. As per tradition,

the Arabs break their fast with raw vegetables and refreshing drinks. Though we didn’t fast all day, we did the same. A bowl full of vegetables which included capsicum, cucumber and tomatoes was served along with pita bread, garlic and olive dips. The olive dip, similar to the one you get at most Italian restaurants blends perfectly with pita bread and hummos — it’s a must-have. Among the drinks were the apricot and rose water mix, the whipped yoghurt and mint drink (just like butter milk) and jaggery water. “After a long day of fasting, Arabs drink these special concoctions to create an appetite for the main course,” says Shady Anees Abdallah Yared, executive sous chef, Hyatt Regency Baku, who has been especially flown in from Hyatt, Jordan. We then warmed up to the feast with a variety of salads or cold mezzeh. Out of which, the Waraq enab (vine leaf rolls

What: Iftaar food festival Where: The Dining Room, Park Hyatt

with tomato, onion, lemon, parsley and rice), the Muhammara salad (bread, walnut, chilli paste, olive oil) and the Samboussek (deepfried minced meat pastries) are must-haves. From the main course section, you can order the mixed grill — a selection of lamb and chicken kebabs served on thin bread — with your eyes closed. For those with a sweet tooth, the Baklava, the Mohalabeh (milk pudding, rose water, coconut, pistachio) and the chocolate mohalabeh are simply delightful. So, go on and indulge. You still have time.

Tasty treats that fill the plates It is Poorna’s simplicity that has made it a legend among City’s night owls. KANCHAN AGARWAL

Location: Sri Krishna Nagar, Yousufguda


he drill may be the same. A hectic week. Maybe monotonous, too. Finally, that Saturday night which seemed to take forever to get here. Whatever it is that you do to chill on a Saturday night, spending your early mornings at Poorna tiffin centre is never a bad idea. After maneuvering through lanes and by-lanes, it

is no challenge to spot it. You know you are there as you notice cars parked, and youngsters hogging impatiently on the quintessential idlis and dosas. The fragrance of freshly steamed

idlis is just as inviting as the vague sight of dosas garnished with chutney, karam podi, onions and green chillies. The service is quick: the men at it are so energetic that you are in a mixed state of impatience and assurance. When you are finally served, as time moves from wee

hours to early morning, there is nothing in the world that can bother you now. It is everything from the generous serving that makes your plate appear full, to that spoon full of ghee that, in my opinion, somehow, enhances the taste of all Indian food, that makes Poorna what it is. The menu is basic but all that is on offer, is worth a shot. Thinking about it, it is this simplicity that has made it a legend among city’s night owls.

Dhuli Urad Black gram dry cooked Noor Kitchen NOOR JAFRI

Ingredients Quantity n Dhuli urad daal 1 cup n Ginger juliennes 1 tsp n Garlic Juliennes 1 tsp n Dry red chilli 2 broken into small pieces n Salt to taste n Haldi a pinch n Thinly sliced and fried onions 1 tbsp n Ghee 2 tbsp n Chopped mint leaves 1 tbsp Procedure n Wash and clean the daal, and soak it in water for about 10 minutes. n Drain the water and transfer the daal in a pressure cooker. n Add 1 and a 1/2 cup of water and a pinch of haldi to it. n To this add ginger-garlic and chillies with salt to taste. n Pressure cook it, up to one whistle and switch off the gas. n In a frying pan, heat the ghee and fry the onions, till they are golden and crispy . n Open the pressure cooker, when the pressure is released. n Transfer the daal in a serving dish and pour the fried onions, ghee on to it. n Garnish it with mint leaves and serve hot ! Chef's Note n It's a simple, tasty easy to make quick dish; And a healthy option . n This can be served with paratha or plain pulka. Contact us @ Noor kitchen Mobile + 91 9441282318 Residence + 91 40 23356947 Like us @ follow us @



July 29

July 29

July 30

July 31

1981: Nearly one billion television viewers in 74 countries tune in to witness the marriage of Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, to Lady Diana Spencer, a young English schoolteacher.

1948: After a hiatus of 12 years caused by World War II, the first Summer Olympics to be held since the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany, open in London, United Kingdom.

2003: In Mexico, the last 'old style' Volkswagen Beetle rolls off the assembly line, 65 years after its original launch and unprecedented 58-year production run.

2012: Michael Phelps breaks the record set in 1964 by Larisa Latynina for the greatest number of medals won at the Olympics. He holds the record with 22 medals, 18 of them gold.

August 1

August 2

August 3

August 4

1914: Four days after Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, Russia and Germany declare war on each other; the same day, France orders a general mobilisation, starting World War I.

1990: Iraq invades Kuwait, eventually leading to the Gulf War. A UN-authorised coalition force from 34 nations led by the United States fought against Iraq for the incursion.

1936: Jesse Owens wins the 100 meter dash, defeating Ralph Metcalfe, at the Berlin Olympics. He went on to win three more gold medals, making him the most successful athlete at the Games that year.

1944: Acting on tip from a Dutch informer, the Nazi Gestapo captures 15-year-old Jewish diarist Anne Frank and her family in a sealed-off area of an Amsterdam warehouse.

July 31 2006: Cuban president Fidel Castro hands over power to brother Raúl Castro. Due to his failing health, he relinquished his position as head of the country, a post he had held for near 50 years.

August 1 1980: Vigdís Finnbogadóttir is elected President of Iceland and becomes the world's first democratically elected female head of state. She was also both Iceland's and Europe's first female president.












Stand-up comedian and bollywood actor Vir Das tickled funny bones during his performance History of India — Viritten organised by Sparsh Hospice at N-Convention on Saturday. 9




1 Vir Das 2 Niraja with a friend 3 Tanvi, Uthara 4 Rani 5 Simran 6 Swetha, Avani 7 Swati 8 Meher 9 Manju, Ajay 10 Pooja, Nidhi 11 Kamala, Namita 12 Lona, Janine

Shiny new toy

Traditional best Kayenat, a designer showroom featuring collections of bridal wear, designer sarees, suits, anarkalis and lehengas was launched at Moti Galli near Chowmahalla Palace on Saturday.

Honda Motorcycle unveiled the much awaited second Dream Series mass motorcycle — the 110cc Dream Neo on Saturday in the City.






industry gets together for platinum jubilee




izzling actress Nayanthara, who is active in Tamil film industry, has a lot on her plate. In an interview, with a cinema news website Nayanthara said, “I am not into any gossip now, I am free and I have long list of upcoming movies in Tamil. I won't fall in love here after.” The actress was previously linked up with Tamil superstars like Dhanush, Simbu, Prabhudeva and Arya, but none of the relationship clicked. Nayanthara said that she doesn't have any problems now and is fed up of link-ups. She said, “Now I am single, I don't have any problem and also I was fed up of all these gossips. Now I am busy with my upcoming projects and I love all those roles.” Nayanthara also added that she is not willing to fall in love hereafter as she is busy with her upcoming projects and hopes that the gossip will not disturb her career any more. Spoken like a true professional.

t's celebration and jubilation time in the Malayalam film industry, an integral part of the 100-yearold Indian film industry, which is gearing up for the platinum jubilee of its talkies later this year. Stalwarts like Mohanlal and Adoor Gopalakrishan are especially proud of the occasion. Director S Nottani's Balan was the first Malayalam talkie that came out in 1938. The industry with a glorious past is credited with India's first 3D film My Dear Kuttichathan (1984). Superstar Mohanlal pointed out that the film fraternity should be proud of what they have been able to achieve, adding: "We should see that we celebrate as we are into our platinum jubilee." Lauding the decision, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy said that the need of the hour is for the fraternity to stand united. "Cinema is the entertainment option for the common man and for that we are committed to doing anything. But today, there are issues that plague the industry on account of differences of opinion prevailing amongst you. Please settle that," said Chandy. One of the largest film producing nations in the world, India churns out about 1,000 films a year. Ace producer G Suresh Kumar points out that Malayalam films have more than 10 percent share in the total output. Taking pride at being a part of the industry, Suresh Kumar said: "Priyadarshan, Mohanlal and I first entered the industry 35 years ago and we are extremely delighted about it." "The biggest change that has taken place is that the industry has entered the digital era. Our industry has seized all the opportunities to move ahead," added the producer of Rathinirvedam. Satisfied with the growth of the filmdom, multiple National Award winner Gopalakrishnan, known for films like Swayamvaram and Naalu

Pennungal said: "We should certainly celebrate our platinum jubilee because through our films, we have showcased our heritage and culture to the world and this has been accepted by all." Wellknown director Shaji N Karun hailed the industry for contributing to the betterment of art and culture. On the other hand, thespian actor Madhu said that even though Malayalam films began in Madras (now Chennai), the industry has now got a strong foothold in Kerala. He felt that a tribute should be paid to all those who made it possible. "I wish to take this opportunity to see that we remind many of our fellow brethren who made this all possible, but they are now not with us. When we celebrate, we should certainly remember them and their contributions for laying the foundations of our industry," Madhu added. Yesteryears actress Suhasini shared her brief interaction with legendary Bengali filmmaker Satyajit Ray, who told her: "It's only people from Kerala who make sensible films." With grandeur comes rigour. If the industry celebrated success and growth, it also has to deal with tiffs among various bodies of lightboys, actors, exhibitors, producers, and distributors. But burying the hatchet for the time being, the film industry is working together to make the occasion memorable. IANS



ans will have to wait a few months longer to watch Rajinikanth and Deepika Padukone working their magic in Kochadaiyaan. The movie has been under production for a while now. The makers have not announced the release date yet as the post production is still ongoing. Because they want to deliver the best quality visual effects, the team seems to be putting in their best efforts. The same technology that was used in Tintin and Avatar is being applied in Kochadaiyaan. Some say it might have a special Diwali release in October.



Prateik promising actor: Aamir Khan

Shuddh Desi... to release in India before Toronto Y

ash Raj Films’ (YRF) forthcoming entertainer Shuddh Desi Romance will hit the screens a week earlier than scheduled, in time before it premieres at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) 2013. The movie, which stars Sushant Singh Rajput, Parineeti Chopra and debutant Vaani Kapoor, was set to release September 13. But after being invited to TIFF for a Gala Red Carpet premiere, that will take place September 11, the makers of the movie have decided to release September 6. “This will enable the artistes to be in the country during the crucial prerelease marketing phase and at the time of release,” read a statement. Shuddh Desi Romance, directed by Maneesh Sharma and written by Jaideep Sahni, is a fresh take on love, attraction and commitment. IANS



ctor Shahid Kapoor says his character in the forthcoming film Phata Poster Nikla Hero is a fan of Bollywood star Salman Khan, who has also done a cameo in the movie. “There’s a little scene in the film where Salman sir is there... Salman sir was kind enough to do a special appearance in the film,” the 32-year-old said on Friday at a press meet

for the film. Phata Poster Nikla Hero is directed by Rajkumar Santoshi, who had earlier roped in Salman for a special appearance in his film Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani as well. Talking about his character’s fascination with Salman, Shahid said: “He (Shahid’s character) is a very big fan of Salman Khan and in one scene we have even worn a ‘Being

Human’ t-shirt and in another scene, the character has gone to buy vegetables with his mother and his hands are full and he is eating a banana standing and watching the poster of Dabangg 2.” Being Human is Salman’s NGO. Phata Poster Nikla Hero also stars Ileana D’Cruz and is slated to release August 23. IANS

After watching the trailer of Prateik and Amyra Datur-starrer Issaq, Aamir Khan, who shared screen with Prateik in the 2010 release Dhobi Ghat, said that he sees a lot of potential in the latter. Issaq, directed by Manish Tiwary, released on Friday and is based on Shakespeare’s play Romeo And Juliet. “I think there is a great potential in Prateik. Though I didn’t get the chance to work with him again, I am happy to see his good work. I liked his work when I saw the trailer,” said Aamir at the premiere of the film. Prateik’s father and veteran actor Raj Babbar also attended the screening. In fact Prateik’s first big screen appearance was a small role in Aamir’s 2008 production venture Jaane Tu Ya...Jaane Na. “I liked the trailer. The director, Prateik’s and heroine’s work looked good on screen. The way Benaras was portrayed also was interesting. I think the film is very promising and I feel it will be a good film. My best wishes are with the entire team,” said Aamir. IANS




‘Actresses not just pretty faces anymore’

to take a break from acting H

rithik Roshan will not be shooting for Krrish 3 again until the autumn. The actor had undergone surgery to remove a blood clot after injuring himself on the set of the action film earlier this month. A source told Business of Cinema: “Since the last couple of days, Hrithik has started going out and spending time with friends and relatives. However he

Nargis Fakhri T

he role of actresses has evolved a great deal in the Indian film industry, believes Chitrangada Singh, who says they've come a long way from being just "pretty faces on screen". "Indian cinema has really evolved in the recent years and the role of actresses as well. They are not just pretty faces on screen, rather there is huge potential and opportunity to grow as an actor," Chitrangada said. The actress started her career with parallel films like Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi and Yeh Saali Zindagi, but she recently also stepped into commercial cinema with films like Desi Boyz and I, Me aur Main. She says the idea is to do all kinds of roles. "I have worked on different kinds of roles till now and I am open to experimenting on roles which will make me grow as an actor," she said. Without revealing much, Chitrangada said she is working on a very challenging role currently. "I am currently working on something, unfortunately I cannot talk about it at the moment. But I have been preparing for this role from quite some time now. It is a challenging role and I am looking forward to start working on it," she said. IANS

would love to wear Indian lehenga for her wedding


merican-origin actress Nargis Fakhri, who turned a royal bride for designer duo Ashima and Leena on the day four of India Bridal Fashion Week, expressed her desire to dress up like an Indian bride for her wedding. The 33-year-old Rockstar actress dazzled the runway in a golden lehenga teamed with meenakri choli. She kept her wavy hair on one side of the shoulder, showed off her huge maang-tika. “I have no plans of tying the knot anytime soon. But when I will get married, I will definitely wear an India wedding dress. It will be something like what I wore today. I really liked the way these two ladies (Ashima and Leena) designed my outfit,” Nargis said. For the first time the designer duo have moved away from their blingy style and presented a subtle yet festive collection. It was inspired by Delhi’s age old culture and traditions inherited from timeless Mughal era grace. “Since we are born and brought up in Delhi, we are highly inspired by its rich and varied culture. We have gone back to the history and re-interpret them on the fabric in terms of thread work and shades. I also read a lot about Delhi and poet Mirza Ghalib,” Leena said. PTI

continues to conduct all his work-related meetings at his Juhu residence.” He will promote his Krrish 3 but no film shoots at all, since he does most of the action scenes himself.” The actor has promised he will be taking more care of himself following the accident. Roshan claimed that he may publish a book of inspirational quotes based on his recent experiences.








ctor Patrick Dempsey, best known for his role as Derek Shepherd in the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, considers acting as his job, but admits that racing is his real passion. “The more money you have, the faster you go," said Dempsey. “Racing is a different type of passion. I’m an actor, so that’s my job. That’s my trade. Racing is always a discovery...finding different ways to be turned on. Race is always changing, and that to me is very exciting. And that keeps me alive,” he added. The 47-year-old has been a part of Grey’s Anatomy since its inception in 2005, but he isn’t bored of it, reports “I’m not necessarily bored with the show. I’m incredibly grateful to have a show that’s been on for ten years. But I’m not the creator. I’m not the writer. It’s a trade, quite honestly. And that’s fine. And when you’re on the show, coming up on 200 episodes, it’s about surviving. “There’s not a lot of homework. You learn your lines and try to stay present and try not to get caught acting. I’m glad I have the gig, but it’s not the same as being in a race car," IANS Dempsey said.

PATRICK DEMPSEY wants to open creative factory


inger is keen to create a platform for creative people. He hopes it will give them the freedom to produce whatever they like.The 38-year-old is inspired by Johnny Depp’s movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where the actor’s character Willy Wonka has a magical factory that produces the best chocolate in town, reports"I want a Willy Wonka factory one day, just a creative campus of creative individuals coming up with things," said, “One day I’m going to have 10,000 people working in this business. I am rethinking the Segway," he added. IANS


inger Miley Cyrus wants a tattoo of singer Chris Brown on her face. Cyrus believes the tattoo will be good for her career, reports “Didn’t one girl get ‘Drake’ across her forehead? That’s crazy! That’s a dedicated fan. I was thinking about getting ‘Chris Brown’ across this cheek," German website quoted the 20-year-old as saying. IANS

Miley Cyrus wants ‘Chris Brown’ tattoo

judge in Oxnard, Calif., is taking extra precautions before handing over legal control of Amanda Bynes’s life to her parents. Ventura County Superior Court Judge Glen M. Reiser stated that, because the actress is currently under a 14-day psychiatric hold after a reported driveway-burning incident, an emergency decision wasn’t necessary. Reiser set a new hearing for Aug. 9, when he hopes Amanda would be present in court, facilitated by her court-appointed attorney, Mary Shea. “I need to have a dialogue with her to gauge the propriety of a conservatorship to move forward," Reiser said. “There are issues of liberty and property." It appears the actress’s parents have limited access to their daughter in the hospital. Legal experts say that even though an adult is having a psychiatric episode, if the patient does not sign a consent to allow family members to get involved, a hospital by law must honor the patient’s privacy.

Amanda Bynes case: Judge delays decision





1 Pro — (in proportion) 5 High points 10 Cause to giggle 16 Ladder rungs 21 Pantyhose shade 22 Dogie stopper 23 England, in poesy 24 Column type 25 Thick carpeting 26 Figure on a cake 27 Rouse to action 28 Calf-roping event 29 Violent storms 31 Chicago’s st 33 Rudely sarcastic 35 Be mistaken 36 Midafternoon 37 Mademoiselle’s eye 40 — -fi flick 41 Oats enthusiast 42 Go-aheads 45 Battery size 46 Scrap of cloth 48 Assn 50 Hit a four-bagger 52 Hearth tools 54 Bell-shaped flower 55 Mildew 57 Crayola choice 58 Luncheonette lure 59 Part of GI 60 Tangier market 62 Weather alert 66 Spring 67 Go over again 69 Rubber — 71 Falana or Montez 72 Kind of taffy 74 Debtor’s letters 76 Defendants’ answers 78 Pothole filler 79 Home of Hawkeyes 80 Mountain chains 83 Oath taker 85 Jamie Lee’s mom 88 Fleeced 89 Zing 90 Say again 93 ‘Grease’ doo-wop group (3 wds) 95 Diner’s options 97 Hosp scan 98 Gunslinger’s tally 100 Howard or Guidry 101 Rumor spreader 106 Canasta play 108 Pact 110 South Pacific paradise 112 Psyche’s beloved 113 Oui and si 115 Lay low 116 Baroque composer 117 Ice skating event 118 Custodian’s need 120 Think-tank output 122 Sensible 123 Chocolate dessert 124 Strong, as feelings 128 Fabric meas 129 Gomez’s cousin 130 Workout unit 131 She-lobster 132 Grass droplets 133 Yore, of yore 135 Weigh, as evidence 137 Landscaping plant 139 China’s Chou En- —

140 Shrimp 142 Speech stumbles 144 Gregarious whale 148 Tennessee — Ford 150 Oolong brewer 153 Boadicea’s people 155 Take-charge type 156 George — of ‘Blume in Love’ 157 Warm ocean current (2 wds) 158 Tennis great Ivan — 159 Ms Fitzgerald 160 Helen — of radio soaps 161 Motto 162 Now 163 Flaky DOWN 1 Crash, so to speak 2 ‘— Breaky Heart’ 3 Pitfall 4 Anything whatever 5 Soft wools 6 Iris covering 7 Huge-antlered deer 8 Anka’s ‘— Beso’ 9 18-wheeler 10 Eating place 11 Ait, on the Seine 12 ‘60 Minutes’ network 13 Beavers’ young

14 Gird one’s — 15 Add vitamins 16 Your Majesty 17 In addition 18 Win over 19 A Curie 20 Made a basket 30 Maureen of films 32 Sluggish 34 Designer label 38 Belief 39 Rattling around 41 Hero’s award 42 Fiery gems 43 Hyundai’s home 44 ‘Cheers!’ 46 Paddle-wheeler sites 47 Canadian prov 49 Walks heavily 51 Plaintive cry 53 More hollow 54 Folk teachings 56 Saber showdown 59 ‘— — grip!’ 61 Was aware 63 Aleut carving 64 Firm grip 65 Ruthless 67 Chilly and damp 68 Action movie series 69 Seedless raisin 70 — chi ch’uan

73 ‘Das Rheingold’ god 75 Town in Maine 77 Basalt or gneiss 81 Comic — Kabibble 82 ‘King Kong’ heroine 84 — riche 85 Crowbar 86 End of a Kilmer poem (2 wds) 87 Armstrong and Simon 91 Off — — good start 92 Draw on glass 93 Jerry-built 94 Thunderstruck 95 Trig or geom 96 Prefix for ‘center’ 99 One-fifth of MX 102 Saki grain 103 Gaelic people 104 Leif’s language 105 German steel town 107 Hockey fakes 109 Bulrushes 111 Just slightly (2 wds) 114 Capitol VIP 117 Infield fly (hyph) 119 North Sea feeder 121 ‘Just — — thought!’ 122 Also starring 123 Gaily 124 Least industrious 125 More convenient

126 Pang 127 Brings cheer 130 ‘Help Me, —’ (Beach Boys tune) 134 Reside 136 Zendo bedroll 137 Blow a paycheck 138 Was an omen of 140 Throw snowballs 141 Prefix for ‘second’

143 Fine sediment 145 Town east of Wichita 146 Kind of portrait 147 Latin 101 verb 149 Fleming or McKellen 151 A real swine 152 Off — — tangent 154 Co honcho PREVIOUS PUZZLE ANSWER



STAR POWER Date 29-7-2013

As per Hindu panchang


thiruvaikumar@yahoo. co. in 040-27177230 / 9949870449



Employees might face disappointment, frustration and work burden at office. Businessmen might face a tough time. Those planning to go abroad will be successful. Artists face a testing time.

You will be cheerful as loan will get sanctioned. Children will make you happy and proud. Employees are likely to get a pay hike and promotion. Businessmen get co-operation from staff.

Delay in travel and repair of vehicle is likely to upset you. Blood relatives will put you in an embarrassing situation. Court verdict may go against you and put you in a depressed mood.




Expected money might not come. Misunderstandings between couples will increase. If women do not stay cool, trouble is certain. Chances of a problem through son or daughter.

Businessmen might face trouble in clearing debts. Minor tensions will come and go frequently. Held-up marriage talks will resume. Colleagues will create trouble for employees.

Expenses likely to go up and inflow of money down. Dilemma over decisions will reduce with analysis. Minor misunderstanding between couples is likely, but will also end in no time.




Businessmen might face reduction in their profit margins. Avoid unwanted arguments. Be cordial with neighbours to ensure peace. Also adjust well with family members to buy peace at home.

Employees might face work burden but attractive income will keep them comfortable. Avoid emotional decisions. Legal issues and court case might get delayed. Avoid sharing exclusive secrets.

Those planning to go abroad will achieve success. Misunderstanding between couples will end. Employees will get support from colleagues. Business will pick up speed and progress.




Marriage of a family member is likely to be performed successfully. Debts issues will be under control. Differences between couples will be over and they will lead a happy life hereafter.

New efforts are going to be successful. Money inflow will be as per your expectations. Management will not be able to use your skills fully. You will be treated at par with normal staff.

Employees need to avoid controversial decisions at workplace. Businessmen need to stay focused. Businessmen can be sure of good profits. Artists will have a dull time.


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Page of Wands – You get in touch with your spiritual side thanks to meditation someone taught you. It refreshes you from within and you feel great.

Four of Wands – Keep track of all your purchases and make sure you maintain a detailed expenses file. You’ll know where you need to cut expenses to save.

King of Pentacles – Someone in your close circle of friends is likely to play spoiler, ruining your chances of doing something creative and different. Listen to your heart.




Five of Wands – Creativity is a gift, but it can also be learned. There are ways to make yourself productive and win confidence of others with unique ideas.

Nine of Cups – Today goes like clockwork. Everything you planned will fit and you will be relieved that all your organising skills are being put to good use.

Four of Pentacles – Financial stability is achieved. But you’re still feeling unsettled within. This may be because you’re mentally anxious about the future.




King of Cups – Control and emotions are a lethal combo. Those around you are trying hard to keep pace with your expectations. You need to calm down.

Three of Wands – The waiting is over and you are well on your way to something you have wanted to acquire. It could be a piece of real estate or friendship.




The Moon – Take care of your skin as rashes caused by pollution and bad diet can cause trouble. Don’t hesitate to consult a dermatologist if in any doubt at all.

Knight of Swords – Monsoon cleaning in your house is in order. De-clutter to feel good about your living space. It will make your mind feel energised and fresh.

The Hermit – Be careful of your keys, cellphone and other small but important objects you keep with you. Keep it in a bag or a safe place so you don’t have to worry.





TAROT READ Date 29-7-2013

The Emperor – Happiness is within kissing distance if you only alter your perspective a little bit. There are many ways to look at the same situation.

Since laughter is the best medicine The following are taken from actual trial transcripts as reported in the Massachusetts Bar Assoc Lawyers’ Journal Q: Are you qualified to give a urine sample? Q: So the date of conception was August 8th? A: Yes. Q: And what were you doing at that time? Q: She had three children, right? A: Yes. Q: How many were boys? A: None.

Q: Were there any girls? Q: Mr Slatery, you went on a rather elaborate honeymoon, didn't you? A: I went to Europe, sir. Q: And you took your wife? Q: How was your first marriage terminated? A: By death. Q: And by whose death was it terminated? Q: Describe the individual. A: He was about medium height and had a beard. Q: Was this a male, or female?

Vol: 3, No 8 RNI No: APENG/2011/39337 Published for the proprietors, Scribble Media and Entertainment Pvt Ltd, by V Harshavardhan Reddy, at #1246, Level 3, Jubilee Casa, Road No 62, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500033 and printed by him at Jagati Publications Ltd, Plot No D-75&E-52, APIE Industrial Estate, Balanagar, Ranga Reddy Dist, Hyderabad – 500037, Editor: Dean Williams – Responsible for selection of news under the PRB Act All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the publisher is prohibited. For feedback, please write to: feedback@postnoon. com and for subscription, please call 040-4067 2222, Fax: 040-4067 2211



Rupert Grint to make West End debut


Wolverine hopes to claw back Hollywood’s losses


he Wolverine, the latest X Men spinoff, is hoping to claw back some Hollywood pride after a string of big-budget flops have left major Tinseltown studios licking their wounds. Starring Hugh Jackman, the film is forecast to make over $70 million this weekend after opening Thursday, July 25, in what trade journal Variety said could be one of the best debuts of the summer. North America’s normally lucrative summer movie season has seen a series of movies with budgets over $150 million bomb at the box office, at the expense of cheaper but more profitable films.The first dud was After Earth, in which usually sure-fire blockbuster star Will Smith was joined by his son Jaden, but which has made a pitiful $59 million in North America since opening on May 1, on a budget of $130 million. It was followed by White House Down with $68 million so far on a budget of $150 million, and the The Lone Ranger which has made only $81 million of its $250 million budget despite

starring Hollywood A-lister Johnny Depp. More recently Pacific Rim has made a disappointing $72 million on its $180 million investment, while the last super flop was R.I.P.D., which cost $180 million to make and made a paltry $15 million on its opening weekend.The bad run for Hollywood’s major studios bosses comes after veteran directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas warned in June of a “meltdown” of the traditional model of releasing films in movie theaters. “There’s going to be an implosion where three or four or maybe even a half-dozen megabudget movies are going to go crashing into the ground, and that’s going to change the paradigm,” said Spielberg. Kathryn Arnold, a

producer and industry expert, said the problem is partly due to the mediocre quality of the latest batch of megabudget movies. “The studios are intent upon reaching a global audience and sometimes believe they need to simplify the storyline and ramp up the action in order to appeal to non-English language speakers,” she told AFP. But she said: “Audiences are smarter, have more options for viewing content and are connected to media more than ever before. Studios must learn not to short-change the storyline when making big budget movies.” She cites as good examples Fast and Furious 6, World War Z and Iron Man 3, all three of which did well at the box office. “When the studios make a large budget movie that has a good or interesting story such as World War Z, something that engages audiences on a new and different level, it will

succeed,” she said. Another question is whether sequels pay off: studios will spend $400-500 dollars for a franchise, in the hope of striking success like this summer’s Iron Man 3, which has made $1.2 billion at the box office. “Even though After Earth, Lone Ranger, White House Down, Pacific Rim and now RIPD all bombed domestically this summer, (big budget films) are the key to driving the box office,” said box office analyst Jeff Bock.”And, like it or not, the lackluster performances of these original films will most certainly keep Hollywood churning out sequels to established properties by the truckload,” he added. But Arnold disagrees, saying studio bosses should learn from the series of flops. “It should certainly make them pause, especially when you look at the success of movies like Magic Mike, Silver Linings Playbook,” she said. All these movies were made for budgets under $50 mn, with star talent, have good stories, get good word of mouth and thus do well at the box office. AFP

ctor Rupert Grint will make his debut on the West End theatre scene with a crime drama-based play Mojo. Mojo, inspired by real life events, is being directed by Ian Rickson, who was impressed with the 24-year-old actor’s work in the Harry Potter franchise. “I’d seen the Potter films with my daughter and always thought Rupert was truthful as Ron Weasley,” quoted director Rickson as saying. “There’s something ordinary and centred about him, and in this world of Mojo you want that grittiness,” Rickson added. Skyfall actor Ben Whishaw, Downton Abbey star Brendan Coyle and Daniel Mays from The Adventures of Tintin will also appear in the play, which is set to open at Harold Pinter Theatre IANS here in October.



Thorpe’s injury scare

Fognini wins 13th match

SYDNEY: Australia’s five-time Olympic gold medallist Ian Thorpe may have to abandon his dream of swimming at the 2016 Rio Olympics following a shoulder injury. Thorpe, 30, who failed to qualify for last year’s London Olympics, said the injury was restricting him in the training pool and he couldn’t reproduce the swims of earlier in his glittering career. Thorpe said he would continue to train with coach Gennadi Touretski purely for the love of swimming.

Semenya to miss Worlds

UMAG: Italy’s Fabio Fognini won his 13th


successive match on Saturday, reaching the Croatia Open final with a 6-0, 3-6, 7-6 (7/3) win over France’s Gael Monfils. Fognini, 26, will tackle Tommy Robredo, the Spanish fifth seed who beat Andreas Seppi 6-3, 2-6, 6-4, in Sunday’s final. Fognini will be looking to pick up a third title in three weeks after victories in Stuttgart and Hamburg. The Italian led 5-0 in the final set but then was pulled back to 5-5.

Olympic silver medalist Caster Semenya missed a place at the 2013 world championships by 0.36 seconds in Belgium. The 800-metre runner, who collected gold and silver at the last two world events, won her Flanders Cup race by clocking 2:01:86 in Ninove. But the 22-year-old needed 2:00.00 or better to match the A-standard time and at least 2:01.50 to squeeze into the team via a B-standard time.

Snedeker takes the lead Mahan was on the practice range when he received word that his wife, Kandi, had gone into labour. He departed right away for Dallas.

OAKVILLE: Brandt Snedeker fired a nine-under par 63 Saturday to take the lead at the Canadian Open, where overnight leader Hunter Mahan withdrew to be at the birth of his first child. Mahan, who led the $5.6 million PGA Tour event by two strokes after Friday’s second round, was on the practice range prepping for his weatherdelayed third-round start when he received word that his wife, Kandi, had gone into labor. He departed right away for Dallas “Kandi and I are thrilled about this addition to the Mahan family and we look forward to returning to the Canadian Open in the coming years,” Mahan said in a statement released after he had already left Glen Abbey. In his absence, Snedeker stepped up with a bogey-free round that gave him a 14-under par total of 202 and a onestroke lead over Sweden’s David Lingmerth. Lingmerth recovered from an opening bogey to post a seven-under 65, capped by an eagle at the par-five 18th. Americans Matt Kuchar (64) and Jason Bohn (66) were tied for third on 204, while a group of five players on 205 included Dustin Johnson — who climbed up the leaderboard with a 63 — and John Merrick, who followed up a course record-equalling 62 on

Elkington in ‘Pakki’ soup Julian Guyer

LONDON: Steve Elkington

Friday with a 72 thanks to an eagle at the last. England’s Greg Owen (67) and Americans Kyle Stanley (66) and Charley Hoffman (67) were also in the group on 205. Snedeker, who won at Pebble Beach in February but has battled to regain his form after a rib injury that followed, didn’t know Mahan had pulled out until he reached the sev-

enth tee, when he noticed Mahan’s name had disappeared from the leaderboard. “That just kind of left the tournament wide open,” said Snedeker, the reigning FedEx Cup champion who had already birdied four of the first six holes thanks in large part to solid putting on the course’s rain-softened greens. He arrived at the par-five

18th needing a birdie to match the course record of 62 — most recently equalled by Merrick a day before. A tee shot into the left rough ended his record bid, but a par was enough for the lead. “I had a couple of good chances coming down the stretch,” Snedeker said. “I just kind of had a couple of loose AFP drives.”

became the latest Australian sports figure to be at the centre of a racism row when the golfer insisted Saturday he’d no idea ‘Pakki’ was an abusive term as he apologised for offensive Twitter messages. The 1995 US PGA champion is competing at the Senior British Open at the Royal Birkdale course in Southport, a coastal town near Liverpool in north-west England. But Southport, often considered ‘posh’ in relation to Liverpool, many of its inhabitants and indeed the local cuisine all failed to meet with the 50-year-old Elkington’s approval. “Couple caddies got rolled by some Pakkis [Pakistanis], bad night for them”, Elkington posted Saturday. This followed a Twitter post on Friday in which Elkington said: “Things about Southport — fat tattooed guy, fat tattooed girl, trash, Pakistani robber guy, shit food.” A statement in Elkington’s name was issued 20 minutes after he teed off in a third round where he shot a one-over par 71 on Saturday in which the golfer explained he had no idea ‘Pakki’, more commonly spelt as ‘Paki’ and long regarded in Britain as a highly offensive term, was an objectionable word. “I am prepared to adhere to any action the Championship sees fit,” Elkington’s statement said.

Team NZ claim another forfeit victory The Kiwi crew sailed alone in San Francisco Bay as they have all but three times this month. SAN FRANCISCO: Team New Zealand collected another round-robin forfeit victory over Swedish rival Artemis in the America’s Cup challenger series on Saturday. The Kiwi crew, having already clinched the roundrobin against the idled Swedish entry and Italy’s Luna Rossa, sailed alone in San Francisco Bay as they have all but three times this month, defeating Luna Rossa in those head-to-

head outings to start the Louis Vuitton challenger races. “We go out there to race as hard as we can every time,” Team New Zealand skipper Dean Barker said. “The level we are trying to achieve is still well above where we are now. We have a lot of development to go on the boat, which we hope continues to improve our performance.” On Saturday, with replacement helmsman Glenn Ashby

giving Barker a breather for the day, the Kiwi team completed the five-leg course in 30 minutes, 32 seconds, with a top speed of 33.8 knots. Artemis, stunned in May by a training crash that killed crewman Andrew Simpson, has until August 6 before the bestof-seven semi-final challenger series begins with the winner advancing to the Louis Vuitton Cup final set to begin on AFP August 17.



Twelve months on from ‘Super Saturday’, the greatest day of his sporting life, Farah impressed as he romped to victory cheered on by 60,000 adoring fans at London’s Olympic Stadium.

Chatty Mo looks to Moscow with glee

Gary Fitzgerald

LONDON: Most athletes can hardly raise a word after running hard over 3,000 metres. But Mo Farah could hardly stop chatting away confidently about his chances of tasting more golden success at the world championships in Moscow next month. Not that Farah needed to hit top gear to race away from a field that knew the writing was on the wall the moment the British star took the lead 500m out in London on Saturday and pushed the cruise control button. Twelve months on from ‘Super Saturday’, the greatest day of his sporting life, Farah was just as impressive as he romped to victory cheered on by 60,000 adoring fans at London’s Olympic Stadium. Farah may now be 30, and have little to prove to the worldwide audience which witnessed his stunning distance double triumph

in East London in 2012. But the drive, desire and determination was there for all to see in his body language as he switched his focus from thanking the British public for roaring him on again to the prospect of a more fame and glory in Russia. After winning in a personal best of 7:36.85 at the Diamond League meet, the 5,000 and 10,000m Olympic champion, who also holds the world and

European titles at 5,000m, enthused: “Right now I could not be more pleased with my build up to the worlds. “And winning in this way was just another step towards giving it a really big shot in Moscow. “I am in great shape and ready for it now. I can’t wait for them because you want to hit the major championships when you are hitting your own peak. I feel that is happening so there will be no excuses if I don’t do

Isner into finals Isner fired 21 aces in a victory over Lleyton Hewitt, while Anderson saw through a 6-3, 7-6 (7/3) victory over Harrison. ATLANTA: Top seed John Isner and second-seeded Kevin Anderson set up an Atlanta Open final billed as the tallest in ATP tour history with semifinal triumphs on Saturday. Isner fired 21 aces in a 6-4, 4-6, 7-6 (7/5) victory over

Australian veteran Lleyton Hewitt, while South Africa’s Anderson saved two set points in the 12th game of the second frame to force the tiebreaker en route to a 6-3, 7-6 (7/3) victory over Ryan Harrison. In a rivalry that dates back

to their US university days, the 2.06 metre tall Isner and 2.03m tall Anderson have met eight times previously, but never in a final. Isner has won five of those meetings, most recently in the quarter-finals at Delray Beach this year. “John’s very tricky to play. Obviously he’s got one of the best serves probably in the history of the game, and he really uses it well,” said Anderson, another big server who fired 14 aces past Harrison. Isner, a two-time Atlanta runner-up seeking his seventh career ATP crown, improved to 4-2 against Hewitt and avenged two losses to the Aussie this year — in the second round at Indian Wells and earlier this month in the semi-finals at Newport. “I thought I played very well,” Isner said. “It’s a case where I’m getting more comfortable, now that it’s my third match out there.” AFP

well there. “Tomorrow (Sunday) I’ll go to St Moritz to train ahead of the world championships, and hopefully, I’ll get on the podium there. “Of course, it is going to be very tough in the worlds. The competition will be fierce again, and I will need to be as good, if not better, than 12 months ago. There are guys who will see me as a danger because of last year but I will only care about me.”

USADA confirms Gay doping COLORADO SPRINGS: Tyson Gay, the second-fastest 100m sprinter in history, is likely to miss much more than August’s world championships after the US Anti-Doping Agency confirmed his positive doping test on Saturday. Gay had already revealed that his “A” sample had been positive from a May 16 out-of-competition test and USADA confirmed to AFP that the “B” sample was also positive, as was another “A” sample collected from Gay. “We can confirm that the B sample analysis of a sample collected from Mr. Gay has been completed, and that the B sample analysis has confirmed the A sample findings,” USADA chief executive officer Travis T. Tygart said in a statement. “An additional sample collected from Mr. Gay has also returned an adverse A sample finding. “The results of these tests were expected given Mr. Gay’s acceptance of responsibility for the substances found in his body as soon as he was notified of the A sample results.” Gay, who won the 100 and 200 titles at last month’s US Track and Field championships, withdrew from next month’s World Championships in Moscow when he revealed the “A” positive finding. “We appreciate Mr Gay voluntarily removing himself from competition while we evaluate the circumstances surrounding his findings.” AFP

Cibulkova crushes Cirstea in Stanford Cibulkova easily avenged a loss to Cirstea in the quarter-finals of this hardcourt tournament last year. STANFORD: Dominika Cibulkova held firm in the first set then cruised home in a 6-4, 60 victory over Sorana Cirstea Saturday to reach the WTA final at Stanford. Cibulkova, who saved all six break points she faced in the opening frame, easily avenged a loss to Cirstea in the quarterfinals of this hardcourt tournament last year. She now awaits the winner of Saturday night’s semi-final between top seeded Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland or Jamie Hampton of the United States. Cibulkova is 0-4 lifetime against Radwanska and was destroyed 6-0, 6-0 in their last meeting in January in the final at Sydney. The 25-year-old Slovakian, who is seeking her third career WTA Tour title to go with wins last year on the hardcourts of Carlsbad and Moscow, said she



CARLSBAD AND MOSCOW, SAID SHE WAS DETERMINED TO BE AGGRESSIVE. was determined to be aggressive. “I was not afraid to hit the ball and go for it,” said Cibulkova, who is ranked 25th in the world and reached the semifinals here in 2011 but withdrew from her match against Marion Bartoli with stomach problems. “I was better in the important points.” On Saturday, she won 61 per cent of her first serve points and 62 per cent of her second serve points against fifth-seeded Cirstea. AFP



Taylor makes case for Ashes spot LONDON: James Taylor advanced his case for an England recall by making an unbeaten 64 for Sussex against Australia on the second day of three at Hove on Saturday. Nottinghamshire batsman Taylor has been given special dispensation by England chiefs to ‘guest’ for Sussex, with officials concerned about the fitness of star batsman Kevin Pietersen for next week’s third Test in Manchester. Ashes-holders England, 2-0 up in the five-match series with their arch-rivals, are due to name their squad for Old Trafford on Sunday and Taylor, who last played Test cricket a year ago, seems set to be included as cover in case Pietersen does not overcome a calf injury. The 23-year-old Taylor batted for nearly three-anda-half hours before rain forced an early close, with the hosts 228 for five in reply to Australia’s 366 for five AFP declared.

Warner in sledging fracas PRETORIA: Controversial Australian batsman David Warner had to be separated from South Africa A wicketkeeper Thami Tsolekile during his 33-run second innings Saturday. The umpires intervened twice at LC de Villiers Oval in South African Highveld city Pretoria after sledging between the pair became heated for the second consecutive day. Vaughn van Jaarsveld pulled Tsolekile away from Warner as the war of words boiled over on the final day of a four-day match staged in warm midwinter conditions. “No report has been filed by the umpires and no action will therefore be taken," said a Cricket Australia statement responding to the drama. Warner failed to match his superb 193-run first innings, but hit six fours off 53 balls before being caught by Tsolekile off the bowling of Beuran Hendricks. Left-handed batsman Warner was axed from the Ashes tour for punching England batsman Joe Root in a Birmingham bar after a Champions Trophy game between the countries. AFP

Babar conquers Windies with super six The 34-year-old newcomer, Zulfiqar Babar, hit the final ball off Marlon Samuels for six with the scores level. KINGSTOWN: Zulfiqar Babar completed a dream debut by striking the final ball of the match for six to give Pakistan a two-wicket victory over the West Indies in the first Twenty 20 international at the Arnos Vale Stadium Saturday. Having taken three wickets for 23 runs with his left-arm spinners in helping to restrict the world champions to 152 for seven, the 34-year-old newcomer then made the winning hit off Marlon Samuels with the scores level to hand the home side their first defeat in this form of the game since they lifted the world title last October in Sri Lanka. Pakistan have the chance to displace the West Indies in second spot in the international rankings with a win in the second and final match at the same venue on Sunday. Shahid Afridi, who became the first player to hit 400 sixes in an international career during his innings, was named man of the match for his 46 off 27 balls, but even he conceded that Zulfiqar was the man of the moment. West Indies were rocked onto the back foot at 42 for four after choosing to bat first, Pakistan captain Mohammad Hafeez taking the critical wickets of openers Johnson Charles and Chris Gayle, before Zulfiqar made an immediate impact by bowling

Lendl Simmons in his first over. He then added the scalps of Samuels and Dwayne Bravo, but not before Bravo and Kieron Pollard put on 56 for the fifth wicket. “I was really happy to see the desire to win from the players, especially the newcomers in the side," said a relieved Hafeez. “It was always going to be tough to get a target like that on this pitch, but I was really impressed with the way Umar Amin played and then Shahid Afridi brought it home." Kieron Pollard, returning to something like his best form after an atrocious run in the preceding one-day series, finished unbeaten on 49 for the West Indies but was over-shadowed by

WINDIES WERE ROCKED ONTO THE BACK FOOT AT 42 FOR FOUR, MOHAMMAD HAFEEZ TAKING THE WICKETS OF OPENERS CHARLES AND GAYLE. skipper Darren Sammy who smashed 30 off just 14 balls and dominated a 53-run sixth-wicket stand. Such was the extent of the carnage that 54 runs came off the final four overs to give the West Indies a fighting chance. Like the West Indies, Pakistan also got off to a poor

start before another newcomer, Umar Amin, marked his first T20 international with a polished 47, the highest score by a Pakistani on debut. However wickets were falling around him until Afridi came to the crease and rode his luck in typical flamboyant to tilt the balance Pakistan’s way. Sammy engaged in some peculiar tactics in the critical final stage of the match. Apart from choosing not to bowl himself, despite his one over earlier costing just four runs, he persisted with the expensive Shannon Gabriel for the penultimate over. The fast bowler claimed the wicket of Afridi but again proved costly, spraying an additional three wides down the legside to ease Pakistan towards their target. “We should have been able to defend that total,” said Sammy. “We gave away too many runs early on and could have fielded a lot better. I thought Gabriel with his extra pace would have made the difference at the death but it didn’t work out that way.” Simmons ran out Saeed Ajmal with the scores level, but West Indies hopes of pulling off a tie, as they did in the ODI a week earlier in St Lucia, were ended by Zulfiqar’s heave back AFP over the bowler’s head.

Sharma set for int’l debut? India go into the third one-day international at Harare Sports Club leading the five-match series 2-0, having won the first two matches comfortably. HARARE: Seamer Mohit Sharma looks set to earn his international debut on Sunday as India aim to wrap up the one-day series against Zimbabwe at the first opportunity. India go into the third one-day international at Harare Sports Club leading the five-match series 2-0, having won the first two matches comfortably. Although the visitors fielded the same XI in those outings, part of their objective on this tour is to discover the depth in their ranks and Mohit is the first in line for an opportunity. The 24-year-old put in a string of impressive performances for the Chennai Super Kings during the Indian Premier League this year, when Chennai captain Mahendra

Singh Dhoni regularly called upon his services in pressure situations. Mohit is expected to replace R Vinay Kumar, who has been India’s most errant bowler on the tour so far, conceding 106 runs in 18 overs during the first two matches. Beyond that change, India may hold off further experimentation until they have wrapped up the series and moved down to Bulawayo for the final two games. “I feel Zimbabwe are playing good cricket and there’s always a chance they could cause an upset, but we’d like to win all of the games," opening batsman Shikhar Dhawan said. Dhawan played a leading role in Friday’s second one-day international, making the most of the three lives AFP granted to him to score 116.



PSG fall to former coach’s guile Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid beat PSG 1-0 in a pre-season friendly. GOTHENBURG: Carlo Ancelotti enjoyed a slice of enjoyment against his former club as Real Madrid edged Paris Saint-Germain 1-0 in a pre-season friendly played at Gothenburg on Saturday. The Italian coach, who led PSG to their first French title since 1994 last season before controversially leaving for the Spanish capital, saw his side control the match on their way to a morale boosting win. Former Lyon striker and French

international Karim Benzema did the damage on 23 minutes after picking up a pass from German international Mesut Ozil and stroking the purest of shots past PSG ‘keeper Salvatore Sirigu and into the bottom right hand corner. In front of a crowd of some 45,000 in the city that hosted the 1958 World Cup final, Argentine forward Ezequiel Levezzi should have equalised six minutes before half-time when he was played in alone by Zlatan Ibrahimovic only to mess up his control and fumble

the ball wide. Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo was a lively presence for Real and forced several fine saves from Sirigu as well as setting up a chance for Angel Di Maria on 52 minutes but the Italian ‘keeper tipped the shot behind for a corner. “We were lacking something tonight and are still struggling for fitness. It’s always going to be difficult to play against a world class team like Real Madrid,” said Sirigu. AFP

Dortmund avenge CL defeat Borussia Dortmund beat Bayern Munich 4-2 to avenge their Champions League final defeat.

The veteran striker spent two seasons in the Bundesliga before leaving for the Gulf.

DORTMUND: Borussia Dortmund exacted partial revenge on Bayern Munich for their Champions League final defeat with a 4-2 win in a gripping German Super Cup encounter on Saturday. Dortmund, undone 2-1 at Wembley and distant runnersup to champions Bayern in the Bundesliga, deprived new Bayern coach Pep Guardiola of his first piece of silverware and inflicted his first loss since the former Barcelona boss took over from Jupp Heynckes. The home side took a sixthminute lead, largely due to a mistake by Bayern keeper Tom Starke, who after a poor clearance was unable to keep out Marco Reus’s diving header. Dortmund thought they’d gone two goals clear minutes later only for striker Robert Lewandowski’s effort to be ruled offside.

Raul says farewell to Schalke

Bayern showed plenty of attacking intent without reward in an evenly matched first half as Arjen Robben, Thiago Alcantra and Mario Mandzukic were kept at bay by Dortmund’s defence. At the restart Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp made a straight switch in midfield, Sven Bender replaced by Sebastian Kehl. The match, in front of a sell-out 80,645 crowd, then exploded, with three goals in the space of as many minutes. First up was Robben, whose late intervention had settled

the Champions League final, levelled with a header by the far post after a fine cross from Philipp Lahm. Seconds later, down at the other end, an almighty mix up resulted in Bayern defender Daniel van Buyten’s back header slipping past a distraught Starke, standing in for the injured Manuel Neuer, to put Dortmund back in front. And then to Bayern’s disbelief Dortmund stretched their advantage when Ilkay Gundogan curled a shot from the edge of the box into the bottom corner.

The game had barely time to draw breath when Robben gave fresh hope to Bayern after the hour, the Dutch star linking up well with Lahm for the game’s fourth goal inside ten minutes. Borussia’s new signing, attacking midfielder PierreEmerick Aubameyang from Saint Etienne, made his debut in place of Jakub Blaszczykowski for the closing 20 minutes. Thomas Muller hit the bar for Bayern but Dortmund snatched a fourth via Reus, set up by Aubameyang. AFP

BERLIN: Spanish star Raul said farewell to 78,000 Schalke fans on Saturday as his former German employers routed his most recent club, Al Sadd of Qatar, 9-0. The veteran striker spent two seasons in the Bundesliga before leaving for the Gulf. “It’s an honour for me. Schalke is my home, blue and white forever,” Raul, 36, told fans. Raul played the first half for the German club and then switched sides after the interval. In the 86th minute, Raul’s son brandished his father’s number on the sidelines to signify his substitution. Raul won the German Supercup and German Cup during his time with Schalke after signing from Real Madrid in 2010. He remains Real Madrid’s record scorer with 228 goals and won the Spanish title six times and three European Champions League trophies.

Nastasic stretchered off as City win silverware Pellegrini said he did not believe the dire condition of the muddy pitch at the Hong Kong Stadium was to blame. Peter Stebbings

HONG KONG: Key defender Matija Nastasic had to be stretchered off Hong Kong’s “killer pitch” on Saturday, spoiling what was Manuel Pellegrini’s first piece of silverware as Manchester City manager. Edin Dzeko’s spectacular vol-

ley from outside the box on nine minutes — his second goal in two games — was enough to edge City past a dogged Sunderland 1-0 in the Barclays Asia Trophy final. Dzeko also missed a second-half penalty when he blazed over. Pellegrini said he did not believe the dire condition of the muddy pitch at the 40,000 sell-out

Hong Kong Stadium — where Manchester United play on Monday — was to blame for Nastasic’s ankle injury. Nevertheless it will again put the spotlight on the treacherous conditions — Spurs’ Belgian international Jan Vertonghen faces a race to be fit for the start of the season in three weeks after also injuring his ankle.

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