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$10 MEAL VOUCHER 11.30am - 9pm

WE BOUGHT A ZOO Saturday, 8.30pm • Ten


Directed by Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous, Singles, Jerry Maguire) this subtle and hopeful film has family viewing written all over it. Benjamin (Matt Damon) has lost his wife. In a bid to start his life over, he purchases a large house that has a zoo. The zoo is need of renovation and Benjamin sets about the work with the head keeper, Kelly (Scarlett Johannson), and the rest of the zoo staff. But the zoo soon runs into financial trouble.

THE PREATURES Saturday, July 19· Metro Theatre Australia's most hotly tipped new band, The Preatures will embark on their first Australian tour for the year starting in mid-July. The Two Tone Melody tour will showcase the band's latest single of the same name, as well new material from their much anticipated debut album plus, of course, all their alt radio faves, including the band's brilliant breakout track Is This How You Feel? In between recording sessions, the band have somehow found the time to impress all and sundry around the world this year, including London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, SXSW and Coachella Festival. They'll return to Australia in July after playing several more overseas festivals including Bonnaroo (US), Hurricane festival (Germany) and Glastonbury (UK).


Everyone's favourite psychotic and unhinged bushman Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) is back and while WolfCreek 2 does contain some genuine scares, it is a pale imitation of the break-out original. Picking up from where the first film left off, Mick targets another group of backpackers, this time English and all of the typical and even hackneyed slasher flick tropes are dripping from this. Aside from a truly disturbing and unsettling scene in which Mick plays a sadistic game of patriotic 20-questions, there is very little originality in this film. Jarratt does a decent job in this however, much of the menace he exhibited in the first flick has been replaced with a streak of humour that doesn't suit the tone.

THEN AND NOW: AUSTRALIA SALUTES THEBEATLES Out Now Well, it's been 50 years since the Fab Four touched down in Australia and, to celebrate, some of the best Aussie voices have lent their talent to this compilation that is a must for any Beatles fan. Covering their entire catalogue, this compilation features cuts from the likes of Katie Noonan (Blackbird), Doug Parkinson (Dear Prudence), The Sunnyboys (Birthday) and the Vines (I'm Only

Sleeping). While there is some filler on here - such as a lacklustre version of Til There Was You by Harrison Craig there are some definite standouts including You Am I's brilliant rendition of I'm So Tired and The Hoodoo Gurus take on Hard Day's Night. If, for some reason, Beatlemania hasn;t caught up with you yet, this is definitely a good place to catch the bug. Then {:SNow


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Sat 21 June GenX 8pm

from ONLY PHONE 0402 347 922 to arrange a pick up

Wed - Sun from 4pm See flyer in the Club for departure times. Pickup/drop off within 5km of Club only. Conditions apply.


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nyone who bas ever picked up or sat down at an instrument will know the unabashed joy of getting together with a few mates and bashing out a few tunes - or "jamming" as they call it in the biz.



Photo: Pierre Baroni

Now, you too can experience that joy when the Foggy Mountain Jam rolls into town next week. The Foggy Mountain Jam started life five years ago in an unassuming paddock at Laguna in the Wollombi Valley. Nash Chambers, manager and producer for his sister, Kasey Chambers, decided to put on a show where like-minded souls could get up and play, essentially wbatever they liked. The first show featured the likes of Kasey Cbambers, her father Bill and Midnight Oil's Jim Moginie and, since then, bas been an annual event on the property. The little festival that could bas now grown into a full-scale extravaganza of wandering minstrels where artists play their own hits and also jam along with their friends to their favourite songs. ''It was just a little festival, started by my brother Nash on his property in Laguna that was capped at around 500 people:' Kasey Chambers told TE. ''Nash's wife is a great cook and she would put on the most amazing food for everyone - it was just a really great little community event, but there bad been growing interest for us to expand it a little. "It was us wanting to jam with all of our mates. We thought we might as well get an audience along and pay for it at the same time. Now it bas taken on a life of its own:' Now, after a tubthumping turn at the Tamworth Country Music Festival earlier this year, the Jam bas gone on the road and Cbambers said that she is currently baving the time of her life. ''It's been bloody awesome," the multiple ARIA and Golden Guitar winner said. "As far as going out on tour, the gigs are just so much fun, but just being out on the road with a bunch of great friends is just brilliant!'

The friends that Cbambers is referring to are certainly no slouches in the music game, either - aside from the Foggy Mountain Jam band and Cbambers herself, this unique "festival" will feature Busby Marou, who are currently killing it with their brilliant and critically lauded sophomore album Farewell Fitzroy, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Harry Hookey and Tamworth country sensation AshJeigh Dallas, who aside from snagging a permanent spot in Cbambers'


Being out on the road with a bunch of great friends is just brilliant.

band as her fiddle and banjo player, is also wowing pretty much everyone with her debut album Dancing With a Ghost. Chambers said that the Foggy Mountain Jam was unique in that it wasn't as much about playing all the hits as it was about getting up there, trying new things and espousing the spirit of collaboration. "I mean, it's kind of half and half. I mean I'm still going to play songs like The Captain or Not Pretty Enough because I genuinely still love playing those songs live and you do want to play the songs that the people want to hear," she said. "But the beauty of the Jam is that you're not necessarily locked in to playing all your hits as you would be on a regular tour and that offers a huge point of difference for the audience and for us up there on stage as well:'

"It's not about egos, success or selling records - it's just about baving fun and a sense of freedom and collaboration onstage." The Jam bas certainly come a long way since that first one five years ago and Chambers said that there were plans to take it to head into the studio with all of the current line-up as well as the likes of Troy Cassar-Daley and Tim Rogers who also plays with Chambers' father Bill in the Hillbilly Killers with Newcastle's Catherine Britt. "We really want to get the Foggy Mountain Jam name out there more so there are definite plans to get something down in the studio," she said. "The writing bas started, we've booked time. It's just a matter of getting everyone in the same room at the same time."

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Saturday, Greg Bryce and the Bad Bad Things. EAST CESSNOCK BOWLING CLUB: Saturday, Kit & Kaboodle. EAST MAITLAND BOWLING CLUB: Friday, Defaced; Saturday, Gen X; Sunday, Bob Allan. ENTRANCE BOWLING CLUB: Friday, Cold Shot; Saturday, Best of British. ENTRANCE LEAGUES CLUB: Friday, Adam Gear; Saturday, Core Duo. EXCHANGE HOTEL: Friday, Grand Theft Audio; Saturday, Misbehave. FAMILY HOTEL: Friday, Phil McKnight. FIVE ISLANDS REC CLUB, Speers Point: Sunday, A Touch of Country. GATESHEAD TAVERN: Friday, Tres Hombres. GEORGE TAVERN: Thursday, Thomas Lawson; Friday, Troy Kemp; Saturday, Redline. GRAND HOTEL: Tuesday, Jazz.



5 SAWYERS: Friday, DJ Matt MeIer; Saturday, DJ Sean Michael; Sunday, DJ Tone. ADAMSTOWN CLUB: Saturday, Deviation; Sunday, Adam Price. ANNA BAY TAVERN: Saturday, Lennie and Carter. AVOCA BEACH BOWLING CLUB: Friday, Soul Station. BAR 121: Friday, Bobby C; Saturday, Flying Mare. BAR PETITE: Friday, Crocq; Saturday, Emily Sorrenson; Sunday, Little Black Book Duo. BATEAU BAY HOTEL: Saturday, Revolver. BAY HOTEL: Saturday, Good Company. BEACHCOMBER HOTEL: Friday, DJs. BEAUFORD HOTEL: Saturday, Stephen Boyd. BELMONT 165: Wednesday, Ross Maio; Friday, Deviation; Saturday, John Waters Looking Through a Glass Onion, The Snape Brothers; Sunday, Klassics. BELMORE HOTEL: Friday, The Levymen; Saturday, Grand Theft Audio, Kristy J. BERES FIELD BOWLING CLUB: Friday, The Smarts; Saturday, Solid Gold Party; Sunday, Red Dirt Country Band feat the Crosby Sisters. BLACKBUTT HOTEL: Saturday, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. BRADFORD HOTEL: Friday, Glam Slam; Saturday, Spank N The Monkey BREAKERS COUNTRY CLUB: Friday, Brining Retro Back; Saturday, Steve Twitchin BUDGEWOI SOCCER CLUB: Saturday, Mirabooka. CAMBRIDGE HOTEL: Saturday, Benjalu. CANTON BEACH SPORTS CLUB: Friday, Annie

White. CARDIFF RSL: Friday, Talk of the Town; Saturday, Bounce. CATHO PUB: Sunday, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana Show. CAVES BEACHSIDE HOTEL: Friday, The Radiators. CENTRAL HOTEL, Stroud: Saturday, Lee Rolfe. CESSNOCK LEAGUES CLUB: Friday, The Gaudreys; Saturday, Karaoke. CHARLESTOWN BOWLING CLUB: Friday, Iguana. CLARENDON HOTEL: Friday, Jack Daniels; Saturday, Eliza Kate. CLUB AZZURRI: Sunday, Latinova. CLUB LEMON TREE: Friday, Edie Love; Saturday, Jack Daniels. COLLIERY INN: Friday, Karaoke; Saturday, Pete Sneddon. COMMERCIAL HOTEL, Boolaroo: Friday, James Naldo. CROWN AND ANCHOR: Friday, Holly Wilson; Sunday, Jerome. CUSTOMS HOUSE: Wednesday, Jon T; Friday, Matt McLaren; Saturday, AdzDrumz; Sunday, Ben Travis. D'ALBORA MARINA: Sunday, Pistol Pete. DAVISTOWN RSL: Thursday, Beau Smith; Friday, The Best of Gene Pitney, The Cher Factor; Saturday, Jenny Marie Lang. DENMAN HOTEL: Friday, Tori M. DOYALSON RSL: Friday, Forever Rod - Rod Stewart Tribute. DUKE OF WELLINGTON: Friday, Daley Holliday;

Pistol Pete (or Peter Pihlak to the taxman) has shared the stage with the likes of the McCormack Brothers, Tommy Emmanuel and Trisha Yearwood. Since 1989, he has been cutting his teeth on the pub and club circuit and, more recently on the local scene with Newcastle trio After

Hours. In 1988, Pistol Pete snagged a song writing deal with Sony and now has more than 1000 gigs under his belt. Not a bad effort at all With a set-list that includes classic cuts from the likes of Jodie Messina, Dire Straits, Maroon 5, Steve Miller, The Violent Femmes, Bob Seger, INXS, Eagle Eye Cherry, Pearl Jam and Australian Crawl this guy has the versatility and chops to please almost any crowd. To say that a Pistol Pete show is eclectic is an understatement. This guy truly runs the gamut from the old favourites to today's chart toppers. So if you're looking for a great night out take your guns to town and check out a Pistol Pete show. You won't regret it.

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II Po "a'"' UI~ CD s:: I: ::s "a..c: CD CI)


Glendale Stockland, 38l LakeRd Glendale ..



4950 6788

GREAT NORTHERN HOTEL: Tuesday, Open Mic Night. GRAND JUNCTION HOTEL: Thursday, Lucie Thorne; Friday, The Pete Cornelius Band; Saturday, The Denis Boys Band Album Launch; Sunday, Paul Greene and the Other Colours. GRETA WORKERS CLUB: Friday, The Georgia Project. GUNYAH HOTEL: Friday, AdzDrumz; Saturday, The Remedy; Sunday, Dynamite. GWANDALAN BOWLING CLUB: Friday, KDL. HALEKULANI BOWLING CLUB: Friday, Malihini's Over 30s Nightspot. HAMILTON STATION HOTEL: Thursday, Madhouse DJs feat Hyjak, Pyne, Wizla, Micks King; Friday, Karaoke, The Arbitrary Method, From Love to Violence, Unstuck; Saturday, Karaoke,

The Worsmn, Murderpig, The Grounds; Sunday, Jen Buxton, Lily Ray. HARRIGANS IRISH PUB: Friday, Redline, Saturday, KDL, Matt McLaren; Sunday, Moose Preservation. HEXHAM BOWLING CLUB: Saturday, Alby Pool. HONEYSUCKLE HOTEL: Saturday, Hire Hats; Sunday, Kylie Jane. HOTEL DELANY: Wednesday, AdzDrumz; Friday, Matt MeIer, Jon T, Gen X; Saturday, Sundays Record. HOTEL JESMOND: Friday, 2 Good Reasons; Saturday, The Nick Raschke Duo. HOTEL PREMIER: Saturday, MickJones; Sunday, Mal Eastick. IRON HORSE INN: Saturday, The Andy Show. JEWELLS TAVERN: Sunday, Dream Tambourine. JUNCTION HOTEL: Friday, Jerome. KENT HOTEL: Friday, Viagro; Saturday, Blu; Sunday, Thread. KING STREET HOTEL: Friday, Propaganda; Saturday, Dave Winnel, Tom Piper; Sunday, Any Given Sunday. KOTARA BOWLING CLUB: Saturday, Defaced. KURRI BOWLING CLUB: Friday, Pete Gilchrist. LAKE MACQUARIE YACHT CLUB: Sunday, Paul Watters. LAKESIDE VILLAGE TAVERN: Friday, DJ Able LASS O'GOWRIE HOTEL: Wednesday, Polar Chills, Beaten Bodies, Spencer Scott, Jack Lundie, Shelby Clements; Thursday, Eliot Lee, The Duke Of Erlington, Joe Minett, Mark Goetz; Friday, The Maze, dave; Saturday, Bin Juice, The Hatty Fatners; Sunday, Pat Eyre. L1Z0TIE'S NEWCASTLE: Wednesday, Carl Wockner, The Letter Tellers, Ellen MacDonald, Michael Garrett Trio; Friday, Lloyd Cole; Sunday, Melanie; Tuesday, Merewether High School Schowcase. LONG JETTY HOTEL: Saturday, Murray Byfield; Sunday, Open Mic With Casho. MARK HOTEL: Friday, The Capulets; Saturday, Daniel Arvidson; Sunday, Hornet. MARY ELLEN: Thursday, Jack Daniels; Friday, Phonic Duo; Saturday, Incognito. MATTARA HOTEL: Friday, Lennie Live; Saturday, Disco & Karaoke. MAVERICKS ON THE BAY: Friday, Tony White; Saturday, Darren; Sunday, Matt McLaren. MEREWETHER SURFHOUSE: Friday, Lauren Arms .. MJ F1NNEGANS: Friday, DJs; Saturday, The Hepburns, DJs. MOONSHADOW CRUISES, Nelson Bay: Saturday, Deuce. NAG'S HEAD HOTEL: Saturday, Overload. NELSON BAY BOWLING CLUB: Saturday, Karaoke. NELSON BAY DIGGERS THE LOUNGE: Friday, John Waters Looking Through a Glass Onion, Good Company; Saturday, 2 Good Reasons; Sunday, The Andy Show. NORTHERN STAR HOTEL: Friday, Kenny Jewell; Saturday, Raoul Graf, Sam Reynolds Music School.

OCEAN BEACH HOTEL: Friday, Lianna Pritchard. ORANA HOTEL: Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday, Newcastle Blues By The Beach. PAXTON HOTEL: Saturday, Hard Cover. PEDENS, Cessnock: Friday, Kristy J; Saturday, Voodoo Express. PIPPI'S AT THE POINT: Friday, Katrina Burgoyne, Sundays Record Duo; Saturday, Dean Kyrwood Duo; Sunday, Troy Kemp. PLOUGH INN: Friday, Allan Friehaut. POTIERS BREWERY: Friday, Troy PRINCE OF WALES: Friday, Arley Black; Saturday, Tom Buckley; Sunday, Katrina Burgoyne. QUEENS WHARF BREWERY: Wednesday, Timmy Coffey; Friday, Oh Webber; Saturday, Dave Owen, DJ RPM; Sunday, Perry Carter, DJ Dola, Gen R8.

Gel ready 10 rock High-octane rock outfit Defaced came about in 2007 thanks to Mark Wallace, with the view to gather exceptional musicians from all backgrounds to create a different show that delivers all your favourite songs from the vaults of the classics to today's current hits but since then they have gone through changes and additions to the line up to become a 'smokin' rock band. Featuring the formidable vocal talents of the original Iron Maiden front-man Paul Mario Day, Defaced are one of the most experienced, versatile and exciting rock bands working the Hunter region. They are a combination of excellent, highly-respected musicianship, enormous diversity in material, high energy entertainment, thoroughly professional attitude, and most importantly, damn good fun. Few bands play with such passion and power, and with the ability to recreate so effectively so many types of music.

REGAL HUNTER HOTEL: Saturday, Pistol Pete. RIVER ROYAL, Morpeth: Friday, Zane Penn. ROYAL FEDERAL: Saturday, Zane Penn Duo. ROYAL HOTEL, Denamn: Saturday, Failed Rockstars. ROYAL HOTEL, Singleton: Sunday, Zac and Ben. ROYAL INN, Waratah: Saturday, Moose Preservation. RUTHERFORD HOTEL: Saturday, Zac and Ben. SALAMANDER SHORES: Friday, Mick Jones. SEVEN SEAS: Thursday, Jam Night; Saturday, Thread; Sunday, The Rockwells. SHAFT TAVERN: Friday, VIP. SHOAL BAY RESORT: Friday, The Andy Show, XYZ; Saturday, Blue on Black, Karen O'Shea, Kirsty Larkin; Sunday, This That and the Other, Impudent Lager Wort, Claudio Meyer

SHORTLAND HOTEL: Friday, Katrina Burgoyne. SOLDIERS POINT BOWLING CLUB: Friday, Mark Lee. STAG AND HUNTER: Friday, Dylan Hartas and the Blues Martyrs; Saturday, The Septembers. STOCKTON BOWLING CLUB: Friday, The Novos; Saturday, DJ Symon; Sunday, Kieran Wicks. STOCKTON RSL: Saturday, DJ Vinnie, The Rattlesnakes, The Flatrakkers SYDNEY JUNCTION HOTEL: Friday/Saturday, Entertainment. SWANSEA RSL: Saturday, D'Lish. SWANSEA WORKERS CLUB: Friday, Kids' Disco; Saturday,. Franky and Johnny. THE POURHOUSE, Maitland: Saturday, Graeme Mills. THE DEPOT ON BEAUMONT: Friday, Mitch Capone, Dodgy Ankles Duo; Saturday, Kenny Jewell Duo. THE SMALL BALLROOM: Thursday, Saskwatch, The Naughty Rappers Collective, Jin Lawie; Saturday, Elliot the Bull. T1LLlGERRY RSL CLUB: Friday, Plastic Spurs; Saturday, Deborah Sinclair TORONTO DIGGERS: Friday, Frank Wakewood; Saturday, Franky and Johnny. TORONTO ROYAL MOTOR YACHT CLUB: Friday, Casho. TORONTO WORKERS CLUB: Friday, Karaoke; Saturday, Dr Love. VUES ON THE BAY: Friday, DJ Fuel; Saturday, Hey Poncho. WALLARAH BAY REC CLUB: Friday, Cover 2 Cover. WALLSEND DIGGERS CLUB: Friday, Big Bang; Saturday, The Cruisers. WANGI RSL: Friday, Be Bop ALula. WANGI WORKERS CLUB: Friday, Solid Gold Party Night; Saturday, Whisky Lane WARNERS AT THE BAY: Thursday, Dave Carter; Friday, Funkapedia; Saturday, Hornet. WARNERS BAY HOTEL: Thursday, Karaoke; DJs; Friday, Coverdrive; Saturday, Tres Hombres; Sunday, Jungle Kings. WESTS CARDIFF: Saturday, Cover 2 Cover. WESTS NEW LAMBTON PIANO LOUNGE: Wednesday, Peter Wall; Thursday, Angamus; Friday, Peter Wall; Saturday, Warren Hunter; Monday, Warren Hunter; Tuesday, Angamus. WESTS NEW LAMBTON MARBLE BAR: Friday, DJ Sean Michael, Two Stomp; Saturday, Perry Carter; The Gaudreys. WICKHAM PARK HOTEL: Wednesday, Wicko Jam Night; Thursday, Class Act TAFE Night; Friday, Milestones; Saturday, Dreamcatchers, Backfire; Sunday, Thomas Blake, Annie O'Dee and the Hotshots. WINDSOR CASTLE HOTEL: Friday, Hayden Johns; Saturday, Twinsanity. WYONG BOWLING CLUB: Friday, Soul Agents. WYONG LEAGUES CLUB: Friday, Cover Up; Saturday, Dirty Deeds AC/DC Show.


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The screalll .'thereal



Little did anyone realise back in 1978 that The Radiators would still be together, still hugely popular and still producing quality music with no signs of slowing down. Travelling thousands upon thousands of kilometres up, down and across the length and breadth of this vast country, The Radiators have carved. a niche in the annals of Aussie rock history. They have headlined and shared the stage with other great Aussie acts such as AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Dragon and INXS. 2004 saw the release of The Radiators' 25th Anniversary Album, a compilation of their most popular singles. While this album sold well and had chart success, the boys were keen to try something new. In 2008 their controversial and iconic single Gimme Head was re-recorded and remixed by The Cut in Sydney, and picked up

by Melbourne Recording Company, Vicious. The single debuted at number 25 on the ARIA Club Charts, quickly climbing to number nine in the first five days. Despite the rigors of touring and the passing of years the spark and energy of The Radiators has not diminished. They continue to do what they do best - tour extensively, play an average of 150 times per year and delight the legions offans both young and old who still flock to grab a slice of living Aussie Rock history, rocking the night away to the great catchy songs and classic hits that have made The Radiators a household name in Australia. Not bad for four boys from humble beginnings with big dreams and one wonders what this powerhouse band is capable of producing next. catch the Radiators at caves Beachside Hotel on Friday, June 20.

he sartorial splendour, driving beats and slinky, sexy guitar lines that is rockabilly will be the order of the day at the Wicko next weekend with a show recognising the oftunder recognised contribution of women in this iconic genre. Dubbed The Women of Rockabilly and featuring the talents of Narelle Evans (vocals), Jack Evans (guitar), Chris Perry (bass) and Antero Ceschin (drums), the show celebrates the lives and music of four female rockabilly pioneers - Wanda Jackson, Lorrie Collins, Janis Martin and Charlene Arthur. Evans said that the show, aside from celebrating the music of these pioneering women, would also delve a little more into their lives and influence on the largely male dominated genre. "This show combines the music of these wonderful women and is linked together with dialogue and images on a projector screen that tells the story of these four women from the 1950s who are pretty much forgotten;' she said. "There were dozens of women in that period who were signed


and were putting out records but they were never promoted by their record companies because they were women and, at the time, women singing rock and roll was considered outrageous or even vulgar?' "I think it's really important to remember these women and the trail they blazed for female musicians and also as a big part of the pre-feminism movement:' There's no denying that rockabilly has undergone quite

a resurgeance in this country, not to mention Newcastle, over the past ten years and Evans put this down to the unabashed fun inherent in the music. "I think it was [1950S US anti rock and roll preacher] the Reverend Jimmy Snow who said it best when he said "the beat, the beat, the beat";' she said. ''Also, those grungy guitars, the fun and sexy lyrics, and just the whole look and style of the genre - it's just a hell of a lot of fun?'

FRIDAY JUNE 20 from Bpm $8 Social Member 1 Year $30 5 Year Bowling Member $55 Renew now and receive you free calendar with monthly vouchers!

MJc Telarah Bowling Club



~ ~ Information for members and guests

Clark Street,Telarah 4932 8278

Is gambling a problem for you? G-Line (NSW) is a confidential, anonymous and free counselling service FREECALL 1800 633

~ ~g8Qw'o~QWLO

Sdl IS & 22 IdS22Sdi

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oa'"' ut~ us:: I: ::s oa.s::



from 8pm



from 5.30pm




J,E'l r 2 VEG-AS F'~i:DA~ 4~1H1

.r.·UllLY: FROM" aPIA',

Anderson Drive, Beresfield Call: 4966 3361


Drawn TU88day 6.3Opm, 7.3Opm & 8.3Opm


THURSDAY NIGHT FAMILY SPECIAL $40 Family of 4 (2 adults + 2 children) Any 2 main meals + any 2 kids meals *Also receive free ice-cream for the kids




"bout vour choices Call Gamblin" Helo 1800 858 8






aving only wowed Newcastle audiences back in March, singer-songwriter Josh Pyke is heading back to the region, as part of his regional Lone Wolf tour, this time with Cessnock firmly in his sights. It's a pretty tacit acknowledgement that you're onto a good thing when your album continues to wow the music buying public almost a year after its release. That's exactly the case for Pyke's fourth studio effort, The Beginning and the End of Everything. The album came in at number seven on the ARIA chart as well as picking up an ARIA nomination for best adult contemporary release. When it comes to tapping into the Australian cultural zeitgeist, Pyke has been making a pretty decent fist of things, with four albums, 100 per cent in fact, making it to the ARIA top ten. While reluctant to pinpoint the reason his deft tum of phrase and folk-tinged pop resonated so well with audiences, speaking to TE on his last run, Pyke said it may be because there was very little pretence in his work.


. ~1Aft_1Aft-


In a spin tor Miller-Heidke

"It's very hard to look at your work objectively like that, but I would say that the sort of music I make tends to be the type ofmusic that becomes associated with significant events in people's lives," he said. "Also, a lot of what I do is very honest and quite personal and when you do write like that, people tend to throw their own life experiences into the song and then, I guess, it kind of becomes universal."

If its connection with audiences that Pyke is yearning for with his albums, the same can certainly be said of his live show. "The best shows I've seen are the ones where there is genuine engagement with the audience," he said. "Also, it's a feeling -whether it be a rush of adrenaline from a metal show or a feeling of intimacy from a stripped-back acoustic show - it's all about that feeling."

Kate Miller-Heidke has the critics raving with her fourth studio album, and first independent release, 0 Vertigo! The album was released in March and has garnered rave reviews along with a top five debut on the ARIA album chart. Miller-Heidke launched the album to her fans in capital cities with a sold-out series of intimate acoustic shows, featuring long-term collaborator Keir Nuttall on guitar and musical freak-genius John Rodgers on violin and piano. The trio will now embark on an extensive tour of regional centres to premiere songs from 0 Vertigo!. As well as releasing 0 Vertigo! and her two Australian tours, Kate has just returned from playing sold out shows in London and The Great Escape festival in the UK and, after this Aussie run, she will be returning to the UK for her first headline tour to support the European release of o Vertigo! From there she will be heading straight to the USA to perform for the prestigious New York Metropolitan Opera in their production of The Death OfKlingho.tfer. Catch Kate MiUer-Heidke at Newcastle City Hall on Friday August 22. Tickets are onsale now through Ticketek.


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Hunter Post - That's Entertaiinment 180614  

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