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WED 11 JUN 2014


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$2400 ~~~~~~ $10 MEAL VOUCHER 11.30am - 9pm



SCENT OF A WOMAN Saturday, 9.30pm • Seven Two AI Pacino's passionate and highly emotive turn in this Martin Brest (Meet Joe Black)-helmed drama won him a best actor Oscar and it's not hard to see why. Pacino stars as a curmudgeonly, blind and retired Lt Col in the US army. Charlie ( Chris O'Donnell) is at school and is looking forward to going to university; to help pay for a trip home for Christmas, he agrees to look after Frank over thanksgiving.



Out Now

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FINNTROLL Saturday, June 21 • Manning Bar University of Sydney Union According to legend, Finnish folk-metal maniacs Finntroll were conceived when, after a heavy dose of beer and vodka, axeman Somnium (who sadly left our realm for another in 2003) thought it would be a great idea to mix heavy guitars with the melodic 'humppa' style of Finnish polka. When it still sounded good to him after sobering up, the concept was kept and Finntroll and an entire new geme of heavy metal was born. Their ferociously fun live show, which sees them dressed completely in troll attire right down to their floppy and pointed ears, is a sight to behold. Add to it their powerful death metal riffs, brooding keys, pounding black metal intensity and some super catchy 80'S pop style groove and you have the ingredients for one of the most exciting and otherworldly live shows going.


Essentially The Hangover for the older gent, Last Vegas is saved by a stellar cast featuring Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Klein and Mary Steenburgen. When one of a group of four childhood friends finally proposes to his much younger girlfriend, the group head to Las Vegas with a plan to stop acting their age and relive their glory days. However, upon arriving, the four quickly realize that the decades have transformed Sin City and tested their friendship in ways they never imagined.

When it was released back in 1994, Superunknown basically blew the doors off everyone's expectations of what grunge could be. From out and out fully chargedrock numbers, to more reflective "jams", this album truly ran the sonic gamut. Twenty years on and this album still sounds as fresh and vital as it did back in the day. Tracks like Spoonman still burn with a brooding rock intensity and Black Hole Sun sounds as though it could've been released last week. While possibly not as triumphant as Soundgarden's previous album Badmotorjinger, Superunknown is still one hell ofa rock album and, thanks to a blistering new master and extra goodies like b-sides and out-takes, is one that any self respecting rock pig should have in their collection.



II ::::I



n 2004, a little indie fibn about possibly the most socially

awkward IEeDagIer you're eve!" likely to encounter took the world by stann. That fllm was .Nap0leon Dynamit! and It went on to gross $4omillion at the US box office - not bad when}'Oll oonsiderthe film's leadiDg man .Jon Hederwas paid $1000 for his time.

it_. ::::I a II

Ten years tu and the lave fur PresIon, Ohio's most curious IeSideDt is as strong as ever as fans are sure to seewben lIeder tooches dawn in Sydney for the amrual SUpemavaPop CUlttm! Expo. ~ it's png to be a blast - I actuaIIy mllY did my very first am.venl:ion like this around seven months ago 80 I'm. reaIly 1nnd new at all of this,'" Reder told 'IE down the tine fiomLA. -pm also super exded to be back in Aust:mlia - I've DDlybeen thereaoce beIbre, years ago when I was there promotiDg a film so it's gofDg to be great to check out



For the uniniI:iated. this unassuming little flick tells the story of the a1most llnrlasoriliable titular d1amcIe: who lives with his adventure seekiDg grandmother and older brother lOp who spends most rims time cruising the internet fur ladies. Aside from spending his time trying to lime new "'skills'", Napoleon a1so WOIb to belp his friend Pedro 5anchez will the title rL Student Body President tram. mean girl


Heder said he thought the reason for the film's stmDgIe!l!lllllIUE amongII1C\fiep!nl

worldwide was the unaffectEd. unpretentious feel of the film as well as Napole<u's

inherenttfmeJessness, "It reaIlyis as-r,. unassnming filmand thatappeals III alot ofpecple," he said. -Also, Nap!Ean rea1ly is a bever-child and. in that sense be will always feel COnt.... 'I"lIllI')'. So many people can relate lDm'kmwsomeonejustlikeNapdeonwho doesn't really care what peqIIe think and makesvirtuallynojojgeImmOllanything. -we knew when we were maldDg the film that it had definite cuh poleDtlal. but. unless you'remaklnga sequel toasuccessfulfilm. youcanneo.rerreallypredictbowtt will tum out - it was definitPlya crap shoot thatpaidolf.'" Ban in saIem. Ol'efpn" the acting bug

first caught Heeler while he was studying He befrieuded

anlm;dim at univeIstty.

Napolmn Dynamite directm Jared Hess

andstartEdappeariDginstudent-produced short film. One of these.Num, bmed the basis afwhat was to beame.Napokm Dynamite and. ten years since the fIIm's release, HedB said he was 0VBj0yed that thefilmwasstillattIactingfimswmdwide. -M say it both feels lite ten yeaI5 and it doesn't,,. hesaid.

So many

people can relate to or know someone just like Napoleon


the years and I've logJed ten years dealing with the legacy - not that I'm amplain. ing - it's great that he's had such~. 1be thing is, because I made the film in my adult years - I was 26 when I filmed it -It really does still seem. fresh to me. AI&o. the stoy is just so engaging and. I think.


Ten:yean; on and Heder has parlaye::I. that earlysuccessintoaaneerthathasseenhim wcnaaossavarietyofgenresaDlwitbtbe likes of such actingbeavywejghts as Reese

Witb:rspoou. Mark Ruffalo, Jon LovItz and Danny de ViID, but out!ide ofhis tum as NapolemJ, be is pedmps best kmwn in this l'OIlIIIlyb his portIayalas ice-skating wlzkidJImmyMacEllroyintheWWFerrell

smashitBladesQfGlory. Heder said that working 011. a little indie flick like Napoleon I)ynaJrJi2 was like a diffi!rent: world to that tfl::ia; ~ studio


to watch him riff' and i:mprov was just amazing Also. he's just the most laid back nonnal guy you oouId meet. I mean he's obviously brilliant and very ccmmiI:!M to what be does, bill: when tbe cameras aIBl't Idling. he's just a really nm:mal guy - he could beyournelghbour." Hedercertainly hasn'tbeenrestlngmhis laurels in recent years either, with a slew ofprojects, inch!rling a black o:medy with RichaId Dreyfuss and Danny Glover and a bio-pic on tbe lift! of a yDUDg Walt Disney.

lntho_ "Yeahitisanexcttingtime -I'vepa few things goingon." hesaid. "'Both of those are indepmdent :Iilms, both are shot and hopefully cmrlng out tbis year although you never know with


11EonewithRichardis aquiIkydramedy ca1Ied.Killing .Tones and the other Walt ~ Midrey is a biD pic about the early years of Walt Disney and I play his brother Roy. It was a wry cbaDengIng and :rewardingroleandIom"twaitbpeop1etn

"I mean,. they're both comedies. but they couldn't beoxre dIfferent... he said. ""Ibeywere both really fun, but Blades qf seeit.· Glory was a lot ofwmk and you have this 11E SUpemova Pop Culture E:J:po will. be;studioandsomeIIlll5Sive on at Sydney Showgrwnd from JUDe 13-15 o:medynames like WID. Amy Poehler and and will feature such he9.vy\wights as Will Arnett. I was really out ofmy comfot Stan Lee. Game qf'lJzron5' NikoIaj Costerzane - it was a real pincll me-fest,. I spent waIdau, Rose Md2owan, AllstraIia's James mosttfthetime thinking "is thisfuneaIr Bond Gec:qe LazeIJby and SmalMlle'! "I mean I grew up watching Will Ferrell MicbaelRosenhawn - be is tbe comedy King. Just being able


EAST MAITLAND BOWLING CLUB: Friday, Phonic Trio; Saturday, Silverhair; Sunday, lianna. ENTRANCE BOWLING CLUB: Sunday, Rafael. ENTRANCE LEAGUES CLUB: Friday, Just Hit Play; Saturday, Kadence. EXCHANGE HOTEL: Friday, Overtone; Saturday, Hornet. FAMILY HOTEL: Friday, Reg Sinclair. FIVE ISLANDS REC CLUB, Speers Point: Sunday, A touch of Cou ntry. GATESHEAD TAVERN: Friday, Viagro; Sunday, Top Shelf. GEORGE TAVERN: Thursday, Nick Connors; Friday, Dave Owen; Saturday, Good Grief. GRAND HOTEL: Tuesday, Jazz GREAT NORTHERN HOTEL: Tuesday, Jam Night. GRAND JUNCTION HOTEL: Thursday, Demi Mitchell; Friday, The Dead Marines; Saturday, Fish Fry, pow Wow; Sunday, Eucalypso.





E c


Wagons keeproilin

III' I..





5 SAWYERS: Friday, Ned Kelly; Saturday, OJ Patsan; Sunday, OJ Jonothan. ADAMSTOWN CLUB: Thursday, Morning Tea Show with Adam Price; Saturday, The Klassics; Sunday, Wobbly Boot & Julie Wilson with The Southern Cross Trio. ANNA BAY TAVERN: Saturday, Jaybee Duo. AVOCA BEACH BOWLING CLUB: Friday, Red Alert Duo. BAR 121: Friday, Thomas Lawson; Saturday, Defaced. BAR PETITE: Friday, Gian. BAY HOTEL: Saturday, Soda. BEACHCOMBER HOTEL: Friday, DJs. BELMONT 165: Wednesday, James Cassar, Milton Ward; Friday, Midnight Drifters, Sounds of the Supremes feat Kaaren Ragland; Saturday, The Cruisers; Sunday, Stephen Cheney. BELMORE HOTEL: Friday, Black bird Blue; Saturday, Dan Runchel and Friends. BERESFIELD BOWLING CLUB: Friday, End of Days; Saturday, Dr Dave's Jukebox Saturday Night; Sunday, Red Dirt Country band feat Brad Bergen. BLACKBUTT HOTEL: Friday, Angel Gear. BRADFORD HOTEL: Friday, 4 Letter Word; Saturday, HR Duo. BREAKERS COUNTRY CLUB: Friday, Almost JoeJoe Cocker Tribute. BUDGEWOI SOCCER CLUB: Saturday, The Born Jovi Show. CANTON BEACH SPORTS CLUB: Friday, Soul Agent.

CARDIFF RSL: Saturday, Cupcakes and Cocktails. CATHO PUB: Sunday, Storm Cellar. CENTRAL HOTEL, Stroud: Saturday, Lennie live; Sunday, Open Mic. CESSNOCK LEAGUES CLUB: Friday, 2 Good Reasons; Saturday, The Levymen; Sunday, Kids' Disco & Karaoke, Ruby the Clown. CHARLESTOWN BOWLING CLUB: Friday, Dave Carter, Talk of the Town. CLARE CASTLE: Friday, Tres Hombres. CLARENDON HOTEL: Friday, Bobby C; Saturday, Lauren Arms. CLUB AZZURRI: Sunday, Latinova. CLUB LEMON TREE: Friday, Affinity; Saturday, Darren. COLLIERY INN: Friday, Karaoke; Saturday, Pete Sneddon. CRICKETERS ARMS: Saturday, Greg Bryce. CROWN AND ANCHOR: Friday, Jake Folbigg; Sunday, Damien. CUSTOMS HOUSE: Wednesday, Perry Carter; Friday, Troy; Saturday, Jon T; Sunday, Dave Owen. D'ALBORA MARINA: Sunday, Zane Penn. DAVISTOWN RSL: Saturday, Jenny Talia. DENMAN HOTEL: Friday, Graeme Mills. DEPOT ON BEAUMONT: Wed nesday, Merewether Fats; Thursday, Jon Stevens, Taxiride; Friday, Audie Cathcart; Saturday, Matt Purcell. DUKE OF WELLINGTON: Friday, Ty; Saturday, Dream Tambourine. DUN GOG RSL: Friday, lianna. EAST CESSNOCK BOWLING CLUB: Thursday, Talk of the Town; Saturday, Earthbound.

After wowing pretty much everyone with his idiosyncratic solo effort, Expecting Company - a mini album featuring duets with the likes of Alison Mosshart (The Kills), Patience Hodgson (The Grates) and Robert Foster (The Go Betweens), Henry Wagons is back on deck with his long serving and trusty backing band and with a lurching, bombastic and brassy album in Acid Rain and Sugar Cane.

With smatterings of horns, strings and lush, live sounding production, Acid Rain and Sugar Cane could well be Wagons most cohesive and fully realised album. To help achieve this live vibe, the band enlisted the services of former Bad Seed Mick Harvey, whose previous production credits include the likes of PI Harvey, to co-produce. ''We basically thought that if we're going to relinquish control to someone, Mick Harvey is definitely a good choice;' he said. "He has such an impressive resume and he really made us want to press our metaphorical shirts each day - you mow, we really wanted to impress him and I think this really helped raise the bar creatively for us:'

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.......... :::I

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"us! .... us::

I: ::s ".s::::


Glendale Stockland, 387 Lake Rd Glendale BOOI MOW Phone 4950 6788

GUNYAH HOTEL: Friday, Perry Carter; Saturday, Ngariki; Sunday, Howard Shearman. GWANDALAN BOWLING CLUB: Friday, Karaoke. HALEKULANI BOWLING CLUB: Wednesday, Stars ofTomorrow; Friday, Malihinis Over 30s Nightspot; Saturday, Jon Stevens HARRIGANS IRISH PUB: Friday, Whiskey Lane Duo; Saturday, Fool On a Stool, Just Hit Play; Sunday, Dai Pritchard Duo. HEXHAM BOWLING CLUB: Saturday, Peter Stefanson. HONEYSUCKLE HOTEL: Saturday/Sunday, Kylie Jane. HOTEL DELANY: Wednesday, Sean Andrews; Friday, OJ Surian, AdzDrumz, The Capulets; Saturday, Incognito.

HOTELJESMOND: Friday, The Levymen; Saturday, Daley Holliday_ HOTEL PREMIER: Saturday, Sundays Record Duo; Sunday, Dai Pritchard Band_ IRON HORSE INN: Saturday, Daniel Arvidson. JEWELLS TAVERN: Sunday, Gareth Hudson. JUNCTION HOTEL: Friday, Kristy J. KENT HOTEL: Friday, Rubber Bullet; Saturday, Misbehave; Sunday, Moose Preservation. KING STREET HOTEL: Friday, Natnoiz, Stavros3000, Lemond, Rufeyo, OJ Ruggs, Jaytee; Saturday, Peking Duk, ; Sunday, Any given Sunday, Jay Z Tribute. KURRI BOWLING CLUB: Friday, Robbie Urquhart. LAKE MACQUARIE YACHT CLUB: Sunday, Kristy J. LAKESIDE VILLAGE TAVERN: Saturday, The V Dubs. LAKES HOTEL: Saturday, Tres Hombres. LASS O'GOWRIE HOTEL: Wednesday, The Hedonists, Touchy Third uncle, Joram and Moi; Thursday, Creative Creatures Open Mic night; Friday, Bones Jones and the Skeletones, The Main Guy and the Other Guys, Crazy Old Maurice; Saturday, Great Toad, The Way Out, Joe May; Sunday, The Carl Stewart Band, Kieran Glasgow. LIZOTTE'S NEWCASTLE: Wednesday, Mojo Juju; Thursday, The Foreday Riders feat Shane Pacey; Friday/Saturday, Diesel live album recording; Sunday, Wagons. LOCHINVAR HOTEL: Saturday, Phil McKnight. LONG JETTY HOTEL: Saturday, Ben Woodham; Sunday, Open Mic with Kate Keighran. MARK HOTEL: Friday, The Milestones; Saturday, Dan Beazley; Sunday, Love That Hat. MARY ELLEN: Thursday, Matt McLaren; Friday, The Remedy trio; Saturday, Novo. MATTARA HOTEL: Friday, Casho; Saturday, Disco & Karaoke. MAYFIELD HOTEL: Thursday, Karaoke. MAVERICKS ON THE BAY: Friday, Kylie Jane; Saturday, Brooke Harvey; Sunday, MickJones. MEREWETHER SURFHOUSE: Friday, Jerome. MJ FINNEGANS: Friday, DJs; Saturday, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, DJs NAG'S HEAD HOTEL: Saturday, The Ride Ons. NELSON BAY DIGGERS: Friday, The Bad and the Ugly; Saturday, Coastal Craze; Sunday, Kim, The Sounds of the Supremes feat Kaaren Ragland. NEWCASTLE UNITED SPORTS CLUB: Friday, Karaoke. NORTHERN STAR HOTEL: Friday, The Royal Key; Saturday, Mark Wood. OCEAN BEACH HOTEL: Friday, Pete Gelzinnis. OLD PUB, WoyWoy: Friday, Allstar. ORANA HOTEL: Friday, Catfish Soup; Saturday, Snowblind. PEDENS, Cessnock: Friday, Lennie Live; Saturday, Glam Slam. PIPPI'S AT THE POINT: Friday, Mick Jones, Janeys Alibi Duo; Saturday, Howie and Alex; Sunday, Jerome. PLOUGH INN: Friday, James Naldo. POTTERS BREWERY: Friday, Katrina Burgoyne.

PRINCE OF WALES: Friday, Nick Connors; Saturday, Dave Owen; Sunday, Troy Kemp. QUEENS WHARF BREWERY: Wednesday, Show & Tell; Friday, Timmy Coffey; Saturday, Edie Love, Arley Black, OJ Ules; Sunday, Uptown, OJ Patsan, Jon T. REGAL HOTEL, Kurri: Saturday, The Flicks. RIVER ROYAL, Morpeth: Friday, Ben Travis; Sunday, Phil McKnight. ROYAL CROWN, Dudley: Saturday, Karaoke. ROYAL FEDERAL HOTEL: Friday, Troy Kemp; Saturday, Bobby C. ROYAL HOTEL, Denamn: Saturday, Eye On You. ROYAL HOTEL, Singleton: Sunday, The Piranha Brothers. ROYAL INN, Waratah: Saturday, Janey's Alibi Duo. RUTHERFORD HOTEL: Saturday, Redline.


wanna bu.p? When it comes to the hedonistic heyday of disco, with such dance floor fillers as Ma Baker, Rasputin, Daddy Cool and Rivers afBabylon, few could hold a candle to Eurodisco juggernaut Boney M. Now, 38 years after original members Maizie Williams, Bobby Farrell, Marcia Barrett and Liz Mitchell hit musical paydirt with the flirtatious number Daddy Cool, it seems people still can't get enough of Boney M with the band heading to Newcastle this weekend. When it comes to hits, with more than 159 million album sold as well as 18 platinum and 15 gold albums to their credit, Boney M certainly have no shortage. Originally created by German record producer Frank Farlan (the impersariro behind the infamous Mill Vanilli), Boney M quickly found themselves at the forefront of the disco scene. 38 years on and that swag of disco gold still sounds as fresh, energetic and as fun as ever. Boney M are truly one of the most beloved bands to emerge from iconic disco era.

SALAMANDER SHORES; Friday, Arley Black; Sunday, Darren. SEVEN SEAS: Thursday, Jam Night; Saturday, Montezuma; Sunday, Thomas Blake. SHAFT TAVERN: Saturday, Free Juke Box. SHOAL BAY RESORT: Friday, Rock Oz, Pete Gilchrist; Saturday, Revolver, Pistol Pete, Claudio Meyer; Sunday, Sugar, Amy Fredes, Outerphase. SHORTLAND HOTEL: Friday, Brooke Harvey. SOLDIERS POINT BOWLING CLUB: Saturday, Robbie and the Rattlesnakes. STAG AND HUNTER: Friday, Gleny Rae Virus and her Playboys; Saturday, Eddie Boyd and the Phata pilla rs. STOCKTON BOWLING CLUB: Friday, Dynamite; Saturday, OJ Symon; Sunday, Paul Watters. STOCKTON RSL: Saturday, Deviation ••

SYDNEY JUNCTION HOTEL: Friday/Saturday, Entertainment. SWANSEA HOTEL: Friday, Damien; Saturday, Zane Penn. SWANSEA RSL: Saturday, Back Beat. SWANSEA WORKERS CLUB: Saturday, Solid Gold. THE POURHOUSE, Maitland: Saturday, James Naldo. THE SMALL BALLROOM: Wednesday, Sea Legs; Thursday, In Hearts Wake, Dream On Dreamer, Being As An Ocean, Endless Heights, Sierra; Friday, Bootleg Rascal, Lunar Villa, The Buzzard Mix; Saturday, Little Bastard. TILLIGERRY RSL CLUB: Friday, Howie and Alex; Saturday, MickJones. TORONTO DIGGERS: Saturday, Stephen Cheney. TORONTO ROYAL MOTOR YACHT CLUB: Friday, Ben Woodham. TORONTO WORKERS CLUB: Friday, Earthbound; Saturday, Jumpin Jukebox. TOWN HALL HOTEL: Saturday, Karaoke. VUES ON THE BAY: Friday, Sam Idols; Saturday, Twinsanity. WALLARAH BAY REC CLUB: Saturday, Sound Proofed. WALLSEND DIGGERS CLUB: Friday, Incognito; Saturday, The Years. WANGI RSL: Friday, Karaoke. WANGI WORKERS CLUB: Friday, Matt McLaren; Saturday, Maryanne Rex. WARNERS AT THE BAY: Thursday, Kylie Jane; Friday, Moonlight Drive; Saturday, Phase III. WARNERS BAY HOTEL: Thursday, Karaoke; Friday, DJs, Juicy Fruit; Saturday, Punkfish; Sunday, Leeroy and the Rats. WEST WALLSEND WORKERS CLUB: Friday, Kim. WESTS CARDIFF: Saturday, Adam and the Talents. WESTS NEW LAMBTON PIANO LOUNGE: Wednesday, Frank Wakewood; Thursday, Angamus; Friday, Warren Hunter; Saturday, Stuart Hamilton; Monday, Ben Hanley; Tuesday, Terence Koo. WESTS NEW LAMBTON MARBLE BAR: Friday, OJ Timmy Coffey, Dream Tambourine; Saturday, OJ Matt Meier, Gen R8. WESTS NEW LAMBTON STARLIGHT ROOM: Sunday, Boney M. WICKHAM PARKHOTEL: Wednesday, Wicko Jam Night feat Josh Callaway & Kerry Miller; Friday, Lachy Ooley Band; Saturday, King Shakey, Frank; Sunday, Mick and Josh, The Jungle Kings. WINDALE GATESHEAD BOWLING CLUB: Friday, Paparazzi WINDSOR CASTLE: Friday, Scratch; Saturday, Jim Overend. WYONG BOWLING CLUB: Friday, Annie White. WYONG LEAGUES CLUB: Friday, Mirabooka; Saturday, Granite Revolution.


Anderson Drive, Beresfield Call:

4966 3361 lID



Saturday 14th June from 7.30pm

Drawn 6.3Opm, 7.3Opm & 8.3Gpm


THURSDAY NIGHT FAMILY SPECIAL $40 Family of 4 (2 adults + 2 children) Any 2 main meals + any 2 kids meals 'Also receive free ice-cream for the kids



I:L :::I II III I:L 11

LTPSI14101648 ALSO . . . . . . . . . . . CARD BETWEEN 5-8.3OPM FOR YOUR CHANCE TO

::rOC CD" ::r" s::'::s I:






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Bring on Iheblues Ifit's blues you want, then it's blues you're going to get when the cream of the Hunter and Australia's blues crop hit town for the Newcastle Blues by the Beach festival. Brought you by the folks behind the Sydney Blues and Roots festival, the is sure to unearth the formidable depth of blues talent this region has to offer as well as giving punters a great taste of some world class blues. "We just put on a similar thing in Windsor and it went really well;' organiser Peter Fricker told TE. " We also run the Sydney Blues and Roots festival and we have upwars of 500 bands bands applying to play and we just don't have the time or resources to get around and see them all- so an event like this gets everyone under one roof for us to check out as potential festival performers:' While Aussie blues juggernauts like Dave Tice, The Shane Pacey Band, and Darren Jack are always going to be major drawcards, Fricker said that there was a slew of Newcastle talent "The Jimmy Bazil Project is one that we've been hearing really great things about and Good Com Liqour, have been grabbing our attention:' Catch the Newcastle Blues by the Beach festival at the Orana Hotel from Thunda~June19toSunday,June

22. For more information and playing times, visit


Happy as pigs In .ud

aving just caught our collective breath from the behemoth that was the Gumball Festival's tenth anniversary in April, news that its "slightly rebellious" sister event, Pigsty in July, is welcome, to say the least, for gig pigs everywhere. The one-day affair is raising the energy levels with this year's event, with a great lineup that includes the King of the North (pictured), Mojo Juju, Steve Smyth Wolf and Cub, Sydney soul funksters Gang of brothers, psych rockers The Walking Who, bodacious party duo The Stiffys, sevenpiece soul outfit Beaten Bodies and, of course, Dashville favourites the Dashville Progress Society. Pigsty in July is touted as a day of luxurious indulgence, focusing on warm winter foods and an array of specially selected boutique beers, local wine and naughty cocktails. Surrounded by the warmth of food, friends, open fires and a bunch of great bands, the idyllic exclusive atmosphere of PigSty is the perfect escape from the winter flats. The boutique event which features a '2nd hand formal' dress code, was held last year at Dashville as part of the biennial Singleton Arts Festival and by popular demand is back bigger and better for its second year at the site. Capacity of this event is limited to 500, it is intended to sell out, so grab your tickets early to avoid missing out. Get tickets at at




available everyday

yum cha trolley

$10 LUNCH SPECIALS Monday to Friday includes schooner or beer or soft drink 10% DISCOUNT on pick-up takeaway orders paid with cash CHEF'S SPECIALS Peking Duck & Shan Dong chicken



from ONLY


..o 'III'


I: :::I


. . +-I

. . III


.. p.

"1ft! .... u I:



"..c:: U l.s QJ

PI Restaurant




~~~~~\" Il~_.~~:: ••







'~ ~I~~' 5 JACKPO . ~~/:~937





~ /rv9~ .

6pm, 7pm & 8pm BE WON AT 5.30pm, 6.30pm & 7.30pm


$1500 in fresh seafood On sale 1pm drawn 2pm







::::I ,. II .. ,.


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::::I ,.

Hunter Post - That's Entertainment - 11 June 2014  

Hunter Post - That's Entertainment Guide - 11 June 2014

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