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Locals hug in grief

Exactly a week after their street echoed with gunshots, residents of Floreat’s Berkeley Crescent were invited to meet in the Anglican church five doors up from the home of Jenny and Gretl Petelczyc.

Neighbours hugged and comforted each other, while the church had counsellors standing by if needed on the day and this week.

Senior politicians and council members also attended to “grieve and lament” at the service at St Nicholas’ Anglican church that started at 4.30pm on Friday.

Government ministers and politicians were invited to attend.

Premier Roger Cook sent his apologies and women’s interests minister Sue Ellery attended in his place, along with the 120 locals and invitees gathering together.

Churchlands MP Christine Tonkin also attended, as did opposition leader Shane Love and Curtin MP Kate Chaney. Lord mayor Basil Zempilas attended as a local community member, along with Cambridge mayor Gary Mack.

Days later, Sabine Winton, the minister for prevention of domestic and family violence revealed at a press conference she had not tried to meet members of the Bombara or Petelczyc families.

She said she was available if the families wanted to reach out to her.

A government spokesperson said: “The state government has reached out to the involved families through WA Police’s

liaison team and offered meetings with the premier and any relevant ministers.”

The private service heard a member of the clergy say: “the unspeakable violence which was perpetrated in this street had left many reeling in our suburb, our city and our state.

“There is anger, pain, frustration, fear and deep grief,” church deacon Emily Bowser said.

“We lament the scourge of violence and grieve for those

Not Tuffin it out

Turbulent Cambridge will seek its fifth chief executive in two years after Gary Tuffin unexpectedly quit this week.

Six weeks after mayor Gary Mack said Mr Tuffin, pictured, faced a “psycho-social risk” over the council’s handling of Floreat Forum development plans, its most senior employee resigned 13 months into a five-year term. He is expected to move to another local government position.

Mr Tuffin followed council veteran John Giorgi, Karl Heiden and stand-in Kelton Hincks as recently departed CEOs.

Mr Tuffin resigned on Tuesday morning but his exit was not mentioned at that night’s council meeting.

Councillors reaffirmed their May decision to reject Floreat Forum owner APIL’s precinct

Hollywood block-buster

More than 1000 Nedlands residents have been shut out of information about their future by the states’ most powerful planners.

Residents face the prospect of seeing their neighbourhood swallowed by a giant plan to join up the UWA and QEII campuses.

The innocuously named UWA QEII Improvement Plan was a one-line item buried in the WA Planning Commission agenda for May 29.

Meeting minutes published this week have no details of the scheme nor what - if any - decision was reached.

The Department of Planning refused to shed any light on the issue.

“Item 10.7 regarding the proposed Improvement Plan for UWA/QEII Activity Centre is confidential” the POST was told.

“The outcome will be announced once the matter has been considered through normal WA Planning Commission processes.”

It was unclear what those processes were or when that might happen.

who are tormented by the farreaching and unpredictive effects of gender-based violence.

“We lament the loss of safety in the very places we call home.”

Jenny, 59, and Gretl, 18, were murdered in their home on May 31 by Mosman Park man Mark Bombara, 63, who had gone to the house looking for his estranged wife. (Floreat tragedy aftershocks, POST, June 1).

■ Chaney takes action – page 3

But the minutes provide some insights.

WAPC member Helen Brookes declared “an actual direct pecuniary interest” because her employer Urbaqua was commissioned by the City of Perth to carry out a local water management strategy for the precinct.

The minutes show she left the meeting for seven minutes while the UWA QEII item was being discussed.

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Court threat over Floreat Forum plan ■ Page 46

structure plan despite Mr Mack’s claim that the rejection was unlawful and outside the council’s powers.

A 5-4 majority endorsed the May 7 decision.

The Floreat issue has dominated council meetings since last year, with multiple public questions about the contentious planning process, including Mr Tuffin’s role and involvement.

Mr Mack used another council meeting last week to say “adverse reflections” against the administration and staff from the public gallery would not be


“If any person has criticism of any employee of the town at any level speak to the CEO in private,” Mr Mack said last week.

“If any questioner has questions about the CEO’s performance make an appointment with me to discuss in private.”

In response to questions from the POST on Wednesday, Cambridge released a statement confirming Mr Tuffin’s resignation but said that he would remain until August while a replacement was recruited.

The statement made no mention of the highly controversial Floreat proposal and further questions asking if his exit was connected went unanswered.

Mr Mack told a recent council meeting that Mr Tuffin was at risk of a psycho-social risk from a motion – that was carried –

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Community catastrophe…A Floreat neighbourhood gathers to hear the words of Anglican clergy as they battle to come to grips with events in their street. TOP: Fresh flowers placed at the Petelczyc home.

Is dysfunction back at Cambridge?

Both the local government minister and her director general must be increasingly concerned about what appears to me to be the very clear dysfunction of yet another Cambridge council, only six months since the October 2023 Elections. It was very well reported in the POST and shown in the live feed videos of recent Council Meetings, (Forum plan gets hurry-up order, POST May 25).

The increasing probability is that the minister will issue a show cause notice, that sackings will be requiredor the alarming prospect of Cambridge being forcibly amalgamated with Subiaco as previously mooted, among the possible outcomes. There can be absolutely no doubt that the redevelopments of both the Floreat Forum and Ocean Village shopping centres

This artist’s impression shows one of the proposed high-rise buildings as seen from the ground level in Floreat Forum shopping centre.

Most definitely, high-rise tower blocks are not in their best interests.

Council infighting and what I perceive as poor senior staff support are combining to seri-

effective decisions of meaningful benefit to the Cambridge community’s interests, are transparently delivered.

Graham C Hornel 91 Empire Avenue, City Beach

Bins before reconciliation

We were treated to another missive of propaganda by our mayor this week in FOGO where featured was RAP – the reconciliation of the indigenous communities; personally I would place a C in front of it

May I suggest that instead of engaging in virtue signalling wokery the Mayor and councillors – with a few notable exceptions – concentrate on running Subiaco and leave this type of grovelling to others.

You are paid to serve the ratepayers and to provide them services, NOT to engage and promote a PC propaganda campaign.

Should the mayor be in the mindset of recognising contributions of folk from the past, why not feature those courageous pioneers who overcame incredible hardships and created modern day Australia which we all enjoy and yet often fail

Happy to pay for more trees in Mos Park

I am writing in support of Mark Conlan’s strategy for increasing Mosman Park’s tree canopy, (Please increase my rates, to plant more trees and shade our streets, POST, May 25).

We are currently observing trees and native shrubbery in Mosman Park suffering and dying, due to the warmer, drier autumn we’re experiencing, along with the other causes such as pests and diseases. Mosman Park’s canopy is 15.8% and is now in decline. Perth, at 19%, has the lowest canopy cover of the capital cities in Australia.

What will be the price of our inertia if we continue to allow our tree canopy to decline?

It is worth noting that the United Nations has issued a dire warning that the biggest threat to mankind, at present, is the loss of biodiversity and ecosystems. I, too, encourage the council to be courageous enough to increase our rates to plant more trees, and hence, increase our tree canopy beyond 16%.

to appreciate?

From the ideological and impracticable imposition of the third wheelie bin to the absurd e-parking permits highlight just how out of touch you are to reality and ratepayers needs. And to remind you, despite millions of dollars in propaganda promotion the country voted NO not YES, respect that followed by a large dose of practical commonsense John Allen Juniperbank Way, Subiaco

Pots of praise

I’d like to congratulate Bunnings on starting the collection and recycling of plastic plant pots.

It’s helping solve the worst plastic pollution of most gardens.

I hope other garden centres follow suit to reduce the amount of plastic going into landfill.

Lance Banister-Jones Stone Road, Claremont

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Joy Boothman Victoria Street, Mosman Park
Email letters to: Have your say in the

Stay off the grass

Overflow parking from nearby sports centres is killing Perry Lakes Reserve, a local resident has warned.

Ray Dohmen, of Floreat, said “hundreds and hundreds” of drivers at a time were using the east end of Perry Lakes as a carpark when there was a sporting event at the nearby basketball or athletic centres.

And he urged more parking to be created at the centres and the existing facilities to be better used.

But drivers often ignored the basketball’s underground carpark to use the reserve while some had broken fence chains or pulled out wooden stumps to gain access.

Cambridge council managed some Perry Lakes parking with temporary lighting set up within the reserve and staff on hand to direct drivers.

Cars had damaged the area by killing the grass and creating dirt tracks which turned to mud when it rained.

“The stadium needs more parking,” Mr Dohmen said.

“We’re lucky to have this now. It was never designed to be a parking area. We’ve got to preserve it for future generations.”

“It really annoys me because I’ve been walking through this park for years.

I love it.

“I would like to see it preserved for people down the track. I would like my kids to be able to enjoy things like this.”

Mr Dohmen warned that cars could spread dieback which put at risk the tuarts throughout the reserve.

He said there was room behind the sports centres to provide more parking while the basketball centre’s underground carpark was often only half full.

Venueswest, which operates the basketball centre, said it would work with Cambridge to find a solution when overflow parking was next required.

Feeling boxed in? Your pain is about to spread

The historic art of councils debating small building concession that neighbours view as very detrimental to them will come to an end in three weeks.

Claremont councillors have lamented what they believe was likely one of the last single house development applications they will consider.

Councillors debated and ultimately voted through an amendment to a staff recommendation that was small in the scheme of the plans but made a big difference to the life of the neighbours.

The state government re-

cently pushed through legislation that would hand over the approval of development applications to the CEO, except in cases where heritage is involved.

Two neighbours were in the public gallery last week to listen to councillors debate the renovation plans for a heritage home in Wood Street in Swanbourne.

The renovators had submitted their plans to the town and after some back and forth, staff had made a recommendation to support the plans to councillors.

But their immediate neighbours said a section of the second storey wall was still • Please turn to page 81

Muddy park … Ray Dohmen loves walking through Perry Lakes but is concerned about the impact of car parking chewing up the grass. Photo:Dione Davidson
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Curtin MP Kate Chaney at the memorial service last Friday.

Deputy mayor no longer

POST reported last week that Nedlands councillor Leo McManus, who had just resigned from the council, was deputy mayor. He was a former deputy mayor. He did not hold the office at the time he resigned, having declined to re-stand for the job after last October’s elections.

Desecration the Costa walk upgrade

Works to improve Forrest Walk – the pedestrian lane off Rokeby Road – are a waste of money, according to one wellinformed critic.

Former Subiaco mayor Tony Costa, who walks through the lane on his daily rounds, is not impressed with the $1.1 million upgrade that started this week.

“After the desecration of Subiaco Oval, the desecration of Park Street (Postal Walk) we now have the desecration of Forrest Walk,” Mr Costa said.

“It’s totally unnecessary, it was fine as it was and to do what they are doing I don’t see the justification for it.

“It’s more than a million dollars to do it, it’s outrageous, that’s how I feel as a former councillor and mayor and a resident of more than 20 years in this area.

“There are a lot of other things they could spend this money on to help the people of Subiaco.”

Councillors voted 6-3 last December to approve the project.

Councillor Mark Burns, one of the opponents, warned it would be an “unmitigated financial disaster” after a similar project for Postal Walk blew out by about $200,000 (Burnsgoespostal over lane, POST, December 16).

More respect for Rupert…14 years on

Posters pleading for basic respect and courtesy were spotted on a street tree in Rupert Street this week.

A4 sheets of paper with the words “Please Don’t Park Poo or Pee On this Lawn”, presumably addressed to dog walkers, were pinned to a tree.

Exactly 14 years ago, trees in Rupert Street were used in a similar way to deliver a message.

Dozens of photocopied pages festooned the branches of two trees at the Bagot Road end of the tree lined residential street (Chat Not A-Loud round here, POST, June 5, 2010).

That note read: “To the Excessively LOUD Lady walking past here every morning at the

crack of dawn:

“Keep your damn voice down or exclude Rupert Street from your path of destruction - No one wants to wake to your stupid loud banter as you stormed down this pathway every morning.

“Subiaco is densely populated so you’ve got to understand bedrooms are often only metres away from this footpath dammit!!

“Think about it.

“And for Christ’s sake try and let your friend get at least a few words in edge-ways.”

Identical twin sisters Jennifer and Christine Townsend – both teachers at local primary schools at the time who routinely walked

The City said the improvements included better public seating, hard and soft landscaping, drainage and improved al fresco opportunities for the strip which is home to nine businesses.

• • • • Page 4 – POST, June 8, 2024 THE listening
The Rupert Street sign has a very clear message. Former Subiaco mayor Toni Costa is not impressed with the Forrest Walk upgrade.

‘We don’t want

100 neighbours’

A six-storey apartment tower could be built directly across the street from single-storey houses under Hesperia’s plan for the old Salvation Army site in Smyth Road.

The property developer wants to build a new subdivision on the sprawling site, to be called Nedlands Reserve, which would contain around 420 apartments and 80 townhouses.

Nedlands council has earmarked the mostlyempty site to soak up much of its governmentmandated density targets, but Hesperia’s plans for a lot on the corner of Smyth Road and Karella Street has caused friction with residents.

“Our nearest neighbour will be a block containing up to 100 residents,” Karella Street resident Tracey Bence told councillors at a meeting last week.

“It’s not neighbourly.

“It doesn’t feel like Nedlands.”

The WA Planning Commission will get the final say on Hesperia’s structure plan, which will set the framework for rezonings.

Councillors and Nedlands staff want to set a three-storey height limit on the Smyth and Karella corner, rising to six storeys further up Smyth Road.

At last week’s meeting, councillors voted to ask the WAPC to cut the zoning on the corner block from R160 to R80.

Councillor Noel Youngman said the lower

Development Assessment Panel (DAP) application – 474-484 Hay Street & 61 Rokeby Road SUBIACO

The City is inviting public comment on an application for the demolition of existing structures (including partial demolition/alterations to Regal Theatre) and construction of a nine (9) storey mixed use development including five (5) commercial tenancies and 71 Multiple Dwellings at 474-484 Hay Street & 61 Rokeby Road, Subiaco.

To view documents related to the above, visit or drop into Council Chambers and Customer Service, Level 2, 388 Hay Street Subiaco, or the Subiaco Library at 237 Rokeby Road Subiaco. You can also comment via email to or by mail addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 270, Subiaco WA 6904. Clearly indicate your name, address and the application to which the submission relates. Comments are to be received by 5pm on Friday 21 June 2024.


Rail land deal leaves Swannie in the dark

Swanbourne locals are still in the dark about plans to develop the land on either side of the railway line next to the station.

Cottesloe Liberal candidate Sandra Brewer said she had spoken to most business owners in the area and many residents and all said they were unaware of what was happening with the land.

Calls went out in November last year for anyone interested in building housing and shops on 1.8ha of rail reserve land between Claremont and Cottesloe (Secret Swanbourne

Cedar Woods Property, whose managing director is Nathan Blackburne, in 2021 used the government’s market-led proposals policy to submit a bid to redevelop the railway reserve land.

It was accepted by the government last October, who granted Cedar Woods a first mover advantage, and other developers were invited to submit their ideas.

They had until January 19 to respond.

Ms Brewer said people in the area were anxious to find out what the state government had planned.

A planning, lands and heritage department spokesperson said the Swanbourne Village

project was being evaluated.

“If the project progresses, the land will be subject to a future planning and development process, which will include the opportunity for community consultation,” they said.

“After years of vague updates, it’s time for planning minister John Carey to show the community the development plans,” Ms Brewer said.

“I’ve spoken with most businesses in the area and met with locals, and all are in the dark.”

A small number of locals recalled an online survey put out by the DPLH that they completed in June/July 2022.

Ms Brewer said the survey did not meet the threshold of

• Please turn to page 80

Skaters pumped

The long-awaited Cottesloe skate-park and cyclist pump track is finished and due to open today.

The $744,000 project is in the scrubby John Black Dune Park, below the courts of the Cottesloe Tennis Club.

The often-controversial project was instigated by six Cottesloe schoolboys six years ago. (Boys ramp up skate park, POST, September 30, 2017).

The boys, now adults, persuaded the council to get moving on a skatepark decision, with Isaak Yeo telling the POST that more than 1000 people had signed a supporting petition.

But dogs will not be so happy. Last week the local council voted to remove the off-lead status of the entire park.

“Bikes, scooters, skateboards and dogs don’t mix,” councillor Katy Mason told last week’s council meeting.

Since the park idea’s early days, there has been a huge surge in demand for pump cycle tracks.

Pump cyclists ride bikes with rigid frames, the riders generating motion by up and down movement instead of pedalling.

A double-loop pump track will have equal billing with the pool-style skate bowl, which will have many challenging features – deep and

• Please turn to page 81

POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 5
Cottesloe candidate Sandra Brewer has been sounding out locals over the Swanbourne rail reserve development. • Please turn to page 81 By BEN DICKINSON The Cottesloe skate park is about to open six years after it was suggested by six school boys.
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Domingos’ non-placid journey

Domingos de Oliveira’s years of devotion to his homeland’s fight for independence have been rewarded with the Order of Timor-Leste.

The Mt Claremont resident risked his life when he was forced to be an interpreter for Indonesian forces in the 1970s, and eventually fled to Australia to join his wife and young daughters, who had settled in WA as refugees.

He has been relentless in his 50-year support of his homeland’s independence.

President José Ramos-Horta presented the Order of TimorLeste to Mr de Oliveira in Dili last month.

“I was very moved by the occasion,” he said. “I feel that I have given my contribution.”

The family’s modest home in Alfred Road is filled with family portraits and East Timorese memories.

One of Mr de Oliviera’s main regrets is that he was forced to go against his strong moral code when he was forced to lie to people while he was acting as an interpreter for the Indonesian government when they invaded the-then East Timor in 1975.

“We who survived had a horrible life – we could not tell journalists what really happened,” he said.

He was a leader of the Unaio Democratica Timorese party but was advised to flee the country for his own safely,

“I stayed for five years,” he said. “I lost two brothers, many of my friends and leaders of my party.”

When he escaped five years later, he dedicated his life to spreading the word about what was happening in his country.

He wrote to political leaders and religious leaders, including the Pope.

“I went to the UN and denounced all their lies,” he said.

“I still continue my contribution to my homeland country as a tutor in Tetum and East Timor’s history and culture.”

Mr de Oliviera said he was grateful to the Australian government for accepting and educating his children.

The girls were grateful for support from the Presentation Sisters, who assisted with their education at St Thomas Primary School and Iona Presentation College.

Mr de Oliviera studied and taught as an interpreter and returned to Timor-Leste periodi-

cally, acting as a cultural tutor and interpreter for Australian researchers and scientists.

He paid tribute and gave thanks to the 2/2nd Independent Company, who fought against the Japanese in World War II.

“One thing that has touched me very deeply is that they have never forgotten what people did for them,” he said.

He remembered his father welcoming Australian troops into their home in the tiny mountain village of Fatumakerek and sharing everything the family had with the soldiers.

“I was six years old, playing with the other kids, and all of a sudden we saw tall and blonde people,” he said. “I don’t know what language they talked to my dad.”

Two of the Australians, Ray Atkin and Jack Carey, offered to take the youngster back to Australia to be educated.

“My dad thought it was a good idea, but my mum said no,” he said. Because he had welcomed

them, he was nearly killed by the Japanese. He was taken and beaten.”

A man of deep faith, Mr de Oliviera studied at a Macau seminary but eventually decided he was not being called to the priesthood.

Instead, he went back to East Timor and asked a respected nun for advice.

The nun prayed for three days and came back to him with a name: he was to marry a girl named Sylvia Madeira.

Mr de Oliviera found and married Sylvia but their happy life was cut short when she fell ill.

On her death bed, she instructed her husband to marry her younger sister.

He and Leopoldina were married four years later, and had daughters Nidia and Tika.

“I thank God for giving me an intelligent, deeply religious, good hearted and beautiful wife and blessed us with two daughters that I am very proud of,” he said.

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2025 tours at 2024 prices* Call 1300 78 78 58 Page 6 – POST, June 8, 2024
Domingos in his days in Timor-Leste. Domingos de Oliveira with his Order of Timor-Leste. Photo: Ross Swanborough PEOPLE

A family that grew up in Dalkeith has offered $20,000 to fix up Shirley Fyfe Park, the Waratah Avenue space named after their mother that features a contentious and decrepit bus shelter.

“The park’s named after Mum,” Robert Fyfe said. “It’s just been dragging on for so long.

“The bus stop is an eyesore and it either needs to be bowled over or fixed up.”

Robert and his two siblings have offered $20,000 to repair the park and make it more usable for the Dalkeith community.

None of them live in Dalkeith anymore but have fond memories of their childhood there.

“The whole of Dalkeith was our playground, that’s just how it was,” he said. “Back then, kids just made their own fun.”

Robert has memories of getting his football stuck up in the

trees, and plucking mulberries and loquats from trees hanging in overgrown laneways.

His sister Allison remembers riding her bike to music lessons in the pouring rain.

And they both have many memories of the rotunda, which was used as a bus shelter and as a teenage hangout.

The pair say they are not wedded to saving the rotunda but want the park that bears their mum’s name to present better.

“My guess is there’d be a lot of people saying, we don’t care either way, just let’s get something done,” he said.

Robert suggested more park benches, a native garden and more trees.

“With a small amount of money it could be so much more usable,” Allison said.

“We would love to see a small native garden put in with shrubs for the birds.”

The rotunda has been enclosed

Killer lines to claim dolphin

A one-year-old Swan River dolphin entangled in fishing line is likely to endure a slow and painful death.

The Parks and Wildlife Service said it had been monitoring the calf since January when marine biologist Delphine Chabanne sent through photos of its injuries.

Dr Chabanne saw the dolphin tangled in fishing line in early January and then at a later sighting, it was with wrapped in more fishing line of a different colour.

It also had injuries from a shark bite.

This particular mother and calf travelled the entire Swan River estuary and had no particular pattern, so they were difficult to track, catch and disentangle.

“Ideally for an intervention to happen the calf would be in shallow water, but the estuary is quite deep so that makes it harder,” Dr Chabanne said.

“What we can see from the photo is that some of the injuries are quite deep.

Biodiversity and Conservation and Attractions said it had the capacity to help the dolphin but it had been difficult to track.

“Without knowing the extent of the injury at this stage it is difficult to say but I wouldn’t have high hopes.

“It is a slow death and I would say it is in quite a lot of pain.”

Dr Chabanne urged recreational fishers not to dispose of their fishing line in the water and for people who see lines in the river to pick them up and put them in the bin.

The Department of

“We know from previous cases that if the line cuts to the point where it reaches the bones, then the risk of death is really high, simply because infection can be in the bone which is lethal for the animal.

“Dolphins are highly intelligent and notoriously difficult to get close to,” a spokesman said.

“Despite regular patrols of the Swan River by DBCA staff, the dolphin has not recently been sighted by staff and no recent reports have been received from the community.

“If you see an entangled dolphin or any sick or injured wildlife, call the Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055.”

POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 7
• Please turn to page 81
Fishing line is cutting deep into the nose and dorsal fin of this one-year-old dolphin in the Swan River. RIGHT: The fishing line has been wrapped around the dolphin since at least January.
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CHRISTIAN Allison and Robert Fyfe share their memories of Shirley Fyfe Park in Dalkeith. Photo: Dione Davidson
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Till death do us apartment

The dream of finding a “forever” home has been embraced by designer David Mitchell.

David builds homes designed to be delightful to live in for families of all ages, and accessible even in the last stages of life.

His inspiration began when he began investigating aged care options for his parents,

Bill and Di.

“I started looking into the industry and what’s provided, and it’s quite sad and socially irresponsible,” he said.

David identified one of the worst aspects of current housing options for elderly people was living in an unsuitable home full of trip hazards and fall risks, until they were tipped out and shipped off to a residential facility by their children.

“A good trial (to see if your house is accessible) is to borrow a wheelchair and see if you can get in your front door and move around the house,” he said.

“A lot of people can’t even get in their front door.”

In response to the problem, he designed and built a prototype home in Broome Street, Cottesloe in 2018 for

• Please turn to page 80

■ See Changing Hands page 75

No to Indiana questions

Cottesloe ratepayer Stephen Mellor tried a novel approach to shoe-horn questions about the Indiana toilets into a council meeting last week.

After using up his threeminute time limit on other questions, he sat down and waited for the acting mayor, Helen Sadler, to ask for any further questions.

There were none from anyone else.

Mr Mellor immediately

walked back to the podium and started asking his next question.

But he was cut off and told that his time was up.

He then tried to argue that the council was not following state guidelines that allowed for 15 minutes of questions.

He wanted to fill up the remaining 12 minutes with lots more questions.

But Ms Sadler said no, with no councillor supporting Mr Mellor.

“I use my discretion. Thank you,” Ms Sadler said.

Afterwards Mr Mellor told the POST the questions he wanted, but was unable, to ask.

“The Indiana toilets are an embarrassment and I presume no improvement can be achieved until the Indiana redevelopment decision is made,” he said.

“As landlord, is the Town satisfied with the current maintenance of the building?”

The reliability and affordability of electricity are crucial challenges facing our world today and will continue to be in the future.

Electricity is now as essential as oxygen, water, and food. It underpins our enviably high standard of living. Consider the numerous electrical devices in our homes, cars, schools, and workplaces and how disruptive even short blackouts can be.

It naturally follows that our electricity supply must be absolutely dependable, as it impacts everything from food preservation to lifesaving medical procedures.

Which brings us to renewables. It is a plain fact that these forms of generation are not yet proving reliable enough to meet our evergrowing needs.

The cost of solar has fallen significantly in recent years, but cloudy days and the setting sun make it a part-time contributor. And, to provide the volume of power required by large population centres, enormous arrays of panels are needed. This means that solar farms have to be built far from the cities which will use the power they produce. As a result, we’ll need a large web of high-voltage transmission lines, which are expensive to build, will cut across vast swathes of land and need perpetual maintenance.

Many of the same challenges also extend to wind generation, which has also fallen in price but must be viewed in light of the practical realities of distance, transmission and maintenance.

Batteries have been talked about as a way of storing power to use on days when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow. Sadly, battery technology is not a viable solution at the scale needed. For example, the WA Government is currently installing its largest-ever battery in Kwinana at a cost of $650 million. It will have the capacity to power only 370,000 homes (a small fraction of Perth’s population) for a maximum of four hours.

Pray for sunshine.

This is why you hear people say – rightly – that renewables have to be backed up, or ‘firmed’ as the current jargon has it, by reliable generators to ensure that our dependence on electricity to power our standard of living is not threatened.

In short, total reliance on wind and solar alone will see us go broke in the dark.

State governments are being serially mugged by this reality. They are revising their transition timetables on both coal and gas. For example, the NSW Labor Government recently extended the Eraring power station (a coal-fired plant) to manage reliability and price risks.

Clearly, renewables contribute to reducing emissions. But as with any investment decision, there are obvious and severe risks in having too many eggs in one basket.

So, what is the answer?

Eventually, coal will pass us by. Gas, on the other hand, is far less carbon-intensive - and even the Labor Party has now conceded it will be required up to and beyond 2050 if we want to keep the lights on.

Thankfully, we are rich in gas and it’s our key source of energy production here in WA. This is one of the reasons we have comparatively cheap and reliable power in Perth versus in the eastern states – at least for now. When you hear the Greens and Teals demonise gas, remember they are dangerously out of step with most sensible economists and energy experts. They have no viable alternative to offer and are not honest about the trade-offs involved in their almost religious fixation on renewables.

Finally we come to the latest nuclear technology. It is the only dependable and emissions-free way to reliably support renewables and safeguard the power we all demand and need.

The rest of the world is rapidly embracing nuclear power generation. In fact, of the 20 most developed economies in the world, Australia is the only one not actively moving towards a modern, nuclear-powered system.

Which raises an obvious question: are we making a mistake or are they?

For the Labor Ministers (and their Green and Teal allies) to shut their eyes, stick their fingers in their ears and refuse to discuss nuclear power generation is simply to avoid reality. If emissions reduction is a global challenge, then Australia’s leaders have to look at the whole global response, and not cherry pick technologies based on ideological tastes.

This is the reality of electricity if you want to be certain about what happens when you hit the switch.

POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 9
David Mitchell and Ned Wilson from To Be Home. Photo: Ross Swanborough
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Page 10 – POST, June 8, 2024


Well, blow me down

Winter wind gusts were enough to blow an empty two tonne sea container off the top of a stack and onto a prime mover in North Fremantle last week.

Cottesloe man Bruce Robinson was surprised to see the oddly angled container on his bike ride home from Fremantle last Friday afternoon.

“It was at a serious angle leaning against a poor prime mover truck that was in the

wrong place at the wrong time,” he said.

“It seems to have been blown off the stack by strong winds, although nothing extraordinary.”

The Bureau of Meteorology records for Swanbourne showed a maximum wind gust of 52 kmh (WSW) at 3:27 am on May 31.

The container was still teetering on Saturday morning but had been righted by Monday.

Dog bowl to replace bench memorial

A drinking fountain connected to a dog drinking bowl will be erected at Cottesloe’s Harvey Field to commemorate a former mayor who the vast sporting ground is named after.

Penny Arrow stood at the last council meeting to represent the family of Cecil Harvey who was on the Cottesloe council for 39 years, including as mayor for 13 years, leaving in 1974.

His descendants still live opposite the large football grounds overlooking the ocean.

Ms Arrow, his grand-daughter, previously asked to install a memorial bench overlooking the plaque, but was refused and told that the council’s policy on such benches only applied to the foreshore, not further inland.

Harvey Field already has six benches, each with engraved memorial plaques, overlooking the sports grounds and ocean.

One had bunches of flowers placed on it last weekend.

The council voted to allow the family to pay for and install the drinking fountains near the new Anderson Pavilion, honouring the Harvey and Arrow names.

Out of town?


A visit to the Jenny Jones showroom is like a trip to an art gallery. Drawing on Jenny’s memories of travel, culture and nature, each rug features stunning imagery with a modern feel, resulting in a visually intoxicating artwork.

In essence, Jenny Jones transcend typical rugs; they are genuine pieces of art for your home. They mirror the time, skill, and dedication of our artisans, as well as the artistic vision of Jenny Jones herself. Each rug is a testament to our commitment to providing you with the very best in quality and luxury.

POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 11
A wind gust blew this two-tonne sea container off a at North Fremantle.
Read the full edition online.
One of six … Former Cottesloe mayor Cecil Harvey cannot be commemorated with a bench at the sports field named for him, but will get a drinking fountain dog bowl.
ART ON THE FLOOR 9286 1200 6 Stirling Road Claremont 6010
POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 13

JUNE 2024



The Town of Cottesloe has been re-endorsed and recognised as a Gold Waterwise Council for 2024. This endorsement was achieved for the first time in 2020 and the Town has been recognised each year since for demonstrating innovation and leadership in creating waterwise communities. Projects like our native waterwise gardens and verges help us achieve this recognition, as well as our initiatives to encourage our community to become waterwise, like the Native Waterwise Verge Rebate and the Native Plant Subsidy Scheme. The Waterwise Council Program is a partnership between Water Corporation and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.


Council Agenda Forums are usually held on the third Tuesday of the month at 6pm and Council Meetings are usually held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6pm at Cottesloe Civic Centre, 109 Broome Street, Cottesloe.

Full details of Council Meetings are available on our website at Agendas are available at the Civic Centre and on our website. The next Agenda Forum is on Tuesday, 18 June and the next Council Meeting is on Tuesday, 25 June.


The Town of Cottesloe recognised National Reconciliation Week held recently (27 May – 3 June). Councillors and staff attended the online launch breakfast and participated in a yarning circle with Dr Margaret Gidgup, a Noongar Wadjuk, Yamatji, Ngadju woman. Later in the week representatives from the Town’s Reconciliation Action Working Group and local primary schools braved the weather to come and experience story-telling and a walk on a section of the Wardun Beelier Bidi trail in Cottesloe.

To Town also commissioned a piece of artwork by Indigenous artist Kahla Blatchford. Kahla was born and raised on Whajuk noongar country, learning noongar culture from her extended family. The artwork ‘Pathways of Partnership’ represents the Town of Cottesloe – it depicts significant Noongar sites within the Town and the stories connected to them that have been passed down by Elders’. This beautiful artwork is proudly on display at the Administration office at Cottesloe Civic Centre. We welcome our community to drop by and have a look!


Join millions of people reducing their waste through Plastic Free July – a global movement that raises awareness of the amount of single-use disposable plastic in our lives and challenges us to do something about it. Pledge now to reduce your use! Sign up for a day, a week or the whole month and try to refuse all single-use plastic. Visit to find out more. You’re also invited to join us for our Plastic Free July beach clean-up on Monday, 10 June.


The annual Winter Sprinkler Switch-off is now on. From 1 June through to 31 August each year sprinklers should be turned off to prevent water being wasted in winter, saving it for drier months. This has been in place since 2010 and each winter around five billion litres of water is saved just by turning off sprinklers and letting the rain take care of our gardens. Please ensure that your sprinklers are off and you have checked your irrigation systems. Visit to find out more.

Page 14 – POST, June 8, 2024 109 Broome Street, Cottesloe WA 6011 | P 9285 5000 | E

– Two artfully entwined residential buildings – Generous balconies for ocean views

– Considered use of space and apartment living without compromise

Located on the corner of Wellington St and Manning St, Mos Lane features an impeccable collection of 68 apartments, townhomes and penthouses with panoramic views.

– Best-in-class boutique retailers in the Mos Lane Village

One bedrooms from $750,000, two bedrooms from $1.29m and three bedrooms from $1.99m. These residences represent a rare opportunity in contemporary, luxury apartment living – all in the very heart of Perth’s Western Suburbs. A village within a suburb, a home within a neighbourhood.

POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 15
Above the ordinary
Tom House 0421 481 180
McDonald 0400 226 186
Napoleon Street, Cottesloe

Lake rises again

Thanks to recent rains, Lake Jualbup is now full again.

Despite the record drought, the lake upgrade in 2018 has successfully stopped the lake from drying out, which it frequently did before the upgrade.

For example, in March 2011 nearly 30 children were spotted playing in the area where, in May 2024 before the rain arrived, there was 10 cm of water.

After the rain arrived, the depth was 1.5 m, even deeper than on the same date in the previous five years.

The water levels in Lake Jualbup are back on track.

For many more pictures of the lake in previous years visit

Geoffrey Dean Nicholson Road, Subiaco

Violence is widespread in society

The horrendous violence in Floreat fills much of the news. The first thing needed to solve a problem is to correctly define the problem. We hear it stated as “violence against women”, which misses the point.

The problem is that we are a violent society, and strategically, it is the general violence that we must solve.

Various tactics are needed to deal with the different manifestation of this violence, but those tactics must all be under a broad umbrella of general violence.

Young men are at great risk of injury or death by other young men, often in gang warfare.

We hear of knife crime, attacks on strangers and even mass killings.

We are told that “men must

Cross-bar made us very cross in Churchlands

Last Wednesday morning, the 19 residents mentioned in the article Power down in Churchlands (POST, June 1), lost all power to their homes but not caused by the said “downed power-line”. My call to Western Power fell on deaf ears and was dismissed as not their responsibility but the complex’s Strata Company. The issue, a broken cross-bar on the consumer arm of a pole, inside the complex property had been severely damaged and caused the power outage. No one attended that day, and it wasn’t until I called both strata company and Western Power in the afternoon, I was informed the electricians, contracted by the Strata, were responsible for the completion of the job.

By the Bay.

Changes to submitting a Building Permit

Due to a Supreme Court decision all plans submitted as part of a Building Permit application are required to match the approved development application plans exactly, otherwise an amended development application is required.

However due to the severity of the damage, a specialised part was required from Western Power and until received, nothing could be done. This complex relies on electrical power; no gas exists. Families were forced to sit in the dark with their babies and young children, and along with pensioners and newly arrived residents, were unable to prepare baby formula, cook meals or charge phones.

No hot showers were had and with no form of outside communication, some twiddled their thumbs while others attempted to play tiddly winks under candlelight and their refrigerated food perished. Interestingly, back on the

October 4 2021, Western Power provided an “Action Required and Fault Information” report to the Strata regarding this cross-bar, but three years later, it’s the same.

After 2½ days without power, Western Power finally provided the Strata’s electrician the specialised part, the cross-bar replaced and power resumed.

Coincidently, the Strata Company in question was sold on Friday and our compensation?

Maybe it’s in the Synergy bill I received today!

Annette Beresford Waterway Court, Churchlands

• More letters pages 18, 20

Native plant subsidy scheme

The Native Plant Subsidy has been extended to 14 June. Residents can purchase up to 80 native plants for $2.50 each at APACE Nursery. Weekdays 8.30am-2pm or Saturdays 8.30am12.30pm at 1 Johannah St, North Fremantle. Proof of address required.

Own a short term rental?

stop killing women”.

For me and most other men, it is impossible for us to stop because we haven’t started. Most men abhor violence, especially against women, and one of the things men can do is to vote for politicians who will act against it instead of just making feel-good speeches.

We will not solve the problem by blaming men simply because they are men.

Why has violence got worse? What is the effect of the internet and influencers, of homelessness, of drugs (most of all, alcohol), of immigration from countries where violence is accepted, of our cultural obsequiousness to America, of religions that make women subservient?

Public Open Space contributions

At the May OCM Council adopted draft Local Planning Policy No.38 that outlines requirements for development contributions on large scale development for Public Open Space. Provide your feedback online.

> >

Community Consultation

The playground at Tom Perrott Oval has reached the end of its useful life and will soon need to be replaced. Stay tuned as we'll soon be asking for your feedback.


The WA government's new Short Term Rental Accommodation Bill 2024 requires Airbnbs and all other forms of short term rentals to be registered by 1 January 2025. Registrations open mid 2024. Fines may apply for failure to register. Questions? email >

1 Memorial Drive, Mosman Park | 08 9383 6600 Anyone caught illegal dumping can be hit with a

Instead do the right thing and book a Verge Valet™ to dispose of waste responsibly.


Upcoming Council meetings

•18 June - Agenda Forum •25 June - Ordinary Council Meeting

Meetings start 6pm sharp in our Council Chambers.

What’s on in Mosman Park

Community Planting Day

Sunday 30 June | 9.30am - 12pm Buckland Hill Reserve on the corner of Vlamingh Pde and Stirling Hwy. Register at Native Verge Conversion Workshop Saturday 13 July | 9am

The Grove Library RSVP by calling 9383 6600 or scan the code.

Scan the QR code to check out more events!

June 2024
latest community updates and notices.
Town of Mosman Park's
Illegal dumping
Page 16 – POST, June 8, 2024
Editor, 276 Onslow Rd, Shenton Park 6008.
Noon Wednesdays.
to the Please email your letter to, lodge online at or snail mail to: The
All letters must include writer’s full name, address and daytime phone no. for verification. Boring letters or those over 300 words will be cut. Deadline:
Lake Jualbup filled up rapidly after recent rains, above. It was much different in 2011. The damaged cross-bar in Churchlands. D Brown Barker Road, Subiaco

Fighting words lead to waveski comeback

Six months after fracturing her spine in a waveski accident, Jackie Dillon is back in the surf.

The Cottesloe resident, nursing home director, and waveski devotee was lucky to escape paraplegia last year after she was dumped by a big wave during an international championship in Peru (Jackie’s back, with a vengeance, POST, January 20).

Scans revealed she sustained a fractured spinal vertebrae.

“I’m very lucky not to be para-

Team’s testing times in tunnel

The wartime tunnels at Leighton Battery filled with emergency services workers perfecting their skills in urban search and rescue.

A storm front battering the coast at the time meant they were able to practice in challenging real world conditions.

The Urban Search and Rescue Task Force held their training drills at the Mosman Park site last week.

The specialised arm of the Department of Fire and Emergency services is responsible for rescue during incidents where standard DFES attendance is insufficient.

Training teams were made

up of firefighters and special operations paramedics.

“Very few sites around Perth have that facility and abandoned spaces where the actual opening is at ground level,” said Phil Rowson, secretary of the Royal Australian Artillery Association of WA.

The tunnels under Leighton Battery were ideal for such training because to practice underground drills, the teams usually have to go to the top of a building and make their way back down again.

“Most of the time, if they want to do vertical stuff, they’ve got to lump everything up 20 flights of stairs to the top of the

Now, after months of intensive rehab, Ms Dillon is preparing for her first international waveski competition since the injury.

She is in South Africa, where she will compete in the World Waveski Surfing Titles at Nahoon Reef from June 28 to July 7.

“I was in a back brace for 12 weeks,” she said.

“It was my antagonist.

“But it did help in airports –it gives you a bit of a licence to jump queues.”

Working with her physio and orthopedic surgeon, she was able to heal her fractured vertebrae without surgery.

building to then practice going underground,” Mr Rowson said.

Teams also had to work around the wild weather.

“Tornadoes don’t happen in good weather, it doesn’t earth-

quake only if the weather’s over 25 degrees,” Mr Rowson said.

“They’ve got to learn to practice in the real world and the real world is often wet and miserable.”

“The physio said ‘you need to put in the effort otherwise don’t bother coming’,” Ms Dillon said.

“I thought: them’s fighting words.”

Waveskiing is described as a hybrid of paddling and surfing.

Riders sit on their skis and use double-ended paddles to catch breaking waves.

At 67, Ms Dillon will be the oldest competitor in the open women’s division at the upcoming championships.

But she is seeded number three in the world, thanks to a strong performance in Peru last year.

“I’d like to win my age division…and finish in the final eight in the open women’s,” she said.

“Nahoon Reef can be big and ugly, but that’s the beauty about the sport.

“We’re not surfing in a wave pool.

“Being able to adapt is key.”

POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 17
Jackie Dillon tackles “pea soup” surf at a NSW qualifier event after her spinal rehab. Chris Wallace is “rescued” by senior fire fighter Dylan Teicher during a training drill at the Leighton Battery tunnels. Photo: Dione Davidson

Improvement or death knell?

Now that the Town of Mosman Park has approved the PAT (Permit for activities on thoroughfares application), the Mos Lane development by the ADC, seems to have overcome its last major hurdle. I would suggest that the hurdles for existing businesses on the site and those on Wellington Street are only just beginning.

Currently, the shops on the Mos Lane site (IGA, etc.) are all situated at ground level and have casual parking available for drop-in purchasers, thus a very convenient location for community shopping. (Activist gagged as Mos Lane gets tick, POST June 1).

The Mos Lane shopping experience will be different to Booragoon or Karrinyup.

on with noise, dust and the likely restricted access to their rear entrances all making their trading experience more difficult.

It is noticeable that not many shopping trolleys are to be sighted in the existing car park.

The future has the majority of parking being located underground, accessed via a narrow, twisting lane, and with only eight or nine ground level parking spots available on the surrounding verges.

The shopping experience will change.

What happens next? The existing tenants will move out and work will commence.

There will be a lot of tradie vehicles looking for somewhere to park from early morning –Samson, Manning & Wellington road-side parking will all look to be likely homes unless the council manages to sort something out with the ADC.

Meantime the Wellington Street businesses will struggle

These businesses will also likely lose their largely exclusive access to the nine bays outside their shopfronts plus that overflow that currently parks on the Mos Lane site.

Perhaps the businesses that move into the new development generate a new clientele to replace those that maybe won’t come back?

If all else fails maybe the whole building will end up as apartments, perhaps an existing long-term plan?

This site is not a Booragoon or a Karrinyup, it is a local shopping centre on the cusp of being destroyed by what in my view is a poor development plan Complex underground parking for local shoppers is just not that attractive.

Mike Ansell Reservoir Close, Mosman Park

Stick to your lane, mayor

It appears to me that Fiona Argyle has grievously misunderstood her role and position as mayor of the City of Nedlands.

She has absolutely no right to demand that other councillors back her views on climate change or any other subject (Argyle message: Back me or quit, POST June 1).

Each councillor is accountable to his or her ward constituency.

The mayor only has one vote (except in the case of a tied vote if she is chairing the meeting) like every other councillor.

Land opportunity lost

The City of Nedlands did itself no favours in rejecting the opportunity to investigate a licensing agreement to improve the sand pit between the Bridge Club and the Hospice in Swanbourne. (Neds rejects ‘land grab’, POST June 1).

This licensing agreement would have ensured public access, the revegetation of the area and the maintenance of it for up to 40 years.

If those condition where not satisfied then no licence deal would be entered into.

By rejecting this opportunity to negotiate with the funders of the Hospice, the City forgoes $4m of restitution work and is lumbered with a $140,000 path bill and an ugly sand pit.

Your regular readers will remember the three letters I wrote to the POST about locating the hospice at Swanbourne rather that the far better site of Sunset in Dalkeith.

That battle was lost and now we need to make the most of the

Swanbourne location.

I think that rejecting the negotiations might be viewed by your readers as both fiscal and environmental vandalism.

Ben Hodsdon Meriwa Street, Nedlands

Heritage add aesthetic value

In response to Leonie Browner’s (Heritageareasshock toNedlandshomeowners,POST, June 1). I support the initiative to keep the character and appearance of some beautiful heritage street fronts in Nedlands.

The policy provides sufficient scope to develop the rear of the properties.

It only takes one owner to demolish a house and put up a modern mansion to completely destroy a century of heritage streetscape.

Andrew Dunsdon Wilson Street, Claremont

She can be outvoted like every other councillor.

The council is not like parliament where the MPs elect the leader who becomes the premier or prime minister.

Her attitude to those who disagree with her on the subject of climate change is no different in character from the disrespect she says is shown to herself as mayor. She cannot have it both ways.

The council of the City of Nedlands appears to be profoundly dysfunctional.

I have previously expressed the view that there is a case for the minister to dismiss the council and instal commissioners.

It is not a desirable course of action, but when a council descends into chaos and name calling, it is clear that it is not serving the interests of the residents and ratepayers, and it ought to go.

In case the mayor doesn’t know it, climate change is not a matter within the legislative responsibility of local government.

Mayor Argyle, for as long as she remains mayor, should concentrate on dealing with issues affecting the city and put aside her hyperbole.

Bill Hassell Loneragan Street, Nedlands • More letters page 20 Always available to assist HON. PETER COLLIER MLC MEMBER FOR NORTH METROPOLITAN REGION (08) 9203 9588 Authorised by P.Collier, Shop 3, Warwick Grove Erindale Rd, Warwick WA 6024. ADVERTISEMENT Page 18 – POST, June 8, 2024 to the or snail mail to: The Editor, 276 Onslow Rd, Shenton Park 6008. All letters must include writer’s full name, address and daytime phone no. for verification. Boring letters or those over 300 words will be cut. Deadline: Noon Wednesdays.
letters to: Have
your say in the
POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 19 Offers available across a wide range of model.* T&Cs apply. Osborne Park Hyundai 440 Scarborough Beach Road, Osborne Park WA 6017 Phone: 08 9449 9099, MD27450.

Say who you are, where you live

The Town of Cottesloe welcomes input from our community, including by petitions. Council represents the residents and ratepayers (ie the electors) of Cottesloe.

Before accepting a petition, council must be able to ascertain that the request for action comes from them.

Requirements for names and addresses under the Town’s local laws enable council to determine whether the signatories are Cottesloe electors.

Similar provisions apply to written petitions to state parliament.

The current trial of e-Petitions to the Legislative Assembly requires the names and addresses of signatories.

The role of the CEO is to advise on petitions compliance with the law. The CEO does not accept or reject petitions.

The petition regarding beach concerts, which was the subject of discussion at recent council meetings, did not contain signatures or addresses.

Deputy mayor Helen Sadler, as presiding member, correctly declined to accept it.

Kevin Morgan states that under the Electronic Communications Act 2011, when a law requires a signature, this can be taken to be met by an electronic com-

munication (“Signs of confusion at Cottesloe”, Post June 1).

However, the lack of signatures was not the only issue: the petition was also missing addresses.

The provision quoted applies only if council has agreed to a reliable method to identify signatories.

The Town has not agreed to methods of identification, other than addresses, for the sound reasons mentioned above.

The Town’s website sets out the formal requirements for petition, and the CEO can be contacted for further clarification or assistance.

Golf’s shaggy dog story comes to the fore

Throw a ball when playing with your dog and you know the dog will keep its eyes on the ball. It’s a pity the experts at the Town of Cottesloe do not always do the same.

When the council, some time ago, approved the installation of a skatepark, and separately, the John Black Dune Park Masterplan, it was stated: There are no perceived policy implications arising from the officer’s recommendation.

At the May council meeting, however, it was seen as belatedly necessary to pass a resolution to change the local regulations for the ‘off leash dog area’ of John Black Dune Park to ‘on leash’ only.

A small thing perhaps, but surely when plonking a skatepark in the middle of open land, it should have been

realised this might need some forethought and planning, especially knowing the status of the area.

It might even have been included in the consultation process. In vain, however, councillor Chilla Bulbeck and two other councillors tried at the meeting to have further community consultation included but the casting vote of the presiding member councillor Helen Sadler pulled the leash tight.

The need to pass a new resolution was not just “adapting to changed circumstances” as was claimed. Rather it was a catch-up action made after what residents expect is professional management of council initiatives.

Why was it not foreshadowed in the many skatepark agenda

debates? Residents are paying staff-professionals to keep their eye on the ball and to be across such basics when making their recommendations.

Still, the lucky canines that roam freely on the oval will get a drinking fountain at the new Anderson Pavilion, so named after the former mayor There is a lot more to lap up in this Town.

Stephen Mellor Cottesloe

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Safety balls-up

Cottesloe council would have us believe that safety concerns about hitting golf balls in the general direction of its new Anderson Pavilion means the future of Sea View golf course is in the hands of insurers (Insurers take slice of ng dreams, POST, June 1).  In reality it is very much in the council’s own hands, as these risks arise from its earlier decision to relocate the pavilion closer to the course. Its is adjacent to a green at which balls are hit, and its current delay erecting the protective fence shown in the plans it approved to relocate the pavilion to where now built.

If council did what it said it would do, putting up a fence to protect the pavilion from second shots to the green, this also overcomes its current objection that these risks from second shots are not addressed by the golf club’s plan. This was for changes to protect against stray first shots without having to fence the remainder of the course boundary, the community objecting to this fencing. Insurance is no substitute. Meanwhile, contrary to its own plan, council put in a new carpark that juts inside the long-designated course boundary, with sign-posts to prohibit parking now moved west so as to make this another area where council again puts in harm’s way those it is meant to protect.   Kevin Morgan Pearse Street,

Changes to Waste Collections & Charges for


The Town of Cambridge is introducing new waste services in 2024/2025 to align with the State Government’s Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2023.

From 1 July, the Town will implement FOGO for single-unit dwellings. The green lid bin will be collected weekly and include food and organic waste, while the red lid bin will be collected fortnightly. General waste in the red lid bin will be disposed of via a Waste to Energy plant, reducing landfill waste.

Waste and recycling charges will change on your Town of Cambridge 2024/2025 rates notice due to increased collection and disposal costs. A modest charge for the yellow lid recycling bin will be added, still partially subsidised by the Town.

Find out about the FOGO service by scanning the QR code.

At the Town of Cambridge Ordinary Council Meeting of 28 May 2024, pursuant to s6.16 -s6.19 of the Local Government Act 1995, Council adopted the Schedule of 2024/2025 Fees and Charges.

The Town of Cambridge gives notice of its intention to implement 2024/2025 schedule of Fees and Charges from 1 July 2024. The full schedule of Fees and Charges 2024/2025 can be viewed on the Towns website by scanning the QR code.

FOGO Kitchen Caddy
1July Your new FOGO bin service starts FeesAndCharges
FOGO Schedule of Fees and Charges 2024/2025 Email letters to: Have your say in the Page 20 – POST, June 8, 2024 to the Please email your letter to, lodge online at or snail mail to: The Editor, 276 Onslow Rd, Shenton Park 6008. All letters must include writer’s full name, address and daytime phone no. for verifi ers or those over 300 words will be cut. Deadline: Noon
Cottesloe Sports people, dog walkers and Cottesloe Oval’s Anderson Pavilion is in the firing line at Sea View golf course.
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Page 28 – POST, June 8, 2024
M 0412 770 743







POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 29 CRAIG GASPAR M 0413 929 999 T (08) 6244 7860 153 Broadway, Nedlands WA
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Beach builds mental health

Hydrogen plant loses energy

One in four men can’t name a best friend, and one in seven men don’t have a single friend, says Greg Diamond, a Subiaco physiotherapist and guest speaker at Blokes Talk Beachside next Monday.

“Men are now suiciding at four times the rate of women,” he said.

“This is an epidemic. Unhappy, disillusioned, disconnected, disrespected, disempowered, damaged men make for poor husbands, fathers, lovers, friends, bosses and boyfriends.

“We all end up paying a price for this.”

At front of mind of the organisers are the recent high-profile cases of domestic violence, including in the western suburbs.

Greg sees exercise and

building social connections as a primary tool for re-wiring the brain.

A study in the Scientific American found that people who spend 120 minutes a week in parks, woodlands and beaches have better mental health.

The no-pressure gatherings at North Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club involve listening to speakers then breaking into smaller groups for discussions.

“BlokesTalk emphasises the crucial role of connection among men, fostering open conversations vital for mental health and well-being,” North Cott member Shane McGurk said.

“Being open to such deeper conversations, without judgment or stigma, provides a

secure net for men to begin navigating their challenges.

“Over 40% of men have never discussed any of their emotional issues – stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness – with anyone.

“We believe this one of the major reasons that 75% of suicides in Australia are male.

“The old ‘take a concrete pill and tough it out mate’ or ‘don’t be weak, shut up and get on with it’ really doesn’t help.”

Blokes Talk Beachside ‘Build a Better Brain’ with Greg Diamond at North Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club at 6pm on Monday, June 10.

Book on Eventbrite or you can call Leigh Farnell – 0412 945 402 or Jane Wishaw 0438 947 429.

Plans for WA’s first hydrogen refuelling station in West Perth have hit a snag – the energy company that was meant to be build it recently ditched the project.

The ground-breaking servo was to be built by Frontier Energy, on land owned by Perth City Council at 36-38 Thomas Street, through an “in principle” partnership with the city (Hydrogen power plan may have bombed, POST, November 11 2023).

But the energy company this week confirmed its focus had changed to developing the Waroona Renewable Energy Project, including a 120MW solar farm and 80MW 4-hour battery.

“Whilst [Frontier Energy]

believes hydrogen will play a part in the energy transition in the future there needs to be significant advancement in OEM, transportation and technological advancements for this to occur,” CEO Adam Kileysaid.

Despite Frontier’s withdrawal a City of Perth spokesperson said the project would still go ahead, with another partner.

“A new Request For Tender is in the market, specific to a hydrogen refuelling station.

“The City expects a new proponent to be announced in the coming weeks.”

Public hydrogen refuelling stations are already in place in Canberra and Melbourne, with more being built in the Victorian capital and Brisbane.

Flotsam clean up

Local are invited to do their bit for World Oceans day by turning up on Monday morning to collect flotsam at North Cottesloe beach.

This year each item will be audited by collectors to monitor the sources of rubbish, especially highly-destructive plastics.

Previous events have collected a weird and wonderful variety of rubbish washed up on the beach, including false teeth.

The sixth annual beach clean-up is 9.30 to 11am, with registration on the day, and a prize giveaway.

Morning tea is provided for all volunteers – bring a keep cup for a free barista coffee.


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Shane McGurk trains for the North Cottesloe Surf Club entry in the Australia-wide push-up challenge on June 28. will scour North Cottesloe Beach for flotsam and other rubbish at the World Oceans day on Monday. Photo: Jane Wishaw
POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 33
Page 34 – POST, June 8, 2024
POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 35
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Dance elegance in motion

Claremont dance teacher

Darryl Davenport had an epiphany when his elderly father was dying in 2017.

“I was very inspired by the Silver Chain and palliative care staff, and I wanted to change the direction of my career as a dance teacher to give back to the community,” he said.

“I decided to make DanceSport events more inclusive and accessible.”

Since then, Darryl has been teaching para dancing (for people with a physical disability) and all ability dancing (for people with an intellectual disability, cognitive impairment and/or autism).

had an 2017. d the ative care o reer as a re incluhas been i ng ( f or ical disellectual pairment a and all nhanced

The benefits of para and all ability dance include enhanced wellbeing, improved confidence, social connection and inclusion.

“There is also a solid competitive field for para dance, vison impaired dance and all ability dance in Western Australia, with regular local DanceSport and special Olympics competitions,” Darryl said.

Darryl will run a “come and try” event with the City of Nedlands next Sunday for people interested in para and all ability dancing.

It will be held at John Leckie Pavilion, Nedlands from 3 to 5pm on Sunday, June 16.

The event is free. Anyone interested can turn up on the day.

Support people to dance with participants are also welcome.

For enquiries email or phone 0439 460 487 or visit the website

Secrets surface from Rotto ship graveyard

Secrets held by wrecks in Rottnest’s ship’s graveyard have been uncovered by a team of divers and archaeologists. Redundant vessels have been scuttled in the deep water southwest of the island since 1910.

A team of technical divers have plunged to depths of 100m, uncovering and identifying shipwrecks with the help of maritime archaeologists from the WA Museum.

The divers are part of a group called WreckSploration, formed in 2022 and dedicated to producing 3D models of wrecks around the world.


and Andrew Oakeley will share stories about their dives to the Rottnest wreck sites at a free talk on Sunday June 16 at the WA Maritime Museum in Fremantle. They will describe how they capture hundreds of images of the wrecks that are later developed into 3D models using photogrammetry technology. WA Museum maritime archaeologist Aurora Philpin will describe how identifying the wrecks has significantly contributed to the understanding of the

social and economic development and expansion of WA. The talk runs from 2 to 3pm. Entry is free with museum entrance. Registration is essential at au/maritime/sunday-seminarssecrets-deep.


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Page 38 – POST, June 8, 2024
Dance like everyone’s watching… Claremont para and all ability dance teacher Darryl Davenport and para dancer Danielle Stitfall, right. LEFT: Sarah Wardle, left, and Laura Thorneloe strut their stuff wrecked at the museum Photogrammetry images created by elite technical diving team Wrecksploration of shipwrecks in Rottnest’s ship graveyard.
309 STIRLING HIGHWAY CLAREMONT, WA Ph: (08) 9383 1422 W: Email:
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32 Hobbs Avenue, Dalkeith

5 Bed | 3 Bath | 3 Car | 1,012sqm

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Vivien Yap 0433 258 818

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Articulate. Refined.
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Good fortune goes missing

A young man apparently down on his luck stole a jar of fortune cookies from a Mosman Park restaurant last weekend.

Tsunami owner Brett Carboni said the glass door of the restaurant was smashed on Sunday at 5.11am.

“They pinched the fortune cookies,” he said.

“I think he was down on his luck and needed a boost, so he stole the big fortune cookie jar.”

Nothing else was taken.

The man apparently used a lawn aerator Mr Carboni believes could have been taken from a nearby building site. It was left behind at the Glyde Street restaurant.

Mr Carboni used packing tape to seal the door and said he wanted to get on with preparing for the Sake Festival this weekend.

Deliverers needed

Call 9381 3088

Not Tuffin it out

• From page 1

for the town to prepare its own Floreat Forum PSP.

Bad luck … A lawn aerator, right, was used to smash the front door of


Smash and grab in Crawley

A car window was smashed, and a bank card was stolen in the middle of the day in Crawley last month.

The car was parked on Crawley Avenue on May 12 when the back rear passenger window was smashed between 11.30am and 12.40pm.

The car boot was opened and a handbag stolen.

A bank card inside was used to make four fraudulent purchases in South Perth the same afternoon, police say.

They believe a woman

described as brown skinned, large build, between 30 and 40 years old, wearing a dark jumper could help with their investigation.

Contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report online at Quote Reference Number 11476.

Mr Mack said it would put the CEO under pressure to perform a task beyond his capacity – a claim which was vigorously challenged on the night by a senior clinical and forensic psychologist in the public gallery (Psych shoots down Mack’s ‘harm’ claim, POST, April 27).

In a statement this week Mr Mack said Mr Tuffin had been “an outstanding CEO”.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Gary and utilising his 23 years’ experience as a CEO to help benefit our Town and community,” he said.

Mr Tuffin had updated numerous procedures, processes and policies, progressed an IT reform plan, increased staff retention and developed several key community and corporate plans.

Mr Tuffin said during his time as CEO he appreciated the “unwavering support” of the mayor and “his passion for serving our community to achieve progressive, positive and lasting change for the Town.”

“It has been a privilege to lead a dedicated and talented team, and together, we’ve aided in rebuilding the organisation,” he said.

The typical lifespan of a Cambridge has shrunk in recent years.

Graham Partridge was in charge from the Town’s creation to 2006 when Jason Buckley started a 12-year term.

Mr Heiden lasted only five months after replacing Mr Giogi in 2022.

Mr Tuffin took up the role in May last year.

Nedland’s council recently appointed as chief executive Keri Shannon, the former Cambridge mayor who Mr Mack beat last year.

Bowlo gets new name

Claremont’s former bowling club has been renamed Bay View Community Centre.

The name was picked following a community competition.

The council went behind closed doors last week to discuss a number of items related to the upgrade of the centre.

A $600,000 renovation is turning the old bowling club into a space run by

the Town for functions, exercise classes and community events.

Standin’ Room has been given a five-year lease to run a coffee shop out of the centre.

Meanwhile, the Town resolved to prepare a lease for Claremont Bright Beginnings at 282B and 288A Stirling Highway that housed the kindergarten, infant health centre and Meals on Wheels.

Come & visit us at 3A/150 Stirling Highway (Taylor Rd entrance – opposite Supa IGA) Open Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am to 6pm • Rose Jaber is the specialist Diabetes Educator for Captain Stirling Pharmacy • Free Diabetes Medicine checks for eligible patients, Bulk billed consults with GP referral, Private consults also available Please phone to discuss 9386 3380 or email: SUGARS WELL CONTROLLED? KEEN FOR THE MOST UP TO DATE KNOWLEDGE ON ALL THINGS DIABETES?
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Page 44 – POST, June 8, 2024 Police Beat
only thing taken.
Tsunami restaurant in
Park. A jar of fortune cookies was the
Police would like to speak to this woman.

Willespie Wines Wilyabrup


A rare opportunity to own a distinguished winery steeped in history and nestled in the heart of the esteemed Wilyabrup region of Margaret River. Established in 1976, this pioneering family-owned and operated vineyard stands as a testament to generations of dedication and excellence in winemaking.

• One of Margaret River’s original vineyards with nearly 50 years of history.

• Cellar door and winery built from local Jarrah hardwood and stone.

• Charming stone and timber four-bedroom home.

• Approx 39.98 ha

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Court fight looms over Forum plan

The spectre of Supreme Court action loomed over Cambridge council this week as a majority of councillors voted again to reject a contentious plan for tower blocks in residential areas around Floreat Forum shopping centre.

Councillors on Tuesday restarted the May 20 special council meeting that ended without a decision.

The staff recommendation was for elected members to accept APIL’s Precinct Structure Plan as suitable for advertising – even though it had been rejected outright by a majority council vote on May 7.

Mayor Gary Mack has said at numerous meetings since then that legal and planning advice suggested that rejection was beyond the power of council and was therefore “unlawful”.

enough support to get up, it was councillor Georgie Randklev’s turn.

Her motion called on the council to reaffirm its May 7 decision not to accept APIL’s precinct plan for the Floreat Activity Centre, submitted on February 9.

“Council believes that its decision was lawful and was and remains the correct preferable decision,” she said.

“The only body able to adjudicate on and determine whether the decision is lawful is the Supreme Court.”

After the staff recommendation was defeated on Tuesday night, a similar motion was moved by councillor Michael Le Page who argued the town would have more say over the process if it, not the WA Planning Commission, advertised the controversial scheme for public comment.

“I prefer to be in control of our destiny rather than put our hands in the future of somebody else,” Mr Le Page said.

When his motion did not get

She cited a recent Supreme Court judgment involving miners Wyloo Metals and Quarry Park which found whether a decision breached a statute and was unlawful.

“No material has been presented to council wherein the Supreme Court has considered the relevant regulations,” she said.

She said WAPC chairman David Caddy had told the council that APIL’s plan would become the town’s PSP if accepted, and that Cambridge was developing its own version.

Mr Mack spoke against her motion which he said repeated what had been said previously.

“Saying things three, four or five times doesn’t make them any more lawful than they were before,” he said.

The mayor said he had found the Wyloo judgment online and had read the summary of it.

“It’s about mining leases…I’m struggling to see…how it’s applicable to what we are talking about tonight,” he said.

Mr Mack said he was “worried” about the part of her motion mentioning the Supreme Court.

“How’s it going to occur?” he said.

“It’s never going to occur unless an application is made to the Supreme Court.”

Ms Randklev’s motion was carried 5-4.

After the May 20 meeting the WAPC said Cambridge had 28 days to advertise APIL’s PSP.

It is understood that it will be the first time it has happened if the commission steps in to advertise the plan.

Shingles vax back on track

WA Health have resolved a shortage of shingles vaccines that left some patients unable to receive their second dose.

Shingles is a non-contagious infection that causes a painful, blistering rash, most commonly in people over 50 years old, activated by the chickenpox virus.

WA Health reported that 33,000 doses of Shingrix vaccine were received from commonwealth health authorities last week.

The WA warehouse was short of Shingrix for a week this month.

WA Health told vaccine providers in April to only order vaccine doses if necessary, and only for people who needed their second dose before mid-May, or who

may be at high risk for shingles.

Shingrix orders were reopened on May 15, when the 33,000 doses arrived.

Shingrix is distributed to the states under the national immunisation program.

Australia’s chief medical officer Paul Kelly said the supply issues had been identified in February

“For healthy individuals eligible for the program, there is no rush for a second dose, which can be given anytime between 2 and 6 months after the first dose of the vaccine,” he said.

“Vaccination is the best protection to individuals, but shingles does not pose the same public health threat as communicable diseases.”

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Page 46 – POST, June 8, 2024
Floreat Forum owner APIL wants to build high-rise towers on part of the complex. Gary Mack
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Seen from above, with love

Cottesloe artist AnneMarie D’Arcy turned to painting several years ago to find healing after a lifethreatening illness.

“I decided to give it a go as a form of therapy during treatment and totally fell in love with the creative process and healing meditativeness of it,” she said.

“I paint the things that make my heart sing, the places that I love – the bush, the beach, my kids and what they love doing.”

Her acrylic and resin paintings depict WA landscapes and familiar scenes from a lofty aerial perspective, borne from her years living on her family’s isolated sheep and cattle station northeast of Carnarvon.

“I spent much of my youth peering out an aircraft window travelling to events, ‘spotting’ for Dad during musters and flying back and forth to boarding school at PLC,” she said.

“I think the aerial perspective allows us a ‘higher’ view on life – humankind is small from above and life is certainly less complicated.”

Anne-Marie still spends as much time as she can in the bush and often flies with her brother and friends.

“That red dirt is hard-wired into my psyche, and I can’t stay away for long,” she said. She is the feature artist at

this year’s PLC Old Collegians Association (OCA) art exhibition, which raises funds for scholarships and bursaries.

One of her birds-eye-view paintings in the exhibition, Dawn Warriors, is a tribute to the PLC rowing community. It depicts rowers on the Swan River at sunrise, carving a delicate line through shimmering waters, and was inspired by drone footage taken of the school’s rowing team training in Freshwater Bay.

There are 57 other artists in the exhibition including Annabel Cribb, Genevieve Montgomery and Earl Cole.

The PLC OCA Art Exhibition is open to the public from 10am to 4pm next Saturday, June 15, and Sunday June 16 and encompasses paintings, ceramics, photography and

the timeless beauty of solid wood

Webbers has the largest range of furniture on display in Perth. Come in and experience the quality....

mixed media pieces. Gold coin entry with cafe on site. For further information visit au/connected-community/ old-collegians/art-exhibition.

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Cottesloe artist and PLC old collegian Anne-Marie D’Arcy in her studio. She is feature artist at this year’s PLC Old Collegians Association art exhibition. Photo: Dione Davidson
170 Stirling Highway Nedlands 93866730
Studio flowers, by Annabel Cribb, left. Dawn warriors, by Anne-Marie D’Arcy, above. Reef Rottnest, by Genevieve Montgomery, below. Shadow sideboard Stairs sideboard Geometic side table Ethnicraft trays Mikado dining table

• Elegantly positioned and nestled beyond an expansive front lawn, with an impressive 16.5-meter frontage.

• Character detailed – high ceilings, picture rails, leadlight, and fret work.

• Formal lounge, adorned with mahogany fireplace, and adjoining formal dining room.

• Modernised kitchen and meal area.

• Family activity room opening to viewing deck, ideal for alfresco dining.

HOME OPEN Saturday 8th June 11am - 12pm

POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 49 IN ASSOCIATION WITH For Sale. 33 Keane Street, Peppermint Grove Character Bungalow. OFFERS Land Size: 756m 2 3 Beds2 Baths Study 2 Cars
Peter Burns 0418 925 012 08 9286 5555



Subi wraps its head around reconciliation

The City of Subiaco launched its first reconciliation action plan (RAP) at the Subiaco Arts Centre during National Reconciliation Week.

The launch event included a Welcome to Country by Daniel Garlett, a smoking ceremony and the planting of a new bush-tucker garden in Theatre Gardens.

The RAP was approved by the council in November, and Subiaco mayor David McMullen said: “The RAP formalises a commitment to learning from history, respecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and working towards reconciliation.

“Today’s council and staff can be proud of what this signifies.”

The plan outlines actionable strategies and initiatives aimed at promoting cultural awareness, fostering relationships and enhancing opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the community.

Go to and search “reconciliation action plan”.

kids run for their goals

An eager group of 70 children in the successful Mosman Park Primary School (MPPS) run club recently had a visit from Sarah Edmiston, silver medalist from the Tokyo Paralympics.

Sarah and her husband Paul from spoke to the young runners about training hard and pursuing goals.

Sarah told the students that at school she loved running and jumping and anything to do with athletics.

But at the age of 19 she had a waterskiing accident that seriously injured her knee.

Despite that, her love of sport ensured she would continue to

follow her dream to be at the Olympics – except now it would be the Paralympics.

Sarah has an impressive record in the discus and won a silver medal for Australia in Tokyo in 2021. She is favoured to be included in the Paris Australian Paralympic team this year.

After her inspiring talk, she and Paul watched the children run their laps during the run club session.

MPPS run club meets on Mann Oval adjacent to the school twice a week before class, and regularly has up to 50 children taking part.

Parent helpers and student

leaders scan each runner’s QR code, recording how many laps each child runs.

The totals are automatically updated for each runner, and students receive run club badges when they reach 25km, 50km, 75km and 100km.

There are 174 registered student runners, from pre-primary to Year 6.

Music played over the sound system keeps the running kids motivated for the morning run.

“The run club is a wonderful way for students to start the morning by running with their friends,” Mosman Park Primary School principal Ian Bersan said.

0451 660 419 Introducing Building a strong and proud community, optimistic about our future. Authorised by S. Morgan, Liberal Party, 2/12 Parliament Place, West Perth WA 6005 Jonathan4Nedlands Page 50 – POST, June 8, 2024 Like to share your community news with readers? Contact Louisa Wales
Fleet of foot … Kids at Mosman Park Primary School’s popular run club welcomed Paralympian Sarah Edmiston and her husband Paul as special guests. There were cultural performances at the Subiaco Arts Centre launch of the City’s first reconciliation action plan, described by mayor David McMullen as a “significant milestone”.
POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 51 Adam Lenegan +61 417 286 163 IN ASSOCIATION WITH Architects Impression Land Size: 812m 2 Local Knowledge. Global Reach. From the moment you step inside, you will be captivated by the expansive open-plan layout encompassing the kitchen, family, and dining areas. The home features two separate living zones with soaring ceilings and oversized spaces providing ample space for both re laxation and entertaining. Every detail in this home has been meticulously planned to offer unparalleled comfort and style. HOME OPEN Saturday 8th June 12pm - 1pm OFFERS For Sale. 85 Bay View Terrace, Claremont Federation Arts & Crafts Residence – Circa 1907. • Luxuriously renovated and extended • Exquisite bathrooms designed with elegance • Oversized spaces • Heated swimming pool • Sealed rear access • Walk to everything Pool 4 Beds3.5 Baths3 Cars

Come and Experience the Real Thing

Shattering the stigma of eating disorders

Perth psychiatrist Dr Vash Singh will headline a pub yarn on the topic of Shattering Stigma: Eating Disorders in Focus, hosted by not-for-profit organisation Meeting for Minds.

The event will be held on Tuesday, June 11, at the Old Courthouse in Fremantle from 6pm.

Cottesloe GP and former director of Meeting for Minds Dr Lewin Bedford-Brown said the pub yarns were a popular community event that helped bridge the divide between science, research and people with lived experience (PLEX).

“We are honoured to have Vash share the stage with Sophie, our PLEX for this event,” Dr BedfordBrown said.

“Vash and Sophie are an inspirational combo who will bravely tackle potentially one of the most stigmatised mental health conditions.

“Statistics show that eating disorders have one of the highest mortality rates of any mental


“The increasing prevalence of eating disorders is alarming, and we are facing a public health crisis.”

Dr Singh is founder and director of the Esus Centre in Subiaco, the first integrated eating disorder day hospital in Australia.

“I recently co-authored a paper on suicide in eating disorders that has been accepted into the Lancet Psychiatry and look forward to sharing some of those findings along with novel models of care for people with eating disorders,” Dr Singh said.

“This event is important because stigma surrounding eating disorders can prevent individuals from seeking help and support, perpetuating feelings of shame and isolation.

“It is vital that we raise awareness and promote understanding to combat these harmful attitudes.”

For further information and registration go to pub-yarns-2024.

A mysterious way to spend Mondays

Suburban sleuths are welcome at the next Monday Mystery event hosted by the Royal Western Australian Historical Society (RWAHS) on Monday June 17, from 10am to midday.

Visitors will encounter a mystery artefact in the RWAHS museum, and a mystery photo in the group’s library.

A mystery author in the bookshop will share how a trunk of World War I wartime letters and photos took her on a quest to solve a family mystery.

All attendees will go in the draw to win a copy of The Ballroom Murder by Leigh Straw.

The Royal Western Australian Historical Society’s next Mystery Monday event offers attendees the chance to win a copy of The Ballroom Murder. s echancetowinacopy

Coffee and slice served. Entry is free.

Everyone is welcome and there is no need to book.

The venue is Stirling House, 49 Broadway, Nedlands

Catalinas, heroes and villains

There will be two speakers at the meeting of the Cambridge branch of the University of the Third Age (U3A) next Thursday, June 13.

Former Royal Australian Air Force senior officer Dr Kevin Smythe will speak on his research into the World War II Catalina flying boats that operated out of Perth from 1942 to 1945. He will cover both civilian and military operations that became the famous Double Sunrise flights during the war.

The second speaker is Richard Offen, taking his audience on a journey through the history of Perth, highlighting some of the people who in their own way, for good or bad, contributed to what Perth is today.

His talk is entitled Heroes, Villains and Vagabonds.

The meeting is at 1.30pm at Ocean Gardens Retirement Village, 60 Kalinda Drive, City Beach. Admission costs $3 which includes afternoon tea. Enquiries to Jim Barns 9448 6432 or jnjbarns@

Page 52 – POST, June 8, 2024
Dr Vash Singh, left, Dr Lewin Bedford-Brown and Eleanor Swick from Meeting for Minds.
from the source
over 50 Years Astutely gathered from the source for Nain 3m x 2m up to 6m x 4m Extensive Range of Carpets Original Persian Mahal 3.9m x 2.9m Was $6,900 Now $2,950 YOU BUY ORIGINAL FROM US Runners up to 12m from $390 Premium Selection of Round Rugs 181 Stirling Highway, Nedlands Entrance through Napier Street 1800 200 028 Open 7 days 10.00am - 5.00pm Antiques Outstanding Collection of 19th and 20th Century Caucasian and Orginal Persian in Wool and Silk Antiques Outstanding Collection of 19th and 20th Century Caucasian and Orginal Persian in Wool and Silk •Cleaning & Repairs •Professional Restoration • Trade-Ins • Free Home Trial • Insurance Valuations •Interest Free Terms Access Australia’s Largest Range of Carpets visit: CLEANING & RESTORATION BY THE EXPERTS 0410 716 543 n of asian and nd Silk •Cleaning & Repairs •Professional Restoration • Trade-Ins • Free Home Trial • Insurance Valuations •Interest Free Terms Amazing signed rare masterpieces available. We provide expert home consultation and free home delivery. Antiques Outstanding Colle 19th and 20th Century C Orginal Persian in Wo Antiques Outstanding Collection of 19th and 20th Century Caucasian and Orginal Persian in Wool and Silk SYDNEY | PERTH | ADELAIDE | BRISBANE | DARWIN | MELBOURNE

Situated on a large 650sqm block, directly next to the park in Austin Street, one of the best short streets in Shenton Park. Number 21 is a perfect entry point into the suburb. A blue-chip site, with an eminently liveable weatherboard cottage, prime for renovation or a fresh start. The home features two front bedrooms, one bathroom, living and dining spaces, and study/ storeroom. It also features a driveway on the southern side leading to a large backyard garage for two cars plus extensive workshop space/extra storeroom.

POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 53
IN ASSOCIATION WITH Architects Impression HOME OPEN Saturdays
by private appointment 2 Beds1 Baths 1 Study 4 Cars Michael Hoad 0411 885 556 Edward Hall 0427 313 939 Local Knowledge. Global Reach. Land Size: 650m 2 For Sale. 21 Austin Street, Shenton Park The Location Says It All. OFFERS

All Offers by 4PM, June 25th, 2024 (Unless Sold Prior)

24 4

MASTERPIECE IN EXCLUSIVE RIVER LOCALE 18 Cliff Way Claremont For Sale Offers by June 25th, 2024

Completed just weeks ago, the top to bottom, impeccable renovation, has transformed this home to what could only be considered a brand-new, high-quality property that is ready for you to move in and be the first occupants to enjoy.

Open for Inspection Saturday, June 8th, 12:00 – 12:45pm. 512m2

Nestled on the prestigious Cliff Way in the exclusive Riverside Precinct of Claremont, this stunning Victorian Period inspired contemporary family home is a true gem. SCAN TO VIEW

MARCUS SPROULE 0409 990 559

Page 54 – POST, June 8, 2024
COULTER 0419 932 144
POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 55 Mack Hall +61 417 744 600 SUPERB RIVER VISTA A beautiful home in a wonderful location in Peppermint Grove’s signature street. Set high on the hill, the property enjoys a river panorama with gorgeous gardens, outdoor spaces and championship grass tennis court. Designed by architect Mr John Lidbury, this is a home for all ages and ready for immediate occupation. IN ASSOCIATION WITH Architects Impression For Sale 31 View Street, Peppermint Grove Elegant & Generous Family Residence HOME OPEN Saturday 8th June 1:15 - 2:00pm 4 Beds4 Baths Study 4 Cars Land area: 1,902m 2 Marcus Sproule 0409 990 559


Page 56 – POST, June 8, 2024 They’ve already SOLD with Mark. Are you Ready? Call Mark Anderson (Est.1991) 0411 645 174
property. 1300 AGENCY
extensive experience, his considerable knowledge of the
market and his honest approach gave me the confidence to list my
with him. I was super happy with the marketing campaign and I wholeheartedly trusted Mark to guide me through the sale process which he did with genuine professionalism. I highly recommend Mark to anyone selling their
POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 57 EAGLE BAY BLOCK 9 Eagle Bay-Meelup Road Eagle Bay For Sale Offers 1300 AGENCY Have you ever dreamed of building your dream home on an “Resort Sized” (1700sqm) level block moments from the turquoise water and brilliantly white sand of Eagle Bay? This amazing land holding offers a very rare opportunity to secure the very last of level vacant blocks so close to the water’s edge with a NORTHERN aspect. SCAN TO VIEW Open for Inspection Contact Agents 1700m2 MARK ANDERSON 0411 645 174 TIM BEESON 0401 048 388

Numbats brought back from the brink

The speaker at the WA Naturalists’ Club next main branch meeting is mammal expert Dr Tony Friend who will talk about numbats, the mammal emblem of WA.

In the late 1970s, the termiteeating numbat was slipping towards extinction.

The once-widespread marsupial survived in only three places in the South-West and, by 1985, at only two sites, Dryandra and the Perup Forest with just 300 animals.

Tony’s presentation will trace the ups and downs of the numbat recovery program, as numbers have increased tenfold, with populations now not only in WA, but also in South Australia and NSW. in the numbat population.

Mammal expert Dr Tony Friend will talk about his life work, bringing numbats back from the edge of extinction, at the next WA Naturalists’ Club meeting.

Parking is available at the Gordon Street or Clifton Street entrances to the campus.

All are welcome to attend, and a donation of $3 for members or $5 for non-members covers a chance to win the door prize.  For more information, see

Tree planting to repair Lake Claremont borer losses

Celebrate National Tree Day at Lake Claremont this Sunday by helping to plant 1000 native seedlings.

The Friends of Lake Claremont (FOLC) need volunteers to help get the seedlings in the ground, to restore the bushland where a g tree was removed due to the polyphagous shot-hole borer.

New plantings will increase the habitat for the local wildlife including birds and quendas.

FOLC received a $2000 grant from The Seedling Bank program set up by Planet Ark in 2019 to supply native seedlings to schools and community groups around Australia.

Please arrive at 8am (or 7.30 to help lay out plants), this Sunday.

Meet opposite 77 Strickland Street, Swanbourne, on the northwest side of Lake Claremont.

Look for the FOLC yellow flag.

Tea will be served after the two-hour event.

Planting will proceed rain or shine so please wear a rain jacket.

Gloves and instruction will be provided.

Refugee justice in Subiaco

To mark Refugee Week and raise awareness of the plight of those who came to Australia seeking protection, Grandmas For Refugees are hosting a public forum at The Palms Community Centre in Subiaco at 2pm on Wednesday June 19. Gemma Baseley, rector at

St Paul’s Anglican Church, Beaconsfield, will speak on refugee justice.

She will speak about her experiences in supporting refugees, including attending the High Court hearing in April in the case of Iranian man known as ASF17.

Please register via the National Tree Day Website to participate: Friends of Lake Claremont Ltd. Tree Day Site Details ( Contact Heidi Hardisty 0416 614 696 or folc.wa@gmail for more information. Join the Friends of

Subiaco is a refugee welcome

zone and the event will be supported by the City of Subiaco. Grandmothers for Refugees advocate for a more humane approach to asylum seekers and refugees and encourage further reforms by the Federal government.

144,StirlingHighwayNedlands(UnderPetbarn) EST-1984 Rechargingincomfort Justlikehumanbeings,Stressless®furnitures’sarefine-tunedinstruments.Ourfurniture’slovemovement.Theystrivefortheoptimalbalance betweensoftnessandsupport.That’swhyrecharginginaStressless®feelsdifferent–itspeaksthesamelanguageasyourbody Ph:(08)93866311 OpenMonday-Saturday (9AM-5PM) AuthorisedStresslessdealerover20years Page 58 – POST, June 8, 2024 Like to share your community news with readers? Contact Louisa Wales
lake Claremont WA’s state fauna emblem, the numbat. LEFT: Rector Gemma Basely from St Pauls Anglican Church.
POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 59 11 Saunders Street MOSMAN PARK WA 6012 FOR SALE CONTACT AGENT Office: 9386 8800 WILLIAM PORTEOUS 0439 880 242 FEATURES: • One of the last remaining blocks on Perth’s ‘Millionaires Row’ • 22 metre northeast facing river boundary • Extensive site works have already been under taken Brilliant Landholding on Millionaires Row 847sqm Vacant Block Very Motivated Seller – All Offers Considered! Artist Impression

Anti-fracking campaigner brings message south

Anti-fracking campaigner

Martin Pritchard from Environs Kimberley will be guest speaker at the next Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) Perth community group meeting, at the Tom Dadour Centre on Tuesday June 13 at 7pm.

Martin has been working for 15 years to hold back fracking in the Kimberley, which has the largest most intact tropical savannah anywhere in the world.

It’s the last bastion for many of Australia’s unique animals, and harbours healthy populations of the greater bilby and freshwater sawfish, which have largely disappeared from other parts of the country.

Despite the area’s global significance, plans are afoot to carry out large scale fracking in the Martuwarra Fitzroy River catchment to pipe gas to the Pilbara for processing. Martin’s talk will be followed by a cuppa and chat. No need to RSVP. All welcome.

Aqua aerobics is one of the beneficial forms of exercising in water, ideal for ageing bodies.

Exercise physiologist

Kate McKinnon will speak about the different ways exercise and movement in water can help people to live healthier for longer, at the National Seniors Association (NSA) western suburbs branch meeting on Thursday, June 13.

Wintry walks

After a long, hot summer and a dry autumn, the rains have finally arrived and there’s water again in Lake Claremont. It’s a wonderful time to walk around the lake and find out what’s happening with the Friends of Lake Claremont’s free guided walks.

at the lake

The walks on Thursday June 13 and Monday June 24 both start at 10am and go for about 45 minutes. Meet at the end of Lapsley Road at the Tree of Wonder statue outside the Tee Box. For more details, email the Friends group folc.wa@ or check it out

Life is coming back to Lake Claremont after a harsh, dry summer.

Flowing into healthy ageing with water exercise

She will share the latest research from her role at the UWA exercise and performance centre.

Hear how the buoyancy of water reduces strain on joints while providing resistance for muscle strengthening, meaning low-impact routines bring benefits from

improving cardiovascular health to enhancing flexibility and reducing joint pain.

Members and visitors are welcome to hear Kate’s talk, arriving 9.30am onwards for a 10am start at Mt Claremont Community Centre, 105 Montgomery Avenue. Entry fee is $5 for members

and $10 for non-members, payable at the door. There will be morning tea after the talk.

Call Marion on 0437 115 751 for more information about the meeting, or book on Eventbrite by searching “Flowing into Healthy Ageing”.

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POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 61 183 Wellington Street MOSMAN PARK WA 6012 FOR SALE CONTACT AGENT Unbeatable Value Subdivision Potential Into 3 Blocks Total Area 2,523sqm All Realistic Offers Considered! Office: 9386 8800 WILLIAM PORTEOUS 0439 880 242 FEATURES: • Subdivide into 2 or 3 Lots • Zoned R12.5 • 6 year old 4x2 house • Subdivision plans available
Page 62 – POST, June 8, 2024
POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 63 5 Shelton Street WAIKIKI WA 6169 Sumptuous Palace on the Ocean Brilliant Investment Office: 9386 8800 WILLIAM PORTEOUS 0439 880 242 FOR SALE CONTACT AGENT GIOVANNI NOTTE 0401 300 648 8 5.5 1 3 1
Page 64 – POST, June 8, 2024 8 Crawley Avenue CRAWLEY WA 6009 FEATURES: • Downstairs guest bedroom suite with kitchenette and two-way bathroom access • Western Australian Blackbutt timber floorboards upstairs • Private rear Position • Keyless entry • Beautiful treetop outlook • Two spacious living areas • Spacious enclosed backyard with a pergola, pizza oven and more • Solar panels • Superb store/ wine room • Three car parking FOR SALE 4 3 2 3 577sqm OLIVIA PORTEOUS 0423 557 438 A Rare Opportunity in Crawley FROM $2.85M HomeOpenSat8thJune 10:00am-10:30am
POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 65 4/12 The Avenue CRAWLEY WA 6009 FEATURES:
Built by Zorzi
Opulent and private
Complex of only 3 apartments
Gated audio-intercom/fob access • Marble floor tiles
Underfloor heating in bathrooms
Secure basement gym and lock-up wine cellar • Common complex swimming-pool and BBQ area • Triple lock-up garage with a storeroom, in the basement FOR SALE OLIVIA PORTEOUS 0423 557 438 The Ultimate Riverside Penthouse EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST 3/4 2.5 1 2 3 1

26 Spinnaker Boulevard, Geographe

Breathtakingly beautiful brand new custom built home by Pro Living with outstanding rear views over Geographe Bay. This incredible beachfront home on fully landscaped 732m2 block ensures the stunning north facing ocean views are guaranteed from both the expansive living area with high raking ceiling & all weather alfresco with outdoor kitchen. The spacious 4 bed 3 bath home has plenty of space for the family & includes a separate home theatre, luxe resort style master suite, with beds 2 & 3 enjoying a semi-ensuite & a gorgeous freestanding bath in the main bathroom. The well-appointed kitchen with scullery & walk-in-pantry provides a plethora of storage options & European appliances. Located a close 3-minute walk to The Deck Bar & Restaurant, 6.5km to bustling Busselton foreshore & a 15-minute drive will have you boarding a flight to either Sydney or Melbourne from the Busselton-Margaret River Airport. Offers Presented by 5pm 03/07/2024

(Unless Sold Prior)

20 Kinross Loop, Quindalup

Contemporary 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on 3.14 acres of partially cleared land, overlooking tall stands of timbers and providing an inviting rural experience. This gorgeous home offers a superb solar passive design due to its northerly orientation, double glazed windows and solar panels; with the primary focus on maximising the views from the living and bedroom zones. Showcasing gourmet kitchen, spacious freeform living area and relaxing alfresco with sunscreen outdoor blinds; providing a brilliant level of privacy whilst still allowing you to enjoy those striking bushland views. Situated in the desirable Quindalup hills bordering Yallingup, and offering a truly incredible South West lifestyle experience; with Yallingup beach, endless wineries and Dunsborough town centre within a 10 minute drive for optimal convenience. Offers Presented By 5pm 19/06/2024 (Unless Sold Prior)

Page 66 – POST, June 8, 2024 5/42-48 Dunn Bay Rd Dunsborough WA 6281 • 08 9759 1300
HOME OPEN Saturday 08/06/2024 10:00am10:30am T e a m J e n n i n g s H o p k i n s - T h e P o w e r O f 6 Team Lee York 0438 867 737 Team Jennings Hopkins Ken Jennings 0400 591 052 HOME OPEN 08/06/2024
10am10:30am &12/06/2024 4pm4:30pm

Birds and bees keep WA’s flora afloat

Western Australia, and particularly the greater SouthWest, is renowned for its floral diversity.

Less well known is how the 9000 plant species in the SouthWest region are pollinated.

New research published this year catalogues pollinators.

Some insect species have an affinity for just one type of flower.

Other larger flowers with colours that are unattractive to insects – such as red or green –are pollinated by birds, and the flower size corresponds with bird bill lengths.

The complexity of pollination evolution in WA’s biodiversity hotspot is globally unique.

That has major consequences for rare flora management and ecosystem restoration, especially due to increasing habitat degradation, fire and climate change.

The study’s lead author, Dr Mark Brundrett from UWA, will reveal many more details – along with superb photos – on Tuesday, June 11, at The Palms Community Centre, Subiaco.

Doors open at 7.45 for an 8pm start.

The talk is hosted by the Perth branch of the Wildflower Society, with entry by a $3 donation that includes entry into the night’s door prize. All are welcome to attend.

Navy life lived to the Max

Learn about the navy war years of LieutenantCommander Maxwell Shean at this month’s Naval Historical Society (NHS) meeting on Monday June 17 at 6pm at the Claremont Tennis Club.

Max was a West Australian lad who in 1940 left his studies at UWA and a joyful adolescent life to go to war.

With his sailing experiences gained on the Swan River and Fremantle environs, he joined the Royal Australian Navy and served in the European and Pacific theatres through

to the Japanese surrender in late 1945. He served initially as a torpedo and anti-submarine officer in corvettes, and then in midget submarines as a diver and commanding officer.

By war’s end, he was one of the RAN’s most-decorated officers, and this presentation by Commodore Brett Dowsing will concentrate on the missions that resulted in this recognition. Brett was born and raised in WA and Papua New Guinea

and joined the RAN in 1969. He retired in 2019 after 51 years of naval service. Claremont Lawn Tennis Club is on Shenton Road,  Claremont. There is parking at the tennis club and in the public car park on Davies Road. There is a $5 administration fee, and a cash bar is open before and after the talk.

To attend, you must register with the secretary Heather Rogers: or phone or text 0407 912 781.

POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 67 Like to share your community news with readers? Contact Louisa Wales
Lieutenant Commander Max Shean RANVR (ret’d), DSO and USA Bronze Cross, on a midget sub. INSET: Commodore Brett Dowsing will talk about Max’s war years in the navy. Orthrosanthus laxus and native bee. Sunmoth on Blue Laceflower
Pollinators ... New Holland honeyeater on anigozanthos.

Trophies, teapots and terrific teas

The unusually warm weather during May meant a great deal of activity on the Cambridge Croquet Club’s lawns. Now the rain has come and while croquet is played in all weathers, it does affect player numbers.

Two important tournaments have been played, the George Parslow and the Silver Teapot. The first event was handicapped for all comers, the second a contest for Cambridge ladies.


There was no bowls on Wednesday or Friday last week, because of the rain.

Saturday June 1 winners were F. Oliver, W. Smith and A. Jenkins, with T. Delaney, G. Savage and Y. Shah second and J.Medhat, P. Lee and G. Boyd third.

The club’s next soup evening will be on June 14, and a Cancer Tea is scheduled for Tuesday June 11 at 10.30am in the bar area.

Dalkeith Nedlands

Thursday bowls were cancelled last week because of the wet weather.

Thursday Scroungers last week was won by  Milton Byass with Tony Byrne runner-up. Saturday rink winners were Billy Gerlach and Glen Morey from David Allport and Rob Campbell, and Jannette Middleton and Tony Byrne over Peter Hiatt and Mark Wilde.

Sunday Scroungers saw Mark Wilde the winner with Jannette Middleton runner-up.

The George Parslow was played over the weekend of May 18 and 19. Jan and Terry Craddock from

One player from Sorrento, Jan Craddock, dominated both tournaments. She was able to play in the Silver Teapot because she is an associate member of Cambridge.

Sorrento won in a close finish with Basil Ladyman and David Williams from Cambridge coming second.

The Silver Teapot always creates a great deal of interest. Handicaps

Kites’ eyes on the Herdsman prize

With its piercing red eyes, the black-shouldered kite is one of the most easily recognised of local raptors.

Recently several of these small hunters have been seen perched in trees around Herdsman Lake in Wembley, making forays to grab something to eat, including small rodents like mice and rats.

Anyone interested in finding out more about black-shouldered kites and the many other birds that call Herdsman home can head along to the next monthly bird walk hosted by the WA Gould League and led by experts from BirdLife WA.

It will run from 8 to 10am on Sunday June 16, leaving from the Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre, which is accessed from the corner of Flynn and, Selby streets, Wembley.


Renovating or repairing your home?

The cost is $10, free for members of the WA Gould League and BirdLife, and booking is essential. Go to the Gould League website and click on Monthly Bird Walk.

were not involved and after many close battles Jan had a win over Glynnis Ranger to take the final.

All Teapot entrants received a monogrammed teaspoon, and an excellent tea was served by Ros Smith, who received a memento for the many hours she spends working in the kitchen.

Presenting the winners with the Teapot and runners-up with miniatures was Alan Wood, who initiated the event.

His hand-crafted miniatures depict a croquet mallet and hoop on a plinth. It made a lovely end to the day and thanks are due to Alan for his work for the club.

On Saturday, with much better conditions, 36 players turned out for three games of fours and two games of triples.

The best result was from the team of John Pole, Richard Verco and Tony Payne with a plus 15. Second, with a nineshot margin, were John Shaw, Sally Day, David Wood and Tom James.

In third place with an eight-shot margin, were David Broadfoot, Martin Adams and Ron Day.

Binoculars are provided for those who don’t have their own and the morning will include a short presentation.

Each week, the POST lists tradespeople who provide every kind of household service. Readers tell us they’ve carried out major extensions and renovations just by using the POST Trades & Services directory near the back pages of every edition. To advertise, email robyn@

So support POST advertisers - they make your free local paper possible. (08) 9381 3088

Other winners were Sue Harris, Geoff Cahif, Rob Wood and Ken Brooke +7, then Andrew Foster, Celia Bakker, David Mildenhall and George Klug +5.

Conserving flora and fauna in the face of climate extremes

Organisations such as the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) are committed to Australia’s precious flora and fauna being protected as they face climate extremes and human depredation.

For more than 30 years the AWC been a global leader in conservation with a science-informed land management partnership model that produces high results.

It has delivered increases in Australia’s most endangered species such as bilbies, numbats and wallabies.

Learn more about AWC’s research and programs from Alex Tibbitt, development associate of AWC, who will be the guest speaker at the Probus Club of Subiaco’s June meeting.

Alex grew up in the Perth Hills, exploring John Forrest National Park and developing a love of wildlife.

His career has taken him through many fields, but he has made his way back to the environment.

He joined the fundraising team of AWC in September 2023.

The Subiaco Probus Club’s meeting will be held this Monday, June 10, at 10am at St Edmunds Church Hall, 54 Pangbourne Street, Wembley.

Morning tea follows a short meeting, with the talk starting at 11am. The cost is $10.

Visitors are welcome, and to register attendance contact Kerry Eivers at au or phone 9381 1306.

The top of the hill has been very quiet on the bowling front. The onset of winter weather brought lots of rain, which really has been very welcome, but meant the greens have been closed for bowling. Roll on the day when we have a synthetic green! BowlsWA held the award night at Crown and two Mosman Park ladies received honours. Lisa Featherby, who has had a very successful season, was Female Over 60s Player of the Year, and the Juniper Award for club members was awarded to Vicki Eva, Official of the Year. Both awards are well deserved. Meals are back on the agenda on Monday nights, served from 5.30pm, but bookings must be made in advance. Mahjong is played on Thursday mornings from 9am start. Everyone is welcome.

There was another round of the President’s Cup last Saturday, June 1. Winners were 1 Caroline Olefile, 2 Julieth Bebero, 3 Ravin Parinen, 4 Joe Corcoran, 5 Nick Siciliano, and 6 Ian Russell-Brown. This Saturday, June 8, the club will have social play. There is also social play on Wednesdays. Visitors are most welcome on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Consult the club’s website or Facebook pages for details.

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Cambridge Mosman Park Subiaco Pétanque Hollywood Subiaco Bilbies are among Australia’s most endangered species. Several black-shouldered kites have been spotted at Herdsman Lake recently. Photo: Beth Walker The finalists for the Silver Teapot – Liz Speer, Jenny Wilmot, Jan Craddock and Glynnis Ranger.
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Jan and Terry Craddock with the Parslow Trophy.
POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 69

‘Hoax’ becomes upmarket jewel

City Beach jeweller Tina Scott thought it was a hoax when she received an email from luxury global publisher Conde Nast enquiring about her handcrafted collection.

It turned out to be a genuine request and her sterling silver pieces went on to be featured in three editions of Vanity Fair UK.

Through her company, Tina Scott Collections, she creates stylish and timeless jewellery in silver and gold with freshwater pearls and gemstones.

The iconic glossy magazine was not Tina’s only brush with fame. Her designs have been spotted on national newsreaders, federal politicians and in the locally-produced film How to Please a Woman.

But while Tina said she had loved the celebrity attention; she was particularly happy to be showing her work locally at Perth Upmarket.

“While online sales can connect you to customers

across the globe, there’s nothing like engaging with customers face-to-face and sharing the stories behind the jewellery,” she said.

Having lived in Malaysia, Thailand and India, Tina creates her gemstone jewellery in India, with the same small family business she met and worked with 14 years ago after visiting Jaipur to commission a custom-made piece.

Freshwater pearls are sourced through a small family business in Thailand.

“Before starting a family, I volunteered at an orphanage in Pattaya, Thailand,” she said “I now

donate 10% of the sales from my pearl jewellery to Haven of Grace in Thailand, a charity supporting mothers and babies in need.”

Perth Upmarket director Erin Madeley said jewellery fans did not have to go far to find exceptional pieces.

“The talent pool right here in Perth is extraordinary and demanding of international recognition,” she said.

■ Tina Scott Collections is one of 180 retailers who will have their craft on show at the next Perth Upmarket on Sunday, June 16, at UWA’s Winthrop Hall.

Neon roots to light up

Kings Park has again drawn on the talents of English company Culture Creative for a new Lightscape event.

Zoe Bottrell, managing director and project man-

ager of Culture Creative, was in Perth last month to meet the Kings Park team to prepare for another winter light show, one she said would “delve into the secrets below its surface”.

Kings Park

tions in the darkness of a winter’s evening means I can guide people to look at the detail of the landscape within the park.”

roots, while a corridor of giant fibre-optic flowers will hover above the ground, proudly displaying their tangle of roots.

“People often visit Kings Park to look outwards, admiring the magnificent view of the Swan River, the city and the Perth hills in the distance,” she said.

“Working with illumina-

I am 25, and my father and my older brother are alcoholics – though my brother is in denial. I’m worried because I don’t want to go through what my mum has gone through. Her brother is also an alcoholic and she is responsible for him even now.

My younger brother seems okay, but I’m scared something will happen to him as well. I love my family and have taken on a lot of their

She said this year’s Lightscape would explore the idea of roots, from tree roots and plant roots, to cultural roots and grassroots communities.

This year, the canopy of neon trees that people saw last year will “grow” neon

baggage. I remember my mother saying to me when I was 13, “Stop thinking like a 43-yearold.”

I was bulimic from 17 to 22. I had counselling and now understand why I was the way I was. I would like to go to counselling with my brother.

A friend said I need to let go and start my own

Among the many new highlights will be a “native meadow” of 10,500 individual fibre-optic lights, a kaleidoscopic “rainbow” path, 700 sturt’s desert pea blossoms, and a 70m walkway of gigantic hearts.

Visitors will be able to view Federation Walkway from below as a

life, but he’s my brother. I want so desperately to feel settled. My mum is superwoman. She has put up with so much and we are where we are today because of her perseverance.


Lightscape opens this weekend and is on show every evening until July 28. Book through Ticketek.

who anyone is but yourself. You proved that. You worked on your bulimia, understood its roots and overcame it.

Emma, you admit to the devastating impact of alcohol on your life, yet you cling to the ideal of the perfect family, one untouched by alcohol. That is not your reality. You credit your mother with strength, yet at 13 you acted like 43. Why? Because you were trying to parent the people around you.

Your will is to make the people around you different because you want them different, but you don’t have that right. You don’t have the power to change who your father is, who your brothers are, or

We each have free will. Even though your intentions are good, you cannot run over someone else’s will. Our first duty is to ourselves. Our first job is to keep ourselves alive and whole. If we don’t, we are of no use to anyone else. To have a purpose which cannot succeed, because it is not in our power to make it succeed, is to waste what we have. Do what is right for you and what you can succeed in so your energies are not wasted. Take your friend’s advice. Let go of their lives, and begin your own. That’s the only life you get to rule, the only life you get to run.

Wayne & Tamara • Need some advice? Write to

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direct answers pg • AR T • FI LM • G OU RM ET
■ Tina Scott inspecting a new necklace design for her collection. 10m high waterfall of light will cascade down towards them.
30+ Shows | 50+ Artists | 10 Nights World-class Cabaret | One Roof Caroline O’Connor 14 June HIS MAJESTY’S THEATRE PERTHCABARET.COM.AU 10–23 JUNE 2024

WA foodies put best plate forward

Food promotion Plating Up WA will celebrate the state’s best this month as chefs, cooks and growers showcase the best local and seasonal produce.

Now in its sixth year, the annual campaign to promote local produce is run by Buy West Eat Best.

“Previous campaigns have provided a significant boost to local food service and hospitality during what has been a challenging time,” program manager Melissa Worthington said.

More than 45 statewide venues will take part, each one with a featured dish.

The participating venues, ranging from

casual to fine dining, must commit to fresh produce being 100% grown, fished or farmed in WA. They must have a minimum of 70% local ingredients on their menu.

Local restaurants include Il Lido in Cottesloe with a featured meal of lamb rump with coffee butter, Kailis Brothers in Leederville featuring a seafood tower for four, Pinchos in Leedervile featuring Linley Valley pork and dukkah, and Frasers in Kings Park, featuring roasted pear and walnut suzettes.

Scott Bridger, chef and co-owner of Bib and Tucker on Leighton beach, has taken on a liaison role

to represent the Plating Up WA campaign.

“WA has some of the most passionate producers and restaurants in Australia,” he said.

“Our clean air, pristine oceans and luscious pastures means we have amazing produce all year round.”

Bib and Tucker’s featured dish is woodfi mushrooms on potato and nettle risotto.

■ The website, www., also features recipes to make at home using local and seasonal produce to encourage buying produce with the Buy West Eat Best logo.

Nothing to truffle with

Every winter there is a kerfuffle over a fungus.

Small, black, ugly, pungent and valuable, the truffle is back on the menu.

Each year, WA celebrates one of the most expensive foods in the world, and Manjimup’s greatest export. It is, as one grower described it, “the third most expensive thing you can eat and the single most expensive thing you can grow,”

Truffle Kerfuffle is an annual celebration of what chefs call “diamant noir” or black diamonds.

This year’s festival which runs across the weekend of June 28 to 30 at Fonty’s Pool in Manjimup, will be headlined by chef Gary Mehigan.

The original MasterChef host and a cook known for his love of butter and

French-inspired food, Gary will take trufflelovers on a truffle-laden degustation on Friday, June 28. Across the festival weekend, Gary will be joined by chefs and sommeliers including Sydney chef Christine Manfield, Amy Hamilton, Paul Iskov, Evan Hayter, Brian Cole and Rebecca Sullivan.

There will be long table feasts, masterclasses, truffle dog demonstrations and truffle hunts in orchards, a marketplace for locally grown produce, wine sessions and spirit tastings, and free cooking demonstrations.

■ To book go to www.

■ Scott Bridger, chef and co-owner of Bib and Tucker on Leighton Beach is this year’s spokesperson for Plating Up WA. ■ Masterchef Gary Mehigan leads the kerfuffle over truffles. Inset: Truffles: ugly, black, pungent and expensive.
Read the online at

Redemption for Galliano on the rocks

High & Low – John Galliano (M)

In 2011, British fashion wunderkind and celebrated artistic director of Dior, John Galliano, was cancelled and sacked for a series of booze-fuelled racist and anti-Semitic outbursts at his local bar in Paris, one of which was filmed.

It’s here that Scottish filmmaker Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland) begins his documentary of Galliano’s stratospheric rise, ignominious demise and his gradual “uncancelling” (he’s now creative director of Maison Margiela).

“Fashion has a very short memory,” notes Pulitzer prize-winning fashion writer Robin Givhan with a sardonic smirk.

It helps, too, when you’ve got famous Vogue editor-in-chief and Condé Nast powerbroker Anna

Wintour in your corner. Condé Nast is one of the film’s producers, although MacDonald has insisted they had no say over his approach.

You get the sense it’s true, too; Macdonald has a long history of making strong, balanced documentaries, including One Day in September, about the hostage crisis at the 1972 Munich Olympics, and 2003’s alpine survival story

Touching the Void, as well as portraits of Whitney Houston, Mick Jagger and Bob Marley.

He certainly doesn’t shy away from Galliano’s ugly side, replaying the offending video footage throughout and interviewing one of the victims of a separate racist tirade that deeply affected its recipient.

But what Macdonald seems most interested in is the possibility of redemption after being cancelled.

He spends time investigating Gibraltar-born Galliano’s youth and his parents, who moved to

■ A compelling portrait of British fashion designer John Galliano who worked his way through Givenchy and Dior.

south London when he was six, and who deeply disapproved of his sexuality.

With interviews and copious archival footage, he follows the trajectory that took Galliano from a stellar graduating show inspired by the epic silent film, Napoleon, at Central Saint Martins, to his whirlwind of workaholism, alcoholism and drug abuse at Dior.

The second half covers his apparently humble quest to educate himself and earn atonement with the help of Jewish leaders.

What was he thinking, then, when he shortly thereafter peacocked around New York in an outfit resembling a Hasidic Jew?

Shameless provocateur or just plain dull? Who knows. It’s a compelling portrait, nonetheless.

AROUND THE galleries hanging

Rita joined Perth Studio Potters Club after years of teaching art at Tresillian, to pursue her own love of ceramic art.

The ceramic figures she has on show at Burt Street Gallery are based on characters from Jean-Michel Basquiat’s socio-political and popculture art.

nition by Andy Warhol, Basquiat’s work was suddenly elevated from street scrawl to neo-expressionist art.”

Her handcrafted clay pop-culture characters and animals use ceramic glazes that reflect Basquiat’s colour palette.

■ Pop-culture in clay: RibEye by Rita Brooks.

They are on show from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, June 8.

■ ■ ■

Fifteen countries will be represented in the third International Watercolour Exhibition at Central Park Tower in the city.

More than 150 paintings by the best watercolourists from Australia and around the world will demonstrate a wealth of different styles, from the soft and gentle to bold and vibrant, portraits, landscapes, portraits, abstracts, still life and more.

“Basquiat’s work was initially seen as graffiti,” Rita said. “But with his recog-

Leading Australian watercolourist John Lovett will hold five days of workshops during the exhibition

and other artists will demonstrate the use of watercolours, along with a “try me” table. All paintings will be for sale, unframed or framed.

The exhibition runs in the foyer of Central Park, 152-158 St Georges Terrace, from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, June 10 to 21.

■ Still life in watercolour by Bolong Chen. PLUS -

✪ ✪ ✪ ✪
LEACH Today is the last chance to see ceramic artist Rita Brooks’ solo exhibition, M Basquiat Revisited, at Burt Street Gallery in Cottesloe.
■ ■ ■
BOOK TICKETS Scan the QR Code or visit

Menopause a laughing matter

When comedian Judith Lucy helped her friend author Kaz Cooke launch her new book, It’s The Menopause, last year, they both agreed that there was an almost “evangelical feel” to the events where women laughed, cried and shared.

It prompted them to hit the road with their Menopausal Night Out tour, bringing stand-up comedy, laughs and really useful information about perimenopause and menopause.

Journalist and radio broadcaster Kaz has been informing and supporting Australian women for decades with her helpful books on getting pregnant and dealing with toddlers and teens.

It was Judith who admitted to “menacing her” into writing one about menopause.

“But by the time she’d finished it, it was too late for me,” Judith, 56, complained.

But it is never too late for successive generations of women who now feel free to talk about a subject that has always been discussed in whispers - or not mentioned at all.

As part of her book, Kaz sent out 9000 anonymous surveys so she could gauge the level of knowledge and feelings around the subject.

Many older women pretend they didn’t go through menopause and mothers and daughters have rarely shared the same information about hot flushes, brain fog, anxiety, weird periods, weight gain and

dry skin in the same way they quietly admitted to pre-menstrual tensions and bad period pains.

I confess I had never heard of perimenopause until I sought help for unexplained feelings of anger, anxiety and depression at the age of 48.

It is only in the last decade that the subject has become one authors and journalists want to talk about – and even then, Cook said, “advice about menopause has been hijacked from 20-year-old information”.

On one hand doctors would like to medicalise it or, Kaz said, they tell you that all the mental issues that go with it are nonsense.

On the other hand, there is a wealth of “evidencefree” supplements on offer.

“The myths around menopause are incredible,” the 61-year-old said. “I’m not trying to sell anything, I just want to get independent information out there.”

Is there still anything this generation of menopausal women don’t know about what’s happening to their bodies?

“Absolutely!” Kaz exclaimed. “There is still not enough research into women’s health, and you would be amazed at the number of women who have walked away from our events realising that they’re not alone and they’re not going crazy.”

Perth-born Judith has been a fixture on the standup circuit for more than three decades with her self-aware and sometimes

brutal style of truth-telling comedy.

In their Menopausal Night Out, she promises an erotic dance to the music of Let’s Get It On, swapping the original lyrics for a long list of symptoms.

“Truly there is still so much fun to had about menopause, and women getting together to share it as a sisterhood is worth it just for that – even if you don’t like my dancing,” she said.

The second half of their show includes the two of them sharing information and holding a Q&A with the audience.

Does it really go on for years? Should you take HRT, and what’s MHT? What the hell is happening to your hair? Why do you want to bite everyone? Which medical or

audiences can ask us anything,” Judith said.

and menopause won’t slow us down.” June 14 at 6.30pm. Book through ticketek.

Teen diary sparks diva cabaret

Thirteen-year-old Penny Shaw recognised that 1984 was such a significant year – thanks to her English Lit classes – she decided to start a diary.

Forty years on, and that many diaries later, Fremantle opera diva, MC and comedian Penny trawled through her teen diaries and turned them, firstly, into a podcast and then a cabaret show.

For the Perth

■ Diva Penny Shaw, one half of Divalicious, returns to her teens for music and memories.

International Cabaret Festival Penny will explore the music that influenced her in 1984 – think Madonna, Prince, Queen and, yes, even Gilbert and Sullivan – and perform them cabaret-style along with some of her teen thoughts and memories. Diary of a (Teenage) Diva performs Downstairs at The Maj on June 15 and 16.

Caroline O’Connor, Vika and Linda Bull, Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier, Mama Alton and Tom Burlinson are among the other national stars to perform at the cabaret festival from June 10 to 23.

■ For program details go to

SARAH McNEILL ■ Friends Judith Lucy and Kaz Cooke share stories with women around the country.

Good bones make sleek design

When this 1915 house sold just over a year ago, it had cork floors, timber venetian blinds, old-fashioned light fittings and a dark kitchen.

A lot has happened since then.

The owners commissioned award-winning designer Jess O’Shea to renovate the interior of the three-bedroom and four-bathroom house on a big 1624sq.m block with a tennis court.

Jess drew on her background in industrial and furniture design to create sleek and practical storage in the home.

“I feel that because I worked directly for cabinet makers for about 11 years of my career, I have gained so much knowledge about everything cabinetry,” she told another publication.

Among the clever design elements are a built-in seat in the dining nook, full-height cabinets around a bed and banks of drawers in the neutral kitchen.

Everywhere you look there is somewhere to put something.

The owners said they were very involved in the renovation process, working closely with the designer as well as builder, Salt Kitchens and Bathrooms.

$3.05million SWANBOURNE

5 Rob Roy Street

The last time this 1996 house changed hands was in 2006 when it went for $1.95million.

AGENT: Jamie Harrington,

“We decided not to extend our house because owners said.

The exterior renovation is ready for the next owners to do, thanks to plans by a Shenton Park design firm.

“We engaged Tristan


■ Bleached jarrah floors and a Portsea grey limestone fireplace have lightened up the lounge.

4 Renown Avenue

The sale of this renovated 1938 house on a 931sq.m site set a new record for the street with only 10 houses.

AGENT: Roy Paxton St Ives Realty.

$4.2million WEMBLEY

53 Lake Monger Drive

Rodrigues Bodycoat Architects designed the award-winning renovation for this house, which settled on May 20, Landgate records show.

AGENTS: Craig Gaspar and Declan Turner, DUET Property Group.

Architecture who has put together an impressive outdoor design package which includes a reimagining of the pool, outhouses and tennis court,” they said.

viewed at the home.”

The house, which is not heritage-listed, is among a group of 24 houses in the Bernard Street Heritage Area.

Four houses in the street, including the one next door at No.23, were designed by architect

Edwin Summerhayes. Claremont Park is at the end of the street.

This six-bedroom and fivebathroom mansion with ocean views sold after 182 days on the market.

Page 74 – POST, June 8, 2024
PROPERTY REVIEWS • AUCTIONS • CHANGING HANDS • HIDEAWAYS ■ The 1915 original front belies what’s inside – a fully renovated house with sleek modern finishes ■ Look next door and you’ll see what you can do with the old tennis court. 3 4 2 21 Bernard Street CLAREMONT Offers DUET Property Group
Renovated interior Tennis court
Things you will love recent sales
Lots of storage CONTACT: Susan James 0408 003 700.
■ ■ ■
$3.5million CLAREMONT
■ ■ ■
■ ■ ■
$5.74million CITY BEACH
14 Boscombe Avenue
LOUNGE KITCHEN BEFORE ■ The dated cork floors were replaced with Chambon travertine tiles in the comprehensive renovation designed by Jess O’Shea Designs.

Flannel fuels Cott future Flannel founder and designer Kristy Lawrence, and her managing director husband John, are the new owners of 165 Broome Street, Cottesloe. The husband-and-wife team behind the successful fashion and lifestyle label paid $6million for the house which settled on May 27, Landgate records show. Designer David Mitchell, from To Be Home, had his eye on the future when he drew up the plans for the four-bedroom and three-bathroom house on a 405sq.m site. It was designed for people to “age in place” with wide hallways, no trip hazards, large light switches and a separate upstairs apartment for family members, a live-in nurse, or even a paying guest. Agent Candie Italiano, of Ray White Dalkeith Claremont, was the selling agent. • Report, page 9

Compound plan loses grip Chinese billionaire and Dalkeith company director James Tan had a grand plan to build a sanctuary for his family in Banjup but they never got to live in the complex with a Chinese-style temple, Confucius garden, conference halls, library, theatre and much more. Work stopped on the multimillion dollar project in 2018 after a workplace accident in which one of his employees lost fingers on both hands. Mr Tan’s company PT Supplies Group pleaded guilty in the Perth Magistrates Court in 2022 to failing to provide a safe working environment and causing serious harm. The company was fined $240,000 plus $30,581 in costs. The 4.48ha property on the corner of Coffey and Beenyup roads is scheduled for auction on Friday, June 28, at 11am. Real estate firm Effective Property Solutions describes the 10-bedroom and 10-bathroom mansion in the City of Cockburn as a “marvel of classical Chinese architecture” and “somewhat dilapidated after never being occupied.” The abandoned property is in a poor state with weeds, unused construction materials and dirty water in ponds. However, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. “Someone may be interested in salvaging the building materials,” agent Erwin Edlinger

said. Mr Tan’s company is registered at 37 Watkins Road, Dalkeith, ASIC records show. The luxurious house, on a 1012sq.m site, recently sold for $5.5million but is yet to settle. For details about the Banjup auction, phone 0412 996 552.

Bunker down with cafe crowd

Bunkers Beach House, the popular cafe at the Pullman resort, is on the market. The 2122sq.m beachfront property would suit city dwellers seeking a sea change because the 100-seat cafe and wedding venue comes with a three-bedroom and two-bathroom dwelling. Peter Fogarty, proprietor of Fogarty Wine Group, is off-loading the freehold property at 29/42 Bunker Bay Road, Naturaliste. It is being sold on a business and property walkin-walk-out basis, according to the Ray White Stocker Preston website. Phone agent Louis De Chiera on 0418 909 899 for the information memorandum.

Nude glamping Nott on Imagine if nudists on Swanbourne Beach erected glamping-style tents in the dunes and lived in them? It’s an issue in the UK where the Nottingham Post reports that a nudist has been ordered by Gedling Borough Council officials to remove an “inappropriate” glamping hut. A member of the Nottingham Sun Club, which runs a glamping site for naturists, built the tent-like structure without planning permission. The owner insisted it was a temporary “tent” despite having some solid walls, fitted kitchen cabinets, double-glazed doors and an integrated boiler. The owner will have to rip down the construction, subject to an appeal.

Sign up for Klopper special

Here is a rare chance to buy a renovated Brian Klopper house in the heart of Freo without lifting a finger – except at the auction on Saturday. The three-bedroom and three-bathroom house at 4 Bellevue

Terrace is packed with Klopper’s signature style, including his initials engraved in a wall. The 1981 house with brick floors, reclaimed materials and triangular “gothic” mullions was extended in 2006. Agent Nick French of C&CO Real Estate was thrilled when he got the listing. “I am a big fan of his work; my first house was a Klopper,” Mr French said. “It was a warehouse conversion in Thomson Road, North Freo. I wish I had held onto it.” The 511sq.m property in Bellevue Terrace is due to be auctioned on June 8 at 10.30am. The price guide $1.7million to $2.2million. Phone 0407 884 035.

POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 75
POST Property writer Julie Bailey would like to hear your real estate news. Email or follow Instagram@juliebailey_property
■ This multi-purpose Cottesloe house, which has just sold for $6million, was designed so the owners could “age in place”. ■ A father’s dream of building his family a Chinese-inspired sanctuary is over after the multi-million dollar project was abandoned. The 4.48ha property south of Jandakot is due to be auctioned on June 28. ■ Ever dreamt of living and working on the beachfront? This popular cafe near Dunsborough is being sold on a walk-in walk-out basis.
71 Churchill Avenue Subiaco 4 1 2 FOR LEASE 32 Avonmore Terrace Cottesloe 3 3 6 10/19 Broome Street Cottesloe 3 1 1 $1,195 p/w Leased at $2,950 p/w 5 Groups missed out $800 p/w Teresa
0432 251 203 Natalie
0421 397 420 Natalie
0421 397 420
Save the date: a renovated Brian Klopper house is up for auction this Saturday in Fremantle.


21 Austin Street

Offers $2millions

This early 1900s weatherboard has seen better days but it’s all about the A-grade location adjoining the Austin Street mini park.

The humble two-bedroom and one-bathroom house is on a 650sq.m site on the north side of the park, which has a playground and picnic shelter.

It’s the first time the property has come on the market since 1984 when it went for $59,000, Landgate records show.

The owners like the location so much they live in the street, which leads to Kings Park.

There is a Hills Hoist and a 72sq.m workshop in the back yard.

Puzzle over Cott beach house

wraps around the front, and one section has been enclosed to be used as a home office.

This 1939 interwar cottage is an “interesting though puzzling house whose history needs further research” according to Cottesloe council’s municipal inventory.

But there is nothing really puzzling about the house – a beautifully renovated two-storey abode with many features associated with character homes in Cottesloe such as high ceilings, timber floors, french doors and decorative plasterwork.

The tone for resort-style living is set at the front with two ponds on either side of the path.

A three-sided veranda

Five sets of french doors open to the veranda, creating lots of opportunities to step outside and watch passers-by with towels over their shoulders make their way to and from the beach.

The heritage feel in the original section flows to the rear extension which also has modern elements including panelled ceilings, built-in bookshelves and a gas fireplace.

French doors from the main living area open to a north-facing garden with a pool, covered barbecue area and an outdoor shower.

Upstairs, the bedrooms and small living room or study area feature white timber louvres and more

8 Crawley Avenue


Elaborate panelled ceilings, arches and wrought-iron features are among the many architectural elements in this two-storey house between Kings Park and the river.

The Mediterranean-style abode would suit those looking for an alternative to the medium and highrise apartments that are common in the neighbourhood.

Agent Olivia Porteous described it as a “gated retreat” because it’s set behind high perimeter walls and double security gates.

The four-bedroom and threebathroom house has an upsidedown design with the living area and main bedroom upstairs.

The alfresco area has a decorative wall screen and easy access to a pizza oven.

french doors that lead to a sunny back veranda.

The house could do with a little TLC but would be ideal for those looking to put their own stamp on a character home near the beach.

It is on a 620sq.m site about 300m from the John Street Cafe.

Cottesloe council has given it a Category 3 heritage listing, which recommends to “retain and conserve if possible:

endeavour to conserve the significance of the place through the provisions of the Town Planning Scheme; photographically record the place prior to any major redevelopment or demolition.”

CONTACT: Justin Davies on 0419 909 350 or Kylie Mann on 0413 079 823. Things you will love

Study and office Close to beach

Page 76 – POST, June 8, 2024
■ Edward Hall 0427 313 939.
■ Olivia Porteous 0423 557 438.
■ Steps from the back veranda lead down to a north-facing garden with a pool, covered barbecue area and a right-of-way. ■ Ponds with goldfish and koi give the front of the house a resort feel.
Space Real Estate Offers
■ Built-in cabinets ensure there is plenty of storage for books and homewares.
5 3 1 58 John Street COTTESLOE
Classic character home


DA Whitelaw Ceilings

POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 77 1/2 Loch Street, Nedlands 9386 3183 • New bore installations to all areas • Connection to existing systems •Pump testing and replacements incl all electrical works COMPUTERS NBN Domains, Networking, Repairs, Cloud & Phone PBX, Cloud Backups, Digital TV, LAN, Office 365, Servers & computer systems, Licensed Installer Smartwire Communications Call Brett 0419 234 567 BORES COMPUTING JONATHAN TOWERS FURNITUREMAKER CABINETMAKER est 31 years CUSTOM CABINETRY OF ALL TYPES. Specialising in Painted and Timber Media Cabinets, Bookcases, Home Offices and Full Carcase Robes I PERSONALLY DESIGN, MANUFACTURE AND INSTALL ALL ITEMS ENSURING THE HIGHEST STANDARDS 0417 092 134 Visit our website w BOBCATS, EXCAVATOR,TIPPERS ROCK BREAKER ALL JOBS FREE QUOTES MIKE BRYANT 0428 910 341 35 YEARS EXPERIENCE FAMILY RUN OVER 30 YEARS * Regular * Vacate * Spring Cleaning * Choice of 1 or 2 Cleaners * Carpet Cleaning/Tile and Grout Cleaning Rates from $50.00* p/hr Equipment and Consumables Supplied 9380 9070 *T&C Apply BOBCATS 9381 5802 EMERGENCY SERVICE 24 HOUR – 7 DAYS ★ All electrical work ★ Maintenance & breakdown specialists ★ All safety switches Lic EC4326 ★ Repairs to hot water systems Everdure-Electra-Rheem-Solahart ★ Stove & oven repairs ★ Computer & Telephone Cabling STEVE 0412 922 648 0412 924 134 Merinos Tailors: Perfect Fit, Every Time! • 10% Off for New Customers! • Expert Alterations & Tailoring •From Office Chic to Weekend Casual • Quick, Quality Service VISIT US IN Shop 6, 44 Station St, Subiaco! Call us 0478 821 770 Your Style, Our Craftsmanship. SUBIACO FURNITURE FACTORY Custom-made Furniture Kitchen, Wall and Vanity Units Bookcases 9381 6098 Traditional Craftsmanship 7 Forrest Street, Subiaco WA6008. Fax 9388 2089 ELECTRICIANS CABINETMAKING CLAREMONT ASPHALT & PAVING SERVICES • CAR PARKS/ FOOTPATHS • DRIVEWAYS - ASPHALT/CONCRETE • COLOURED ASPHALT • ALL BITUMEN REPAIR WORK • OBLIGATION FREE QUOTES • NO JOB TOO SMALL/BIG Contact Vince 0407 196 683 a/h 9383 3951 Established 1981 ★ Domestic & Commercial ★ Carpets ★ L/suites CARPET CLINIC ★ Steam extraction voted best way of cleaning carpet by CHOICE MAGAZINE ★ Our Reputation and Quality is why we RETAIN our Customers ★ Don’t take a chance Contact Martin Cook 9383 7977 0418 940 145 CLOTHING ALTERATIONS National Estate Builders New homes plus additions & renovations by a specialist who understands & appreciates the older home. Full Design Service. Tel.9381 7094 7 Forrest Street Subiaco BUILDING AUSTRALIA’S HERITAGE” 0412 226 328 0433 445 916 All types of Cleaning Work Fully Guaranteed! Better Cleaner @ Better Price BITUMEN PAVING CARPET CLEANING BUILDING BUILDING DESIGN RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL RETAIL NEW HOMES EXTENSION RENOVATION SMALL AND LARGE COUNCIL APPLICATION Antonio 0411 329 003 CARPET LAYER LAYING • NEW - OLD RESTRETCHING • REPAIRS • Small Jobs Welcome • Prompt Local Service! Mick 0419 940 485 25ExpYrs • All wall removals - make openings • Bricklaying, plastering, Gyprocking • Window, lintel, door replacements • Extensions, renovations, conversions • All structural damage repairs • Ceiling repairs boundary walls GIOVANI 0423 117 130 Build Reg 101429 Established 1999 DRAFTING & DESIGN ALL ASPECTS OF BRICKPAVING AND BRICKLAYING SMALL JOBS 40 YRS EXPERIENCE. Ph Mike 0407 771 893 FULLY BOOKED • Paving Clean & Seal • High Pressure • Windows • Gutters 0418 953 181 ALTITUDE CLEANING CARPET & VINYL LAYING-REPAIR BUILDING SERVICES CLEANING DUTCH ANTIQUE Timepieces Buying, Selling Repairs & Restoration of Antique Clocks & Barometers By a qualified clockmaker Member of the Watch & Clockmakers of Australia Unit 23/145 Stirling Hwy, Nedlands 9385 3054 BATHROOM TRANSFORMATIONS FREE DESIGN AND QUOTE •Skilled tradesmen to take the stress out of your project. •Inclusive service no added extras. • 35 years experience. Call Denis 0417 924 461 CLOCKS & REPAIRS PAVING REPAIR MAN Re-lay: Drives, Patios, Around Pools, Soakwells,Tree Roots & all types of paving. Small Jobs Immediate Attention Ring
Fully insured, local reliable service Bespoke garden rooms Interior renovations Stud walls Door hanging Decking All ASPECTS COVERED Call Stuart on : 0410 250 383 Web: 25 years experience RENEW YOUR WEATHERED DECK If you’re tired of your weathered deck we can bring it back to life. Start enjoying it again, add value to your home and stop deterioration • machine sanding • detail sanding • oil treatment and staining • cleaning and treatment • tannin and resin removal • repairs and replace timber Start enjoying your deck again call for an assessment and quote Leslie 0412 779 675
Frank25 yrs exp 0409 737 399
CEILINGS - WALLS • REPLACED• REPAIRED • PARTITIONING• SUSPENDED • PLASTERGLASS • DECORATIVE CORNICE FREE QUOTES Ph: 9356 3322 Darryl: 0411 756 830 E: 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE CRAFTSMAN AWARD J’S PAVING 0411 696 179 9385 4228 Quality Work No Job Too Small Free Quotes DECKING • Builder / Gyprocker • Renovations & Extensions • All types of building work • Small & large jobs •Renowned for a friendly, reliable & quality service Builders Reg 101859 MBA Member Call Trent 0413 615 234 BRICK PAVING APEX CEILINGS & PARTITIONS • Replacements • Roses • Repairs • Re-straps • Re-screws • Drywall • Ornate • Acoustic • Suspended • Bulkheads • Partitions • All Cornices • Police Cleared • Est. 1988 Andrew 0413 568 580 CARPENTRY & MAINTENANCE Qualified Carpenter with over 30 years experience Specialising in: Ph Nick 0414 337 873 • Doors • Skirting • Stud Framing• Gates • Cedar Lining • Pergolas & Decking “I Pride myself in completing all work to perfection” BRICKLAYING WORK SMALL JOBS Craig 0433 010 814 •Complete renovations with project management. •All products, services and trades included. •Licensed trades, fully insured and all work warrantied. •Competitively priced, over 30 years’ experience. •Excellence and integrity every time. Living & working in the Western Suburbs Call 0402 553 367 Showroom by appointment • Bathroom • Laundry • Kitchen WHERE CLEANLINESS MEETS CRAFTSMANSHIP Your One-Stop Solution • Commercial •Residential including Vacates • Care Packages • Laundry Service • Linen Hire Spotless Spaces and Fresh Linens Contact us today (08) 6185 1041 7 DAYS Curtain Cleaning We come to you! •takedown, rehang, same day •specialise in rubberback and sheer curtains •family business 40+years Curtain Drycleaners Ph 9362 6444 BATHROOM RENOVATIONS JT Constructions All aspects of BRICKLAYING • Retaining Walls • Feature Brickwork • Additions • Letterboxes • Garden Walls John 0450 499 112 CURTAIN FITTER TRACKS SUPPLIED AND FITTED Top fix and bay windows, Repairs & Refit existing. Tracks re-corded. Reasonable Rates - 25 + Years Experience Peter: 0417 772 230 47 9 641 PLASTERLINE INDUSTRIES ★ Ceilings installed & repaired ★ Decorative cornices & centre roses ★ All ornate work ★ Gyprock specialists and plaster glass specialists ★ Suppliers of decorative cornices, centre roses, arches, domes and picture rails FOR ADVICE & QUOTE PHONE RHYS ON 9446 2011 HUGHES COOL AIR • Refrigeration Mechanic • Electrical Contracting • Installation of wall split A/C & services 0451 033 357 EC Lic No EC: 006196 ARC Lic: AU08752 MORGAN CARPENTRY & handyman SERVICES All aspects of carpentry & maintenance work • 15 yrs commercial & residential experience • Fully qualified, professional & reliable • Insured • Full police clearance • Pensioners discount • No call out fee • Free quote Call Kevin: 0450 538 596 E: •Renovation, Extension, Addition •Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry •Carport, Pergola, Gazebo •New Homes, Unit Developments •Granny Flat, Pool House, Studio •Retail, Café, Shop Fit-out •Hotel, Bottleshop Fit-out •Design, Drafting, Council Lodgement •Cost Plus Build Contract + Set Fee Bruce Eggleston: 0417 758 223 Reg. Building Contractor: BC103193
EXPERT REPAIRS TO - SAGGING CEILINGS - DAMAGED CEILINGS - HOLES - CRACKS ETCPLASTERGLASS OR GYPROCK SMALL JOBSWELCOME OVER 35YRS EXPERIENCE AIRCONDITIONING SERVICE, SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION Call Eddie on 0411 723 533 Prompt and Reliable Service Fully Insured and Licensed ARC #AU 20600, ARC #L011927, EWL #137884 CEILINGS Aussie Curtain Call Claremont • Curtains • Swags &Tails Pelmets Romans Shutters All Blinds Domestic Commerical FREE MEASURE & QUOTE 9240 8006 :0408 569 515 Personalised Service - BEST PRICES CURTAINS Professional exterior cleaning services for domestic and commercial properties. Based in Doubleview with industrial grade equipment, fully insured and friendly team. High Pressure Cleaning House and Building Washing Surface Sealing Stain Removal Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products Family Owned and Operated CALL NIC FOR A FREE QUOTE 7 DAYS A WEEK! 0433 845 229 specialistcarpentry Residential and Commercial • renovations • cabinets • fit-outs • extensions • outdoor structures WA TRADE QUALIFIED 35 YRS EXPERIENCE • POLICE CLEARANCE Excellence Assured 0410 444 959 Denco Renovations We perform top quality work in all aspects of the building trade. • New Builds• Kitchens • Extensions• Bathrooms • Renovations• Laundries Contact Dennis for FREE QUOTE 0450 672 717 BC103525 PH MARK NEWBOLD 0400 565 545 Property Maintenance est 1997 • Bricklaying Division • BBQs • Letterboxes • Retaining Walls • Stone Work • Insurance Work “DEFT” Air Conditioning Split A/C supplied and/or installed. Check my price first Lic No L018461 Phone 0424 037 289 Mark E X P E R T Carpet Steam Cleaning Tile & Grout Cleaning ACCI Trained &Certified Contact GRAEME 0418957 690 AIR CONDITIONING APPLE + PC SUPPORT • Servicing Western Suburbs Since 2002 • Excellent Rates, Rapid Service 6118 0252 MARTINS CARPENTRY & CONSTRUCTION 30 years exp, contact EDDY on 0407 827 721 all hours KEARLEY BRICKLAYING All aspects of bricklaying Limestone Insurance Work Owner builder Service Mark 0432 260 011 • OFFICE CLEANING •Domestic Cleaning •Weekly / Daily / one off general cleaning •End of Lease cleaning • Competitive pricing RELIANCE CLEANING WA 0493 187 891 ABN 34990255710 Custom Constructions BUILDING CONTRACTORS PTY LTD New Homes, Renovations, Alterations, Additions and General Building Services, both Residential and Commercial. DESIGN SERVICE AVAILABLE Builder Reg 8525 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE Nicholas 0418 892 774 CHRIS BROGAN & ASSOC P/L CHRIS BROGAN Chartered Accountant Registered tax agent Registered tax (financial) advisor ASIC registered AFSL (limited) licence holder ASIC registered smsf auditor Office: 9386 2550 Mobile: 0411 384 841 Suite 7, 202 Hampden Rd, Nedlands Quick Click IT Computer Headaches? We can help • Installation, Upgrades and Repairs • Virus Removal • Networking • Email and Internet • Data Backup Phone Chris on 0417 990 396 CARPENTRY Because Quality Counts LORNE EDWARDS PERGOLAS/ROOFING/ CARPORTS/VERANDAHS DECKING • TIMBER FLOORS • SKIRTINGS • ALTERATIONS •GENERAL MAINTENANCE Ph: 0416 126 048 Anytime For the cleanest carpet possible COTTESLOE CARPET CLEANING Residential, commercial, rental, upholstery, tile and grout YES, we are still operating! Appropriate safety standards followed... credit card/EFTPOS 9383 4931 0408 129 186 Specialising in all brick work Free Quote – no obligation FULLY BOOKED ACCOUNTANTS BRICKLAYING CLEANING BUILDING CARPENTRY COMPUTING CARPET CLEANING Advertise your goods in the Classifieds From only $5. Get your job done by a qualified, local tradie. Support the Fix it quickly. Each week, the POST lists tradespeople who provide all kinds of household services. Readers tell us they’ve carried out major extensions and renovations just by using the POST Trades & Services directory near the back of each edition or on our website. Renovating or repairing your home? To advertise, Call 9381 3088 Email: robyn@ ALL THE NEWS AND VIEWS
Page 78 – POST, June 8, 2024 THE FIXER • Repairs - Fences • Gates • Retic • Paving • Flyscreens • Flatpack Assembly • Painting • Driveways Painted David 0416 932 432 PAINTING SPECIAL For all your internal/external painting requirements. For your highest quality job at a very special price, phone ★ CLIVE 9383 3412 ★ 0447 433 412 Reg.No.4280 PAINTING O’Brien Flooring • Supplying of Solid Timber Flooring • Repairs to Solid Timber Flooring • Sanding and Eco Friendly Finishing • Deck Re Surfacing JIMMY O’BRIEN 0420 235 709 All work guaranteed FLOOR SANDING – Weeding garden beds –Garden beds made clean & tidy – Trimming shrubs – Lopping trees – Mowing lawns – Paving swept – Fully Insured Free Quotes - 23 yrs exp GREENWASTE REMOVED 041 301 6555 GARDEN CLEAN-UPS JASON: 0403 657 011 KITCHEN RESCUE • Fit new tops and doors • Change doors to drawers • Re-laminate existing tops • New appliance installations • Cabinet/Top modifications • All other extra cabinetry SKILLED PROPERTY MAINTENANCE • Pre-sale Home Detailing • Rental Property Services • General Repairs •Handyman for Home or Office • All Timber Joinery • Insured and Police Cleared Call STEVE 9242 8923 Mob 0407 788 272 FREMANTLE LOCK SERVICE Local Business • 7 Day Service • Security License 04361 • Seniors Discount • 30 Years In Trade 0409 086 497 • clean-ups • garden makeovers • landscaping • limestone walls • reticulation The locals who arrive on time and do the job properly Roger Hill 0419 921 122 S UBIA CO GARDEN SERVICE Backyards cleared, tree lopping, Brickwork, pavers cleaned and sealed. General repairs and maintenance Heavy work done, reasonable and reliable PHONE DAVID (Jock’s Retired) Ph: 9243 8182 M: 0419 908 186 Ezeegreen • Garden Maintenance • Clean-ups • Garden Consults/Design • Garden Solutions • Refresh Repot Replace Bruce 0411 821 249 HANDYMAN Experience, knowledge, green friendly solutions, regular garden care Ph: Rob 0450 384 711 GARDENING FULLY BOOKED KITCHEN TRANSFORMATIONS FREE DESIGN & QUOTE • Full renovations • Face lifts • Replacement of benchtops •For a complete price that includes all extras •35 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN KITCHEN DESIGN CALL DENIS 0417 924 461 YOUR WESTERN SUBURBS LOCKSMITH Home Office Car 7 Day Service Ph: 6350 8500 Orlando’s GARDENING • Pruning & cut down trees • Pruning hedges •Full garden cleanup & removal 0450 403 513 KITCHENS Gutter Spruce (WA) •Professionally cleaned roof gutters and downpipes • Free quotations • Pensioner discounts Call or text 0419 469 000 GUS HAS RETIRED AND SCOTT HAS TAKEN OVER 9387 3081 0418 926 705 P L .1 6 HOT WATER SINCE 1971 Locksmiths Guaranteed Same Day Service – 20 years exp KEVIN SHEEHAN • Master Locksmith • Security Consultant “Glad to be of Service” 0412 153 846 7 DAYS PER WEEK Pol Lic SG 15935 ABN 22337056071 LOCAL FLOREAT ELECTRICIAN SERVICING ALL WESTERN SUBURBS AREAS ALL ELECTRICAL WORK LED LIGHTING, POWER POINTS, SWITCHBOARD UPGRADES, SMOKE ALARMS, POWER POINTS, DATA POINTS, TV POINTS, CHANDELIERS, GARDEN LIGHTING, FEATURE LIGHTING, MAINTENANCE, FAULT FINDING, STRIP LIGHTING, SPLIT SYSTEM A/C, DOORBELLS, INTERCOMS, SAFETY SWITCHES, USB POWER POINTS, BORES, RETIC CONTROLLERS (EC 13968) FULLY LICENSED AND INSURED 7 DAY EMERGENCY SERVICE CALL AARON 0410 558 560 Call now for … Call Brad on 04EVERGROW (0438 374 769) Email: GARDENSCAPES FIREWOOD BRIQUETTES • Next generation Wood Briquettes • Environmentally friendly • Easier handling and storage • Less smoke and ash • Cleaner more efficient burn due to low moisture content (you’re not paying for water) • Great for camping Free delivery for 1 tonne or more Price $1.10/kg Minimum order of 500kg 0427 801 219 9398 4666 LOCKSMITH HOT WATER SYSTEM FIREWOOD GUTTER CLEANER Jesse Ravine, keeping gutters clean since 2014. Text or call 0421 650 806 FULLY INSURED MATHESON Electrical Services NO CALL OUT FEE All electrical work. Free quotes 0414 719 866 EC license 012498 LANDSCAPES 2 000 25 yrs experience in Landscaping & Garden Maintenance.Specialising in hedging & topiaries PH GEORGE 0408 851 901 FullyBooked Gutter Cleaning Downpipes flushed, roofs cleaned of debris from $132.00 Also high pressure cleaning Jack 0412 986 151 9387 4442 James’Limestone Restoration • Limestone RESTORATION • Limestone REPOINTING • Limestone TINTING • Limestone CAPPING • Rising DAMP • Brick REPLACEMENT • Brick TINTING • Brick MORTAR REPAIRS • Tuckpointing Call James for your free quote 0400 219 056 Call for an onsite obligation free quotation Mark: 0459 238 934 Certified Horticulturalist Alex : 0401 644 851 Complete Garden Maintenance Just some of our services:•Weeding •Mulching - Now’s the time •Hedge Trimming •Tree Pruning •‘ONE OFF JOBS’ and maintenance services provided. Enquire about our range of Native/Exotic plants sourced directly Rose pruning time Focus FENCING • Removals • Replacements • Installations Call Adam 0424 101 026 GUTTER CLEANING No Mess Down Pipes Cleared Gutter Guard Installed Tree Lopping Roof Repairs Angus 0403 758 242 LIMESTONE CONSTRUCTIONS Qualified stonemasons to carry out any type of masonry work from large retaining walls to stone cladding. View photos on Facebook delkeyholdings Contact Tom 0419 792 739 • EC 12997 • NECA Member • Residential • Commercial • Industrial • Communications • Airconditioning Installations • Maintenance • 24/7 Service • No Call Out Fee FREE QUOTES Call Ryan 0403 453 070 Wild Rose Gardening • Mowing • Edging • Pruning • Hedging • Weeding • Lawn and Garden Care • Expert Rose Pruning Call Sam 0468 386 451 FOR A FREE QUOTE THE CLAREMONT GARDENER • REGULAR GARDEN MAINTENANCE AND CLEANUPS. • ROSES AND COTTAGE GARDENS A SPECIALITY • ALL AREAS FOR PROMPT AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Phone MATTHEW Matthew: 0414 710 110 LIMESTONE One Company All Trades We are the HOME IMPROVEMENT experts • Home Renovations •Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry Upgrades •Aged Care Home Modifications • Handyman Services 9284 0165 HOME IMPROVEMENTS BUDGETTI MBER EST 1983 F-E-N-C-I-N-G PINE LAP, CLOSED PICKET, AND COLONIAL SPECIALIST Ph: 9493 0344 0419 905 033 Fax: 9493 0355 MULCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Professional and reliable with over 10yrs experience in Gardening, Landscaping and Reticulation 0481 835 688 Call Reed GUTTER CLEANING & WINDOW CLEANING SPECIALIST • SAME DAY SERVICE • SUPPLY & INSTAL GUTTERGUARD • DISCOUNT FOR SENIORS Call Kevin Mob 0419 907 986 LAWN MOWING GREEN WASTE COLLECTION Craig 0433 010 814 Gardening & Landscaping • ALL GARDENING • PROPERTY MAINTENANCE • FENCING • LIMESTONE WORK • PAVING • HIGH PRESSURE CLEANING • RETICULATION 0421 895 463 LAWN MOWING EXTRA HANDS Home Maintenance Indoor/outdoor maintenance and repairs. Flyscreen. Flatpack assembly. Pressure cleaning. Garden. Picture hanging. Police cleared - Shenton Park local 0419 968 595 Call Neville GUTTERS and/or windows CLEANED TREE PRUNING POST AREA SPECIALIST 20 YEARS – DOWNPIPES CLEARED – LEAKS AND OVERFLOWS SORTED – FREE QUOTES – PENSIONER DISCOUNTS – PROMPT SERVICE 0414 011 220 or 9384 0250 Phone MARTIN Hardie & Colorbond Fencing Specialist Twinside Retaining Walls Gates & Asbestos Removal No Job Too Difficult Experienced Contractor 9387 4401 0417 942 962 ESTABLISHED 1991 EC005203 AFFORDABLE & RELIABLE QUALITY ELECTRICAL SERVICES • 24/7 BREAKDOWN HELP • AIRCONDITIONING INSTALLED SPLITS • ENERGY SAFETY CERTIFICATION • LED INDOOR/OUTDOOR LIGHTING • POWER POINTS • PUMPS & RETIC POOL & BORE • SAFETY SWITCHES • SMOKE ALARMS • SECURITY LIGHTING • SOLAR INSTALL/SERVICE/ REPAIRS • SWITCH BOARD UPGRADES • TELEPHONE NBN/ DATA/ INTERCOM • WILL PROVIDE WRITTEN QUOTES
12 MONTH WARRANTY PENSIONER DISCOUNTS CALL 6498 9881 NEDLANDS GARDEN SERVICE “THE PERFECTIONISTS” • Expert garden care team • Regular visits for peace of mind • Lawn care for a great lawn • Annual care packages available Most suburbs within a 30km radius of Nedlands 0451 117 865 FENCING GUTTER CLEANING GARDENING PETE’S Handyman Services • Qualified tradesperson • Renovations and extensions • No job too small Free Quote 0492 902 344 A-Z Electrical Service • LED • RCD • SMOKE ALARM MICK0412 779 947 24 7 D A Y S HOURS EC4 63 4 All Garden Work Lawns, Hedges, Roses, Trees pruned, Weeds, Council pickups. Make overs for owners and real estate companies. Support Western suburbs local gardener. • Reliable, Competitive rates • Good References Keep this cutting on your Fridge Text or phone Theo 0429 880 004 GLASS REPAIRS Glass & Mirrors cut to size 9240 4422 188 Balcatta Rd, Balcatta (opposite Bunnings) BALCATTA GLASS LANDCRAFT LANDSCAPING Horticulturalist & Stonemason 0403 126 970 landcraftlandscaping REFINED POWER Your Local Electricians “Anything Electrical” NO CALLOUT FEE Oliver - 0415 831 110 Luke - 0458 287 755 EC15880 GARDENING Maintenance, Overhauls, Tidy ups Happy customers • Experienced • Reliable • Affordable Ph. Chris 0404 517 334 Registered Builder BP 9822 SPECIALISING IN SMALL PROPERTY MAINTENANCE JOBS • Leaking shower repairs •Flyscreen replace/repairs • Brick/stone repairs • No job too small Ph Laurence 0417 400 925 All Electrical Work • Split Aircon Specialist CALL NOW FOR 10% DISCOUNT FREE QUOTES & ADVICE *Seniors Discount* RELIABLE • HELPFUL • FRIENDLY Peter 0418 912 451 AUSPOWER LIC EC5706 FLOREAT GLASS GLASS REPAIRS PH: 9383 9334 PENSIONER DISCOUNTS GARAGE DOORS SUPPLY, INSTALL AND SERVICE RANDELL HALL 0413 122 012 GREENSCAPES • Design • Construct • Maintain 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE Greg 0438 699 502 B.Landscape.Arch GARAGE DOORS Freshwater Glass Glass repairs, shower screens, doors and windows, pet doors Ph 0418 944 590 GLASS Western Suburbs Building and Landscape Supplies WE DELIVER 232 STUBBS TCE, SHENTON PARK (Opp Lemnos Hosp) Plasterers, White Sand OPEN6 DAYS PH: 9381 5455 SUBIACO BASED ENLIGHTENING YOUR DAY All Electrical Work • Maintenance • Call Outs • New Installations Professional & quality workmanship Call Dennis 0450 672 717 EC 009308 DENCO Electrical Services Innovative landscape design, construction and maintenance. Expert in native and waterwise gardens.Highly qualified team of professionals with 25+ years experience. Matt Siomos,B.Sc (Botany), horticulturalist, 0408 384 542 Teik Oh,B.Sc (Environmental Sc.), 0415 170 135 Love Your Home Quality Maintenance Services ODD JOBS MY SPECIALITY Painting Doors and locks Reticulation repairs Gutter cleaning Cupboard repairs Flatpack assembly Gate repairs Qualified tradesmen in the building industry for over 30 years. I only provide quality maintenance services ... on time and without fuss. CALL FRANK FOR A FREE QUOTE! 0418 919 312 • Police cleared • Reg Business • Fully Insured BOSCH FLOORSANDING Sanding / coating and Timber repairs Full restoration services AFTA member All work guaranteed “FREE QUOTES” Call Jeff 0419 908 837 9387 3081 0418 926 705 GAS SINCE 1971 GF2 6 5 P L 1 6 MURPHY’S ELECTRICAL 9384 1163 129 CLAREMONT CRESCENT, SWANBOURNE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS & RETAILERS • ALL ELECTRICAL WORK MAINTENANCE AND BREAKDOWN SERVICE HOT WATER SYSTEMS & REPAIRS OVENS & HOTPLATE REPAIRS STOCKIST OF STOKES APPLIANCE PARTS ELEMENTS, SWITCHES APPLIANCE SALES AND REPAIRS EXTENSIVE RANGE OF GLOBES AND TUBES PH: 9384 9232 0417 189 942 EC929 HANDYMAN LANDSCAPING ELECTRICIANS FLOOR SANDING GARDENING ELECTRICIANS GAS Call us on 9381 3088 to advertise in the TRADES & SERVICES Make extra cash … sell your unwanted items in the POST classifieds for only…$500 8 words


POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 79 ACE Refrigeration Fridge and Freezer Repairs and Service Air Conditioning Kevin 0407 128 081ARC: AU 09562 REFRIGERATION ALL WORK GUARANTEED THOMPSON PEST CONTROL • Termite Inspections • Ants • Spiders • Cockroaches • Weed control • Silver Fish • General Pest Control $185 external. Free Quotes. Phone Peter TODAY Mob: 0433 288 164 A FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED LOCAL BUSINESS 4TH & 5TH GENERATION PLUMBERS WITH OVER 50 YEARS EXPERIENCE NO CALL OUT FEE Specialising in: • Blocked Drains • Hot Water Systems Service Repair Replace PL:5435 GF:5170 0418 942 157 15% OFF* *First hour of Labour Aquarium & Pond Maintenance Overhauls and Regular up-keep Pumps and Filtration. Installation and Maintenance Supplier of Fish and Live plants. Ph Gavin 0414 836 129 BROOKWELL IRRIGATION • Repairs on Pumps & Reticulation • Irrigation Systems • Commercial & Domestic • Valve Locating & Wire Tracking 0414 475 527 MAINTENANCE SPECIALISTS LEAKS FIXED - Quality Work - Friendly Service • Roof Repairs (metal or tile) • Ridge Pointing • Pressure Cleaning • Gutters & Downpipes FIXING LEAKS OTHERS CAN’T Mark Warden Ph: 0416 042 038 PONDS A PLUS PAINTING & SERVICES • Residential • Commercial • Interior • Exterior IMMEDIATE START Free Quotes Call Fred Mob:0413 235 163 Phone:9206 5331 Fax:9206 5337 Reg # 6263 Southern Star Plumbing & Gas Residential & Commercial Service Repairs & Maintenance Call Paul 0404 973 885 PL 7353 GF 015 987 BF 1768 It’s Easy! Call ZAMBEZI PLUMBING & GAS 08 9361 7665 Emergencies 24/7 PL6956 GF 010950 Lic 2485 • Termite Inspection • Ants • Spiders • Cockroaches • Rodents • Fleas/Ticks • Termites SUMMERSPECIAL $160 + GST FOR EXTERNAL SPRAY ALL PEST WORK GUARANTEED PH 1300 460 996 0413 998 955 Specialising in Domestic Commercial Interior Exterior Woodwork Any size jobs FREE QUOTE Mob: 0451 901 919 0411 354 602 Ph: 6107 8633 P&N Painting Services Reg No. 5309 PC100908 STEWART FRANK PLUMBING Prompt, reliable service • Blocked Drains • Burst Pipes • Leaking Taps • Hot Water systems • Cisterns • Toilet Pans • General Plumbing Mobile 0419 953 531 PL5094 GL 006462 • Termites • Spiders • Ants • Rodents • Weeds • Cockroaches LOCAL FAMILY BUSINESS Ph: 0458 573 699 PEST Control Lic No. 2136 Termatrac Certified Strike For 30 years Joel Irrigation have been trusted to provide the best reticulation, bore installation, pump works & irrigation services you can find in Perth. With extensive experience in the Perth Irrigation and Landscaping industry, we can help with any job, question or query about your yard and irrigation system. We provide workmanship for the commercial and domestic markets, and pride ourselves on delivering outstanding client and customer service. With offices located at 1/2 Loch St in Nedlands, you’re invited to check out our irrigation shop for all of your irrigation needs. Phone: 9386 3183 ROOFING and BUILDING MAINTENANCE •All roof repairs •Gutters and Downpipes • Termite damage •All structural timber work 0400 786 682 Don ABN: 17812526103 Painter’s Reg: 7551 PEST CONTROL Subiaco Painting Service Small Jobs Welcome 0438 755 877 0433 021 903 Reg No 3468 Ren Steve Plumbing, Gas and Filtration 25+ Years Experience Affordable and Friendly NO CALL OUT FEE Justin 0438 996 911 PL9309, GL8519, BF 5200 - 4248115 SAVE WATER SOLUTIONS As members of The Master Painters Association our goal is to ensure you receive only the highest level of industry standards. Over 20 years working in the Western Suburbs means our team knows exactly how to ensure your painting project is completed successfully, with the minimum disruption to you. We look forward to meeting you and presenting our professionally prepared fixed price quote. Reg No. 100998 Please phone Chris ASSURED PAINTING 0411 889 322 Your Painting Project Just Got Simpler RETIC REPAIRS • Valve locating • Fault finding • Maintenance specialist 30+ YEARS EXPERIENCE Call Paul 0404 973 885 The Paving Experts • New • Relays • Repairs • Soak Well Installations PROMPT SERVICE Cam 0402 177 111 Swan River Roofing Ron: 0403 842 218
Quokka Painting and Decorating Reg. No. 101208 PAVING 24 HR Pensioner rates 0438 950 413 MAINTENANCE & PLUMBING 47 YEARS EXPERIENCE PL 7947 NEED A PAINTER Maybe I can help. 24 years experience (Melbourne) new to Perth, FREE QUOTES Dave 0434 278 441
0433 021 903
THE RETICULATION & REPAIR SPECIALISTS •New systems installed & additions •Troubleshooting •Faulty solenoid & wiring locating •Quality controllers, Popup sprinklers / replacements •Water-wise subsurface systems •New bores & servicing •Lawn & landscaping packages PROMPT PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Call Dave Cam 0408 092 350 0402 177 111 MILLARS 40YEARSPAINTING EXPERIENCE QUALITY WORKMANSHIP GRANT MILLAR M: 0428 220 006 E: Reg No 5534 Reg No 3320 COLOURS OF THE CAPE REPAINTING SPECIALIST OLD FASHIONED SERVICE AT AFFORDABLE PRICES •Restoration work specialist •Crazy cracks fixed permanently • Character homes • Roof restoration • Available for large jobs •Over 35 years’ experience FREE QUOTES AND ADVICE 7days a week Call 0401 191 759 Reg 4934 Skilled Plumbing & Gas Services (local) Burst pipes • Blocked drains Installation • Repairs Renovations Pensioners Discount PL 5580 Gas 4784 LOCAL ROOFING Ridge Capping Fixed the Proper Way 2 YEAR WRITTEN WARRANTY • Special sealant for box gutters • Re-roof tiles to tin • Emergency work • Gutters • Speciality Gutters/Downpipes •Valleys &Flashings Replaced • Soakwells • Tin Reroofs • Seniors Rates ALL WORK GUARANTEED LOCAL SINCE 1986 0431 945 666 9385 9719 JJ LIGHT Painter & Decorator REG 6685 FREE ESTIMATES 30 years experience No job too big or small 0416 752 557 S.P. 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Till death do us

• From page 9

$1.8million, to suit his parents’ lifestyle and their growing accessibility issues.

The result was a light-filled two-storey building that could be used as a family home with full accessibility on the ground floor, or divided into two separate apartments simply by closing a door.

“This way, you’re still at the heart of the family, you’re in control, and the doors are wide enough so that when the box comes, you just get rolled out,” he said. “You can enjoy your last years.”

The ideas seem simple: no trip hazards, wide hallways, seamless doorways, large light switches that can be flicked with an open hand or elbow, washing machines and dishwashers at hip height, and no step into the shower.

“Trips are the main issue,” David said. “You need to reduce all the bits of the home that are out to get you.”

The statistics tell a worrying story: 62% of falls are in the home, and 60% of people who fall need to go to hospital. Of those, 94% will never go home.

The home’s design hides its accessibility elements in plain sight, with a modernist style that suits today’s open plan home fashion.

The upstairs apartment is suitable for family members, a live in nurse, or even a paying guest.

The common-sense approach to melding good design and accessibility struck a chord


with many people who visited the home, and led to David launching the company To Be Home with friend and fellow director Ned Wilson.

“There’s a generation of people who have worked very hard and aren’t very compromising on what they want,” Ned said.

“We can match them with a retirement that they feel like they deserve.

“All of the methodology should be adopted across the board. It makes a lot of sense for people in their 30s and 40s to be thinking like this.

“It’s so wasteful to build

things that don’t have longevity for what we need.”

The design and development concept of To Be Home allowed people to choose to stay in the suburb where they lived, or near their children.

“At some point, we all need the help,” David said.

“The whole idea of this house is that the adaptability is there, if you need it.”

Bill and Di have not gone out in boxes but have moved to a similar home in Marmion and sold the Broome Street property this month for $6million.

Rail land deal leaves Swannie in the dark

• From page 5

adequate consultation.

The department would prepare a masterplan based on a “short online survey” with questions including how you use the local area, what you like and don’t like, and what you would think could be provided in the future.

“If the government were to release high-quality renders of a future development, locals would rightly question whether they have been prepared with thorough community consultation,” Ms Brewer said.

Treasurer Rita Saffioti used the recent state budget to

announce that $38 million had been set aside to replace 114-year-old Congdon Steet bridge.

She also confirmed that early designs for the modern crossing included potential future development on land near the bridge.

“After three years of media releases by the state government with scant information, it’s time for the Cook Labor Government to share the Swanbourne station precinct development plans and for genuine community engagement to start,” Ms Brewer said.

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Feeling boxed in?

• From page 3

over-height by 1.05m and because their property was 1.7m below natural ground level, they were “particularly vulnerable” to the impacts of the excess height.

“It impinges on our sense of space, gives us a very boxed in feeling in our back garden and impacts on the light,” Timothy Phillips told councillors.

“Our block is lower than natural ground level and we are particularly vulnerable to any excess height over that which is allowed in the codes and the rules.

“We fully support the applicant’s right to develop their new purchase and build a wonderful home.

“It’s a large block and there’s plenty of room to build something really good without negatively impacting on the neighbours.

“When they moved in, Perth’s a small place, we’re friends of friends, we think we’ll be friends with our neighbours.

“What we’re really asking though is that our rights are also protected and ask that councillors consider our rights to preserve our lifestyle and our asset.”

Councillor Ryan Brown successfully put up an amendment to require the height of the wall be made compliant by reducing it to a maximum 6.6m.

Councillor Kate Main said it was

“a last hurrah” for councillors debating development applications before the state government gives the power of approval to staff from July 1.

Councillor Paul Kelly, who chaired the meeting, said while staff were generally good at facilitating negotiations between neighbours this was an example of where it was valuable that the plans came before councillors.

“This a case in point where it came to the council and another change was made, which has not

Men complain after shooting

• From page 3

survivors to get those restraining orders and also enforce them.

“This committee will take submissions and hear evidence from witnesses and report back in December.”

Ms Chaney also met Ariel Bombara, the daughter of the killer, and will be working with her and domestic violence support services and advocates to drive change.

She supported the efforts by the state government to further tighten

• From page 5

shallow ends, straight and curved ledges, two manny (manual) pads (skater-friendly kerbs) as well as seating and shade.

Lottery funds cover the full cost of structures in the 781sq.m park, while local ratepayers will cover the cost of the extensive landscaping.

Cottesloe Coastcare group has not opposed building the park on the site, which is not natural dunes with indigenous vegetation. The original sand-dunes were bulldozed almost flat in Cottesloe’s early days.

Proposed landscaping includes grass trees (xanthorrhoea), red gum, rottnest island tea-trees, sweet quandong and

dune mosses.

The public should have been consulted first about rescinding the park’s leash-free status, some councillors said.

“It should first be advertised for community feedback,” councillor Chilla Bulbeck told week’s council meeting.

“There are multiple areas in Cottesloe for off-leash exercise - I don’t believe this decision needs feedback.”

Councillor Jeffrey Irvine said he was in favour of more community feedback.

The vote to advertise was tied 3-3, with acting mayor Helen Sadler using her casting vote to give the public 28 days’ notice to make the park an off-leash area.

Family to save Fyfe rotunda

with temporary fencing and Keep Out signs for more

The Showground Men’s Shed offered to help fix it up after Nedlands council refused to spend any money

Shirley Fyfe died in 1996 and the park was named after her as someone “who lived nearby and did much for the community”

“She was a bit of a humble lady,” Allison said. “It’s a place where the grandchildren can be proud, and just for people to know that there was a person who did stuff

Shirley was a communityminded woman who was

known for her love of trees and native gardens, and teaching scripture at the

She cared for her people in the community, giving lifts to driving people to the shops if they were unable to drive.

But her generous nature stopped short of coddling her children, who have many memories of being made to walk to the bus stop or ride their bikes to music lessons in the rain.

Shirley taught for many decades,

“She pulled out her rose garden in the 1970s, which was very unusual for Dalkeith, and put in a native garden, which was unheard of,” Allison said.

100 neighbours not wanted

• From page 5 zoning would limit the “worst case scenario” for Karella Street residents to three storeys.

“We have seen, historically, if you leave anything to the discretion of the WA Planning Commission they generally take the worst case scenario,” he said.

Staff have also recommended extra walkways linking Monash Avenue and Karella Street to the subdivision’s proposed 0.6ha central park, to be named Hollywood Commons.

Hesperia’s planning consultant, Jane Bennett, told councillors that Hesperia hoped to lodge the first building plans for the site by the end of this year.

“[The subdivision] is critical to deliver an appropriate level of housing diversity and choice,” she said.

Finalisation of Local Planning Policy 3.15

Proposed Park Street Heritage Area

At the City of Subiaco Ordinary Council Meeting held on 28 May 2024, Council designated the Park Street Heritage Area and proceeded with draft Local Planning Policy 3.15 Proposed Park Street Heritage Area without modifications. The policy outlines the boundaries of the heritage area, contains the statement of significance for the area and identifies the places that contribute to the heritage significance of the area.

The local planning policy can be downloaded from the planning and development section of the City’s website at




Hollywood block-buster

• From page 1

WAPC chairman David Caddy and member Jane Bennett were allowed to stay despite declaring they owned property within the affected area because that interest was “unlikely to influence [their] conduct in relation to the matter”.

Perth and Nedlands councils have spent three years and hundreds of thousands of dollars creating a UWA and QEII precinct plan.

That plan – developed in consultation with affected communities – was scrapped overnight by the state government’s announcement three weeks ago which overrides their scheme (Say goodbye to Hollywood, POST, May 18).

Ms Brookes had to leave the meeting twice.

The first was when Nedlands mayor Fiona Argyle and planning director Tony Free, followed by Perth development director Dale Page, made presentations. They had less than 10 minutes between them to make their case.

Ms Argyle told the board her council was given just three days and very little information to make an informed decision.

She asked for a deferral to give city planners more time.

“Mayor Argyle stated that much of the Improvement Plan area is geographically removed from the Hampden/Broadway ‘spine’ and that the inclusion of the areas well removed from the ‘spine’ has the potential to remove local planning controls for little benefit,” the minutes said.

“Mayor Argyle expressed that they have a concern that the future Improvement Plan will be created with little regard to the City’s existing policies.”


Draft Local Planning Policy -


The City of Nedlands is seeking comment on draft Local Planning Policy – Precincts. The Policy proposes to consolidate the previously adopted Broadway, Hampden-Hollywood and Nedlands Stirling Highway Activity Corridor – Residential (NSHAC-R) Precinct Local Planning Policies (LPP) in to one Policy, with the addition of the draft Waratah Precinct LPP.

The Policy will be open for public comment until 5pm 28 June 2024. For more details, and to comment, please visit

Copies of the policy can also be viewed at the City’s Administration Building located at 71 Stirling Highway, Nedlands, WA 6009. Tyrell Street and Mountjoy Road Heritage Areas and Draft Local Planning Policy 6.2 – HeritageProtected Places

The City of Nedlands is seeking comment on designating parts of Tyrell Street and Mountjoy Road as Heritage Areas. The designation provides statutory protection to retain the existing streetscape appearance. The proposal is accompanied by Local Planning Policy 6.2, which guides development in Heritage Areas. These projects will be open for public comment until 5pm 8 July 2024. For more details, and to comment, please visit

Copies of the policy can also be viewed at the City’s Administration Building located at 71 Stirling Highway, Nedlands, WA 6009. Matthew MacPherson


Have your say in
POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 81
• From page 7 Shirley Fyfe was an early promoter of native gardens. Mourners attended the memorial service at St Nicholas’ in Berkeley Crescent.

Tough love: John Todd’s last words

THE Sporting

You’ve got no guts.”

John Todd had those words ringing in his ears every time he ran onto the football field, forced himself to the top of another sand dune or completed a lap at training with his shredded knee screaming at him to stop.

The words were those of his mother Doris who plunged a dagger into her son’s heart with what, at first appeared a merciless assessment of his character but was, in reality, her method of motivating and inspiring him to overcome a catastrophic knee injury.

It worked.

I don’t know if that story has been revealed previously but it came from the purest source –John Todd himself in what was the final interview of a life in which 70 of his 86 years were spent in the public eye.

The most confronting moment came when he was 18, had just won the Sandover Medal and had the extraordinary talent, selfbelief and determination needed to become the greatest footballer the game had seen, only to suffer the most infamous knee injury in WA sporting history.

Everything he did after that, including coaching West Coast and winning six WAFL premierships, was informed and overshadowed by that devastating moment.

“I was never the same after the injury,” Todd told me last week.

“I learned something out of that incident, though, and it came from my mother.

“She always knew how to push my buttons.

“I went to two knee specialists who said I wouldn’t be able to play again and then saw a third who said I might be able to play if I only ran in a straight line and didn’t fly for any marks.

“That was absolutely devastating. I went home and said ‘I think I’m done’.

“My mother then sat me down, looked me in the eye and simply said ‘You’ve got no guts’. Coming from your mother, who you would think might have a bit of sympathy, was tough to take.

“I don’t know if she was trying to inspire me to get back to football or if that was just her way.

“It worked, though.

“Every time I was in the gym, or running up sandhills at the beach, or slogging laps of the oval, those words were ringing in the back of my head.

“And I never played another game of football without her voice in my ear. I’m not sure she did it to give me inspiration but it worked. It worked.”

He went on to explain that he believed to his core that he could have been football’s greatest player but lived for seven decades with the regret of that loss.

The only other regrets that came close were his decision not to select injured Swan Districts captain Brad Shine in the 1990 WAFL grand final and his entry in the Australian Hall of Fame as a coach rather than a player.

The injustice of that latter point rankled from his induction in 2003 until his final breath.

Todd died this week as the elder statesman of WA football and a profound, polarising and massively influential figure for hundreds, if not thousands, of footballers and people associ-

ated with the game.

I had been trying to interview him for some time for a book project but it became apparent recently that time was running out and that it needed to be done soon or not at all.

John was keen to do it as well after we had struck up a solid relationship in recent years during our involvement on the WA Football Hall of Fame selection panel.

It was poignant that the news of his death was relayed to the current selectors after our annual meeting on Tuesday.

Todd’s coaching philosophy

was to test his players’ mental capacity, sometimes with words as cruel as those of his mother’s, other times by pushing his charges far beyond their physical limits.

The strong thrived but the weak succumbed. And he wanted to know well before grand final day which player was which.

He did the same with me at our first selection meeting.

The protocol was to go around the table of mostly legendary WA football figures and have every selector nominate one candidate that would then provide an initial list to be debated.

Double JT … John Todd and the columnist in his final interview last week.


an a initial list I was one of up a name

“What wou barked the i across the bl o k e i s you ge panel

I was one of the first to put “What would you know?” barked the imposing figure across the table. “That bloke is no good. He couldn’t play. How did you get to be on this panel if you are going to come up with names like that?”

Confronting moment but I responded by saying that obviously someone involved in the Hall of Fame thought I could add some value, and that

my vote was worth no more nor less than his.

The tension was palpable but it was broken in the most memorable fashion.

Mal Atwell was the next selector and repeated the name of my candidate. Then Denis Marshall did the same. Then Brian Sierakowski. Then Ken McAullay.

Toddy threw up his hands, muttered something like “You’ve got me”, and got on with business.

As I was walking out of Subiaco Oval an hour or so later, Todd came up to me, thrust out a right mitt in which every finger pointed in a different direction, and shook hands with consider-

able vigour.

“Well done in there,” he said. “I think we might get on OK. You will discover they are all out to get you so we JTs need to stick together.”

So it proved, though I also reminded him that he did me an enormous favour in Cork 30 years earlier when he was coaching the Australian team on tour in Ireland, saw me talking to captain Steve Malaxos, a junior football opponent and cricket team-mate, and invited me into the rooms for his rousing pre-match speech before the first Test. It was a thrill to sit between Terry Daniher and Peter Motley as Toddy cranked up the us-v-them theme.

“That’s me,” he said last week. “Kindness through and through.”

I visited him at home in Applecross last week, got a briefing from his wife Meryl and then walked through the house to his nook in the back where the 1997 South Fremantle premiership photo took pride of place above the television on which he was watching IPL highlights.

He was frail and explained that his heart was operating on little more than 20 percent capacity and could give up at any time.

But he was sharp with the answers to the questions I put to him, but soon became quite reflective on his career, the pivotal moments in its foundation stages and, most particularly, his early life.

Hence the story about Doris after he hurt his knee in 1956. Vale John Todd.

Teahupoo tubes suit barrelling Brazilian

Picture perfect postcards from the paradise of pits and pure passion for surfing protagonists at this year’s Tahiti Pro. Bus-sized barrels, epic late drops and foam ball tube rides with competitors on the edge of the ledge staring into heaven and hell.

After a poor start to the year, firebrand Brazilian energiser bunny Italo Ferreira bounced back to victory in the titanic tubes of Teahupoo reef break.

Ferreira was facing relegation from the tour at Margaret River and his victory is a welcome return to the winner’s

“I have won in different types of waves, not barrels and that is what I’ve been looking for.

“I missed this event last year and I have finally got my win here, I’m really, really stoked.”

Ferreira beat Hawaiian hell man JohnJohn Florence who was spitting blood after his

across the reef after lighting up the waves with a pin-point tube and a perfect 10-point ride. Fans could be forgiven for thinking that Hewy the God of Waves was hating on the World Surf League for the less-than-stellar run of surf over the last year but more than made up for it with this year’s Teahupoo blessing.

The women continued to push the boundaries of what we’ve seen in competitive surfing by shredding the massive, heavy waves.

Tahitian wildcard Vahine Fierro used her home break advantage to take the win which had the local crowd hooting in the channel.

“My body is sore everywhere,” Fierro said.

“I gave it my all, I wiped out so many times and broke my board.

“It was like madness, I was calm, it’s insane.”

WA’s Jack Robinson failed to fire at one of his favourite waves and bowed out early in the elimination round which saw him slide down the ratings into third spot.

Page 82 – POST, June 8, 2024
John townsend John as a South Fremantle star, above, and West Coast coach, right.
nam C m r s
o c
surfing with cameron bedford-brown Tahitian wildcard Vahine Fierro gets deep under the lurching lip of a Teahupoo tube on her way to victory. Photo: WSL/Matt Dunbar

How to enter:

How to enter:


Use this shape to make a drawing. The best two entries will win.

Use this shape to make a drawing. The best two entries will win.

�Animal chills and thrills

You could win $10

Do your best Doodlebug drawing in the box above, and fill in the entry form. Cut out the drawing and entry form and ask an adult to email it to, with “Doodlebug” in the subject heading. Or drop your entry off to our office at 276 Onslow Road, Shenton Park 6008, during normal business hours, or mail it to POST Kids at that address. For artists up to the age of 12. ENTRIES MUST ARRIVE BY NOON ON WEDNESDAY.

Complete your Doodlebug, drawing in the box on the page, and fill in the entry form. Cut out your Doodlebug and entry form together and send them to POST Kids, 276 Onslow Road, Shenton Park 6008, to arrive at our office by noon on Wednesday. The winning entries will be published in the next POST Kids.

�Some weeks a doodle can pose a quite a challenge, but you’re always up for the creative challenge – using it sideways, upside down or turning it into a piece of abstract art!

Hi Kids,

Our two main winners this week did a good job of turning it into two works of great storytelling.

sitting in a boat happily eating an ice cream while fishing.

Name: Age

Name: .........................................................................Age ............................


Address ...........................................................................................................


Phone number:


Phone number: ..............................................................................................

What have you drawn?:

What have you drawn?:


What to do:

Perfect for this project would be an old T-shirt you’ve grown out of and are allowed to cut up.

Trace a circle the size of a dinner plate on to the material and cut it out very carefully. About 1cm in from the edge, use a pencil to evenly mark slits in pairs about 1cm apart. Leave 5cm between each pair of slits (figure 1). Use sharp scissors to cut the slits as shown in figure 2. Thread string or ribbon through the holes (figure 3) and you can tie a bead or bell on each end of the string to stop the ends pulling through. Pull your pouch closed and tie in a bow.

What a creative bunch you all are! There were so many great Doodlebugs to choose from this week, but two major winners had to be found.

Everett Ng, 6, from Claremont, created a very dramatic drawing of a huge, vicious-looking sea serpent leaping out of the water to catch a bird. I definitely don’t want to encounter that creature!

I love Elle’s unfinished pyramid (I saw ones just like that in Egypt last month!) Emil’s cassowary, Heidi’s skater girl, Lucie’s mixedup dog crossed with a cow and a horse, and Gabi’s equally complex hornets’ nest.

Q. How does a penguin

A. Igloos it together!

Q: What do you call a dog magician?

A: A labracadabrador.

Q. What is a sea monster’s favourite meal?

A. Fish and ships!

Q: Which law applies to salads?

A: Coles-law.

Q. Why did the monster ask to leave the table?

Q: Why is Peter Pan always flying?

A. He’d already eaten the fridge, the stove and the kitchen cabinets!

A: Because he Neverlands.

Q. What do you call a ghost that plays football?

A. Team spirit!

Q: What do you get if you cross the Man of Steel with vegetable broth?

Q. Who did the zombie invite to his party?

A: Soup-erman!

On the other hand, I’d quite like to meet Zoe Kershaw’s chilled penguin. Zoe, 7, from Claremont, has drawn a very cute penguin

One of them is Amelie Williams (11), from East Fremantle, and her multi-coloured flower is a beauty.

Amelie has done a wonderful job with some great colours, and even included a little Doodlebug and a pretty butterfly.

Shop 4/531

Hay Street Subiaco 9381 3100

Mischa (7), from Peppermint Grove, is our other major winner and has used her hilarious brother, Noah, for inspiration. Mischa’s little boy definitely looks like a funny

And thanks to Ruby for sending me her drawing. Though she is now a teenager, she still loves doing the Doodlebug. No matter how old you are it is always a great creative challenge.

character, doesn’t he? Paige did a gorgeous tropical hibiscus and Aaron drew a skateboarder on a colourful ramp. Amelie’s dolphin was spouting water while Anna’s palm tree was backed by a beautiful sunset. Xavier’s octopus was a great idea while Phoebe’s sparkly sun was so bright it had to wear sunnies!

Vouchers will be valid for the next three months. These Doodlebug contestants have won.

Elle Markov, Emil French, Heidi Neave, Felix French, Thomas Roberts, Taj Ramdas, Lucie Taylor, Gabi Fechner, Anabel Pugliese, Elina Tiara.

Carter’s Doodlebug was full of rainbows while Maya’s flower had petals of all colours. Ari’s little boy was playing soccer and Lily’s lady had woken up with some pretty wild bed hair.

See you next week, Jane

A. Anyone he could dig up!

Q. What happens if you play table tennis with a bad egg?

Q: How many caped crusaders does it take to change a light bulb?

A: None. They like the dark.

A. First it goes ping, then it goes pong!

Knock knock Who’s there?

Tongue Twister


Dishes who?

Dishes the Police. Come out with your hands up.

POST, June 8, 2024 – Page 83
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Flies fly but a fly flies.
Kids POST, February 11, 2017 – Page 95 ✄ ICE-CREAM WINNERS These Doodlebug contestants have won ice-cream vouchers. Paige Leslie, Lily Nichols, Maya
and Phoebe Walsh. Shop 4/531 Hay Street Subiaco 9381 3100
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Mathews, Amelie, Anna Walsh, Xavier Craig, Carter Cswaykus, Ari Craig
.....................................................................................Postcode ....................
Jokes okes Tongue twister Shade sails, shade solutions
Amelie Williams (11)
It’s raining Doodlebugs ➍ ails, s What
other fabric Pencil
Mischa (7)
you’ll need: Old T-shirt or
r Make a treasure pouch ➋ ➊ ➌ Contact Mary 0466 749 804 Newspaper deliverers Earn cash delivering the POST Newspaper in the western suburbs. Flexible hours, regular or casual shifts available. Suited to someone who has a bike or scooter. Immediate start. Flexible hours, regular Start earning today! THE POST IS HIRING
t or
Scissors Ribbon o
string (about 60c 0 m) Bells or beads Sc S is i sors
Page 84 – POST, June 8, 2024 Rossen Real Estate 8/61 Hampden Road NEDLANDS Price Guide $395,000 Four dedicated undercover car bays Vacant Possession Prestige Building Shared Boardroom and Kitchen/WC Small Group of Eight Close to UWA and Hollywood Medical Precinct For Sale Greg Rossen 0418 924 949 Rob Selid 0412 198 294

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