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Huston refuses developer donations

Head knocks broke Ocker’s brain

Jonathan Huston will not accept donations from property developers in his campaign to win back the state seat of Nedlands for the Liberal Party.

Infill, high rise, tree canopy and loss of character and heritage in Nedlands and Subiaco were top of the lists of concerns for 80% of the 120 delegates who voted on his recent pre-selection for the seat.

Some supported infill development, but Mr Huston was given the clear message that a high proportion of Liberal Party members had deep reservations about inappropriate development.

All Liberal Party parliamentarians, except Cottesloe MP David Honey, voted recently for the government’s new laws to strip most planning power from local communities.

“The government has devolved power to the WA Planning Commission,” Mr Huston said.

“It goes completely counter to Liberal values.

“One of the key shared Liberal values is a federal system of government, and that the decentralisation of local decisions be made at a local level.

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Bizarre, mean and greedy

Austin Robertson was right.

The champion footballer and POST columnist vowed to donate his brain to science because he suspected he had the life-changing condition Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

The disease is triggered by repeated concussions from blows to the head and can only be diagnosed after death.

At least 13 Australian athletes have been diagnosed with it. It is unknown how many untested cases are out there.

Now the science has shown that Robertson was not only correct in his suspicions but suffered from CTE for much of his adult life.

It may explain the dramatic emotional changes he reported to his family and friends and possibly contributed to his death from an accidental fall at home last August.

Signs of CTE include problems with thinking and memory, personality changes and behavioural changes including aggression, depression and suicidal thoughts.

Robertson’s daughter Nicola has received a report from the Australian Sport Brain Bank which confirmed that her father was suffering from CTE.

“He definitely did have CTE,” Ms Robertson said.

“And they said that it was from repeated injuries to his head from a long time ago.

“But they also said he didn’t have any dementia.

“He was pretty sharp but the CTE was getting worse.”

Ms Robertson said her father also had Meniere’s disease, an inner ear problem that causes dizziness and vertigo.

“They can’t say for certain that I think that the Meniere’s and the CTE were probably connected,” she said.

The brain bank has assessed at least 18 brains donated by former footballers, with all but one showing signs of neurodegeneration.

Graham Farmer was the first footballer diagnosed with CTE while Danny Frawley and Shane Tuck, both recent AFL players, were also diagnosed after taking their own lives.

Robertson used a front-page column in the POST almost exactly a year ago to promise to donate his brain to help science combat the debilitating condition.

The column received significant attention around the country, given Robertson’s status as WA’s greatest ever goalkicker, member of the • Please turn to page 77

Cancer patients target targeted

“Bizarre” is how a District Court judge described Shane Burnett Kittelty and his dodgy claim to the $20million estate of Wembley toolmaker John Arthur Street before sentencing him to five years in prison.

Justice Alan Troy jailed Kittelty, 55, last Friday after describing the offences as mean, greedy and trying to take money intended for cancer patients.

But Justice Troy warned that the case had exposed weaknesses in judicial administration that “struck at the heart of the court system”.

The scathing comments came after a three-day trial in which the jury took less than two hours to find the York man guilty of fraud (Stranger claims $20m with forged will, POST, May 4). It emerged at the sentencing that Kittelty had been on the run since July 2016 when a bench warrant was issued for his arrest for failing to appear at a court hearing.

He was caught by police last September and has been held in custody since then.

The judge said Kittelty’s efforts were crude and unsophisticated, but identified concerning weaknesses in the court system.

These weaknesses had aided the fraudster in his “sordid enterprise”.

“There seems, Mr Kittelty, to be some form of bizarre selfjustification at play here, on a scale I have rarely previously encountered,” the judge said.

He found other aspects of the accused man – who sat in the dock for the entire trial but barely spoke or interacted with the court – baffling.

The judge said his behaviour in a police video of a 2014 search of his Elizabth Street, York house – shown as evidence in the trial – was “unusual to say the least”.

Apart from pleading not guilty to the offences at the start of the trial, Kittelty had “completely detached” himself from the court, Justice Troy said.

The judge asked him directly if there was any reason for detaching himself from the trial and court.

“I will leave it to the court,” Mr Kittelty said. He repeated it when the judge indicated he had not heard his response.

Justice Troy said there was no evidence of “causal mental illness” before him.

Orders were made for Kittelty to undergo a psychological examination to ensure he was fit to stand trial but the accused had turned that down.

Justice Troy said apart from Kittelty’s age and some very basic details, he was “a blank canvas”.

He asked Kittelty if there was anything he wanted to tell the court about himself – including any good deeds in the community or family history.

Kittelty simply replied: “No your honour” and declined another offer to speak for himself.

Justice Troy said there was very little case law for dealing

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Austin as a POST columnist in the years before he died aged 80. Record holder… young Austin Robertson’ high follow-through was a key feature of his deadly accurate goal-kicking.

Smoking gun for birds and bugs

Hats off to Roslyn Hanlon and her dog Sid who snuffled through leaf litter in a small public garden area close to St John of God Hospital, helping her collect cigarette butts that she assembled into a “butt face” to help publicise World Earth Day (Butt out of rubbish drive, POST, April 27).

Toxins in butts enter the soil. Birds forage for insects in that layer but Roslyn found no bugs, so the food chain is affected. If the birds ate bugs which ate toxins from cigarettes could that then affect bird health?

Recently it has been reported that insects are suddenly becoming scarcer in our leafy western suburbs, another reason for concern over our dwindling green canopy.

Insects are important, of course, in food chain dynamics – not just for sustaining insectivorous birdlife.  A world with disappearing insects would be hard for us humans too.

Years ago I chatted with a street sweeper in Perth about his job.

I asked him what was the most common form of litter he had to collect. He answered immediately: Cigarette butts.

If he didn’t do his job well, they would be washed into roadside gutters and their toxins wind up polluting lakes, the Swan River and the sea. It’s sad seeing people smoking and damaging their own health, but the damage goes on into the surrounding environment if cigarette butts are not disposed of properly.

Troy Terrace, Daglish

RIGHT: Roslyn Hanlon with the “butt face” she fashioned from cigarette butts picked from a small public garden.

Home truths at Woodside’s AGM

On April 24 I attended the Woodside annual general meeting at Crown Casino. Proceedings were going smoothly until a couple of protests took place. A pop-up choir performed a climate-change song, and then some young students stood up and delivered a speech about climate change at the top of their lungs.

I could see around me the annoyed faces of my fellow over-50s, but I thought good on them! When else would these young people get to communicate face-to-face with such influential people?

After a few minutes the young people left with very little fuss

and bother, and the meeting went on.

No harm was done, and it was a nice moment for reflection for some of us.

So I was surprised a couple of days later when Premier Roger Cook branded these young people’s actions despicable and an exercise in intimidation.

Honestly, with all of the events happening in our world at the moment, why would the premier demonise a couple of peaceful, passionate kids for speaking their truth to power?

Sure, it made us uncomfortable, but hard truths do.

Lucy Pezzali Kirwan Street, Floreat

Slow down, Frank, stay safe

It would be amusing to forensically dissect Frank Aquino’s lurid letter (Cambridge’s notso-safe Safe Active Streets, April 27).

One can only imagine how much fun shopping-centre carparks must be in a car that “idles” above 30kmh. Is this another case of Australian exceptionalism? Our foreign(!) cars happily crawl along well below that.

However, one is better served by focusing on the nugget of truth contained in the letter: Frank feels that the road

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(Ruislip Street) is unsafe at the speeds he’d like to travel at.

That, frankly, is the point.  A road beloved by rat-runners (despite all the “calming” devices) is now less “convenient” than the four-lane main roads immediately to the north and south.  And, at the same time, a whole lot safer for vulnerable road users.

So thank you, Frank, for demonstrating that the Ruislip Street modifications are working exactly as designed.

Conrad Drake Brix Street, Wembley Downs

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Hugo fires up to save island

Hugo Dedans, 3½, and his mum Katie often cut across the park at Lake Jualbup for lunch or afternoon tea at his granny’s nearby house.

They were on their way on Sunday when Hugo noticed smoke and fire on the densely-vegetated island that is now accessible because of the lake’s low water levels.

He brought it to his mum’s attention, and she quickly called 000.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services confirmed it got a call at about 3.45pm reporting smoke from the island.

A crew from Daglish fire station arrived five minutes later and quickly extinguished what they described as “a mulch fire”.

Firies also found two children at the scene and gave them a “stern talking to”.

As a reward, Hugo got to sit in the cab of the big red fire engine.

“He’s so observant and astute, he sees things other people don’t and he misses nothing,” said his proud granny Joan Brown.

Children have been spotted scampering over to the lake’s man-made island.

Subiaco council has signs around Lake Jualbup, warning of the avian botulism that killed about 40 ducks last week.

“It can kill waterbirds and may harm humans and animals,” the sign says.

It also advises against letting children and pets near the water.

Beetles spread as paper pile grows

Trees infested with killer beetles remain standing in Claremont while the state government deals with red tape and paperwork.

The infestation is in danger of spreading while the government’s response to the polyphagous shot-hole borer, which is devastating Perth’s tree canopy, has been accused in parliament of being too slow and too secretive.

The southeast Asian beetle has already claimed scores of trees at Lake Claremont and at least 20 in Kings Park.

Liberal shadow environment minister Neil Thomson, whose academic background is in pest control economics, raised the issue in parliament last month.

“Looking at the way in which

the pest has been managed, it would appear that the department is not taking a hard, fast and early approach to eradicating the disease,” he said.

“We know that when disease

Borer battle to cost $1m

Perth council will spend more than $1million over the next two years in a bid to stop the deadly polyphagous shot-hole borer wiping out trees across the City.

The exotic pest is the biggest threat to the city’s tree canopy, according to the council, with 25 trees lost since November 2022 and another 30 pruned.

Lord mayor Basil Zempilas said the money would be used to employ an extra arboriculture specialist, geographic information system

Cladding bill hits $16m

A $16million bill to replace dangerously fire-prone panels on several buildings at QEII Medical Centre does not include the cost of reskinning Perth Children’s Hospital and another major building.

It was revealed in state parliament this week that 28 panels from PCH were removed and tested in November last year and were all found to be flammable.

The cost of reskinning the $1.8billion children’s hospital –which opened in 2018 – has yet to be confirmed.

The state government is also waiting for a “statement of intent” to be drawn up for the multi-storey PP block, currently occupied by Pathwest, before the cost of recladding that building is known.

The exteriors of both PCH and the Pathwest building are almost entirely clad.

Opposition leader Libby Mettam asked questions of health minister Amber Jade Sanderson about dodgy panels at public hospitals.

Fiona Stanley and Joondalup Health Campus will also need to be tackled.

The POST first reported that six buildings at the 28ha medical complex were found to have aluminium composite panels (ACPs) similar to those that contributed to the deadly Grenfell Tower tragedy in London in 2017 (QEII to remove fire-risk cladding, POST, November 5, 2022).

can be feasibly eradicated, it is better to go hard, fast and early to deal with it and not let it spread, because the longer the disease is in the community, the more likely it will end up becoming impossible to eradicate.”

mapping of high value and susceptible trees and 3D mapping of trees to detect infestations.

“The team is also ensuring that trees are as healthy as practically possible through soil drenching and stem injections to increase their vitality and make them less vulnerable to the pest,” Mr Zempilas said.

He urged residents and community members to be vigilant for signs of the burrowing beetle and to report sightings.

The POST revealed last year that the government had paused work to remove infested moreton bay fig tree stumps at Lake Claremont because they had not first got permission from Aboriginal elders.

The stumps were untouched for six months and in January, 77 more trees at the wetlands were identified as being infested with the borer and would have to be felled.

Those trees were yet to be removed this week.

A government spokesperson said approvals were being sought before any action was

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These infested moreton bay fig trees in Jean and John Mulder Park are still standing. Little lake hero … Hugo Dedans gets a ride in a fire truck after alerting crews to a Jualbup fire.

Why FOGO is all go-go

Those little caddy bins on kitchen benches into which householders scrape their food scraps are making a huge difference.

Before the introduction by some councils of the bins and the larger wheelie bins that also take garden waste 800,000 tonnes of food and

garden waste ended up in landfill every year.

There it decomposed and produced methane, a greenhouse gas 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

When the green garden bin appeared, around 50% of that organic waste was recovered and became rich organic compost.

Those councils and regions that

Mediterranean Diet Workshop

have gone that step further and added a FOGO bin now transform up to 70% of that organic waste.

Western suburb councils that have introduced the food and green waste bins include Nedlands, Cottesloe, Subiaco, Mosman Park and, from July this year, Cambridge.

Food and garden waste is transformed into compost of such high quality that it is certified to be used on organic farms.

Learn more at Perth Garden and Outdoor Festival, May 9 to 12 at Langley Park.

Interested in being FOGO clients.

This Ruislip Street chicane was removed after a safety audit found it wasn’t working.

Mad over street calming

One of the despised traffic-calming devices in Ruislip Street, West Leederville, has been removed.

But local residents, who have inundated social media with complaints about the ironicallynamed Safe Active Streets program, were left disappointed that the other 40 road treatments will remain.

Cambridge council said the chicane near McCourt Street had been removed after a road safety audit found it was not doing what was intended.

Among some motorists, there was a perception that two vehicles could not pass one another, and the “garden bed build-out” west of McCourt Street had been replaced with a buildout flush with the road.

THE listening

“The two highlights of our trip were the two things our Egyptian tour guide told us not to bother with,” POST arts editor Sarah McNeill said.

“Against his advice we climbed down into the heart of the Great Pyramid of Giza – a deep, steep, hot and humid climb – and went inside the tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings to see his mummified body still lying there.”

Sarah and her husband Greg embarked on an adventure across hot, harsh, dusty and dirty Egypt, including riding Oscar the camel around the pyramids of Giza, sailing down the Nile for three days, hot air

ballooning over the Valley of the Kings and visiting many incredible ancient sites between Cairo and Aswan.

“Aswan is in the south, in North Egypt. The Nile is the only river in the world to run south to north, so North Egypt is south running up to South Egypt in the north,” Sarah explained.

“It was near the end of the trip when I worried that I hadn’t seen a sphinx,” she said. “Then we arrived at the Temple of Luxor which features a 4km avenue of sphinxes each staged 4m apart along the avenue which connects Luxor Temple to the vast Karnak Temple. A perfect end to the trip!”

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Sarah rides like an Egyptian Sarah catches up on western suburb happenings from inside the small tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings.

Ford factory fans bag heritage ‘failures’

A protector of Fremantle heritage says his organisation is “fed up” with the State Heritage Council in relation to the former Ford motor factory in North Fremantle.

Fremantle Society president John Dowson told State Heritage Council chair Darren Foster in an email that the government department “acts more like an extension of the Property Council than the protector and enhancer of heritage it was set up to be”.

Mr Dowson wrote that the council’s handling of the old Ford factory in Fremantle was one example of the society’s frustration with the department.

The landmark “stripped classical” building was erected in 1929 by Henry Ford’s Ford Motor Company to assemble Model-T

Ford cars, and was taken over in 1988 by the Matilda Bay Brewing Company.

Public comment was invited by May 4 on a proposal to add the building the State Heritage list.

Mr Dowson said the State Heritage Council did not alert the Fremantle Society to the submission deadline, or invite it to submit a comment.

The building has been identified as contributing to heritage “with a high degree of authenticity”.

“Apparently the Heritage Council is asking for heritage related comments by May 4 about the factory to continue its assessment,” Mr Dowson wrote to Mr Foster on May 2.

“Given the dozens of hours spent by the Fremantle Society on various issues for this major

Cambridge takes up ‘futile’ Forum challenge

WA’s top planning brass has told Cambridge council that it’s not worth spending money on an overall plan for the development of the Floreat Forum precinct, because it won’t be looked at.

But the council has voted 7-2

to award a $299,254 tender to a planning and engineering company, GHD, to develop a plan that could be available to the community by December.

The owner of Floreat Forum Shopping Centre, development company APIL, has spent at least four years working on a precinct structure plan (PSP) for the area surrounding the

prime real estate.

Council administration already has APIL’s plan, but councillors voted to reject it even though they had not seen it.

A PSP is a planning document that provides details about how an area can be developed over time and includes specifics on zoning, subdivision, design criteria, transport,

Spike in shark sightings

Sharks were sighted off metropolitan beaches 430 times this past summer, Surf Life Saving WA has reported.

That was a 60% increase over the number of sightings (individuals or schools) in summer 2022/23, and a huge 185% jump in the actual number of sharks seen.

The biggest increase was in February.

Meanwhile, sightings off South-West beaches jumped by 35%.

The sightings were recorded by the SLSWA rescue helicopter service flying out of bases at North Fremantle and Busselton.

“This season the increase in shark activity

across the metropolitan area was significant,” SLSWA said in a statement.

The subsequent clearing of beaches also increased, by more than 70%.

The rescue helicopter service took part in 27 search and rescue missions.

The state government announced four years of fuhas nding for its “shark mitigation strategy”, which includes $12.6million for the Westpac lifesaver rescue helicopter patrols, SLSWA’s emergency communications network, and “other emergency response” activity.

parking, water management and open spaces.

Mayor Gary Mack called a quickly-convened meeting last week with WA Planning Commission chairman David Caddy and Dale Sanderson, planning director at the department of planning (DoP).

All Cambridge councillors were invited.

Please turn to page 77 • Please turn to page 76

“It was very important that elected members had the benefit of the views of the ultimate decision maker,” Mr Mack told a special council meeting on Tuesday night.

“The WAPC has made it very clear to the Town that it is not in a position to assess two PSPs

POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 5
From page ??
John Dowson wants the State Heritage Council to register the old Ford factory as soon as possible to protect it from inappropriate development. Photo: Paul McGovern
Read the online at
A tiger shark pictured swimming off Port Beach on February 23.
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Huston’s move from intelligenence to politics

Despite some predictions, Jonathan Huston is not expecting to stroll into parliament with the help of Nedlands and Subiaco voters who may have changed their minds after the last election.

“It’s definitely going to be a very difficult contest,” he said of the state seat of Nedlands that, until the 2021 McGowan landslide, had been in nonLabor hands since it was formed in 1930.

He would need to unseat Katrina Stratton, who is recontesting the seat (Libs in tangle over candidates, POST, March 23).

“It’s a seat with significant demographic changes,” Mr Huston said.

He noted that the Shenton Park polling booth had the state’s highest Yes vote in last year’s Voice referendum.

Mr Huston lives in Subiaco, in the northern part of the electorate that covers the municipalities of Nedlands, Subiaco and bits of three others.

He is proud of his Subiaco roots, where his grandmother Edna Huston ran a boarding house in Lawler Street, taking in boys of 15 and 16 who had been sent into the world from Christian Brothers orphanages.

“They had nowhere else to go – she was effectively a mother for many of these boys,” Mr Huston said.

His father was a PMG engineer; his parents raised eight children.

He joined the army, trained at Duntroon and became specialist intelligence officer,

promoted to major at the age of 35, serving all over the world, including in Northen Ireland where he was seconded to the British Army.

Mr Huston returned to WA when his parents died of cancer, each aged 59.

“We had this really strong family kind of just disintegrating,” he said.

After his army service ended he went into business, buying, building up and selling three businesses.

Volunteer work led him to establish the Hard Hat Foundation, a charity that provides free hard hats and hi-vis vests to Balinese workers.

With his bid for election to parliament under way, he said of his views on the hot-button issue of infill development “you couldn’t put a cigarette paper’s difference between myself and David Honey”.

Inevitable growth

He said preservation of heritage suburban areas and tree canopy were crucial, and their destruction would not stop Perth growing, as it had inexorably since the 1970s.

“The growth of Perth is an inevitability,” he said.

“What are we going to do in 2031 when all the infill is complete, and Perth is still growing? Put another 30% on top of what’s already there?”

He fears that the eventual closure of King Edwards Memorial Hospital, which occupies an entire city block, will plonk another high-rise infill project in the heart of one of Subiaco’s heritage areas.

‘ It’s definitely going to be a very difficult contest. It’s a seat with significant demographic changes. ’

“I don’t support the hospital moving to Murdoch. And I don’t support the development of a high-rise precinct on that site,” he said.

“The government says that once the hospital moves, the land on which it sits will become the responsibility of the department of planning, lands and heritage and a decision for the state government. Therefore, it will be redeveloped.

“It’s a large plot of land, that then would be open to enormous development.

Arts, sport, recreation and some development harmonious with its surroundings would be a far better use of the land than high-rise high density,” he said.

He said the Murdoch move would lose not only the women’s and babies hospital, but other essential services now accessible to the northern suburbs.

They include the family domestic violence centre, Sexual Assault Resource Centre, genetic services, menopause centre, cervical screening, childbirth, and mental health services for mothers struggling with childbirth.

A significant business plan had been written to build the new women’s and babies’ hospital on the QEII campus, “trilocation” that was the world’s gold standard, minimising the critical transfer time between

hospitals for very sick infants.

In 2022, there had been 93 emergency transfers to Perth Children’s Hospital.

Freeway traffic jams between Murdoch and Nedlands would be inevitable.

But the decision to switch to Murdoch 20km away had seemingly been overturned overnight.

“The dangers posed by it moving south are difficult to fathom,” Mr Huston said.

Public safety

A third issue on his agenda is public safety, especially for women, informed by is 18-year

career as an army intelligence officer where he took into account security, lighting, fencing, walkways, threat areas, hotspots, assessment of threat and risk.

He wants to see a pilot program in the electorate for Safer Cities: Her Way, now undergoing assessment by the NSW department of transport in and around Gosford north of Sydney, where up to 86% of women said they felt unsafe at night.

Audits and surveys there have identified improvements that could be made to make women feel safer while out walking, jogging or cycling.

Page 6 – POST, May 11, 2024
Jonathan Huston

How sewage outfalls at Alkimos and Ocean Reef may be spreading pollution to beaches further south, including Cottesloe. Graphic: Nils Marchant

Pollution worries at Cottesloe beach

The water off Grant Street beach in Cottesloe was tested this week after people reported a strange “oil spill” in the ocean.

A man said that as soon as he saw the floating film, he was reminded of a letter he had read in the POST about an Ocean Reef sewage outlet causing skin problems along the coast (Current problem spreading pollution, May 4).

“It was an orangey brown, exactly like the cartoon in the POST,” our source said.

It was about 30 to 40m long and about three to four metres wide.

“People were diving into it,”

he said. “I could pick it up in my hand and feel the texture of it, like a tiny film.”

The WA health department said the discolouration was most likely an algal bloom.

Senior scientific officer Jared Koutsoukos said patchy algal blooms of Trichodesmium cf erythraeum, commonly referred to as “red tide” or “saw dust”, had been spotted along the coast.

Contact could result in skin irritations, rash, a sore throat, nausea and general weakness.

Any person who came into contact with discoloured water or algal scum should immediately rinse it off with clean water and seek medical attention if they became unwell.

Council workers were quick to test the water at Cottesloe, but results were inconclusive.

The bloom/water discolouration was not considered a significant risk to beach users as it did not wash up close to the shoreline or on the beach due to strong easterly winds.

Meanwhile, Ocean Reef resident Nils Marchant said the Ocean Reef sewerage issues may be linked to the recent occurrence of sea lice reported to have afflicted ocean swimmers at Cottesloe (Lice not nice for itchy swimmers, POST, May 4).

“It is possible, indeed probable, that the Ocean Reef

• Please turn to page 76

‘Not guilty’ over bomb charges

A 75-year-old Wembley Downs man has pleaded not guilty to having bomb-making chemicals in his possession.

Francis Kwok Kie Chan surprised Perth Magistrates Court on Monday when he changed his plea after his lawyer said he intended to plead guilty to seven charges relating to chemicals allegedly found at his house.

“Not guilty,” Mr Chan said on a video link from Casuarina Prison, “in the sense that I did not make anything.”

“It is over 50 years overdue and expired a long time ago,” he said. “It was left over by my friend.”

Police allegedly found chemicals used in making lead azide, a substance used in bomb detonators, at Mr Chan’s home in March.

TRG bomb response unit officers detonated the chemicals after the Chemistry Centre advised they were too volatile to move.

Lawyer Craig Fordham had previously told the court he

had been instructed that his client intended to plead guilty to all seven charges of making or possessing explosives under suspicious circumstances, threatening to kill in circumstances of aggravation, and inadequate storage of firearms or ammunition.

But when magistrate Andrew Matthews read the charges on Monday, Mr Chan’s reply surprised the court. He was remanded in custody and is due to appear in Perth Magistrates Court on Monday.

Tour Inclusions

Home pick-up and return by Private Car

Fully escorted by a Kings Tour Manager

Return economy airfares including taxes

2 nights’ accommodation at the Royal on the Park, Brisbane 7 nights’ accommodation at the Paradise Hotel and Resort, Norfolk Island

Breakfast daily, 1 Lunch, 1 High Tea and 8 dinners

Sightseeing and entry fees as per the itinerary

Sound and Light Show

Dress-up as a Convict and enjoy dinner

Enjoy high tea overlooking Cascade Bay

Embark on a breakfast bush walk

See the Norfolk pines and bushland lit up like an enchanted forest

View the interesting marine life on a Glass Bottom Boat ride

Explore the islands most lush gardens…and more!

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Prices and information is correct at the time of printing. Tours are based on reaching a minimum number. Home pick-up and return is included based on a set radius – surcharges will apply outside these areas. WA OWNED & OPERATED SINCE 1986 | PERTH OFFICE LOCATED AT 110D CAMBRIDGE ST, WEST LEEDERVILLE (08) 9380 6656 // BOOK ONLINE AT WWW.KINGSTOURS.COM.AU SIGN UP TO OUR NEWSLETTER TO STAY UP TO DATE WITH NEW TOURS TO SECURE YOUR SPOT WE CARE ABOUT THE LITTLE THINGS, THAT’S OUR DIFFERENCE premium inclusions on every tour Connect with a community of like-minded travellers Rest easy knowing that you can safely travel with Kings Feel supported on your tour with our experienced Tour Managers You’ll be treated like royalty with home pick-up & return by Hughes SINGAPORE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS AND SIGHTS 30 November to 6 December 2024 7 DAYS Tour Highlights Singapore Sights tour including morning tea at the National Orchid Garden Dinner at the Fullerton Hotel Morning at Gardens by the Bay Boat Ride on the Singapore River Christmas Lights stroll down Orchard Road Little India & Arab Street Tour High Tea at the Fullerton Bay Hotel Ride on the Singapore Flyer Morning at Singapore Zoo Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay Morning Tour of Sentosa Popiah & Peranakan Tour Home pick-up & return by Private Car Fully Escorted by a Kings Tour Manager Return Economy Airfares and taxes flying Qantas Return Airport/Hotel Transfers 6 nights’ accommodation at the Carlton City Hotel Singapore Breakfast daily, 1 morning tea, 1 high tea & 2 dinners Sightseeing and Entry Fees as per the itinerary Tour Inclusions Per Person Twin Share $6550* Single $5390* Tour Cost NORFOLK ISLAND 17 to 26 September & 8 to 17 October 2024 Uncover the captivating beauty and rich history of Norfolk Island on our exclusive tour. Immerse yourself in its vibrant past, from intriguing convict heritage to the fascinating Pitcairn Settlers’ culture. Explore breathtaking landscapes, indulge in delightful culinary experiences, and be enchanted by immersive cultural performances. With expert guides and comfortable accommodations, our Norfolk Island Tour promises an unforgettable adventure of discovery and relaxation. Per Person Twin Share $6350* Single $5490* Tour Cost Tour Highlights Tour with lunch at Meigunyah House Museum, Brisbane Cyclorama, an amazing 360° panoramic painting on Norfolk Experience Norfolk’s
10 DAYS POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 7

Art showdown

Dual competitions come to Subi

Artists of all ages are invited to enter the City’s two visual art competitions: The 2024 Shaun Tan Award for Young Artists, and the 2024 Photographic Awards.

Minute with the Mayor

A quick monthly update from Mayor David McMullen

National Volunteer Week is just around the corner. Last weekend I was invited to join a special “thank you” event by the Subiaco and Shenton Park Playgroups, for their Committee members.

After a group painting class (see my coastal landscape, pictured), a few of the members showed me through what I’d describe as their hive of community activity. We also talked about some of the challenges faced by volunteer-run associations such as theirs.

The Playgroups are tenants and past grant recipients of the City of Subiaco.

Photography enthusiasts are encouraged to snap to it and enter the 2024 Photographic Awards, where a $5000 prize pool is up for grabs. This captivating competition has categories suitable for all skill levels, equipment and ages –including a Mobile Phone category and a new AI category.

Subi Blooms Lotterywest Community Hub

Friday 10 May, 12pm to 4pm

Saturday 11 May, 10am to 2pm

Subiaco Museum, 239 Rokeby Road, Subiaco Free, no bookings

Nintendo Switch and Lego Technics

Monday 13 May, 3.30pm to 4.30pm

Subiaco Library, 237 Rokeby Road, Subiaco Free, bookings required

First Aid Demonstration with St John WA Thursday 16 May, 10am to 12pm

Subiaco Library, 237 Rokeby Road, Subiaco Free, bookings required

Sydney Writers’ Festival livestream

Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 May, various times Subiaco Library, 237 Rokeby Road, Subiaco Free, no bookings

Otto Lipfert and his taxidermy work Thursday 6 June, various times

Enter the 2024 Shaun Tan Award for Young Artists by Monday 20 May.

Enter the 2024 Photographic Awards by Sunday 23 June.

For young visual artists, the Shaun Tan Award gives WA school students in years one to twelve the chance to showcase an original two-dimensional visual art creation. The best works will be professionally framed and featured in a month-long public exhibition at Subiaco Library. The winners will also receive a variety of prizes and vouchers from local sponsors. Sign up to our Subiaco Snapshot e-newsletter to receive regular updates on matters that affect

For more information visit

Public art revamps City pathways

Several pathways in Shenton Park are getting a vibrant makeover in the interest of pedestrian safety. As part of a creative pilot program, the City has commissioned local artists Tricia Stedman and Dianne Kelly to create eyecatching artworks that help people avoid low-hanging tree branches. One of the artworks, already completed, can be admired outside 269 Nicholson Road while the other two will soon brighten up 86 Murchison Street and 16 Waverley Street. Visit

Library reopening

After extensive renovations to bring the building back to its former glory, the Subiaco Library will reopen at 9.30am this Monday 13 May. Full library services will be available at this time, including free WiFi, public computers, scanning and printing facilities and study areas. Regular programs will also resume, including Games Club, English Conversation Club, Justice of the Peace service, Digication sessions, Yarn Club, Scrabble Club, Baby Rhymetime, Storytime and more. Visit

Forrest Walk upgrade begins

Renovations will begin at Forrest Walk from Monday 20 May to create a cleaner, greener space that builds on the existing charm of the area. Pedestrian access will continue to be available during this time and all businesses in this area will remain open. Works will include new seating and lighting, alfresco dining areas, greenery and more. Construction is expected to take about 16 weeks. Visit

Subiaco Museum, 239 Rokeby Road, Subiaco Free, bookings required

To view all upcoming events, visit

Bulk green waste collection

Our next bulk green waste collection starts Monday 13 May. Please place your unbagged garden waste out on your verge by the evening of Sunday 12 May. There is no limit to how much loose green waste can be put out.

Draft Daglish Precinct Local Heritage Survey

The City is inviting public comment on the draft reviewed Daglish Precinct Local Heritage Survey (LHS). If you wish to have your property included in the LHS, the City is also accepting nominations from property owners during this period. Comments must be received by 5pm on Monday 10 June 2024. Find out more by visiting

Have your say –Subiaco

Activity Centre

Tell us what you want the future of the Subiaco Activity Centre to look like. Your valuable feedback will be used to make meaningful changes to our Subiaco Activity Centre Plan and the draft North Subiaco Structure Plan, which will help guide development in the coming years. Find out more about the project and take the survey at or scan the QR code below. The survey closes on Friday 7 June at 5pm.

Scan to complete the survey.

Online services 24/7

Did you know you can access a wide range of City services online? These include requesting a new bin size, making a rates payment, tree pruning services or pet registration and renewal. Visit

Level 2, 388 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 6008

T (08) 9237 9222 E W

Page 8 – POST, May 11, 2024 UPCOMING EVENTS
13 MAY 16 MAY 10 MAY 23 MAY 6 JUNE
you. Visit

These ducks are being cared for after being infected with botulism

Botulism like water off their backs

Two dozen ducks are on the mend after being exposed to botulism at Lake Jualbup last week.

WA Wildlife said treatment of the 23 surviving ducks involved tube feeding, fluid therapy, eye lubrication and recumbency care as well as treatments for eye ulcers and wounds.

Dozens of dead and dying ducks were retrieved from the dried lake last Thursday

(Dead ducks devastate Jualbup, POST, May 4).

About 20 ducks were swimming in the lake late this week.

“It is very late in the year for botulism outbreaks, but sadly the long dry summer and low water levels has led to poor water quality in many wetlands and artificial lakes, increasing the risk of wildlife disease events occurring,”

WA Wildlife said in an update

this week.

WA Seabird Rescue thanked the organisation for keeping the ducks comfortable.

“Let’s hope the lake’s water quality can be improved soon and they can go home,” they said.

Botulism is a paralytic disease commonly seen in seabirds and waterbirds.

Affected ducks appear very weak and unable to move well.

Council to fix Tawarri puddle

A $200,000 solution to this recurring casual water will not drain

There is hope that a seasonal pool of water in a river foreshore carpark will be rectified by a drainage solution to be designed by Nedlands council.

The $200,000 earmarked for a carpark at the proposed Tawarri Hot Springs will instead go towards fixing the drainage issue.

In May 2023, the WA Planning Commission approved the $25million Tawarri development, adding a condition that there would be a contribution to parking.

The Tawarri development is described as a state-of-the-art, geothermally powered bathing and wellness complex that will be open to the public.

The drain will be on land

Neds audit meeting over in a flash

A world speed record was attempted this week, when a Nedlands committee meeting was over and done in two minutes.

Acting CEO Matthew MacPherson opened the audit and risk committee meeting at 6.47pm on Monday and closed it at 6.49pm.

It was the first A&R meeting since councillors voted to disband it at the last full council meeting.

“There has been some conjecture about the implications of the notice of motion that turned into a resolution last week about the disbandment of the audit and risk committee,” Mr MacPherson said.

The changes included requiring the presiding member to have “qualifications”, dumping the two qualified accountants who were on the committee to represent the community, and changing the number of councillors from five to nine (all of the elected members).

Craig Ross, the independent consultant hired by the council to investigate its failed audit, was asked to informally present his updates after the meeting was closed.

controlled by the City. The developers will make no further monetary contribution to parking.

The parking area is used by visitors to the nearby Jo Wheatley All-Abilities Playground and people accessing the river foreshore.

The relatively isolated area is also popular with day campers.

The City of Nedlands is seeking comment on Draft Local Planning Policy 3.3 Tree Retention. This Policy is for the purpose of protecting large canopy trees on low density residential land (R20 and below) by requiring a development application be submitted for any tree damaging

This Policy will be open for public comment until 5pm, Thursday 28 May 2024. The Policy is available to view and comment on Copies can also be viewed at the City’s Administration Building located at 71 Stirling Highway, Nedlands, WA 6009. Matthew MacPherson

In my introductory column two weeks ago, I wrote about local people who have confided in me with stories about the pressures building up in their lives. Over the past fortnight, I’ve had many more people sharing their stories with me.

In some cases, I get the sense that those talking to me feel embarrassed to do so, as though discussing the challenges they face is an admission they have somehow ‘failed’. Needless to say, people should not be feeling this way. But the reality is that no matter how hard local people are working and trying to cut costs, the household budget just keeps getting tighter. This pressure is, in turn, flowing on to the many small businesses I’ve been speaking with across the community.

In Curtin there is mortgage pressure, school fee pressure and general cost of living pressure. Even those households who have made adjustments are anxious that they will not be able to afford unexpected costs like car repairs or a vet bill.

What can be done about this cost of living crisis?

The first step is to embrace reality and understand both the source and magnitude of the economic problem, and how it is affecting us all.

Australians rightly look to their federal government to responsibly and competently set the guard rails for the national economy.

We’ve now had two years under Albanese and Chalmers. The scorecard is abysmal, the outlook is bleak, and the only reason we’re not in a recession is record-breaking migration. Worryingly, on a per person basis, our living standards are actually going backwards. Let that sink in: the pie is growing – barely – but each person’s slice is getting smaller on average.

Meanwhile, prices rise endlessly.

The ABS Consumer Price Index for March 2024 says it all: cost of healthcare up 9%, food up 10%, education up 11%, cost of housing up 12%, public transport up 13%, cost of electricity up 18%, gas up 25% and insurance up 26%. Core inflation in Australia remains higher than it is in the US, Japan and the Euro Area.

It may be tempting to blame business for this. But remember that they too are being hit by rising costs for key inputs including energy and labour. Small businesses in particular are under the pump.

The reality is that prices are bound to go up when the government spends recklessly and then pours fuel on the fire with migration numbers that are impossible to defend.

The Albanese Labor Government and their Green and Teal enablers are failing to address the circumstances that have led to our economic stress. They have contributed to a massive blow out in government debt, which is now headed to north of a trillion dollars.

Sadly, there’s more reckless spending on the way, and things will get even worse if we don’t have a sensible, diversified energy policy.

Without change, we’ll go broke in the dark.

Ask yourself this: Why is it that while we’re all having to tighten our belts, the waistline of the government just keeps growing? The public service has never been bigger and while households are spending less, Labor keeps taxing and spending more.

My commitment to you is simple: I am standing in Curtin to fight for you and your family in a Liberal-led government which is committed to:

•Repairing public finances by eliminating wasteful spending;

•Bringing our immigration intake back under control; and

•Ensuring we have affordable base load electricity to power our homes, businesses and economy

I grew up in the era of John Howard and Peter Costello, when the public finances were in order and the nation was on the path to prosperity.

I’d like us all to feel that same sense of strength, pride and optimism once again.

If you’re interested in supporting our effort to restore confidence and optimism, please send me an email.

PUBLIC NOTICE Draft Local Planning Policy 3.3 –Tree Retention
Authorised by S. Morgan, Liberal Party, 2/12 Parliament Place, West Perth WA 6005. ADVERTISEMENT POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 9
at Lake Jualbup. council coffers. Photo: Paul McGovern
Page 10 – POST, May 11, 2024

Subi house link to animal smuggling

Tip-offs from locals led to an Australian Border Force raid on the Subiaco home of a suspected smuggler of live native animals this week.

ABF officers and wildlife officers from the department of biodiversity, conservation and attractions (DBCA), found and seized geckos, spiders and scorpions.

Heritage plan in patches

A heritage plan in parts of Nedlands skips over some properties, including those where houses have already been demolished and the land subdivided into smaller blocks.

Residents in Clifton Street were bemused to see a noticeboard erected on the street advertising the neighbourhood as a proposed heritage protection area.

The heritage plan is detailed on the council’s website as part of a draft local planning policy.

The plan lists a selection of “contributory” properties on Mountjoy Road and Clifton, Meriwa and Tyrell streets.

Residents are invited to attend one of four information sessions on a Meriwa Street corner. The times and dates of the meetings are on the council website.

A 19-year-old Malaysian man was charged with one count of attempted export of regulated native specimen(s).

He is on bail to front Perth Magistrates Court at a date to be decided.

In February, the ABF issued a public appeal for information about suspected animal smuggling and quickly got a number of “credible reports” from the community.

ABF assistant commissioner Chris Waters said without the information received from the community investigators may not have made an arrest.

“This is an outstanding result, which quite possibly has prevented even more Australian wildlife being sent overseas for profit – a practice which is

not only cruel but many of the animals smuggled this way sadly don’t survive the journey,” Mr Waters said.

“We want to thank the people who came forward with information that helped lead us to the man’s arrest.”

Investigations began when an air cargo company in Perth alerted ABF officers after finding three lizards in a consignment labelled “Toys” bound for Malaysia on February 29.

It was suspected they were destined for sale through the lucrative international wildlife market.

The investigation was undertaken in consultation with the department of climate change, energy, environment and water environmental crime team.

Dog-napping charges

Three six-week-old puppies and two adult dogs allegedly stolen from a Mt Claremont house were found “safe and well” this week, according to police.

The maltese-shih tzus were taken from a house in Cochram Court sometime between 1pm on May 1 and 2.30pm on May 2.

Perth detectives have charged a 28-year-old Hamilton Hill woman with burglary and stealing. She is due to appear in Perth Magistrates Court on May 22.

A 29-year-old Rockingham woman has also been charged

by summons with one count of receiving stolen property. She is due to appear in court at a later date.

Nedlands rangers seized a dog from the house and rehomed it in February 2022.

The owners had lost a State Administrative Tribunal battle to keep three shih tzus at the house.

Nedlands has a two-dog limit for dogs over three months old, unless neighbours give their written consent and council grants permission.

One condition is that dogs are not allowed to breed.

POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 11
Lizards of Oz … Two of the three native lizards discovered at Perth airport in a consignment bound for Malaysia labelled ‘toys’. INSET: The ABF released a short video of the suspected smuggler at his Subiaco home.
0451 660 419 Introducing Building a strong and proud community, optimistic about our future. Authorised by S. Morgan, Liberal Party, 2/12 Parliament Place, West Perth WA 6005 Jonathan4Nedlands
Two of the five dogs that were recovered this week.

Shannon may be

Nedlands’ saviour

The article Look who’s back (POST, May 4) condemns new Nedlands CEO Keri Shannon with faint praise in describing her “survival” from a bid by David Templeman to sack her Cambridge council.

A more fulsome description of that event might have been that the minister was shown to be acting on improper advice that reflected on a regime of improper coercive control of elected councils.

Successive WA governments, both Liberal and Labor, have in my opinion turned a blind eye to the systemic causes of the circumstances Supreme Court Justice Tottle ruled against in 2020.

The obvious explanation for this bipartisan support of the subjugation of local councils is the funding that large property developers provide to the main parties for the planning influence it seems to elicit.

Although I remain sceptical about the wisdom of Cambridge’s decision to remove postal voting in the last election that then-mayor Shannon faced, I’m optimistic that Nedlands, by choosing a talented, diligent and independent CEO, will be served well.

Better still, it might be the trigger for the evolution of due respect for local democracy in state parliament.

Malcolm Mummery

Two years ago, this sign appeared at Allen Park, announcing the development application for the children’s hospice/hospital.

A hospital is a hospital

To spare the POST’s more discerning readers I will not enter into a slanging match with the Hon. Ian Campbell (Misinformation about Swanbourne hospice, Letters, May 4). Examination of federal Hansard illustrates he is much better at that than I could ever be.

However, I offer a photo taken in 2022 when, as required by law, the Development Application was advertised at Allen Park, and the official result.

A hospital was approved, was it not? If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck etc.

Neville Hills Mooro Drive, Mt Claremont

Sad state of WACA affairs

The content of John Townsend’s article WACA debacle over, but at what cost? (Sporting POST, April 20) should be deeply troubling to all WA Cricket Association members.

However, the debacle is much deeper and wider.

The absurd proposal fiercely defended by recently departed CEO Christina Matthews to install gender-neutral toilets in the WACA redevelopment at the expense of practical convenience and common sense was a minor insight into the affairs of the WACA.

The WACA spent a great deal of money on an inquiry into the reasons for the resignations of three prominent board members, including former Test players Graeme Wood and Mike Veletta.

The subsequent Healy Report has never seen the light of day, nor have its principal findings. Chairperson Avril Fahey sat on the report for more than two months before so much as provid-

ing it to other board members. WACA board deputy chair Tom Percy was the driving force behind the report.

Following his retirement by the expiration of his nine-year term, contrary to all precedents and protocols he has been excluded from all match-day board lunches. The explanation given is that management had difficulties with him.

Graeme Wood, a member of the WACA Gallery of Greats, the first WA captain to win the Sheffield Shield three times in succession, was not invited to the recent WA Cricket Awards dinner.

The great Dennis Lillee, a former WACA president, has rarely been through the WACA gates since his resignation. The problems are deep-seated and were ongoing during Ms Matthews’s tenure as CEO. Clearly, they reach beyond the board.

Noel Crichton-Browne Leighton Beach Boulevard, Leighton

Momentum shift at Woodside

I cannot praise enough the incredible momentum shift emerging among the previously blase Woodside shareholders regarding the impact of this kind of fossil-fueled behemoth on our evermore-deteriorating biosphere.

One telling and prescient quote from their annual general meeting: “It is inconceivable for Richard Goyder’s board to continue its trend of dismissing shareholder concerns following this overwhelming rejection of Woodside’s climate plan.”

At last, even those who hold their dearly beloved shares in their hands are starting to realise they can actually help redirect the dystopian future our children and their children face. Hallelujah.

Michael Armstrong Steere Street, Balingup

More letters pages 16, 20 to the Please email your letter to, lodge online at or snail mail to: The Editor, 276 Onslow Rd, Shenton Park 6008. All letters must include writer’s full name, address and daytime phone no. for verification. Boring letters or those over 300 words will be cut. Deadline: Noon Wednesdays.
Protesters prepare for Woodside’s AGM last month. Photo: Nature Reserves Preservation Group



Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 May 2024 - Join us in the Boatshed Courtyard!


Let us help you celebrate the wonderful women in your life this Mother’s Day! Our florists have sourced Perth’s best range of freshly cut, premium flowers which will be available to purchase at our annual Mother’s Day Flower Market. Join us in the Courtyard, where our talented florists will help you create the perfect bouquet filled with your favourite flowers. We will have gorgeous bouquets prepared, or choose from our wide selection of beautiful flowers and create your own bunch!

POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 13 40 Jarrad Street Cottesloe WA 6011 Trading Hours 6:30 AM - 8 PM, 7 Days


The Town of Cottesloe website has had a redesign. It features a fresh new look and an enhanced user experience. Check it out at


As we head into the winter months, the shark barrier at Cottesloe Main Beach was recently removed.

The protected swimming enclosure was a wonderful addition to the beach for the summer season and the Town looks forward to re-installing the enclosure at the beginning of summer later this year.


Council Agenda Forums are held on the third Tuesday of the month at 6pm and Council Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6pm at Cottesloe Civic Centre, 109 Broome Street, Cottesloe. Agendas are available at the Civic Centre or on our website. The next Agenda Forum is on Tuesday, 21 May and the next Council Meeting is on Tuesday, 28 May.


It was wonderful to host the 2024 ANZAC Day event on the Main Lawn at Cottesloe Civic Centre. The Town of Cottesloe would like to thank everyone who came along and joined us for the morning. The Town also extends a very special thank you to the RSL WA Cottesloe Sub-Branch and special guests for their involvement.


The Town of Cottesloe, with the Shire of Peppermint Grove and the Town of Mosman Park invites senior residents to a free presentation to find out about aged care options. Presented by Advocare, the presentation will be held on Monday, 27 May at 2 to 3.30pm in the Commu nity Room at the Grove Library. Please register your attendance on 9286 8620 or



During the month of May Cottesloe residents can purchase up to 80 plants per household at the subsidised price of $2.50 each from APACE Nursery (1 Johannah Street, North Fremantle). The scheme aims to encourage biodiversity and local habitats in the western suburbs. Take advantage of the cooler weather and transform your garden or verge. Visit for details and available species and stock. This is a Western Suburbs Alliance initiative. Please take proof of residency when you visit APACE.

If you make the transition to a native, waterwise verge between now and July, you could be eligible for a rebate of $15 per m2 of verge you convert (up to a maximum of $500). It’s the perfect time to plant a native waterwise verge – during the month of May residents can purchase natives plants for $2.50 each from APACE Nursery as part of the Native Plant Subsidy Scheme. Find out more about these initiatives on our website at (under Residents / Environment and Sustainability).

Page 14 – POST, May 11, 2024 109 Broome Street, Cottesloe WA 6011 | P 9285 5000 | E

Autumn Fine Art Auction

Artists include

Howard Arkley

John Brackenreg

William Boissevain

Arthur Boyd

David Boyd

Ray Crooke

Guy Grey-Smith

George Haynes


Robert Juniper

Norman Lindsay

Sidney Nolan

Hugh Sawrey

Garry Shead

Howard Taylor

Brett Whiteley +many others.

Tuesday 21st May at 6.30pm


Wilkinson Gallery

Enter via GATE 1

Claremont Showgrounds 1 Graylands Rd, Claremont


Saturday 18th May 11am - 5pm

Sunday 19th May 11am - 5pm

Monday 20th May 10am - 6pm

Free Entry & Free Parking

POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 15
Catalogue Now Online
Ray Crooke
Tel: 9386 8577 Email:
Arthur Boyd Norman Lindsay Robert Juniper Guy Grey-Smith Brett Whiteley John Brackenreg Kate O’Connor Sam Fullbrook Garry Shead George Haynes

This beautiful little bird with the pink bottom has been seen only a couple of times in Underwood Bushland, perhaps because Underwood does not have any mistletoe growing. That was what we thought.

The mistletoebird (aka Australian flower-pecker) eats primarily mistletoe seeds.

The seeds have a glutinous covering that sticks to a host tree’s branch when the bird poos out the swallowed seed.

The bird has a short alimentary canal so the seed passes out

of the bird rapidly without being ground up or well digested.

Mistletoe is a hemi-parasite. Stuck to the branch, the seed germinates, taking substance from the tree.

The inset photo of this female mistletoebird in the bush shows a green mistletoe seed near its vent, stuck to some of its feathers.

Maybe there is some mistletoe in Underwood Bushland, after all.

Margaret Owen Daglish Street, Wembley

By the Bay.

May 2024

Town of Mosman Park's latest community updates and notices.

Honorary Freeman of the Town

Ron Norris has received the Honorary Freeman of the Town award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the community during his 30 years as a member of Council - 10 of which were in the position of Mayor. We especially thank Ron for his commitment to maintaining the Town’s urban canopy and for advocating to preserve Mosman Park’s heritage.

1 Memorial Drive, Mosman Park | 08 9383 6600

Hiding in the tree canopy won’t do

Decent hard-working residents of Curtin were shocked by MP Kate Chaney’s dismal summation regarding the housing crisis sweeping the electorate (Fight for one Curtin rental, POST, May 4).

The future looks bleak for young Australians hoping to rent or buy.

But on the very next page we find former state Liberal leader Bill Hassell writing from what he describes as his “low density, (abundant) open space, tree canopy ‘oasis’,” in the lotus land

Delays and silence from Neds

I wonder how many longsuffering residents within the City of Nedlands would have managed a bemused smile upon learning that the deposed mayor of Cambridge, Keri Shannon, will take on the CEO role at this western suburb council.

Like many residents, I consider the level of dysfunction within the Nedlands council is deeply worrying, so will things improve?

As a simple example, I wrote to the council more than two years ago about the chaotic traffic flow along Brockway Road, and since that time papers have been lost, people have resigned, councillors have been hiding and the issue just goes

around-and-around until finally they decided to undertake yet another “traffic survey”. I cannot get an answer as to how this survey is proceeding. Really, when I send a letter to the council on March 25 asking for a progress report, one would think a reply could be received by now.

Ross Taylor Mt Claremont

• More letters page 20

of Nedlands. Mr Hassell bemoans the increased residential density occurring in his western suburbs and the hoi polloi who allegedly come with it.

He refers disparagingly to the “sardine-like” housing density of Europe.

Newsflash, Bill: Your western suburb neighbours travel in droves to Europe every year to savour the vibrant Plakas, piazzas and town squares that this type of population density creates, to escape the sometimes suffocating, bland, beige sterility and ennui of many Perth suburbs.

Mr Hassell politicises his letter when he states that the housing crisis has nothing to do with supply or negative gearing, but is only the result of an “ideological pursuit of height and density”.

Ideological? Is the Labor Party then the evil purveyor of urban infill and resultant tinned-fish analogies?

Ms Chaney states: “Addressing this problem (the housing crisis) will take guts and long-term thinking.”

It will certainly require a lot of political bipartisan co-creating collaboration.

Hiding your head in the tree canopy and reminiscing maudlinly about the halcyon days when Bob Menzies was prime minister and we all lived on a quarter-acre block with a Hills Hoist in the backyard, just will not cut it as a housing policy in 2024.

Phil Haberland Second Avenue, Claremont

Need help with your bin?

Keep these numbers on hand for everything from missed collections to bin replacements.

Native plant subsidy scheme

Present proof of Mosman Park residency at APACE Nursery during the month of May and you can purchase up to 80 native plants for $2.50 each. Weekdays 8.30am-2pm or Saturdays 8.30am-12.30pm at 1 Johannah St, North Fremantle.

If you see it or hear it, please report it.

Community safety is a shared responsibility. As our 'eyes and ears' on the ground, your proactiveness will help us build a safer and healthier Mosman Park.

Below are some important numbers to keep on hand: Police presence or assistance - 131 444 Department of Communities - 1300 597 076 or complete the online reporting form via our website. Remember, no action can be taken if no report is made.


Missed collection or bin repairs - Veolia 9350 6600

Replace bins or request a new one - TOMP 9383 6600 Verge Valet™ & waste enquiries - WMRC 9384 6711


Community Consultation

We're seeking feedback on our Draft Sustainability Strategy. View the strategy and provide feedback before 10 May.


Upcoming Council meetings

•21 May - Agenda Forum

•28 May - Ordinary Council Meeting

Meetings start 6pm sharp in our Council Chambers.


What’s on in Mosman Park

Youth Action for Wildlife Thurs 23 May | 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Town Administration Building 1 Memorial Drive, Mosman Park

The Grove Library events

Ongoing 1 Leake Street, Peppermint Grove


Scan the QR code to check out more events!

Page 16 – POST, May 11, 2024
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to the
Stuck on you – the mistletoebird
New Nedlands CEO Keri Shannon, left, and mayor Fiona Argyle.
Email letters to: Have your say in the
POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 17 DISPLAY SUITE OPEN THIS WEEKEND 10AM - 10.45AM 678 BEAUFORT ST, MT LAWLEY New York’s Flatiron Inspired Residences, Grandly Proportioned 2 & 3 Bed from $885,000 STEVE PLUMMER - 0400 276 605 SARAH BEALE - 0407 939 931 Now Selling
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POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 19 Make the switch by visiting

to the

Planning must finds its purpose

When I was director general of the department of minerals and energy in the 1990s, it was obvious to me that ours was a regulatory department.

Our job was to make and maintain the rules that would ensure the mining and petroleum sectors had a good and level playing field in which to operate.

It did not include promoting different minerals projects. We just maintained the rules.

The department of planning (DoP) should be doing the same thing, but has been required by governments to also do promotion of the industry.

The DoP therefore has confused objectives. So what we get is a planning regulatory system that has little integrity, and constantly has surprising decisions.

The Cook government has now created a special housing supply unit in the treasury, reporting to deputy premier Rita Safiotti.

This makes sense. I only hope that this allows the DoP to get back to its real purpose.

POST editorial standards

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Better place for the children’s hospice? ... The largely derelict former Sunset Hospital site above the Swan River in Dalkeith.

Sunset deserves a closer look

I have no skin in the game regarding the location of the Perth Children’s Hospice; I merely wonder why the many apparent advantages of the old Sunset Hospital site seem to have been overlooked.

1. It is a large site that could accommodate many more than seven terminally ill children and their families.

2. It is close to the river and a lovely sensory playground.

3. It is on a public transport route.

4. It has multiple access roads in the event of a bushfire.

5. It is not near a firing range or rugby club.

6. It is currently an eyesore and crying out to be put to some useful purpose. Why not site the hospice there?

Where Cambridge stands on the Forum precinct

I would like to respond to a number of misconceptions about the precinct planning for the Floreat Forum precinct.

Developer APIL has lodged with the Town a draft precinct structure plan (PSP).

The Town has assessed the PSP and sought further information from APIL.

This information has been received very recently and the council ordinarily would have an obligation to assess within 14 days for completeness.

If complete, the Town would then be obliged to advertise.

Following the close of the 42day submission period, Town staff would have carefully considered all comments received and prepared a public-facing report to the council to enable it to determine any modifications necessary to respond to community feedback.

Then the PSP would be lodged with the WA Planning Commission (WAPC), which can accept, amend or reject any modification the council suggested.

It is important to note that the


WAPC is the final decision-maker and may, or may not, accept any modifications the council proposes to the APIL-led PSP. Relevantly, the same applies to a Town-prepared PSP – it may be accepted or extensively modified. A recent example of this is the West Leederville PSP which was prepared by the Town and then modified by the WAPC. At the special council meeting this past Tuesday, May 7, the council resolved to not accept APIL’s PSP and to commission a consultant to prepare a second PSP at an initial tendered price of $299,254.

A possible consequence of not accepting APIL’s PSP in accordance with regulations is that it is open to the WAPC to take over responsibility for advertising APIL’s PSP; a responsibility that would normally rest with the local government.

While I appreciate that land use planning and development control can sometimes appear complicated and confusing, the regulations regarding PSPs are quite clear as to the process.

Gary Mack mayor, Town of Cambridge

Your letters are a beloved part of the POST. So if you have something you to say, get it off your chest and into the minds of your community. Lodge online via our website, or email your ty u


Thu 23 May, 11am Fri 24 & Sat 25 May, 7.30pm Perth Concert Hall

Mel BONIS Trois femmes de légende

Johann HUMMEL Trumpet Concerto (evenings only)

Nikolai RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Scheherazade

Jen Winley conductor (pictured) | Jenna Smith trumpet (evenings only)

Page 20 – POST, May 11, 2024
We think what you think,
Jen Winley is supported by the Simon Lee Foundation. Jenna Smith’s Chair is supported by John and Nita Walshe through the Duet program. Transaction fees apply. SCHEHERAZADE
TICKETS FROM $30 9326 0000
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Young patient lit Janet’s 57-year-long fire

Bowlo gets extra shot of Standin’ Room

A small, hole-in-the wall coffee shop could soon expand to the spacious grounds of Claremont’s renovated bowling club.

The Town awarded a $25,000 per annum, five-year lease to Standin’ Room, a popular Bay View Terrace cafe run by Paul Loiterton.

Final approval is yet to be provided by the state government.

Dear residents,

A $600,000 renovation is turning the old bowling club into a community centre run by the Town (Vacant bowlo to get$600kfacelift,POST, March 4, 2023).

Claremont is running a competition to name the 9108sq.m venue, which councillors have previously said would be a place for func-

tions, exercise classes and community events.

The bowling club left at the end of 2022 after failed lease negotiations with Claremont.

A staff report last year estimated revenue could reach $110,000 a year by 2026 by renting out the space as a community centre and cafe.

“I have loved every minute of it. I have never had a regret.”

Not many people who have a career spanning 57 years make that statement with such honesty and passion, but Janet McLeod, OAM, is not your average medical professional.

Janet, 75, is retiring this week after a long and successful nursing career that has focused on helping people with Parkinson’s disease.

“I have never had a boring day,” she said.

She was Perth’s first specialist nurse for Parkinson’s and has been a stalwart of Parkinson’s WA, based in Nedlands, for 26 years.

“In 1998, I was one nurse for the whole metropolitan area for a one-year trial. The role just grew one visit at a time,” she said.

Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition for which there is currently no cure.

Her first experience with it was in 1967 during her first week on a Belfast ward, where she met a young mother who was completely immobilised from the disease.

“We had to do everything for her – everything,” Janet said. “She had untreated Parkinson’s.”

That experience lit a fi re in Janet which has resulted in her dedicating her professional life to the Parkinson’s community.

“Only in the last five years, there have been advancements, learning that exercise is the only thing that slows the progression of the disease,” she said.

“With all honesty I must admit to becoming a little weary of waiting for the cure.”

Thank you to everyone who attended or contributed to last month’s Anzac Day ceremony. It was a wonderful event full of respect and admiration for the men and women who served

tradition that is important to our country, and I’m proud of our community who showed up in droves to show their support.

Youth Photography Competition

show us ‘what makes you happy’.

or creative minds to show what they can do, and

capture this in their photos. The competition is open until Monday 20 May. Visit our website for terms and conditions and entry information.

A Day on the Bay

beautiful Claremont foreshore at A Day on the Bay. The foreshore is an asset to the community and an important part of the natural ecosystem, where many native plants and animals live.

Only about 70% of people with Parkinson’s have the tremor symptom that is so often associated with the disease.

The most debilitating symptoms include stiffness, rigidity and loss of mobility, Janet said, but other symptoms include slowness of movement, low speech volume and smaller handwriting.

She said that over the years, the biggest change was in education: her 1967 neurology textbook had a page and a half on the disease, whereas now there were many resources and courses for nurses who wanted to learn how to help their patients.

“The use of nursing has changed to be a community-based service, visiting people in their home from diagnosis through to palliative care,” she said.

It was about strong, firm education, getting to know the family and suggest changes, and linking back with treatment specialists.

Parkinson’s WA client Raymond Letchford was lucky enough to meet Janet 10 years ago.

“She set me on the straight and narrow,” Raymond said. “She told me ‘Don’t do this, do this.’ I listened and did what I was told.”

Taking Janet’s “firm but fair” advice meant that Raymond’s condition improved dramatically.

“It turned back the clock 10 years,” he said.

Now he leads an active life, helped by 23 pills a day, some of which must be taken every two hours, and deep brain stimulation that evens out his symptoms.

“Those are the very medications that enthused me all those years ago,” Janet said.

Come down and enjoy water and land based activities, food, entertainment, sustainability and environment focused stalls, and much more. More details are available on our website.

Next Ordinary Council Meeting

28 May. Please visit our website for more details.

Mayor Jock Barker Raymond Letchford is one of the many patients who have benefited from Janet McLeod’s nursing expertise and knowledge of Parkinson’s disease over her lengthy career. Photo: Paul McGovern

Mean, greedy, bizarre

• From page 1

with a situation like this and what did exist, including a 1993 Supreme Court case, did not provide much guidance.

“It is very difficult if not impossible to find comparable precedents for this offending, it is so singular and so bizarre,” he said.

The judge described the offences as “extraordinarily mean”.

Kittelty called at the workshop at 141 Herdsman Parade in January 2011, but he did not know Mr Street had died from cancer about five months earlier.

When Terence May, who had worked alongside Mr Street for almost 40 years, told him he had died, Kittelty did not seem troubled by the news and immediately asked who the executor of the estate was, and if probate had been granted.

Mr May told the man: “Isn’t it wonderful he is leaving it all to the Cancer Council?”

“That is important, because it means during your lengthy period of offending you knew full well that the money you had absolutely no entitlement to was destined to go to the Cancer Council,” Justice Troy said.

“Such offending is extraordinarily mean.

“The conclusion you were motivated by sheer greed is unavoidable.”

Justice Troy also took Kittelty’s physical intimidation into account.

“You called [executor Suzanne Pontifex] and told her to stop dealing with the estate,” he said.

“You then had the effrontery to go to the late Mr Street’s

premises when she was there with her husband and son, walk into the passage and say: ‘This might be all yours now; it’s going to be all mine one day”.

He also referenced evidence given by Mr May about Kittelty’s repeated and unwelcome visits to the workshop, including one occasion where he banged and “shirt fronted” the locked door.

The judge said he was satisfied beyond all reasonable doubt that Kittelty alone was responsible for forging the March 16, 2010 will that named him the executor and sole beneficiary of the entire estate and replaced the legitimate will of July 9, 2009, made by Mr Street through a law firm.

Justice Troy said Kittelty was able to manipulate the court system to help him in his “sordid enterprise”.

the judge said.

“It cannot simply be a case of open slather.”

Kittelty used the information in the grant of probate and will to create a fake and more recent will.

He wrote to the Supreme Court on May 21, 2012 informing it of a new will – dated March 16, 2010 which was attached – that was the last will and testament of Mr Street, and to revoke the grant of probate.

“All of that was completely false and you knew it,” Justice Troy said.

Striking ... at the heart of the court system ‘ ’

In February 2012, he filled out a form to search if an application for probate had been made and he was informed when probate had been granted on April 12, 2012.

Two days later, for a fee of $7.50, he was able to apply for and get a copy of the grant of probate, which also had a copy of Mr Street’s real will attached.

“You knew in fact the main beneficiary of Mr Street’s estate was the Cancer Council.”

Kittelty made a statutory declaration the next day that he was the executor of Mr Street’s estate and the sole beneficiary.

Using this fake document, he was able to get Landgate to impose caveats on the sale of properties in Wembley totalling more than 7000sq.m and a block in Carlisle.

forced to have the caveats lifted and respond to a civil trial process in the Supreme Court.

Between the issue of the caveats and more than two years of proceedings in the Supreme Court -- initiated by Kittelty but dismissed by a registrar in November 2014 – Ms Pontifex spent about $116,000 of the estate on legal fees.

Justice Troy said that money would otherwise have been used by the Cancer Council in the provision of hospice facilities.

chances of Mr Street making Kittelty his sole beneficiary as “zero”.

“Despite this, Mr Kittelty took extraordinary action by lodging the caveat and then commencing proceedings in the highest court in this state to have this crude forgery recognised as the last will and testament of Mr Street and to have the Supreme Court order that he receive the entire value of the estate,” Mr Grinceri said.

In 2012, Mr Kittelty wrote a number of “dishonest and threatening” letters to Ms Pontifex, telling her not to sell off any of the assets of the estate (including three blocks of land in Wembley) or she would be personally responsible for the loss.

The actions also caused stress for the executor and other beneficiaries of the will.

“Your conduct in this matter is a serious aggravating factor, striking as it does at the heart of the court system,” he said.

The sentence was backdated to August 27 last year. Kittelty can apply for parole in 2026.

“Usually when a person commits a fraud, it is common sense to try to avoid the courts, yet Mr Kittelty in these circumstances was so brazen that he decided to use the Supreme Court as his mechanism to defraud the estate of John Arthur Street of its entire value.”

“The ease with which you were able to do that raises questions in my mind as to whether the probate division in the Supreme Court – an area I confess I have no experience of – should have better security measures to ensure that sensitive documents do not fall into the wrong hands,”

Justice Troy said this harassment “escalated sharply” when he issued a writ of summons through what he said was his “dishonest use of the Supreme Court processes”.

As executor Ms Pontifex was

In his closing remarks prosecutor Joel Grinceri described Kittelty’s actions as “extraordinary”

A court spokesperson said Justice Troy’s concerns had been referred to the Probate Committee.

He said the forged will was “extremely crude and unsophisticated” and described the

Cancer Council WA CEO Ashley Reid said Mr Street’s donation and his wish for his sister Joan to be remembered as part of it had been fulfilled.


presented by supporting partners DISCOVER MORE MO TH ER ’ S D AY W EE K E N D 10 - 12 M AY 2024 S ee S ubia c o .c o m. au /S ubi Bl oo m s Do w nload t h e trail , plus disco v er Stem by Stem, a large-scale interacti v e lig h t installation by ENESS.
Page 28 – POST, May 11, 2024
John Street and his sister Joan lived at the Wembley property that provided the bulk of his $20million estate.

Navy made local mum a pioneer

A female navy veteran has given a glimpse of what life was like as one of the first women to serve protecting Australia’s borders.

“We were among the first women to sail on ships when gender integration occurred,” Louise M said.

“We were pioneers at sea.

“We faced all kinds of culture shock, we were placed into what was a very male-orientated world. The tasks asked of us, and the dynamics, didn’t make this pathway smooth by any means.

“It wasn’t an easy time for most of us, but we knew we were part of something important.”

Louise was one of three parents acknowledged by Cottesloe RSL, the Australian Special Air Services Association WA branch and Woolworths for their service to the country and their families ahead of Mothers Day.

“Being a single mother of a son, and facing both physical and mental health challenges, to receive this very thoughtful and generous gift makes this day very special,” she said.

RSL Cottesloe’s Nigel Earnshaw said it was a day to express gratitude to women in uniform who often also juggle family responsibilities.

“We decided one of the recipients would be Louise, a

Navy veteran and mother, who served on small ships protecting Australia’s borders,” he said.

“Her dedication to her country and to her family exemplifies the sacrifices made by women in uniform.”

The recent widow of a longserving SAS officer was also acknowledged with a $100 hamper presented by store manager Gordon Collins.

Elizabeth Stewart said she was surprised to be chosen as a recipient.

“I had a beautiful husband,” she said.

“Then suddenly I was given four days with him before he died.

“It was a big shock to me. The doctor came to me on the Friday night and said it’s over, and on the Monday he died.

“I was a wife, I am a mother and I have a grandson.

“My husband, Charlie, and I met in Apollo Bay. It was wonderful, a whirlwind holiday romance and I followed him back to Perth.”

Charlie had served with the SAS in Vietnam for eight years and then left the army, returning some years later to Perth, where he was for 25 years.

He was national ASASA secretary for many years.

“The impacts of being active (in Vietnam) were that he

suffered with PTSD, deafness due to bombs going off and jumping out of helicopters,”

Elizabeth said.

“At home at times he got very angry, I just lived with that and calmed him.

“I was his carer, not that he really needed caring. He was a very strong man, very determined man, it was a shock that he wasn’t going to live anymore.

“I’m truly so appreciative of our caring community, this gift is truly so special.”

David Thomas, president of Claremont RSL, said Elizabeth’s strength served as a reminder of the impact of service on military families.

A little light relief

Cottesloe’s new $1.5million sports pavilion is to trial public toilet facilities.

Casual users of Cottesloe Oval, such as dog walkers and exercisers, lobbied the council to be allowed access to the pavilion’s toilets. They are locked when the local sporting tenants are not there.

Cottesloe council decided at its last meeting to open the unisex disabled toilet to the public for one year.

It will be open from 6am to 6pm seven days a week, once a time-lock is installed.

The meeting was told the time lock will cost $5000.

An extra $3000 a month will be allocated for toilet maintenance.

The toilet can be opened from the inside after the door locks.

Money for meetings

People who are asked to attend Nedlands council meetings because of their involvement in council committees will be paid $305 a pop for their time.

Councillors voted to pay the fee to independent community members of council committees.

This would have included two qualified accountants on the audit and risk committee, but they have since been dumped.

Councillors and employees are already paid a meeting fee.

“Because elected members are paid the maximum within the band, it is only appropriate for independent community members to also be paid the maximum,” a staff report said.

POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 29
Cashier Sandra, left, assists hamper recipient Russell, ASA WA branch president David Thomas, Woolworths Cottesloe manager Gordon Collins, Elizabeth Stewart and RSL Cottesloe president Nigel Earnshaw. Photo: Jane Wishaw
Our expert advisors have a passion for finding great travel experiences, seeking out hidden gems and always the best value. Whether you’re looking for hand-picked luxury accommodations, the serenity of a river cruise or a grand ocean voyage, our expert team are committed to finding the best experiences to make the most of your precious time on holiday. PROUDLY WA OWNED AND OPERATED BY BICTON TRAVEL MONDAY TO FRIDAY 9AM TO 4PM 08 9383 2711 | | Visit us at Old Theatre Lane, 17/50 Bay View Terrace, Claremont Give us a call to discuss your next getaway on 08 9383 2711. Ourexpertadvisorshaveapas YOUR LOCAL LUXURY TRAVEL & CRUISE SPECIALISTS & BOOK WITH THE LOCAL CRUISE EXPERTS

Wind in the sails float boats for half-century

It’s been smooth sailing for 54 years on Jackadder Lake.

It was 1970 when the Perth Radio Sailing Club began launching its miniature vessels to race on the Woodlands lake.

Club commodore Bruce Quail said club members sailed their radio-controlled boats at Jackadder Lake every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday “come wind, rain or shine”.

“Members are predominantly retired sailors, and as such we consider ourselves akin to a Men’s Shed,” he said.

“But we are certainly not restricted to that age group and have more than 50 members encompassing a wide range of ages.”

The club supported two boat classes –the International One Metre (IOM) and the DF95, which was considered an ideal “starter” boat.

“The IOM class has been around a lot longer and is more sophisticated but higher priced,” Mr Quail said.

“The majority of our sailors come along simply to enjoy the fun and camaraderie found among kindred spirits.”

New era for cancer treatments

Individualised treatments are changing the face of cancer care and creating challenges for cancer centres in WA, according to Professor Peter Leedman.

Prof. Leedman is the CEO of the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, which has 12 cancer laboratories.

He said a rapid evolution was occurring in cancer detection and treatment due to new technology, and treatment options were now more personalised, with targeted approaches for individual patients.

“New models of care are needed to ensure innovative scientific advances are incorporated into every patient’s cancer care to increase survival rates,” he said.

Prof. Leedman believes WA is facing some key challenges in this area.

“Keeping pace with these developments will be challenging for traditional services that do not have a strong foundation of laboratory-based diagnostic and translational research powered by the latest technologies, including AI and data analytics,” he said.

Cancer services in WA were at maximum capacity in all public teaching hospitals, and private services were also stretched.

“This is putting additional services, systems and facilities under increasing pressure,” he said. Services needed when treating cancer included imaging services, surgical theatres, radiotherapy, pharmacies and wellness centres.

The “traditional” approach to treatment needed to be updated in order to offer highly specialised cancer care.

Page 30 – POST, May 11, 2024
John Harris ready to launch at Jackadder Lake. LEFT : The boats in action this week.
Calculate yours at Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra Tax cuts for every taxpayer Estimate yours with the tax cut calculator.
Professor Peter Leedman of the Harry Perkins institute.

With DUET Projects, we offer a 360° service in project marketing and sales with a focus on small and medium sized boutique developments across the western suburbs. From the initial site acquisition to crafting bespoke brands, and from strategic marketing to executing sales and all the steps in between, our expertise spans the entire project journey.

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Page 32 – POST, May 11, 2024 SUSAN JAMES
0408 003 700
6244 7860
T (08) 153



Offering three generous bedrooms and a fantastic alfresco space, 17A Pangbourne provides the perfect platform to enjoy the suburb’s world-class amenities, with the proposition of being a long-term plan for a young family.


Set back from the street, this thoughtfully designed home oozes quality craftsmanship. The open-plan kitchen, living and alfresco is all north-facing, allowing copious amounts of sunlight in, all year round.


Low-maintenance living has never been so good! Located on the top floor of a building consisting of just five apartments, this elegantly appointed residence offers contemporary living at its finest.

Page 34 – POST, May 11, 2024 CRAIG GASPAR M 0413 929 999 T (08) 6244 7860 153 Broadway, Nedlands WA




This home, block and location are irreplaceable. Positioned on 733 square metres, set over three levels with lake glimpses, this home has been thoughtfully and meticulously planned to offer the finest vessel for day-to-day family living. The original 1914-built cottage has been reimagined to offer open-plan living, multiple separate living spaces, two alfresco entertaining spaces and a palatial master suite, culminating in unparalleled functionality.

POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 35 CRAIG GASPAR M 0413 929 999 T (08) 6244 7860 153 Broadway, Nedlands WA
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Thursday 16th May to Sunday 19th May 10am – 4pm Friday 24th May 10am – 4pm

Donelly’s proudly host 2 huge auctions in May both to be viewed at the same time, our monthly antique auction will close Saturday 25th May from 9am followed by our Premium on the Sunday, refer to our website for more information.

Jewellery, New quality Persian Rugs, Original Art throughout, Silver, Oriental, Antique Furniture, Display Cabinets, Bronzes, Outdoor Garden.

View this auction and our Premium Antique Auction at the same viewing times.

Page 42 – POST, May 11, 2024 Antique & Collectors Monthly Online Auction
9AM Please note: 16.5% buyer’s premium applies including GST Mat Donelly 040 888 1722 Nancy Hampton 0417 066 668 Tim Parish 0423 857 038
POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 43 PREMIUM ANTIQUE AUCTION PUBLIC INSPECTION AND VIEWING Thursday 16th May to Sunday 19th May 10am – 4pm Friday 24th May 10am – 4pm Closing Online Sunday 26th May from 9am 328 Walcott Street, Coolbinia (Mt Lawley area) Further details Mat Donelly 040 888 1722 Nancy Hampton 0417 066 668 Tim Parish 0423 857 038 Jewellery – Art – Antiques – Furniture

Come and Experience the Real Thing

Court serve for Wilderspin estate

A son of Floreat tennis great Clive Wilderspin has received a bigger share of his father’s estate after winning Supreme Court approval to alter its complex trust arrangements.

Craig Wilderspin took court action last year to seek greater control of his share after claiming “there has been inadequate provision for his proper maintenance, support, education or advancement in life”.

His father, who lived in Floreat for much of his life and founded Reabold Tennis Club in 1956, was one of WA’s greatest tennis players, winning matches at all four grand slam tournaments.

He was also a successful businessman who left the international tennis circuit to run family company Altona Engineering in Osborne Park.

He died two years ago, aged 91, and left his substantial estate, including a prominent Wembley Downs home, to his three children.

Their father had established three testamentary trusts – which provide tax and family law advantages to the beneficiaries and can operate for up to 80 years from the death of the founder – but gave Dale and Dane the power to remove capital from Craig’s trust.

Supreme Court judge Amanda Forrester said the effect of the will was that Craig had no entitlement to the capital of the fund.

“And his entitlement to the income is subject to the trustee’s discretion,” Justice Forrester said.

She ordered that Craig receive a lump sum and a minimum regular monthly income from the fund.

“Having regard to the personal circumstances of the plaintiff, including his age, health, incomeearning capacity and financial circumstances, and the different provision for the plaintiff’s sister (which the will explains, in part) and his brother, I am satisfied that the terms of the resolution fall within the bounds of a reasonable exercise of discretion,” she said.

He left his Wembley Downs house to his daughter Dale Croker and split the rest of the estate in equal parts between her and her brothers, Craig and Dane.

Clive Wilderspin was WA’s first Davis Cup representative and with Ernie Parker, Liz Smylie and Jenny Byrne, one of just four WA-born tennis players to get to the final of a grand slam.

Yacht club booms

Nedlands Yacht Club’s 71-yearold training building is about to be demolished and replaced by a $1.6million facility.

The old training centre, which contained asbestos, was built by club volunteers in 1955.

The modern training hub will have views of the Swan River from a training room, a galley, showers with cubicles, wheelchair accessible toilets and storage areas.

Club manager Duncan Ray said the old

facilities, and had no access for people with mobility issues.

The new building would be used by school groups, as well as juniors and seniors training.

The project will be funded by a local government grant, a Nedlands council contribution and money raised by the yacht club. Nedlands council agreed in September 2022 to commit $543,333 to the project as part of the 2023/24 and 2024/25 annual budget.

The building is due to be finished in June 2025.

Page 44 – POST, May 11, 2024
The POST photographed Clive Wilderspin, right, at the 2013 launch of Harry Phillips’s history of the Reabold Tennis Club.
age, no proper toilets
had white ant dam-
Work will begin on the new training centre at Nedlands Yacht Club next week
Astutely gathered from the source for over 50 Years Astutely gathered from the source for Nain 3m x 2m up to 6m x 4m Extensive Range of Carpets Original Persian Mahal 3.9m x 2.9m Was $6,900 Now $2,950 YOU BUY ORIGINAL FROM US Runners up to 12m from $390 Premium Selection of Round Rugs 181 Stirling Highway, Nedlands Entrance through Napier Street 1800 200 028 Open 7 days 10.00am - 5.00pm Antiques Outstanding Collection of 19th and 20th Century Caucasian and Orginal Persian in Wool and Silk Antiques Outstanding Collection of 19th and 20th Century Caucasian and Orginal Persian in Wool and Silk •Cleaning & Repairs •Professional Restoration • Trade-Ins • Free Home Trial • Insurance Valuations •Interest Free Terms Access Australia’s Largest Range of Carpets visit: CLEANING & RESTORATION BY THE EXPERTS 0410 716 543 n of asian and nd Silk •Cleaning & Repairs •Professional Restoration • Trade-Ins • Free Home Trial • Insurance Valuations •Interest Free Terms Amazing signed rare masterpieces available. We provide expert home consultation and free home delivery. Antiques Outstanding Colle 19th and 20th Century C Orginal Persian in Wo Antiques Outstanding Collection of 19th and 20th Century Caucasian and Orginal Persian in Wool and Silk SYDNEY | PERTH | ADELAIDE | BRISBANE | DARWIN | MELBOURNE

An architectural marvel that embodies the essence of a bygone era while seamlessly integrating modern comforts. This distinguished home underwent a meticulous renovation preserving its historical charm while introducing contemporary elements tailored for modern family living. Boasting grand proportions across multiple levels, this expansive abode features fi ve bedrooms and four bathrooms, including separate studio

and secure 5 car garaging.

POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 45 Pool 5 Beds4 Baths5 Cars
IN ASSOCIATION WITH Architects Impression HOME OPEN Saturday 11th May 10:30 - 11:15 am Mack Hall +61 417 744 600 Jim Hall +61 407 788 813 Local Knowledge. Global Reach. Land Size: 1,442m 2 Auction. On site – 11am SATURDAY 8th JUNE 115 Grant Street, Cottesloe Spectacular federation residence.

AUCTION ONSITE – 11am SATURDAY 25th MAY (unless sold prior) 8

• Serene, wooded retreat. A perfect blend of tranquillity and convenience.

• Cul-de-sac, perfectly located opposite broad parklands, including Allen Park bushland to enjoy strolls to the beach.

• The heart of the home boasts an open-plan layout, seamlessly connecting the living, dining, and kitchen.

• A charming viewing deck awaits, offering sweeping vistas of the lush greenery and treetops that surround.

• The Allen Park walking track’s ticks the boxes for active walkers, beach lovers, pet owners and families.

• This home offers a unique lifestyle to enjoy a peaceful, private, and relaxed haven for your family to thrive amidst all of nature’s beauty. HOME OPEN Saturday 11th May 10am - 11am

Page 46 – POST, May 11, 2024 IN ASSOCIATION WITH Auction.
Beachy Vibe in Wooded Retreat. Land Size: 473m 2 4 Beds2 Baths Study 1 Cars
Jameson Street, Swanbourne
Peter Burns 0418 925 012 08 9286 5555

• Set in the secluded enclave of Minim Cove, this residence offers panoramic views of the Swan River and Port.

• Entry by lift or stairs to open plan living, dining, and beautifully appointed Kitchen. “View the river from adjoining loggia”.

• A large master bedroom and ensuite complete with extensive walk-in robes.

• Downstairs – self-contained – includes an ambient living room overlooking rain forest garden, displaying a range of ferns and tropical plants.

POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 47 Lift IN ASSOCIATION WITH For Sale. 24 The Cutting, Mosman Park Riverview Downsizer. $3 MILLION Land Size: 350m 2 3 Beds2 Baths Study 3 Cars
1pm Peter Burns 0418 925 012 08 9286 5555
OPEN Saturday 11th May 12pm -

Men who can’t boil an egg –or those who can – are invited to sign up for the Mosman Park Men’s Shed cooking classes.

The five weekly classes will help beginners learn the basics of cooking a simple, nutritious meal.

Men’s Shed member Dave Beckley will teach the classes which he said would give men who didn’t know how to cook the confidence to prepare a meal for themselves and others.

But the emphasis would be on having fun.

“I love cooking,” Dave said. “There’s no point in spending all that time cooking if you don’t enjoy it.”

The two-hour classes will cover essential kitchen equipment and pantry items, how to prepare fruit and vegetables, cooking with eggs, and how to cook seafood, rice and meat.

Then everyone sits down together to eat what they have made, he said.

But cooking isn’t the only thing on offer at the shed.

plants for sale. Recently the Nedlands Yacht Club commissioned it to make seven aluminium trailers for transporting their training yachts between the club building and the water.

Tony said the club had about 270 members, and they would have more than 300 by the end of the year.

Members came from across Perth – and beyond.

“We have one in South Africa and one in Queensland,” he said.

And while the Men’s Shed offered plenty for people to do, it was really about the mateship.

“That’s what we’re all about, looking after people,” he said.

The cooking course begins on June 13 at 4.30pm at the Men’s Shed in Perrott Close. Cost $50.

For more information email or phone the Mosman Park Men’s Shed on 9383 3354.

Can’t boil an egg? Long walk to fight cancer

The two-storey, purpose-built shed contains well-equipped woodworking and metalworking workshops, a commercial kitchen and a car hoist.

It also has two bee hives, a garden for the green thumbs, a bridge club, a regular barber and a choir which sings sea shanties.

Tony Brown said members made items on commission and repaired things brought in by the public.

“We literally repair hundreds of chairs,” he said.

Keen gardeners propagated

More than 1000 walkers who trekked 35km through the city raised $1.4million for cancer research.

The large group met at UWA’s Riley Oval last month before walking through King’s Park, over Windan Bridge, past Perth Stadium, along South Perth foreshore, over the Narrows Bridge and back to Riley Oval.

The Walk for Women’s Cancer

raised money for cancer research conducted at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research in Nedlands.

All participants were asked to raise at least $500.

Institute CEO Peter Leedman, pictured, said medical research was the key to reducing the impact of cancer.

“Sadly, not all cancers have good treatment options,” he said.

“One of the most devastating breast cancers that more

commonly occurs in women under the age of 40, triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), currently has limited treatment options and a poor prognosis.”

Institute researchers recently discovered that a protein associated with an increase in the growth and spread of cancer cells occurs in high levels in TNBC.

working on blocking that protein in TNBC cells using a special technique and are finding that the growth of the cells slows down and their ability to spread is reduced,” Professor Leedman said.

“This is the type of project funded by the Walk for Women’s Cancer.”

“These researchers are now

The walk has been going for 11 years and raised more than $12m for cancer research.

InfiniteHealthStudio,locatedinShentonPark,isanIntegrated WellnessClinicthatoffersarangeofintegrativetherapies,including functionalmedicine,tohelpbalanceandrestoreyouroverallhealth. Call0474744445 W fu NaomiRogan Owner&Senior Naturopath DrTaylaJohnson Chiropractor YasukoNakajima MassageTherapist JoannaSleight Psychologist JoSmartt Nutritionist&Herbalist KarenChin Kinesiologist AmberCarter Naturopath HugoHsu CraniosacralTherapist LuciaFerguson NursePractitioner SuYunHsieh RemedialMassage CatherineBarr Reflexologist MichelleWilson Kinesiologist SERVICES NaturopathyNutritionTherapeuticMassageHerbalMedicineKinesiologyCounselling ChiropracticCarePsychologyReflexologyCraniosacralBalancingMealPlansIridologyReiki Page 48 – POST, May 11, 2024
Dave Beckley, left, and Rob Walker cook up a storm at the Mosman Park Men’s Shed. Photo: Paul McGovern

93 North Road, Bassendean WA 6054

No property in the Eastern suburbs of Perth has captivated the attention of so many. The tales of its origin are plentiful and vibrant,

40 years, this property of unparalleled exclusivity, is on the market — and you could be the fortunate one to become its future custodian.

Spanning a vast 6,181m2 on the banks of the Swan River, it is home to not one but two equally remarkable buildings that are sure to ignite your imagination.

Blending European Gothic architecture with Australiana, the ‘folly’ resembles a church while the primary residence is a two-story federation-style bungalow overlooking the river.

93 North Rd offers the most discerning buyer a truly unique opportunity to secure a property of immense prestige and undeniable historical etched in the annals of time.

For further information contact Jayson or Steve, or visit the listing online via the QR code.

POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 49
The information contained within this advert is provided as a guide only, and does not constitute any representation by the Seller or Agent. Jayson Watson 0430 103 434 Steve Plummer 0400 276 605 e Jayson@ButlerProperty.Group e Steve@ButlerProperty.Group www.ButlerProperty.Group A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY

40 Geographe Bay Road, Dunsborough

This mesmerising Oswald Down South built two-storey, 4 bedroom & 4 bathroom masterpiece overlooking Geographe Bay portrays refined, modernist design flair. Downstairs is a massive, seamlessly integrated open plan living, dining, chic contemporary kitchen and alfresco; offering unimaginable quality space to interact with family, friends and guests. Upstairs showcases an outstanding master retreat with luxe ensuite and a lounge room with access to a large balcony. The simply sensational location allows you to walk across the road to the pristine beach or take a short stroll into Dunsborough central – and will make every day feel like a luxurious holiday. Offers Presented By 5pm 28/05/2024 (Unless Sold Prior)

Team Jennings Hopkins

Andrew Hopkins 0499 332 490

7 Keel Retreat, Geographe

Return from a day cruising the magnificent turquoise waters of Geographe Bay and arrive at your sprawling luxury home on fully landscaped 994m2 block with private jetty on the extra wide main canal. This striking home features 4 large bedrooms, 2 well-appointed bathrooms + 2 powder rooms, theatre, home office, designer kitchen & large open plan living. An oversized double garage & an additional separate third garage with 39c ceiling allows plenty of room to store a caravan or boat + large & secure external onsite parking. This truly is a dream home for all water lovers, boat enthusiasts & those who enjoy all the trappings that a quality home brings. This great property is located opposite Keel Park, only 3 minutes to The Deck Bar & Restaurant, 6.5km to Busselton foreshore & jetty precinct & a 15 minute drive will have you boarding a flight to either Sydney or Melbourne from the Busselton-Margaret River Airport.

Offers Presented By 5pm 22/05/2024 (Unless Sold Prior)

Team Lee York 0438 867 737

16 Seattle Court, Quindalup

Providing an abundance of room for your growing family or a fantastic holiday escape; this 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home is situated on 779m2 in a beachside cul-de-sac and is sure to tick all the boxes. This generous home features central freeform living, home theatre, office, kids activity; and a large covered alfresco area that overlooks a heated 6m x 4m below ground pool with a water feature and fabulous fire pit. Just 500m approx. to the shimmering sands and sparkling waters of Quindalup beach or take a picturesque bicycle ride in to Dunsborough town centre via the shaded foreshore pathway. Offers Presented By 5pm 22/05/2024 (Unless Sold Prior)

Team Jennings Hopkins

Andrew Hopkins 0499 332 490

Page 50 – POST, May 11, 2024 5/42-48 Dunn Bay Rd Dunsborough WA 6281 • 08 9759 1300
Sold Prio r)
HOME OPEN Saturday 11/05/2024 11am11:30am

Atop the hill on Swanbourne Street surrounded by bushland and birdlife, this premium lot occupies an elevated and tranquil position with stunning views across the boat harbour to the ocean and islands beyond, and the Port city’s most recognisable landmarks. Located across the road from Stevens Reserve, the block is retained and ready to build on, in a desirable pocket of Fremantle with a charming mix of modern and historic homes.

A once in a decade offering, this precious opportunity is an ideal platform on which to construct your dream home in one of Fremantle’s most tightly held historic precincts, within walking distance of the CBD.

POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 51 we know freo DETHRIDGE GROVES REAL ESTATE 9336 1166 | 3 Norfolk Street, Fremantle |
view listing online Once in a decade opportunity for sale Michael Harries 0443 076 229 Kat Goddard 0408 791 299 21 Swanbourne Street, Fremantle
Page 52 – POST, May 11, 2024 ANOTHER SOLD BY TONIA MCNEILLY 2 Monument Street, Mosman Park Tonia McNeilly 0416 161 556 Passion for People & Property Tonia McNeilly Property
161 556
POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 53 THE HOME YOU HAVE BEEN DREAMING OF Tonia McNeilly 0416 161 556 SaturdayHomeOpen 11:00am-11:45am11thMay 16 Baird Avenue, Nedlands Radiating a warm inviting feel, a touch of elegance and the Hamptons intertwined. 532 1,012sqm

Cottesloe kids sock it to the car commute

Kate Chaney inspecting. Photo: Paul McGovern Schools across the western suburbs invited students to break out their craziest pair of socks this Friday and get out onto the streets, walking safely to school.

Students, staff and parents at Cottesloe Primary School leapt at the chance, busting out their kookiest socks and hitting the footpaths in celebration of national Walk Safely to School Day.

“Walking to school not only promotes physical health but

also reduces carbon emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment,” principal Graham Dart said.

“We encourage all our students to embrace the opportunity to incorporate physical activity into their daily routines while fostering a sense of environmental responsibility.”

Walk Safely to School Day is also a chance for schools and communities to advocate for safer routes to schools.

“Having safe routes to school

boosts parent’s confidence in having their children walk or ride to school,” Mr Dart said. He observed, though, that poor pedestrian infrastructure could deter kids and families from leaving the car in the garage for the school run.

He said: “The pedestrian bridge over Stirling Highway is actually a hindrance due to it being too steep for parents to push prams or students to use their bikes to cross over a very busy road.”

Kindy with a nature base

Situated between the ocean and Cottesloe Native Garden on Broome Street, Seaview Kindy provides a nurturing space for play-based learning guided by passionate teachers.

This year the kindy is under enthusiastic new management and will be holding an open day on Sunday May 19 for families keen to discover more about what the kindy offers.

A dedicated parent committee is introducing new initiatives to benefit the children and their learning experience, beginning the year with installing a “kindy garden”, and nurturing fluffy baby chicks.

Seaview Kindy’s open day is an opportunity to explore the grounds, meet staff and other

families, and enjoy a range of activities.

There will be a barbecue fundraiser as well as a fundraising raffle with epic prizes for the kids.

Yummy cakes, refreshments and tours will be provided by the parents and volunteer committee.

Spaces for the 2025 academic year are filling fast, with an unprecedented number of parents enrolling early, keen on embracing the community kindy approach.

All are welcome at the open day, but RSVP via seaviewkindy. or email seaviewkindy@

Seaview Kindy is located at 71 Broome Street, Cottesloe.

Seaview Kindy teacher Amy Maynard with children and chooks.

Serene Single Level Haven Henry Willis 0418 939 429 GUIDE MID $2MILLIONS FOR SALE 3 3 2 545sqm Home open: Saturday 11th May 1–1.45pm Page 54 – POST, May 11, 2024 Like to share your community news with readers? Contact Louisa Wales
Students at Cottesloe Primary School wore their craziest socks for Walk Safely to School Day on Friday, with Curtin MP

A Versatile Urban Sanctuary

Discover the epitome of perfection in the form of this immaculate 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home on the corner, showcasing modern quality throughout - and boasting a stylish and private 1x1 studio upstairs, It serves as a wildcard in the floor plan extending your personal options for rental/short-stay accommodation, visitors, home office/ business, teenager retreat, or multi-generational living under the same roof.

POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 55 AUCTION
Vivien Yap 0433 258 818 Rio Varen 0411 682 888 View PRE-AUCTION Sat 11th May 10.00-10.30am 24 Leonora Street, Como ONSITE | 10.30am Saturday 11th May WHY WAIT?
Claremont | 6556 0888 4 Bed | 3 Bath | 2 Car
Ray White Dalkeith |

Snappers focus on happiness

What makes you happy, and can you capture it in a photo?

That’s the question the Town of Claremont’s inaugural Youth Photography Competition wants young photographers to answer – in photographic form.

The competition is open to all young people aged 12 to 18 years old who live in or go to school in the local government areas of Cambridge, Claremont, Cottesloe, Mosman Park, Nedlands, Subiaco or Peppermint Grove.

There are cash prizes for the winning entries across a range of categories, including

first prize of $1000 and second prize $500 in both the 12 to 15 and 16 to 18 years categories.

There will also be a Town of Claremont Resident Award ($300) and Mayor’s Award ($200).

The judges will be looking for originality, image quality, and the all-important happiness.

Claremont mayor Jock Barker said: “I’m looking forward to seeing what makes our young people happy and how they choose to capture this in their photos.”

Entries close at 5pm on Monday May 20.

The top 12 entries from each of the two age categories will be displayed at the community hub and Claremont library from May 29 for two weeks.

Judges for the competition are Stef Rae (visual artist, winner of the Claremont Art Awards 2023), Nick Towie (owner of Claremont Art Framers), photographer Michael Pelusey and Claremont councillors Jill Goetze and Annette Suann. For more information including full terms and conditions visit

Art finds a path to help trees

New artworks on Shenton Park’s pavements may save human heads from bumps, and tree limbs from the chop.

In a creative pilot safety initiative, the City of Subiaco has commissioned colourful paintings to decorate some of Shenton Park’s pathways to help pedestrians steer clear of lowhanging tree branches.

The first of the four pathway artworks has already been completed by Subiaco artists Tricia Stedman and Dianne Kelly, and can be found outside 269 Nicholson Road.

The other two paintings will be created soon at 86 Murchison Street and 16 Waverley Street.

The works have been commissioned at locations where removing low hanging branches would jeopardise the health of the tree.

Subiaco’s technical services director James Hambly said the pilot program had already received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community.

“We’ve had many residents comment on how happy they are with this novel approach,” he said.

“These vibrant artworks will not only safeguard trees and residents alike but will inject new life into our streets.

“It’s also a great way to support our incredible local artists and showcase their work.”

Page 56 – POST, May 11, 2024 Like to share your community news with readers? Contact Louisa Wales
Claremont Mayor Jock Barker wants people younger than him behind the lens. Photo: Paul McGovern Less head conks, more art … Pavement art by Subiaco artists
Chic Cul-de-Sac Charmer Henry Willis 0418 939 429 GUIDE CIRCA $2MILLION All the character features you love – high ceilings, polished floorboards, open fireplaces, plus a spacious new extension with soaring ceilings, open plan design and blended indoor/outdoor living, coming together as a home brimming with history and personality. Enjoying three spacious bedrooms, two sparkling bathrooms, separate additional lounge or media room, and a delightful entertainers’ deck overlooking the pool. Ideally located in a quiet cul-de-sac with a park at one end and an easy stroll to shops, cafes, parks and schools. This is one of Mosman Park’s finest character examples and is ready to enjoy. 8 Winifred Street, Mosman Park FOR SALE 3 2 453sqm Home open: Saturday 11th May 11–11.45am
Tricia Stedman and Dianne Kelly alerts Shenton Park pedestrians to a low-hanging tree branch over the path.



• North facing aspect

• Separate study

• Immaculately maintained

• Two ground-level living areas

• Ducted reverse-cycle air-conditioning

• Resort pool with water feature

• Walk to the river, shops and schools

POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 57 FOR SALE
24 Queenslea Drive CLAREMONT WA 6010
OLIVIA PORTEOUS 0423 557 438 HomeOpenSat11thMay
FOR SALE FEATURES: • Outstanding river views • Direct river access • Ground floor bedroom with en suite • High quality finishes throughout • Under floor heating • Allocated boat pen • Double lock up garage 11 Direction Way NORTH FREMANTLE WA 6159 HIGH $3MILLIONS Riverside Perfection OLIVIA PORTEOUS 0423 557 438 4 3 1 2 2 352sqm 4 2.5 1 2 2 1 351sqm Discover The Art Of Easy Living SOLD

Bazaarly good gifts for last-minute Mothers Day

Former St Hilda’s student Cristabel Dowland will showcase her handmade jewellery at the Girls High School (GHS) and St Hilda’s Old Scholars Association (OSA) Bazaar this Saturday, May 11.

She is one of numerous St Hilda’s Old Scholars taking part in this Saturday’s Bazaar – a festive celebration of creativity and community, held at St Hilda’s Bay View campus in Bay View Terrace, Mosman Park.

Cristabel has been an active member of the OSA and has returned recently from living in Sydney where she started her business Cristabel Jewellery.

The event, from 9am to 2pm, promises a plethora of unique Mothers Day gifts, clothing, homewares, crafts, fresh produce, and kid’s entertainment including Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm.

This year’s bazaar features a new bric-a-brac stall of secondhand goods that still have plenty of life.

OSA president Jane Barker said: “The GHS and St Hilda’s Old Scholars Association Bazaar is a wonderful opportunity to find unique and special gifts for your loved ones.

“We are proud to showcase the talents of our alumni and talented local artists and vendors with the many wonderful

products and services they offer.”

Representatives from the Western Metropolitan Regional Council will also be at the bazaar, providing the community

with education, fact sheets and some fun games around responsible waste management.

All proceeds from the bazaar go towards funding a range of scholarships at St Hilda’s.

Subi businesses rock up for Rokeby Games

A new fierce-but-friendly sports contest for businesses within the City of Subiaco has been so successful the City is running another season starting this month.

The first season of the “Rokeby Games” saw eight teams from seven different local businesses battling it out for glory in a range of sporting challenges.

From volleyball matches to push-up challenges, the competition was a good excuse for Subiaco business bosses and employees to escape the office and focus on team bonding.

The positive feedback received from teams taking part in the Rokeby Games has paved the way for the return of the games at the end of May with a nine-week volleyball competition.

Games will last 30 minutes and will be held between 11.30am and 1.30pm every Tuesday from May 21 until July 16.

Register now at au/the-rokeby-games.

Subiaco mayor David McMullen said there were many reasons for businesses to get involved in this local team challenge, which promotes physical and emotional wellbeing.

“The Rokeby Games are a great way to break up your day at work – to get out of the office, bond with your co-workers and get active,” he said.

“It’s also a fun way to get to know other businesses in the City.

“I’d like to encourage more local businesses to participate in the next season of the games.”


Page 58 – POST, May 11, 2024 Like to share your community news with readers? Contact Louisa Wales
A second season of the Rokeby Games, a City of Subiaco initiative pitting local businesses against each other in a friendly sports contest, begins on May 21. Cristabel Dowland is one of many artists and makers offering their wares at this Saturday’s Girls High School and St Hilda’s Old Scholars Association Bazaar, from 9am to 2pm at the school’s Bay View Terrace campus.

4 3 2

• Main bedroom is king sized with WIR and ensuite

• Ground floor queen sized bedroom with ensuite, two separate living areas

• Private lift servicing all levels, fantastic east facing courtyard outdoor living with BBQ

• Undercroft 2 car garage with option to purchase 3rd car space, huge storeroom

• Walking distance to Dalkeith Village shopping and amenities

POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 59 3/64 Gallop Road DALKEITH WA 6009 FOR SALE Premium Townhouse – Premium Location NEW PRICE! - $2.55MIL PrivateCallForViewing PETER ROBERTSON 0427 958 929 Scan for further property information

Red-flowers signal change of season

With the weather cooling and rains promoting new plant growth, the Noongar season of Djeran is a great time to join a free guided walk through the bushland of Bold Park.

Djeran is sometimes referred to as the season of red flowers, with the firewood banksia the largest of them.

Female sheoak trees have small red flowers that often catch the rain or early morning dew to sparkle in the sunlight.

The berries of saltbush plants also turn red when ripe to attract birds.

The birds swallow the fruit, but the seed passes through their gut, being transported to a new location in the process. It is also a time for increased

ant activity, and after rain new queens fly away from the nest to mate and set up new colonies of their own.

The many flying ants are food for small birds, geckoes and even bats.

The Friends of Bold Park Bushland volunteer guides will be leading free guided walks this Saturday, May 11, and Sunday May 26.

Both walks begin at 9am at the Camel Lake carpark at the southern end of Perry Lakes Drive. Wear sturdy walking shoes and dress for the weather.

Check the online events calendar at au/events or email info@ for more information.

Shenton rowers power on

The success of Shenton College’s rowing program was on display when four of the school’s rowing alumni were selected to row for WA in the Lightweight Interstate Penrith Cup in Sydney last month.

The crew of four – Jake Sangster, Oliver Cliff, Ethan Bromley and Connor Brace – won WA’s only interstate medal, claiming bronze behind Tasmania and Victoria.

Earlier in the same week, they won the gold medal in the Under-23 lightweight men’s fours at the Australian National Rowing Championships.

The crew had all learned to row only a few years ago as part of the UWA Boat Club’s Shenton College rowing program.

UWA Boat Club president Megan Bagworth said: “This year, seven Shenton College alumni were selected for interstate rowing crews.

“The success of these rowers has been testament to the strength and quality of the rowing program and the many people, including Shenton College, UWA Boat Club, UWA and RowingWA who have supported the program since its inception.”

With two Shenton College alumni now selected to represent Australia in international regattas this year, Ms Bagworth said: “It is rewarding to see these young athletes continue in the sport, and doing so well, after graduating from high school.”

The program has grown to see

ABOVE: Shenton College rowing alumni Jake Sangster, left, Oliver Cliff, Ethan Bromley and Connor Brace.

more than 100 Shenton College students being introduced to rowing each year.

This has been helped in recent years by the creation of the all-schools rowing regatta by RowingWA which now provides students from all schools racing opportunities.

“These are students where rowing was previously not an option,” Ms Bagworth said.

“UWA Boat Club is continuing to strive towards improving opportunities for people to be introduced to the sport through financial hardship scholarships, learn-to-row programs, ergo classes and corporate rowing.”

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Shenton College rowing alumni Connor Brace, left, Ethan Bromley, Oliver Cliff and Jake Sangster have been selected to row for the state. Firewood banksia and dwarf sheoak flowers are examples of red flowering plants evident during Djeran, the current Noongar season. Photo: Friends of Bold Park Bushland
POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 61
Page 62 – POST, May 11, 2024 Happy Mother’s Day RAY WHITE COTTESLOE | MOSMAN PARK 08 6244 7885 FROM RAY WHITE COTTESLOE | MOSMAN PARK A hear elt thank you to all of our amazing mothers, colleagues and clients for your unwavering support. Wishing you all a deligh ul day with love and joy.
POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 63

Raising planthistorians hackles

An iconic part of the flora in WA’s southwest are banksias, grevilleas, hakeas and conebushes, with their showy flowers on display almost year-round.

They all belong to a plant group known as the protea family (Proteaceae), which takes its name from the South African plant.

With so much diversity within the protea family in Australia, it was long assumed they must have originated here before spreading to other parts of the world.

But this school of thought has been challenged with compelling evidence, by researchers from Australia.

Emeritus Professor Byron Lamont from Curtin University has led the countercultural charge and has helped demonstrate that proteaceae first evolved in northwest Africa.

The story of how they spread to other continents is testament to the great ancient supercontinent of Gondwana, to which Australia was once joined with several other continents, including Africa, South America and Antarctica.

During that time, more than 70 million years ago, ancestors of the protea family spread

across Gondwana and into what is now Australia.

It’s a remarkable story of natural history, which has raised the hackles of many Australian plant lovers.

This Tuesday, May 14, Byron will be guest presenter of the Perth branch of the Wildflower Society.

His presentation will be at the Palms Community Centre, Subiaco, with doors opening at 7.45pm for an 8pm start.

A $3 donation at the door will include a ticket in the night’s door prize.

Bring along a twig of a plant in the protea family to the meeting and you will be in the running for another prize. All are welcome.

A talk at Forrest Hall on May 14 will consider the potential for Ireland to reunify.

Birds with extras

The next introductory bird walk from Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre comes with extras.

After a walk at the lake with expert guides from BirdLife WA on May 19 you can take in a special shorebird exhibition at the centre.

The walks are held each month and offer a chance to check out the many birds around the centre – 40 species are regularly spotted in the area.

Among the regulars are welcome swallows, which nest in the centre’s rafters in spring. They swoop over the lake at great speed catching insects.

The Sunday walk runs from 8 to 10am and costs $10. Binoculars will be available for those who don’t have their own.

This walk includes a special shorebird talk, as part of the shorebird exhibition.

Afterwards, participants can enjoy a tea or coffee and take in the exhibition, which delves into the world of migratory birds and the measures being taken

to protect them on their flight paths across the world. To book, go to wagouldleague. and look for the Monthly Morning Bird Walk.

Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre can be accessed at the corner of Flynn and Selby streets, Wembley.

Is reunification of Ireland a real possibility?

Since Ireland was partitioned in 1920 its reunification has often seemed impossible, in part because of the bloody legacy of past conflict. Referendums about reunification may be on the horizon, but even those who want reunification are not yet prepared.

So says distinguished political scientist Brendan O’Leary, who has been profoundly en-

gaged with the Irish question for nearly four decades, addressing what needs to be done to ensure adequate preparation.

He will be guest speaker at an event hosted by the Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) Western Australia, in partnership with the Forrest Research Foundation, and the collaboration of the University of Notre

Dame. Brendan draws on his books and research he has led on public opinion. The venue is the Ashburton Room at Forrest Hall. Doors open at 6pm and tickets ($10 for members and $20 non-members) will be available for purchase on the door or from reunifying-ireland-108303.

FULLY PARTITIONED & FURNISHED OFFICE 17/100 RAILWAY ROAD, DAGLISH GREG D’ARCY 0402 068 292 BRIAN NEO 0411 868 486 • 363 SQMOFFICE* • 10 ONSITE CAR BAYS • VACANT POSSESSION *APPROX. FOR SALE OR LEASE SALE PRICE: $1.8M + GST | RENTAL: $103,455 + OUTGOINGS + GST Page 64 – POST, May 11, 2024 Like to share your community news with readers? Contact Louisa Wales
Emeritus Professor Byron Lamont, pictured left, will make the case for banksias and other Australian proteaceae originating in northwest Africa, not Australia as long thought. Welcome swallows at Herdsman Lake. Photo: Beth Walker

2/142 Stirling Highway, NEDLANDS


POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 65 Grade
Chris Shellabear
Your Best Property Decision ClosingDateSale 29thMay5pm
Nick Holt

Why did HMAS Canberra I sink?

Cambridge looking to boost croquet skills

Cambridge Croquet Club has been busy with social play of late, with the lawns full on most playing days.

In addition to existing players at the club, 21 newcomers have been learning and will soon be on the lawns.

The main competition for the month was the Cambridge Gift, a handicap event for Cambridge members.

Twelve players put on a good display of hard croquet.

There was an exciting finish which kept the spectators watching to the final shot.

Treasurer David Williams took the honours over captain Roger Jakeway.

The club’s A-grade team is currently third in their competition, but there is a disappointment – the club has a preponderance of B and C-grade players but a shortage of A-grade players.

All players are given a handicap. To improve one’s rating, players must enter competitions that carry points. Winners then see their grades improve.

The club is considering steps to improve ratings and invites suggestions as to how this might be achieved.

The public is always welcome to visit the club and see the game being played.

On May 18 the club will host the George Parslow Tournament, named after a gentleman who in the

The controversy surrounding the sinking of HMAS Canberra I in 19942 will be explored in a talk given by David Nicolson, RANR (ret’d), at the next meeting of the Naval Historical Society of WA, at 6pm on Monday May 20.

The heavy cruiser reputedly never fired big guns in anger, though her convoy duties protected Australian and New Zealand troops on their way to the battlefields in World War II.

The loss of the Canberra in the disastrous Battle of Savo Island in 1942 raised many questions about how she was sunk and if she could have been saved.

David’s talk will be at the Claremont Lawn Tennis Club in Shenton Road, Claremont.

There is parking is at the tennis club and in the public carpark on Davies Road.

There is a $5 administration fee, and a cash bar will be open before and after the talk.

To attend, register with secretary Heather Rogers secretary.nhs.wa@gmail. com or 0407 912 781.

early 90s saved the Leederville club from closure. The club would have been one of the oldest in the state with play being recorded in 1907.

It was absorbed later by Cambridge, and the present trophy has been contested since 2002.

The Glaucoma Support Group (WA) welcomes all to their first talk for the year, to be held on Saturday May 25 from 2 to 4pm.

The topic will be medication in glaucoma, and it will be given by Dr Steve Colley, an experienced cataract surgeon with interests in eyelid surgery, paediatrics, glaucoma and neuro-ophthalmology.

Dr Colley is head of department at Fremantle Hospital and a consultant ophthalmologist at Royal Perth Hospital.

The talk will be held at Harry Perkins Building, 6 Verdun Street, Nedlands.

Paid parking is available onsite or there is free parking on the corner of Smyth Road and Verdun Street on the bowling club verge (allow 10 minutes walking).

Entry is $5 cash per person payable on the day which includes afternoon tea and a raffle ticket.

Confirm your attendance by SMS to Gaela on 0416 074 415 or email

Wednesday Goodwill Pairs: 1 Rona Morrison and Carol Marsh; 2 Zoe Hewitt-Dutton and Michael Marsh; 3 Geoff Parker and Elizabeth Morrissey.   Triples champions: Zoe Hewitt-Dutton, Rosemary Goddard and Ann Strack.

Friday winners: Dina Shah, Ann Ruzich and Michael Marsh.

Saturday: 1 Steve Parsons, Derek Gadsden and Frank Oliver; 2 Geoff Parker, Cliff Racey and Brian Dick.

Meals with Blake and Kelly on Friday, May 10.

Audika talk on Wednesday, May 15, at 11.45am. All welcome. Join us in the bar area for the talk and snacks.

Dalkeith Nedlands

Only 22 bowlers turned up on Thursday last week to compete in two games of fours and one game of triples.

The big winners were Gof Bowles, Martin Adams, Helen Walker and Tom James, with a margin of 25 shots.

The triples game was won by Peter Prout, Ken Brooke and Bruce Fiegert with a plus of 11 shots, just pipping John McCormack, Ross MacKenzie, Alan Rowe and Jeff Irwin with a margin of 10.

Saturday proved to be a much better turnout with 46 players doing battle.

Gwenda McIntosh, Rick Mapley, John Bridge and Rob Wood proved to be the best performers with a 17 shot margin. In second place with a margin of 13 shots were Michael Joyce, Gof Bowles, Bev Copley and David Wood.

Other winners were Alan Davison, Alan Rowe and Peter Wiesner + 12; Andrew Foster, Celia Bakker, Bob Noll and Pek Goh + 3; Lindsay Richardson, Ross MacKenzie, Lesley Cross and Tony Payne + 1; and Martin Saunders, Chris Scovell, Richard Verco and George Klug + 1.

Thursday last week was a Scroungers day and the overall winner was John Hall, with Rob Campbell runner-up and Brian Marsland third.

On Saturday Tony Byrne and Rob Campbell drew

12-12 with Peter Hiatt and George Sterpini, while Jeannette Middleton and Jim West proved too strong for Mike Basford, Paul Scales and Ray Fells 15-7.

The winter bowling season has begun, with competitive matches on Wednesday and Saturday.

There was a good roll-up on Wednesday last week, with rain making a brief appearance for the first time in what felt like living memory and deterring nobody.

The winners were Brian Page, Nancy Teague and Mari Noffsinger.

Second place went to Ian Lilly, Melissa Kouzinas and Ron Hassall.

The runners up were Jaewyn Norton, Ruth. Lilly and Con Kouzinas. On Saturday, lovely weather, and another good roll-up for Triples.

The winners were Paul Norton, Toby. Roney and Bret Whittaker.

Second place went to Marie Hagan, Sheila Binns and Iris Newbold.

The runners up were Ian Lilly, Peter Jones, and Brad Daw.

Mahjong is played on Thursday mornings at 9am, all welcome.

Meanwhile, the fund for saving for a synthetic green could do with some help. If members could help by selling more raffle tickets it would be really appreciated.

Glorious weather greeted petanque players last Saturday, May 4, when another round of the President’s Cup was played. Winners were Gilbert Bataard, Lida Yalkova, Marek Glinski, Peter Middelton, John Exeter and Kurt Isliker.

The club welcomed new members Caroline Olefile and Ian Carson, who enjoyed the experience of their first club competition. At Subiaco this Saturday, May 11, the club will have social play.

There is also social play every Wednesday and visitors are welcome on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Consult the club’s website or Facebook pages for details.

Resources for ageing retirees Bowling

The Perth branch of the Australian Independent Retirees (AIR) have Mark Kinsela from the Council on the Ageing (COTA) speaking at their next meeting on Friday, May 17.

Mark is chief executive officer of COTA in WA and will be discussing the council’s structure here and nationally, and what resources are available through it to assist seniors

and independent retirees. AIR’s mission is to protect and advance the interests of retirees who wholly or partly fund their own retirement.

They meet on the third Friday of each month from 10am to noon at the Cambridge Bowling Club, Chandler Avenue West, Floreat.

Visitors are welcome.

Members ($2) and visitors ($5) are encouraged to

bring the correct money and their own coffee mug. Enquiries can be addressed to Margaret Walsh, At the same venue this Wednesday, May 15, at 1.30pm the AIR investors group is holding an interactive workshop on investing your chosen share, followed by a group discussion. For further information email

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Cambridge Mosman Park Subiaco Pétanque Hollywood Subiaco
The sinking of HMAS Canberra I has raised questions over the years. INSET: David Nicolson, RANR (ret’d). Lorraine Cunniffe talking to Cambridge Croquet Club newcomers. Semi-finalists of the Gift, Roger Jakeway, left, David Williams, Frank Coleman and Mark Wilson.
Learn about glaucoma Call Robyn today (08) 9381 3088 Advertise in the POST. It works and so will you. Got a Trade or Service?

Just Listed



Home Open

Renovate, Titivate, or Detonate

First time offered! Two family generations who have loved and cherished this home for 45 years. Now it is time to pass it onto the next lucky family or owner.

This 164 sqm, brick and tile home is in original condition and is ready for a full makeover. Set back from the road and very private, this home has lovely road frontage, with mature trees and rockery surrounding the front entrance. The property is set on 685 sqm, fully fenced, and includes a large shed, tandem carport plus storeroom with side access and the best part of all, it has a northern rear aspect that is elevated.

It has plenty of character and exudes 1970s style. Consisting of three large, carpeted bedrooms, plus a fourth without a wardrobe which would be ideal as a study or home office, a bathroom with bath and shower, plus a separate toilet and extra-large laundry.

The home is finished with extra high ceilings which creates a sense of space and roller shutters have been installed on all windows to help keep the home cool in warmer months.

The huge living area has a gas fireplace which leads to the formal dining room through an arched entranceway. The dining area opens out via sliding doors to the rear yard, which has a paved patio and a freestanding washing line.

What we like about this property:

•The first time this property has ever been up for sale! (owned for 45 years)

•North facing rear

•Incredible potential (being a solid brick home)

•760m to Mosman Park Primary School

•1.4km to Mosman Park Beach (approx.)

•500m to Swan River (approx.)

43 Victoria Street, Mosman Park  9384 4600
4 BED  1 BATH  2 CAR  685M 2
0432 392 387 0415 853 926
SATURDAY, 11 TH MAY, 11:00AM - 11:45AM
Gill Vivian Trent Vivian

Expect some tummy rumbling

For those out there who missed French-Vietnamese director Anh Hung Tran’s (The Scent of the Green Papaya) period romance

The Taste of Things during its run at Somerville, it is in wider release now and I recommend you see it where it belongs – on the big screen.

Preferably with a glass of savoury red in your hand.

After all, it is a visual and sensual delight that will leave your stomach rumbling and quite

possibly a hankering to fit out your kitchen in the manner of the French provincial manor where most of the action takes place – all copper cauldrons, bucolic landscape paintings, and rustic antique tables. By action, I don’t mean the word in the traditional sense; rather, Tran’s epicurean delight, which he adapted from the 1924 novel The Life and Passion of Dodin-Bouffant, Gourmet, epitomises just the opposite. Barely anything happens, unless you count the loving, purposeful preparation of course after course of

mouth-watering dishes from garden to table, tracked by a gliding camera and barely a word of dialogue. It is, counter-intuitively, entirely absorbing.

Today’s wild colonial

As a former teacher and counsellor to adolescents at risk, artist Rob Boulden has had long experience with Australia’s First Nations people.

He has also been a gallerist, art commenter and bookshop co-owner in Hanoi, where he first met

the political Vietnamese artist Pham Huy Thong, who he credits with inspiring his own politicallymotivated collection. His exhibition entitled That Wild Colonial Boy Dance is a commentary on Australia’s year of the referendum, in which he

197 Onslow Rd, Shenton Park

Fresh Bread, Rolls, Cakes, Hot Pies, Doughnuts, Tarts, Coffee and more.

Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm Saturday from 8am to 1pm Tel. 0468 858 157

Gripping, even.

Benoit Magimel plays Dodin, a wealthy epicurean who in 1889 is living the dream. He doesn’t appear to work; he spends his time expertly in the kitchen


ponders how we deal with the wrongs of the past as individuals, communities and as a nation.

He says he is “angry, of course. Sometimes perplexed. Rarely amused. Confused. Saddened. Disillusioned. Mostly amazed.”

Believing that art should be “confrontational and attempt to hold to account the politicians, companies and corporations who control our legal decision making”, his wild colonial boys “are adolescent –sometimes pre-adolescent –white boys in settler garb, masked for anonymity, all brandishing the colours of a Woodside-sponsored

Our daughter is 27 and has a severe alcohol problem. The past two years have been nightmarish. Now she is in an apartment, so we have a peaceful home, although my husband and I still brace ourselves waiting to hear of an accident or some other tragedy involving her. Thankfully, she has no children.

The pattern has deteriorated into her drinking for 11 or 12 days and then being hospitalised when her body can’t take any more and she goes into withdrawal. We take her to hospital because she has fits when she

kids’ movement.

“Many of the landscapes are yellow, ochred and dusty, to fit in with settler iconography of the wide brown land,” Rob said. “Terra Nullius, up for grabs.”

He said he wanted his exhibition to be more of a discourse than a marketplace, but 10% of any sales will go towards volunteer efforts to save and rewild the ribbon of bush that almost became Roe 9 –“unceded land”.

■ That Wild Colonial Boy Dance is on show at Terrace Greenhouse, 223 South Terrace, Fremantle from Thursday, May 16, until June 2.

alongside his cook of some 20 years, Eugenie (Juliette Binoche), and entertaining friends who are almost as passionate about the pleasures of the table as he is.

Of course, he is also interested in the pleasures of the bedroom, and is delighted whenever Eugenie leaves her bedroom door unlocked, her unspoken invitation. Indeed, Tran pointedly links the two joys in life when he amusingly dissolves the image of a glazed pear into Binoche’s naked, side-reclining physique.

But their intimacy is without doubt derived from their shared love language: gastronomy. So when Eugenie becomes unwell, Dodin cares for her the most loving way he knows how.

An ode to taking pleasure in work, and working assiduously for pleasure, A Taste of Things is a recipe for growing deep love, in all its seasons.

Bon appetit.

power to keep her from drinking, is one you do not have. That is in your daughter’s hands.

withdraws, and these fits can be dangerous.

We are low and know no end. She doesn’t find Alcoholics Anonymous helpful, and alcohol services are depleted in resources and personnel. We have joined a family group and are helping to restructure it to make a difference in the help drinkers and their families get.


Victoria, the power you wish you had, the

The power you do have is the power not to let her problem destroy you and your husband. Why do you feel so defeated? Because trying to stop her from drinking is like trying to stop it from raining.

If something happens, you will want to think that the one time you didn’t show up for a meeting, the one time you didn’t check on her, makes you responsible.

But you are wrong. It won’t be what you didn’t do, it will be what your daughter did. She is her own destroyer, not you.

She knows what happens when she drinks. When she is sober, she chooses to drink. She is in control of her own life. You will want to say, “No, she isn’t.” But she is. No one else can stop her from drinking.

You and your husband still have to live your life. That is what you are here for. Create the best possible life you can for yourselves.

Tragedies happen. They are not on our calendar of wants. But no matter what the tragedy, we go on living the best we can.

Wayne & Tamara

• Need some advice? Write to

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direct answers
The Taste of Things (PG) ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ REVIEW: PIER LEACH
■ A French provincial kitchen is the heart and soul of a film about love, pleasure and gastronomy featuring Benoit Magimel and Juliette Binoche. ■ Rob Boulden’s social and political commentary with, left, Blackface with Sam and Eddie, and, above, Preparing for Juukan. Gluten free Mothers Day cup cakes for best mums
@lygon.lane SCANTOBOOK 37BayViewTerrace,ClaremontWA6010 1/2PRICEBOTTLES AllbottleshalfpriceeveryThursday! $30PASTA&WINE EveryTuesday,youcanenjoya tastybowlofpastaandaglassof freshwineforjust$30 1/2CHARDY&$2 OYSTERS SiponsomehalfpriceChardy&nibble onsome$2oystersalldaySundays! $49SETMENU Pickany2dishesonourmenufor $49,includes1glassofwine

Playing with the borders of insanity

A whole generation of young people have embraced the colloquial term “gaslighting” without having any idea that its origin was not #metoo but a 1938 theatrical thriller, Gas Light, and, more famously, the 1944 film starring Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman.

Gaslighting (psychologically manipulating people into questioning their own sanity) came from the pen of playwright and novelist Patrick Hamilton. Gas Light was set in 1880s London in the gas-lit Victorian home of

Local trio help tell the Elvis story

Three local boys have been cast as Young Elvis to join Rob Mallet in the titular role for Elvis: A Musical Revolution.

In each city it visits, the touring musical has picked up three local talents to play the role of the young Elvis. Oscar Harrison, 12, and Hudson Brown, 13, are both Year 7 students at Christ Church Grammar. They will share the role with Nicholas Burg, 12, from Subiaco, a student at John XXIII.

Oscar performed recently in the show’s Adelaide season, and said he was thrilled to be performing the role in his hometown. He has previously performed with Midnite Youth Theatre Company, based at Christ


Hudson has been with Stagecoach Theatre School in Nedlands for four years. He was the lead vocalist in a school rock band and has performed for Midnite Youth Theatre Company.

Nicholas began singing, dancing and acting at the age of four, and plays the guitar, violin and drums. He has been honing his

focusing more on celebrating the music with more than 40 iconic hits.

triple-threat talents for the past seven years at Stagecoach.

Hot on the heels of biopics Elvis and Priscilla, the bio-musical Elvis: A Musical Revolution touches lightly on the drama of pivotal moments in Elvis’s life from his childhood in Mississippi through to his triumphant 1968 Comeback Special,

Joining Rob Mallett is Ian Stenlake as Elvis’s manager Colonel Tom Parker, Annie Chiswell as Priscilla and Perth-born WAAPA graduate Ben Hall as Memphis record producer Sam Phillips.

■ Elvis: A Musical Revolution opens at Crown Perth this Saturday, May 11, continuing until June 2.

a man who aims to drive his wife insane so he can steal from her.

A new Australian stage production comes to Perth this month, starring Perthborn Toby Schmitz in his first show in his hometown in more than 25 years.

“When I first started my career in Perth I hoped that one day I would be able to perform in the Regal Theatre,” said Toby, who attended Scotch College and UWA.

“And now, after all this time, my dream has come true!”

Toby has carved a successful career in Sydney in both theatre and television – most recently appearing in Boy Swallows Universe.

Now touring with Gaslight, he said the Regal Theatre goes hand in hand with this adaptation of Hamilton’s original play.

“There’s a wonderful synchronicity in the fact that the Regal opened in the same year as Hamilton’s play,” Toby said.

“And it is a play that needs that sense of history to it. All theatres are haunted and to do a haunting thriller like this in an old venue makes it that much more special.”

Gaslight was adapted in 2022 by Canadian writers and performers Patty Jamieson and Johnna Wright.

It is set in 1901, in London, where Bella Manningham (Geraldine Hakewell) is settling into her new life as wife to attentive and loving Jack (Schmitz) in their comfortable home with Elizabeth

the housekeeper (Kate Fitzpatrick) and Nancy the maid (Courtney Cavallaro).

But it soon becomes clear that something is amiss. Jack is hiding something. He keeps disappearing in the evenings and, after he leaves, Bella hears strange sounds in the house and the gas lights dim for no apparent reason.

She misplaces things and Jack expresses increasing concern for her health. Bella begins to believe she is losing her losing her grip on reality.

The difference from the original version is that there is no detective to explain to Bella what is happening.

“We don’t need ‘mansplaining’,” Toby said. “It is a superb noir thriller but Bella has to work out for herself what is actually going on. It is beautifully calibrated so that the audience think they get it, but all four characters have the game in play, and no one really knows what’s going on.”

Toby said it was the first time in years he wasn’t “performing in a glass box, wearing jeans and teeshirt”!

“I get to sit on real furniture,” he laughed, adding that the classic Victorian drawing room set (Renee Mulder) drew gasps from audiences. As for playing the manipulating Jack: “I haven’t had so much fun on stage in a very long time.”

■ Directed by Lee Lewis, Gaslight performs at the Regal Theatre in Subiaco from May 28 to June 9.

THAT WILD COLONIAL BOY DANCE a solo exhibition by Rob Boulden aka KVT OPENS 16th MAY to 2nd JUNE Fiddle trio, Saturday 18th May – drop in, have a gander and a jig TERRACE GREENHOUSE 223 South Terrace, South Fremantle Email: A descendant of those dancing boyos – a provocative, perplexed response to that YES/NO referendum that intends to scrape the underbelly of the naysayers and apologists. & Restaurant Cellar Door Book Here: A new venue in the heart of Dunsborough Open Thursday - Monday 12 - 9 PM POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 69 THEATRE • ENTERTAINMENT • ART • FILM
■ “I get to sit on real furniture,” said Toby Schmitz as gaslighting husband Jack to Geraldine Hakewell’s Bella. SARAH McNEILL ■ Rob Mallett gets into the groove as Elvis Presley. ■ Christchurch Grammar students Hudson Brown and Oscar Harrison are ready to shake, rattle and roll.

Clever trick with pool

Central to this cleverlydesigned home is a “naked” swimming pool – not so much for skinnydipping – although that shouldn’t be ruled out.

The pool has magnesium-based water which, when balanced with low levels of salt and chlorine, makes it as close to fresh as possible.

Because the five-bedroom house was built on a tight 509sq.m rear block, the owner said she wanted a pool for their four children that didn’t involve high levels of chlorine, with the smell pervading the home, and she didn’t want to keep nagging the children to shower every time they got out of the pool.

“The water feels lovely to swim in and replicates fresh water,” she said.

Built in 2021 by Distinctive Homes, the main living area has fullheight bi-fold doors, both opening out to a carefullylandscaped pool and spa oasis surrounded by a half moat, designed by Tristan Peirce Landscape Architecture.

Mr Peirce even paid attention to landscaping down the side of the house, so often overlooked in the design process.

“It’s one of my favourite spots to go when I need to hide from my children!” the owner said.

$1.67million DAGLISH 19 Stubbs Terrace


AGENT: Greg Williams, DUET Property Group.

A medico with a keen interest in building and design built this two-storey house that settled on March 27.

AGENT: Emma Milner, Ray

The last time this riverfront house changed hands was during the 2007 Global Financial Crisis when it

AGENT: Jody Fewster, Ray White Cottesloe Mosman Park.

Glass is a major feature in this design where so much home is neatly fitted into the compact block, creating a light, bright space but with plenty of privacy.

that feel flashy,” the owner said.

Interior designer Elizabeth Parker created a palette of stone and timber, giving it an organic and natural feel.

“We don’t like things

The main bedroom is tucked away downstairs, featuring a large walk-in wardrobe and ensuite.

Upstairs, two of the four bedrooms have their own ensuites.

As a rear block, the

gate is at the top of the drive, which the owner said was a bonus when young children came to visit because the whole block became useable but also protected.

The small cul-de-sac of seven homes is opposite Allen Park and a short walk from Swanbourne beach and the popular Shorehouse restaurant.

“It can be confronting when the Shorehouse staff know your wine order before you have to ask,” the owner joked.



AGENTS: Tim Caporn and Justin Davies.

Page 70 – POST, May 11, 2024 ■
■ Like the rest of the home, the dining area in this contemporary abode built by Distinctive Homes has a natural palette, which was the owners’ brief to interior designer Elizabeth Parker. “The wizardry of Tristan Peirce gives the outside areas such a private, oasis feel,” the owner said.
by the gas fireplace in the snug sunken lounge is the place to be on a cool night. ■ The colour of the quartz stone benchtops and splashback in the kitchen is a nod to the sea on a stormy day. 5 4 2 2A Korel Gardens SWANBOURNE Offers Space Real Estate 2021 build Walk to beach, Allen Park Magnesium pool CONTACT: Justin Davies on 0419 909 350. Things you will love recent sales
high ceilings and floorboards are features of this renovated character home on a 622sq.m site.
■ ■ ■
62 Meagher Drive
■ ■ ■ $8.25million DALKEITH
Victoria Avenue
Dalkeith Claremont.
went for $9.25million.
■ ■ ■ $15.5million COTTESLOE
Deane Street
were a standout in this home that settled last Sunday.
ocean views

■ Builder Nigel Byrd has off-loaded his luxurious City Beach house to an investor for $7.2million.

$7.2million paid for ‘mini-resort’

Prolific investor Yan Zhang has added a 27th property to her portfolio with the acquisition of a City Beach house for $7.2million, Landgate records show. The sevenbedroom eight-bathroom house at 18 Warri Road settled on April 26. The seller was Nigel Byrd,

Agent Willie Porteous put a price tag of $20million to $30million on a riverfront house in Mosman Park and it has just sold to a neighbour for $22million Arthur Marshall, described as a “self-made man” with “old money”, and his wife Jeanette bought the 3020sq.m property at 3 Owston Street. They live in nearby Chine Place. Mr Porteous said they “might build a house or two” on the property that had reportedly been in the George family since the 1920s. POST

managing director of Distinctive Homes. When Mr Byrd’s house was on the market, he told the POST he chose the elevated 771sq.m site because of its commanding ocean views. “We felt that the position demanded as much window as possible,” he said (‘Mini-resort’ with ocean views, POST, February 24).

It has an eight-car garage, a lift, gym and a separate one-bedroom apartment. Ms Zhang’s other properties range from a 3x2 in West Leederville to a unit in Yokine and a project home in Gwelup.

Peppermint Grove sale still under wraps

The local real estate rumour mill has divulged an off-market sale in Peppermint Grove that is predicted to set a new record for Perth. But agent Richard Young, of CY Property, was tight-lipped about the sale of the riverfront home at 59 Keane Street, on the corner of The Esplanade. The 1904 character home, on a 2793sq.m site overlooking Freshwater Bay, was sold as a deceased estate. “The property is now sold awaiting settlement,” Mr Young said. “The buyer and price cannot be disclosed. It may be the highest sale price for a single residential property achieved

for this financial year and maybe longer in Perth.” Landgate records show the 4x4 is in the name of an executor. Mr Young said his brief was to show qualified buyers quietly and discreetly through the property to achieve a sale without fanfare.

“After 11 private inspections I wrote up two offers from buyers that were remarkably close in dollar value at this level, achieving my mandate.”

The well-heeled neighbourhood includes next-door neighbour Pamela Plunkett who paid $9million for 58 The Esplanade in 2013. In the same year, property developer Nigel Satterley paid $17.5million for No.56

Lots of confusion

A first-home buyer got a nasty surprise when she moved into her new house in the south-eastern suburb of Camillo: she had bought the wrong property. There was a mix-up because two streetfront strata-titled blocks belonged to the

Clear statement of intent auction RESULTS

■ Eight is considered a lucky number in some cultures and that’s why the buyers offered $2.828million for this Nedlands home.

In other results:


• 14 Viewway Nedlands was sold after its auction for $2.828million. Agent Thomas Wedge, of Ray White Dalkeith Claremont, said the 4x3 on an 880sq.m site went to an Indonesian couple who were not at the auction.


• 7 Eastbourne Street was passed in for $1.18million. Two bidders competed for the 2x1 weatherboard on a 259sq.m site. The agents were Edward and Jim Hall of Mack Hall in association with Knight Frank.

Abuyer was so determined to get a City Beach house at auction that he upped the price with a $500,000 bid.

The first bid of $1.8million was knocked out of the park by the man’s $2.3million bid.

The bold move surprised the crowd of about 50 people at the auction of the block-value house at 4 Yolande Place.

There were three bidders in total, and auctioneer Ross Hunter joked with one of them: “You’re

a young entrepreneurial man; it’s Dad’s money so don’t worry about it.”

When bidding reached $2.37million, agent Christopher Dee of Edison McGrath, paused the auction to phone one of the sellers who was on the east coast.

The auction kicked off again, and the man who put in the $2.3million bid ended up buying it for $2.42million.

The 1045sq.m property was sold as a deceased estate.

■ There were two offers for this Peppermint Grove trophy home that was sold offmarket without any “fanfare”.

same sellers. The Kelmscott real estate firm that sold her the block failed to notice that the lot on the purchase certificate of title did not correspond with the lot on the strata plan that had been planned to be sold. The mistake was not spotted during the sale and resulted in the certificate of title being issued in the buyer’s name for the wrong property. The error came to light after the buyer moved in and was told during a call about her First Home Owners Grant that the lot number did not match official records. The firm, John O’Neil & Son Pty Ltd, has been fined $6000 and ordered to pay $1000 in costs by the State Administrative Tribunal

Mos Park house makes $22million

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POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 71
Property writer
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■ There were smiles all round when auctioneer Ross Hunter auctioned a City Beach house for $2.42million.
Contact Trina 08 9381 3088



116 Brompton Road


“Happy spouse, happy house” could have been the motto for the man who built this house.

“He was a builder of Italian origin who built his wife her dream home,” agent Yvonne Furner said. “It’s like her own castle on the hill, with panoramic ocean views.”

The 1988 house is packed with expensive extras such as high ceilings, a carved timber staircase, big bedrooms and curved walls in the pool area.

“The quality of the furnishings is like nothing they include in new builds now,” Ms Furner said.

It’s on a 1012sq.m site between Peace Grove and Bent Park.

7 Katrine Street

Auction May 11, 1pm

A recent renovation has breathed new life into this 1950s home near Wembley Golf Course.

The low-profile exterior reflects the modernist-style houses that were built in the garden suburb locals called “Floreat Park”.

With a pool, treehouse and a mini-basketball court, the house would be ideal for those with active children.

The outdoor entertaining area can be used in the cooler months because it has remote-controlled blinds.

The heart of the home is the kitchen and main living area where a dramatic timber ceiling contrasts with white and grey cabinets.

Among the many features are aggregate floors and feature lighting.

Roomy, with real family feel


Alot of modern “boxes” lack the warmth of a family home, says agent Mack Hall, who is selling this renovated 1955 house on a huge 2476sq.m block with river views.

“This house has a real family feel which is rare these days,” Mr Hall, of Mack Hall in association with Knight Frank, said.

That’s one of the many reasons why the owners bought it in 2011.

The owners said: “We were also drawn to the size of the block, the wide frontage and the incredible, uplifting views of the river.

“It felt like we were in the country, and we really value that space and privacy.”

modern homes.

8 Jameson Street

Auction May 25, 11am

“Beachy vibe in wooded retreat” is how agent Peter Burns describes this home opposite bush that connects to Allen Park.

A spiral staircase at the front leads up to a deck that looks out to treetops.

The aqua-blue exterior and red concrete steps hint at what’s inside – a home packed with personality.

Blue walls, crimson curtains and green tiles create an eclectic vibe in the home that is a welcome change from cookie-cutter designs.

The four-bedroom and twobathroom house is on an easy-tomaintain 473sq.m site within easy walking distance of the park.

One of the many things they have enjoyed is gathering around the fire-pit in the winter months.

“It has been a highlight for our family,” they said.

“We are always in disbelief that there we are in our garden that feels like we’re in the country yet we have all of the benefits of being in a city right there, too!”

Over the years they have hosted countless happy and memorable gatherings, including weddings, for friends and family.

With six bedrooms and four bathrooms, there is

plenty of room to spread out in the home, which was renovated in 2013 by architects Iredale Pederson Hook.

The original section was restored and a new top storey was added.

Upstairs is a separate children’s wing with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a toy room/study area.

The roof is often an afterthought when renovating, but here the owners amped it up with a mix of authentic Welsh slate and

sections of Rheinzink, a durable German titanium zinc product.

Wine collectors will appreciate the almost 9sq.m cellar in the basement.

A previous owner was the late Dr Tom Cullity, who established Vasse Felix winery in Margaret River.

Things you will love

2476sq.m block River views

Top quality renovation

CONTACT: Mack Hall 0417 744 600 and Jim Hall 0407 788 813.

Page 72 – POST, May 11, 2024
■ Vivien Yap 0433 258 818. ■ Peter Burns 0418 925 012.
SWANBOURNE househunter
■ Yvonne Furner 0408 886 898.
6 4 3 33 View Street PEPPERMINT GROVE
around $13million
■ A traditional open fireplace is a refreshing change from the minimalistic gas pebble fires in ■ “It is an attractive house, easy on the eye … a lovely balance between the old and new architecture which gives it a lovely atmosphere,” the owners said of their renovated 1955 home on three titles. ■ Everything will be at your finger tips – the river, Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club and Peppermint Grove Tennis Club. ■ You will be able to monitor screen time in the kitchen thanks to a study nook.

Denco Renovations

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Maybe I can help. 24 years experience (Melbourne) new to Perth, FREE QUOTES Dave 0434 278 441

Your Painting Project Just Got Simpler Call us

years working in the

means our team knows exactly how to ensure your painting project is completed successfully, with the minimum disruption to you.

We look forward to meeting you and presenting our professionally prepared fixed price quote.

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industry standards.
As members of The Master Painters Association our goal is to ensure you receive only the
level of
Over 20
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& spiral balances

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Pollution worries at Cott beach

• From page 7

marine park sewage pipes contribute to or cause our sea lice problem,” Mr Marchant said.

“Watercorp has recently increased its nutrient dump to five tonnes of nitrogen and phosphorous a day into the shallow Ocean Reef lagoon.

“Watercorp might have now tipped the formerly pristine lagoon over the edge so it can no longer tolerate their heavy nutrient load and whatever it causes.

“Ocean Reef waters are now a persistent, continuous source of vile stuff that I have never seen in my whole life of swimming at Perth beaches. The water causes horrible skin damage and illnesses.

“The southerly currents spread that water southwards to other beaches.

“The problem might be amplified by sewage from the Alkimos pipe, which is funnelled down a deep channel into the Ocean Reef lagoon.”

Cambridge takes up Forum challenge

over the same areas of land and there is no benefit to the community and the Town preparing a second PSP.”

Councillor Gavin Foley warned that the council might be throwing away money if it continued with its own PSP.

“Clear as a bell, they’re telling me that they would overrule whatever we come up with, whenever we come up with it,” he said.

“I don’t see why we should waste time and money going against them when we know they have a track record of riding roughshod over people who’ve done that.”

Mr Mack said the WAPC was the final decision-maker, and could accept, reject or modify any plan proposed by APIL or the Town.

When the council submitted a PSP for West Leederville, the WAPC made changes that included provisions for 18-storey towers.

Mr Mack said Mr Sanderson, “in particular”, had recom-

mended that the council not proceed with its PSP, but “focus its efforts and funds on progressing other planning priorities”.

“This advice has been confirmed in writing,” Mr Mack said.

“The power rests with the WAPC.”

He warned that if the council frustrated the process, the WAPC could take over the advertising and invoice the Town.

Helping to tease out the council’s PSP will be a working group consisting of the mayor, three councillors and three community members, Anthony McKinley, Alister Oliver and Melanie Foley.

The decision to go ahead with the council PSP has frustrated Mr Mack, who said that spending money on an unnecessary consultant could result in an adverse finding from the council’s auditor.

“There’s such a significant risk of APIL’s PSP being accepted by WAPC quite against the community wishes if we go through having our own PSP,”

he said.

Residents at the special meeting on Tuesday night were concerned about the “secret” meeting with the planning bosses, but Mr Mack said a recording of the meeting would be made available to the community members of the new working group.

Floreat resident Anna Lechinsakya asked why a PSP had not been prepared well before, given the importance of the area to the suburb.

Mr Mack, who took office in October last year, said: “You’d have to ask the previous mayor and previous CEOs.”

A letter to council directors from APIL in September 2022 said: “Our preference is to meet with the Town and work collaboratively on the process to prepare the plan. We acknowledge your inability to meet in line with Council’s Policy 033, Developer Contact with Staff.”

The letter suggests a timeline of community engagement and consulting processes.

■ Mayor’s letter, page 20

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hung casement & awning sashes
SERVICE • EQUIPMENT REPAIRS: - Pumps- Filters - Chlorinators- Cleaners - Lights Call 9384 0355 Email: 512 Stirling Hwy, Peppermint Grove Open: M-F 8:30-4:30 + Sat morning Paul Jones Carpentry & Joinery Repair and Restoration of all Timber Windows and Doors. Double Hung, Casement and Hopper Sashes. Bi-fold Windows and Doors. 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6088 Builders Reg No 102875 Master Builders Member • REGULAR MAINTENANCE • BREAKDOWN
5 ALL THE NEWS. All the VIews.
From page
Lodge classifieds online at

Beetles spread as paper pile grows

to apply

contact insecticide that

Developer donations refused

• From page 1

“I’m very much a Liberalvalues based politician.”

He said these values clearly embraced local government, “particularly the issue of planning”.

“Development should stay in the hands of the local authorities where possible,” he said.

“I think people with a private property have a right to their enjoyment, they have a right to amenity, they have a right to protect the tree cover.

“We can certainly have highrise development in places where it does not encroach upon suburban areas, like the Subiaco redevelopment area.

“So I’m not anti-development. I’m all about returning heritage and character and the power of local councils.”

He said it was a myth that increased development kept housing prices lower, citing recent research by CoreLogic.

Mr Huston named two other issues as his top priorities –moving the functions of King Edward Memorial Hospital to Nedlands where originally planned instead of Murdoch, and safety for women to walk, jog and cycle.

He has researched the government’s own documents that showed transfer times of very sick infants from Murdoch to Nedlands were in breach of the gold standard for safe transfers.

And he wants to import a pilot scheme called Safer Cities: Her Way, in the electorate that could be spread to other districts.

Ford fans bag ‘failures’

• From page 5

development, and being the ones who raised the listing issue with the Heritage Council, it is amazing the [Heritage Council] did not notify us.”

This was especially disappointing given the “hundreds and hundreds of hours of unsupported heritage work” the Fremantle Society carried out each year.

“We can’t even get a response to an urgent letter these days,” he said.

On Tuesday Mr Dowson told the POST the former Ford factory needed to be included on the State Heritage list, and as soon as possible, to help protect it from future development proposals.

“A State Heritage listing will give it a lot more protection,” he said.

“If it gets on the Heritage Council list the [joint development assessment panel] has to take notice.

“I think industrial heritage doesn’t have enough respect.

“A good architect can turn something like this into the most wonderful spaces.

“We don’t know enough about the people who worked here and what it achieved and how important it was.”

The opportunity to speak to those who had worked at the factory was lost as most of them would have died by now, he said.

The Ford company assembled cars there, shipping chassis from Geelong and car bodies from Canada.

In 1987 the site was sold to Alan and John McGillvray of Mac’s supermarkets.

Matilda Bay Brewery used

taken on the infected trees.

“DPIRD is currently working to ensure all authorisations and approvals required to undertake tree removal work in the Lake Claremont wetlands are received prior to commencing work,” they said.

“Tree removal works will commence at the first available opportunity.”

Mr Thomson told the POST the delay was another sign the government was not serious about eradication.

“As soon as they found the borer, they should be on to it straightaway,” he said.

“You’ve got to always be on the front foot.

“And you’ve got to have really clear programs, there should be lots of TV advertising about it so people can identify when the borer is there.”

The spokesperson added that borer activity and reproduction slows as the weather cools down with the beetle preferring to stay inside the tree rather than spreading to new trees.

They said around 60% of the trees at Lake Claremont had been inspected.

Two experts, Dion Johnson of Parks and Leisure and Giles Pickard from The Australian

Institute of Landscape Architects, also believe resourcing and community engagement have been inadequate.

“The response has been to attempt to identify (infestation) via viewing from the ground,”

Mr Johnson said.

“This approach is inadequate for large iconic trees across the metro area and requires an approach from both the ground and from an elevated position.”

“Subsequent to the current approach is to remove the whole tree and not just the affected branches and limbs which may preserve the whole tree and its benefits.”

Mr Thomson said in parliament that the government’s three-year response would end on August 6.

“What are we going to do beyond that and how are we going to be able to deal with this so that we make progress with this terrible situation in Western Australia?” he said.

A government spokesperson said the program was less than two years into a three-year nationally funded response to eradicate PSHB.

“The decision on whether PSHB remains feasible to eradicate is made by experts nationally and is revised on a regular basis,” they said.

“DPIRD looks forward to continuing to work closely with local governments to contain the spread of PSHB and protect Perth’s urban tree canopy.”

“There are no plans to shift the management of PSHB to local government in 2025.”

Agriculture and food minister Jackie Jarvis said she was happy to organise a briefing for Mr Thomson.

“All you have to do is ask,” she said.

Mr Thomson said the issue needed to be talked about in public.

“I know that the minister does not like this issue in the public domain, but I am asking her to take note of these things and provide more transparency for the Western Australian community,” he said.

Borer infestation meant 150 trees at Masons Gardens in Dalkeith were cut down two years ago.

Pruning or removal of trees is the only confirmed way to control the spread of the pest.

The tiny beetle was first discovered in East Fremantle in August 2021.

A three year, $41million program was launched to eradicate the pest including putting the Perth metropolitan area into quarantine.

Knocks broke Ocker’s brain

Australian football Hall of Fame and his prominent role in establishing World Series Cricket for Kerry Packer.

the site from 1988 as a brewery warehouse, office, and visitors’ centre.

In 2022 developer 3 Oceans Property proposed to build three residential towers there of 10, 11 and 16 storeys.

The $185million plan included 207 dwellings, a cafe, a shop, office, reception centre, parking and “industry light” land uses.

In March 2023 DAP members unanimously rejected the plan over concerns about height, overshadowing, and traffic congestion.

The POST has asked State Heritage Council chair Darren Foster for comment.

“You’d think my brain wouldn’t be worth anything to anybody, considering the punishment I’ve doled out to it over the past eight decades, but I think it may be good for something,” the column started.

“I think I could have Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

“CTE is a big issue in football and getting bigger.

“That why I intend to donate my brain to science once I’m finished with it. (I will get back to you on how that is done when I know what I have to do.)

“Over my football career, the Ocker scone took a fair number of whacks – some of them administered ‘accidentally’ by legendary experts in the field. I won’t mention names.

“I was KO’d a handful of times, the worst of them being while I was still at school.

“I felt so ill I couldn’t get out of bed for a week.

“On many other occasions I was dazed and confused by one whack or another.

“These days my memory is a hit-and-miss affair: I can recall the tiniest detail, clear as a bell, small things that happened half a century ago, but don’t ask me what I did last weekend because it’s six-to-four-on I won’t be able to tell you.”

Robertson was a member of Subiaco’s drought-breaking 1973 premiership team but was

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concussed early in the grand final and could not recall much of the match.

“He felt that he didn’t really contribute enough to the grand final,” Ms Robertson said.

“He felt like it was robbed of him.”

The risk of CTE is one of the reasons that the AFL and other football codes have introduced strict rules around concussion with long lay-offs mandated for affected players and heavier penalties for infringements to the head.

The POST targets 112,000 local people each week.
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Call (08) 9381 3088 • • POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 77
• From page 3 Killer tactics … A crew uses a paint brush a kills adult and larva PSHB but doesn’t get absorbed into the wood.
brain wouldn’t the tiniest detail, clear as a bell, small things that happened half a century ago, but don’t ask me what I did last weekend because it’s six-to-four-on I won’t be able LikltfAFLftbll Why science will get my brain King to eat this Neds spread on his big day You o ’d d thi ith h nk k my brain wou w wo o ouuldn ld ldndn’t t That’s why I intend to donate my brain to science once I’m finished with it. (I will get back to you on how that is done when I know what I have to do.) Over er verO Ove ve v my foot foo f fooot oootball b ba bal a al all career, , the t th h the tiniest as a l small that half f a century ago but don’t ask me I e se six-tot four-on ble e to tell you Lik ltfAFLftb ll l By POST sports columnist Austin Robertson, Hall of Famer and state goalkickinglkikidhldrecordholder The POST’s front page column on May 6 last year.
From page 1

AFL issues blowing in the wind

Inconsistency or hypocrisy?

It is sometimes hard to work out the AFL’s stance on pressing issues, given that they seem to shift with the importance of the principals involved, the nature of the topics or just the direction of the wind.

Sporting POST was inundated with sceptical and supportive responses a few weeks ago after examining the AFL’s opaque stance on illicit drug use (Murky policy leaves football in the dark, April 6).

Many respondents suggested that it was hard to take the AFL

seriously when it provided both a drug-testing regime with draconian penalties and a mechanism for guilty players to evade it.

That is truly agile management.

It’s just a pity that Willie Rioli never received the memo sent to some of the biggest names of current and recent times.

The drug matter has gone quiet but the AFL has barely lost any momentum after moving on to another significant societal ailment.

Opposing violence to women is hardly a controversial stand; after all, no one in their right mind could argue the alternative position.

The main thrust of debate is, or should be, determining how best to reduce harm, how to provide support and whether the broader philosophical issue

of violence in general is more of a problem than the narrower question of gender-based violence.

The AFL is good at these bigpicture themes. They generate plenty of feelgood moments specially devised for television – player circles, coin-tossing ambassadors, themed jumpers, talking heads with candid revelations of their heart-breaking personal experiences.

Real action is not achieved quite that easily, but then again, is it a sporting body’s responsibility to change the world or should it just focus on providing the entertainment that is its primary function?

That probably depends on the day of the week and what other potentially damaging things are swirling around the league.

Surf park future looking swell

“We love the ocean, we love Perth beaches, we love getting wet but if you ever needed a reason why we need a surf park just look outside,” said Aventuur chairman Andrew Ross referring to the flat ocean at Trigg Beach last week.

Ross was at Surfing WA headquarters spruiking Aventuur’s new partnership with the association.

“To Perth’s 300,000 surfers the swell is not here yet but I promise you the long-range forecast is looking good,” he said.

“Opening in Cockburn in late 2026 the surf park will feature the largest surfing lagoon in Australia but also the equal largest lagoon in the world.

“It will offer perfect waves year-round for all abilities alongside high performance training facilities and major sporting events.”

While popular with surfers, the facility has faced issues with Perth environmentalists and now the project is in go mode, the company is making an effort to weave itself into the fabric of the community.

Under the new partnership

Surfing WA will assist with the design of the park’s surf academy and train surf coaches in a bid to have the venue recognised as an Olympic

They generate plenty of feelgood moments … player circles, coin-tossing ambassadors, themed jumpers … ‘ ’

The AFL is soon to have to make a decision on Tarryn Thomas’s eligibility to return to the game.

For those of you in the dark, Thomas was a promising North Melbourne player turfed for recidivist behaviour in his relationships with women.

He is a talent on the field, so that is likely to mitigate his traits off it in the eyes of teams whose priority is to win games of football, but there are plenty of influential voices who believe he does not deserve yet another chance.

That matter will arise at the end of the season and I won’t go into it any further here.

But what is worth considering is the AFL’s and society’s entirely inconsistent responses to other players with similar or parallel histories.

training facility.

The park will then provide jobs for Surfing WA coaches and discounted access for members and board riding clubs.

“As surfers we’re committed to enhancing the state’s reputation as an international surfing destination and net exporter of surfing champions,” said Ross.

“Together we’re aiming to provide the ultimate training ground for our WA athletes to achieve greatness on the world stage just like home-grown hero Jack Robinson.”

There is no doubt that an easily accessible, reliable wave that’s a perfect copy each time would be a valuable training tool.

surfing with cameron bedford-brown

Surfing WA CEO Mark Lane said it was a historic day for WA surfing and Perth was on the edge of a new frontier.

“Surfing WA have been brought onboard to bring our expertise to the table in knowledge of the sport and our ability to conduct world class events,” Lane said.

“I can tell you after the long couple of months we’ve had here as Perth surfers, being able to drive 30 minutes down the road will be a welcome relief for many.”

Take Wayne Carey, a genuine North Melbourne champion who was ejected from his club for having an affair with a team-mate’s wife, and has since had a host of legal and behavioural issues with women.

Carey is a member of the Australian Football Hall of Fame and, last week, was one of 100 inaugural inductees into the NSW version.

Cousins and anti-Thomas cases. It would certainly suit the media company’s commercial interests to have one of its most high-profile identities endorsed by such an august body, but wouldn’t that be overlooking something?

Cousins went to jail – twice – for stalking a woman in such an intimidating fashion that she had to move house in secret for fear of the consequences if she didn’t.

That is a theme that has received considerable recent publicity from threatened women who have told stories about not being able to move and how they live daily in fear of their lives and those of their children. And this is not ancient history for Cousins.

He went to jail for 10 months in 2018 and another seven months two years later. In 2020. Just four years ago.

Former official Legend Barry Cable was stripped of his Hall of Fame honours after an adverse civil finding of abhorrent historic behaviour that he denied repeatedly and for which he was never jailed or even charged. Cousins has gone to jail six times since finishing his career and yet influential people in football and the media are campaigning strongly for him to receive an honour that is based as much on character and standing as on sporting prowess. How is that going to resonate in the middle of the AFL’s campaign to prevent violence against women?

But the AFL stepped in at the last moment to prevent him becoming an inaugural Legend in that body.

Their grounds were that his history was not bad enough to prevent him becoming a hall of famer, but bad enough to prevent him becoming one of the most exclusive hall of famers.

How does that work?

He is either eligible or he is not eligible. He is either a hall of famer recognised as the best of the best or he is not capable of being recognised at all.

Carey can’t be half-pregnant, yet that is how the AFL has assessed his character.

Take Ben Cousins, a positive redemption story because of his apparent success in his personal and highly-public battle with drugs.

Cousins is the subject of a strong campaign by his fellow employees at SevenWestMedia to promote him into the Hall of Fame.

In a parallel to the AFL’s uncanny ability to hold fundamentally opposed views at the same time, some of those campaigning are simultaneously arguing pro-

AFL chairman Richard Goyder, who also chairs the Hall of Fame selection panel, had the opportunity recently to say that it would be premature to induct Cousins. He resisted that opportunity.

He failed to explain that more time was needed before it would be appropriate to pick a reformed drug addict and stalker, and even raised the expectations of the Cousins boosters.

“I think (his recovery) is fantastic,” Goyder said.

“What I would say with Hall of Fame, is it’s not who’s in, it’s who’s not in.

“It’s an incredibly high bar to be a Hall of Famer in the AFL (sic) so we’ll look at those things in due course.”

Cousins will not go into the Hall this year, and maybe not next, but the AFL is still big on redemption stories.

It likes the narrative that a bad egg can make good through the transformative power of football.

And having the motivation of light at the end of the tunnel after a difficult journey is a concept with considerable merit.

Whether it is Cousins becoming a hall of famer, Carey a NSW legend or Thomas an active footballer, the stories are potent and meaningful.

You just don’t know which one the AFL will promote or downgrade. And maybe neither does the AFL.

Page 78 – POST, May 11, 2024
John townsend THE Sporting Aventuur chairman Andrew Ross (inset) with an image of the new surf park. Photo: Cam Bedford-Brown Grounded Kangaroos … Wayne Carey, left, and Tarryn Thomas are in the spotlight in the debate over violence against women. Richard Goyder Ben Cousins has got his life back on track after numerous legal challenges.

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A. They call the SWAT team!

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POST, May 11, 2024 – Page 79
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