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They knew their home was sound, and they couldn't imagine leaving their neighbourhood so the choice was clear.

amount of work that goes into such a transformation. And much of the work begins long before the crew steps foot in the house. “We’re old school in the sense that [co-owner Jason Daum] actually sits around the kitchen table to discuss the goal and outcome and what they’re looking for,” said Ricci. ”That to me is key with any customers you have, to actually be willing to sit with them in their space and talk about what their vision is.” Part of that pre-planning includes coaching the customer. Clients will come to them saying they’d like their house renovated, with no idea of where to start. Hybrid will guide them through the process and connect them with the appropriate professionals. They also prepare them for what’s to come. Jackie says Daum warned the homeowners that the process might be emotional, but nothing could prepare them for the real shock of seeing their family home transformed. “The funny thing is we’ve changed the house so dramatically that when we first moved up... it didn’t feel like our house because it was just so different,” said Jackie. “It was really gutted, but we just didn’t anticipate that when we moved up.” Jackie and John lived in the basement while the renovations were completed, putting a temporary door in the kitchen so they could use it for as long as possible. When the renovations moved into that space, the working kitchen moved to the garage. The 2013-14 winter was very cold, and the living arrangements

during those months of renovation weren’t ideal, but they made do. Jackie says it was manageable because it was just the two of them, but she imagines it would be more difficult with children at home (their own children have grown and moved away). Of course, not everything went according to plan – carefully chosen doors were broken in delivery more than once, and the first paint colour didn't turn out the way Jackie expected – but she says Hybrid did an excellent job dealing with mishaps. “On a project that size there will always be things you’ll run into,” said Ricci. “You’ve really got to decide whether you’re ready for something of this sort.” Ricci says a complete redesign like this is not common – Hybrid has only done a few of them over the years – but with any largescale project, frustrations set in; your house is upside down for a long time. These conditions make it essential to partner with a contractor you trust, and to keep a good attitude in the face of setbacks. “Jackie was brilliant; it was so good working alongside her,” said Ricci. “She was ready for it; she was mentally ready. She knew things were going to take time, and she was tolerant when something didn’t go right.” Jackie’s advice for others considering this kind of change? “Do it!” She said they love the results, and they feel like they have a new house without having to leave their beloved neighbourhood. For more information, visit n

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