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Kate Campbell

returns to Regina Spring Home Show

Meet Regina’s



Transforming Regina Kitchens for

10 Years! The smooth process of cabinet refacing eliminates headache and hassle by Wendy Livingstone The kitchen, as the site for meal preparation, plays an important role in the household. However, in most homes, it’s much more than that – it’s often where conversations take place, homework is handled, and guests gather. In fact, the kitchen is often called “the heart of the home.” So, when the kitchen is out of commission for a period of weeks or even months due to a renovation, the household dynamic can suffer.

Renewed Kitchens offers an alternative when updating this important hub without tearing apart the entire room and rebuilding it from scratch. By maintaining the existing structure of the cabinets and refacing them, the work time may be reduced to as little as three days. “Even with large kitchens, we accomplish most projects within a week,” says Dwayne Hipkiss, owner of Renewed Kitchens. “When you don’t have your kitchen, well, life gets really tough. With us, customers can typically still use it every day. Not in a full capacity, but we clean up every day and they are still able to utilize it as we go along.” Time-saving is not the only advantage of having cabinets refaced rather than replaced – the financial cost involved with refacing is also notably lower. “We typically come in at 20 to 40 per cent less than the cost of new cabinets, and you don’t have other ancillary costs,” says Hipkiss. With full cabinet replacement, changes to plumbing, electrical and flooring will be 2 |  You’re Home  spring 2018

required. Homeowners who have recently installed new countertops and backsplashes appreciate other benefits involved with refacing. Often, when they see the new instalments alongside the old cabinets, the cabinets look dingy and dated. To replace the cabinets would mean also removing the new installations, but with refacing, they can stay in place. “We come in and we make the cabinets look beautiful to match the countertops and backsplash that they have put in,” says Hipkiss. A similar complication often occurs when homeowners have new cabinets installed that are selected off-site. They may not match their existing décor and a complete overhaul of the room’s colour scheme and painting are required. To address this issue, Renewed Kitchens

products are not selected in a showroom under uncharacteristic lighting conditions. Instead, design consultants bring colour and door samples to the home environment in which they will be installed. “We are kind of like mobile show rooms that go out and bring all those items right to your home so you can see everything in your own environment,” says Hipkiss. “This makes it really easy to get a sense of what things will look like when you can compare them with your existing

countertops, flooring or wall colours. When you look at a product in a showroom, it doesn’t have your lighting, doesn’t have your wall colours and doesn’t have your flooring.” Customers may select from more than 50 different colours and more than 30 different door styles, ranging from traditional to ultra modern. The homeowner may also make decisions regarding structural changes: Will lower cabinets with doors be replaced with more-convenient drawers? Will there be any added features, such as crown moulding, Lazy Susans, wine racks, corner shelves, pantries, islands or valances to hide under-cabinet lighting? Will the countertop

be replaced? (Renewed Kitchens craftspeople can custom build new countertops.) Will the cabinets above the fridge be raised to accommodate a new, larger appliance? Installation includes removing cabinet doors and drawer fronts and discarding them. Next, any structural changes, as listed above, are made. Then, a thin laminate coating that matches the doors and drawer fronts is adhered to the cabinets with contact cement and trimmed with a router to smooth the edges. Hipkiss says that refacing projects include replacing the cabinetry’s hardware, since older kitchens often have hinges that are visible on the

outside of the cabinet. “Everything is converted to a European hinge, which is on the inside. This really cleans up the look of the cabinetry,” he says. “We also offer soft-close drawers and soft-close doors, so they are not banging when they close.” Once the doors have been installed, the transformation is complete. Hipkiss says, “Most people don’t believe it’s the same kitchen. The transformation process is really amazing. It’s like, ‘OMG, what a change!’” To refresh the entire home, Renewed Kitchens also refaces china cabinets, fireplaces, and cabinets in bathrooms and laundry rooms. Learn more, at www.renewedkitchens.com.


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For a FREE In-Home consultation call 306.584.3340 or visit www.renewedkitchens.com. You’re Home  spring 2018 | 3

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HGTV’s Kate Campbell returns to Regina Spring Home Show


Harmony Builders wins Builder of the Year for a third year


Smart electronics poised to revolutionize Canadian households


Regina Spring Home Show welcomes new Garden Area


Add some spunk to your all-white kitchen


Fashion meets function


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24 Seeing red 34

Small Home exhibit reflects Canadian culture


Meet Regina’s Star Baker

6 |  You’re Home  spring 2018

Acreage living more appealing than ever

Maple Ridge show home evokes cottage country Saskatchewan’s first Built Green community takes shape Eastbrook show home is family-friendly

44 Tips for surviving a home renovation


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Welcome to the latest edition of You’re Home Magazine, published by the Regina Leader-Post. Spring is the season when everyone’s nesting instinct kicks in – time to build new or refeather for the season ahead. This edition of You’re Home is sure to inspire exciting new home construction, design and renovation ideas. Join us as we explore several exciting show homes in Regina and area, discover the latest in technology and décor trends and look ahead to the spring planting season. We also bring you the latest details on the Regina Spring Home Show! Enjoy!

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Technology is transforming the bathroom


46 The next dimension of landscape design: 3D 52


Development is a Rae of sunshine in Cathedral

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Spring 2018



Spring 2018 2018 Spring



RETuRnS To REginA REginA SpRing SpRing HomE HomE SHow SHow

Meet Regina’s



COver photo courtesy of Belgard® Hardscapes www.belguard.com



You’re Home  spring 2018 | 7

HGTV’s Kate Campbell returns to Regina Spring Home Show by Hilary Klassen HGTV Canada star Kate Campbell kicked

Show home

8 |  You’re Home  spring 2018

off 2018 with a long-awaited honeymoon. Two-and-a-half years after their wedding, she and contractor-husband Dave Coleman managed to block off three weeks of lowtech bliss in Costa Rica. Kate is returning to the Regina Spring Home Show to share insights and design tips she has gained in her career as a builder and HGTV Canada star. Her original desire to find work that would keep her active, creative and constantly challenged led to the opportunity to work with and be mentored by HGTV Canada celebrities, Mike Holmes and Paul LaFrance. It became the stepping stone to Kate’s own career in television. After working in a ‘supporting role’ on a variety of HGTV Canada shows, Kate Campbell is now a star in her own right as one of the hosts of HGTV’s ‘Home to Win’. She heads up her own renovation company, KateBuilds Inc., which specializes in renos and custom carpentry. Wanting to spread her wings, Kate began her own “Major” house renovation. “Henry Major was the builder of the house and we wanted to pay homage to him and what he originally established 150 years ago,” says Kate. She filmed and released video of the farmhouse restoration in a YouTube web series. “This was my first big step, venturing out on my own! It was really exciting and creative because I designed it all myself, and implemented all the skill sets I collected over the years working with the guys,” said Kate. “I want to do it again and again.” The


Major house may not be their forever house. Kate and Dave believe there are simply too many other beautiful homes that need restoration. Kate is currently taking on jobs for Kate’s Contracting, juggling several different kinds of ambassadorships and is in the middle of filming Home to Win. She’s also working on her foundation, Build Women Up, the brainchild she conceived with Dave to encourage women in the trades. When fully launched, it plans to offer scholarships, mentoring and partnerships with programs that encourage women to get into the trades. The website buildwomenup.com will share stories of successful women in the industry as well as women and girls just getting into the industry. “I always felt I was lacking a female mentor. It’s a male dominated industry and there weren’t really other female leaders I could turn to.” Kate wants to channel her success into the kind of mentorship and support that could be the extra push for women and girls to get into the trades. “Women only represent something

One of the trends HGTV Canada star Kate Campbell will discuss at the Regina Spring Home Show is the explosion of outdoor kitchens. She’ll also talk about how to create your own backyard oasis, with tips from doing her own.

like seven per cent of nontraditional trades. The likelihood of walking onto a job site with another woman isn’t that high,” said Kate. “I want to give them as much of a leg up as I can.” Build Women Up has garnered some corporate backing. Dewalt Power Tools will be sponsoring some tool-related scholarship packages and Royer Boots has committed to providing a pair of boots as well as a tool belt, as part of the starter kit. At the Regina Spring Home Show, Kate will be discussing some of the home and design trends she’s seen in her TV and contracting work. She finds that renos are going more traditional these days with a lot of rustic elements coming back into vogue. There’s more use of antique pieces, natural woods and stone. “It’s the whole Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper effect. She’s such a sweetheart and I think a lot of her designs and renos have a lot of that warmth coming back, instead of cold, modern and contemporary designs.” Shiplap, warmer tones and

wall finishes are featured a lot. “On Home to Win, it’s always about wall treatments.” Outdoor kitchens have really exploded, she adds. “This is outdoor cabinetry that looks like indoor cabinetry, so you can create this beautiful outdoor kitchen that looks exactly like your indoor kitchen. It’s bringing the indoors outside.” The material is low maintenance and will look the same year after year even after enduring Canadian winters. Kate will discuss her farmhouse reno, some of the tips and tricks they used throughout the renovation and some trends or design esthetics she leans toward. She intends to go fairly in-depth into outdoor spaces, a space she feels really comfortable in. Her thoughts on ‘Designing Your Backyard Oasis’ will draw from her own blissful backyard oasis. Kate will be at the Home Show all weekend and looks forward to meeting people. If you happen to run into her, she’ll be happy to talk shop! For more details about presentation times, visit www.reginaspringhomeshow. com. You’re Home  spring 2018 | 9

ask an

expert about

Third Party New Home Warranty

Denise Mildner, CEO New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan Inc. 306.546.5220 reginarep@nhwp.org www.nhwp.org


Q: As a new homeowner, what responsibilities do I have to maintain my home and its warranty status?

A: Owning a new home is an exciting time and everyone, including the Builder and War-


Choosing a builder who belongs to the New Home Warranty Program ensures your new home is protected from problems that can occur with new buildings.

Now up to 10 years!

You’ll be covered for*:

• Your initial deposit up to $50,000 if the builders defaults • Defects in workmanship or materials for the first year • Exterior water penetration for two years • Major structural defects for ten years

Located in Saskatoon to serve you better!

*For homes enrolled or condo projects approved after January 1, 2017 This is not a complete description of coverage. Contact the New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan for warranty details.


#4 – 3012 Louise St. E, Saskatoon 10 |  You’re Home  spring 2018

(306) 373-7833

ranty Provider, wants to ensure that your experience is all positive, so being preventative is key. As a homeowner, know your responsibilities and understand how to maintain your home so issues don’t occur. Lack of homeowner maintenance can create problems and can even nullify your warranty. One example of a duty the homeowner is responsible for is to ensure that water is always directed away from the foundation of the home. The homeowner should keep the land sloped away from the house and make sure the eavestroughs are not plugged. Another example is maintenance of your furnace/HRV system. Always change your filters and clean your furnace as recommended by the manufacturer. For other helpful tips, please see your Care & Maintenance Manual which you can find online at www.nhwp.org. Homeowners are also responsible to mitigate any damage to the new home by notifying the Builder and the Warranty Program as soon as reasonably possible after discovering a defect or after indications of water penetration first become evident, such as: • Water staining on interior surfaces • Evident water penetration into wall cavities, ceiling or roof spaces • Water or dampness in carpeting or other floor finishes At the sign of any defect, the homeowner should contact their Builder first. The homeowner is required to grant the Builder the opportunity to repair the defect. If the homeowner went ahead and had anything repaired prior to allowing the Builder the chance to address the issue, then the homeowner forgoes any further warranty. For a full list of Duties of the homeowner, and Exclusions of Warranty, please see your Warranty Certificate. The Builder and Warranty Program are there to help you, but you too play a role in helping make your house a home!

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You’re Home  spring 2018 | 11

Matt and Katrina Rogina share the credit for Harmony Builders’ multiple Master Awards with their dedicated staff members. ‘We know we wouldn’t be where we are today without their support and hard work,” said Katrina Rogina.

IT’S A THREE-PEAT! Harmony Builders wins Builder of the Year for a third year by Jeannie Armstrong “My motto in life is: ‘Expect nothing, appreciate everything!’” said Katrina Rogina. She and husband Matt Rogina founded Harmony Builders Ltd. nine years ago in Regina, building a mix of custom and production homes. “We started our own company because we wanted to have control over the quality of our homes and offer exceptional service to our clients,” said Katrina Rogina. HGTV renovation authority Mike Holmes took note of the company in 2015 and invited 12 |  You’re Home  spring 2018

Harmony Builders to become a HOLMES Approved Homes Partner Builder, something the Roginas are very proud of. The couple attended the 27th annual Master Awards, presented on January 27 by the Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association (RRHBA), without any great expectations. The company had, after all, taken home the coveted “Builder of the Year” Award the previous two years in a row. “Every year, we step it up a notch. We entered this year’s awards with the idea that we would just try and do our best, and whatever happens, happens,” said Rogina. Receiving the coveted crystal statue proclaiming their company the Builder of the Year was even more exciting this year, said Rogina. “We were very, very happy. I know how hard we work. We are very proud of our team and every house we build.” Jason Christbason, Builder Relations Co-

ordinator with the RRHBA, explains the extensive criteria a home builder must meet in order to be considered for the Home Builder of the Year Award. “In addition to entering a specified minimum number of entries in any of the Master Award new home categories, a builder is also required to enter each of the following categories: Environmental Leadership, Safety, Community Service and Customer Satisfaction, which is new to the Master Awards this year.” The Master Awards are judged by a combination of national and local judges. “The judges are non-members, so they’re not affiliated with the RRHBA. They’re also judging entries based on an entry number, not by the builder’s name,” said Christbason. To determine the Builder of the Year, the judging panel tallies the scores from each builder’s top four categories. “The Master

Harmony Builders’ show home at 2 Oxford Bay received a Master Award in the Model Home (Over 1,900 Sq.Ft.) category.

Harmony Builders won a Master Award for Best Model Home (1,400 – 1,899 Sq.Ft), for The Berkshire model home located at 4337 Sage Drive.

Awards review committee, representing builders, developers and supplier members, determines the percentage of points allotted in each category,” said Christbason. “Once all of those values are added, the builder with the highest number of points is selected as Builder of the Year. Winning in multiple categories helps you win Home Builder of the Year.”

Competition at this year’s Master Awards was intense, with strong participation from builder members of the RRHBA, said Christbason. “In the New Home categories alone, we received submissions for over 130 homes.”

Harmony Builders took home a total of nine Master Awards at this year’s gala. The Innovation Award and the Environmental Leadership (20-plus Homes) Award recognized Harmony Builder’s use of Vipeq Industries’ Thermal CorkShield™, a water-based granulated cork product that is sprayed onto the exterior of a home. The product is not only aesthetically pleasing, it acts as both a thermal barrier and a sound barrier. “We are always trying new green and environmentally-friendly products. It’s important for us to find ways to help our clients save on energy costs and to help the environment,” said Rogina. The Community Service Award was pre-

sented to Harmony Builders for its support of Souls Harbour Rescue Mission. “This year, we asked our trades to join us in our initiatives with Souls Harbour,” said Rogina. Harmony Builders won multiple awards for its stylish model homes, in three different categories, as well as Best Production Home (1,400 – 1,899 square feet). “We built a lot of really nice houses for really nice clients. We won the Customer Sat-

isfaction (Medium Volume Builder) Award, which to me is one of the most important awards any builder can win,” said Rogina. Christbason says that the Customer Satisfaction Awards are new to this year’s Master Awards. “Avid Ratings Canada, a customer loyalty management research firm out of Toronto, looks after that. They send out extensive questionnaires to home buyers to get feedback on their home purchases. A score is You’re Home  spring 2018 | 13

tallied based on the responses to those questionnaires. If you have a happy customer, you’re getting some good scores back,” says Christbason. Being named Builder of the Year for the past two years had a very positive impact upon Harmony Builders. “Our staff feels like

they’re part of a winning team. We’ve taken our staff out and celebrated with them each year. We know we wouldn’t be where we are today without their support and hard work,” said Rogina. “Winning Builder of the Year has definitely raised our profile in the community as

well as with the trades. It’s gratifying to be recognized for your hard work.” She hopes that winning Builder of the Year for a third time will draw even more attention to Harmony Builders. “I hope it will pique people’s interest and entice them to check us out. Hopefully they’ll want to build a house with us! We just want to keep building amazing homes for amazing clients!” Harmony Builders anticipates building 30-plus homes in 2018, in a variety of Regina’s newest neighbourhoods, including Eastbrook on The Greens, The Greens on Gardiner, Fairways West, The Creeks, White City and Pilot Butte. You can explore Harmony Builders’ award-winning style by visiting their current show homes: • The Berkshire, 4337 Sage Drive, in The Creeks (Master Award winner); • The Easton, 4836 East Primrose Green Drive, Eastbrook on The Greens. (Master Award winner); • The Aztec, 3302 Green Brook Road, in The Greens on Gardiner. For show home hours, visit harmonybuilders.ca.

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photos by allan hall COURTESY OF STAHAMANN HOMES

Maple Ridge show home evokes

cottage country by Julie Folk Woldu The house may be situated in Regina’s Ma-

ple Ridge, but step inside the front door and the calm and comfort of a cabin await within Sthamann Home’s recent show home. “We have created a contemporary lakesidecottage feel but in the city, with all of the great up-to-date features of a brand new home,” said Samuel Sthamann, President of Sthamann Homes. The 1,799 square foot home at 1616 Maple 16 |  You’re Home  spring 2018

Street would appeal to any family, and it is certainly suited to one with older children, as the plan includes three bedrooms upstairs, and an additional two that could be finished in the basement. The foyer of the home opens up into a great room featuring full-height rake windows cascading down from the vaulted ceiling, bringing in the natural light and overlooking the back yard. The solid maple flooring features a natural grain that not only provides the look you would find in a cottage, but also has the practical purpose of hiding dints and dents from families

and pets. The kitchen, which is the heart of the home, is next to the greater space of the family room. The tremendous counter space provides a great working surface for anyone with culinary talents, while the large island also provides a bar for guests from the entertaining side. The attractive ceramic floors in the kitchen look like a natural tile, but without the maintenance. “The design palette and finishes throughout this home are inspired by nature, from the soft flowing granite countertops, to the sugar pine

Sugar pine timber beams add incredible style to the home’s great room and kitchen.

Large energy-efficient triple-glazed windows flood the home with natural light. Sthamann Homes’ show home in Maple Ridge offers the feel of a lakeside cottage, with colours and finishes inspired by nature.

timber beams, and right down to the earthtone paint colours. The house evokes a sense of tranquility,” said Sthamann. The sugar pine wood accents are unique, featured on the great room ceiling beams, as well as wrapping around the island and over the custom range hood, which is built into the customized maple cabinets painted a soft grey. In addition to a pantry set into the wall, there is also a built-in garbage pullout and two spice drawers. The kitchen is showcased by industrial light fixtures, with a chandelier reminiscent of a candle fixture over the dining table. The sconce lighting on the back wall provides a beautiful atmosphere at night when it shines over the family space. A gas fireplace warms one end of the room, with ceramic tile surrounding it and the same backsplash as the kitchen, except that it is in a contrasting colour. The entire family space looks out onto a spacious yard, with two large doors leading outside. Up the stairs, the theme of the house continues with square windows lining the stairwell, allowing in plenty of natural light. The master bedroom is built overtop of the garage, with a heated floor space between the garage itself and the bedroom in order to keep the room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. “When we design a home, we always try to find ways to maximize the efficiency of the floor plan right from the start,” said Sthamann.”With a two-storey home for example, rather than build the foundation larger, which adds cost, we

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Photos by Allan Hall

built out over the existing garage space.” Next to the master bedroom, which includes a four-piece bathroom and walk-in closet, are two bedrooms, a full bathroom, and an upstairs laundry. The doors, which are a standard door, are painted a darker grey, which makes them stand out in a unique way. This house is a certified ENERGY STAR®rated home. Energy saving features include a 96 per cent high-efficient furnace with sealed ductwork, heat-recovery ventilator unit, tankless on-demand hot water heater, R24 wall insulation, R60 ceiling insulation, triple-glazed windows with argon gas and Low E coatings, LED lighting, and water-conserving plumbing fix-

tures. The home received an independent rating for an air tightness of 0.82 ACH (air changes per hour), exceeding the threshold established for ENERGY STAR certification. “We try to be different, and we feel it’s very important to have an energy-efficient house,” said Sthamann. “We do that in cost-effective ways.” This show home is in the final phase of Maple Ridge, a community that Sthamann calls “one of the real gems in the city.” The lots are slightly larger, with only single-family residential dwellings. There will be no two Sthamann houses built exactly alike, for the builder will work with

their clients to ensure the house is customized to their wants and needs. Even if a client decides they prefer the show home plan, Sthamann says the house always seems to end up completely unique once they begin the process. “With our custom building process, our ENERGY STAR certification, and our team of architectural technologists, an interior designer, journeyperson carpenters, and nearly 40 years of home building experience in Regina, there is a lot that goes into creating the house that you see here,” said Sthamann. “When looking for a builder, it’s important to find that experience and talented team of professionals.” To learn more, visit sthamannhomes.com.

Why buy a lot when you can buy a lifestyle? Welcome to CYPRESS POINT Swift Current’s stunning new Golf & Recreation Community

Starting at $126,400

Only 49 golf course lots available

Creating the perfect dream home should be as much about the lifestyle beyond four walls as it is about the living space within them.

To learn the whole story or to watch the Cypress Point video, visit us at www.swiftcurrent.ca/cypresspoint or call us at 1.306.778.2704

18 |  You’re Home  spring 2018


Forgot to lock the door or just can’t find your keys? With SaskTel smartHOME powered by SecurTek, you can lock or unlock your door wherever you are. You can even see who’s at the door on your laptop, tablet, or phone. Take control at sasktel.com/smarthome. Detect or Automate package is required to use the smartHOME app. Automate package is required for home automation functionality.

You’re Home  spring 2018 | 19

photos COURTESY OF LG canada


The LG ThinQ TVs can access content through the voice-activated platform and select shows and content by actor and director.

Smart electronics poised to revolutionize Canadian households by Andrew Livingstone

Imagine that it’s time to cook supper: you step up to your refrigerator, admiring the photo that you uploaded to its 29-inch LCD screen for a moment. Knocking on the screen twice transforms it into a window into the fridge, but nothing inside seems to suit your current cravings. So, you activate Amazon’s Alexa, which recommends recipes based on the available groceries. You consider simply asking Alexa to order you a pizza, but then you spot a promising new dish. At your signal, the fridge sends a command to 20 |  You’re Home  spring 2018

your oven to preheat, and you’re ready to begin. That’s a taste of the advanced, intelligent and cooperative appliances that LG Electronics is prepared to unleash into Canadian homes. “It’s a very exciting world of smart products,” said Puneet Jain, the company’s head of marketing. “LG as a brand is really committed to introducing new product innovations that really matter to consumers, things that will provide convenience and help them in their day to day lives.” In December of 2017, LG announced the creation of its ThinQ brand, which comprises numerous home appliances, consumer electronics and services that employ artificial intelligence in their operations. “LG ThinQ products and services deploy deep learning capabilities and the ability to communicate with each other,” said Jain. “LG ThinQ is an open platform, and, as such, it is compatible with Google Assistant

and Amazon Alexa, two of the most popular voice assistants available to consumers right now.” LG’s goal is to make artificial intelligence (AI) more approachable by embedding it into the household and using it to simplify everyday domestic processes. “We believe Canadians, and consumers in general, are buying into smart technologies for multiple areas of their homes,” said Jain. “With the implementation of AI technology into LG appliances, we are making appliances even simpler for families to access and control with voice controls and remote mobile phone capabilities through applications.” For example, the aforementioned smart refrigerator – LG’s InstaView ThinQ™ black stainless steel model – responds to voice commands, touch and remote communication via a smartphone. Its AI can indeed cross-reference

LG’s InstaView ThinQ™ refrigerator responds to voice commands, touch and remote communication via a smartphone. The ThinQ fridge can speak to the ThinQ oven to set the right temperature for a given recipe.

LG’s goal is to make artificial intelligence (AI) more approachable by embedding it into the household and using it to simplify everyday domestic processes. its contents with online recipes, track expiration dates and more. “This fridge has Amazon Alexa built in, so you can shop for groceries, play music, check the weather, create shopping lists, manage your calendar – there’s so much more you can do by just having a smart refrigerator in your kitchen,” said Jain. Other products from LG Electronics are similarly equipped with intelligent voice-activation. “LG’s new ThinQ Speaker, for example, produces high quality sound, and it comes with Google Assistant built in – LG has teamed up with Google to ensure that LG ThinQ speakers deliver all the conveniences that come with having a digital assistant at your side,” said Jain. “To give another example, the LG ThinQ

TVs can access content through the voiceactivated platform and select shows and content by actor and director.” The InstaView fridge and ThinQ Speaker are also examples of products that can send instructions to other items in the “internet of things.” “Our ThinQ fridge can speak to our ThinQ oven to set the right temperature for a given recipe,” said Jain. “Another example would be that consumers can use smart speakers in the bedroom to, for example, set an alarm to wake them up. They can also cast music to speakers built into their refrigerator, or control other smart devices in the home, such as the thermostat or Wi-Fi-enabled lights.” Smart appliances will even assist in their own maintenance and repair. “Appliance is-

sues can also be diagnosed this way, allowing LG’s technical teams to troubleshoot breakdowns remotely and speed up the repair process,” said Jain. “It’s a fully end-to-end, integrated approach. LG is looking at the level of experience of using the product throughout its full lifecycle.” Of course, the company is still innovating, always working toward the next stage of smart machines. “There’s so much out there that we have to make sure that all of the devices are able to talk to each other securely and seamlessly,” said Jain. “To this end, LG actually opened a new artificial intelligence lab in Korea last year to tie together all of the diverse research in technologies that recognise and learn from voice, video and sensors, because the world of AI is rapidly expanding.” You’re Home  spring 2018 | 21

oasis A colourful beckons

Regina Spring Home Show welcomes new Garden Area by Carol Todd Spring is in the air! Across the prairies,

gardens are waking from their long winter sleep with plants of every variety sending out their first tentative rootlets and unwrapping their new buds. So, too, are prairie gardeners starting to plan and dream of all the bounty and blooms to come. And, spring is in the air, too, at the Regina Spring Home Show, where the smells of warm earth and green growing things waft from the new garden area. The 42nd annual show is growing, too, occupying new space in the International Trade Centre EVRAZ Place in addition to its past location in the Canada Centre Complex. The March 22 –25 event not only features all of the displays and information that exhibitors and visitors have grown to expect, but attendees can also enjoy the new Garden Area, Kids Zones and Speakers’ Corner. Regina area greenhouse Cedar Creek Garden is in the business of growing plants for area gardeners and has been involved with the show every year since the greenhouse

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opened in 2014. Now it’s Cedar Creek’s turn to grow as well – from a single display into a full 4,000-square foot garden area, featuring brickwork, water features and all manner of plants to see, buy or learn about. Family-owned and operated, Cedar Creek is located just south of Regina on Hwy 6. It features more than 5,200 square feet of greenhouse space, with statuary, pots, succulents, tropicals, fairy garden supplies and as well as annuals, herbs, hanging baskets and perennials. The garden centre is growing too, with new additions including a country-store style sales area. “We’re working toward being a destination garden centre,” said owner Brad Crassweller. The entire family is involved, with their four children, ages 11 to 24, pitching in. Crassweller is looking forward to showcasing the greenhouse and its products, and to providing a green oasis in the midst of all the activity at the show. “We’re thrilled to be there,” he said, adding that people are becoming more and more interested in growing

their own food. “I think there is the desire of people to grow their own food and to learn more; there’s just that desire to know where your food is coming from. It’s a lot of work, but it tastes so much better.” Visitors to the garden area will be able to relax on the patio and take in the brickwork and water features, or peek into the minigreenhouse. “If you want to get yourself a little greenhouse for the back yard, you can work your way up depending on the amount of space you have,” Crassweller said. The Cedar Creek booth will have cacti, succulents, herbs, hydroponic kits and related items for sale. And, the little sprouts in the family will be able to participate, too, with a special planting area just for them, where they can transplant and take home their very own strawberry plant. “We’re trying to get the kids involved and get more family-oriented in the whole garden area. What we like about [strawberries] is that at least it looks like you’re planting something, as opposed to

just seeds, where they don’t see anything happening. With strawberries, they’ll start seeing some action in a few days, then they can plant them out in the garden later. Everybody loves strawberries,” Crassweller said. There will also be lots for the grownups to do as well. Crassweller plans to hold how-to workshops on creating a succulent or tropical terrarium, a tea cup garden, fairy garden and living wall. While it’s obvious that the youngsters love the fairy gardens, he says the delightful little spaces are of interest to all ages. He points out that a semi-permanent display at a local seniors’ residence has been a huge success. “We’re going to do a fairly large display of fairy stuff,” he said. “People love looking at it.” It’s a big row to hoe, with a large display, relaxation and kids’ planting area and several workshops, but Crassweller said Cedar Creek is just planting the seeds for its future at the show. He anticipates their garden display will continue to get bigger and better with every year. A strong growth strategy indeed. Photos: Cedar Creek Garden)

Garden area workshops offered by Cedar Creek Garden at the Regina Spring Home Show will demonstrate how to create fairy gardens, living walls and succulent bowls.

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by Hilary Klassen


PHOTOS: Benjamin Moore


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You don’t need to know Spanish to appreciate the Latin-esque quality of Benjamin Moore’s 2018 colour of the year. ‘Caliente’ means hot and with this shade, we’re talking red hot. The shade was inspired by a diversity of colour cues, taking home design in a bold new direction. When Ellen O’Neill, Director of Strategic Intelligent Design at Benjamin Moore attended the Women’s March on Washington last year, she was moved by the sea of pink; knitted hats in many shades from pink to raspberry to reds. “That was the first big colour impact of the year. Obviously, at that women’s march, colour was voice. It registered as feminism or solidarity or protest, but it was all about the strength of colour to communicate.” After Washington, O’Neill headed to Paris for “Maison Object”, a semi-annual trade show that brings together an assembly of vendors in the home furnishing industry in multiple categories – textiles, table tops, lighting and furniture. The event provides a good thermometer of what’s current in design, including insight into the colours and palettes that the industry has recently designed with. These are colour stories headed for the shores of North America in three to six months. “What I saw a lot of at that show was a much braver use of colour. It wasn’t mid-tones, not blushes or pinks necessarily. These were strong bold colours.” Europe offered additional inspiration. A renovated bar at the Ritz Hotel in Paris was beautifully redone in red. “It was definitely a tonier red, yet almost a private, intimate red,” O’Neill says. All the Gucci flagship stores in Europe had been upholstered in red velvet with detailed stitching. “There was something heralded and arresting and dramatic about them.” Back home, O’Neill did a photo shoot for a project at the JFK airport in New York, where a friend is converting a TWA terminal into a hotel. A chili red wall provided another striking example of how red could be used effectively, even in a commercial setting. Another colour cue was the symbolic use of red in the culturally significant TV series, “The Handmaid’s Tale”, she says. But red, of course, comes in many shades. Caliente was attractive because of its warm brown undertones, which made it liveable. “We kept saying we need it liveable, we can’t have a jarring red,” says O’Neill. What is liveable becomes an individual decision. She suggests a few ways to test your comfort level with the bold and confident Caliente. If you want to paint a whole room, do some

“I think people are thirsting for bold, impactful statements whether it’s a reaction to politics or a new election or change or maybe feeling more economically secure, and it’s time to be playful again and take some risks. Bold colours are optimistic.” Ellen O’Neill

“Reds energize a space. The reds I saw in the Gucci stores in Paris definitely punched up the environment. It’s almost like having the right sound track in the store.” Ellen O’Neill.

large swatches on a wall and you’ll find out how colour brave you are. “Get live samples on a wall. Paint a big patch by the window and another in the corner and observe the colour three times a day, and see what you gravitate towards.” Some might tiptoe toward the colour by painting a mantel or bookcase or the inside of a bookcase. At a photo shoot, O’Neill discovered a Chippendale chest of drawers with the insides of the drawers painted a lacquered aubergine colour, offering a little surprise every time you open the drawers. You can paint the trim around the windows or the window seat, the interior or

exterior doors. The decision is whether your red is the focal point or the backup singer. Use of colour also creates emotional impact. A room like a library or dining room can reflect the energy of Caliente, or its charismatic, intimate and soothing qualities. Caliente has a whole supporting cast of 23 influential colours in Benjamin Moore’s 2018 Colour Trends palette. O’Neill is partial to Cranberry Cocktail, Cherry Wine and Texas Rose. Reds can be paired with greys or other neutrals for effective colour combos. A look at the Benjamin Moore colour card will help determine how

‘red ready’ you are. “When choosing the colour of the year, we talked about pinks and blushes. Those colours were good companions and good support systems to the story, and we wanted to highlight them because they were prominent in some of the colour landscape. But we felt red was a stronger statement,” she says. O’Neill gets excited about every colour of the year. Each one is her ‘baby’ until the next one comes along. With over 3,500 Benjamin Moore colours to choose from, narrowing the field is useful to customers. “That many colours is overwhelming to a lot of people. This helps people edit down a colour statement for the year. They don’t have to agree with it. We’re not mandating anything, we’re reporting back what we see out there. We’re reporting on what’s in the air from a design perspective.” Now, it’s up to you. Where will you be seeing red? You’re Home  spring 2018 | 25


Saskatchewan’s first Built Green community takes shape by Jonathan Hamelin For a new development outside Regina, green is the colour and environmental sustainability is the aim. Autumn Ridge Estates by Dakine Home Builders is a residential subdivision located seven minutes north of Regina. It’s the first community in Saskatchewan being constructed in partnership with the Built Green Canada® program, a national, industry-driven organization committed to working with builders interested in responsible sustainability practices in the residential building sector. “We think it’s important to be environmentally friendly in the home building industry,” said Todd Bodnar, owner of Dakine Home Builders and a Built Green board of director member. “Autumn Ridge Estates will be a great energy efficient community that people can be proud of.” Built Green was created in 2003 by Jay Westman during his term of presidency with the Calgary region of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, with input from industry 26 |  You’re Home  spring 2018

professionals such as builders, manufacturers, developers and trades, along with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), SAIT Polytechnic, Natural Resources Canada and the Alberta Research Council and Climate Change Central. Since 2003, over 30,290 Built Green single family certified homes have been completed in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and – most recently – Saskatchewan. “Dakine Homes was the first builder in Saskatchewan to certify their builds through Built Green Canada and we’re very encouraged to see further expansion of the program into Saskatchewan with Autumn Ridge Estates,” said Jenifer Christenson of Built Green. “Todd Bodnar’s leadership in sustainable building practices is to be applauded.” Autumn Ridge’s involvement through Built Green means that participating builders will be taught to use the latest technologies to ensure a healthier, more durable home with a lower environmental impact. Builders will need to take a holistic approach that means using advanced building technologies that take into consid-

eration site orientation, building materials, HVAC equipment, windows, water and electrical consumption. Bodnar feels that meeting these requirements won’t be a problem for Saskatchewan builders. “I would say the majority of builders won’t have to change their building practices,” Bodnar said. “By being a great builder and having great building practices, a lot of the builders in this province meet the requirements of building an environmentally friendly home.” A benefit to builders purchasing lots in Autumn Ridge Estates is that they will receive a $1,000 rebate toward their certification through the developer, while Built Green will waive training fees to the builder and work alongside those building homes in the community to ensure their successful certification. Homeowners of Built Green® certified homes will enjoy a number of benefits including a healthier, more comfortable home thanks to improved air quality and fewer toxins and dust in the air. Energy efficiency is promoted through the careful selection of windows,

Photos: Dakine Home Builders)

Autumn Ridge Estates is a 100-acre development located in the R.M. of Lumsden. The residential subdivision by Dakine Home Builders will be the first community in Saskatchewan constructed in partnership with the Built Green Canada program.

furnaces, air conditioners and other appliances. All homes are also third-party certified. Homeowners will also enjoy the cost savings that come with operating an efficient home and through automatic rebate eligibility. For example, CMHC and Genworth Canada offer automatic mortgage insurance rebate eligibility of 15 per cent for Built Green certified homes (up to 25 per cent, depending on the energy efficiency achieved). “Housing costs have gotten expensive over the past few years. Maybe that’s where people start compromising the energy efficiency projects in order to get granite countertops, which isn’t the right way to build a house,” Bodnar said. “Fuel economy comes into play when people are shopping for a new vehicle. That analogy can be taken into building a new house. If House A is more efficient than House B and priced slightly higher, it’s only common sense that you’d go with the more efficient one. Your utility costs are going to be cheaper and the comfort factor is going to be far greater.” Beyond its involvement with Built Green, Autumn Ridge certainly has the feel of a green community. The 100-acre development features beautiful landscaping and is located in the RM of Lumsden, close to the Beaver Creek Ranch & Horse Centre and Last Mountain House Provincial Historic Park. There are 50 lots available ranging from one to two acres, including walk-out lots backing the Flowing Springs Golf Greens. “We’re aiming to capture the tranquillity of being in the country,” Bodnar said. “We want-

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ed to create a relaxed rural development that’s close to the city; you don’t have the traffic, the noise. At the same time, we have the same services you’ll find in the city: paved streets, garbage/recycling pickup, treated water, a sewer system.” The expansion of Built Green in Saskatchewan is timely, as the Government of Saskatchewan will enforce 9.36 of the building code Jan. 1, 2019. This will be the first time the code addresses energy efficiency in Saskatchewan’s building sector.

“Built Green’s programs are complementary to the incoming code… those building in Autumn Ridge Estates will be ahead of the curve,” Christenson said. “We’re really optimistic about further growth in Saskatchewan as builders become more familiar with our programs and the benefits they offer. In large part, our growth is due to progressive builders who continue to pursue better building technologies and innovations.” For updates on Autumn Ridge and lot availability, visit autumnridge.ca. You’re Home  spring 2018 | 27




Imagine a durable, versatile and attractive patio cover. One that delivers shade on hot days, protects your family from harmful UV rays and keeps your deck and outdoor furniture dry during a rainstorm. We custom build your LOUVERED ROOF as an addition to your home/business or as its own free-standing patio cover. Our built-in guttering system effectively channels away rain runoff to prevent flooding and structural damage. The louvers are operated by a hand-held remote which is charged by an efficient solar panel. Open the louvers slightly to increase ventilation, or a full 180 degrees allowing maximum sunlight into your home.

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TRANSFORM YOUR PATIO SUNCOAST ENCLOSURES offers a screened-in, outdoor area, that allows you to enjoy your deck, pool, spa or patio without the sense of being enclosed in an indoor space. These esthetically pleasing and durable sunrooms protect you from the wind, hot sun, rain and the nuisance of annoying and dangerous insects. Each of our SCREEN ENCLOSURES is custom built on-site and offer year round use even in the winter to keep your deck area free of snow for the enjoyment of your spa and barbeque all year long. In addition, there are several features that we can add, such as: custom colours, 3 season windows, a powered louvered roof and of course a doggy door. One of the greatest things about a deck enclosure is the ability to leave doors and windows wide open into the enclosed area (you can even permanently remove the screens from the windows). This truly adds an outdoor room to your existing home and creates an outdoor feel in any adjacent room to the enclosure. Every THREE SEASON SUNROOM is custom designed and built to fit and match the architecture of each unique home. We can frame around changes in roof heights, bay windows, fireplaces - everything about our building process is custom to meet the specific needs of our customers and their homes or businesses.


For more information or to book a free quote:


don@suncoastenclosures.com www.suncoastenclosures.com COME VISIT OU OUR BOOTH AT THE HOMESTYLES HOME SHOW O You’re Home  spring 2018 | 29

ask an

expert about

2703 Avonhurst Drive 306.525.0916 Dianne@dependablevacuums.com www.dependablevacuums.com

Vacuum solutions Dependable Vacuums Plus Inc. Q: How does a central vacuum system work? A: An ideal choice for lightweight power cleaning, better air quality and less noise, the Beam power unit is normally located in the basement or garage and is connected throughout the house via vacuum tubing. Just plug the hose into an inlet, and the system will be turned on with a switch on the hose handle. Particles are completely removed from living areas and collected in the power unit’s dirt receptacle. Q: How does a central vac improve the air quality in my home?

Precision Powerhead

Wound-up hair, threads, and fibers are sliced off the rollers and vacuumed away with the touch of a button!


Self-Cleaning g Technology!

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A: A healthy home is a happy home. With powerful suction, Beam Central Vacuum Systems are designed to help remove dirt, dust, allergens and other debris from your living space. The BEAM Central Vacuum System has been clinically proven by the University of California to reduce allergy symptoms by as much as 61%. It is up to five times more effective in removing dirt and allergens. Unlike conventional vacuums that can recirculate dust, Beam removes 100% of contacted dirt, dust mites, pollen and other allergens. With a Beam Central Vacuum System, there are no filters and no screens to clean or replace. Beam power units utilize an exclusive permanent self-cleaning filtration material from the makers of Gore-Tex fabric. By using cyclonic forces to separate larger dirt particles and allergens from vacuumed air, the permanent filter removes tiny particles at a stunning 98% efficiency at 0.3 microns. Dust particles do not stick to the Beam self-cleaning filter surface like conventional filter media. And most importantly, power is not lost as the bucket fills up, allowing the Beam central vacuum system to sustain a high level of performance time after time. Q: Are there any additional benefits to a central vacuum system? A: Most definitely! Beam Central Vacuum Systems are quieter than most household sounds. Vacuum whenever you want without disturbing the peace and tranquility of your home. With the motor located away from the living area, the quiet hush of airflow is all you’ll hear. With Beam, vacuuming is light housekeeping, not a weight-lifting exercise or obstacle course. The average portable vacuum weighs 15 pounds, while a Beam hose and handle is only 7 pounds. Move easily from task to task, throughout your home, with Beam’s lightweight hoses and ergonomic tools. With convenient cleaning tools on board, you always have the right tool for the job. Additionally, a central vacuum system adds value to your home, by an estimated $2,500.

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show home


Eastbrook show home is family-friendly

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by Julie Folk Woldu Clean, open and airy, 4820 Primrose Green Drive In Eastbrook on The Greens is the perfect family home.

Crawford Homes has taken their popular Jaxon floor plan and expanded it to 1,800 square feet with attractive additional features, demonstrating the versatility of working with the builder, as they will customize all of their plans to work for each particular family. “It’s all about making a home work for whatever lifestyle you have,” said Kaitlin Bashutski, Crawford’s in-house designer. “We are always looking for ways to make our plans even more functional.” Notable features begin with the 26-foot-wide garage, which includes an island work table, custom cabinetry, a 70-inch TV, fireplace and wet bar. Space is fully maximized in the home, with cabinetry above the washer and dryer in the mudroom, as well as expansive cut-out shelving in the powder room. The Timeless Rocky Mountain Oak Cascade engineered hardwood that extends from the front entrance throughout the great room and kitchen is perfect for the changing Regina climate because it weathers much better than traditional hardwood. “It’s like any hardwood,” said Bashutski. “It’s still a natural hardwood on top, but something with a variation in colour like this makes it more durable and more family friendly.” The featured gas fireplace in the great room is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling Eldorado Black River stacked stone, and sits beside the entertainment unit. This allows the TV to be lower, at eye level, and showcases a different look than many homes on the market. The living room opens up to the kitchen and dining area, which also borders an outdoor pergola right outside the tall windows encircling the room, which is painted in Sherwin Williams’ Toque White with white trim, adding to the clean feeling that resonates throughout the home. “There’s a lot of natural light – that’s something we wanted to highlight,” said Bashutski. “With the exposure, we decided to do an open pergola instead of a covered deck so that you could have all of the natural light coming in. We installed really pretty lighting out there, and in the summertime it’s meant to be an extension of your living space.” The pergola and kitchen overlook a spacious 125-foot deep and 36-feet wide landscaped lot. The yard is finished as it, along with the other show homes in Eastbrook, will be open for pub-

lic viewing for nearly two years. The maple cabinets are painted portobello, the backsplash a hexagon tile, and the countertops a Silestone Quartz “Helix,” which are highlighted by pot lights and geometric lighting, which is black with brushed chrome accents. Crawford added a butler’s pantry to the corner of the kitchen. It allows all of the smaller appliances to be tucked away on the counter space inside, instead of cluttering up the countertops of the kitchen itself. Photocell lighting leads up the stairs to the carpeted second floor, which features two large secondary bedrooms and a four-piece bathroom. The master bedroom provides a retreat, with a reading nook, a huge walk-in closet doubling as a dressing room, wide north-facing windows, and an all-white ensuite creating a spalike atmosphere. The soaker jetted tub with marble and tile surrounds is complemented by the beautiful chandelier hanging above the bath. The custom tile glass shower with pebble floor and a rain showerhead sits across from the large counter space featuring double sinks. The completely finished basement, on the other hand, is a place for family gatherings and entertainment. The cork flooring is warm, versatile, and easy to clean. There is a built-in bar, entertainment area, and multi-use space, in addition to another bedroom, full bathroom and, of course, what every family requires – storage space. The prairie style exterior is a combination of Timberbark Hardi Board, acrylic stucco, and Cobblestone Hardi Trim. A walnut garage door will complete the exterior once it is sold. Crawford is proud of the show home, which has been open since September and is now part of Crawford’s 40-year tradition of excellence in Regina. “Everyone is really happy with it,” said Bashutski. For further details, or to arrange a viewing, visit crawfordhomes.ca.


Crawford Homes’ 1,800 square-foot Jaxon model home, located at 4820 Primrose Green Drive, has been designed with family living in mind. Fashion and function merge in this stylish two-storey, which features an inviting open floor plan, a fully developed basement and a customized garage. Family-friendly features like a mudroom/laundry area and a butler’s pantry will ensure the home’s future residents have lots of storage options.

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Nova Scotia

Robinson Design’s Saskatchewan home, a grain elevator, won a Facebook contest as the favourite house and has generated the most inquiries.

Small Home exhibit reflects Canadian culture by Hilary Klassen An innovative Canada 150 Small Homes Exhibit at the Saskatchewan Science Centre is fueling a conversation about our living spaces. The exhibit consists of 13 unique homes representing the provinces and territories of Canada. John Robinson of Robinson Residential Design Inc. designed the homes, and says square footage isn’t the “be all and end all” when it comes to how we live. “A house doesn’t have to be big to be interesting and beautiful and a fun place to live. These are compact houses but you can pack a lot of style and function into them.” The exhibit makes the case. The 3/15 scale models were printed with a 3-D printer and rest on a map of Canada. The exhibit offers some discussion of 3-D printing processes. Ryan Holata, Director of Business Development at the Saskatchewan Science Centre says the printing took something like 450 hours. In the future, 3-D printing will likely include additional de34 |  You’re Home  spring 2018

sign elements like furniture and cabinets. Robinson says his twin brother’s Canada 150 stained glass art project inspired him to consider his own Canada 150 project. “We’re somewhat competitive.” After mulling it over at the lake, some designs started to form in his mind, and the project took off soon after. The challenge was to create homes that express the spirit of each province or territory. After computer renderings were complete, scenic backgrounds to match each province were added. Signage in fonts used for some Canada 150 celebrations, was also added. Robinson has been getting about six to eight inquiries a week for each home. He’s had interest from Ontario, South America, Australia, Fort Qu’Appelle, and elsewhere. The Saskatchewan home, a grain elevator, won a Facebook contest as the favourite house and has generated the most inquiries. Like the Nova Scotia model which is a lighthouse, the Saskatchewan model is all about the stairs, a design feature.

Photo: Saskatchewan Science Centre

John Robinson, founder of Robinson Residential Design, is the visionary who created the Canada 150 Small Homes Exhibit, on now at the Saskatchewan Science Centre.

The hallways are basically stairways since the rooms are stacked vertically. The Northwest Territories home came in second. In spite of seasonal darkness there, Robinson designed the home with a ton of windows, “so you’re really in tune with what’s happening outside.” The Alberta house is an A-frame with a cheeky “A” in a serif font. “It’s a Times New Roman A-frame and it’s a fun place to live,” he said. For British Columbia, Robinson designed a Usonian home inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, who was born the same year as Canada. Prince Edward Island is all about Anne of Green Gables, the classic novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery, capturing Green Gables down to some fine details. If Robinson has a favourite, it’s the Manitoba house. “It’s a progressive little house and the only truly contemporary one of the series. It could be modular, it could be built in sections and dropped down.” Robinson had fun addressing building chal-


British Columbia



Frank Lloyd Wright, whose designs inspired the B.C. home, had a whole series of homes and operated from a design philosophy that was all about affordability and breaking away from tradition, John Robinson says.

lenges in some provinces. In Newfoundland and Labrador, he noticed that houses were arranged ‘helter skelter,’ wherever there was a flat area of rock to build on, not in neat rows. His innovative response was to design two different houses that are overlaid. The Nunavut house had to be built a metre above the ground to account for permafrost. The space underneath serves as a cold storage room and a place to store tools or fresh game. Ontario features a cottage home with a Muskoka feel. At 392 square feet, the little Yukon log cabin is one of the smallest. “It’s really tiny but it’s got a lot of character and rustic wood finishes.” The New Brunswick house is a 16-by-20-foot maple sugar shack. When sugar is harvested from the trees and boiled down, a top vent lets the steam out. The bed hangs from the rafters and the living room has a light well that reflects where the steam came out. Canadian culture is encapsulated in these small homes whose appeal lies in their uniqueness. “One size doesn’t fit all,” said Robinson, a topic he addressed in his blog, ‘If My Home Were a Car.’ “People expect different sizes in vehicles and we need to offer that same variety in houses.” His company gets a lot of calls from people who don’t want to build the minimum 800 square feet. They want something around 500 square feet. Although there’s been a lot of interest in these small homes, people don’t have a place to legally put them, he said. “You have to be connected to sewer and water if you want to be realist.” The hope is that urban centres will find a way to accommodate small and tiny house



The Robinson Plans Small Home project was an opportunity to throw uniformity to the wind and have some fun creatively. The Alberta home is an A-frame structure with a cheeky “A” in a Times New Roman serif font.

villages within their limits. Robinson says sites like the former Taylor Field in Regina may hold potential for tiny or small house communities. The Canada 150 Small Homes Exhibition is

currently available for viewing at the Saskatchewan Science Centre in Regina. It’s more than science, it’s art. To learn more, visit www.robinsonplans.com. You’re Home  spring 2018 | 35

Meet Regina’s Star Baker:

Vandana Jain by Wendy Livingstone

It started out as a bit of a whim. Regina’s

Vandana Jain never imagined that she’d be chosen as a contestant on CBC’s Great Canadian Baking Show when she filled out the online application, but – mere months later – she bid a temporary farewell to her life as a wife, mother and CFO of the Saskatchewan Science Centre and began a five-week stint in the world of delicacies like mille feuille, croquembouches and fondant fancies. Out of the thousands of Canadians who entered, she was selected to become one of 10 bakers from across the country to travel to a giant tent in a beautiful Toronto park and show off their baking skills to a TV audience. But Vandana didn’t just compete – she dazzled! As the Canadian version of the Great British Bake Off hit series, each of the eight episodes featured three categories: a Signature Bake, a Showstopper and a Technical Bake. The first two involved using recipes created and developed by the contestants, which they practiced at home before travelling to Toronto. The latter challenge required following a complicated, sometimes incomplete, recipe provided by the judges. Week one was Cake Week, and the contestants began working in the very unfamiliar baking environment. “It was definitely intimidating – especially the first episode. I think everyone was a little stressed, because you are trying to bake and the camera’s in your face. And we’d never had anyone like this taste our bakes before. We were all just shaking in our boots,” she said. But Vandana learned to ignore the distractions and concentrate on her baking. Her Battenberg cake in the first Technical Challenge was so impressive that it was awarded first place. PHOTO BY SHAWN FULTON

Regina resident Vandana Jain’s passion for baking shone through and impressed the judges on CBC’s Great Canadian Baking Show. Vandana’s brilliant use of spices and her creative presentations propelled her into the finale, competing against two other bakers for the coveted first prize cake plate.

36 |  You’re Home  spring 2018

That was not the last of the accolades she would receive however. Each week, one baker was eliminated from the competition and one became Star Baker of the Week, an honour that was bestowed upon Vandana twice during the competition. The first occasion was for British Week, when she prepared a Maharajan High Tea that combined the British tradition with the flavours of her heritage. Vandana’s parents are East Indian, but Vandana grew up in Canada enjoying foods from both cultures. “I’ve been exposed to the spices and ingredients that are used in Indian cooking, so I like fusing the two together,” she said. “My mom’s really taught me a lot about flavour combinations and things like that.” Her mother introduced Vandana to the pleasures of baking at an early age. “I remember waking up and she was making homemade cinnamon buns; I spent a lot of time sitting on the counter watching her bake. It gets you into baking, memories like that. And you can’t rush baking – that’s why I like it so much. It takes you out of the fast-paced society that we live in now.” Her second Star Baker of the Week award was for Holiday Week, when her creations included a gingerbread treehouse that she dubbed Niam’s Place, a tribute to her three-year-old son, who is now the one who sits on the counter watching his mom bake. The judges were awestruck by the homage’s attention to detail and touching subject matter. This project would help propel Vandana to the last episode with just two other bakers, Sabrina Degni of Montreal, Quebec and Linda Longson of High River, Alberta, as they vied for the coveted first prize cake plate, which was won by Degni. The final bake of the series was a wedding cake, and Vandana honoured another family member, her husband, with this project. The couple had a traditional Hindu wedding, and this project provided another opportunity to feature her East Indian heritage. She baked and decorated a breathtaking four-tier cake, which was draped with fondant that she patterned to look like the sari fabric of her wedding dress. The wedding cake was required to comprise at least three layers and be completed in just four hours. This contributed to making it the most difficult bake, but every project called for precise time management. “Some of those bakes, oh, literally at the last minute you’re still putting decorations on or taking something out of the oven, so it’s just as stressful as it looks. At one point – I think it was for the mille feuille that I was making – I had about a minute left to

put the decorations on, so I literally just threw them on as fast as I could.” But, in spite of all the pressure, Vandana found it to be a worthwhile experience. “I had to push myself to complete the bakes and even though it was difficult, it was such an enjoyable process. It took me out of my everyday life and was an opportunity to just focus on that. It was like a summer baking camp! I enjoy a good challenge. I learned so much, not only from judges, but also just from other bakers. It taught me so much about presentation as well, because – as the judges mentioned – you eat with your eyes first,” she said. Being immersed in baking seven days a week for five weeks didn’t dampen her enthusiasm, but now, back in her own kitchen, there are things that she misses about working in the tent. “They had a whole team of people that would

come and clean as you were working, and, if you needed a new spoon or a new bowl, they’d have it right there,” Vandana said. “I came back, and I thought, ‘oh, man, I’ve got to clean my own kitchen now.’ That would be my dream kitchen – to have a self-cleaning kitchen. It would be exactly like the [work] bench that was in the tent because those were complete with every baking tool that you need and it was amazing.” Vandana’s passion for baking has taken on new dimension. She has a website and blog: vandanabakes.com. It includes recipes, a newsletter subscriber list, a tab to contact her with questions or requests, and her bio. “It’s really fun connecting with people that are interested in baking, and it’s people from all over the world.” Where will her baking take her next? Vandana said: “The journey continues. There will be more baking for sure.”

Mini Chocolate Samosas Dough:

1/2 tsp. salt 2 cups all purpose flour, plus extra for rolling/dusting 1/2 cup desi ghee (pure clarified butter) 2/3 cup warm milk (add this a little at a time) Filling:

1 cup dark chocolate (grated or small chunks/ pieces) 1/8 cup sweetened shredded coconut 1/2 cup slivered almonds Equipment required:

1 mixing bowl Measuring cups and spoons 2 small bowls (glass preferably) to microwave ghee and chocolate Spoons and a fork for mixing and filling Rolling pin Circular cookie cutter (approximately 4 inch diameter) Pizza cutter for shaping dough Small bowl of water Deep fryer or wok for frying Make a soft dough by mixing all ingredients. Roll dough out very thin and cut out circles with cutter. Shape and fill samosas by folding into a cone shape, and rub water on edges to seal. It is very important to ensure the samosas are sealed well to prevent leakage of the chocolate during frying. Rubbing the water on all edges will help bind the dough together.

Leave samosas in the fridge for a minimum of one hour (cover with plastic wrap to prevent drying) prior to deep frying on medium heat until golden brown. Check out a video of the recipe at vandanabakes.com You’re Home  spring 2018 | 37

Pistachio Rose Chocolate Cake combine well. Add the cooled butter and chocolate mixture to the mixer and whisk 30 seconds until smooth. Slowly add the dry flour mix about ¼ cup at a time with a mixer on low speed. Add the pistachios and then turn the mixer off (don’t over-mix the batter). Fill pans and bake for 30-40 minutes. The centre of the cake should come back up if gently pressed. Cool on wire rack before adding whipped topping.


1 cup unsalted butter (room temperature) ½ cup milk chocolate 4 eggs 1 ½ cup sugar 4 tsp. vanilla 1 cup sour cream (room temperature) 1 cup cocoa powder (unsweetened) 1 ½ cup all-purpose flour 1 tsp. baking soda 2 tsp. baking powder ½ tsp. salt ½ cup chopped pistachios Preheat the oven to 350° F and grease and line an 8-inch round baking pan. Melt butter and chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time until melted. Set aside. In an electric mixer bowl (whisk attachment), add the eggs, sugar, vanilla, and sour cream. Whisk on medium speed until smooth (about 1 minute). In another bowl, sift the cocoa, flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt and


1 ½ cup whipping cream 1 tsp. rose water/extract 2 drops red food colour Pistachios – slivered Use a whisk attachment in an electric mixer and whip the cream until soft peaks. Add rose extract to taste and the food colour. Spread the cream on top of cooled cake and top with crushed pistachios for decoration. Enjoy!



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• Complete Line In Stock • Industry Leading UV protection • Environmentally Friendly • Enhances Natural Beauty


38 |  You’re Home  spring 2018

by Cros Dan 38 years overperience Ex







RSR Construction is a locally owned and family operated foundation repair & basement waterproofing company serving Regina and the surrounding area. We provide not only quality of work as well as quality expertise through generations of contracting experience. Our service is comprehensive and every aspect of the job is handled by the company owners from start to finish. We are fully licensed, insured and warranty our workmanship for 10 years. We pride ourselves on our quality of service and want to leave our customers feeling they made the right choice assuring we are not only available during the job but well after to answer any questions or concerns.

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Getty Images


With just a few updates, you can take your white-on-white kitchen from bland and boring to fresh and exciting!


Add some spunk to your all-white kitchen by Jennifer Jacoby-Smith

White kitchens are a big trend at the mo-

ment. But if you’re afraid the white-on-white will go from fresh and new to bland and boring, the team at Kitchen and Bath Classics has some fun ways to add personality to your kitchen. For starters, who said faucets and fixtures have to be chrome? While stainless steel faucets are definitely the most common, there are lots of finishes to choose from, including brass, which is making a big, bold comeback, according to Tess Duke, showroom consultant at Kitchen and Bath Classics. The brass finish comes in polished or a soft brushed look. There’s also an antique brass that’s a little darker. And while you might be

40 |  You’re Home  spring 2018

trying to get away from white, a brass fixture with polished white accents looks a bit traditional with a modern twist. There are other metals to choose from with copper becoming more popular. “What we’re also doing a lot of right now is black, like black faucets with white (kitchens),” noted Duke. “And another big thing right now is black and gold or brass. That’s really in style right now.” But if you really want to up the personality in your kitchen how about a faucet in red? Or purple? Or turquoise? Thanks to a Canadian company called Rubinet (pronounced rub-i-nay), Kitchen and Bath Classics has a rainbow of faucet finishes to choose from in their showroom. “You can do pretty much any colour,” Duke

Photo courtesy of Native Trails

An antique copper sink can add dramatic warmth to an all-white kitchen.

Photo courtesy of Native Trails

Farmhouse sinks continue to be the number one trend in kitchens. Choosing one composed of a unique material is one way to make yours stand out.

Photo courtesy of Rubinet

Kitchen and Bath Classics carries a line of bold sinks by Native Trails, including this gorgeous hammered copper farmhouse style sink.

Adding a little pop to your kitchen can be as easy as finding the right faucets. A Canadian company called Rubinet offers faucets in custom finishes – including red or turquoise. The most popular colour at the moment is black with brass accents – which really stands out in an all-white kitchen.

explained. “If you want to do other colours throughout your house like red or purple or turquoise, that’s the faucet company to do it with. That’s how you accent your kitchen.” Rubinet faucets are high quality and truly turn your kitchen taps into a functional piece of art. With the ability to accent some faucet styles with a secondary colour, the design possibilities are almost endless. Maybe the way to make a statement isn’t with a bright contrast, but instead with an all-white fixture. That’s possible with Rubinet as well. If you want to make a splash in your kitchen, there might be no better way than with a beautiful and unique sink. According to Duke, the most popular sink

right now is the farmhouse style sink with a visible apron. While they can certainly do a stainless steel farmhouse sink (single bowl or double bowl), there are many options to add some interest in your kitchen. “Blanco does a granite farmhouse sink and you can do a variety of colours through that. We do a lot of black or grey in a white kitchen. Or you can do the fireclay – which is like a porcelain, but it’s sturdier than a porcelain so it’s a lot more durable,” Duke explained. “And that comes in a white, grey or an oyster colour.” One of their suppliers – Native Trails – makes some of the most stunning farmhouse style sinks in uncommon materials. “One of our big show-stoppers is our Native

Photo courtesy of Native Trails

Trails copper sinks. So it’s hammered copper and they’re amazing. They do a brushed nickel finish, as well, and with a white kitchen that would look beautiful,” said Tessa Duke. Another way to make your kitchen uniquely your own is by adding some fresh and interesting lighting choices. Your choices in your dining room or kitchen don’t have to match either. They can each be unique while maintaining a consistent theme in colour or style. Darker colours will draw the eye upwards, while lighter colours can brighten the space. Kitchen and Bath Classics carries several brands of lighting in many different styles, from elegant to industrial to chic or quirky. “You can always incorporate colour through your white kitchen and if you want to do clear glass with chrome or if you want to do a nice glossy white that’s where we incorporate the brass as well,” said Duke. Whether you’re looking to create your dream kitchen or just looking to add some punch to your existing kitchen, faucets, sinks and lighting can be an easy, yet daring way to accomplish your vision. “We can definitely help you on deciding what colours to go with in your kitchen,” said Duke. “If you want to match your sinks to your faucets and we can tell you the pros and the cons between them all.” Adding a bold, artful fixture can make your kitchen your own – a space that makes you smile every time you enter. A space that makes a lasting impression on guests. A space that’s as unique as you. For details, visit kitchenandbathclassics.com. You’re Home  spring 2018 | 41

ask an


Mike Duggleby, Broker & Managing Partner Royal LePage Regina Realty 306.359.1900 306.533.2433 mikeduggleby@royallepage.ca www.royallepageregina.com


Real Estate

by Mike Duggleby

IS REGINA IN A BUYER’S MARKET? Q: ‘Buyer’s market’ and ‘seller’s market’ are two common real estate terms. What do these terms mean and why should you care?

HELPING YOU IS WHAT WE DO 3889 Arcola Ave, Regina, SK

306-359-1900 royallepageregina.com

REGINA REALTY 42 |  You’re Home  spring 2018

A: Real estate, like most industries, is subject to several economic laws, with the biggest being supply and demand. Simply put, if there are more buyers than there are houses to buy, prices tend to increase. Conversely, if there are more houses on the market than there are buyers, prices tend to fall. These two markets are also affected by many other factors. Are interest rates rising or falling? Are builders producing more inventory than there is demand? What are the prospects in the general economy? Are the various levels of government implementing policies that will affect the housing market? The list goes on. Looking at the latest statistical releases for the Regina and area market, it would appear that we may be in a buyer’s market. But wait! 2018 is off to a solid start. In January, 172 sales were reported through the MLS SYSTEM®. This is up 4.8% from 2017. It’s also above the five-year average of 139 sales, but below the 10-year average of 162. Pricing is down. The MLS® Home Price Index shows a composite Benchmark price of $279,400, down 4.85% from one year ago. In the past five years, the composite price is down 9.22%. Remember that the composite is made up of sales of various housing types: bungalows, two-storeys, townhouses and apartment-style condos. The latter two are down significantly more than detached homes. So we have two contradictory statistics: sales are up, but prices are down. A third factor is the supply. There were 1,133 active residential listings in January, up over 20% from the same time in 2017. What does all this mean if you want to buy or sell a house? Sellers must be mindful that over the past five years, prices have dropped. If you bought in 2013, chances are your house isn’t worth what you paid for it. Keep that in mind when choosing a list price. Accurate pricing is essential. When your house first hits the market is your best chance to sell. There are buyers out there, just waiting for new listings. If yours comes to market obviously overpriced, all you’ll see is tumbleweeds. Set a realistic price, and you will get showings, as evidenced by the January sales numbers. Buyers should also be mindful of accurate pricing. There is sometimes an attitude in a buyer’s market that sellers will be desperate enough to accept ‘low ball’ offers. What happens, more often than not, is the seller gets offended and won’t even respond to your offer.

Visit our showroom to explore beautifully made faucets and accessories by Rubinet.

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Tips for surviving a home renovation Homeowners invest large sums into im-

proving their homes to make them more comfortable living spaces or to increase their odds of selling quickly. The Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University predicted U.S. spending on home renovations and repairs to peak at $327 billion in 2017. Whether one is doing a large renovation or a small remodel, life may be turned upside down during the project. Furniture may be moved out of the room, walls may be demolished, water or electricity may be turned off, and appliances may be missing or not hooked up. Home improvements often drum up dust and disarray. Such projects can try the patience of any homeowner, and things may get worse before they get better. Even though remodeling can be taxing, the end result is often worth it. Here’s how to look forward to the silver lining and come out unscathed. • Discuss the project before it starts All family members should be in agreement

before the first hammer is swung. Decide on as many details as you can ahead of time and have a firm plan in place. Establish back-up choices for tiles or colour schemes in case the items you want are out of stock. Trying to make decisions under duress may result in bad choices. • Do one project at a time It’s tempting to want to improve as much as possible at once to maximize motivation and renovation materials. However, having no place in which to escape the mess can elevate stress levels. Do not think about renovating kitchens and bathrooms all at once, or you will not have any working fixtures for tasks like washing up. • Have everything in place Before demolition even begins, have building materials bought and stored, contractors and subcontractors lined up, and see what you can do to minimize the time workers need to spend in your home. • Expect delays In a world where things move at lightning speeds, renovations have not gotten the memo. Home projects take lots of time and will likely


Close to amenities. Close to home. New Subdivision in Rosemont Call Bruce 306-581-7740 Tim/Will 306-502-3939 44 |  You’re Home  spring 2018

Photo: Getty Images

Planning, patience and an understanding of what the project entails can make home improvements easier to survive.

take longer if you are doing the work yourself in your free time. Build lots of extra time into the project so you are not disappointed when delays happen – even when you’ve done your best to avoid them. • Plan an escape zone Construction environments can be messy, loud, smelly, and a host of other unsavoury adjectives. The chaos that ensues when life is turned upside down can be overwhelming, particularly for the person who spends the most time in the home while work is being done. Build escape moments into the plan and make sure everyone else at home is on board. During the real grind of the project, a night or two at a hotel may be a welcome respite. (MNS)


23 acres of serviced industrial property in Ross Industrial (Ross at Fleet st.)



Technology is transforming the bathroom Technology is infiltrating every room of

the house. Many new home buyers are millennials, and this tech-savvy demographic covets technological innovations. A recent survey by Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate indicates 77 per cent of Generation X and Y home buyers want their homes equipped with the tech capabilities they have grown accustomed to. Many of these involve smart innovations, including those that can transform one of the most private rooms in the house: the bathroom. Automated home theater rooms and Wi-Fienabled home security systems have become the norm, but what tech improvements are available to make the powder room more in touch with today’s digital lifestyle? According to the home improvement resource The Spruce, bathrooms have the most potential of any rooms to be improved with technology. The following are just some of the bathroom gadgets and gizmos no one should resist before giving a try. • Automatic faucets: Infrared sensors have been helping keep public restrooms more hygienic for years. The same technology can be used in home bathrooms to curtail water waste and keep faucets and sinks from becoming in-

Photo: Getty Images

A recent survey by Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate indicates 77 per cent of Generation X and Y home buyers want their homes equipped for today’s digital lifestyle.

fested with germs. In addition, faucets with built-in timers can be programmed to set tasks for brushing teeth or washing your face. • Musical shower: Instead of having to blast the volume on the portable speaker you use in the bathroom, a wireless speaker is built into some showerheads. This enables those who like to sing in the shower or listen to podcasts while washing up to enjoy this luxury effortlessly. • Smarter weight management: Bathroom scales have gone high-tech as well, with various options enabling users to measure weight, BMI


and body fat percentage before sending the data wirelessly to a phone, tablet or computer. This can put you in greater control of fitness goals. • High-tech toilets: Borrowing ideas from bidets and trends around the world, modern toilets do not require hands or paper. These toilets have temperature-controlled water, spritzing wands and air dryers to clean and sanitize. Selfcleaning toilets help busy professionals save time and are ideal for those who always want their bowls as clean as possible. And if you desire extra comfort, toilet seat warmers are available, while LED lights can make night-time restroom visits easier. • Soaking tubs: As fast as stand-alone showers were introduced to the modern bathroom, tubless designs have been replaced with streamlined soaking tubs. Tubs come with different features, including chromatherapy, which employs coloured lights to enhance mood. Air baths are controlled electronically and provide different levels of sensation for those who are skipping the hot tub. Round out these innovations with automated lights, chilled medicine cabinets and aromatherapy, and your bathroom will indeed become a technological spa. (MNS)


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The next dimension of landscape design: by Carol Todd Spring has sprung and with it comes the de-

sire to enjoy all the pleasures of a beautiful yard. Now homeowners can benefit from a new tool that helps landscape designers create plans for new or updated yards. With all the modern technology available today, it should come as no surprise that there’s an app for that too. No longer relying solely on templates and graph paper, landscape designers can bring their plans to life through the wonders of computer 3-D imaging. From homeowners looking to create a brand new landscape to those who want to refresh their outdoor living spaces, the many options available can be overwhelming. A landscape designer can help homeowners develop yards that are not only easy on the eyes, they are easy to maintain, says Christyn Palazzo of Palazzo Designs. “You have a plan when you build your house, why would you not have a plan when you’re building your yard?” Palazzo’s own experiences helped grow her desire to help others with their landscapes. The landscaping bug bit while she was “moonlighting in a greenhouse” while working in the cor46 |  You’re Home  spring 2018


porate arena. Her eureka moment came when her family was building their house and she found that she knew more than the landscape designer they had hired. She did the design herself and it led to other homeowners asking for her help with their yards. “So, then I thought with my background in business, there’s a business to be made here,” she said. That was five years ago and Palazzo Designs continues to

grow. Palazzo uses what she terms the “new standard” in landscape design, 3-D imaging, in addition to on-site consultations and the standard two-dimensional scaled drawings with planting guides. She has found that many people have trouble visualizing their outdoor spaces on the basis of a two-dimensional drawing. “3-D is becoming very standard in the industry right now

Images: Calvin Fehr

Christyn Palazzo of Palazzo Designs helps Regina homeowners transform their yards through the wonders of computer 3-D imaging.

because people are so used to being able to see it in advance. People don’t want to guess when they’re investing this kind of money,” she said. “It’s been very, very valuable.” The technique not only gives people a “sense of what the overall look and feel is going to be,” it also allows the homeowner to make changes and see what they will look like. “You can play around with it until it gets to where it feels right,” said Palazzo, who will have samples of her 3-D designs on a video loop at her display at the Regina Spring Home Show. There are also low tech ideas for those wanting to make small changes to their yards. From putting a colourful outdoor carpet over an unsightly patch of concrete or decking, to stringing lights for instant ambience, Palazzo suggests taking a fresh look at old standards. “We have this perception that everything outside has to be plants,” she said. “What I’ve found is that people don’t want to be spending money on their yard, on trees and shrubs that they are going to have to replace every year and also just don’t have the time to care for.” A self-styled “Saskatchewan farm kid,” Palazzo says practicality should be at the forefront of every yard. Instead of trees or shrubs that may outgrow an area or need to be replaced, she suggests using pots or ornaments of different sizes and shapes. “Don’t be afraid of scale. Bring in some size and some weight to your yard. Something you might think is really big, once you put it into the scale of your yard and house, won’t be. Bring it into balance,” she said. With today’s compact residential lots, privacy can be an issue. “If you have a high deck and you want some privacy, take a few

$20 five-foot cedars, put them in big, two-foot tall pots and put a grouping of them on your deck,” she suggested. “I try to stretch people’s imaginations a little bit – to use vertical space and go up – with things like arbors with privacy panels along the fence.” Palazzo will introduce her own line of metal privacy panels at the Spring Home Show this year. “They look way better than lattice, and can have colour and some funky designs. I have three designs now and am always open to adding more. You can powder coat them in a colour

if you want or leave the original metal. They add privacy but they also create a really neat focal point in your yard and don’t take up the space a tree would,” she said. From high tech 3-D imaging to the simplicity of putting trees in pots, Palazzo says the basis of a successful landscape design is its practicality. “The function, the practicality has to work for people,” she said. “I always look for how everything looks all together; how does everything tie in.” And, that’s easy to see, in any dimension. To learn more, visit palazzodesigns.ca.


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Vanity Fair by Michele Tyndall

Now, more than ever, the sink in the bath-

room of your home is so much more than just a place to wash up. Sinks and vanities are combining function with fashion as one of the major decorating trends this year. There are countless options, with new designs and finishes that allow everyone to create eyecatching individual looks for everything from the fanciest master bathroom to the simplest powder room. “Rather than having a ‘typical traditional vanity’, we are seeing individuals choose a variety of different designs and materials to suit their style. Trends that are currently popular include modern floating vanities, furniturestyle vanities, rustic vanities and Jack and Jill

48 |  You’re Home  spring 2018

style vanities. We are also seeing more open shelves and niches in vanities. Another trend is customized raised master ensuite vanities, to suit the adults who will use the space as it makes sense from an ergonomic perspective,” said Sherry Kraushaar, co-owner of Cougar Custom Cabinets. While aesthetics are definitely a major consideration, function has not been forgotten. People want to be organized and avoid clutter, and today’s bathroom vanities are helping them achieve that. “There is an emphasis now more than ever before on organization, and not surprisingly bathrooms are becoming increasingly recognized as an area that is important for functionality and style. Bathroom vanities are becoming more functional with more drawers

Fashion meets function

and more customized pullouts, because they are much easier to access and organize. These components can also be customized to meet a person’s specific needs, such as storage for blow dryers, hair straighteners, nail polish and other beauty supplies,” said Kraushaar. “People want less clutter in their lives, and vanities can now also house laundry hampers,  garbage bins, cleaning caddies and makeup stations. The more items that can be stored out of sight, the better to allow for a cleaner look.” Another important trend in vanity design is in the lighting. Creative fixtures, dimmers and other lighting options such as light bars, vanity bulbs and sconces will not only create a variety of looks from cozy to glamourous, they also provide the right light for make-up


Cougar Custom Cabinets has a unique 3-D design system that helps homeowners envision their dream bathroom or kitchen.

application, hair styling or lifting the mood on those extra early work mornings. “We are adding more custom lighting solutions to bathroom vanities as well, with backlit mirrors, lighted cabinet towers and other specialty lighting to create layers of light for ambience and better function,” said Kraushaar. Function and style is coming together in unique ways for finishing materials and countertops, she adds. “We are seeing more matte finishes on wood and on our lacquered cabinets. We are currently working with some exciting new materials from Europe. One of these materials has nanotechnology with enhanced physical properties. These remarkable properties include thermal healing of scratches, heat and abrasion resistance, as well as anti-bacterial properties,” said Kraushaar.  Function is always going to be key to any great vanity design.  The bathroom vanity has to fit individual or family needs in a very specific way. However, with innovative new finishes, artistic lighting and a range of sizes and shapes to suit every bathroom and every taste, the vanity can stand as both a functional piece of hardware, and a stunning and personal home furnishing. “The space has to make sense in terms of both function and design. The key is to develop a thoughtful design that incorporates the

specific needs and functions of each person,” said Kraushaar. With 36 years in the business, Cougar Custom Cabinets has seen many different styles and hardware types come into play when it comes to bathroom vanities. The company has a unique custom design system that helps homeowners envision their dream bathroom or kitchen. “We work closely with our clients to carefully plan out each part of their project. As a custom cabinet manufacturer, we are able to design specific custom solutions to fit each

individual’s needs. And our computerized cabinet design is wonderful for our clients because they are able see the cabinet designs we create for them in 3-D. We are able to zoom in and customize parts and explain their design in much more detail,” said Kraushaar.  With new, durable finishes, the brightest lighting systems, cabinets that range in size, shape and even ones that float, Cougar Custom Cabinets can transform any vanity into one that retains its function, but also reflects individual flair. To learn more, visit cougarcabinets.com. You’re Home  spring 2018 | 49

Acreage living

more appealing than ever


D & S Homes’ show home in Spruce Creek Estates is sure to impress. The 1,632 square foot ranch-style walk-out bungalow offers a pleasing open-concept floor plan, distinguished by a unique vaulted ceiling in the great room.

by Jeannie Armstrong It’s more than an address. It’s a lifestyle.

Making a move to Spruce Creek Estates offers an idyllic lifestyle. Homes in Spruce Creek Estates are located on spacious half- to full-acre lots, surrounded by scenic countryside. Spruce Creek Estates captures the natural beauty of the prairie landscape, enhanced by the planting of 1,500 mature spruce trees and the construction of a sparkling lake. Best of all, this gorgeous country setting is located just five minutes east of Regina. With the completion of the Regina bypass, Spruce Creek residents will have an unparalleled commute into the city. Here, families can enjoy the best of both worlds, said Dennis Slater, president of D & S Homes. “It’s all about country living, with city comforts.” Spruce Creek Estates is the latest of D & S Homes’ master-planned acreage communities. In business for over 40 years, the family-owned company has extensive experience in land development. Spruce Creek Estates is the fifth community developed by D & S in the Regina market. The company’s development portfolio also includes numerous acreage communities and 50 |  You’re Home  spring 2018

subdivisions in and around Saskatoon and Martensville, including the popular Greenbryre Estates community featuring the province’s only 12-hole golf course. Each of the 200 lots at Spruce Creek Estates is a walk-out lot, said Slater. “These are the largest lots available in the Regina area.” Phase One lots adjacent to the development’s centrepiece lake have all been sold, reports Slater. Approximately 25 of those lots already have homes that have been constructed or are nearing completion. “They are all high-end houses, so people can count on properties in the development maintaining their value,” said Slater. D & S Homes is now marketing the remaining lots in Phase One. “We currently have 57 lots available that are off the lake. We have them on sale right now for $188,900. The lots are 350-feet deep and 100- to 125-feet wide. Every lot has a great view,” said Slater. All lots are serviced, with treated water and sewage service supplied by the township of Emerald Park. Streets and curbs are paved. Spruce Creek Estates satisfies the demand for more space that many home buyers are seeking and just can’t find within the city limits. “You can build a home with a much larger footprint, and have a three- or four-car garage,

with lots of space left over,” said Slater. “In the city, many of the new lots are so narrow, it’s difficult to accommodate just a two-car garage.” A number of Regina’s most reputable builders are constructing homes in Spruce Creek Estates, including Emerald Park Homes, Alair Homes and Crawford Homes, just to name a few. “We support the builders and work with them very closely,” said Slater. D & S Homes is also a preferred builder at Spruce Creek Estates, and is currently offering three superb move-in ready homes ranging in price from $879,000 to $929,000. To get a taste of the Spruce Creek lifestyle, you can explore the magnificent D & S show home located at 124 Spruce Creek Road. The 1,632 square foot ranch-style walk-out bungalow offers a pleasing open-concept floor plan, distinguished by a unique vaulted ceiling in the great room. The D &S show home offers fresh, transitional style, combining elements of traditional and contemporary décor. The builder’s skill and experience is showcased in the exquisitely crafted maple hardwood floors and railings, wide window casings and high profile baseboards. The kitchen is dressed in stylish grey maple cabinets, topped by sleek white granite coun-

ters. A convenient walk-through pantry extends from the kitchen into the mudroomlaundry area, which provides direct access to the huge triple car garage. The master suite is laden with luxury, including a hotel-style ensuite with a heated tile floor, an oversized custom walk-in shower, soaker tub and an angled walk-in closet. The master suite has its own garden door leading to a spacious glass-panelled deck. The D & S team is currently hard at work constructing the latest STARS Lottery grand prize home at Spruce Creek Estate. “It’s going to be a very unique two-storey home with an exciting, contemporary design,” said Slater. The $1.3 million home will be located at 309 Spruce Creek Crescent, and will be open to the public on May 15. The STARS Lottery Home in Saskatoon will open on the same date, also constructed by D & S Homes in Greenbryre Estates. “D & S Homes has been proud to supply the STARS Lottery grand prize homes in both Regina and Saskatoon since 2012,” said Slater. “It’s an organization that our family is proud to support. They save so many lives across the province and benefit so many families. It’s a very good cause.” The D & S show home at 124 Spruce Creek Road is open for viewing Monday through Thursday from 4 to 7 p.m.; and weekends from 1 to 5 p.m. Just head out on Trans Canada Highway 1 East and turn left when you see the head office of Redhead Equipment. Easyto-follow signs lead the way. For more details, visit dshomes.ca. You’re Home  spring 2018 | 51

Condo Living

Development is a Rae of sunshine in Cathedral by Jonathan Hamelin It’s a development that could be readily de-

scribed as a diamond located within a gem of a neighbourhood. The Borgata on Rae, a condominium complex by DLB Properties in Regina, opened in the city’s Cathedral Village in April of 2017. While the Cathedral area is known for its classic architecture, the Borgata signals a shift to a new age of design. “It’s a case of people wanting new properties in an older area,” said Lori Daniel of ReMax Crown Real Estate, the real estate agent for the property. “In the Cathedral area,

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some of the condo options are refurbished apartment buildings, so they’re not exactly new. They were basically built between the ‘60s and ‘70s. The more recent ones were built in the early 2000s. It’s an important development for the neighbourhood because it shows that neighbourhood is really starting to turn around. This project is part of a process to refurbish that whole Cathedral neighbourhood.” For Don Borger, owner of DLB Properties, this project was a labour of love. He owned three side-by-side houses in Cathedral and decided to tear them down for the condo development. The first permit was taken out in

2014 for the condo site, but the units weren’t completed for a couple years. As Daniel explains, Borger approached the project the right way. “Don’s a local Regina guy who has been doing this for 40-plus years: buying properties and restoring them,” Daniel said. “He hasn’t really been into the resale of anything, but he always wanted to do this design/condo project. Don had a vision for a new development in this historic neighbourhood and he was trying to create a design that it would fit nicely into the neighbourhood. I’ve been involved in the process since day one and I know that Don didn’t rush anything. If certain materi-

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The Borgata on Rae is an ideal property for condo buyers who love the charm of Regina’s Cathedral neighbourhood, but want the latest amenities and modern design touches.

als had to be ordered, that was how it had to be. He took his time and created a beautiful property.” The Borgata complex features 16 units that start at $239,900 plus net GST. The units, ranging from 827 to 846 square feet, feature two bedrooms, two bathrooms, walk-in closets off the master, quality hardwood, fireplaces in the living rooms, central air, vaulted ceilings in the fourthfloor condos and granite countertops in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. A storage room located next to the balcony houses each unit’s furnace and water heater. Each unit also boast six appliances: stainless steel fridge, range, microwave, built-in dishwasher, washer and dryer. In addition, one electrified parking stall and one basement storage locker are included. The development also has an elevator for easy access to the condos. Daniel said that one of the big selling features of the complex is the privacy. “There are only four units per floor, so that’s a nice thing. Each one is a corner unit,” Daniel said. “When you’re out on your nice private balcony or patio, you don’t see the neighbour beside you because the units are four-cornered. It’s sort

of like you don’t have a neighbour. There is great sound proofing throughout the building, which also helps.” Daniel said buyers also love the location, both for the atmosphere of Cathedral and the close proximity to downtown. It’s two blocks away from 13th Avenue and within walking distance of boutique shops and fine dining. “We’ve gotten some great feedback on the development from people who work downtown or are from the neighbourhood,” Daniel said. “It’s that Cathedral niche kind of factor; people love that neighbourhood. They appre-

ciate that this is a new construction property that provides some great privacy and units are available at an affordable price.” The Borgata on Rae is presently 25 per sent sold. A promotion is currently being offered that includes no condo fees for the first 12 months. Interested buyers can contact Daniel at (306) 596-5674 or loridaniel@remax.net. A show suite is open Saturdays and Sundays between 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. There will also be opportunities to view the suites during the week. For an updated schedule, visit loridaniel@remax.ca.

“Quality Construction and Renovations: Turning Your Home Into Your Dream Home” SHANE BAUM

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Home Design

Robinson Residential Design Inc. 2232 – 2nd Avenue Regina, SK 306.352.6617 john@robinsonplans.com www.robinsonplans.com

by John Robinson

HOW MUCH HOUSE DO YOU NEED? Q: I would like to own my home, but I don’t need much space. Can it be small and still reflect the character and style I admire? A: Living in a smaller house offers financial rewards including lower mortgage payments, lower utility payments and reduced property taxes. The more you can save on the size of your home, the more you can spend on the finishing and design features of your home. Q: Is it true that some towns won’t let you build small homes? Why is that? A: Minimum square footage requirements can vary among municipalities,

from no minimum to minimums of 1,400 sq. ft. or more. The reason for these requirements is either a municipal zoning regulation or a design control guideline, put in place by the developer, to try and keep the value of the homes consistent.

Q: It doesn’t seem practical to be forced to build something much larger than I need or can afford. How can we change this?

Home Show March 22-25, 2018 Science Centre on until April 9, 2018

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A: Unfortunately, I think planners are still looking at housing from the requirement of an average family from 30 years ago: two parents with three or more kids. Our society has changed considerably and our municipalities need to take that into account when they set their recommendations. When shopping for cars, there are all kinds of options for every type of consumer, from mini-cars to full-size vans. We need to be able to offer the same options for consumers wanting to build houses. We want housing sized to suit our lifestyles, budgets and the reality of what it is we really need. But the choice needs to be available to developers, home builders and, most importantly, home owners. Just as family situations vary widely, home requirements do as well, and zoning bylaws and building regulations need to start addressing this diversity. Voicing your concern to your municipality officials is important so that rules for the sizes of homes can be changed to allow for this diversity.


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