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STORMY WEATHER: Are you prepared for the next blackout? Ask an expert about water conditioning FIX IT OR TOSS IT? The right to repair movement is growing Enhance your home with pro designer tips Building sustainable homes for the next generation Cobalt blue forecast as colour of year Four ways to add value to your home Winterize your home now to avoid trouble

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Custom Closets Inc.

We specialize in closets and we made it our focus to be the leader in the industry. Designing your dream closet should be an exciting and fun experience, not to mention affordable, quick and worryfree. From the free-in-home consult, to years down the road, we take care of our customers!

Let us help you get organized! Call or message: 306.807.0500 OR email:



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Connected to your home’s natural gas or propane supply, as soon as a power outage is detected, Generac’s standby generator automatically kicks in and runs until electrical service is restored. SUPPLIED PHOTO by Jeannie Armstrong

Saskatchewan has the third highest rate of recorded power outages in Canada, according to the Blackout and Power Outage Tracker published by Eaton, a global power management corporation.

The tracker shows that power outages in Saskatchewan increased by over 40 per cent from 2016 to 2017. Extreme weather and aging infrastructure are among the most common reasons for power outages in Canada. We h a v e r e c e n t l y

Power outages increased by over 40 per cent in Saskatchewan from 2016 to 2017, often caused by extreme weather. GETTY IMAGES

witnessed the massive power outages Manitoba residents endured as a result of an October blizzard. How can Regina homeowners prepare for sudden blackouts and power outages? An increasing number of Saskatchewan homeowners are equipping their properties with backup generator systems, says Percy Hoff, manager of DSG Power Systems in Saskatoon. “I’ve been in business here in Saskatoon since 1983 and it used to be that people were never concerned about power outages. In the last five years, however, the concern over weather conditions and power failures has been increasing year over year.” Sales of home standby

generators so far this year have already equalled the total number of systems DSG sold in 2018, he adds. DSG is the authorized dealer in Saskatchewan for Generac power systems. Founded in 1959, Generac was the first company to engineer affordable home standby generators and is considered the industry’s leading manufacturer. Generac produces a wide variety of auxiliary power systems, including portable models and standby generators. What’s the difference between the two systems? A portable generator can be moved from one outdoor location to another. It must be started and stopped manually, requiring the homeowner

Are you prepared for the next blackout? to be on site to operate the system. Portable generators run on gasoline, which means they must be refilled to continue operating. A standby generator is permanently installed outside your home, much like a central air conditioning unit. Connected to your home’s natural gas or propane supply, as soon as a power outage is detected, the generator automatically kicks in and runs until electrical service is restored. Diesel options are also available. “The standby generator will operate until the power comes back on. Once it senses that the power is back up, the generator cools down and then shuts off,” says Hoff. Having a standby generator provides homeowners with peace of mind, he adds. “Here in Saskatchewan, so many people go south in the winter. There’s a lot at risk if the power goes out. A pipe could break, the sump pump could stop working. The food in your fridge could begin to spoil. If the power goes out and you don’t have a backup system, you could come home to a disaster,” says Hoff. Many of Generac’s standby generators come equipped with Wi-Fi or a Mobile Link feature, which allows the homeowner to monitor the operating status of the generator from anywhere in the world by smart phone, tablet or computer. The Mobile Link also provides maintenance alerts. Professional installation by an electrician is advised. “Typ-

ically, we have a certified electrician install the system. It has to meet the electrical code in Saskatchewan,” says Hoff. With newer homes, installation is fairly straightforward. “Sometimes when we get to older homes, there’s more work to do,” he adds. The power produced by Generac’s standby system is controlled and continuous. “Generac has what they call ‘two powers’; it’s very reliable and clean. Any electronics that are sensitive to voltage spikes are all protected with the Generac system. However, if the homeowner has something set up with a surge protector, they should continue to use that as well, as a secondary precaution,” says Hoff. Generac offers a diverse range of standby systems, which produce from 7.5 to 150 kilowatts of power. “It depends on what you want the system to do. You could get a low-budget system that will provide the essentials, such as keeping the furnace and a few lights going. Or you can get one that powers everything in the entire house, including your major appliances and the air conditioner. Those take more power,” says Hoff. “By looking at a homeowners’ previous power bills, we can analyze their consumption and provide an estimate. We can also visit their home and identify what the customer wants the system to power.” To book a consultation, homeowners can contact DSG Power Systems by phone or email. For more details, visit




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WATERCONDITIONING : SO WHAT IS HARD WATER? : Hard water is basically water containing a high mineral count. Groundwater often percolates through limestone where it picks up calcium and magnesium deposits. Drinking water can also contain trace minerals like iron, which gets picked up from the soil, lakes rivers – even older corroded plumbing. In some regions, hard water may also contain manganese or aluminum. Of course, things like calcium, magnesium and iron aren’t necessarily bad for you. In fact, they’re actually beneficial nutrients. However, hard water sediments can also carry potentially harmful bacteria along with them.


: WHAT ARE THE EFFECTS OF HARD WATER? : Hard water problems can be a real hassle, especially for new homeowners who may be unfamiliar with the issues it causes. Solving those problems can vastly improve your family’s quality of life and get things back to normal again. An easy trick that gives you an indication on water quality is to pay attention when you are washing your hands. Is it difficult to create suds or is the soap difficult to remove from your hands? If it’s difficult to create suds, you more than likely have hard water. Hard water problems could range from hard water scale causing costly build-up in your plumbing, water heater and other water-using appliances – decreasing the life of appliances and increasing your costs. When combined


with soap, the minerals form soap curd or scum that builds up on fixtures and makes skin dry and itchy, hair lifeless and laundry dull. : HOW CAN WATER CONDITIONING HELP? : There’s only one perfect answer to all your hard water issues: to install a water softener in your home. Wa t e r s o f t e n e r s r e m o v e t h i n g s l i k e c a l c i u m , magnesium and iron from your water as it c o m e s i n f ro m t h e s o u rc e . I t ’s a n i n ve s t m e n t that could save you headaches as well as money. There are also other types of water conditioning products, like reverse osmosis system, which can help eliminate potentially harmful contaminants. : SO, SHOULD YOU GET A WATER SOFTENER? : With a water softener, your dishes and glassware will be crystal clear, your laundry would be bright whites and vibrant colours, cleaning will be easier, yo u ’ l l u se l ess soa p, l owe r wa te r h ea t i n g costs, a n d p ro t e c t yo u r p l u m b i n g a n d a p p l i a n c e s . I t comes down to saving time and money in the end. If you are tired of dealing with hard water in your home, a water softener is the most effective and most permanent solution to hard water challenges. H&R Custom Water Ltd. has the expertise to assess your problem water and recommend the most innovative water treatment products.

H & R CUSTOM WATER LTD. 1061 Winnipeg Street Regina, SK 306.569.9091 E:

1061 Winnipeg St. 306-569-9091 We deal with commercial or residential sales, rental, service of water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, water coolers and sales of bottled water, ice and water accessories. H&R Custom Water Ltd. is a family owned and operated business offering quality water treatment since 1962. We use energy efficient equipment in order to reduce waste. We offer water analysis ensuring proper assessment of water needs, be it water softener, iron filter, purified water, water cooler, bottled water, point of use cooler, Reverse Osmosis, water cooler or ice. Our commitment is to ensure customer service by supplying quality products and experienced reliable service for rental, sales, service and installation for residential or commercial needs.

Your Soft Water Specialists!


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The right to repair movement is growing by Carol Todd

The three Rs used to be ‘reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic — now the mantra is reduce, reuse and recyle. Add “repair” and you’ve got the current and future refrain. Canadians threw out more than 10 million tonnes of residential garbage in 2016, according to the most recent tally by StatsCan. Almost 344,000 tonnes of household trash ended up in Saskatchewan landfills – and an unknown share of all that garbage is household appliances, like fridges and stoves. Today’s trends toward smart technology have even invaded our kitchens and laundry rooms, with new generations of home appliances that are a far cry from the days when it was possible to make some repairs at home. So, what about that ancient, analog range crouching in your kitchen, the one missing the storage drawer and with burners featuring the crust from innumerable meals? Is it ready for its final trip to the dump, or can it be repaired or even recycled? At the other end of the scale, homeowners spending thousands of dollars on the new convection/induction ovens, smart ranges and other premium appliances will likely prefer to have those units repaired rather than forking out

significant dollars for replacements. These days, everything from appliances to tractors have electronic components that often cannot be repaired. A “Right to Repair” campaign has sprung up in in response. Last October, the campaign won a major victory when the Library of Congress and the U.S. Copyright Office modified rules to allow consumers to hack into embedded software as needed for repair and maintenance. But, that’s as far as it’s gotten thus far – and that push is mainly geared toward electronics like smart phones, hundreds of thousands of which are thrown out each year, or every time one of the major suppliers offers their newest versions. A report commissioned by the United Nations states that 50 million tonnes of electronic and electrical waste is generated worldwide each year, and only 20 per cent is formally recycled.* Here in Canada, a Right to Repair private member’s bill in Ontario was shot down; a similar private members’ bill currently before the Quebec legislature will likely meet the same fate. OpenMedia, a not-for-profit organization, has launched a petition calling on Ottawa to bring in laws to give consumers more opportunities to repair their

The right to repair movement is gaining traction in Canada, as citizens voice their concerns about the volume of appliances and electronics that are ending up in landfills, instead of being repaired and recycled. GETTY IMAGES

electronic gadgets, as well as their household appliances. Launched last spring, the petition has amassed more than 14,000 signatures, and OpenMedia aims to take the issue to the doorsteps during the upcoming federal election. “It’s a very popular idea, and the only reason we’re not seeing it is because of the lobbying being done by the big manufacturers to prevent right to repair legislation going through. We’re seeing that mostly in the U.S. where there have been dozens of bills proposed and shot down by advocacy by industry,” said Rodrigo Samayoa, a digital campaigner with the organization. Samayoa says there is a real need for consumers to be able to repair appliances rather than toss them. While OpenMedia’s main push has been in the area of electronics like cell phones that often

end up in landfills, Samayoa says the same concerns apply to household appliances. “We know that the issues that prevent electronic devices from being repaired are the same issues that are found in appliances, farm equipment, industrial machinery and other industries,” he said. “While it may not be as bad to throw a phone away every two years, it becomes much worse when you’re looking at throwing away a refrigerator every two to five years instead of 10 to 20 years.” The fact that products can’t be repaired is often built right in, said Samayoa. “Increasingly companies are actively moving to restrict the repair services for products, either by using design features that make it difficult if not impossible to repair, or by restricting the sale on parts so that people have to go to the original manufacturer for those repairs.”

Samayoa says it all boils down to ownership. “Because right now, if you’re not able to repair a product because of the restrictions the manufacturer has against it, you don’t really own that product; it’s essentially the manufacturer that owns it,” he said. “When you look at electronic devices that have terms of service, we’re really losing ownership of those things when we can’t repair them; we have to replace them frequently.” OpenMedia is hoping the issue is brought to the fore during the upcoming federal election campaign. A poll commissioned by the organization found that 75 per cent of Canadians would support right to repair legislation. It also found that the support cuts across political party lines with 79 per cent of people identifying as Liberals, 76 per cent of New Democrats and 67 per cent of Conservatives would

support legislation that will force companies to make repair information and parts available to consumers so they can make the repairs themselves or go to an independent repair shop to do those repairs.** Regardless of who wins the election, Samayoa says the newly elected government will soon have the right to repair issue placed in front of it. “We hope it will be addressed during the election and, when the next government takes over, whether it’s the same party or another one, it will push legislation through Parliament.” Whether that comes to pass or not, consumers can start adding repair to the “reduce, reuse and recycle” slogan to keep that range at home and not in the landfill. * See the full report at: ** See the full report at: https://


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Enhance your home décor with pro designer tips

Designers often utilize various textures to create aesthetic appeal and add depth to a room. METRO

Photo spreads in home design magazines can be awe-inspiring. Quite often homeowners wish they could lift the looks right off the pages of magazines and transform their own homes into picture-perfect retreats. It takes an eye for design to pull a room together — even with inspiration — and make it both functional and attractive. While hiring an interior designer is one way to go, homeowners can use some of the tricks and techniques the designers employ to do a remarkably good job of improving the interiors of their homes without such help. EMBRACE TEXTURE The colours used in a home can add impact, but designers often

utilize various textures to create aesthetic appeal. A single colour scheme can be enhanced by various fabrics. Consider a leather sofa made more cozy with chenille pillows next to a rustic side table. Figure out ways to incorporate a few different textures to add depth to the room. BE CAREFUL WITH COLOUR Many high-end homes showcase neutral shades that are enhanced by pops of colour. If you like a rich, royal purple, leave room for other colours as well. Add touches of purple in vases, throw pillows and other accessories. Also, many designers work in shades of three for room colours. There may be one main

colour for walls, another colour for larger accents, such as couches and chairs, and then a third colour that pops in accessories such as flowers, pillows and collectibles. These can be any colours, but the most muted tends to be the more abundant shade. ADD A BIT OF BLING Glittery items and metallics can add a touch of luxury feel to any space. A shiny table lamp, mirrors, a sparkling chandelier, and the like are easy ways to produce a high-end feel. Reflective surfaces also will cast light around the room, giving the illusion of a larger space. ADD A STATEMENT PIECE Many homeowners make the mistake of filling a room

with several small pieces of furniture that only contribute to clutter. Instead, look for a statement piece, which can be a cabinet, armoire or chaise. Mix and match large and small elements for a sense of balance. ACCESSORIZE Finish the room with accessories and flowers. When placing and hanging knickknacks and wall art, odd-numbered groupings often look the most cohesive and interesting. Experiment with different scales and heights for even more dimension. When inspiration hits, take some cues from interior design pros to make spaces look like they belong on the pages of your favourite magazines. (Metro)


HOW STRUCTURALLY SOUND IS YOUR HOME? The foundation of every home is its basement. Your basement has the vital job of supporting the entire house – from floors, walls, doors and windows, right up to the rafters and roof. When that support system is damaged or flawed, big problems can occur. DON’T IGNORE THESE EARLY WARNING SIGNS Homeowners should be on the alert for signs of foundation damage: • Structural damage: Foundation problems can cause structural damage within your home, including warped or sagging flooring. Soil movement under the foundation can also cause walls to crack and bow. RSR TO THE RESCUE If your foundation is showing signs of damage, the basement and foundation repair specialists at RSR Construction will come to the rescue.


We have the solutions to your foundation problems, including:

• UNDERPINNING HOUSE LEVELING • COMPUTERIZED LIFTING SYSTEM • WALL BRACING & REPAIRS • EXTERIOR WATERPROOFING • INTERIOR WATERPROOFING • SUMP PIT INSTALLATIONS Locally owned and family operated, RSR Construction has over ten years of experience in repairing foundations and waterproofing basements in the Regina area. Providing hands-on expertise, the RSR team will handle the job from start to finish. Fully licensed and insured, we’ve worked hard to attain our reputation for quality service. That’s why we’re confident in providing our customers with a ten-year warranty on workmanship.

Call or email for FREE QUOTE 306 520-7280 | |


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Residential & Commercial Licensed, Bonded and Insured Each Tradesman has 20-40 years Experience Locally owned and operated




Serving Regina for 24 Years


Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Handyman Connection is your single solution for all of your home improvements – whether you need something installed, built, repaired, or maintained. Our written guarantee ensures you’ll be satisfied with our dependable and skilled craftsmen, great customer service, and first class workmanship.

Basemen t Wall Cra ck Repair




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306-352-9900 1440 Fleury Street Regina, SK S4N 5B1




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ke We ta ts n e m pay ail m e by ) s n fer (e-tra





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Building sustainable homes for the next generation by Andrew Livingstone

Piller & Putz Construction makes every effort to incorporate green construction practices into their builds. Their environmental initiatives earned them this year’s Master Award for “Green Build of the Year”, presented by the Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association. The award recognizes their recent build in the Jameson Estates development outside White City. The two-storey slab on grade design with attached garage allowed the company the opportunity to design for efficiency and longevity. Adam Putz, co-owner of Piller & Putz, said that the highly insulated R-52 split wall assembly and R-100 roof are essential to the building’s efficiency. “The split wall is 2x6 framing with a 5/8 inch plywood air barrier and has eight inches of EPS insulation on the outside. It is then strapped with 1x4 furring in order to attach the siding,” he said. “There is a rain screen behind the siding, which is an air space that allows for drying and improves the longevity of the siding. If you have outboard insulation, it keeps your sheeting from getting cold and reduces the risk of condensation or potential

mould issues.” With the internal temperature secured against external fluctuations, the home requires only about 20 per cent as much energy as houses that are built to the existing standard to maintain a cozy interior temperature in the winter. As a result, Piller & Putz was able to heat the home effectively with electricity only and provide passive cooling/ventilation via a Zehnder ComfoAir 350 energy recovery ventilator. “If we had gas to the building, you’d at least have to pay the connection fee every month, so you’re still avoiding another monthly fee that way,” said Putz. “In summer, rather than have air conditioning, because the house is already really well-insulated and the overhangs are designed to block the sun coming in the windows, you can use passive cooling. The Zehnder ERV has a bypass feature which will allow fresh air to come into the building without wasting energy through active cooling.” Reduced heating and cooling demands make the home’s solar-powered electrical system practical and effective. “Solar is quickly becoming more desirable and affordable,” said Putz. “We

Piller & Putz Construction was recognized with a Master Award for “Green Build of the Year”, by the Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association, for this two-storey slab-on-grade design located outside of White City. SUPPLIED PHOTO are getting to the point where you can significantly reduce or eliminate your monthly utility bills with a Passive House or Net Zero design.” These features did require specifications on the configuration and orientation of the building. “A simple shape was really important, especially in our climate, to achieve the energy standards that we needed to,” Putz said. “Basically, the closer to a cube it is, the more efficient it is because there is less surface area. The simpler we can make the structure, the easier it is to effectively insulate and air-seal to meet strict energy targets.” Meanwhile, the solar panels made their own demands in the form of “large, south-facing glazing to allow for solar heat gains, as well as a 6/12 pitch on the main roof to allow for the solar system to be directly south-facing.” Eliminating the need for a gas line may be more valuable in more remote locations, but many of the home’s features can just as easily be

The award-winning home by Piller & Putz Construction is as stylish as it is energy efficient. SUPPLIED PHOTO

applied to structures in the city. “You would have to plan ahead for the orientation of the building when selecting a lot,” said Putz. “Then, you can design for solar heat gains and be as close to direct south orientation as you can for the solar panels.” Ultimately, Putz says that an efficient home like the award-winning Piller & Putz design is a better long-term investment. “Since we are just using simple radiant

electric heating and in-floor heating in the bathrooms, which is also electric, there is way less for ongoing maintenance costs when compared to typical home heating systems,” he said. Moreover, its efficiency anticipates the direction in which the culture is shifting. “As our building codes start to change, homeowners want to build a house that’s not going to get outdated,” said Putz. “Obviously, building a

new home isn’t cheap these days, so, the longer you can protect that investment and add to the long term value, the better.” For his part, Putz is happy to lend his experience to “improve construction methods and to encourage sustainable buildings for the next generation – and to make such designs become the standard as quickly as possible. We are only going to see benefits from raising standards.”


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COBALT BLUE Cobalt Blue forecast as colour of the year

Dulux Paints’ 2020 Colour of the Year is Chinese Porcelain (DLX1160-6). The deep cobalt blue shade connects to natural elements such as the sea and sky, and creates a feeling of serenity in any space. DULUX PAINTS

In today’s fast-paced, datadriven world where stress and anxiety are all too common, people can find refuge from their blues by surrounding themselves with, well, blue. Not just any blue, though – think deep, comforting, inky cobalt blue. That’s the message of trend forecasters at Dulux Paints by PPG in unveiling the brand’s 2020 Colour of the Year: Chinese Porcelain (DLX11606). This rich and traditional hue combines the energy and brightness of cobalt blue with a muted, dark navy tone, emitting

a feeling of calm, restfulness and hope. “Everyone today is looking for an escape from technology, a way to slow down and infuse simplicity into their lives in an uplifting environment. This is, in part, why we’re craving blues like Chinese Porcelain,” said Rob McDonald, Senior Brand Manager, Dulux Paints by PPG. “Exuding depth, richness and drama, next year’s blue brings us closer to natural elements such as the sea and sky – creating lavish serenity in any space.” According to McDonald, the trending earth-tone aesthetic will be reflected in all facets of home decor in the coming year, highlighted by uncluttered spaces with organic, deep mineral and metallic tones that delight the senses. “The colour palette shifts away

Why Hire A RenoMark


from the cool, stark greys of the past and builds on last year’s introduction of warm shades that emit an air of old-world charm and craftsmanship, blending together classical and modern design elements to create sophisticated looks,” said McDonald. Other complementary trending colours that pair well with Chinese Porcelain are deep mineral tones such as Dulux Paints’ Gracious Glow (DLX1116-5) yellow-olive green, Talavera (DLX1018-5) warm taupe, Brown Clay (DLX11996) soft terracotta and Gray Marble (DLX1002-4) stone gray. The combination of these nod-to-nature hues delivers an ambiance of state-of-theart luxury in its simplest form, particularly when accessorized with warm metal accents and linear geometric patterns.

To incorporate this blue into any home, Dulux Paints by PPG offers these tips: • Paint an accent wall with Chinese Porcelain as a perfect backdrop for vivacious colours to pop. • Use blue as a feature colour in a bedroom with crisp white bedding and crown molding to provide a sharp contrast. • In a living room, layer inky cobalt blue with additional blues in tufted and velvet furniture or pair with trending metallic finishes to create an elegant living space. • Complement the hue with decor such as lush drapes or velvet pillows in warm saffron and turmeric tones. • In addition to warm teak wood, pair deep blue with leather accents and dusty sand tones for an attention-grabbing look.


The RenoMarkTM logo is the mark of excellence in the Renovation Industry. All contractors who are part of the RenoMarkTM program have agreed to abide by the following Code of Conduct... • • • • • • • • • •

Is a member in good standing with the Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association Abides by the RRHBA Code of Ethics Provides a detailed written contract for all jobs Offers a minimum two-year warranty on all work (excludes minor home repair) Carries a minimum $2 million liability insurance Has coverage for workplace safety and employers’ liability insurance and/or only work with subcontractors who carry such coverage Carries all applicable licenses and permits Maintains a professional level of knowledge on current building codes, permit procedures, and technical skills through continuing education Maintains a safe and organized work site Returns phone calls within two business days


In the end, the quality of your home depends on the quality of your Renovator. Ensure your renovation is done with one of our RENOMARKTM Renovators. Alair Homes ● Bar-T Construction & Pre-Stainer Ltd. ● Cater 2 Construction Ltd. ● Colliers Custom Carpentry Ltd. ● Cougar Custom Cabinets ● Cupboard Brothers Cabinet Factory ● Dynamic Roofing & Exteriors Inc. ● Everflow Eaves & Exteriors Inc. ● Grasshopper Construction ● Heartgold Homes Inc. ● Hope Construction ● HYBRID Renovations & Restorations ● Innovation Renovation & Roofing Inc. ● JIC Windows & Doors/Renovations ● KB Better Construction ● Mikron Homes & Construction Ltd. ● Munro Homes Ltd. ● Optimum Roofing Inc. ● Piller and Putz Construction Ltd. ● Pinnwest Developments Ltd. ● Regina Window & Exteriors ● Rick’s Custom Cabinets & Renovations Ltd. ● Ripplinger Homes ● RSE Exteriors Ltd. ● Superior Garage ● Trademark Homes Inc. ● Trithart Homes Ltd. ● Wanner Construction Inc.


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Four ways to add value to your home When it comes to your home, you want updates that make your property more comfortable, beautiful and of course, valuable. Whether you have a big budget or more elbow grease than cash to invest, there are numerous things you can do to improve your home’s worth immediately. Here are three small things you can do to boost your home’s value, plus one big one that will really make an impact. Small change #1: Fresh paint Paint is one of the most affordable ways to bring dramatic change to a room. Adding a fresh hue will instantly update the entire feeling of a space while also making it look more stylish and clean. Neutrals – like tan, gray or greige (gray and beige) – are always a good choice, but don’t fear a bolder colour. Not sure? Consider painting neutrals on three walls and using the fourth as a focal wall that features a bolder colour choice. For walls, start by patching and sanding any holes so you get a smooth finish. Use painter’s tape to protect molding and ceilings and help you get a clean line

when finished. Drop cloths will protect flooring and furniture. Taking time to properly prep helps ensure you get professional-level results that look great and last a long time. Small change #2: Bathroom updates You don’t need to invest in a complete remodel to get an updated bathroom. A few simple enhancements can make a big difference without breaking the bank. Start by looking at the walls. Remove old wallpaper and repair any damage before adding paint. Then, look at the light fixtures and consider new options. A few quick swaps can add a modern aesthetic and optimum light for bathroom tasks. The style in a bathroom is often defined by the accessories, so turning attention in that direction can help rejuvenate the space as well. Replace hardware on vanities and other extras like towel bars. Popular materials include chrome and brushed metals, but choose whatever fits with the rest of the room. Finish the look with a new shower curtain and towels to elevate the space. Small change #3: Up-

It’s easy to update an entryway so it stands out positively and enhances your home’s value. Replace your aging front door or give it a new coat of paint. Then replace hardware with a handsome, high-quality option. NEWS CANADA

date your entrance Is the place where you welcome guests looking a little dingy? Your entryway is where your home makes a first impression, including buyers when it comes time to sell. Fortunately, it’s easy to update an entryway so it stands out positively and enhances your home’s value. Focus on the door by giving it a new coat of paint. Then replace hardware with a handsome, high-quality option. You can add a door-knocker or wreath to give it style, if you’d like. Then move to the surrounding spaces. Get rid of clutter to open up the space, and then add in a few key pieces of decor. For example, a plant or welcoming sign makes a house feel like a home. One BIG change: Add a deck When you want to make a big investment in your home to improve its appeal and value, adding a high-quality deck may carry a bigger price tag, but it also offers

Bring the outdoors in, by building a new deck. Selecting a durable, low-maintenance product like Envision composite decking will boost your home’s value and reduce maintenance chores. PHOTO: BPT

some of the best return on investment for homeowners. Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost vs. Value Report listed a composite deck addition as one of the highest performing projects when it comes to the rate of year-over-year ROI. “With the outdoor living trend thriving, people want deck spaces that are true

extensions of the home,” said Shara Gamble, director of sales and marketing for high-end composite deck manufac turer Envision Building Products. “Luxury composite decking is growing in popularity due to its exceptionally beautiful appearance and low-maintenance benefits.” Gamble added that En-

vision boards have attracted additional attention due to the brand’s exclusive compression molding technology, which is unlike other boards on the market, and uses tremendous heat and pressure to form the boards with deep wood-like grain that never repeats on a single board. Learn more at (BPT)


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Winterize your house now to avoid trouble

Fall is here, which means, like it or not, cold weather is just around the corner. While most of us would prefer not to think about turning on our heat just yet, this is actually the best time to check your heating to ensure everything is operating as it should. Neglecting to winterize your home and letting small issues pile up can have big repercussions. Ahead of the winter season, HomeServe, a leading provider of service plans, repair and installation services for the home, wants to make sure you’re aware of three major things that may go wrong if you don’t winterize your house or neglect your heating system. 1. Your utility bills may skyrocket. Utility bills often jump up in the winter due to the increased hours of darkness and the cost to heat your home. But if your heater is on the fritz or your filters are clogged, you could be in for an even bigger surprise. Dirty filters

cause your furnace to work harder, which leads to inefficiency and a shortened lifespan for your heating system. Replacing filters is often an easy task for homeowners. A yearly tuneup is an inexpensive way to help prevent a costly system breakdown in the coming months. Also, keep in mind that some warranties require annual tune-ups, so don’t let your warranty go invalid by skipping this year’s tune-up. 2. The threat of carbon monoxide is very real. Do you know how old your furnace is? Do you know how long it’s been since a professional checked it over? Carbon monoxide poses a health threat when the heating system flue, vent or chimney becomes blocked from debris or other material. During a heating system tuneup, a professional service technician can check to make sure all your vents are not blocked and are working properly. Drains and traps

A yearly tune-up is an inexpensive way to help prevent a costly heating system breakdown in the coming months.

also need to be checked and combustion gases should be analyzed and compared to the specifications of your furnace or boiler to make sure everything is running safely. Installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home is another smart way to help with early detection. 3 . Wa t e r p i p e s c a n burst. It’s not just your

heating system that needs to be winterized. All too often it happens – we wake up to realize our pipes are frozen, or even worse, leaking. Before the cold sets in, make sure outside hoses are put away and water is turned off. Evaluate which pipes are at the greatest risk for freezing during cold weather. For example,

if your water pipes come up from an un-insulated crawl space, or if they are in or close to an uninsulated outside wall or vent, they are more likely to freeze and burst in low temperatures. Inside pipes should be covered in insulation to keep pipes warmer longer. Pipe insulation is easy to apply and available at most


hardware stores and home centers. By having an annual tuneup in the fall, you can catch small issues now, instead of experiencing big ger problems in the dead of winter. A tune-up can also save energy, reduce heating costs and prevent a system breakdown in the coming months. (BPT)

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