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Patrick Lu 3376229 0468 654 858 DIRECTIVE | I favour 3D modelling as my strength is within accumulating quick and detail conceptual models refining them to detail later on. I also love working hands on as I believe it is the most pure form in conjunction with a digital aide. This is reflective within my rendering techniques, ability to learn and adapt quickly as well a vast sense of curiosity. However I am now also furthering my experience with flowgraphs in analytical engines as well as having a large interest in untouched items such as the Arduino. SKILL SUMMARY | REFEREE | Jackey Tutor 0452 522 539

Modelling and Visualisation (3DS MAX + VRAY + Google SketchUP)

Estelle Colleague 0450 431 029

Architectural United (AU)

     

    

Able to execute conceptual and realistic models. Experimental material creation (notably different forms of glass) Vray studio lighting usage both exterior and interior. Learning curve extended further by assisting Jackey’s tutorial class in Sem. 1, 2012. Advanced Modelling in Google Sketchup Conceptual and programmatic display (using in program cameras and video editng)

2011 - 2012

Rebooted society from Architectural Computing Society (ACS) to AU from the ground up since 2011 then attaining Vice President in 2012. Organised and hosted workshops (3DS Max, Revit, Crysis) Organised and hosted AU Party cruise and Creative Nights. Recruitment of new members on O-week and throughout the year. Cross management with other societies including INTASOC, FBESOC as well as encouraging start-ups of other courses.

Analytical and Parametric Modelling (Cryengine + Rhino & Grasshopper)    

Simple use of flowgraphs nodes within grasshopper Intermediate usage of flowgraphs within Cryengine My definition Shapeways model ARCH 1201 Client Elevator:


Felix Register Supervisor 0401 274 521

Target, Roselands

Register operator managing balances and providing excellent customer service Till operation, handling balances and registers area maintenance duties extending to floor assistance and dock loading.  Stocktake capable progressing my team efforts and maturing between organising high school, social life and work. Australian Census, Narwee Sector July – September 2011 Applied weekend work distributing and collecting information packages while reviewing individual workloads at group meetings. Solo contribution on my communication skills between members, organisation and ensuring the security of privacy within my packages.

Helm Bar, Darling Harbour 

May – November


Casual floor work duties including glassing, maintaining stock in bar and floor as well as stocktake. First attempt at tackling high intensity work as well as multitasking efforts to fit a certain time frame (especially Saturday nights) Maturing further through juggling the affection of a very diverse team from across the globe.

 

David Manager 0423 296 370

2009 - 2011

 

Matt Manager 0420 437 148

May - May

Botanic Cafe, Botanical Gardens 

January 2013 -

Casual work placement as a waiter and barista maintaining the floor area and general duties. Till operations and maintaining the floor area with general duties. Great environment with an energetic team allowing me to refresh my week of academia. Heavy multitasking while maintaining a standard of formality.

  


City 2 Surf Green Seed: City 2 Surf: City 2 Surf: City 2 surf Red Seed:

High speed skateboarding

2009 2010 2011 2012

ARCH 1392 CV  

Cv for first assignment of week 1 in Arch 1392!

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