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Postalloy® General Hardfacing Welding Products Postalloy®2820-SPL is a chromium carbide hardfacing alloy for applications involving high impact combined with abrasion. Applications Include: • • • • •

Final overlay on crusher jaws Impact breaker bars Cone and roll shells Pulverizing hammers Hammer mill hammers

Postalloy®2829-SPL is a high hardness overlay for applications involving high abrasion or abrasion combined with mild impact. Applications Include: • • • •

Tillage tools Mixer paddles Paving machine paddles Tamper tools

Postalloy®2832-SPL premium chromium carbide hardfacing alloy for applications involving high abrasion and mild or moderate impact. Applications Include: • • • • • •

Scraper blades Auger flights Bucket teeth Mixer blades Tillage tools Shredder & fibrizer hammers

Postalloy®2834-SPL is a high chromium

hardfacing alloy for applications involving high abrasion or abrasion combined with moderate impact. Applications Include: • • • • • • •

Tampers Grizzly bars Dredge cutter heads & teeth Crusher rolls Clamshell bucket lips Crusher jaws and cones Shredder & fibrizer hammers

Postalloy®2836-SPL is a high hardness multi-carbide hardfacing alloy that resists severe abrasion, including high stress grinding, low stress scratching, and gouging abrasion. Applications Include: • • • • • •

Agricultural implements Cement mill parts Cereal grinding equipment Conveyor screws Mixer paddles Solid waste shredder parts

Postalloy®2892-SPL is a medium hardness

buildup wire with excellent compressive strength. Recommended for applications where weld deposits must provide good metal-to-metal wear resistance, but still be machinable “as welded”. Applications Include: • • • •

Machine components Gear teeth Keyways Undercarriage idlers and rollers

Postalloy®2898-SPL is a low chromium

general purpose self-hardening overlay with a good combination of resistance to abrasion and impact. It is very tough with excellent resistance to chipping and spalling. Applications Include: • • • • •

Hot shear blades Dozer blades Tamper feet Bucket teeth Farm implements augers

Postalloy®215HD is a chromium carbide

tubular hardfacing electrode with extremely good abrasion resistance coupled with mild to moderate impact resistance. Applications Include: • • • • • •

Mining and construction screw conveyors Clamshell and dragline buckets Bucket lips and teeth Dozer end bits Scraper and grader blades Shredder & fibrizer hammers

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General Hardfacing Products by Postle  
General Hardfacing Products by Postle  

Recommended Hardfacing products for general industrial applications