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2014 Post-Holiday Timeline & Overview

Dec 15 – Jan 4:

Accomplish all seasonal markdowns and sign in place.

Dec 26 - Dec 30:

Turn-over of main statements for New Year’s. Consolidate Xmas sale

Dec 2 – Jan 3:

Furniture & Mirror prep and Set

Dec 30 – Jan. 6:

Inventory Prep week

Jan 7 - Jan 12:

Inventory and Inventory Cleanup

Jan 13 – 30:

Refresh Statements and Valentine’s Day

Vibrant and Full - Please make sure all temporary empty areas are merchandised with quickly/easily moved products. Especially, if up front. Plants with color are a good choice.

Gift Cards recipients are coming into the store now - They are often new customers so best face front is a good strategy for keeping them as a return customer.

January is furniture month for many retailers. – This is the time to sell some larger pieces as people are indoors for the winter. The holidays are over so personal surroundings once again will take precedence. Don’t underestimate what can sell. If an item has been in the store for a year or more, this is its best last chance to sell. So, signing and cleaning the larger pieces is a good strategy. If it’s marked down, make sure the price is visible. If it’s in a less trafficked part of the store. Try moving it to a new or better location.

Large statement pieces - Like containers and Found objects can be unburied now and shine as individual pieces. Please make sure all large items are clearly priced.

Bathrooms – Don’t forget about this personal space where customers’ sense is heightened. January is a good time for a refresh and a de-clutter.

2014 Post-Holiday Product Statements: New Year’s 1. New Year’s Party Entry Table: White, marble, glass, ferns, gold, water, ice, crystals (Styer’s, long table in the Amish barn. Westport, long table at general store.) - Kalmia branches stay in place. Hanging Above: - Lanterns, hanging terrariums and orbs hanging above. Paint some of the glass hanging terrariums as shown in inspiration Plant orbs and terrariums: Ferns, string of pearls and air plants On the Table: Display moments: - 2014 fern font in pierre frames and easels - Plants submerged in large glass - Tillandsia runner - Geode/plants combine to fill “plates” on slate chargers. Product Assortment: - Votives: remove all copper and verde, use only marble, glass and mercury. - Washed linen program in neutral/light tones - Metallic linen program - Large glass, footed vases. - Pierre Frames, easels an ferns: 2014 display - Airplants shown in a long runner down the center of the table. - Crystals in glass and in plates - Slate cheese board shown as a charger - Lady slipper orchids - Champagne flutes and metallic coasters. - Marble cake stand and marble tray. - Birch vases

2. New Year’s Party Beverage Table: Belvoir, glass, party (Styer’s, by breezeway. Westport, in general store) -

Beverages, Belvoir, bloody mary and hot toddy Drinking glasses: color rimmed, mason jar set, weck Cocktail books: shake and drunken botanist Marble cutting board, boxwood charger Café string lights Straws with ribbon flags for added detail 2014 Iron Jersery Numbers Monogram napkins

2014 Post-Holiday Product Statements: Furniture Statements (More to come) 1. Upholstered furniture Groups 2. Mirror Wall 3. Pull out best-selling throws to show with some furniture. 4. Selective plant presentations per store and presenting plants in the elevated home.

2014 Post-Holiday Product Statements: Valentine’s Day (More to come) Valentine’s Day statements: Rarefied Love Entry statement: broken pieces of kalmia painted white, porcelain flowers under cloches. * Linnea’s spring scents. Lattice and other new Cement containers with ferns and orchids. Sweethearts Stay Home kitchen statement: Hot chocolate, candy, sweet/savory, new cotton throw, pink tumblers, blush/pastel color washed linen program arrives. Bee mine gift statement: bee bible, bee man, bee soaps hexagonal shapes, new product arriving for this but also will need to get creative here with existing product in store. Naturally yours: Organic shaped-gift statement, return of the freeform teak bowls pair with free form driftwood glass vases Love sparkles through the ice: Jewerly case update for Spring Pamper her spa shop: centerpiece large vase of display cut orchids. Ranunculus and peony bunches in gray linen pot. A whole wall of color Valentine’s Day floral shop - Cast iron gravy boats/urns: planted for valentine’s gifting with terrarium sized plants/succulents. - Novelty desk assortment - DBT - Influx of indoor flowering and foliage - New D&M depot pastel pot program with succulents for valentine’s day.

2014 Post-Holiday Product Statements: Clean Modern Living Fresh Start/Cleanse statements: clean, straightforward statements, pull away fixtures as necessary post-holiday. Curtains (Amish barn and design center) swap to new light green canvas. Remove purple and dark green from store. Start a systematized process for canvas storage coming off the floor as we will reuse colors in the future. Home store Throughout/Plants For Home: large houseplants in baskets. 16”+ sized houseplants styled nicely in baskets and large containers with moss toppers. - New black dishes - Orbs: planted and stocked indoors - Treating containers like a piece of furniture: Spindle planter, Moss, Terrariums on stand - Larger ferns with be delivered to stores : 16” Styers, big plants in Amish barn and spa. Westport, please show this in the conservatory with product plants. Consolidate the large display plants into the conservatory to replace the sub alpine firs. Terrarium redux /Clean Modern Living : terrarium focus: simple pots/containers/terrariums with minimal succulent arrangements. Single succulent in terrarium with toppers. - Topper bar adjacent: include moss, jars of toppers and driftwood. Styers: take over a terrarium table for this. Westport take over trunk table in atrium. Kitchen area theme - Citrus: a small Burst of Sunshine gets you through the winter: For kitchen and tabletop. - Mediterranean-type plants : Lemon and citrus, olive standards, herbs etc. - Citrus scents in home fragrance - Orange garland display - Kitchen product with a pop of yellow. - Galvanized frame wall container - Herb wreaths Home Store general and spot concept/Victorian Fernery: curious indoor plants. - Ferns - Hungarian stool collection in mixed green shades - Pergola models - Jardinere chair indoors - Fountains and large containers - Preserved Ferns - New fern book Small Spa Callout table /Flower Show: floral prints and color lift spirits in winter. - Floral printed product: Plates, Scarves - Lady Bamford spa product - Floral scents - Chelsea flower show book Spa table /Mental Vacation Spa Statement – cleanse and purify - ( Charcoal ) ( lavender) ( Aloe) - Cleanse books consolidated in spa: cook books, refresh yourself, mental and physical health books

Furniture area /Home Improvements – furniture, wall art, mirrors -

galvi wall containers* mix with galvanized frames and shadowboxes (don’t mix galvi with gold, 2 separate statements) end of Feb another round of new furniture arriving. Reinvent mantle space Strap zink orb as lantern indoors

January direction